Market Intelligence Center  2 hrs ago  Comment 
By creating a diversified portfolio of both stocks and bonds, balanced funds ensure that they harness the inherent strengths of both classes of instruments. Most of the competently managed funds in this category keep the proportion of assets...
The Times of India  4 hrs ago  Comment 
The debate over capping upfront commission by mutual funds to distributors has intensified of late, but a few are unperturbed
The Economic Times  5 hrs ago  Comment 
For the global funds, the single-biggest confidence factor has been the stability in rupee against the greenback, says Laijawala in an interview to ET Now.  Mar 27  Comment 
Dov Charney fired last year for alleged misuse of funds and sexual harassment Defamation and breach of privacy lawsuits also a possibility, attorney says The founder and former chief executive of American Apparel Inc, Dov Charney, plans to...
TechCrunch  Mar 27  Comment 
 Slack, the super-slick team chat-room service, is getting popular fast. Word around the rumor mill is that they’re currently raising funds at a $2.8 billion valuation. And in the words of the late, great Biggie Smalls: Mo Money, Mo Problems....
The Economic Times  Mar 27  Comment 
Sebi today barred ERIL Mutual Benefit India from raising funds through securities besides restraining them from stock markets with immediate effect.  Mar 27  Comment 
Banking giants are so upset with Warren’s call for them to be broken up that they’re considering withholding campaign funds to Senate Democrats Big Wall Street banks are so upset with Elizabeth Warren’s call for them to be broken up that...
Yahoo  Mar 27  Comment 
Fischer, who chairs a Fed subcommittee on financial stability, said there is less leverage, less use of securitization, and more moderate reliance on short-term funding among the insurance companies, mutual funds, money market funds and hedge...
Yahoo  Mar 27  Comment 
Charney was fired in December, six months after he was suspended for allegedly misusing company funds and for allowing the posting on the Internet of nude photos of a former female employee who had accused him of sexual harassment. "There will be...


Companies that Benefit From Mutual Fund Investing

Companies that manage a mutual fund or a family of funds benefit from increased mutual fund investing through the management fees they charge their shareholders.

Companies Whose Main Business is Mutual Fund Management

  • Capital Group Companies - Manages the American Funds mutual fund family, the largest in the U.S. by assets under management. Capital Group Companies is a privately held company.
  • Fidelity Investments - Private company.
  • Vanguard - Private company.
  • Dreyfus Corporation - Private Company.
  • Federated Investors (FII)

Name of fund companies

Many financial institutions manage one or more mutual funds as a part of their business. These companies, which range from major investment banks, to companies that focus primarily on insurance, earn money through management fees for their mutual funds.

Rating Agencies

Companies that Lose From Mutual Fund Investing

Companies in the Mutual Funds Industry (18497)