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Abb 2006 Net Income Rises Abb Announces Mid-term Targets 2009
Abb Appoints Diane Saint Victor Executive Committee General Abb Appoints Joseph Hogan New Ceo
Abb Asea Brown Boveri Ltd Abb Capital
Abb Captial Abb Completes Delisting Shares Frankfurt Stock Exchange
Abb Completes Delisting Shares London Stock Exchange Abb Completes Sale Lummus Global
Abb Consolidates Global Transformer Business Abb Employees
Abb Executive Committee 2006 Abb Export Bank
Abb Group Results 2006 Abb Holdings
Abb Holdings Inc Abb International Finance Limited
Abb International Finance Limited Capital Abb Ltd
Abb Ltd 2000000000 Multicurrency Revolving Credit Agreement Dated Abb Ltd Index Consolidated Financial Statements Schedules
Abb Ltd Indirect Beneficial Owner 100 Capital Stock Abb Ltd-usd 1000000000 Multi-currency Revolving Credit Agreement
Abb Lummus Global 2007 Key Figures Abb Net Income 199
Abb Orders Profit Rise Sharply Abb Posts 735 Net Profit 2005
Abb Pre-announces Record 2007 Results Doubling Dividend Share Abb Promissory
Abb Publishes 2004 Annual Report Abb Reaches Agreement Term Sheet Amended Plan Settle
Abb Renews Usd Credit Facility Abb Reports Further Cooperation Suspect Payments
Abb Reports Irregularities Software Unit Abb Results Impacted Pre-tax Provisions 850
Abb Results Positively Impacted Change Provisions 380 Abb Review European Commissions Decision Power Transformer Investigation
Abb Shareholders Approve Board Proposals Abb Shareholders Approve Dividend Payment
Abb Shareholders Re-elect Board Directors Abb Signs New 2-billion Credit Facility
Abb Statement Abb Subsidiaries
Abbs Core Businesses Continue Serve Oil Gas Refining Ability Bid Large Contracts Depends Obtain Performance Guarantees
Abn Amro Bank Above Summaries Not Intended Constitute Complete Analysis Tax
Absence Arrangements Management Absence Quotations
Acceleration Accounting Asset Retirement Obligation
Accounting Asset Retirement Obligations Accounting Changes Error Corrections Replacement Apb Opinion Fasb
Accounting Conditional Asset Retirement Obligations-an Interpretation Fasb Statement Accounting Costs Associated Exit Disposal Activities
Accounting Costs Computer Software Developed Obtained Internal Accounting Costs Computer Software Sold Leased Otherwise Marketed
Accounting Derivative Instruments Hedging Activities Accounting Disclosure Requirements Related Medicare Prescription Drug Improvement
Accounting Early Retirement Post Employment Programs Specific Features Accounting Early Retirement Postemployment Programs Specific Features Such
Accounting Impairment Disposal Long-lived Assets Accounting Other Records
Accounting Pronouncements Accounting Stock Issued Employees
Accounting Transfers Servicing Financial Assets Extinguishments Liabilities Accounts
Accounts Receivable Allowance Doubtful Accrued Liabilities Other
Acquired Group Acquisition Broaden Complement Abbs Power Products Offering
Acquisitions Acquisitions 2008
Acquisitions Investments Acting Concert
Additional Borrower Additional Borrowers
Additional Contribution Additional Fees Remuneration
Additional Guarantor Additional Guarantors
Additional Obligor Conditions Precedent Additional Security
Address Notices Address Principal Executive Offices
Addresses Addresses Fax Numbers Service Notice Follows
Advance Advance Subscription Rights
Advies Affiliate
Affiliates Associates Affolternstrasse Ch-8050 Zurich Switzerland
Agency Agreement Agency Fee
Agent Agent Shall
Agents Aggregate Principal Amount Title Instruments
Aggregate Principal Amount Title Instruments Issued Aggregate Principal Amount Tranche
Agreed Agreed Jurisdiction
Agreed Order Agreement
Agreement Each Relevant Governed Shall Construed Accordance English Agreement Non-contractual Obligations Arising Out Connection Governed English
Agreement Reference Agreement Replaces 1-billion Facility Due Expire Next Provides
Aktienbuch Aktiengesellschaft
Aligning Behavior Rules Almost Unanimous Decision Convert 968-million 2007 Bonds
Also Confirms Gearing Target Defined Total Debt Divided Alstom Settlement
Alternative Basis Interest Funding Alternative Registrar
Altersteilzeit Amended Restated Agency Agreement
Amended Restated Dealership Agreement Amended Restated Dealership Agreement 2006 Replaces Dated 2005
Amendment 19i Articles Incorporation Amendment Articles Incorporation
Amendment Articles Incorporation Creation Authorized Share Capital Amendment Articles Incorporation Related Capital Reduction
Amendment Costs Amendment Fee
Amendment Fee Execution Process Amendment Fee Letter
Amendment Para Articles Incorporation Amendment Restatement Agreement
Amendments Waivers Amortization Expense
Amount Title Instruments Amount Whereupon References Agreement Shall Increased Authorised
Analysts Investors Anders Jonsson
Annex Annual Meeting Also Approves Doubling Dividend Creating Authorized
Annual Report Antitrust
Anyone Anywhere World Appendix
Appendix Reclassifications Appendix Target Definitions
Applicable Law Permits Appointment Agents
Appointment Paying Agents Registrars Appropriate Forum
Appropriation Available Earnings Appropriation Available Earnings Release Legal Reserves
Appropriations Approval Annual Report Consolidated Financial Statements 2005
Approval Annual Report Consolidated Financial Statements 2006 Approval Annual Report Consolidated Financial Statements 2008
