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8/1/14Books you will never read! (The Political and Financial Markets Commentator)

And if you did they would be less than one page long! MY BLACK GIRLFRIENDS By Tiger Woods ____________________________________________ THINGS I LOVE ABOUT MY COUNTRY By Jane Fonda, Cindy Sheehan & Michelle Obama Illustrated by Michael Moore Foreword by George Soros ________________________________________ MY CHRISTIAN ACCOMPLISHMENTS & HOW I HELPED AFTER KATRINA By "The Rev Jesse Jackson" and "The Rev Al Sharpton" ______________________________________ THINGS I LOVE ABOUT...

11/4/13Politically Incorrect Sunday Funnies: Please forgive my dog! (The Political and Financial Markets Commentator)


5/23/13What MY home buying experience can teach YOU about today’s real estate market (Jutia Group)

After an odyssey that lasted more than a year, my wife and I finally got over the finish line this week. We finally closed on the purchase of our new house. We’ll be unpacking boxes and figuring out [...]

2/8/12China Ming Yang Wind Power (MY) Gets 125MW Wind Farm Deal, Looking More Bullish (Green Stocks Central)

Wind energy stocks have had the breeze at their back recently and China Ming Yang Wind Power (MY) has benefited from a resurgence in the sector.  The company also announced some good news yesterday in the form of an EPC contract for two wind farms with a total capacity of 125MW in Bulgaria.  The deal [...]

11/28/11Those Acquisitions Aren't MY Fault! (Barel Karsan)

On this site, corporate managers have been berated for making risky acquisitions, especially at high multiples and especially when buybacks would generate strong returns for shareholders. But perhaps it's not always their fault. In an interesting find from Footnoted (a blog that you should check out if you haven't), we see that a public company was forced to make acquisitions by the mob! The mobsters forced management to acquire companies they owned at ludicrous prices, and also forced...

11/10/11China Ming Yang Wind (MY) Misses On EPS (Green Stocks Central)

China Ming Yang Wind (MY) is reporting earnings results this morning that missed analyst estimates on the EPS side, but slightly ahead on the revenue side.  The company reported an EPS of .13/share (vs estimates for .16/share) on revenues of $299 million (vs estimates for $297 million). ==> Click Here For Your FREE Daily [...]

8/18/11Ming Yang Wind Power (NYSE:MY) to add 200 Megawatts of Wind Power in China (Green Chip Stocks)

New 200 megawatt wind power deal announced for China.

8/16/11China Ming Yang Wind Power (MY) Misses Badly, But Bounce Coming? (Green Stocks Central)

It’s been a mighty rough go for any stock related to wind energy and China Ming Yang (MY) is no exception as the stock continues to drift lower and lower.  It’s latest earnings report isn’t providing any help.  The company, while profitable, missed analyst estimates by a wide margin reporting an EPS of .10/share (vs [...]

7/25/11Ming Yang Wind Power (NYSE:MY) Takes China Wind Offshore (Green Chip Stocks)

China offshore wind expansion is underway.

5/11/11China Ming Yang Wind Power (MY) Smashed Estimates, But Still Sinking To New Lows (Green Stocks Central)

China Ming Yang Wind Power (MY) just can’t please anyone.  The company absolutely destroyed the analyst predictions for EPS and revenues last night, but yet the stock is sinking to another new low today.  Perhaps there is more than meets the eye.  The company posted an EPS of .27 which was well ahead of the [...]

3/9/11China Ming Yang (MY) Capitalizing On China’s Wind Energy Growth, Smashes Estimates (Green Stocks Central)

China Ming Yang Wind Power Group (MY) reported strong Q4 2010 earnings results this morning, smashing estimates in the process.  The company reported an EPS of .28/share on revenues of $260 million.  That was well ahead of the analysts consensus estimate for .15/share on revenues of $221 million.  The quarter was a huge improvement over [...]

12/3/10China Ming Yang Wind Power (MY) Signs MOU For More China Wind Development (Green Stocks Central)

China Ming Yang Wind Power (MY) has announced they have signed a memorandum of understanding to cooperate on a series of proposed wind energy projects with the provincial government of Hebei, a province in Northern China.  The initial agreement provides designated land from the local government for Ming Yang to develop and there are likely [...]

11/24/10China Ming Yang Wind Power (MY) Signs Cooperation Intention For 200MW Offshore Wind Project (Green Stocks Central)

China Ming Yang Wind Power (MY) has announced that it signed a cooperation intention agreement with a leading China-based independent power producer for up to 200MW of wind turbines for an offshore wind project in  Beibu Gulf area of China.  Should the project get off the ground, MY would provide 2.5 and 3MW wind turbines [...]

10/21/10Mad Money Lightning Round OT: Cramer Thinks That MET Is A Great Company (MET, PRU, MY, MCP) (Benzinga)

Jim Cramer said on CNBC's Mad Money Lightning Round OT that MetLife, Inc. (NYSE: MET) has done a very good job with its balance sheet. It is a very good company, but Cramer likes a little bit better Prudential Financial, Inc. (NYSE: PRU). MetLife (MET) gained 0.25% in the regular trading, but it lost 0.35% in the after hours. China Ming Yang Wind Power Group Ltd (NYSE: MY) continues to disappoint, said Cramer. He doesn't really get it, because when MY came public it had the best profile for...

