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7/14/15Company Update (NASDAQ:MSFT): Can the AOL–Microsoft Deal Dent Google Ad Domination? (Jutia Group)

[Market Realist] - AOL and Microsoft lag behind Google and Facebook (FB) in terms of US display advertising market share. Google dominates with a market share of 64.1%. Read more on this. Microsoft Corporation (MSFT), valued at $371.09B, started the session at $45.47.   During the trading session, MSFT traded [...]

6/29/15Company Update (NYSE:ORCL): U.S. top court declines to hear Google appeal in Oracle software fight (Jutia Group)

[Reuters] - The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday sided with Oracle Corp and declined to hear Google Inc's appeal in a major software copyright case that has been closely followed by the technology industry. The decision leaves intact a ruling which allows Oracle to charge licensing fees for the use of some of its [...]

6/26/15Company Update (NASDAQ:AAPL): Why Apple and Google’s Frosty Relationship Might Come to a H... (Jutia Group)

[at TheStreet] - Google may lose its standing as the default search engine on Apple's Safari, leaving the door open for companies such as Microsoft, Yahoo! and DuckDuckGo to take their place. Read more on this. Apple Inc. (AAPL), with a current market cap of $733.55B, opened this morning at $127.66.   [...]

6/16/15Stock Update: Yahoo! Inc. (NASDAQ:YHOO) – Yahoo, Google And… Mobli? Image Search Eng... (Jutia Group)

[Benzinga] - There's a new search engine on the web and it could give well established leaders like Google Inc (NASDAQ: GOOG ) (NASDAQ: GOOGL ) and Yahoo! Inc. (NASDAQ: YHOO ) a run for their money. The company, Mobli ... Read more on this. Yahoo! Inc. (YHOO), with a current market cap [...]

6/16/15Google (GOOG) to Replace Exxon (XOM) as the Next Big Dividend Stock? (Jutia Group)

How do you attract investors in an environment where it’s generally acknowledged that stocks are sorely overvalued? The one thing investors look for when it comes to added value is stocks that provide dividends. One of the most popular, Exxon Mobil Corporation (NYSE:XOM), pays out an annual dividend of 3.5%. Wall Street juggernaut Google, Inc. [...]

5/28/15Google plans Nexus 7 smartphone and this time LG likely to lose; Do we need Nexus at all? (Green World Investor)

New Nexus 7 Google is all set to come up with a new smartphone using its flagship Android operating system. Google had started the trend with Nexus 4 smartphones, in partnership with Korean electronics giant LG. The Nexus 5 was a runaway hit as it boasted of top specifications and a great design at a cutthroat [...]

5/27/15Google Is Facing A Strong Threat To Its Core Digital Ad Market From Facebook (Green World Investor)

Google is no stranger to competition as it has faced tremendous competitive threats from much bigger competitors in the past. Microsoft and Yahoo poured billions of dollars into their Internet search, but failed to make a dent into Google's dominance in this market. Google has used the massive cash flows generated by Internet search to [...]

5/27/15Company Update (NYSE:ORCL): Oracle won another battle in its epic war with Google, and the whole ... (Jutia Group)

[Business Insider] - That huge lawsuit that Oracle filed against Google a few years ago is still going strong and... Read more on this. Oracle Corporation (ORCL), currently valued at $191.93B, opened at $43.54.   Looking at the equity, the company's one day range is $43.41 to $43.97 and has [...]

5/15/15Company Update: Oracle Corporation (NYSE:ORCL) – Insight – Google versus Oracle cas... (Jutia Group)

[Reuters] - SAN FRANCISCO/WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The Obama administration has been locked in internal wrangling over what position to take in high profile litigation between two American technology giants, Google and Oracle, according to multiple sources familiar with the discussions. It faces an end-of-May deadline to decide whether to take sides in a case [...]

5/8/15Company Update (NASDAQ:AAPL): Google’s Apple Contract: No News Is Good News? (Jutia Group)

[at Investor's Business Daily] - Tech bloggers are speculating that an Apple (AAPL) project aims to build a search engine rival to Google, while Wall street analysts are still in the dark on Apple's renewal of a contract that makes Google ... Read more on this. Apple Inc. (AAPL), with a current value [...]

