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5/2/13(BWA) BorgWarner Awarded Supplier Award by Daimler (Stock Blog Hub)

BorgWarner Inc.’s (BWA) Turbo Systems has received the Daimler Supplier Award 2012 from Daimler AG (DDAIF) at the Key Supplier Meeting of Daimler in the Mercedes-Benz Center in Stuttgart, Germany. This award recognizes BorgWarner as one of the best suppliers for Daimler. BorgWarner was also appreciated in the Mercedes-Benz Cars and Vans-Powertrain category for its exceptional [...]

10/23/12(BWA) BorgWarner Boosts VCT Technology (Stock Blog Hub)

BorgWarner Inc. (BWA) is set to expand its variable cam timing (VCT) technology with a complete suite of new cam phasing technology for I4 engines. The cam phasing technologies include cam torque actuated (CTA) and torsional assist (TA) phasers together with optional mid position lock technology. The phasers consist of integrated center bolt and spool valve, [...]

12/14/11(BWA) BorgWarner to Sell Tire Pressure Business (Stock Blog Hub)

BorgWarner Inc. (BWA) plans to sell its tire pressure monitoring business to Germany-based Huf Electronics GmbH as it diverts its attention to powertrain technologies. The sale includes a manufacturing facility in Bretten, Germany that employs 230 people. BorgWarner acquired the tire pressure monitoring business in 2005 as a part of its BERU diesel cold start and [...]

10/26/11BorgWarner Earnings Estimate $BWA (Robert Weinstein Trading Blog)

Earnings Overview for BorgWarner Inc. (BWA) upcoming performance release BorgWarner Inc. (BWA) is due to report earnings before the opening bell on October 28, 2011. Below you can see the results of BWA over the last few earnings periods. BWA trades an average of 1.6 million shares per day. BorgWarner Inc. engages in the manufacture and sale [...]

9/14/11(BWA) BorgWarner Incorporated – Bull of the Day (Stock Blog Hub)

BorgWarner, Inc. (BWA) continues to focus on new product launches supported by new business opportunities and acquisitions. Demand for its fuel-efficient engines and transmissions have grown stronger due to more stringent government regulations. As a result, the company's revenues soared 28% in the second quarter of 2011, despite a drop in global vehicle production. Furthermore, the [...]

7/28/11BorgWarner (BWA) Booms on Beat and Raise (Fund my Mutual Fund)

BorgWarner (BWA) continues to be amongst the most impressive of the auto supplier companies.  This morning the company beat on EPS (by 13 cents) and revenue, and raised guidance on both the top and bottom line.  Their business lines continue to be in the sweet spot to take advantage of actual organic growth in the industry.  28% revenue growth while global auto production was down 2% says it all.  Full report here. The stock has been 'hanging around' for most of 2011, as the sector...

6/21/11(BWA) BorgWarner Unveils New Two-Stage Turbocharging System in North America (Stock Blog Hub)

BorgWarner Inc. (BWA) recently unveiled a powerful and efficient regulated two-stage (R2S) turbocharging system in North America that meets the Fiat Powertrain Technologies’ (FPT) specific requirements while achieving the engine's optimum power output of 120 kW and 400 Nm of torque for the said market. The R2S system comprises a K03 high-pressure turbocharger and a [...]

6/6/11(HON) Honeywell International Settles Lawsuit (Stock Blog Hub)

Honeywell International Inc.’s (HON) Turbo Technologies business and BorgWarner Turbo Technologies has settled their patent dispute regarding cast titanium compressor wheels used in select commercial vehicle applications. As per the agreement, Honeywell will be paying $32.5 million for a paid-up license to BorgWarner's asserted patents. Other conditions of the settlement were not disclosed. Though Honeywell was [...]

5/30/11(HON) Honeywell International Announces Lawsuit Settlement (Stock Blog Hub)

Honeywell International Inc.’s (HON) Turbo Technologies business and BorgWarner Turbo Technologies has settled their patent dispute regarding cast titanium compressor wheels used in select commercial vehicle applications. As per the agreement, Honeywell will be paying $32.5 million for a paid-up license to BorgWarner's asserted patents. Other conditions of the settlement were not disclosed. Though Honeywell was [...]

