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7/7/13Softbank Clears Last Hurdle With FCC Approval (Telecom Ramblings)

It appears that the fat lady is indeed warming up, and both Sprint and Clearwire shall soon be in the hands of Softbank. On the lightly attended workday of July 5, the FCC announced its unanimous approval of both Sprint's purchase of Clearwire, and Softbank's transaction to take control of Sprint, checking the final regulatory box. That leaves [...]

6/20/13Softbank, Sprint Go For the KO With $5 Clearwire Bid (Telecom Ramblings)

Sprint has now answered Dish's $4.40 challenge for Clearwire with more than just a lawsuit. Yesterday they went all in with a $5/share bid that clearly is intended to go for the knockout. From $2.97 to $3.30 to $3.40 to $4.40 to $5, it's been quite a ride. Crest Financial has to feel at least some [...]

6/19/13Dish Throws In the Towel on Sprint Bid, Turns to Clearwire (Telecom Ramblings)

As Softbank's revised bid lurches toward next week's vote, Dish has thrown in the towel and will not be submitting that best-and-final offer after all. That decision at least simplifies the playing field. Blaming Sprint's decision to cut off the due diligence process, they said a revised bid was impractical They had made a preliminary bid [...]

6/18/13Sprint Sues Stop Dish’s Clearwire Tender (Telecom Ramblings)

Apparently when [company id="s"] complained that Dish's $4.40 per share tender for Clearwire shares was illegal, they meant it. They've now filed suit to stop it, contending that if completed it would violate Delaware corporate law and a number of existing agreements that are already in place. But in addition to that, they're calling the tender [...]

6/12/13Clearwire Defects to Dish (Telecom Ramblings)

Charlie Ergen has apparently found the tipping point for the board of directors over at [company id="clwr"]. The latter has abruptly abandoned its majority owner Sprint's side and is now recommending shareholders take the $4.40/share tender offer currently pending from Dish Networks. Sprint continues to own a slight majority stake, so Dish can't get past the [...]

6/4/13Sprint Takes Exception As Crest Continues to Press For More (Telecom Ramblings)

With words like f there were any gloves still on, they're definitely off now. Sprint says that Dish's latest last minute bid for Clearwire is 'not actionable', while Crest Financial is demanding Sprint not interfere and that the special committee be reinstated to consider Dish's bid.  By 'not actionable', Sprint means that in order to [...]

6/2/13(S) Sprint Gets a Boost From Institutional Shareholder Services (Stock Blog Hub)

Sprint-Nextel Corp. (S) – the third-largest wireless carrier in the U.S. – gets Institutional Shareholder Services’ (ISS) support for its plan to completely acquire its subsidiary, Clearwire Corporation (CLWR). ISS offers valuable investment decisions and corporate governance solutions to the leading financial institutions and investors. Thus, the support of such an important body will help Sprint [...]

5/31/13Clearwire Postpones Vote In Wake of Dish’s Bid (Telecom Ramblings)

Well they didn't really have an alternative, so it came as no surprise that [company id="clwr"] postponed the vote on its proposed sale to Sprint for $3.40 per share. The chances of Sprint's bid winning that vote went from iffy to nil when Dish offered $4.40 per share in cash. But it does pose the [...]

5/30/13Dish Pitches Another One High and Inside (Telecom Ramblings)

In any game of telecom hardball, Dish's Charlie Ergen would be the guy on the mound throwing beanballs and daring anyone to charge the mound. Late yesterday Dish shook up the Sprint consolidation game yet again with another unambiguously audacious bid for Clearwire. After apparently shifting his attack to a purchase for all of Sprint and [...]

5/24/13Crest Holds Out For More (Telecom Ramblings)

It's the endgame for Sprint's Clearwire campaign, but it's not over yet. Despite Sprint's decision to boost its bid from $2.97 to $3.40 in the wake of shareholder protests, the deal's biggest detractor remains unimpressed. Yep, Crest Financial is still recommending a 'No' vote next Friday. In the SEC filing, they indicated it would be better [...]

