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8/18/15Inteliquent Lands a Big One (Telecom Ramblings)

Since selling off its IP and Ethernet business and retreating to its voice tandem switching roots, Inteliquent has been relatively quiet.  But this morning that renewed focus on voice interconnection paid off with a big new contract with T-Mobile US.   The two companies entered into a 3 year deal under which Inteliquent will be T-Mobile's sole [...]

6/17/15Comcast In the Hunt For T-Mobile? (Telecom Ramblings)

When Comcast gave up on its plans to purchase TW Cable in the face of regulatory opposition, I speculated about a few of its options for inorganic growth. One of them was to pivot to wireless and buy T-Mobile. But I wasn't really serious -- I was just covering all the exits, as it were. [...]

6/4/15Dish, T-Mobile Near Merger At Last? (Telecom Ramblings)

According to the Wall Street Journal this morning, Dish and its CEO Charlie Ergen may finally achieve the wireless dream they have been chasing for many years now. While it's not exactly news that the two might be interested in a combination, Dish and T-Mobile are said to be hammering out an actual deal. Aside from minor [...]

5/5/15Market Update (NYSE:VZ): T-Mobile’s Latest Attack on Verizon Is a Masterful Marketing Mane... (Jutia Group)

[Entrepreneur] - T-Mobile has co-opted an existing Verizon ad campaign and is offering Verizon customers a free two-week trial in hopes of luring them away from the provider. Read more on this. Verizon Communications Inc. (VZ), valued at $204.43B, started the session at $50.61.   Today’s price range has been [...]

4/29/15Company Update (NYSE:CRM): Jim Cramer’s Top Takeaways:, T-Mobile, Palo Alto... (Jutia Group)

[at TheStreet] - Cramer talks to the altruistic CEO of Salesforce and the outspoken CEO of T-Mobile. Read more on this., inc. (CRM), valued at $42.04B, started trading this morning at $66.31.   During the trading session, CRM traded between $66.25 to $67.15 and has traded between $49.18 and [...]

1/28/15Market Update (NYSE:EMR): Emerson Rapidly Deploys One of T-Systems’ Largest Modular Data C... (Jutia Group)

[Business Wire] - Emerson Network Power, a business of Emerson and a global leader in maximizing availability, capacity and efficiency of critical infrastructure, was selected by T-Systems to construct one of its largest modular data centers in Spain. Read more on this. Emerson Electric Co. (EMR), currently valued at $39.37B, started trading this [...]

10/14/14Iliad Comes To Its Senses (Telecom Ramblings)

Yesterday another chapter in the never-ending saga of who will buy T-Mobile came to a close. Iliad and its billionaire founder Xavier Niel has dropped its campaign to acquire a majority stake in the company. The French alternative mobile operator had been assembling a followup bid after getting the cold shoulder over the summer. They were [...]

9/11/14Wi-Fi Calling? It’s About Time (Telecom Ramblings)

So T-Mobile's latest campaign is to take better advantage of WiFi, quickly hopping on the bandwagon with the new iPhone's capabilities in the unapologetically aggressive, quick-footed manner that T-Mobile has specialized in since John Legere took over. All I can say is that it's about time somebody did. Why it is that my smartphone's WiFi connection [...]

9/2/14Will a Partner for Iliad Boost Its T-Mobile Ambitions? (Telecom Ramblings)

Last month's bid for T-Mobile by the French provider Iliad and its billionaire owner Xavier Niel surprised just about everyone. But after the initial shock wore off, nobody took it too seriously. Yet by now we should know that when one of the industry's icons gets started on the hunt, the first shot is just [...]

8/14/14Industry Spotlight: Dave Temkin, Co-Founder and Chairman of Open-IX (Telecom Ramblings)

Over the past two years or so, Open-IX has been making waves in the business of peering and interconnection.  We have seen several independent exchanges get off the ground, building out exchange fabrics across multiple data center providers.  With us today to talk about what Open-IX is trying to accomplish and what progress they have been making [...]

8/6/14Sprint Apparently Tosses In the Towel On T-Mobile (Telecom Ramblings)

According to the Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg this morning, Sprint has given up its quest to purchase its rival T-Mobile US -- again. Of course, it's not an official decision and even if true they could restart things in a heartbeat if they wanted to, but the WSJ has had the inside track on [...]

