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6/4/14Three Bull Flags You Want To Buy: (NYSE:VJET), (NASDAQ:SINA), (NASDAQ:SSYS) (The Market Financial)

There are some amazing bull flag setups out there as the markets hover near all time highs. Three stocks that get my immediate attention are Voxeljet (NYSE:VJET), SINA Corp (NASDAQ:SINA), and Stratasys, Ltd. (NASDAQ:SSYS). Not only do they have great bull flag formations, but the patterns are occurring near the lows of the chart which [...]

4/28/14Chinese Large Caps Fall Sharply: Buy SINA, SOHU and BIDU Here (The Market Financial)

SINA Corp (NASDAQ:SINA), Inc (NASDAQ:SOHU) and Baidu Inc (NASDAQ:BIDU) areall taking another pounding today. Chinese stocks are viewed as high risk and high risk is notsomething investors are looking for at this time. These stocks have fallen drastically off their 52 weekhighs. Below are the price levels for an entry on the long side. These levels are near term swingtrading levels.   1. SINA: This Chinese play w...

2/14/14Yahoo! Inc. (NASDAQ:YHOO) – Sina: Q4 Earnings Could Clear The Way For A Weibo IPO, Says Wedge (Jutia Group)

[at] - Do I hear an IPO for Weibo, the popular microblogging site that is owned by Sina Corp. (SINA) and Alibaba Group (Yahoo! (YHOO) owns 24% of Alibaba) paid $586 million for 18% stake of? At Alibaba's valuation last April, Weibo would be worth $3.3 billion. Sina's current market cap is $4.7 [...]

10/9/13(SINA) Don’t Get Left Behind As This Chinese Growth Stock Takes Off (Stock Blog Hub)

The future looks bright for SINA Corporation (Nasdaq: SINA), one of the few compelling growth opportunities in China right now. SINA operates a social media platform called “Weibo,” which operates much like Twitter, but with significantly more functionality. At last count, Weibo had more than 300 million registered users and the user base is expanding rapidly. Last year, [...]

7/9/13(SINA) SINA Posts Narrower-Than-Expected Loss (Stock Blog Hub)

SINA Corp (SINA) reported first quarter loss of 6 cents per share (including stock-based compensation), much better than the Zacks Consensus Estimate of a loss of 11 cents per share. First quarter results significantly improved from a loss of 27 cents in the year-ago quarter. Revenues Revenues jumped 19.5% year over year to $121.3 million in the [...]

8/22/12(SINA) SINA Corporation Earnings Preview (Stock Blog Hub)

SINA Corp. (SINA) is scheduled to announce its fiscal second quarter 2012 results after market closes on Wednesday, August 15, 2012. In the run up to the earnings release we do not notice any significant change in the analyst estimates. However, we note that SINA’s earnings lagged the Zacks Consensus Estimates in the trailing four quarters [...]

3/12/12Chinese Internet Stocks Signal Trouble (The Market Financial)

This afternoon, many of the leading Chinese internet stocks are coming under some distribution. Last night, China reported some economic data that was below analysts expectations. This tells us that the world's hottest economy could be cooling off. Any slowdown in China could be problematic for the global economy. Sina [...]

11/9/11Sina (SINA) Posts Massive Loss of Over $5 Share on Impairment Charge - but Excluding Items Beats ... (Fund my Mutual Fund)

An interesting report last night by Sina (SINA) - the company posted an enormous impairment charge of $350M ($5.10 per share!) but of course in Wall Street world we don't count one time charges as real, so instead the company reported EPS of 26 cents versus analysts 25 cents.  (I continue to be at a loss at why they invested in Mecox, which sells clothes online - boggling)  There continue to be concerns about censorship on their Weibo (Chinese Twitter) platform and the costs associated with...

11/8/11Keene: Trade Of The Day – Selling the SINA November 11th Weekly 85-87.5 Strangle & Buying ... ()

Breakdown: I sold SINA November 11th (weekly) 85-87.5 Strangle and Bought 80-92.5 Strangle for $3.65 total. Profitable – I make money on this trade if SINA closes between $81.35 and $91.15 by November 11, 2011. Break-even – I breakeven on this trade if SINA closes at $81.35 or $91.15 by November 11, 2011. Unprofitable – If SINA closes [...]

