The Hindu Business Line  6 hrs ago  Comment 
Want more funds? It’s simple. Ensure that you have a strong revenue model
The Hindu Business Line  7 hrs ago  Comment 
The sector has barely scratched the surface, with just 3 per cent Indians investing in funds
The Economic Times  Jan 8  Comment 
Recently, they had discussions with Sebi officials and the regulator is now expected to raise the issues with the Finance Ministry, sources added.
Financial Times  Jan 8  Comment 
Pennsylvania-based asset manager draws in more money than its 10 nearest rivals
MarketWatch  Jan 7  Comment 
Financial-services funds had the best return of all in the last three months of 2016, up 17.87%. Small-cap and value funds were other big winners.
MarketWatch  Jan 7  Comment 
These active managers have toddled along, relatively unnoticed, offering solid performance, high yields, cheap valuations, and strong share-buyback programs.
Forbes  Jan 7  Comment 
Vanguard’s offerings don’t usually attract much attention from income investors. But they should – and I’m going to analyze five of the firm’s highest yield (and low cost) offerings shortly. Three of them are compelling portfolio...
MarketWatch  Jan 7  Comment 
Actively managed mutual funds are poised to make a comeback after years of being trounced by ETFs.
Clusterstock  Jan 7  Comment 
Warren Buffett famously said that if you’ve been in a poker game for half an hour and "you don’t know who the patsy is, you’re the patsy.’” When it comes to the stock market, the patsy is leaving the table. That's according to a big...


Companies that Benefit From Mutual Fund Investing

Companies that manage a mutual fund or a family of funds benefit from increased mutual fund investing through the management fees they charge their shareholders.

Companies Whose Main Business is Mutual Fund Management

  • Capital Group Companies - Manages the American Funds mutual fund family, the largest in the U.S. by assets under management. Capital Group Companies is a privately held company.
  • Fidelity Investments - Private company.
  • Vanguard - Private company.
  • Dreyfus Corporation - Private Company.
  • Federated Investors (FII)

Name of fund companies

Many financial institutions manage one or more mutual funds as a part of their business. These companies, which range from major investment banks, to companies that focus primarily on insurance, earn money through management fees for their mutual funds.

Rating Agencies

Companies that Lose From Mutual Fund Investing

Companies in the Mutual Funds Industry (18497)