10/18/10Mad Money Lightning Round OT: Cramer Likes MY (TU, WPZ, MY) (Benzinga)

On CNBC's Mad Money Lightning Round OT, Jim Cramer said that investors should stick with TELUS Corporation (USA) (NYSE: TU). Its dividend yield is not that high any more, because the stock has taken off. Cramer added that 4.40% dividend yield is still good. Williams Partners L.P. (NYSE: WPZ) has a good dividend yield, said Cramer. He added that there is more room on the upside for this stock. Williams Partners L.P. (WPZ) gained 0.23% today. Cramer reiterated his buy call on China Ming...

10/13/10Green Stocks Central Begins Coverage Of China Ming Yang (MY) Wind Energy IPO (Green Stocks Central)

Recently, another vehicle for trading the China wind energy space began trading.  China Ming Yang (MY) made its IPO debut on the NYSE under the ticker symbol MY on October 1st.  They are the largest non state owned wind turbine manufacturer and have had more success in China than A-Power Energy (APWR), but they [...]

10/1/10China Ming Yang Wind Power Announces IPO Pricing (Benzinga)

China Ming Yang Wind Power Group Ltd (NYSE: MY) has announced the pricing of its initial public offering today. The company has priced its IPO at $14 per American Depositary Share (ADS). The IPO has been priced at the bottom of its estimated range of $14-$16 per share. MY offered 25 million shares, raising $350 million, with Morgan Stanley (NYSE: MS) and Credit Suisse (NYSE: CS) as the underwriters. Read more from Benzinga's Company news.

10/1/10China Ming Yang Wind Power Group Limited Announces Pricing of IPO at $14.00 per ADS (Benzinga)

China Ming Yang Wind Power Group Limited (NYSE: MY) earlier today announced that its initial public offering of 25,000,000 American Depositary Shares, each representing one ordinary share of Mingyang, was priced at $14.00 per ADS. The ADSs will begin trading on the New York Stock Exchange on October 1, 2010, under the symbol "MY". The underwriters have a 30-day option to purchase up to an aggregate of 3,750,000 additional ADSs from Mingyang to cover over-allotments

9/23/10Housing and Jobs and LEI – OH MY! (Mercenary Trader)

A number of economic reports had traders a bit uncertain today.  But in the end, the bears took the prize in what appears to be a failure of this week's range breakout. Here is a quick survey of the macro news: Existing Home Sales Rise (WSJ). Existing-home sales increased to an annual rate of 4.13 million, the [...]

7/30/10Revisiting the Deal that Worked ()

The New York Times Dealbook published an article last week on a corporate deal that worked for the right reasons (see A Merger that Works). According to the NY Times: Academic studies generally support the idea that shareholders of companies that make acquisitions get the short end of the stick. MY COMMENT: Yes, that's a fair [...]

4/14/10ChartsEdge Pattern map for 4/14 (CHARTLINES (tm))

The Tax Man cometh! What that means for the market I can't say but it's affecting MY mood, LOL! Well it's all good really. Yesterday's short-covering rally put the SPX in spitting distance again for the 1200 level, and I know some are talking about Dow 11,200 as resistance based partly on the monthly chart Bollinger Bands. Meanwhile we've got Mike Korell's map for today (thanks again Mike!) from his ChartsEdge page at ============= Pattern...

3/22/10Warning! (The Cynical Economist)

Someone posted a racist comment about President Obama. I will not tolerate racist comments on my site. Let me be clear I DO NOT LIKE PRESIDENT OBAMA, BUT MY DISLIKE IS, BECAUSE I DISAGREE WITH HIS IDEOLOGY, NOT BECAUSE I DO NOT LIKE HIS SKIN COLOR! God have created us equal  and I will treat everyone as equal [...]

11/11/09STOCKS RISE AS DOLLAR CONTINUES TO DICTATE TRADING – WHAT’S IN MY JOB JAR - AND ANO... (Rocket Science Investing - Exchange Traded Funds)

Another weak day for the dollar and upbeat economic news from China gave investors more reason to keep buying stocks. A drop in the dollar lifted gold and oil prices after Federal Reserve officials signaled that borrowing rates would remain low. The market bounded higher in early trading but came off its highest levels as the dollar pulled off of a 15-month low. Last month when I restarted this blog I stated that RSI was a work in progress. Let me tell you my line of thinking on this and...

10/23/09Costs to Attend University Continue to Rise ()

According to CNBC (see College Costs Keep Soaring): The cost of attending a four-year nonprofit private college increased 4.3 percent in the 2009-2010 academic year compared to a year ago, bringing the average annual price to $35,636, according to an educational trade group. Growing at an even greater rate was the cost of going to a public [...]


In case you missed it, I recently wrote a piece for NY Magazine which was a follow-up to Michael Osinski's piece on toxic assets.  The gist of the article was that Osinski, who wrote the software that created many of these products, is now very bullish on these so-called toxic assets.  I put together a [...]