10/15/11Weekend Reading ()

This week's most read posts: Kudrna: Don’t Rush To Buy Just Yet Kudrna: Why Did The Markets Run Up Today? The “Profit” Plan Keene: AAPL Soaring $14.61 (4%) on 4S Topping 1 Million Pre-Orders Keene: Sina Surging $14.20 to $92.65, 18.9%, on Government Backing Keene: Keene: Trade Of The Day – Buying the Alcoa Oct. 21st 10-11 Strangle & Selling [...]

10/13/11Sina Surging $14.20 to $92.65, 18.9%, on Government Backing ()

Price change: Sina Corp (SINA), is soaring more than $14.20 to $92.65 (18.9%) on a Government Backing. Thesis: Sina has risen the most in 3 months up a whooping $14.60 to over $92 and the next test is the 50 Day Moving Average $93.3. Bottom line: With the Chief of the Information Office of China’s State Council [...]

10/13/11Sina (SINA) Trading in its Own Zone (Fund my Mutual Fund)

Not really sure what is happening in Sina (SINA) today - it's up 13% on a day where not much is happening in the market.  Maybe some speculators reaching for a beta trade on a slow day.  Can't seem to find an analyst upgrade or anything of that sort. This name was hit along with a bunch of the cChinese internets a few weeks ago on the reports of regulators looking into accounting... It's obviously right below a hoard of resistance... EDIT 1:08 PM - reader says an upgrade today by a...

9/29/11Baidu, Petrobank, PetroBakken, Sina, Tiffany: U.S. Equity Movers (Penny Stock DD)

Shares of the following companies had unusual moves in U.S. trading. Stock symbols are in parentheses and prices are as of 4 p.m. in New York. Financial stocks surged after Germany’s lower house of parliament approved the expansion of the European bailout fund. JPMorgan Chase & Co. (JPM US) jumped 3 percent to $31.39. Bank of [...]

8/24/11Sina (SINA) Receives Warning on Weibo from Chinese Government Official (Fund my Mutual Fund)

It appears Sina (SINA) is down this morning on an issue we've discussed a few times in the past, but the company has assured it has a handle on - the potential for their microblogging service (Weibo) to ruffle feathers in the highest reaches of government.  Youku (YOKU) was also visited but does not seem to be affected as much via stock price. Per AP: Sina received a veiled warning from a Communist Party leader over its popular microblogging service, Weibo.  Beijing has been cracking...

8/19/11Sina's (SINA) Profits Continue to Suffer, but Markets Focused on Exposive Weibo Growth (Fund my Mutual Fund)

There has not been much use looking at company fundamentals the past month, as the macro has dominated everything but eventually the focus will return back to individual stories.  Sina (SINA) reported earnings Wednesday night and much like the previous quarter, profits are suffering as the company continues to plow dollars into their Twitter like service, Weibo.  That service has now hit the 200M user mark, which is remarkable - but like the U.S. version, one wonders how many are active...

8/13/11A Fool Looks Back (Penny Stock DD)

Why does everybody have such an itchy trigger finger these days? Baidu(Nasdaq: BIDU +1.35%, news)killed its microblogging Baidu Shuoba site this week, just a year after it launched the initially successful clone of SINA Weibo. Hewlett-Packard(NYSE: HPQ +4.09%, news) rolls out the first tablet built on its proprietary webOS platform, and this week it slashes its price [...]

8/2/ (SINA): A Chinese Stock to Watch (The Iconoclast Investor)

My stock pick today is a recommendation for your watch list. I included (SINA) in the portfolio of the Cabot China & Emerging Markets Report on October 1, 2010. SINA was trading at 51 then, and I was attracted by the company's consistent revenue and earnings growth and by the beautiful 10-month base the stock [...]

7/13/11Sina Surges On Weibo Currency Plans (SINA, GOOG, RENN, SOHU, DANG, AMZN, CTRP, QIHU) (

Shares of SINA (SINA), operator of the Weibo microblogging service commonly known as China's answer to Twitter, are soaring 7% today on news the company plans to introduce a virtual currency to be used on the platform sometime in the current quarter, marking the company's first effort to truly monetize Weibo. Investors appear to like the [...]

6/29/11(SINA) SINA Teams with Find Japan (Stock Blog Hub)

SINA Corp. (SINA) recently entered into a partnership with Find Japan Inc., to market its microblog service “weibo”, as reported by the news agency Bloomberg. Under the terms of the agreement, Find Japan Inc. will provide account verification services for Japanese businesses, institutions and celebrities from July 1, 2011. According to Harvard Business Review (July-August 2010), Asian [...]