8/1/14T-Mobile Gets a Bid, But Not From Japan (Telecom Ramblings)

Yes, a bid landed on the table for T-Mobile today from a foreign wireless carrier backed by a billionaire with a talent for disruption. But it wasn't from Softbank and Masayoshi Son was not involved. The French carrier Iliad, which is backed by Xavier Niel, has come out of nowhere to offer $15B in cash for [...]

7/21/14Slim to Bid For T-Mobile? (Telecom Ramblings)

The Wall Street Journal speculated over the weekend that Carlos Slim and his company America Movil might make a big move north of the border. And of course in the US mobile market, there is only one target getting that sort of attention - T-Mobile USA. Just what the US telecommunications markets need: another foreign billionaire? Slim [...]

7/4/14DT's Niek Jan van Damme misleads over wholesale (Communications Breakdown)

Niek Jan van Damme, MD of Telekom Deutschland, gave his view on networks after the EC approved the E-Plus/O2 merger. Van Damme applauds the merger, as part of ongoing consolidation, but has two objections. One is that E-Plus/O2 controls a disproportionate amount of spectrum. The other is that the new company agreed to giving access to wholesale customers at friendlier rates & conditions. Van

6/5/14Sprint/T-Mobile Deal Edges Toward Reality (Telecom Ramblings)

Some corporate mergers hit the markets like a meteor strike, landing all at once and with little warning. The potential Sprint/T-Mobile combination is more like a slow moving hurricane that never seems to come ashore as it waxes and wanes in strength.  But landfall looks more likely now than ever. The rumors out of Japan have [...]

5/29/14Sprint/T-Mobile, For Real This Time? (Telecom Ramblings)

Reports out of Japan say that Deutsche Telekom AG and Softbank have made a deal. Apparently, Softbank's Masayoshi Son made a proposal in mid-May and Deutsche Telekom AG has agreed, although confirmation seems to be elusive. If true, the deal would bring together Sprint and T-Mobile in the USA to create a strong #3. Of course, [...]

5/19/14Company Update (NYSE:WMT): T-Mobile taps Walmart to sell low-cost 4G tablets with limited free se... (Jutia Group)

[] - Adding to the T-Mobile phones Walmart already sells, the large retailer is now carrying two 4G Android tablets powered by T-Mobile's network. Both come with 200 MB of high-speed monthly data with options ... Read more on this. Wal-Mart Stores Inc. (WMT), valued at $248.29B, began trading this morning at $77.11. [...]

5/1/14Stock Update (NASDAQ:CMCSA): Sprint + T-Mobile, Comcast + Time Warner Cable = ? (Jutia Group)

[24/7 Wall St.] - Maybe Sprint will buy T-Mobile , just like Comcast may buy Time Warner Cable. If either deal gets through the gauntlet of government regulation, it will be because certain assets have been sold. Read more on this. Comcast Corporation (CMCSA), valued at $135.15B, started the session at $51.78. [...]

2/26/14Morgan Stanley (NYSE:MS) – T-Mobile US, Inc. to Present at Morgan Stanley’s 2014 Te... (Jutia Group)

[at noodls] - BELLEVUE, Wash.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- J. Braxton Carter, Chief Financial Officer, and Neville R. Ray, Chief Technology Officer, of T-Mobile US, Inc. (NYSE: TMUS), will speak at 1:55 p.m. Pacific Standard ... Read more on this. Morgan Stanley (MS), currently valued at $57.67B, opened at $29.92.   Looking at [...]

1/26/14Spectrum holdings in the Netherlands create opportunties, but not for Tele2 (Communications Breakdown)

Spectrum in the Netherlands has been auctioned off in 2010 and 2012, leading to the situation shown in the figure. A few things stand out: All holdings are roughly equal for the incumbents (KPN, Vodafone, T-Mobile). T-Mobile has a lot of unpaired spectrum, which could enable TD-LTE and DSL-replacement services. Tele2 has limited spectrum. This offers limited options for LTE-Advanced and

1/20/14Int’l Roundup: Reliance, Pacnet, Huawei, DT (Telecom Ramblings)

Lots going on this week already around the world, here's a quick look: Reliance Globalcom has appointed a new CEO for its offshore businesses, which consist of the Flag, Yipes, and Vanco assets. None other than Bill Barney will be taking the helm, a bit more than a year and a half after his unexpected departure [...]