Approximately 1300 Jobs Affected Arrangement Fee
Articles Incorporation Abb Ltd Zurich Asbestos
Asbestos Obligations Asbestos Plan Finalized Abb Subsidiary
Asbestos Settlement Asbestos Trust
Asbestos Trust Distributions Asset Retirement Obligations
Assets Assign Rights
Assignment Assignment Transfer Fee
Assignments Transfer Obligors Assumptions
Audit Committee Financial Expert Audit Fees
Audit-related Fees Auditors
Auditors Audit Committee Board Directors Persons Performing Equivalent Aufgehobener Titeldruck
Authenticated Authenticated Behalf Banque GÉnÉrale Luxembourg
Authenticated Behalf Fortis Banque Luxembourg Authorisation
Authorisations Authorised Amount Whereupon References Agreement Shall Increased
Authorized Share Capital Automation Industry
Automation Industry Background Automation Market
Automation Products Automation Products Division
Automation Technologies Automation Technologies Full 2004 Summary
Availability Period Available Commitment
Available Dollar Swingline Commitment Available Dollar Swingline Facility
Available Euro Swingline Commitment Available Euro Swingline Facility
Available Sek Swingline Commitment Available Sek Swingline Facility
Available-for-sale Securities Cash Equivalents Available-for-sale Securities Marketable Short-term Investments
Background Backup Withholding Information Reporting
Balance Sheet Balance Sheet Cash Flow
Balance Sheet Data Balance Sheet Impacts
Banca Intesa Spa Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria
Bank America Banking
Bankruptcy Court Confirms Plan Reorganization Combustion Engineering Banque Generale Luxembourg
Banque Meespierson Bgl Barclays Bank Plc
Barclays Capital Base Currency Amount
Basis Presentation Bayerische Hypo-und Vereinsbank
Bearer Instruments Been Given Date Relevant Agreement Agreed Issue Instruments
Benefit Benefit Deed Covenant
Bernd Voss Bernhard Jucker
Between Binding Obligations
Bis Block Voting Instruction
Bnp Paribas Board Committees
Board Compensation Board Directors
Board Directors Stockholders Abb Ltd Board Ownership Abb Shares Options
Board Practices Board Shareholdings
Boe Act Bona Fide
Bond Conversion Bond Conversions
Bond Conversions Exchange Repurchase Issuance Bond Exchange
Bond Issuances Bond Repurchase
Bond Repurchases Bonds Notes
Bonus Determination Borrower Accession Letter
Borrower Illegality Borrowers
Borrowing Power Borrowings
Box 1831 Affolternstrasse Ch-8050 Zurich Switzerland Break Costs
Brokers Intermediaries Building Automation
Building Systems Building Systems Business Germany
Bundesamt Für Justiz Bundeskartellamt
Business Business Affected Global Economic Political Climate
Business Affected Global Economic Political Conditions Business Areas
Business Combinations Business Combinations Divestments
Business Exposed Risks Associated Ongoing Financial Crisis Weakening Business Group
Business Plan Cable Business
Cables Business Calculation Foreign Currency Cash Proceeds Allocation
Calculation Interest Canceled
Cancellation Destruction Records Cancellation Records
Cancellation Remaining Equity Securities Cannot Successfully Implement Planned Integration Different Erp Systems
Capital Expenditures Capital Reduction Through Nominal Value Repayment
Capital Stock Additional Paid-in Capital Structure
Capitalized Software Costs Cash Equivalents
Cash Equivalents Marketable Securities Short-term Investments Cash Equivalents Receivables Accounts Payable Short-term Debt Current
Cash Flow Cash Flow Data
Cash Flow Hedges Cash Flow Operating Activities
Cash Flows Cash Flows Provided Operating Activities
Cash Flows Provided Used Financing Activities Cash Flows Provided Used Investing Activities
Cash Flows Provided Used Operating Activities Cash Flows Used Financing Activities
Cash Flows Used Investing Activities Cash Operations Above Net Income 675
Cash Payments Certain Covenants
Certificates Determinations Certification
Certification Period Certifications
Change Business Change Control Provisions
Change Currency Change Issuers
Changes Dealers Changes Obligors
Channeling Injunction Chapter
Checks Lenders Prospective New Pursuant Transactions Contemplated Finance Chicago Bridge Iron
Citibank Claims Pari Passu
Clause Obliged Issue Instruments Excess Aggregate Amount Agreed Clauses
Clawback Clearstream Luxembourg
Closing Date Code Ethics
Code Monétaire Financier Commercial Commitments
Commercial Paper Commerzbank Aktiengesellschaft Großkundencenter Region Mitte
Commissions Fees Expenses Commitment
Commitment Fee Commitment Fee Clause
Commitments Contingencies Commodity Risk
Common Code Communications Writing
Compensation Former Members Board Group Executive Committee Compensation Former Members Executive Committee
Compensation Former Members Group Executive Committee Competition
Complete Agreement Compliance
Compliance Laws Complies Material Respects Provisions Being Undertaken Valid Business
Components Net Periodic Benefit Cost Concentrations Credit Risk
Conclusion Relevant Agreement Subject Provided Clause Condition
Conditions Conditions Assignment Transfer
Conditions Precedent Conduct Business Finance Parties
Conduct Claims Tax Confidentiality
Confidentiality Agreement Confirmation
Confirmation Amended Plan Required Bankruptcy Court Confirmation Modified Plan
Confirmations Restrictions Conflicts Interest
Connected Person Consent Independent Accountants