6/27/11Morning Call: Market Bounces Off 200-Day (Wall Street Sector Selector)


6/27/11WSJ: China's 'Twitter' Has Big Dreams (Fund my Mutual Fund)

It's about 6 months late, but the Wall Street Journal finally wrote an in depth piece on Weibo.  Of course a huge run in the stock was missed if you focus on the 'old news' outlets solely.  But with the big selloff [May 16, 2011: Sina Breaking Down so Tread Cautiously], I suppose one saunter in hoping for another run. This pieces focuses on the next leg of the transformation of Sina, and specifically Weibo (becoming more "Facebook-like"), and sizing up the competition, mostly focusing...

6/27/11Sina Gets an Upgrade, Not all Roses (SINA, BIDU, QIHU, RENN, FENG) (

Shares of SINA (SINA), whose Weibo microblogging service is commonly referred to as the Twitter of China, are up 5% today after Goldman Sachs raised its rating on the stock to neutral from sell. The firm still maintained its $87 price target for the stock, which is below where the stock is currently trading. The news [...]

6/23/11Analyst Talk Lifts Sina, Other Chinese Internet Names Not So Fortunate (SINA, DANG, AMZN, BIDU, C... (

Shares of SINA (SINA), whose Weibo microblogging service is commonly referred to as the Twitter of China, are up 3% today after T.H. Capital initiated coverage of the stock with a "buy" rating and a jaw-dropping $189 price target. That's more than double where the stock, which has tumbled 12% in the past month, currently [...]

6/22/11Wild Sina (SINA) (Fund my Mutual Fund)

After being a superstar stock from late 2010 til spring 2011 on the back of its Twitter like offering Weibo, Sina (SINA) was crushed in this correction - falling by roughly half from its mid April highs in the mid $140s.  Indeed, the previous 12 sessions going into yesterday it had fallen in 11 of them, losing some $50.  Clearly this name was in the hands of the momo crowd. But those type of selloffs lead to substantial oversold bounces, and moves like we saw yesterday keep bringing back...

6/13/11Philippe Laffont's Coatue Management Buys More Sina (SINA) (market folly)

In a 13G filed with the SEC due to trading on June 1st, Philippe Laffont's hedge fund Coatue Management has increased its position in Sina (SINA). They now own 5.16% of the company with 3,187,477 shares. Laffont's hedge fund focuses on technology, media, & telecom and you can view the rest of Coatue Management's portfolio in the new issue of our Hedge Fund Wisdom newsletter. This is almost a 10% increase in their position size since March 31st when they owned 2,907,894 shares. Coatue...

6/10/11Following Recent Dip, Sina’s A Buy, Piper Jaffray Says (SINA, RENN, DATE, LONG, YOKU, SOHU) (

Shares of SINA (SINA), the operator of the Weibo microblogging service commonly referred to as the Twitter of China, are higher by 1% after Piper Jaffray said the recent pullback that has forced the shares down 24% in the past month, is a buying opportunity. That may be true for Sina, but investors are still [...]

6/9/11Bear Flag Lessons and Current Levels to Watch in SINA (Wall Street Sector Selector)

I’m seeing a lot of comments about (SINA) stock, first with the run-up in share prices and now with the stellar retracement/sell-off phase underway. Let’s take a look at the current action and mix in a few important trading tips and lessons along the way. First, the “bigger picture” Daily Chart for perspective: Starting with mid-2010, price [...]

6/8/11SINA Thrown on the Pu Pu Platter Grill (Wall Street Sector Selector)

________________________ SINA is selling off on heavy volume again today, and has basically been lumped with with other Chinese burritos that have come under Muddy Waters type of scrutiny. Last night, The Fly gave a great review of Bill Bishop’s...

6/6/11Report: Sina Preparing To Take On Twitter With English Language Site (SINA, AAPL, BIDU, DANG, AMZ... (

Shares of SINA (SINA), the owner of the Weibo microblogging service commonly referred to as the Twitter of China, are up 2% today on news the company is preparing to take on its American rival with an English language site of its own. TechWeb reports Sina is preparing to go head-to-head with Twitter in the [...]