4/28/11BorgWarner (BWA) Continues to Impress, but Japan and Commodity Costs Weigh on Sector (Fund my Mutual Fund)

The automotive group - especially the suppliers - were one of the biggest bull market sectors of 2010.  While results continue to impress for many of these names, the Japanese situation (supply chain), and specter of ever increasing commodity costs are weighing on the shares.  BorgWarner (BWA) is a fine example of this situation.  The company beat estimates by 4 cents ($1.00 v $0.96) and increased revenue guidance for the year but the stock is non responsive.  Indeed, BWA has been range...

1/12/11BorgWarner Guides to 35-40% Earnings Growth in 2011 (Fund my Mutual Fund)

BorgWarner (BWA) pushed out a press releases yesterday, highlighting more good news for the company in terms of guidance for 2011.  Not so surprising, the stock reacted very little to the news since this stock, like many others, has been rallying almost non stop on anticipation of future good news.  At some level, the news is baked in which is part of my concern for the earnings season coming up shortly.  Analysts guidance is $3.90 for 2011, so the $3.85 to $4.15 range brackets that...

12/16/10BorgWarner (BWA) is a Stud (Fund my Mutual Fund)

Looks like the crowd is catching up on our love affair with auto suppliers - specifically BorgWarner (BWA).  This looks like (CRM) or Netflix (NFLX) at its best.  Massively overbought right now but chugging along without pause in the 'can't lose' market.  As much as I like this group even I am amazed at the 'action' in once boring stocks like this. Every bounce off the 20 day since Jackson Hole Wyoming QE2 has been a bottom.... [Oct 28, 2010: BorgWarner Raises...

11/9/10Bookkeeping: Selling 1/5th of BorgWarner (BWA) on Positive Future Business Announcement (Fund my Mutual Fund)

It is difficult to find points to sell stocks now because things that are overbought just stay that way, go sideways, and then make a new leg up, rather than experiencing any moderate corrections - where I'd normally buy back a portion of the stock I sell along the way.   Hence I am winging it, since I have little context for this type of market.  I am selling 1/5th of BorgWarner (BWA) simply to lock in profit on some good news today on future business. The press release is not affecting...

10/28/10Fast Money Picks For October 29th (POT, BWA, DIS) (Benzinga)

On CNBC's Fast Money, Tim Seymour recommended investors to buy the weakness in Potash Corp./Saskatchewan (USA) (NYSE: POT). Potash Corp./Saskatchewan (USA) (POT) fell 3.25% in the regular trading session today. It added 0.39% in the after hours. Guy Adami likes BorgWarner Inc. (NYSE: BWA) and wants to buy it on Friday. BorgWarner Inc. (BWA) gained 1.14%, and closed at $55.83 on Thursday. Joe Terranova thinks that The Walt Disney Company (NYSE: DIS) should be bought tomorrow. The Walt...

10/28/10Bookkeeping: BorgWarner (BWA) Performs Nicely; Raises Guidance - Added Some Exposure (Fund my Mutual Fund)

Auto supplier stocks continue in an under the radar bull market... yesterday morning BorgWarner (BWA) reported another impressive quarter, and raised guidance.  EPS of 71 cents vs analysts 63 cents.  Technically, the stock looks very similar to Las Vegas Sands (LVS) six weeks ago but BWA will have a difficult time putting on any sort of similar run as it is not the target of speculative traders, nor does the market have much chance of having a 6 week run as we have just exited.  That said,...

10/28/10Can BorgWarner Continue Its Climb? (BWA) (Benzinga)

Although not necessarily an "under the radar" stock, BorgWarner (NYSE: BWA) may not be at the forefront of most investors minds. The stock does not trade huge volume, and the company only has a market cap of $6.31 billion. The performance of BWA, however, should be of interest to investors. This has been a solid stock. Year-to-date, BWA has gained nearly 67%. There has been very little weakness whatsoever in the share price, and the stock is now trading near new all-time highs. During...