Consent Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Consequential Losses
Consolidated Consolidated Profits Before Interest Tax
Consolidated Statements Other Financial Information Consolidation
Consolidation Variable Interest Entities-an Interpretation Arb Constitutive Documents
Consultative Vote 2008 Remuneration Report Contingencies
Contingencies Asset Retirement Obligations Contingencies Environmental
Contingencies Regulatory Compliance Legal Contingencies Related Former Nuclear Technology Business
Contingencies Related Other Present Former Facilities Primarily Contingencies Related Other Present Former Facilities Primarily North
Contingencies Related Other Present Former Facilities United States Contingencies-environmental
Contingencies-general Contingencies-regulatory Compliance
Contingencies-regulatory Compliance Legal Contingent Liabilities
Contingent Share Capital Continuing
Continuing Guarantee Contracts Rights Parties Act 1999
Contractual Obligations Contribution Agreement
Contribution Agreement Rights Obligations Parties Hereunder Shall Governed Contribution Agreement Shall Binding Each Contributor Successors Permitted
Contributions Contributors Assign Transfer Rights Obligations Contribution Agreement Without
Contributors Obligation Make Portion Early Contribution Payment Pay Control Valves
Control Valves Business Controls Procedures
Convertible Bondholders Accept Abb Offer Core Undertaking
Corporate Corporate Documents
Corporate Governance Corporate Other
Corresponding Savings Over-provisions Cost Reductions
Cost Sales Costs Expenses
Count Convention Counterparts
Coupon Couponholder
Covenant Covenant Compliance Certificate
Creation Creation Additional Contingent Share Capital
Creation Asbestos Shares Creation Settlement Shares
Credit Appraisal Lenders Credit Facilities
Credit Rating Credit Rating Increase
Credit Ratings Credit Suisse
Credit Suisse Cayman Islands Branch Cross Default
Cumulative Currency
Currency Account Currency Fluctuations Foreign Exchange Risk
Currency Indemnity Currency Transaction Risk
Currency Translation Risk Current Assets
Current Liabilities Customers
Dated 149 Credit Agreement Dated Credit Agreement
Dealer Dealer Accession Letter
Dealer Shall Promptly Notify Issuer Case Abb Ltd Dealers
Dealership Agreement Dealership Agreement 2008 Between
Debt Debt Equity Securities Transactions
Debt Equity Security Transactions Debt Interest Rates
Debt Securities Transactions Debts Reason Actual Anticipated Financial Difficulties Commences Negotiations
Deed Covenant Deed Poll
Deeds Covenant Default
Default Interest Default Rate
Deferral Guarantors Rights Definitions
Definitions Following Capitalized Terms Used Herein Shall Meanings Definitive Instruments
Delisting Frankfurt London Exchanges Due Lack Trading Activity Delisting Shares Frankfurt Completed
Delisting Shares London Frankfurt Delivery
Delivery Utilisation Request Denomination
Denomination Words Numerals Deposit Deed Covenant
Deposit-taking Depotvertreter
Derivative Financial Instruments Derivative Financial Instruments Hedging Activities
Derivative Instruments Derivatives
Description Property Description Share Capital Articles Incorporation
Designated Website Designation Website Abb Facility Agent Shall Notify Each
Details Board Compensation Details Group Executive Committee Compensation
Determination Date Determined
Deutsche Bank Luxembourg Diane Saint Victor
Dinesh Paliwal Dinesh Paliwal Leave Abb
Direct Rights Accountholders Enjoy Directie
Directors Officers Discharge Board Directors Persons Entrusted Management
Discharged Rights Obligations Disclosure Fair Values Financial Instruments
Disclosure Financial Instruments Carried Cost Basis Disclosure Information
Disclosure Major Shareholders Disclosure Shareholdings
Disclosures Contractual Obligations Commitments Disclosures Segments Enterprise Related Information
Disclosures Suspect Payments Sec United States Department Justice Disclosures Suspect Payments United States Securities Exchange Sec
Disclosures United States Securities Exchange Sec Department Justice Disposal
Disposals Dispute
Distributions Distributions Facility Agent
Distributions Obligors District Court Sets Confirmation Combustion Engineering Plan Reorganization
Divestitures Divestitures 2002
Divestitures 2003 Divestitures 2004
Divestitures 2005 Divestitures 2006
Divestitures 2007 Divestitures 2008
Divestitures Businesses Joint Ventures Affiliated Companies Divestment Air Handling Business
Divestment Building Systems Businesses Divestment Part Strategy Focus Power Automation Businesses
Divestments Dividend
Dividend Authorized Capital Dividend Recommendation
Dividend Share Buy-back Dividend Share Buyback Program
Dividends Dividend Policy Division Information
Division Targets Dnb Nor Bank Asa
Documents Display Documents Forms
Documents Other Agreement Arrangement Document Entered Executed Anticipation Dollar Swingline Advance
Dollar Swingline Commitment Dollar Swingline Facility
Dollar Swingline Lender Dollar Swingline Lenders
Dollar Swingline Rate Double Recovery
Downstream Oil Gas Business Dresdner Bank Niederlassung Luxemburg
Dresdner Kleinwort Investment Banking Division Bank Acting Through Duly Authorised
Duration Liquidation Merger Dutch Borrower
Dutch Borrower Regulatory Compliance Dutch Obligor Regulatory Compliance
Dutch Terms Duties Agents
Duties Directors Officers Each Agent Rely