5/24/11John Thaler's JAT Capital Bets on Social Media with Sina (SINA) Position (market folly)

John Thaler's hedge fund JAT Capital has been buying shares of Sina Corp (SINA) hand over fist. Per a 13G filed with the SEC, the hedge fund has disclosed a 5.6% ownership stake in SINA with 3,384,385 shares. JAT has doubled its position and then some in the past few weeks as they only owned 1,455,995 shares at the end of March. And before that at the end of December, they only held 513,920 shares. Over the past six months, JAT Capital has ramped up its position by almost 560%. Social...

5/24/11John Thaler’s JAT Capital Is Betting Big On This Chinese Stock (Wall Street Sector Selector)

John Thaler’s JAT Capital disclosed a 5.6% stake in Chinese internet company Sina Corp (SINA). JAT had 1.46 Million shares of SINA at the end of March. At the time, their stake was valued at $156 Million and it was JAT’s second largest pos...

5/16/11Cramer Turns On Sina, Still Likes Baidu (BIDU, SINA, NQ, RENN, LONG, SOHU, SNDA, YOKU, DANG, AMZN) (

"Mad Money" host Jim Cramer returned to his long-held view that Baidu (BIDU), China's largest provider of Internet search services, is the only investable name among Chinese stocks, calling SINA (SINA) a "dice roll." Shares of Sina, whose Weibo microblogging service has been called the Twitter of China, are up 3% today while Baidu is [...]

5/16/11Sina's (SINA) Breaking Down so Tread Cautiously (Fund my Mutual Fund)

While still finding Sina (SINA) very attractive in the long run, I would advise those speculating in the shares to be careful at this moment.  Much like silver, Sina turned to a momo play (based on valid fundamentals) and that attracts a whole new breed of "investor".  Once the momentum breaks, they leave en masse and with such sharp run ups (silver or Sina) you don't have much underlying support.  While I was a little early in the first week of April, taking some profits along the way...

5/15/11Despite Restrictions, Microblogs Catch on in China (Penny Stock DD)

Wang Yin, a 24-year-old graduate student at the elite Tsinghua University in Beijing, constantly uses Sina Weibo, China’s Twitter-like social networking site.On Weibo, I’m mostly interested in current events, what my friends are saying, and some information related to health and psychology,” Mr. Wang said. “Every day I log in over five times, [...]

5/13/11Sina (SINA) Misses EPS Targets Slightly as it Invests in Weibo, Guides Down Slightly for Q2 Revenue (Fund my Mutual Fund)

Sina (SINA) reported a miss in earnings in after hours by 2 cents, but the stock is largely unaffected.  At this point, despite not so hot revenue growth (+17% year over year), the company is being valued for its "Twitter of China" (Weibo) and hence investors are overlooking the near term, for the potential unlocking of value in an IPO in the coming years. Technically the stock has come in to the 50 day moving average, after a wild run in which it essentially doubled in value in 6...

5/12/11Analysts Still Love Sina (SINA, RENN, BIDU, DANG, SOHU) (

Shares of SINA (SINA), owner of the Weibo microblogging service commonly referred to as the Twitter of China, have pulled back from early gains today after the company said it plans to increase spending in an effort to gain more than 200 million users. After the close of U.S. markets on Wednesday, Sina said its [...]

5/11/11SLV And SINA Show Benefits Of Using Retracement Levels (Wall Street Sector Selector)


5/4/11The SINAs are Much More Fun (Wall Street Sector Selector)

_________________ Just a few short days ago, SINA was on my watchlist for a continued breakout higher after a prior steep run. Well, guess what happened? The breakout price never triggered, I took a pass on the trade, and the work I did in charting it...

4/21/11Trading results 4-21-1 (Robert Weinstein Trading Blog)

A very busy and very good day today.  after the downgrade by Goldman Sachs with SINA the stock fell out of bed.   I covered some of the short and I am holding about half through the weekend as I switched from covered short stock to using naked calls as a synthetic short.with the premium as high [...]

4/21/11Sina Slammed By Goldman Downgrade (SINA, CTRP, SOHU, YOKU, BIDU) (

Shares of SINA (SINA), the purveyor of the Weibo microblogging service known as China's equivalent of Twitter, are plunging 6% today after Goldman Sachs downgraded the stock to "sell" from "neutral," citing valuation concerns, among other issues. Goldman did raise its price target on Sina to $105 from $78, but that is still well below [...]