10/27/10BorgWarner (BWA) Beats Estimates, Sales Jump 37% (Benzinga)

BorgWarner Inc. (NYSE: BWA) released financial results on Wednesday morning that easily beat Wall Street estimates. BorgWarner Inc announced that its 3rd quarter earnings rose to 87 cents per share, up from 15 cents per share a year earlier. Excluding special items, the company reported earnings of 71 cents per share. Revenue surged to $1.411 billion, up from $1.028 billion a year earlier. According to a poll of analysts by Thomson Reuters, the average Wall Street estimate called for...

10/1/10Top 4 Mid-Cap NYSE Stocks In the Auto Parts Industry With The Highest Operating Cash Flow (TRW, A... (Benzinga)

Below are the top mid-cap auto parts' stocks on the NYSE in terms of operating cash flow. The trailing-twelve-month operating cash flow at TRW Automotive Holdings Corp (NYSE: TRW) is $1.11 billion. TRW's ROE over the same period is 46.64% . The trailing-twelve-month operating cash flow at Autoliv Inc (NYSE: ALV) is $773.90 million. ALV's quarterly revenue jumped 51.00% y/y. The trailing-twelve-month operating cash flow at Lear Corp (NYSE: LEA) is $487.30 million. LEA's ROE over the same...

9/30/10Bookkeeping: Selling 20% of BorgWarner (BWA) & 66% of DB Double Long Gold (DGP) (Fund my Mutual Fund)

I am selling 20% of BorgWarner (BWA).  This has been an excellent core + trading stock; last purchase was in the $46 area September 8th; now it is in the $53s just three weeks later.  Hard to take any credit because if you throw a dart using your local zoo's monkey to choose stocks you are making money, so who knows how much of the move is due to the company itself and how much due to the rising tide. I'll spare you talk of overbought, insane, ridiculous or other such...

9/21/10Outperform Maintained for BWA/TEN (Benzinga)

BorgWarner Inc. (NYSE: BWA) and Tenneco Inc. (NYSE: TEN) are currently rated by Wells Fargo as follows: "The Class 5-8 truck recovery should provide a material yr/yr benefit to BWA's and TEN's earnings in 2011. Specifically, we estimate the Class 5-8 truck recovery could add $0.15-0.20 in EPS for BWA (6-7% of our 2010E EPS) and $0.30-0.40 in EPS for TEN (21-28% of our 2010E EPS). Our analysis excludes any benefit from higher off-road vehicle production and content growth and incremental...

9/8/10Bookkeeping: Buying Back Some Magna International (MGA) and BorgWarner (BWA) (Fund my Mutual Fund)

Another 90% type of day, at least in my portfolio - every stock up, except for the 2 auto suppliers.  I am assuming the space got an analyst downgrade today since they are acting as outliers. These stocks have retreated nicely to some level of support after going ballistic so I am using the opportunity to get back the exposure I sold off last week plus some. First, Magna International (MGA).  I sold half the position last Thursday for a quick 11.5% gain in the mid $83s.  I was one day...

8/24/10Bookkeeping: Adding Back to Polypore International (PPO) (Fund my Mutual Fund)

Everything I just stated for BorgWarner (BWA) I am repeating in Polypore International (PPO).  I actually dumped the majority of the remaining position the exact same day I did BWA.  However in this case, the stock continued to rally and got into the $29s so my sale near $27 was not as well timed.  Either way, I had locked in a 15% gain at the time, and now can repurchase at some discount as the "gap" is close to filling.  I'll take a stab here and hopefully in a market selloff can layer...

8/24/10Bookkeeping: Rebuilding BorgWarner (BWA) (Fund my Mutual Fund)

Let me preface this piece by saying I don't expect to make money in the near term on today's purchase, I am simply rebuilding some of the long exposure I cut back the past 3 weeks.  It's not a "short term trade". BorgWarner (BWA) is a position I sold almost all stock in, on August 6th in the upper $46s.  The timing was quite good as the stock topped out the next trading session.  At the time I wrote: BorgWarner (BWA)   has had a big run, relative to the type of stock it is...