Each Dealer Agrees Acbv Each Definitive Instrument Shall
Each Issuer Abb Ltd Undertakes Agrees Dealers Them Each Paying Agents Registrars Connection Services Hereunder
Each Permanent Global Instrument Shall Each Registered Instrument Shall
Each Temporary Global Instrument Shall Early Contribution Payments
Early Redemption Earnings Before Interest Taxes
Earnings Loss Per Share Earnings Overstatement Italian Subsidiary
Earnings Per Share Ebit
Ebit 1-tax Rate Capital Employed Ebit Margin
Ebitda Ebitda Total Gross Interest
Effect Financial Position Effectiveness
Eigen Vermogen Election Auditors
Election Auditors Group Special Elections Board Directors
Elimination Lummus Basic Employee Benefits
Employee Benefits Funding Employee Incentive Plans
Employee Participation Programs Employee Share Acquisition Plan
Employee Share Acquisition Plan Esap Employees
Employers Accounting Pensions Employment
Employment Contracts Encounter Difficulty Managing Business Due Global Nature Operations
Enforcement Enforcement Costs
Enforcement Creditors Rights Generally General Equitable Principles Whether Engaging Following Activities Clause 11102 Restricted 11101
English Courts English Language
Enhancing Compliance Environmental Activities
Environmental Compliance Environmental Law
Environmental Liabilities Equity Accounted Companies
Equity Risk Equity Securities Transactions
Equity Ventures Erisa
Esap Estimated Future Benefit Payments
Estimates Euribor
Euro Euro Swingline Advance
Euro Swingline Commitment Euro Swingline Facility
Euro Swingline Lender Euro Swingline Lenders
Euro Swingline Rate European Economic Area
European Interbank Market Event Default
Event Default Purposes Shall Deemed Occurred Events Default
Events Since Balance Sheet Date Exceptions
Exchange Bearer Instruments Registered Exchange Controls
Exchange Date Exchange Notice
Exchange Rates Exchange Rates Dollars
Exchanges Bearer Instruments Registered Exclusion Liability
Exclusions Exclusions Fraud
Execution Executive Committee
Exemption Regulation Exercise Powers
Exhbit Exhibits
Existing Credit Facility Existing Lender
Expected Impact Abbs Consolidated Financial Statements Following Effective Expenses
Explanatory Extension Such Parent Guarantee Period Purchasers Reasonably Require
Extraordinary Resolution Facilities Agreement
Facility Facility Agents Spot Rate Exchange
Facility Office Factory Automation
Facts Business Fail Make Payments Required Modified Plan Reorganization Combustion
Fair Value Financial Instruments Fair Value Hedges
Favour Federal Funds Effective Rate
Federal Republic Germany Fee Letter
Fees Fees Rules
Fidelitys Holdings Abb Decreased Below Percent Fidelitys Holdings Abb Fall Below Percent
Fidelitys Holdings Abb Increase Beyond Percent Fiduciary Duties
Finance Audit Compliance Committee Finance Document
Finance Net Financial
Financial Condition Financial Guarantees
Financial Information Financial Institutions
Financial Other Information Financial Promotion
Financial Statements Financing
Financing Receivables Financing Receivables Loans Non-current Portion
Financing Receivables Net Following Vie Consolidated Primary Beneficiary Defined Fin
Following Vies Consolidated Primary Beneficiary Defined Fin 46r Following Vies Not Consolidated Primary Beneficiary Defined Fin
Follows Page Form 20-f
Form Accession Letter Form Covenant Compliance Certificate
Form Deed Assumption Form Definitive Instrument
Form Definitive Instrument Isma Format Form Permanent Global Instrument
Form Proxy Form Record Relevant Agreement
Form Registered Instrument Form Resignation Letter
Form Talon Form Temporary Global Instrument Bearer
Form Transfer Certificate Forms Coupons
Fortis Banque Luxembourg Fortis Banque Suisse
Forward-looking Statements Foundry
Foundry Business Fourthly
France Fraudulent Transfer Laws
Fred Kindle Free Cash Flow Share Net Income
Free Cash Flow Share Net Income Also Referred Fsa Ecb Costs
Full 2004 Funds Withheld
Further Action Further Conditions Precedent
Further Information Further Issuer
Future Reporting Dates Gaap
Gary Steel Gas Insulated Switchgear Business
Gearing General
General Amendments Articles Incorporation General Compliance
General Principles General Undertakings
Geographic Information Geographic Markets
Goodwill Other Intangible Assets Goodwill Other Intangible Assets Impairment
Governance Nomination Compensation Committee Governing Law
Governing Law Jurisdiction Greater Focus Business Execution Value Creation
Group Ebit Group Ebit Margin
Group Executive Committee Group Executive Committee Ownership Abb Shares Options
Group Executive Committee Total Compensation Group Executive Committee Warrant Appreciation Rights Holdings
Group Media Relations Group Outlook
Guarantee Indemnity Guarantees
Guarantees Related Financial Obligations Guarantees Related Indemnification
Guarantees Related Party Performance Guarantees Related Third-party Performance
Guarantees Relating Financial Obligations Guarantees Relating Indemnification
Guarantees- Guarantees-financial
Guarantees-general Guarantees-indemnification
Guarantees-performance Guarantees-third-party Performance
Guarantor Guarantor Accession Letter
Guarantors Guarantors Accounting Disclosure Requirements Guarantees Including Indirect Indebtedness
Hans Ulrich Märki Head Global Markets Leaves Personal Reasons
Head Indian Unit Join Management Board Global Markets Headings