5/21/13Sprint Bows to Pressure, Boosts Clearwire Bid (Telecom Ramblings)

In the face of shareholder opposition, [company id="s"] this morning delayed the vote on its bid for the half of Clearwire it doesn't already own in order to raise the bid. The original price of $2.97 had been getting substantial pushback from investors, especially from Crest Financial. The new bid price stands at $3.40, an [...]

5/6/13Dish Having Moved Upstairs, Clearwire Picks Sprint (Telecom Ramblings)

In the ongoing wireless M&A soap opera, Clearwire has finally made up its mind to stick with the original plan, err the original Sprint buyout plan that is.  Today they sent out a letter to shareholders endorsing Sprint's offer to buy the company and its spectrum holdings for $2.97 per share in advance of the [...]

4/15/13Far From Backing Down, Dish Bids For Sprint (Telecom Ramblings)

This sure is turning into a high stakes game of wireless M&A poker. In what will surely be the story of the week, Dish has now launched a $25.5B bid for [company id="s"] itself. That works out to something like $7/share, which Dish says represents a 13% premium to the bid by Softbank and is [...]

4/14/13Clearwire Plays the Default Card, Again (Telecom Ramblings)

Sprint and Clearwire took the gloves off in an effort to win approval for their merger by playing what has become Clearwire's favored card. Yep, they have once again threatened to stop paying interest and thus default on their own debt, thereby forcing themselves into bankruptcy. And yes, I think it will probably work -- [...]

2/27/13Clearwire Dips Into Sprint’s Funds (Telecom Ramblings)

In a transaction update today, [company id="clwr"] revealed that it has decided to dip into the funds that [company id="s"] offered to lend it as part of its proposed merger of the company. They're going to take the $80M in financing Sprint provided for the month of March, which comes in the form of notes [...]

2/1/13Clearwire: Still Thinking… (Telecom Ramblings)

[company id="clwr"] filed a preliminary proxy statement related to the proposed merger with [company id="s"], but it left pretty much everything hanging where it has been since Dish made its unsolicited bid of $3.30. Things have gotten increasingly complicated of late, as the DOJ has asked the FCC not to decide until it makes its [...]

1/29/13Poll: Will Softbank/Sprint Prevail at Clearwire? (Telecom Ramblings)

Now that the battle lines have been clearly drawn in the battle over the erstwhile WiMAX protagonist Clearwire, it's time for a poll.  Dish's higher bid for all or part of the company has thrown a potential wrench into the purchase, and several large investors are agitating for a better bid from Sprint/Softbank.  Sprint can [...]

1/9/13What Dish Wants (Telecom Ramblings)

I've been puzzling over what Dish's endgame here is with its competing bid for [company id='clwr'], and I think the murky waters are starting to clarify, if by no other means than the process of elimination. A Dish acquisition of Clearwire might be feasible in theory, but they must know they can't win this auction unless [...]

1/8/13Oh My, A Bidding War For Clearwire? (Telecom Ramblings)

In a move that I did not expect, DISH has apparently made a competing bid for [company id="clwr"]. Yep, Clearwire says it has received and 'unsolicited, non-binding proposal from DISH' for $3.30 per share, attempting to take the prize away from Softbank/Sprint whose bid of $2.97 now stands in question. There are also options for [...]

12/25/12Benzinga’s M&A Chatter for Monday December 17, 2012 (Phil’s Stock World)

Courtesy of Benzinga. The following are the M&A [...]

12/21/12Should Sprint Be Paying More Or Less For Clearwire? (Telecom Ramblings)

The move by Sprint/Softbank to buy the rest of Clearwire surprised nobody except with its timing, but there is nevertheless some dispute over the price.  After all, Sprint is buying a company that it owns a majority stake in, and therefore there is always the suspicion that minority shareholders will get the short end of [...]