4/28/15Tuesday Roundup: Allied Fiber, GCX, CenturyLink (Telecom Ramblings)

Here's a quick look at some news from early this week: Allied Fiber added another dark fiber and colo customer this morning. Joytel Communications has signed on for a slice of the infrastructure they recently finished building in the southeast. Joytel is a regional ISP that operates along the northeastern Florida coastline between Jacksonville and Palm Coast, [...]

4/24/15Google Boosts DE Shaw ( by Richard Wilson)

Hedge Fund Firm DE Shaw Secures Investment from Google’s Eric Schmidt DE Shaw, the big quantitative hedge fund firm founded by billionaire David Shaw, secured investment from Google’s billionaire chairman Eric Schmidt. Schmidt’s family office, Hillspire LLC, scooped up the stake from the estate of Lehman Brothers, which purchased the stake for some $750 million before the investment bank

4/23/15Google Launches Fi, Takes On Wireless Too (Telecom Ramblings)

Not content with trying to prove the FTTH case with Google Fiber, Google revealed yesterday on its corporate blog that the company is taking on the other pillar of consumer bandwidth with the launch of Fi.  They're not building a new wireless carrier along with all the infrastructure that goes with it, but they are planning to [...]

4/20/15Loon Prepares to Take Flight (Telecom Ramblings)

One of Google's more fanciful bandwidth projects is nearing the runway. Project Loon, which depending on who you ask is named after the water bird with the eerie call or simply a silly person who might make the same sound, has made some significant strides forward.  The idea of offering LTE access from balloons wafting through [...]

3/31/15Market Update (NASDAQ:MSFT): Google, Microsoft battle drives down prices for PCs, tablets (Jutia Group)

[AP] - Google is releasing its cheapest Chromebook laptops yet, two versions priced at $149 aimed at undercutting Microsoft's Windows franchise and gaining ground in even more classrooms. Various PC manufacturers ... Read more on this. Microsoft Corporation (MSFT), valued at $335.04B, opened at $40.77.   During the trading session, [...]

3/26/15Stock Update: Morgan Stanley (NYSE:MS) – Google’s new CFO gets $70M for defecting f... (Jutia Group)

[AP] - Google just found out that luring a top executive from Wall Street to Silicon Valley is expensive. The Mountain View, California, company is paying its new chief financial officer, Ruth Porat, more than ... Read more on this. Morgan Stanley (MS), currently valued at $70.41B, opened at $35.29.   [...]

3/25/15Wednesday Bytes: Xtera, PCCW, O2, Google Fiber (Telecom Ramblings)

Here's a quick rundown of the news from this morning from around the industry and the world: Xtera has demonstrated some really long reach for its optical gear. Using their Raman amplification technology over Corning Vascade EX2000 fiber supplied by China's State Grid Information & Technology, they have demonstrated 100G over 607km and 10G over 632km, [...]

3/24/15Stock Update (NYSE:MS): Google imports new CFO Ruth Porat from Wall Street (Jutia Group)

[AP] - Google has hired Morgan Stanley's chief financial officer, Ruth Porat, as its CFO, at a time when Silicon Valley is under fire for hiring and promoting too few women. The Internet search leader's CFO of ... Read more on this. Morgan Stanley (MS), currently valued at $71.63B, began trading this morning [...]

3/2/15Company Update (NASDAQ:AAPL): Apple, Google poaching settlement appears headed for approval (Jutia Group)

[Reuters] - A U.S. judge on Monday seemed satisfied with a proposed $415 million settlement that would end a lawsuit in which tech workers accused Apple Inc , Google Inc and two other Silicon Valley companies of conspiring to hold down salaries. U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh in San Jose, California, had previously rejected [...]

2/19/15Stock Update (NASDAQ:GOOG): Even when Google pays for it, computer classes for kids must be built... (Jutia Group)

[at American City Business Journals] - Teaching computer science to school children is an urgent, worthy goal. As part of Mayor Bill de Blasio's initiative to develop a more tech-savvy workforce, Google has agreed to work with the city to bring its CS First enrichment videos to 857 neighborhood after-school programs serving children ages [...]