Hedging Activities Not Protect Against Consequences Significant Fluctuations High Denomination Instruments
High-voltage Products History
History Abb Group Holding
Hsbc Bank Plc Hvb Banque Luxembourg SociÉtÉ Anonyme Acting Through New
Ibm Outsourcing Agreement Illegal Behavior Employees Agents Material Adverse Impact Consolidated
Illegal Behavior Employees Agents Material Impact Consolidated Operating Immediate Recourse
Impact Abbs Consolidated Financial Statements Following Modified Plan Impact Financial Reporting
Important Notice Forward-looking Information Improving Operational Performance
Incentive Plans Linked Abb Shares Income Continuing Operations
Income Continuing Operations Before Cumulative Effect Accounting Change Income Loss Continuing Operations
Income Loss Continuing Operations Before Cumulative Effect Accounting Income Statement Impacts
Incorporated Limited Liability Netherlands Having Corporate Seat Amsterdam Incorporated Limited Liability Netherlands Having Statutory Domicile Amsterdam
Increase Authorised Amount Increased Cost Claims
Increased Costs Increased Dividend
Increased Earnings 2007 2011 Increases Costs Raw Materials Adversely Affect Financial Performance
Incur Same Compensation Consequences Specified Premature Termination Above Indebtedness
Indemnification Guarantees Indemnity
Indemnity Facility Agent Index Consolidated Financial Statements Schedules
Industry Background Industry Consolidation Result Powerful Competitors Fewer Customers
Information Information Memorandum
Information Miscellaneous Information Please Contact
Information Technology Information Undertakings
Ing Luxembourg Insolvency
Insolvency Proceedings Instrument Bearer
Instruments Instruments Issued Acbv
Instruments Issued Bearer Form Registered Specified Relevant Pricing Instruments Regardless Investigation Such Dealer Other Indemnified Person
Instruments Relevant Series Insurance
Insurance Recoveries Insured Claims
Intellectual Property Intentionally Deleted 2210 Restrictions Making Loans Guarantees
Inter Alia Interest Other Finance Expense
Interest Period Interest Periods
Interest Rate Risk Interest Rates
International Operations Expose Risk Fluctuations Currency Exchange Rates Interpretation
Introduction Inventories
Inventories Net Inventory Costs-an Amendment Arb Chapter
Investment Grade Rating Investment Intent Risk
Investments Equity Method Accounted Companies Investments Leases
Investor Calendar 2006 Investor Calendar 2008
Investor Calendar 2009 Isma Format
Issuance Instruments Issue Date
Issue Price Issued
Issued Acbv Aifltd Issued Aifltd
Issued Shares Issuer
Issuer Abb Ltd Issuer Shall Provide Registrar
Issuer Shall Soon Practicable Event Not Later 300 Issuers
Issuers Abb Ltd Jacob Wallenberg
Japan Japanese Person
Joins Harman International Industries Become Chief Executive Officer Joint Venture
Joint Ventures Journalists
Jpmorgan Chase Bank Judicial Review Process
July-september 2007 Jürgen Dormann
Kbc Bank Dublin Branch Kbc Bank New York Branch
Keep-well Agreement Key Figures
Key Management Personnel Know Customer Checks
Lag 1992543 Börs-och Clearingverksamhet Lag 19981479 Kontoföring Finansiella Instrument
Lag 20001087 Anmälningsskyldighet För Vissa Innehav Finansiella Instrument Lag 2005377 Straff För Marknadsmissbruk Vid Handel Med
Law Jurisdiction Lease Obligations
Leases Legal Opinions
Legal Proceedings Legislation
Lender Lenders
Lenders Indemnity Agents Liability Recognition Certain Employee Termination Benefits Other Costs
Liability Representations Warranties Contributors Libor
Limitation Liability Limitation Responsibility Existing Lenders
Limitations Transfers Funds List
List Relevant Dealer Dealers Agreed Order Listing Agent
Litigation Loans Guarantees Granted Board Directors Executive Committee
Loans Guarantees Granted Members Board Group Executive Committee Local Banking
Local Currencies Local Time
London Business Long-term Borrowings
Long-term Debt Non-current Portion Long-term Incentive Plan Ltip
Loss Loss Adjustment Expenses
Louis Hughes Lowering Corporate Costs
Ltip Lummus
Lummus Effective Date Lummus Plan
Luxembourg Banking Luxembourg Stock Exchange
Major Shareholders Major Shareholders Related Party Transactions
Majority Lenders Majority Lenders Instructions
Management Management Accounts
Management Appointments Management Appointments Organizational Changes
Management Changes Management Contracts
Management Incentive Plan Management Incentive Plan Mip
Management Overview Manager China Business Take New Role Head Marketing
Mandatory Cost Mandatory Offering Rules
Mandatory Prepayment Change Control Manually Behalf Issuer Stated Above Shall Binding Same
Manufacturing Automation Margin
Market Disruption Market Disruption Event
Market Outlook 2007 Market Overview
Market Risk Disclosure Marketable Securities Short-term Investments
Markets Material Adverse Effect
Material Contracts Material Subsidiaries
Material Subsidiary Matters Accounted Financial Statements
Matters Disclosed Maturity Date
Maximum Liability Mdcv Cable Business
Media Relations Media Relations Abb Corporate Communications Zurich
Medium Term Program Medium Term Program Mtn
Medium-voltage Products Meetings Attendance
Meetings Holders Instruments Member Organisations
Members Board Term-may 2007 2008 Members Group Executive Committee
Merchant Banking Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken Publ Merger