12/17/12Clearwire Corporation (CLWR) Receives A $2.2 Billion Bid From Sprint (

Sprint Nextel Corporation (NYSE:S) revealed on Monday that it had reached a deal to buy out the 49 percent of Clearwire Corporation (NASDAQ:CLWR) that it does not already own for $2.2 billion or $2.97 a share. This price is a notch higher than the price that it had previously offered of $2.1 billion or $ [...]

12/17/12Sprint, Clearwire Finally Get It Done (Telecom Ramblings)

It's officially tentative now: [company id="clwr"] has agreed to be acquired by its majority holder [company id="s"] for $2.97/share for the half Sprint doesn't already own. Official because they've entered into a definitive agreement, and tentative because it won't close until after the Softbank transaction does and is probably going to face some minority shareholder challenges [...]

12/14/12Clearwire Corporation (CLWR) Shareholders Grumble About Sprint’s Offer (

Clearwire Corporation (NASDAQ:CLWR) shareholders are certainly not thrilled with the $2.1 billion offer from Sprint Nextel Corporation (NYSE:S). Reuters reports today that Mount Kellett Capital Management LP, which owns less than 4 percent of Clearwire’s stock, issued a letter urging the company’s board not to take the deal. ValueWalk has been following the potential deal between [...]

12/13/12Sprint Offers $2.1B For the Rest of Clearwire (Telecom Ramblings)

The rumors finally panned out, as a regulatory filing this morning revealed that [company id="s"] has proposed to buy the 49% of Clearwire that it doesn't own at $2.90 per share. That would total about $2.1B if it comes to pass, but this is still early in the process.  Sprint is after Clearwire's extensive spectrum holdings, [...]

12/11/12Sprint Re-re-re-contemplates Clearwire, Dish Gets Green Light (Telecom Ramblings)

In this week's chapter of how the wireless world turns, will Sprint finally get it over with at Clearwire, and why does Dish look so depressed now that it has official permission to enter the wireless biz at last? Ah well, it may be getting old but it's still drama. According to multiple reports, Sprint is [...]

10/30/12Why AT&T and Verizon Fear Softbank (Wall Street Mess)

As discussed previously, there is a shake-up underway in the U.S. mobile provider market. Japan's Softbank taking a 70% majority position in Sprint Nextel (NYSE: S) is just step one in its plan to shake the complacency out of the two leaders in the industry domestically, Verizon Communications (NYSE: VZ) and AT&T (NYSE: T). Another part of Softbank's plan was revealed recently when Sprint resumed majority control of Clearwire (Nasdaq: CLWR). It bought a 4.5% stake in Clearwire from Eagle...

10/29/12(CLWR) Clearwire Retains Standard & Poor’s Rating (Stock Blog Hub)

Rating agency Standard & Poor’s (S&P) has announced that Clearwire Corporation (CLWR), which offers Wi-Max services in the U.S. will not be immediately affected by Japan-based Softbank’s 70% acquisition of Sprint-Nextel Corp (S) for about $20.1 billion. The rating firm is maintaining Clearwire’s CCC rating along with a Developing outlook despite Sprint-Nextel being its largest [...]

10/20/12(S) Sprint-Nextel Eyes Majority Stake in Clearwire (Stock Blog Hub)

Third largest wireless carrier in the U.S. – Sprint-Nextel Corporation (S) – has been striving to achieve majority control over mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) Clearwire Corporation (CLWR). Recently, the third largest telecom operator of Japan Softbank entered into an agreement to purchase a 70% stake in Sprint for about $20.1 billion, which in turn, [...]

10/18/12Sprint Does an Ownership End Run For Clearwire (Telecom Ramblings)

Well, the traders were apparently both right and oh so wrong about Sprint's plans for Clearwire. In the wake of the Softbank deal announcement, reports this morning have Sprint moving to take control of Clearwire by simply boosting their ownership stake above 50%. Supposedly they are buying a 4.5% stake from Eagle River, which will give [...]