2/18/15Company Update (NASDAQ:GOOG): Who Will Develop The Netflix Of The Auto Industry? (Jutia Group)

[Benzinga] - In addition to Google Inc (NASDAQ: GOOG ) (NASDAQ: GOOGL ), who is already developing new car technology, a number of tech giants are rumored or expected to enter the auto space. Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL ... Read more on this. Google Inc. (GOOG), valued at $366.49B, opened this morning at [...]

2/17/15AT&T Finally Steps Into Kansas City FTTH Ring With Google Fiber (Telecom Ramblings)

Four years after Google Fiber picked Kansas City for its first foray into the FTTH world, and two and a half years since they followed through with those threats, the incumbent is responding in force. AT&T yesterday launched its GigaPower offering in parts of Kansas City and its suburbs. As part of the move, they are [...]

2/16/15Stock Update: Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) – AT&T aims to match Google broadband in Kansas City (Jutia Group)

[AP] - AT&T has announced a new Kansas City-area broadband service with speeds and pricing that aims to put it in competition with Google Fiber. The Kansas City Star ( ) reports that the ... Read more on this. Google Inc. (GOOG), valued at $373.67B, started the session at $543.35.   [...]

2/13/15Stock Update (NASDAQ:GOOG): Google, Mattel try to bring View-Master into 21st century (Jutia Group)

[AP] - Mattel and Google are trying to bring the 75-year-old View-Master into the 21st century, updating the iconic stereoscopic photo viewer with smartphone compatibility and virtual reality technology. It's ... Read more on this. Google Inc. (GOOG), with a current market cap of $373.16B, started the session at $543.35.   [...]

2/13/15Google Overshadowed by Apple; Still a Major Player in the Tech Sector? (Jutia Group)

Make no mistake about it; Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) will become the first company in the world to achieve a market capitalization in excess of one trillion dollars. Or at least I believe so. (I bet the White House wishes it owned Apple. What a help it would be, given the country's massive $18.0-trillion national debt.) As [...]

2/12/15Market Update: Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) – Google’s Dominance in Search Being Challe... (Jutia Group)

[at TheStreet] - Google's dominance is being challenged by apps on smartphones and tablets that take people where they want to go. Read more on this. Google Inc. (GOOG), valued at $369.64B, opened at $537.25.   Looking at today's trading action, the company's one day range from $534.78 to $543.96 [...]

2/11/15Stock Update: Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) – Google’s Dominance in Search Being Challen... (Jutia Group)

[at TheStreet] - Google's dominance is being challenged by apps on smartphones and tablets that take people where they want to go. Read more on this. Google Inc. (GOOG), valued at $363.18B, opened at $535.42.   Shares have traded today between $533.38 and $538.44 per share and has traded between [...]

2/9/15Can Google and Apple challenge carriers? (Telecom Ramblings)

This article was authored by Jouko Ahvenainen, and was originally posted on Several publications have reported that Google is planning to sell mobile phone plans to consumers. Google is expected to make a deal in the US with Sprint and T-Mobile to sell their capacity. I wrote earlier about Apple’s own SIM card plan. Traditionally MVNO’s [...]

2/6/15Stock Update (NASDAQ:GOOG): How Google Makes Money (Jutia Group)

[at Investopedia] - While best known for its search engine, Google's revenue mainly comes from advertising. Here's how the firm uses its stature and technology to make money. Read more on this. Google Inc. (GOOG), with a current market cap of $363.69B, started trading this morning at $528.49.   Looking [...]

2/3/15Stock Update (NASDAQ:GOOG): Ride-Sharing App Battle? Google May Get Hurt If It Takes on Uber (Jutia Group)

[at TheStreet] - If Google is trying to compete with Uber, it would hurt itself by making its investments less valuable and put itself into an area in which it has little experience. Read more on this. Google Inc. (GOOG), with a current market cap of $358.97B, began trading this morning at $528.00. [...]

