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4/21/15Company Update: Texas Instruments Inc (NASDAQ:TXN) – Can Broadcom, Cree, Texas Instruments... (Jutia Group)

[at TheStreet] - The PHLX Semiconductor index could end the week negative, unless earnings from components Broadcom, Cree and Texas Instruments have positive earnings reactions. Read more on this. Texas Instruments Inc. (TXN), valued at $60.90B, opened at $58.87.   Today’s price range has been between $58.03 and $58.87 per [...]

11/17/14CREE Inc Gets LED Lower (The Market Financial)

This morning, leading light emitting diode (LED), and semiconductor manufacturer Cree Inc (NASDAQ:CREE) is trading lower at the start of the trading session. Recently, CREE's stock price has stalled out on the daily chart around the $35.70 level. This resistance area is an important lower gap window from October 2, 2014. Often, gap windows will [...]

7/15/14Cree, Inc. Breaking Key Level: Drop Likely (The Market Financial)

Cree, Inc. (NASDAQ:CREE) has just broken a key level on the daily chart. This will likely see a price drop from its current price of $48.66, -0.57 (-1.16%) to $44.75 and ultimately $33.75. Over the last few months, the Cree, Inc. daily chart has formed a classic in-spirit-of bear flag pattern. If you connect the [...]

11/7/13Cree, Inc., Lam Research Corporation, Facebook, Twitter, Penn National Gaming. (Trading with the Average Jay)

Trading day so far. 1. Short trade in Cree, Inc. ( CREE ). Short on break of whole number $53.00. Profit target hit with half and I trailed the second half. Exit with a profitable trade. Profitable trade. 2. Short trade in Lam Research Corporation ( LRCX ). Trade open close to a possible break of prior low. The SPY turned higher I think due to Twitter open, and I closed at small loss . She did turn and go on to hit my profit target. You can't win them all. I guess I won...

10/23/13Pinnacle Entertainment, Inc Short trade Open/Clsd (Trading with the Average Jay)

This short trade in Pinnacle Entertainment Inc. ( PNK ) was a long and boring day. She did not move anywhere close to my profit targets. I closed out the trade at at 3:59:31 to keep it a true day trade. I made just enough for another brick in the wall. Trade Open Trade Closed Profitable trade. Well it makes my feel better anyways after the foolish mistake on the CREE trade this morning.

10/23/13What a Cree Circus. Or how to turn a winner into a loser. (Trading with the Average Jay)

What a crazy morning. This post is a lesson on how to turn a profitable trade into a $89.00 loser. This trade was a short entry in Cree Inc. ( CREE ). Used a stop limit order $59.99/$59.97 Turned to watch another stock screen and missed the fact the it blew right on by me leaving me with a still unfilled open short order.  Platformed screamed at me I was filled on the way back up. (still unknown to me.) Covered above the prior high for a loss.  Saving grace as...

4/23/13Previewing Earnings for Apple, Cree,, Baidu & Others (AAPL, CREE, AMZN, NFLX, COH) (

Stocks tend to be most volatile around earnings season, when a good or bad report can make or break it. However, a good or even great earnings report doesn't necessarily translate into a huge pop for a stock. During earnings season, publishes a comprehensive 25- to 40-page Earnings Preview report for the week ahead each [...]

3/7/13This Stock Surged 125% — But Look for a Pullback (Jutia Group)

If you want to be a thorough investor, then it's absolutely crucial to keep track of once-loved growth stocks that have fallen out of favor. Many investors simply move on to other ideas, not fully understanding that lagging growth stocks may simply be suffering from some short-term growing pains. When the company's growth trajectory comes [...]

3/5/13CREE (Samurai Trader)

CREE had a breakaway gap in January on earnings, and I was watching it for an entry point, which it didn't give for over a month. By the time it pulled back, I was no longer watching it, and missed the pullback entirely. It increase guidance for this quarter today, and gapped up huge again. I think the lesson here might be that breakaway gaps should be bought right away:even if you bought this at the top on the gap up day, you still had a substantial gaain coming into today, and a humongous...

1/23/13CREE (Samurai Trader)

CREE was the relative volume winner among today's breakouts (not counting GOOG, which did not hit a new high). This one began to establish a new trading range with the gap up in October, sey that range fairly predictably, then broke out on earnings today. I'm not sure how O'Neil would feel about that drop earlier this month: while it held support, it does severely damage the price relative line. Today's move and volume probably makes that a moot point, though.