10/16/12Speculation About Softbank’s Intentions Toward Clearwire Premature (Telecom Ramblings)

One immediate response to yesterday's blockbuster $20.1B deal between Softbank and Sprint has been speculation that Clearwire might be next. Indeed, Clearwire's has gotten a gigantic boost lately, gaining 100% since the middle of last week as traders try to forecast the next move. But there are reasons why nothing is likely to be imminent, [...]

10/9/12(TWC) Time Warner Cable to Exit Clearwire Venture (Stock Blog Hub)

Time Warner Cable Inc. (TWC) has decided to sell its 7.8% stake in Clearwire Corp. (CLWR) for a nationwide WiMAX network. In November 2008, Time Warner Cable acquired 46.4 million shares of Clearwire for $550 million. Clearwire has formed a venture combining its infrastructure together with the wireless network of Sprint Nextel Corp. (S) to [...]

10/8/12(CLWR) Clearwire to Launch LTE Later (Stock Blog Hub)

Clearwire Corporation (CLWR), which offers mobile and fixed wireless broadband communication, services to retail and wholesale customers in the U.S. may defer its TDD-LTE 4G network rollout plan as the company will loose Comcast Corporation (CMCSA), another major strategic partner from its board. Major companies like Comcast Corporation, Time Warner Cable Inc. (TWC), Bright House Networks, [...]

9/18/12Time Warner Cable Selling Stake In Cash-Strapped Clearwire (Value Investing)

Time Warner Cable Inc (NYSE:TWC), the second-largest U.S. cable company, is planning to sell its stake in wireless service provider Clearwire Corporation (NASDAQ:CLWR). The move was announced in a document filed with U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission on Friday. The plan to sell its stake in Clearwire follows the cable company's agreement to sell spectrum to Clearwater's [...]

9/10/12EarthLink Taps Clearwire for 4G (Telecom Ramblings)

[company id='elnk'] is planning another foray into wireless services, this time with 4G. This morning they and [company id="clwr"] announced a wholesale 4G agreement that will help power Earthlink's wireless internet service. By 4G here, they mean WiMAX for now, with an eye toward LTE services in the future. For EarthLink this is a consumer offering [...]

6/12/12Sprint Dilutes Stake in Clearwire (Benzinga)

It was revealed on Tuesday that Sprint Nextel (NYSE: S) is no longer the majority shareholder of Clearwire (NASDAQ: CLWR), now owning less than 50%, although it is still the largest shareholder. The relationship between the two companies has been turbulent to say the least, with the two companies working together to develop their 4G network. Both companies have stated that their working relationship will not change as a result of this news. As of Tuesday morning, Sprint was unable to...

6/11/12No Longer Majority Owner, Sprint Reclaims Clearwire Voting Shares (Telecom Ramblings)

Following Clearwire's balance sheet moves over the winter, Sprint's ownership stake in the company has fallen below the 50% threshold. The company says, therefore, it is reclaiming its full voting rights since it is no longer at risk of having a Clearwire default trigger on its own debt. Since Sprint and Clearwire's plans are mostly aligned [...]

3/16/12Sprint Flushes LightSquared Deal as Clearwire Poaches a Wholesale Partner (Telecom Ramblings)

In a thoroughly unsurprising move, [company id="s"] has now formally ended its wholesale partnership with LightSquared. While LightSquared remains publicly committed to finding a way to use its spectrum, the FCC's decision to revoke the conditional approval they had granted a year earlier has left them without many options. Sprint had given the company extra [...]

2/26/12Clearwire Declines on Google Plan to Sell Stake in Company: Seattle Mover (Penny Stock DD)

Clearwire Corp. (CLWR), the unprofitable wireless-broadband provider, fell the most in two months after Google (GOOG) Inc. said it plans to sell its stake in the company. Clearwire declined 6.8 percent to $2.11 at the close in New York for the biggest one-day slump since Dec. 20. The stock has tumbled 56 percent in the past [...]