4/21/11Goldman Sachs Downgrades Sina (SINA) to Sell (Fund my Mutual Fund)

In Wall Street talk where 90% of the analyst game is promoting good relationships (and ratings) so their investment banking arm can win future business, an outright "sell" rating is rare as a dodo bird.  I wrote about this quite a few years ago.  [Dec 5, 2007: The Games Analysts Play... Why No One Ever Says Sell]  Usually "neutral" is the way an analyst can say sell but in a non offending way.  Hence last evening's downgrade of Sina (SINA) by Goldman Sachs to sell is quite interesting. ...

4/20/11The US Tech Bubble is Happening Again Right Now in China- It Will Be Ugly When Its Over (Wall Street Sector Selector)

Regular market followers know that Chinese Internet ADRs have been on fire lately. Below we highlight our trading range charts for four of the biggest ones to show just how hot they have been. SINA has been the most ridiculous one of the bunch, go...

4/19/11Trading results 4-19-11 (Robert Weinstein Trading Blog)

A pretty light day today.  Traded SINA to the short side.  I sold some out of the money calls and I also sold some out of the money puts as a hedge due to the high premium that was being offered.  The net effect of selling covered shorts is the same as selling naked calls. SINA [...]

4/19/11SINA Way Overbought Compared to BIDU or GOOG (Robert Weinstein Trading Blog)

Sometimes the prices that some investors are willing to pay for a stock get me to scratch my head and wonder what they are thinking.  It really shouldn’t since investors appear to make the same mistakes over and over. Buying at the high and selling at the low seems to be the order of the day [...]

4/19/11RenRen (RENN) Set to IPO May 4th, Valuation Causes Another Surge in Sina (SINA) (Fund my Mutual Fund)

Yesterday was another blockbuster day for Sina (SINA) as it elevated into the stratosphere despite a bad day in the market. Apparently the filing for "Chinese Facebook" RenRen (RENN) and the proposed valuation of its 30M+ 'active users' lend to the original these we laid out many months out that the "Twitter" portion of Sina (Weibo) is being undervalued.  That said, with some nonsensical valuations in things like "Chinese YouTube" (YOKU) we are seeing the same game that was being...

4/14/11[Video] Cramer Jumps on the Sina (SINA) Bandwagon and Advises to Play the Social Media Bubble (Fund my Mutual Fund)

I believe what is currently happening in the social media space is akin to the internet bubble in 1999.  Bubbles are always based on an underlying truth (i.e. "the internet will change the world") - and a subset of companies will have their valuation taken to the moon, until one day reality sets in.  That reality could be in 9 months or 3 years - who knows.   All we do know now is the valuation of the Twitter's, Groupon's and Facebook's of the world seemingly increase by 20% a month in...

4/13/11Chinese Internet Names Soar, Spurred By Analysts’ Comments (SINA, BIDU, YOKU, CYOU, DANG, ... (

SINA (SINA), owner of the Weibo microblogging service that is often referred to as China's equivalent of Twitter, is soaring 5% today after Jefferies initiated coverage of the high-flying stock with a "buy" rating and a $150 price target, implying substantial upside from where the shares currently trade. The stock has gained 121% in the [...]

4/11/11Reported Deal Between Facebook and Baidu (BIDU) to Create Social Networking Site, Pressures Sina.... (Fund my Mutual Fund) (SINA) is showing the first weakness in a while, on reports Facebook is entering China via a partnership with Baidu (BIDU).   That said, after the initial (over)reaction which shaved about 7 points off the name, the stock has bounced back well in the afternoon. The hit to Sina seems wrong for a few reasons - first there are already a handful of very significant social networking sites in China, 2 of which are expected to go public in the US this year - and whose IPOs I expect...

4/4/11Consider Taking Some Profits in Sina (SINA) (Fund my Mutual Fund)

If you are an active trader, and came into Sina (SINA) sometime during my 'pounding the table' phase on the name, I'd consider taking some off the table to lock in profits (and try to buy back later) as the name is beginning to go parabolic.  I tend to get antsy when stocks start to break away from their 10 day moving average like this, but I am relatively conservative in my trading style. I am not implying the run is over, as we are officially in "lemming mode" now as people pile in with no...

4/1/11Stock Market Analysis Video: A Good Week (The Iconoclast Investor)

In this week’s Stock Market Analysis Video, Cabot China & Emerging Markets Report editor Paul Goodwin discusses the good week in the stock market and the positive action in Cabot’s market timing indicators. Paul also discusses loss limits and the ruling reason—a one-sentence explanation of why you want to buy a certain stock. Stocks discussed: [...]

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