2/2/15Market Update (NASDAQ:YHOO): Yahoo U.S. Search Share Rises Again, Google Dips (Jutia Group)

[at Investor's Business Daily] - No. 3 Internet search service Yahoo (YHOO) grabbed more of the U.S. search market in January for the second consecutive month, while No. 1 Google saw its share dip below 75% for the first time, according ... Read more on this. Yahoo! Inc. (YHOO), valued at $43.01B, opened [...]

1/30/15Company Update (NASDAQ:GOOG): Google estimates little changed after ‘shareholder-friendlyâ... (Jutia Group)

[at MarketWatch] - Though Google missed earnings expectations Thursday, analysts still view the company as in good shape. Read more on this. Google Inc. (GOOG), with a current market cap of $361.87B, started trading this morning at $515.65.   During today's session, GOOG traded between $515.52 to $537.00 with a [...]

1/29/15Market Update: Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) – Google seen making $7.12 a share in fourth quarter (Jutia Group)

[at MarketWatch] - SAN FRANCISCO (MarketWatch) -- Google Inc. reports its latest quarterly results after the bell Thursday. The search giant is expected to post earnings of $7.12 a share, according to a survey of analysts ... Read more on this. Google Inc. (GOOG), with a current value of $346.15B, started trading this [...]

1/29/15Google Fiber Adds Four More Cities (Telecom Ramblings)

Just when you might have started thinking it was a feint, Google Fiber is expanding again. Along with Kansas City, Provo, and Austin, the upstart FTTH project announced it will take on four more metro areas. And they're some of the biggest markets in the southeastern USA. Atlanta, Charlotte, Nashville, and Raleigh-Durham will be getting the [...]

1/28/15Stock Update (NASDAQ:GOOG): Here’s What to Expect When Google (GOOG) Reports Earnings Late... (Jutia Group)

[at TheStreet] - Google (GOOG) is set to post its fiscal fourth quarter financial results tomorrow after the closing bell. Read more on this. Google Inc. (GOOG), currently valued at $345.97B, opened this morning at $522.78.   Shares have traded today between $510.00 and $522.99 per share and has traded [...]

1/26/15Company Update (NASDAQ:GOOG): WikiLeaks slams Google over delay in revealing US warrants (Jutia Group)

[AP] - WikiLeaks on Monday criticized Google for failing to swiftly inform the secrets-spilling group about U.S. search warrants issued seeking emails and other personal information from three of its staff. The ... Read more on this. Google Inc. (GOOG), with a current value of $363.11B, started trading this morning at $538.53. [...]

1/23/15Company Update: Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) – SocGen initiates Facebook at sell but rates Goo... (Jutia Group)

[at MarketWatch] - SAN FRANCISCO (MarketWatch) -- Analysts at Societe Generale on Friday initiated coverage of Facebook Inc. with a sell rating and started Google Inc. at a buy. "There is a lot to like about Facebook, ... Read more on this. Google Inc. (GOOG), valued at $366.26B, began trading this morning at [...]

1/23/15Poll: Who Should Be Most Worried About Google? (Telecom Ramblings)

Google's rumored move into the wireless space as an MVNO could give them the last piece of the puzzle.  From the device in your hand, the operating system it runs, the email/office/video/social apps you use, the wireless or fiber access network it connects with, the IP backbone and CDN that serves the data, the undersea cables [...]

1/22/15Stock Update: Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) – Google (GOOG) Stock Climbing Today on Plan to Sel... (Jutia Group)

[at TheStreet] - Google (GOOG) stock is up this morning after the company said it plans to sell mobile phone plans through Sprint (S) and T-Mobile US (TMUS). Read more on this. Google Inc. (GOOG), valued at $354.05B, opened at $521.39.   Today, shares have traded between $519.77 and $524.35 [...]

1/22/15Here Comes Google Wireless (Telecom Ramblings)

Various reports today are converging on a story that Google is about to enter the wireless game. No, they're not kicking off another national LTE buildout for us all to watch city by city. They're going to take the MVNO path to glory. Apparently there is a deal in the works with both Sprint and T-Mobile. [...]