1/20/14Mobile price war in US? (Telecom Ramblings)

This article was authored by Joseph Waring, and was originally posted on Headline of the year: Price war in US mobile market raises fear of profit hemorrhage. Or perhaps you prefer: How T-Mobile just nuked the US mobile industry. As if that would be a bad thing. For those not familiar with the US profit machines, AT&T [...]

1/10/14Dish Gives Up On LightSquared, Is T-Mobile Next? (Telecom Ramblings)

Yesteray Dish and its billionaire chairman Charlie Ergen publicly withdrew its $2.2B bid for the restructuring wireless challenger LightSquared. The move comes just as the trial starts into whether Ergen was buying LightSquared debt he wasn't allowed to buy in order to swing the auction his way. LightSquared got itself into its current mess by making [...]

1/6/14TMobile Buys $2.4B Worth Of Spectrum From Verizon (Telecom Ramblings)

According to an SEC filing this morning, T-Mobile US has made another move to boost its spectrum holdings. They've done a deal with Verizon Wireless involving both cash and a spectrum exchange to give them more depth form future LTE expansion. T-Mobile US will be parting with $2.365B in cash plus some AWS and PCS spectrum [...]

1/6/14Verizon Communications Inc. (NYSE:VZ) ~ T-Mobile to buy some spectrum licences from Verizon for $... (Jutia Group)

[Reuters] - T-Mobile US Inc said it would buy some spectrum licenses from Verizon Wireless for about $2.4 billion in cash. The deal includes certain 700 Megahertz A-Block spectrum licenses in the United States, T-Mobile ... Read more on this. Verizon Communications Inc. (VZ), currently valued at $138.51B, started trading this morning at [...]

1/3/14Company Update – AT&T Inc. (NYSE:T) – AT&T Offers T-Mobile Customers Up To $450 Per... (Jutia Group)

[PR Newswire] - DALLAS, Jan. 3, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Starting today, AT&T * is offering T-Mobile customers the opportunity to upgrade their mobile lifestyle with value of up to $450 per line when they switch to AT&T and ... Read more on this. AT&T, Inc. (T), with a current value of $183.12B, started [...]

12/19/13Dish Eyeing a Rematch With Softbank? (Telecom Ramblings)

Hot on the heels of the WSJ report that Sprint is looking at buying T-Mobile comes another that has Dish ominously looking at the same thing. Is Charlie Ergen spoiling for a rematch with Masayoshi Son? Actually, I take the idea of Dish buying T-Mobile a bit more seriously than I do Sprint. It would be easier [...]

12/15/13Sprint Supposedly Eyeing T-Mobile USA, For Real This Time? (Telecom Ramblings)

Just before the weekend got rolling, the Wall Street Journal dropped yet another of its wireless rumor merger bombs. Apparently, Sprint is working on plans to buy T-Mobile USA. If you think you've heard that before, it's because you've definitely heard that before. The situation has changed, but has it changed enough? One of the main [...]

11/19/13T-Mobile USA Raises a Couple Billion (Telecom Ramblings)

This morning T-Mobile USA announced that it has agreed to sell $2B in two sets of senior notes. The reason for the new capital isn't exactly hard to divine, as the company has been saying it would raise money to buy spectrum for some time. Of course they don't have to use it for spectrum, but [...]

11/10/13DT Swoops Back In, Buys GTS Central Europe (Telecom Ramblings)

According to reports, Deutsche Telekom has indeed agreed to buy GTS Central Europe, or at least most of it, giving it a deeper fiber footprint throughout eastern Europe. The price tag was €546M doesn't include the company's Slovakian assets, which will apparently remain in the hands of the company's private equity owners for now. Since May, GTS [...]

