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10/22/13CSUN (Samurai Trader)

There was no real theme today in the market that I could see; that is, no particular trend that stuck out. Leading solar stocks in general did not do much, and a few got hammered, but the notable exception was CSUN, which broke out of what looks to me like an O'Neil high, tight flag pattern. If that is indeed what it is, this has a conservative potential to hit 12 ot higher.T hat is a pretty hefty gain from here.

7/7/13China Sun Energy (CSUN) Solar Panel Review (Green World Investor)

China Sunenergy China Sunenergy (CSUN) is a Chinese solar company which used to produce solar cells initially. Later, the company expanded into solar panel production, with solar developers and installers as its main customers. CSUN is listed with the NASDAQ and is the smallest US listed Chinese solar stock, with a market value of just $30 million. CSUN will [...]

10/28/11China Sunergy (CSUN) In 23MW Deal With Germany’s SUNfarming (Green Stocks Central)

China Sunergy (CSUN) is announcing some positive news this morning with a 23MW solar module supply deal with Germany’s SUNfarming Group.  SUNfarming will use the modules in both rooftop and ground mounted system for both residential and commercial customers within Germany.  All modules will be shipped this quarter. ===> Click Here For Your FREE [...]

6/28/11China Sunergy (CSUN) Announces Major Capacity Expansion To Produce Next Gen Solar Cells (Green Stocks Central)

Despite continued concerns about a solar slowdown in Italy and Germany across the solar industry, China Sunergy (CSUN) is forging ahead with a plan to increase solar cell capacity by con-investing $1.8 billion (RMB)  in a 1GW expansion project.  The first batch of 500MW is expected to be commercialized within a year.  China Sunergy will [...]

3/24/11China Sunergy (CSUN) Posted Mixed Earnings Results, Gives Back Morning Surge (Green Stocks Central)

Shares of China Sunergy (CSUN) popped this morning after the company posted earnings results that beat analyst estimates on the bottom line but didn’t live up to expectations on the top line.  The company reported an EPS of .37/share (vs analyst estimate of .33/share) on revenues of $170 million (vs analyst estimate for $175 million).  [...]

2/9/11Sunny Analyst Comments No Help To Chinese Solar Stocks (CSUN, JKS, LDK, TSL, YGE) (

Chinese solar stocks are being afflicted with whatever illness is ailing the broader market today as the Chinese Solar Stocks Index is trading lower by 0.9% despite some positive comments on a pair of Index constituents from Wedbush Morgan. The research firm initiated coverage of China Sunergy (CSUN) with a "neutral" rating and a $5 price [...]

1/12/11China Sunergy (CSUN) Wins 1.1MW Solar Supply Deal In Switzerland (Green Stocks Central)

China Sunergy (CSUN) announced today it’s won a 1.1 MW solar module supply contract in Switzerland and will supply Sunergic which is one of Switzerland’s leading solar system integrators. "We are very pleased to partner with Sunergic S.A. on one of the largest PV solar projects in Switzerland," said Mr. Stephen Zhifang Cai, [...]

1/6/11China Sunergy (CSUN) Lands 7MW Solar Module Deal For Solar Roof (Green Stocks Central)

China Sunergy (CSUN) has secured a 7 MW solar module supply contract with CEEG (Nanjing) Solar Energy Research Institute, for the Nanjing South Railway Station solar roof project. It's the world's largest stand-alone building integrated photovoltaic ("BIPV") project for one structure and will be one of the most energy efficient public buildings in China. The [...]

12/17/10China Sunergy (CSUN) Agrees On 120MW Italian Supply Deal (Green Stocks Central)

China Sunergy (CSUN) has announced that it's agreed on a supply deal with a leading Italian solar developer to supply 120MW of solar modules from now through Q3 2011.  CSUN was able to secure the deal because of the acquisitions of Shanghai Solar Science & Technology and Nanjing New Energy which had a previous relationship [...]

12/15/10China Sunergy: Moving Toward the Top of Its Peer Group (Penny Stock DD)

China Sunergy (CSUN) recorded a strong third quarter, posting record net income, strong gross margin and increases in both production and shipments. The company is planning to increase its solar cell production capacity by 25% by the end of 2010 and has made strategic acquisitions to better position itself in [...]

12/1/10China Sunergy (CSUN) & Pythagoras Solar Partner For Advancement Of Solar Windows (Green Stocks Central)

China Sunergy (CSUN) and Pythagoras Solar, an Israeli provider of building integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) products, announced the signing of an agreement to co-market and advance the development and scale manufacturing of BIPV products from 2010-2015 in China. Research firm NanoMarkets estimates that the BIPV market could increase more than 10-fold to $8 billion by 2015.  [...]