3/1/12Piper Jaffray: Cree Inc (CREE) Remains LED Leader In China (Green Stocks Central)

According to Benzinga, Piper Jaffray published a bullish research report on Cree Inc (CREE) saying the company remains the LED leader in China and that China based LED companies are still 2-3 years behind on technology.  As a result, the firm believes CREE will be a big beneficiary of the ongoing demand for LED street [...]

2/14/12Shares of This Industry Pioneer Still Have GREAT Upside (Jutia Group)

Investing in an undervalued high-growth play brings an inherent challenge. Shares are usually undervalued because the near-term growth prospects aren't as bright as the long-term prospects. This was the biggest risk factor I laid out when I added Cree Inc. (Nasdaq: CREE) to my $100,000 Real-Money Portfolio. "Cree isn't a stock to own for near-term results. [...]

1/18/12I’m Expecting Big Things from This Portfolio Holding (Jutia Group)

The stock market is surely unpredictable. My prediction that LED lighting manufacturer Cree Inc. (Nasdaq: CREE), one of the stocks in my $100,000 real-money portfolio, would meet or exceed fiscal second-quarter estimates, turned out to be off the mark. The company trailed both top and bottom line forecasts, and issued fairly tepid third-quarter guidance to [...]

1/17/12Cree Inc (CREE) Misses, Issues Weak Guidance, Shares Down AH (Green Stocks Central)

The LED leader Cree Inc (CREE) continues to have a bit of a tough go in earnings season, missing analyst estimates and issuing weak guidance once again.  The company reported a non GAAP EPS of .25/share on revenues of $304 million.  It wasn’t an awful quarter with the company missing estimates by a small margin [...]

1/17/12Cree Tanks on Q2 Earnings Results (Phil’s Stock World)

Courtesy of Benzinga. Shares of Cree (NASDAQ: CREE) are trading lower in the after-hours following the release of the company's Q2 earnings results. Currently, shares are lower by 5.32%, trading at $22.09; they ended the regular session higher by 1.88%, at $23.33. [...]

1/17/12Options On Cree, Inc. Light Up Ahead Of Earnings After The Close (Phil’s Stock World)

  Today’s tickers: CREE, AKS & SHLD CREE - Cree, Inc. – U.S. stocks are in rally mode today as better-than-expected economic data out of China seemed to trump concerns following the myriad of downgrades of euro-zone states announced by Standard & Poor’s at the end of last week. Shares in Cree, Inc., which reports second-quarter earnings after the [...]

11/17/11NLST, TVIX, PKT ,WAT, CREE Among Charts to Watch (Wall Street Sector Selector)

The market had another down day on Thursday, but we’re going to go over both longs and shorts here just to give you an idea as to what’s going on with both. Netlist Inc. (NLST) was up 48 cents to 3.70, or nearly 15%, on 4.2 milli...

11/4/11Keene: Trade Of The Day – Buying the CREE LED November 32.50-35 Call Spread for $.43 ()

Breakdown: I bought the CREE November 32.50-35 Call Spread for $0.43 Total. Profitable – I make money on this trade if CREE above $32.93 by November 18, 2011. Break-even – I breakeven on this trade if CREE closes at $32.93 by November 18, 2011. Unprofitable – If CREE closes under $32.93 I can lose the maximum of the [...]

11/4/11LED Stocks Surging (CREE, AIXG, VECO)– China Will Begin Banning Incandescent Bulbs (Green Stocks Central)

This is a potential game changer for LED stocks and could also very well mark the bottom in these beaten down green energy stocks.  This morning China announced it will begin banning the use of incandescent bulbs beginning in less than a year.  They will begin banning imports of 100w bulbs Oct 1, 2012, imports [...]

10/18/11Cree Inc (CREE) Reports Inline, But Guidance Fairly Weak (Green Stocks Central)

Cree Inc (CREE), the LED lighting leader, posted its earnings results after the bell today and it was a so so report.  The company reported results right about inline with what analysts expected with a non GAAP EPS of .25/share which is a 58% decrease over the year ago quarter on revenues of $269 million, [...]