10/7/09Detroit: Thousands Line up for Federal Handout! Don’t be Jealous! Soon Coming Near You… (The Cynical Economist)

Spreading the wealth around… How is that HANDOUT qualified by the news anchors as a federal stimulus program? Stimulating what?... Why we aren’t STIMULATING THE CREATIVITY OF THE AMERICAN ENTREPRENEURS,THAT CREATE JOBS? NOT THAT WOMAN, THAT WHEN ASKED, IF SHE IS FRUSTRATED OF THE LONG WAIT ON THE LINE, [...]


The Energy Report from PFG Best: Do you remember the good old days? You know like the this past quarter when it seemed stocks went up every day? Give me my quarter back! Well folks those days may be just a pleasant memory. The new quarter started with an October stock slide leaving oil traders to once again [...]

8/11/09Once In A Lifetime (Samurai Trader)

And you may ask yourself What is that beautiful house? And you may ask yourself Where does that highway go? And you may ask yourself Am I right?...Am I wrong? And you may tell yourself MY GOD!...WHAT HAVE I DONE? Talking Heads, "Once In A Lifetime" With friends like these, who needs enemies? "So it seems that we aren’t going to have a second Great Depression after all. What saved us? The answer, basically, is Big Government." Thus begins nobel prize winner Paul Krugman's...

7/15/09Wow this is just nuts (Trading with the Average Jay)

How in the name of Mr. Stockbond is this market climbing? I have one thought only tonight and that is that this is a house being built of cards. I stayed with my KFT short trade today and watched it go against me. I thought "OH MY" this morning pre market when I saw the numbers for a strong open. I took the opposite approach and thought maybe the heard would all be wrong. I bet tomorrow they will be. UPDATE: I sold 1 covered call on my Klac stock. Should be able to cover it in the morning.


I originally wrote about the Swedish Model in September and I even sent more detailed copies  to the Federal Reserve hoping they would act quickly. It went like this: 9/18/2008 To Whom It May Concern: I am writing this letter with regards to the current banking crisis.  As you likely know there is precedent for the issues we [...]

12/26/08Video-o-rama: Will markets bail you out in ‘09? (Stock Blog Hub)

Only four more trading sessions remain before we close the door on 2008 – and none too soon, many investors would say. But moving from ’08 to ’09 will unfortunately not dim the lights on the nature of the investment debate. Come Thursday next week, investors will not only be hung over from 2008’s market [...]

8/4/08Where should I put my stop and take profit orders? (The Essentials of Trading)

A trader this weekend emailed me a question about the placement of stops and take profit orders. Please, I have this simple but confusing problem. Where to place my STOP LOSS ORDER AND MY TAKE PROFIT ORDER while making new order both in BUYING AND SELLING PLease explain these to me in your reply. Here's the thing. Your [...]

4/1/08I LOST $5525 TODAY!!! (The Wild Investor)

Wow as if things couldn't get any worse!!! I ended up jinxing myself with the last article I wrote. I basically bet a lot on a speculation and it ended up going the complete opposite way. When I first noticed the stock not going the way I didn't want to, I felt that it was going [...]

1/31/08Edwards Out but My Hubby's Back... (WONKESS)

Here are my husband’s predictions. (NOTE: THESE ARE TOTALLY MY HUSBAND’S PREDICTIONS, NOT MINE. And I’m desperately hoping that he is WRONG WRONG WRONG, because if his predictions are true, it would suck in every which way). Edwards reached out...

8/9/07Friday Ramblings (Canadian Personal Finance Blog)

Who(m) do you trust with your money? A "financial advisor" has been arrested in Ottawa and charged with stealing the people's money that he was supposed to be investing for. He declared bankruptcy and then disappeared, he has since been found and charged. This is why I am very leery of anyone I don't know (and [...]

8/8/07MY Plan for 401(k) (Index Universe)

If the 401(k) plan was an etch-a-sketch and I was king, I would shake that thing vigorously and start all over. I mean, that crazy idea of forcing their to be ONE low fee index fund as an option in every portfolio?  Which one? The S&P 500? The DJ Wilshire 5000 or Russell 3000? The MSCI or FTSE world?  Nah, that's not NEARLY enough. You'd really have to start from scratch.  What a terrible terrible system.  There is massive amounts of money in the system and the...

10/5/06I hate waiting for MY money… (Canadian Personal Finance Blog)

So thanks to Hydro owing me a refund for my overpayments on equal billing and now my dealership owing me payment for my car rental I await the delivery of cheques in the mail. It's kind of like waiting for Christmas cards, but with a lot less patience, because I have ear marked all that [...]

2/15/06Life is a Carnival (Canadian Personal Finance Blog)

Isn't it though? Well, another useful thing is the Blog Carnivals that I have been submitting to lately, quite exciting to see my humble scratchings appearing elsewhere. Where are these Carnivals? And well, you might ask: The Carnival of Personal Finance is being hosted by the Dividend Guy, my input is my rant about the high [...]

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