Yahoo  2 hrs ago  Comment 
Mutual funds run by Fidelity Investments and T. Rowe Price Group Inc (TROW.O) could be poised for a quick win on the upcoming public debut of Snap Inc (SNAP.N). Both fund companies made private investments just last year in the owner of the...
The Hindu Business Line  3 hrs ago  Comment 
Four MFs abstained from voting on Maruti’s case; four voted for the Vedanta-Cairn merger
Forbes  3 hrs ago  Comment 
The hit drama 'Billions' revolves around the controversial Axe Capital, a powerful financial entity focused on funding, finance and innovation. To bring this entrepreneurial spirit to life, Showtime has created a Kickstarter campaign aimed at...
Financial Times  5 hrs ago  Comment 
Far-right leader presents EU funds probe as a politically motivated plot
The Economic Times  5 hrs ago  Comment 
Mutual funds had bought heavily in Tata Motors in October and November but with demonetisation, sales growth was impacted.
Motley Fool  5 hrs ago  Comment 
If you don't want to choose individual stocks, there are other investment choices.
Benzinga  6 hrs ago  Comment 
Throughout the last three months, as activists resisted policy changes on immigration, trade and the environment, donations to the American Civil Liberties Union, the Sierra Club and other nonprofits reportedly spiked. But the trend wasn't...
Motley Fool  7 hrs ago  Comment 
Target-date funds can be a convenient way to save money for the future, but investors need to understand the potential disadvantages as well.
Financial Times  11 hrs ago  Comment 
With stocks looking expensive, exit strategies set test for tracker funds
Financial Times  Feb 24  Comment 
Group of large UK pension funds concerned about moral defensibility of big bonuses


Companies that Benefit From Mutual Fund Investing

Companies that manage a mutual fund or a family of funds benefit from increased mutual fund investing through the management fees they charge their shareholders.

Companies Whose Main Business is Mutual Fund Management

  • Capital Group Companies - Manages the American Funds mutual fund family, the largest in the U.S. by assets under management. Capital Group Companies is a privately held company.
  • Fidelity Investments - Private company.
  • Vanguard - Private company.
  • Dreyfus Corporation - Private Company.
  • Federated Investors (FII)

Name of fund companies

Many financial institutions manage one or more mutual funds as a part of their business. These companies, which range from major investment banks, to companies that focus primarily on insurance, earn money through management fees for their mutual funds.

Rating Agencies

Companies that Lose From Mutual Fund Investing

Companies in the Mutual Funds Industry (18497)