10/9/11NASDAQ Technology Sector Stocks Shined Between Their Competitors Last Closing: (SERV, CREE) (Penny Stock DD)

Our site reveals information about 2 hot stocks that have downward on our trading screen on October 7th, 2011: Servicesource International Inc (NASDAQ:SREV) is situated in San Francisco, California and has many additional offices worldwide like Denver, Colorado, Nashville, Tennessee, Dublin, Ireland, Liverpol, United Kingdom, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Singapore. Servicesource International is a generaged [...]

8/18/11Moody’s, Kodak, Sears, Cree are big market movers (Penny Stock DD)

Stocks that moved substantially or traded heavily Thursday on the New York Stock Exchange and Nasdaq Stock Market: NYSE Moody's Corp., down $3.48 at $27.93 Published reports said the Justice Department is probing credit-ratings firms' involvement in mortgage-bond deals. Eastman Kodak Co., up 36 cents $3.05 The Wall Street Journal said investment bank Lazard Ltd. has drawn interest from a [...]

8/17/11Cree Inc (CREE) Drops AH After $500 Million Purchase Of Ruud Lighting, But Creates Indoor/Outdoor... (Green Stocks Central)

Cree Inc (CRFE) has taken a bold step after hours in order to further expand its role as LED leader with a purchase of Wisconsin based Ruud Lighting which specializes in outdoor LED lighting.  In my opinion great move from Cree since LED lighting may be adopted on a wider scale first in the outdoor [...]

8/11/11Analyst Actions: CVX, ISRG, CREE, TXN (Stock Wizard)

Chevron Corp. (NYSE: CVX): Oppenheimer & Co. on Thursday upgraded its rating on the company to outperform to Perform with a price target of $110 a share. In a research note to clients, the firm stated that the recent pullback in the stock has created a buying opportunity. "We think market volatility will accelerate investors' flight to quality and benefit CVX. Chevron has the highest unit profit in the industry, and its earnings are highly leveraged to the price of crude oil, which accounts...

8/11/11CREE, FAZ, PEGA, TZA Among Charts to Watch (Wall Street Sector Selector)

Wall Street had yet another bloodbath on Wednesday. The indices were all over the place, and at the end of the day, they rolled over and got hammered. The Dow was down 520 points. It was one of the worst declines in history. Fortunately, 1100 S&...

8/9/11Cree Inc (CREE) Beats Estimates, But Guidance A Bit Soft (Green Stocks Central)

There are going to be some remarkable entries at some point for some green stock leaders such as LED king Cree Inc (CREE), but it’s likely still a bit too soon to consider larger positions.  Part of the reason for that is due to the amount of technical damage to work through as well as [...]

7/18/11My #1 Rebound Stock Pick for the Second Half of 2011 (Jutia Group)

Companies in the high-technology industry must innovate constantly in order to stay competitive. Right now, a predictable turn of events is unfolding: an industry pioneer has posted very impressive growth. Heavy competition ensued, crimping growth and profit margins, forcing the company to refocus its game plan to remain on the leading edge. And now that [...]

7/8/11Negative Movers: Homebuilders and Former High-Fliers Among the Hardest Hit (LEDS, CREE, FNSR, JDS... (

It's an ugly day for the market as poor jobs numbers for June have drained all of the recent optimism from the market. Aided by negative news flow, some of the high-beta segments are being the hardest hit. Today's Negative tickerspy Indexes LED Stocks (down 2.2% vs S&P 500): Thursday evening's poor earnings from Chinese player [...]

7/6/112011-07-06 – puddles trades (Robert Weinstein Trading Blog)

9:42 SHORT VRTX 50.52 STOP 50.79 TGT 50.00 - super weak, missed the 51.1 short - chased it, got it - out +0.5 9:52 LONG IBM 176.01 STOP 175.89 TGT 176.25 - strong from the open in a weak market - long the break of the round # - out -0.18 13:52 SHORT CREE 31.96 STOP 32.01 TGT 31.86 - CREE on short watch every day - holding under the round # - awful fakeout [...]

7/5/11CREE, FRC, ITRI, WMS Among Charts to Watch (Wall Street Sector Selector)

The market has been acting very strongly for six sessions now, however, we’re due for a pullback. There are quite a few stocks that are not acting so well so we’re going to go over some of the Boxer Shorts. The pattern doesn’t ...