8/6/10Bookkeeping: Selling Majority of Remaining BorgWarner (BWA), (PCLN), Polypore Inter... (Fund my Mutual Fund)

I've added some long exposure here in the past 48 hours, so to balance that I am going to cull some other names. BorgWarner (BWA) has had a big run, relative to the type of stock it is (staid).  I am going to sell the majority of what I have left (keeping a holding position of 0.1%) and try to buy back lower (hopefully below $44).  I am locking in roughly a 19% gain. (PCLN) goes without saying, what a surge.  I don't see that gap filling this quarter - it will take a...

7/30/10BWA (Samurai Trader)

While it is not a breakout, and missed a new high by 5 cents, BWA is notable for a) being on the relative strength list, b)being in a strong group (auto parts), and c) having a very high price relative line. I don't know how tough that resistance at 44.55 is going to be, but if it didn;t get through it on earnings day, it might just have a really tough time with it.

7/30/10BorgWarner (BWA) Beats, Raises - Auto Supplier Base Continues to Look Interesting (Fund my Mutual Fund)

The auto supplier base is a huge ecosystem from large to small; most of the public companies are the larger firms who have some good economies of scale.  In my post about the potential General Motors IPO [Jun 16, 2010: What to Expect from a General Motors IPO], I mentioned how before the implosion of 2008 the unions had truly made some sea changes in their contracts both in terms of truly being able to fire people (rather than putting them in a room and paying them 90% of their wages), as...

7/14/10Bookkeeping: Cutting BorgWarner (BWA) in Half (Fund my Mutual Fund)

Auto supplier BorgWarner (BWA) has jumped from its 200 day moving average near $36 to as high as $43 this morning - like a bevy of other stocks I own or have on my watch lists, about a 20% move in 6 or 7 days.  I am going to sell off half the position and see if I can rebuy lower.  As with all sales at this point the same caveat - if the S&P 500 runs over 1100 all sales will look foolish as 99.8% of all stocks will run en masse.   Near term upside for the name would be 52 week high of mid...

6/15/10Morgan Stanley & UBS Upgrade Auto sector, Including BorgWarner (BWA) (Fund my Mutual Fund)

It is strange to see auto suppliers gapping up and such... such a staid business, but in 'student body left' trading as long as the market is happy (almost) all stocks are the same stock to the computers.  On days like today when countless stocks gapped up, it was difficult to discern that there actually was a catalyst other than "everything must be bought", but the sector was upgraded by both Morgan Stanley & UBS; including fund holding BorgWarner (BWA).  TRW Auto (TRW) which was another...

5/17/10Bookkeeping: More Stop Losses Hitting (Fund my Mutual Fund)

A few more stop losses triggered this morning: Lennar (LEN) and BorgWarner (BWA) Lennar for half the remaining position (I had already taken some off the table earlier for profit) was set at $17.60s. These are being sold at a 3% loss. BorgWarner, about 55% was sold at a stop loss of $38.70; about a 4% loss - it has dropped quite a bit more since. ----------------------------------------- I also cut some 35% of SL Green Realty (SLG) not because support was broken but since I...

5/10/10Bookkeeping: Beginning Stake in BorgWarner (BWA) (Fund my Mutual Fund)

I try not to make it a habit to buy stocks up 9% on a session, but obviously today is a 'special' day where that is the rule rather than the exception. BorgWarner (BWA) is an auto supplier who I have been eyeing for a while as the sector has been on fire. It has one of the best reputations in the space, and its sub sector has some secular growth to it in terms of fuel efficiency - whereas many other names are just pure cyclicals. That said, less well run or smaller suppliers probably...

5/7/10BorgWarner (BWA) Will Provide Turbochargers To JCB Power Systems For Off-Highway Use (Green Stocks Central)

BorgWarner just announced that it has been chosen by JCB Power Systems to provide turbochargers for use in vehicles made for off-highway applications, such as construction and agriculture. JCB Power Systems will use BorgWarner's astegate and variable turbine geometry (VTG) turbochargers in the newest Dieselmax 4.4-Liter engine models beginning in 2012. BorgWarner's technology will help [...]