1/21/15Market Update (NASDAQ:VIAB): Google, Viacom win dismissal of children’s web privacy lawsuit (Jutia Group)

[Reuters] - The lawsuit claimed that Viacom secretly kept track of children under the age of 13 who streamed videos and played video games on its website, and shared what it learned with Google. It said both companies then without permission put text files known as "cookies" into the children's computers, letting them [...]

1/20/15Company Update (NASDAQ:GOOG): Google, Fidelity fuel Elon Musk’s SpaceX with $1B investment (Jutia Group)

[AP] - SpaceX has raised $1 billion from Google and Fidelity in a deal that values the spaceship manufacturer at about $10 billion. The infusion announced Tuesday will give Google Inc. and Fidelity Investments ... Read more on this. Google Inc. (GOOG), with a current value of $343.86B, opened at $510.62.   [...]

1/19/15Company Update: Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) – After Gmail blocked in China, Micros... (Jutia Group)

[Reuters] - Chinese users of Microsoft Corp's Outlook email service were subject to a hacking attack at the weekend, just weeks after Google Inc's Gmail system was blocked in China, an online censorship watchdog said on Monday. People using email clients like Outlook, Mozilla's Thunderbird and apps on their phone with the SMTP and [...]

1/16/15Company Update (NASDAQ:GOOG): Google Glass Heads Back to the Drawing Board (Jutia Group)

[at Bloomberg] - Jan. 16 (Bloomberg) -- Google will no longer sell a prototype of its Glass computerized eyewear for consumers, as the Web company moves the project out of the research lab and makes it a stand-alone entity. ... Read more on this. Google Inc. (GOOG), valued at $343.49B, started the session [...]

1/15/15Stock Update: Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) – Google Glass Leaves Research Lab to Be Led by Nes... (Jutia Group)

[at Bloomberg] - Google Inc. (GOOG) ’s Glass project is leaving the company’s research lab and becoming a stand-alone entity. Glass, the computerized spectacles that people can wear to see maps and other information, is being moved under the leadership of Tony Fadell, who heads digital thermostat maker Nest Labs, the company said in [...]

1/14/15Market Update: Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) – Why Google Play Is a Hidden Gem For Google and I... (Jutia Group)

[at TheStreet] - Google had a difficult 2014 but investors may be missing its next big opportunity in plain sight -- Google Play. Read more on this. Google Inc. (GOOG), with a current value of $338.20B, began trading this morning at $494.65.   Looking at today's market, GOOG one day [...]

1/13/15Company Update: Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) – Jim Cramer Sees ChannelAdvisor’s Pain as... (Jutia Group)

[at TheStreet] - TheStreet's Jim Cramer took a closer look at shares of ChannelAdvisor, which are down over 50% on weak revenue guidance. The likely beneficiary? Google. Read more on this. Google Inc. (GOOG), valued at $336.46B, opened this morning at $498.90.   During the trading session, GOOG traded between [...]

1/12/15Company Update (NASDAQ:GOOG): 30-Under-30er’s Google Glass For Doctors Startup Raises $16 ... (Jutia Group)

[at Forbes] - Google Glass startup Augmedix announced today that it has closed a $16 million Series A funding round, bringing its total funding up to $23 million. Augmedix -- whose cofounder, Pelu Tran, was featured on this year's 30 Under 30 list for healthcare -- is a service for doctors that automates the [...]

1/12/15Company Update (NASDAQ:AAPL): Google, Apple face trouble but remain must-own stocks (Jutia Group)

[at MarketWatch] - Google and Apple are the best App Revolution stocks, but each could be in trouble near-term. Read more on this. Apple Inc. (AAPL), currently valued at $640.73B, began trading this morning at $112.46.   Today, shares have traded between $108.80 and $112.63 per share and has traded [...]

1/8/15Stock Update (NASDAQ:GOOG): Google (GOOG) Stock Trading in Red Today Following Pessimistic Analys... (Jutia Group)

[at TheStreet] - Google (GOOG) stock is declining this morning after analysts at Stifel said the company's best days are over. Read more on this. Google Inc. (GOOG), currently valued at $339.14B, started trading this morning at $498.30.   Shares have traded today between $491.00 and $503.48 per share with [...]

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