Benzinga  2 hrs ago  Comment 
USD/JPY is trading at 104.33, down 0.39. The pair is trading largely rangebound and after Tuesday's surge higher. Market talk about money flows and comments from Japanese policy makers is constant. Japan's government cut its...
New York Times  3 hrs ago  Comment 
According to the country’s public broadcaster, the emperor told close aides that he intended to pass the throne to his son, Crown Prince Naruhito, before dying.
Wall Street Journal  3 hrs ago  Comment 
“Pokémon Go” has become a smartphone craze in the countries where the game has been released—but those don’t yet include Japan, the nation that brought Pokémon’s child-friendly monsters into the world.
TechCrunch  4 hrs ago  Comment 
 Nissan has a new autonomous driving system called ProPILOT, and it’s coming to its first production vehicle in August. ProPILOT, a self-driving feature designed for use in single-lane highway driving situation, arrives in the Nissan Serena...
Automotive World  6 hrs ago  Comment 
Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. revealed the all-new 5th-generation Serena today, which is scheduled to go on sale in Japan at the end of August. The Serena was first introduced to the market in 1991, and it quickly established itself as one of the most...
Automotive World  6 hrs ago  Comment 
Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. announced today that the new Serena, scheduled to go on sale in Japan in late August, will come equipped with the company’s ProPILOT autonomous drive technology, offering convenience and peace of mind during highway...  8 hrs ago  Comment 
BRUSSELS (dpa-AFX) - The Japanese yen strengthened against the other major currencies in the Asian session on Wednesday, after Japanese chief cabinet secretary Suga said that the government is not considering "helicopter money" as a possible...
Forbes  9 hrs ago  Comment 
Giant strides to prevent and cure baldness are being made in medical labs around the world. The latest announcement comes from Japan’s largest research organization RIKEN, which has teamed up with two Japanese companies, Kyocera and Organ...


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