WA Business News  1 hr ago  Comment 
Billionaire Clive Palmer says there is no truth to allegations he fraudulently siphoned $12 million in Chinese funds to bankroll his party into the 2013 federal election.
Financial Times  Nov 23  Comment 
Criminal investigation for alleged fraud involving funds raised for social housing scheme
The Australian  Nov 23  Comment 
Clusterstock  Nov 23  Comment 
"WE HANDLE our gold and currency reserves and government reserves sparingly." So said Vladimir Putin on November 13th. Mr Putin is wrong. In the past year Russia's foreign-exchange reserves have fallen by 20% as the central bank has tried to...
TechCrunch  Nov 23  Comment 
 Oh, Uber. Such a great service…run by such short-sighted, thin-skinned executives. Clue: when people criticize you and/or your company, suck it up, take the criticism on board and apologize/adjust if warranted, then shut up and move on. Do not...
The Hindu Business Line  Nov 23  Comment 
Special classification, funds can give wings to talent pool, says Radel Group chief
The Hindu Business Line  Nov 23  Comment 
Why go in for NFOs when there are over 500 older funds to choose from?
The Hindu Business Line  Nov 23  Comment 
The Economic Times  Nov 23  Comment 
Sebi restrains Angel Rural Development from mobilising funds from investors and barred it and its directors from accessing the securities market.


Companies that Benefit From Mutual Fund Investing

Companies that manage a mutual fund or a family of funds benefit from increased mutual fund investing through the management fees they charge their shareholders.

Companies Whose Main Business is Mutual Fund Management

  • Capital Group Companies - Manages the American Funds mutual fund family, the largest in the U.S. by assets under management. Capital Group Companies is a privately held company.
  • Fidelity Investments - Private company.
  • Vanguard - Private company.
  • Dreyfus Corporation - Private Company.
  • Federated Investors (FII)

Name of fund companies

Many financial institutions manage one or more mutual funds as a part of their business. These companies, which range from major investment banks, to companies that focus primarily on insurance, earn money through management fees for their mutual funds.

Rating Agencies

Companies that Lose From Mutual Fund Investing

Companies in the Mutual Funds Industry (18497)