11/5/13Verizon Communications Inc. (NYSE:VZ) – T-Mobile U.S. third-quarter subscriber growth tops... (Jutia Group)

[Reuters] - (Reuters) - T-Mobile US Inc, the No. 4 U.S. mobile provider, reported third-quarter subscriber growth well ahead of expectations on Tuesday, and showed it was putting pressure on market leaders Verizon Wireless and AT&T Inc. T-Mobile shares rose 3.6 percent in premarket trade after it reported its second straight quarter of growth [...]

7/14/13(CSCO) Cisco Systems Announces ASR 5000 Series for T-Mobile (Stock Blog Hub)

Cisco Systems Inc. (CSCO) announced that it’s ASR 5000 Series multimedia services platform has been selected by T-Mobile to manage T-Mobile’s mobile data traffic from its new long-term evolution (LTE) network and its 2G/3G networks in the Czech Republic. Cisco’s ASR 5000 routing platform has the ability to optimize video transmissions while managing traffic efficiently. It [...]

6/14/13(AAPL) T-Mobile Hikes iPhone Rates (Stock Blog Hub)

The fourth-largest carrier in the U.S., T-Mobile US, Inc. (TMUS) recently decided to hike the installment payment rates of Apple Inc.’s (AAPL) iPhone 5 by $50, after selling the device for a reduced rate last month. Unavailability of Apple Inc.’s iPhones in its smartphone portfolio coupled with the lack of 4GLTE spectrum has led to a [...]

6/9/13Softbank Looks to Make Sprint Jealous, Ogles T-Mobile (Telecom Ramblings)

This week could be yet another watershed moment in the ongoing M&A soap opera that is Softbank/Dish/Sprint/Clearwire.  And just to make things even more complicated, over the weekend the buzz was about Softbank's Plan B should Sprint spurn their offer. Yep, they're floating the possibility of a bid for T-Mobile USA. Sprint's shareholders vote this week [...]

6/5/13Other Than DT, Who Might Bid For GTSCE? (Telecom Ramblings)

As a helpful reader pointed out, the rumored move by DT on GTS Central Europe was just the initial bit of information and apparently there's actually an auction to be had. So let's engage in a bit of idle speculation.  Who might fit the bill? Who would pay up for deep fiber in Eastern and [...]

5/29/13Euro Roundup: Megafon, Telefonica, euNetworks, Orange, DT (Telecom Ramblings)

This week is a bit slow in the US when it comes to news, but there's been plenty going on in Europe already. Two alliances, a dark fiber deal, and a billing solution outsourcing: The Spanish incumbent Telefonica has another major strategic partner lined up, this time aiming at the Russian market. Yesterday they and MegaFon [...]

4/27/13(PCS) MetroPCS Communications Receives Revised Deal Term (Stock Blog Hub)

MetroPCS Communications Inc. (PCS) has received another bid offer from T-Mobile USA, subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom AG to woo shareholders who stood against the proposed merger. Last week, T-Mobile, in its final offer to MetroPCS, reduced the combined company’s debt burden by $3.8 billion to $11.2 billion. The latest amendments in the deal terms were [...]

4/18/13(AAPL) T-Mobile Drives Subscriber Growth (Stock Blog Hub)

T-Mobile USA – the fourth-largest telecom carrier in the U.S. and also a business arm of Germany's Deutsche Telekom AG – reported an improvement in subscriber growth in the ongoing financial quarter. T-Mobile USA gained 3,000 subscribers in the first quarter of 2013 as compared with a loss of 261,000 subscribers in the prior-year quarter. Unavailability of [...]

4/10/13Deutsche Telekom Yields Some Last Minute Ground (Telecom Ramblings)

As the shareholder vote at MetroPCS loomed this Friday, Deutsche Telekom faced the possibility that it's proposed merger with T-Mobile USA might not carry the day. Speculation had been rising for weeks that they would blink, and in fact that's exactly what they have now done - to an extent. The German giant sweetened the deal [...]

4/4/13Is Deutsche Telekom About to Blink? (Telecom Ramblings)

With the MetroPCS shareholder showdown just eight days away, it appears that Deutsche Telekom may be about to blink. It's been some six months since they made the bid, which would simultaneously boost T-Mobile USA's spectrum position and distance the German incumbent from its US progeny. Large shareholders have been agitating for a better offer for [...]