11/15/10China Sunergy (CSUN) Smashes EPS Estimate (Green Stocks Central)

China Sunergy (CSUN) reported Q3 earnings results this morning that smashed analyst estimates on the EPS side, but inline on the revenue side.  The company reported an EPS of .37 (well ahead of the .20/share estimate) on revenues of $126 million which matched the analyst estimate.  That's good for quarter over quarter growth of 95% [...]

11/15/10Chinese Solar Stocks Shining Thanks To China Sunergy (CSUN, JASO, SOLF, TSL, JKS) (

China Sunergy (CSUN), the Chinese maker of solar cells, said its third-quarter profit doubled, leading the company to say it would expand capacity to take advantage of soaring global demand. China Sunergy said third-quarter shipments jumped 61% to 87.8 megawatts and the company expects that number to rise to 102-108 megawatts in the current quarter. [...]

11/1/10China Sunergy (CSUN) CFO Resigns For Personal Reasons (Green Stocks Central)

China Sunergy (CSUN) announced after the bell today that its CFO Siegfried Yi Chou Hsu had resigned for personal reasons on Sunday and  that a replacement is being pursued.  In the meantime, Yongfei Chen will act as interim CFO while the CEO will oversee investor relations programs.  Chen joined China Sunergy today, coming over from [...]

8/6/10China Sunergy (CSUN) Beats With A Record Profit, Narrows Guidance To Higher End Of Range (Green Stocks Central)

China Sunergy (CSUN) reported results this morning and while they missed slightly on the revenue number posting $117 million, they smashed EPS estimates with a profit surge of .33/share.  That was nearly double the analyst estimate of .18/share and a new record for the company.  It's also more than double the EPS of last quarter [...]

7/2/10China Sunergy (CSUN) Renegotiating Acquisition of Module Manufacturers (Green Stocks Central)

In March, we reported that China Sunergy was acquiring 2 module manufacturers, CEEG (Shanghai) Solar Science & Technology Co., Ltd and CEEG (Nan Jing) New Energy Co. Now, the company has announced that it is renegotiating that acquisition in light of concerns about their recent performance. ===> Click Here For Your FREE China Sunergy Analysis In [...]

4/30/10China Sunergy (CSUN) Back In Black, Beats With Record Shipments, Shares Up 10% (Green Stocks Central)

China Sunergy (CSUN) is up about 10% this morning, adding to yesterday's strong move above resistance.  The company beat analyst estimates by a wide margin and got back in the black by reporting a non GAAP EPS of .16/share on revenues of $104.3 million.  I'll have to check on this when I have more time, [...]

3/18/10China Sunergy (CSUN) Buys 2 Solar Module Manufacturers for $47 Million (Green Stocks Central)

China Sunergy just announced the purchase of 2 solar module manufacturers, CEEG (Shanghai) Solar Science & Technology Co., Ltd and CEEG (Nan Jing) New Energy Co., Ltd, for a total price of approximately $47 million. The company is funding the transaction on its own, and will pay for the acquisitions in a series of installments. [...]

3/11/10China Sunergy (CSUN) Reports Unimpressive Results With Another Quarterly Loss (Green Stocks Central)

China Sunergy (CSUN) is once again showing why its a 2nd rate China solar company after reporting its second straight quarterly loss, reported an adjusted loss of .08/share which was inline with analyst estimates.  Revenues came in a bit higher than expected at $97.6 million.  The revenue growth was there with a 126% surge over [...]

1/26/10Jefferies Out With Solar Upgrades: SPWRA, STP, SOLF, CSUN (Green Stocks Central)

According to, Jefferies is out with several solar upgrades following the two week plunge.  SunPower (SPWRA) upgraded from Hold to Buy, but price target lowered from $30 to $29. Shares are up 2.5% to $21.75 this morning. Shares are up about 3% in premarket trading. Suntech (STP) upgraded from Underperform to Hold with a [...]

11/18/09China Sunergy (CSUN) Reports Adjusted Loss, But Sees Strong Shipment Growth Q4 (Green Stocks Central)

China Sunergy (CSUN) posted a big gain for the 3rd quarter, but all of that was in currency fluctuation gains.  On an adjusted basis the company actually reported a loss of .03/share  vs the analyst estimate of a .02/share gain.  Revenues came in above analyst estimates at $80 million, but that was 33% lower than [...]

10/23/09China Sunergy (CSUN) Signs Agreement With Opsun (Green Stocks Central)

China Sunergy just announced that it has signed a solar products framework agreement with Opsun, a Canadian company that makes solar panels, mounting systems and solar concentrators. Under the agreement, China Sunergy will deliver 100 MW of solar cells and modules to Opsun between 2009 and 2014. Opsun will use China Sunergy's technology in [...]

8/31/09China Sunergy (CSUN) Announces Sales Contract With Nu Energy (Green Stocks Central)

China Sunergy just announced a new sales contract with NUE PTY Ltd, aka "NU Energy," an Australian PV firm. Under the contracts, China Sunergy expects to ship Nu Energy 10MW of monocrystalline solar modules by early 2010. Shipments started in June of this year, and an ongoing sales relationship between the two companies is expected. [...]