1/24/12Clearwire Preannounces, Plans Debt Sale (Telecom Ramblings)

Following its deal with Sprint in December and subsequent raising of capital, [company id="clwr"] is out in the market again - this time looking to sell $300M in debt. And as a part of doing so, the company has pre-announced some unaudited Q4 numbers for us to look at.  Revenues of $362M were a bit above [...]

1/7/125 Stocks Seeing Big Analyst Downgrades (Investment Underground » Page not found)

By Larry Gellar We’ve identified 5 stocks that analysts are a bit pessimistic about. For instance, many investors are questioning the future growth of big tech names like SAP and Juniper (JNPR). Meanwhile, Groupon’s (GRPN) business model has come under fire. And General Motors (GM) could suffer due to global economic problems. Clearwire (CLWR) has seen [...]

12/21/11(S) Sprint-Nextel and Clearwire Extend Contract (Stock Blog Hub)

Sprint Nextel Corp. (S) entered a new network-sharing deal with Clearwire Corporation (CLWR). The new deal, worth $1.6 billion, is an extension of the existing one that was to expire by the end of next year. Sprint buys WiMax wireless capacity from Clearwire and then resells services to its own customers. As per the terms of [...]

12/12/11Clearwire’s Share Offering Grows Again (Telecom Ramblings)

WiMAX and now LTE upstart [company id='clwr'] said this morning that its underwriters have exercised their option to purchase those additional 26.25M shares as part of the company's public offering. That means another $52.5M in cash for the company's LTE buildout, making the total cash infusion just over $400M plus Sprint's matching purchases of Class [...]

12/7/11Clearwire Upsizes and Prices Public Offering (Telecom Ramblings)

As I figured they do if they could, [company id="clwr"] has expanded the size of its public offering to $350M from its initial $300M goal. oversubscription, the usual 15%. The shares have now also been priced at $2, a discount to todays closing stock price of $2.28 but not an unreasonable one. Meanwhile, [company id="s"] will [...]

12/5/11Clearwire Preps Stock Offering (Telecom Ramblings)

WiMAX operator and LTE hopeful [company id="clwr"] is wasting no time following up on last week's financing deal with [company id="s"]. Clearwire said yesterday that it intends to sell up to $300M of its class A common stock in a public offering, with an additional $45M on tap for overflows. Of course, I strongly suspect [...]

12/1/11Sprint, Clearwire Make Their Deal (Telecom Ramblings)

They took it down to the wire, but [company id="s"] and [company id="clwr"] have made peace again. Clearwire will make the $237M debt payment that they had threatened to default on, and Sprint has offered them up to $1.6B in funding and payments for services, although not all at once and with strings attached of [...]

12/1/11Clearwire’s Game Isn’t Chess and Isn’t Chicken Either (Telecom Ramblings)

For the last month and a half, the media has likened the Sprint/Clearwire soap opera to a variety of games - baseball, global thermonuclear war, and of course chess. Now I'm a chess player, and these guys are not playing chess. In chess, there is only black and white, win or lose.  There is no alternative [...]

11/18/11Clearwire Plunges; Company Says It’s Focused On Growing Business (Phil’s Stock World)

Courtesy of Benzinga. Shares of wireless broadband provider Clearwire (Nasdaq: CLWR) are off more than 24% on heavy volume in late trading after the stock was halted several times prior to news being released the company is mulling whether to make a massive [...]

11/6/11Sprint Shoots for the Moon (Telecom Ramblings)

The past few months have seen [company id='s'] all over the headlines on a weekly basis. It has seemed haphazard, but if one takes a step back and looks at it all as a package it's really not. They're playing hearts and they've spotted a chance to shoot the moon. Look at all their moves [...]

11/4/11Sprint says may use debt to fund Clearwire (Penny Stock DD)

Sprint Nextel Corp (S.N) plans to offer debt in a private transaction and could use the proceeds to fund Clearwire Corp (CLWR.O). Sprint said it could also use the proceeds to pay back existing debt or fund its network upgrade. But that didn't stop Clearwire shares from rising 23 percent, because Sprint had previously refused to [...]

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