1/18/13The case against technology-neutral spectrum (Communications Breakdown)

Rewheel showed that 'independent challengers' add a lot to competition in mobile markets in Europe. The E5 (DT, FT, TEF, TI, VOD) have a combined market share of 80% across 27 nations. There are indie challengers in 14 of those. In the other 13, minimum prices can be 140% higher. Competition in telecoms is limited as a result of an extremely high entry barriers. In fixed markets, it is legacy

11/29/12Apple Inc. (AAPL) Gets A Boost From BAML Thanks To T-Mobile (

The iPhone's expected launch with T-Mobile is giving some analysts slightly more optimistic expectations about shares of Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) this morning. Bank of America Merrill Lynch has just released an updated report on the stock. There’s speculation that Deutsche Telekom AG (ADR) (PINK:DTEGY) will introduce the iPhone on the T-Mobile network in early December at its [...]

10/17/12Deutsche Telekom Unveils New EdgeCast-Powered ADN (Telecom Ramblings)

Deutsche Telekom ICCS, the international wholesale arm of the German incumbent, has made a move deeper into the CDN market. Today they unveiled an Application Delivery Network based on EdgeCast's CDN technology.  The service is aimed at powering information portals and e-commerce applications. Of course, this is not the first time DT has worked with EdgeCast [...]

10/10/12(DT) Thoratec: A Strong Buy (Stock Blog Hub)

Potential growth prospects in the Destination Therapy (DT) market and raised guidance have helped Thoratec Corp. (THOR), provider of mechanical circulatory support devices, achieve a Zacks #1 Rank (Strong Buy) on October 03, 2012. Moreover, the company has delivered positive earnings surprises in three of the last four quarters with an average beat of 8.01%. With [...]

10/10/12(PCS) MetroPCS Communications Finalizes Merger Plan (Stock Blog Hub)

MetroPCS Communications, Inc. (PCS) and Deutsche Telekom AG (DTEGY), parent company of T-Mobile USA have finally settled for a merger deal. The two companies have signed a definitive agreement on a proposed merger of T-Mobile USA and MetroPCS. The proposed agreement has been approved by the Board of Directors of both MetroPCS and Deutsche Telekom, but [...]

10/5/12TMobile/MetroPCS Poll Results: Strategic, Logical, and Defensive (Telecom Ramblings)

Yesterday's poll will remain open for a while yet, but I found the results after the first day to be somewhat enlightening. The three most common adjectives that Telecom Ramblings readers picked to describe T-Mobile USA's planned merger with MetroPCS have been, interestingly enough, 'strategic', 'logical', and 'defensive'. Those are currently followed by yet more reasonably [...]

10/4/12Sprint Preparing Counter Offer For MetroPCS (Telecom Ramblings)

[company id="s"] may not take the DT/MetroPCS deal lying down. Reports this morning say that the company is preparing a counter bid for MetroPCS.  DT is said to be prepared for such an eventuality.  But regardless, we may have an auction on our hands. It's not as if Sprint couldn't have bid for MetroPCS before, but [...]

10/3/12T-Mobile/MetroPCS: Done Deal (Telecom Ramblings)

It's official, Deutsche Telekom and MetroPCS have come to terms and the German giant's T-Mobile USA unit will merge with smaller rival MetroPCS. The combined AWS spectrum will give T-MobileUSA's LTE plans a nice boost in major metro areas where MetroPCS is strong. The deal is structured so as to give T-Mobile USA a US listing [...]

10/2/12T-Mobile USA Prepares to Pounce on MetroPCS (Telecom Ramblings)

With the tw telecom rumor now receding somewhat into waiting mode, we have another merger rumor in the telecom world, this time it's in wireless and it has teeth. T-Mobile is apparently poised to pounce on its smaller rival MetroPCS, looking to rejuvenate their US presence with an existing, if small, LTE buildout already in [...]

9/27/12MegaFon, Lattelecom, and DT Open New Route to Russia (Telecom Ramblings)

There's a new network route connecting western Russia with Germany and its main Frankfurt hub. Russia's MegaFon has teamed up with Latvia's Lattelecom and Germany's Deutsche Telekom to create the "Baltic highway". The new route will give carriers the option of a lower latency data corridor to complement the usual routes through Scandanavia and the Ukraine. [...]

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