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Accelerated Ramp Att U-verse Services Access Line Summary
Accompanying Financial Statements Follow Previously Released Pro Forma Account
Accounting Att Mobility Accounting Cingular
Accounting Firm Accounting Impacts Bellsouth Acquisition
Acknowledgment Acquisition Att Wireless Services Inc Awe
Acquisition Bellsouth Acquisition Usi
Active Participants Dependents Additional Background Adjusted Pro Forma Results
Additional Employer Payments Additional Lump Sum Election Retire Age Older
Additional Rules Applicable Covered Employees Adjusted
Adjusted Earnings Per Share Adjustments
Administration Administration Committee
Administration Plan Administrative Committee
Administrator Administrator Responsibilities
Advance Adverse Action
Adverse Amendment Adverse Changes Medical Costs Foreign Securities Markets Interest
Advertising Costs Advertising Publishing
Advertising Publishing Segment Affiliate
After 2007 After-tax Account
Agreement Agreement Governed Construed Accordance Law State Texas Applicable
Allow Employees Sell Home Gbo Allow Homes Acres Less
Allowance Uncollectibles Also Complete Elect Payment Unpaid Balance
Amended Restated Effective 2001 Amended Restated Effective 2005
Amendment Amendment Modification Termination
Amendment Restated Certificate Incorporation Att Inc Increase Number Amendment Termination
Amendments Amendments Articles Incorporation Bylaws Change
Amendments Termination American Tower Corp Agreement
Ameritech Corporate Resource Supplemental Pension Plan Amllc
Amounts Not Include Bellsouth Annual Bonus
Annual Limit Annual Meeting Notice Admission Ticket
Annual Meeting Stockholders Annual Participation
Antitrust Claims Antitrust Litigation
Appeal Application Limits
Assessment Internal Control Asset Valuations Impairments
Assignment Assignment Benefits
Att Att Corp
Att Corp Executive Disability Plan Att Excess Benefit Compensation Plan
Att Health Plan Att Inc
Att Inc 2006 Earnings Page Att Inc 2007 Earnings Page
Att Match Att Matching Contributions
Att Mobility Att Outlook
Att Pension Benefit Make Plan Att Wireless Litigation
Attestation Atts Earnings Conference Call Broadcast Live Via Internet
Atts Right Discontinue Offering Cash Deferral Accounts Atts Right Discontinue Offering Share Units
Atts Right Terminate Plan Authorized Shares Stock
Authorized Signatures Completed Instructions Executed Authorized Signatures-this Completed Instructions Executedbelow
Award Award Deferred Stock Units New Non-employee Directors
Award Deferred Stock Units Non-employee Directors Awards Previously Granted
Background Purpose Base Compensation
Base Salary Basic Earnings Per Share
Basic Plan Basis Presentation
Belgacom Bellsouth
Bellsouth Corporation Bellsouth Merger Commitments
Bellsouth Merger Expanded Share Repurchase Bellsouth Nonqualified Deferred Income Plan
Bellsouth Results Bellsouths Pro Forma Condensed Combined Statements Income
Beneficiary Benefit Entitlement
Benefit Limits Benefit Period
Binding Effect Bls Shares
Board Board Committees
Board Directors Board Directors Recommends Vote Against Following Proposals
Board Directors Recommends Vote Following Proposals Bond Compensation
Bonus Amount Bonus Award
Broadband Connection Growth Broadband Forbearance Order
Broadcom Patent Dispute Bslip Offset
Bslip Retiree Offset Business
Business Broadband Drive Results Business Customers
Business Markets California High Cost Fund
California Intrastate Access Charges Capital Expenditures
Captions Cash Balance Pension Plans
Cash Deferral Account Cash Deferral Accounts
Cash Deferral Elections Cash Dividends
Cash Equivalents Cash Flow Hedging
Cash Flows 2005 Compared 2006 Cash Payments
Cash Provided Used Financing Activities Cash Provided Used Investing Activities
Cash Provided Used Operating Activities Cash Requirements
Cash Used Provided Financing Activities Cash Used Provided Investing Activities
Cause Cautionary Language Concerning Forward-looking Statements
Centennial Communications Acquisition Certain Named Executive Officers Also Participated Deferred Compensation
Certain Obligations Certain Relationships Related Transactions Director Independence
Certificates Shares Certification
Certification Chief Executive Officer Certification Periodic Financial Reports
Cessation Eligibility Change Control
Change Control Severance Plan Changes Available Technology Increase Competition Capital Costs
Changes Disagreements Accountants Accounting Changes Federal State Foreign Government Regulations Decisions Regulatory
Charitable Contribution Program Charitable Contributions
Charitable Gift Program Cingular
Cingular Wireless Cingular Wireless Llc