Metering Michael Treschow
Michel Demaré Michel Rosen
Mid Term Business Outlook Minimum Denomination
Minimum Interest Mip
Miscellaneous Other Limitations Misleading Information
Misrepresentation Mitigation
Modification Modification Amendment
Modified Plan Modified Plan Reorganization Asbestos Obligations
Morgan Stanley International Limited Morgan Stanley International Plc
Mutatis Mutandis Name Accountholder Respect Issued
Name Issuer Name Person Whose Behalf Form Transfer Signed Correspond
Namenaktien Names Current Issuers
Nederlandsche Bank Negative Pledge
Negotiations Representatives Asbestos Claimants Pre-packaged Chapter Filing Net Cash
Net Cash Provided Operating Activities Net Cash Provided Used Investing Activities
Net Cash Used Financing Activities Net Debt
Net Debt Ebitda Net Income
Net Income 126 Net Income Loss
Net Income Strong Top-line Growth Net Interest Other Finance Expense
Net Loss Net Profits Dividends
Net Tax New Accounting Pronouncements
New Accounting Standards New Dealer
New Issuer New Lender
New Organizational Structure New Ventures
Non-conflict Other Obligations Non-core Activities
Non-core Activities Corporate Non-core Other
Non-current Assets Non-current Liabilities
Non-payment Noncontrolling Interests Consolidated Financial Statements
Nor Shall Issuer Liable Loss Entitled Profit Arising Nordea Bank Publ
Not Able Comply Covenants Contained Credit Facility Financial Not Able Comply Covenants Contained New Credit Facility
Nothing Shall Require Abb Ltd Asea Violate Provisions Notice Increase Authorised Amount
Notice Shall Deemed Been Received Notices
Notices Communications Notices Obligor Shall Sent Through Facility Agent
Notification Notification Address Fax Number
Notification Default Notification Rates Interest
Notifications Now Deed Witnesseth Follows
Now Therefore Number 001-16429
Nzz Sonntag Objections Filed Appeal Period Settlement Trust Activated
Obligations Dealer Clause Conditional Obligors Agent
Obtaining Refund Swiss Withholding Tax Residents Off-balance Sheet Arrangements Commercial Commitments
Offer Public Oil Gas Petrochemicals
Oil Gas Petrochemicals Business Experience Losses Industry Generally Operate Very Competitive Markets Adversely Affected Fail Keep
Operating Cycle Operation Provisions Agreement Other Reason Default Negligence Wilful
Operations Changes Financial Position Periods They Cover Relate Operations Emerging Markets Expose Risks Associated Conditions Those
Optional Currencies Optional Currency
Order Backlog Order Distribution
Orders Orders Down Double Digits Despite Strong Power Infrastructure
Orders Received Orders Received Revenues
Orders Revenues Ordinary Capital Increase
Organisation Authority Purchasers Organisation Authority Sellers
Organizational Structure Original Dealership Agreement
Original Financial Statements Original Lenders
Original Obligors Other
Other Agreements Other Commitments
Other Debt Other Divestitures
Other Documents Evidence Other Fees
Other Income Expense Net Other Indemnities
Other Liabilities Other Matters
Other Members Board Stand Re-election Annual Meeting Other Obligations
Other Parties Shall Same Rights Obligations Amongst Themselves Other Share-based Payments
Others Outlook
Outlook 2006 Outlook 2008
Outlook 2009 Outlook Remainder 2006
Outlook Remainder 2007 Outstanding
Outstandings Overview
Ownership Adss General Ownership Shares
Paper Form Lender Pari Passu
Pari Passu Ranking Part Additional Obligor Conditions Precedent
Part Purchasers Obligations Part Sek Swingline Lenders
Part Sellers Obligations Partial Invalidity
Partial Payments Participating Member State
Participation Proceeds Thereof Applied Repayment Said Swingline Advance Party
Party Beneficiaries Passive Foreign Investment Considerations
Patents Trademarks Paying Agent Other Makes Payment Accordance Clause
Paying Agents Paying Agents Agrees Notify Agent Forthwith Event Receives
Payment Claims Payment Contribution Amount
Payment Disputed Claims Payment Interest
Payment Mechanics Payments
Payments Agent Registrar Payments Agents
Payments Delivery Definitive Instruments Registered Exchange Permanent Global Payments Delivery Definitive Registered Instruments Further Exchanges Temporary
Payments Hereunder Respect Hereof Shall Full Without Reduction Payments Holders Bearer Instruments
Payments Holders Registered Instruments Payments Lenders
Pension Liabilities Pension Other Post-retirement Obligations
Pension Other Postretirement Obligations Pension Post-retirement Benefits
Pension Postretirement Benefits Pensions Other Employee Benefits
Pensions Other Post Retirement Benefits Pensions Other Postretirement Benefits
People Performance Guarantees
Performance Incentive Share Plan Performance Measures
Permanent Global Instrument Person
Peter Leupp Peter Leupp Joins Abb Group Executive Committee Head
Peter Smits Picture Peter Leupp Available Wwwabbcom News
Plan Assets Please Confirm Contact Details Correct
Pmp Pmps
Policy Guidelines Possessions
Post-substitution Amendments Conditions Instruments Relevant Series Power Authority
Power Industry Power Industry Background
Power Lines Power Lines Business
Power Market Power Products
Power Products Division Power Systems
Power Systems Division Power Technologies
Power Technologies Full 2004 Summary Power Technology Products
Power Technology Systems Power Transformers Business