6/29/11Cree Slammed By Negative Analyst Chatter (CREE, LEDS, RBCN, VECO, AIXG, PHG) (

Shares of LED lighting firm Cree (CREE) are plunging 3% after Morgan Stanley reiterated an "underweight" rating on the shares while slashing its price target on the stock to $28 from $35, which is well below where the shares currently trade. The news is weighing on the LED Stocks Index, which is down 0.1%. Morgan Stanley [...]

6/21/11AGYS, CROX, CREE, PSE Among Charts to Watch (Wall Street Sector Selector)

It was an interesting day for the market on Monday and a decent start to the week. We’ll have to see what happens in the coming days. In the meantime, we’ll take a look at both longs and shorts and see how they’re doing. On...

5/24/11CREE, KRA, QSFT, TRMB Among Charts to Watch (Wall Street Sector Selector)

We’re going to review some of the Boxer Shorts that look the weakest, perhaps has the most potential, or at least look the most bearish. The market is continuing to see pressure, and we may not yet be finished with the downside, so let&rsq...

5/19/11More Bullish Analyst Comments for Cree (CREE, RBCN, VECO, LEDS, EFOI) (

A day after getting a boost thanks to some positive comments from Morgan Stanley, LED lighting maker Cree (CREE) is trading fractionally higher after Cantor Fitzgerald said the stock should be bought at current levels. The research firm said its bullish view of the stock came about after attending LightFair, an industry event. Morgan Stanley [...]

5/18/11Cree Leads LED Rally As Morgan Stanley Sees Price Declines Moderating (CREE, VECO, RBCN, AIXG, LEDS) (

Shares of LED lighting firm Cree (CREE) are surging 7% after Morgan Stanley issued some cheery comments on the company, saying it is "incrementally more bullish" on the stock following an LED industry lighting show, indicating LED pricing pressure is poised to subside. Morgan Stanley said that second-half pricing pressure in the LED market won't [...]

4/25/11Cree Inc (CREE) Missed Again, Guided Lower, Still No Sign Of Bottom (Green Stocks Central)

I was out on vacation all last week so apologies for the lack of posting here.  I’ll be getting back to full speed very soon.  I’ll probably be posting about the most important news events of last week today to get caught up.  One important event of last week was the earnings report out of [...]

4/21/112011-04-21 – puddles trades (Robert Weinstein Trading Blog)

2011-04-21 - puddles trades 9:36 SHORT CREE 39.42 STOP 39.55 TGT 39.16 - Daily short watch - Tanks from the open - touches tgt, doesn't get lifted - out b/e 10:01 SHORT MCP 67.99 STOP 38.32 TGT 67.37 - MCP super weak after a string of what seems like a million strong days - Short the break of the round # looking for another leg down - out -0.36 10:11 SHORT CREE [...]

4/20/11Drama Queen LED’s (Wall Street Sector Selector)

______________ Yes, I am aware of AIXG and a few others, but when I think of the LED plays, I can only think of the drama queens known as CREE RBCN and VECO. All three have given us more than our fair share of “just the tip” false breakout...

4/19/11LED Stocks Struggle Ahead Of Cree Earnings (CREE, PHG, VECO, EFOI, LEDS, RBCN) (

Shares of LED giant Cree (CREE), which have shed 24% in the past three months, are down 1% today ahead of the company's after-the-bell earnings report today, but at least one research firm says the Cree story is somewhat misunderstood. Wunderlich Securities says Cree could post full-year earnings north of $3 a share, noting that those [...]

4/18/116 Stocks Dropping to 52-Week Lows As Markets Collapse on S&P Downgrade (Wall Street Sector Selector)

Here are 6 stocks that hit their lowest price in the past 12 months. Note that this list excludes all stocks with a market capitalization less than $300 million: Cree Inc. (NASDAQ:CREE): Down 0.48% to $41.07. Cree, Inc. develops and manufactures semi...