4/29/10Borg Warner (BWA) Swings To Big Profit On Autos Recovery, Shares Soar (Green Stocks Central)

Borg Warner (BWA), which manufacturers auto parts to make cars more efficient, soared over 10% today after reporting strong earnings results as the US auto industry continues its remarkable recovery and the China auto industry remains red hot.  The company smashed Wall St EPS estimates of .42/share by posting a non GAAP profit of .65/share, [...]

4/15/10BorgWarner (BWA) Technology Used In New Hyundai-Kia Engines (Green Stocks Central)

Borgwarner just announced that its variable turbine geometry (VTG) turbochargers will be used in the new 4 cylinder diesel engines on the new Hyundai ix35s and Kia Sportages. BorgWarner's new turbochargers provide a variety of enhancements that help these vehicles operate more efficiently, using less fuel and producing fewer emissions. In a press release, [...]

4/1/10(BWA) BorgWarner Expands Asian Operations (Stock Blog Hub)

BorgWarner Inc. (BWA) has expanded its Asian operations by opening up facilities in China and India. Last week, the manufacturer of powertrain applications unfolded a technical center in the Zizhu Science Park in Shanghai. The Shanghai center will undertake research and development of engines and drivetrains. It is expected to be the largest in the company's [...]

3/29/10(BWA) BorgWarner Sees Robust China Growth (Stock Blog Hub)

BorgWarner Inc. (BWA) expects that it will be able to sustain its 2000?2009 compound annual sales growth of 45% till at least 2014 in China . This was driven by the government's policy aimed at promoting the automotive sector. In 2009, China’s auto sales surpassed that of U.S. by growing 45% to 13.6 million units, driven [...]

3/27/10(BWA) BorgWarner Sees Chinese Policies Promoting Robust Growth (Stock Blog Hub)

BorgWarner Inc. (BWA) expects that it will be able to sustain its 2000?2009 compound annual sales growth of 45% till at least 2014 in China . This was driven by the government's policy aimed at promoting the automotive sector. In 2009, China’s auto sales surpassed that of U.S. by growing 45% to 13.6 million units, driven [...]

1/12/10Borg Warner (BWA) Turbocharger Technology Selected By Ford (F) For EcoBoost Engine (Green Stocks Central)

It was announced this morning that Borg Warner (BWA) will provide the turbocharger technology for the new Ford (F) fuel efficient EcoBoost engine to debut this year.  The combined turbocharging and fuel injection technology aims to increase fuel efficiency by 20%. "Pairing BorgWarner's advanced turbocharging technology with Ford's gasoline direct injection on the EcoBoost [...]

12/3/09BorgWarner (BWA) Turbochargers Used In CNG Engines From Opel and Volkswagon (Green Stocks Central)

BporgWarner turbochargers are being used to improve performance in new compressed natural gas (CNG) engines from Opel and Volkswagon. BorgWarner's technology is currently being used in the Opel 1.6-liter compressed natural gas (CNG) engine and the VW 1.4-liter TSI EcoFuel engine. With the help of BorgWarner's turbochargers, both engines were able to achieve 150 [...]

10/5/09BorgWarner (BWA) To Provide Energy And Drivetrain Tech For 2010 Ford Fusion And Mercury Milan (Green Stocks Central)

BorgWarner just announced that its energy and drivetrain technologies will be used in the 2010 Ford Fusion and Mercury Milan. The company's contributions include Cam Torque Actuated (CTA(TM)) variable cam timing (VCT) technology, the first of its kind, which improves the efficiency and fuel economy of the engine. BorgWarner also designed chain timing systems for [...]

9/4/09(BWA) BorgWarner Collaborates with UQM on Alternative Energy Technology (Stock Blog Hub)

BorgWarner (BWA) has collaborated with a Colorado-based developer of alternative energy technologies UQM (UQM) on electric powertrain products for all electric and hybrid-electric passenger vehicles. The companies are jointly integrating UQM’s PowerPhase® electric propulsion system with BorgWarner’s 31-03 eGearDrive™ transmission for the all electric front-wheel drive five-passenger sedan, CODA, developed by California-based electric vehicle maker, Miles [...]