8/27/09A Couple Quickies – SIRI, CSUN, JASO (The Wild Investor)

The following is a list of a stocks setup for possible quick pops. What they do after is just icing on the cake.

8/27/09China Sunergy (CSUN) Beats Estimates, Swings Back To A Profit (Green Stocks Central)

A surprisingly good quarter out of China Sunergy (CSUN) this morning.  The company swung back to a profit in the quarter, posting .03/share excluding one time items on revenues of $70.1 million.  Analysts were expecting .01/share and $60.79 million respectively.  It looks like the company is finally getting its costs under control which it had [...]

8/10/09Stock Chart Follow Up – NEP, CLWR, CSUN, BAC (The Wild Investor)

Maybe it is just me, but it seems like stocks have really been making their moves over the last month or so; nonetheless, how can anybody complain when they are making money?

8/7/092 Solars That Will Burn Your Eyes – CSIQ, CSUN (The Wild Investor)

I have been on the hot pursuit for some great solar stocks. Remember how hot they were just a couple months back? With the economy in the dumps, many companies are putting the green movement on the back-burner. Thankfully, I found 2 solid solar companies that are both itching to make big moves.

7/24/09China Sunergy (CSUN) Provides Positive Guidance; Shipments & Margins Better Than Expected (Green Stocks Central)

China Sunergy (CSUN) is out with some positive comments about the most recent quarter, saying that solar cell shipments have slightly exceeded the previously announced guidance of 35 - 40MW and gross margins are expected to be closer to 9% rather than the low single digits.    They also expect a return to profitability. Said CEO [...]

6/15/09China Sunergy (CSUN) Expands Into Italy With Renergies Italia Contract (Green Stocks Central)

China Sunergy just scored a 53 MW sales framework agreement and a 3 MW sales contract with Italian solar module manufacturer Renergies Italia. The 53 MW sales framework agreement covers 6 years, but the agreement is not legally binding to either China Sunergy or Renergies Italia-the two companies will negotiate separate contracts that may total [...]

5/27/09China Sunergy (CSUN) Reports Steep Loss, Revenues Plunge 50%, But Stock Rises (Green Stocks Central)

The theme that we've seen for several months now continues for the most part.. solar company reports steep loss and plunging revenues, but the stock holds up or even rises as is the case with China Sunergy (CSUN) today. The company reported a steeper than expected loss of .33/share (vs expectations of a .26) on [...]

3/19/09China Sunergy (CSUN) Misses Estimates But Surges 10% (Green Stocks Central)

Solar stocks continue their ambiguous ways with many stocks in the industry rising after reporting poor results, while others (such as ENER) get crushed. However, for the most part, it appears that most of the bad news is priced into solar stocks and the situation with ENER was an exception. The market is overbought up [...]

2/25/09China Sunergy (CSUN) Gets 20 - 25MW Contract From US Firm (Green Stocks Central)

China Sunergy (CSUN) has announced a new contract with an unnamed US PV firm to produce multi-silicon solar cells. CSUN will buy silicon wafers from the US firm and in turn sell back solar cells. The bilateral agreement is expected to begin in April. Said CEO Wang, "The securing of this year-long agreement with our [...]

12/23/08China Sunergy (CSUN) Signs Deal With Ajit Solar (Green Stocks Central)

China Sunergy just announced a one-year agreement to supply India-based Ajit Solar with 2MW of multi-crystalline solar cells. Under the terms of the agreement, China Sunergy will deliver the solar cells in 2 installments, with a 5 MW delivery expected in the 1st half of the year and 7 MW expected in the second half. [...]

11/25/08China Sunergy (CSUN) Reports 3rd Quarter Results (Green Stocks Central)

China Sunergy reported its 3rd quarter results today. Compared to the third quarter of last year, the company has grown significantly. This year, revenues for the 3rd quarter are up 142.9% compared to the third quarter of last year, increasing to $119 million. This was also a 6.6% increase compared to the 2nd [...]

9/25/08China Sunergy (CSUN) Supplying 70MW In Solar Cells to Wuxi Guofei Green Energy (Green Stocks Central)

China Sunergy (CSUN) has announced a 7 year sales agreement to supply Wuxi Guofei Green Energy of China with 10 MW of moncrystalline cells each year beginning in 09 with CSUN receiving an advance payment after the signing of the agreement. "This represents a significant domestic sales agreement for China Sunergy and secures a long-term [...]

8/22/08China Sunergy (CSUN) Announces Financial Results (Green Stocks Central)

China Sunergy Co., Ltd today announced its financial results for the second quarter of 2008, Q2 earnings of $0.08 per share, $0.05 better than the First Call consensus of $0.03. Revenues were US$111.6 million, representing a 98.6% and 44.9% increase compared to the second quarter of 2007 and the first quarter of 2008, respectively.  [...]

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