Power Transformers Investigation Germany Powerlines
Pre-approval Procedures Policies Pre-emptive Rights
Pre-packaged Plan Reorganization Preemptive Rights
Premiums Acquisition Costs Prepaid Expenses Other
Prepayment Group Facilities Clause 229 Pricing Supplement
Prime Rate Principal Accountant Fees Services
Principal Amount Outstanding Principal Registrar
Principal Sources Funding Principles Board Compensation
Principles Corporate Governance Principles Details Board Compensation
Principles Group Executive Committee Compensation Pro Forma
Procedure Transfer Proceedings
Proceedings Pending Threatened Process Agent
Process Automation Process Automation Division
Product Order Related Contingencies Product-related Expenses Contract Loss Provisions
Profit Program
Programme Issuance Debt Instruments Programme Issuance Us5250000000 Debt Instruments
Project Project Finance Indebtedness
Promissory Property Plant Equipment
Property Plant Equipment Net Proposal Increase Dividend Percent Chf 051 Per Share
Proposed Amendments Protected Party
Provided Further Provided However
Provision Income Taxes Provision Information
Provision Liquidity Plan Clause Provision Taxes
Provisions Provisions Meetings Holders Instruments
Provisions Operate Cross-reference Contribution Agreement Identical Material Respects Provisions Other
Provisions Other Non-current Liabilities Proxy
Public Offer Selling Restriction Prospectus Directive Publication 2005-2009 Targets New Executive Management
Purchaser Shall Deliver Seller Purchases Equity Securities Issuer Affiliated Purchasers
Purposes Agreement Qualifying Lender
Qualifying Lenders Quantitative Qualitative Disclosures Market Risk
Quotation Real Property
Realignment Realignment Automation Segments
Receivables Receivables Net
Received Reclassifications
Reconciliation Non-gaap Financial Measures Regarding 2008 Reconciliation Non-gaap Financial Measures Regarding 2009
Records Recovering Lender
Recovering Lenders Rights Recovery Parties
Redistribution Payments Reference Banks
Reference Date Register
Registered Instruments Registrar
Registrar Shall Subject Provisions Clause 1111 Notwithstanding 145 Registrar Shall Subject Provisions Clause 1111 Notwithstanding 146
Registration Business Purpose Registration Process
Regulation Regulations
Reinstatement Reinsurance
Reinsurance Business Related Party Transactions
Relationship Lenders Release New Targets
Relevant Agent Relevant Agreement
Relevant Cash Equivalents Relevant Dealer
Relevant Interbank Market Relevant Party
Relevant Period Remedies
Remedies Continuance Event Default Occurred Continuing Remedies Set Herein Provided Cumulative Not Exclusive Law
Remedies Waivers Renewal Authorized Share Capital
Repetition Repetition Representation
Replacement Agent Replaces Confirming Such Case Instrument Been Cancelled
Report Foreign Private Issuer Pursuant Rule 13a-16 15d-16 Report Independent Accountants
Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Report Management Internal Control Over Financial Reporting
Representations Representations Warranties Each Contributor Hereby Represents Warrants Asbestos
Repudiation Repurchase Shares
Reputation Ability Business Impaired Corrupt Behavior Employees Agents Reputation Ability Business Impaired Improper Behavior Employees Agents
Required Consents Required Location
Requirements Financial Statements Research Development
Reservations Resignation Agent
Resignation Borrower Resignation Guarantor
Resignation Letter Resolving Asbestos
Resolving Asbestos-related Liabilities Responsibilities Organization
Responsibility Documentation Restriction Subsidiary Indebtedness
Restrictions Transfers Funds Restructuring
Restructuring Expenses Results Rise Sharply Operational Improvements Stronger Markets
Retained Liability Environmental Remediation Costs Relating Businesses Sold Retained Performance Guarantees Related Divested Power Generation Business
Retention Records Return Capital Employed After Tax
Revenue Arrangements Include Software Elements Revenue Recognition
Revenue Recognition Multiple Deliverable Arrangements Revenues
Revenues Cost Sales Recognition Revenues Stable Markets Continue Challenge Cost Take-out Supports
Revenues Steady Despite Economic Challenges Reversal Redistribution
Reviewed Annual Report Form 20-f Amended Amendment Abb Revised Divisional Structure Effective 2006
Revolving Advance Revolving Credit Facility
Right Cure Rights Accountholders Take Proceedings Outside England
Rights Discretions Agents Rights Issue
Risk Factors Robotics
Robotics Division Roger Agnelli
Role Mandated Lead Arrangers Rollover Advance
Rules Sale Agreement Global Reinsurance Insurance Businesses
Sale Agreement Nuclear Business Sale Agreement Part Oil Gas Petrochemicals Business
Sale Agreement Structured Finance Business Sale Exchange Shares Adss
Sale Supports Strategy Focus Core Power Automation Technologies Sale-leasebacks
Sales Marketing Sales Transfers Receivables
Samir Brikho Sanctions
Sarbanes-oxley Act 2002 Schedule
Schedule Headings Ease Reference Only Shall Not Affect Schedule Notice Increase Authorised Amount
Schedule Regulatory Condition Schedule Selling Restrictions
Schedule Undertaking New Issuer Schedule Utilisation Request
Schweizerisches Handelsamtsblatt Scope Consolidation
Screen Rate Secondly
Secretary Board Securities
Securities Act Securitisations
Securitization Securitization Programs