4/18/11Cree Inc. (NASDAQ: CREE) Q2 2011 Price Target (Value Investing Experiments)

Recent price: 41.27$P/E Ratio: 21.943 Months Target Price: 73$ Company DescriptionData provided by Reuters shoes that Cree, Inc. develops and manufactures semiconductor materials and devices... Follow through to the website for more complete reports

4/17/11Cree Inc. (NASDAQ: CREE): Q3 Earnings Preview 2011 (Stock Wizard)

Cree Inc. (NASDAQ: CREE) is scheduled to release its fiscal third-quarter earnings after the closing bell on Tuesday, April 19, 2011. Analysts, on average, expect the company to report earnings of 29 cents per share on revenue of $217.43 million. In the year ago quarter, the company reported earnings of 47 cents per share on revenue of $234.08 million. Cree, Inc. develops and manufactures light emitting diode (LED) products, which include LED chips used in video screens, gaming...

4/13/11SemiLEDs Punished By Downgrade (LEDS, CREE, EFOI, RBCN, AIXG, VECO) (

SemiLEDs (LEDS), the maker of LED chips and components, is suffering at the hands of an analyst downgrade, plunging by 5% after Canaccord pared its rating on the stock to "hold" from "buy," citing a lack of visibility, increased competition and oversupply of LED chips on a global basis. The research firm also lowered its [...]

4/5/11LED Stocks Rocked By SemiLEDS Loss, Cree Downgrade (LEDS, CREE, AIXG, PHG, RBCN, VECO) (

The bad news is coming on two fronts for LED stocks in the form of an unexpected earnings loss from one firm and an analyst downgrade of another, sending the LED Stocks Index down 2.1%. Shares of SemiLEDs (LEDS) are plunging 17% after the company reported a fiscal second-quarter loss of 3 cents a share while [...]

4/5/11Analyst Actions: C, MGM, COP, CREE, MAR (Stock Wizard)

Citigroup (NYSE: C): Sanford Bernstein on Tuesday upgraded Citigroup to Outperform from Market Perform. MGM Resorts International (NYSE: MGM): Janney Capital this morning Upgraded its rating on the company To Neutral from Sell. The form raised its price target on the stock to $14 from $12. ConocoPhilips (NYSE: COP): JPMorgan upgraded its rating on the stock to Overweight from Neutral. The firm also raised its price target to $91 from $68.  Cree, Inc. (NASDAQ: CREE):...

3/29/11Despite Revenue Warning, Cree Still Strong, Oppenheimer Says (CREE, PHG, EFOI, AIXG, LEDS, RBCN, ... (

The LED Stocks Index is bouncing to the upside by 1.4% today as one of last weeks' problem members was on the receiving end of some of positive analyst commentary this morning. Last week's culprit turned today's catalyst is Cree (CREE), which is up 2% after Oppenheimer said investors may be reacting to the more bearish [...]

3/23/11CREE Short Strangle ()

Traders are pumping up the premiums in Cree, Inc. (CREE) options this morning after the company reported that it had lowered its revenue target for the current quarter. The stock is down 11 percent, sitting at 52-week lows. With the spike in implied volatility, we can sell calls and puts (short strangle) to collect Theta and Vega decay. This will be a short-term trade that will look to take advantage of big spike in volatility while also collecting time decay. This trade will...

3/23/11CREE Short Straddle ()

Traders are pumping up the premiums in Cree, Inc. (CREE) options this morning after the company reported that it had lowered its revenue target for the current quarter. The stock is down 11 percent, sitting at 52-week lows. With the spike in implied volatility, we can sell calls and puts (short strangle) to collect Theta and Vega decay. This will be a short-term trade that will look to take advantage of big spike in volatility while also collecting time decay. This trade...

3/23/11Cree Warning Darkens LED Stocks (CREE, NEXS, RBCN, VECO, AIXG, LEDS) (

It's never good news when one of the biggest companies in a particular sector issues a revenue warning, and that scenario is playing out today with the LED Stocks Index, which is plunging 5.2%. Cree (CREE), the second-largest Index member by market value, is being hammered by 12% after lowering its third-quarter revenue guidance to $215-$220 [...]

3/23/11Cree Inc (CREE) Sinks To 52 Wk Low After Slashing Revenue Guidance 15% (Green Stocks Central)

Shares of Cree Inc (CREE) are touching new 52 week lows this morning after the company lowered Q3 guidance.  They now see revenue in the range of $215 - $220 million (down from previous estimate of $245 - $265 million) due to lower demand for both chips and other components.  This comes after the company [...]

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