9/4/09BorgWarner (BWA) And UQM (UQM) To Collaborate (Green Stocks Central)

BorgWarner and UQM just announced that they will combine their powers to develop electric powertrain products for HEVs and EVs. They intend to start out their partnership by working on a mashup of  UQM Technologies’ PowerPhase® electric propulsion system and BorgWarner’s 31-03 eGearDrive™ transmission for the Coda electric car.  The Coda is expected to be [...]

8/27/09(BWA) BorgWarner Wins New Business (Stock Blog Hub)

BorgWarner (BWA) revealed that it has been selected to supply friction materials and plates for the new ZF 8-speed automatic transmission (8HP), debuting on the 2010 BMW 760i. The Michigan-based company manufactures the multi-segmented friction material in Heidelberg, Germany. It has already supplied friction materials and one-way clutches for ZF's current 6HP transmission models. BorgWarner friction [...]

8/26/09BorgWarner (BWA) Chosen To Supply Technology For ZF 8-speed Automatic Transmission For BMW (Green Stocks Central)

BorgWarner just announced that it has been chosen to supply its friction materials and plates for BMW's new ZF 8-speed automatic transmission. BorgWarner's technology will be used at key clutch points in the new transmission to improve fuel economy and enhance performance on the 2010 BMW 760i. In a press release, John Sanderson, President and [...]

8/11/09BorgWarner (BWA) To Supply First Automotive Works (Green Stocks Central)

BorgWarner just announced that it has been selected to supply China's First Automotive Works with its turbochargers and EGR valves. Under the agreement, Borgwarner will supply First Automotive Works with the products beginning in 2010. First Automotive Works will use the turbo-chargers in their new gasoline engines and the EGR valves in their diesel engines [...]

7/29/09Borg Warner (BWA) Misses Badly With Another Quarterly Loss, Shares Plunging (Green Stocks Central)

Borg Warner (BWA) is selling off with heavy volume after the company reported earnings that missed analyst estimates by a wide margin.  The company reported a non GAAP loss of .05/share vs the expectations for a .07/share profit.  Sales also came in much lighter than expected at $916 million vs expectations of $970 million. The [...]

7/23/09BorgWarner (BWA) Creates Optimized TurboCharger For Fiat Engine (Green Stocks Central)

BorgWarner just announced that it has produced an optimized turbocharger for the new high-torque, 1.8-liter direct-injection gasoline engine from Fiat. BorgWarner's turbocharger design increases the fuel economy of the engine without sacrificing the level of engine power that people expect from Fiat. BorgWarner unveiled the new turbocharger at the Geneva Motor Show. It will be [...]

6/2/09Borg Warner (BWA): "This Will Be The Ignition Technology Of the Future" (Green Stocks Central)

Alison first wrote about Borg Warner as a fuel efficiency play following the government announcement of stricter fuel standards a few weeks ago. Today, the company appears to be an even better play for the trend to lighter, more efficient vehicles. The company is announcing it has purchased the advanced ignition technology from Florida based [...]

5/21/09New Fuel Standards May Give BorgWarner (BWA) and Johnson Controls (JCI) A Boost (Green Stocks Central)

The government's new fuel standards may give a life to BorgWarner and Johnson Controls, according to Chicago's Daily Herald. The new mileage standards require automakers to raise the average efficiency of the vehicles they sell to 35.5 miles per gallon by 2016. BorgWarner could benefit from these standards by selling its superchargers to [...]

3/24/09BorgWarner (BWA) To Supply Fiat With DualTronic(R) Transmission Control System (Green Stocks Central)

BorgWarner just announced that it will be supplying Fiat Powertrain Technologies with its DualTronic Transmission Control System to be used in Fiat's first dry dual-clutch transmission. The fuel-saving technology will be available on the Alfa Romeo MiTo late this year, and then its use will expand to include many Fiat, Lancia and Alfa mid-sized C [...]

12/12/08Borg Warner (BWA) Revises 2008 Earnings Guidance Downward (Green Stocks Central)

Borg Warner announced today that it is once again revising its 2008 earnings guidance downward. Previously, Borg Warner had expected non-GAAP earnings of $2.25 to $2.35 per share. However, due to current economic conditions, the company now expects non-GAAP earnings of $1.85 to $1.95 per share. The following special items will also impact the company's [...]

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