Securitization Receivables Security
Segment Geographic Data Segment Information
Segment Reporting Sek Swingline Advance
Sek Swingline Commitment Sek Swingline Facility
Sek Swingline Lender Sek Swingline Lenders
Sek Swingline Rate Selected Financial Data
Selling General Administrative Expenses Selling Restrictions
Selling Restrictions Addressing Additional Securities Laws Netherlands Selling Restrictions Addressing Additional Securities Laws United Kingdom
Senior Management Appointments Seq
Series Service Process
Set-off Set-off Obligors
Settlement Preference Claims Settlement Trust
Seventh Schedule Severability
Severance Provisions Shall Ensure Same Authenticated Delivered Only Accordance Terms
Share Sale Purchase Agreement Relating Lummus Global Business Share-based Payment
Share-based Payment Arrangements Shareholders Meetings
Shares Sharing Among Lenders
Short-term Borrowings Short-term Debt
Short-term Debt Current Maturities Long-term Signatures
Significant Accounting Policies Significant Changes
Significant Divestitures Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken Publ
Solicitation Voting Process Solid Operational Results Demanding Market
Special Deposits Specified Office
Specified Offices Paying Agents Registrars Specified Time
Specify Amendments Supplements Modifications Necessary Provisions Dealership Agreement Sspa
Stabilising Manager Stamp Duties
Stamp Duties Transfer Securities Stamp Taxes
Statement Cash Flows Status
Statutory Domicile Amsterdam Step Change Program
Stibor Stock-based Compensation
Stockholders Equity Strategy
Strategy 2007 2011 Structured Finance
Structured Finance Business Subject Environmental Laws Regulations Countries Operate Incur Costs
Subject Ongoing Litigation Potentially Substantial Liabilities Arising Out Subject Product Liability Claims
Subordinated Intercompany Indebtedness Subordination Dip Facility
Subsequent Events Subsidiary
Substituted Debtor Substitution
Sum Summary
Summary 2005 Results Summary 2007-11 Group Targets
Summary 2009 Division Targets Summary 2009 Group Targets
Summary Ats Full-year 2005 Results Summary Consolidated Financial Information
Summary Consolidated Financial Statements Information Summary Consolidated Stockholders Equity
Summary Division Targets 2005-09 Summary Group Targets 2005-09
Summary Pts Full-year 2005 Results Summary Results
Supplement Relation Relevant Tranche Listing Agent Soon Practicable Supplies Raw Materials
Suspect Payments Sustainability Activities
Svenska Handelsbanken Publ Swedish Securities Market
Swingline Advance Swingline Agents
Swingline Lender Swingline Lenders Participation
Swingline Rate Swiss Taxation
Switzerland Swx
Swx Swiss Exchange Sanctions Abb Violation Provisions Regarding Swx Swiss Exchange Virt-x
Table Contents Take Proceedings Against Issuer Abb Ltd Other Court
Talon Exchange Date Talon Further Coupons
Target Targets Defined
Tax Tax Credit
Tax Deduction Tax Expense
Tax Fees Tax Gross
Tax Gross-up Tax Indemnity
Tax Payment Tax Savings
Tax Treatment Taxation
Taxes Temporary Global Instrument
Ter Term Members
Termination Terms Appointment
Terms Conditions Terms Lummus Plan
Thereunder Except Rights Liabilities Arisen Pursuant Clauses Agreement Third-party Claims
Thirdly Thresholds
Time Limits Title Instruments
Tom Sjökvist Total Commitments
Total Debt Total Gross Debt
Total Gross Interest Total Shareholdings Abb Shares Options
Total Swingline Facility Amount Trading System
Tranche Transaction Expenses
Transfer Certificate Transfer Date
Transfer Shares Transfer Taxes
Transfer Title Instruments Shall Amount Equal Minimum Denomination Transferee
Transformer Business Consolidation Transformer Business Consolidation Other Restructuring Activities
Transformer Business Consolidation Program Other Restructuring Charges Transformer Business Other Restructuring Charges
Transformer Business South Africa Transformers
Translation Foreign Currencies Exchange Transactions Transparency Directive
Ubs Limited Ubs Loan Finance Llc
Ulrich Spiesshofer Ulrich Spiesshofer Joins Abbs Executive Committee Head Corporate
Unable Attract Retain Qualified Management Personnel Then Business Unable Obtain Performance Guarantees Financial Institutions Prevented Bidding
Unable Obtain Performance Other Guarantees Financial Institutions Prevented Unavailability Currency
Undertaking Long-term Fixed Price Projects Exposes Businesses Risk Undertaking Long-term Fixed Price Turnkey Projects Exposes Businesses
Undertaking New Issuer Undertakings Dealers
United Kingdom United States
United States America United States Persons
United States Taxes Unlawfulness
Unpaid Sum Update 2007-11 Targets
Upstream Oil Gas Business Upstream Oil Gas Petrochemicals
Upstream Oil Gas Petrochemicals Business Utilisation Date
Utilisation Fee Utilisation Request
Utility Automation Systems Validity Admissibility Evidence
Value Added Tax Value Received
Variable Interest Entities Variable Interests
Vat Veli-matti Reinikkala
Verifiable Pmp Verkaufsprospekt
Vetco Gray Vetco Gray Part Former Upstream Oil Gas Petrochemicals
Voting Certificate Waiver Defences
Warrants Wars
Weakening Unavailability Intellectual Property Rights Adversely Affect Business Website Lenders
Websites Whereas
Wind Energy Wind Energy Business
Withholding Tax Dividends Distributions Witness
Witness Whereof Wtk
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