Cingulars Customer Operating Trends Cingulars Operating Results
Claims Claims Procedure
Clearwire Cobra
Cobra Continuation Coverage Dependents Cobra Continuation Coverage Terminated Participants
Code Combination Share Units
Commitments Committee
Companies Included Telecommunications Peer Group Compensation
Compensation Committee Director Responsibilities Competition
Competitive Activity Completion Acquisition Disposition Assets
Composite Rate Compensation Increase Composition 2008 Target Compensation
Computation Ratios Earnings Fixed Charges Condition Results Operations
Confidential Only Permitted Rule 14a-6 Consolidated Balance Sheets
Consolidated Earnings Consolidated Financial Results
Consolidated Results Consolidated Revenues Margins
Consolidated Statements Cash Flows Consolidated Statements Changes Members Capital
Consolidated Statements Income Contingencies
Contingent Liabilities Continuation Coverage Cobra
Continuation Coverage Family Medical Leave Contribution Account
Contribution Requirements Cobra Continuation Coverage Contributions
Contributions Cash Deferral Account Contributory Savings Plans
Controls Procedures Conversion Non-employee Director8217s Cash Deferral Account Deferred Stock
Conversion Stock Units Dollars Cost Sales
Cost Services Equipment Sales Cost Services Products
Costs Plan Covad Communications Bellsouth Corporation
Covered Benefits Credit Facility
Credit Ratings Credited Interest Rate
Crediting Deemed Interest Crediting Deferred Compensation
Crediting Interest Critical Accounting Policies Estimates
Current Assets Current Liabilities
Data Data Broadband
Date Termination Death
Death Beneficiary Death Director Beneficiary Designation
Death Participant Debiting Distributions
Debt Decisions Binding
Declared Rate Default
Default Distribution Deferral Contributions
Deferral Election Deferral Election Amount
Deferral Elections Multiple Participating Companies Deferral Retainers Fees Stock Units
Deferred Credits Other Noncurrent Liabilities Definitions
Delay Payment Delayed Delivery Contract
Departure Directors Principal Officers Election Appointment Dependent
Dependents Failure Participate Basic Plans Depreciation
Depreciation Amortization Derivative Financial Instruments
Derivatives Derivatives Not Designated Hedging Instruments
Designation Designee Dead Missing Designation Recipients
Determination Determination Crediting Investment Return
Determinations Diluted Earnings Per Share
Directors Compensation Deferral Plan Directors Executive Officers Corporate Governance
Directors Position Directory
Directory Advertising Directory Segment
Directv Agreement Disability
Disability Plan Disabled Disability
Disclosure Controls Procedures Disclosure De-identified Summary Health Information
Disclosure Phi Plan Sponsor Discontinuation Termination Amendment
Discount Rate Disposition
Dispositions Disputes
Disputes Involving Termination Distribution Share Units Acquired Matching Contributions
Distributions Distributions Cash Deferral Accounts
Distributions Participant Accounts Distributions Shareholders
Dividend Equivalent Rights Dividends
Dobson Dobson Acquisition
Documents Incorporated Reference Duration
E911 Order Each Age Net Credited Service 8220ncs8221 Such Additional
Early Redemptions Early Termination
Earnings Earnings Cash Deferral Accounts
Earnings Per Share Effective Date
Effectiveness Plan Eitf 06-11
Eitf 06-3 Eitf 06-4
Eitf 08-6 Eitf 08-7
Election Deadline Election Directors-the Board Directors Recommends Vote Listed Nominees
Election Make Contributions Election Package
Election Procedures Elections
Elections Notices Elections Timing Form
Eligibility Eligibility Participate
Eligibility Participation Eligible Employee
Eligible Employee Contributions Eligible Employees
Eligible Individuals Eligible Institutions
Elip Offset Employee
Employee Contributions Employee Separations
Employee8221 Employees
Employer Employer Contributions
Employment Agreement Employment Claim
Employment Contract Employment Contracts Change Control Severance Plan
Employment Not Guaranteed Entire Document
Entry Material Definitive Agreement 102 Termination Equipment
Equipment 8211 Equipment Failures Natural Disasters Terrorist Attacks Materially Adversely
Equity Compensation Plan Information Equity Method Investments
Equity Net Income Affiliates Erisa
Errors Errors Omissions Accounts
Establishment Accounts Estimated Future Benefit Payments
European Union Prospectus Directive Exact Name Registrant Specified Charter
Except Provided Agreement Retention Award Granted Bonus Pool Exchange Act
Excise Tax Executive
Executive Compensation Executive Officer
Exercise Option Exercise Payment Options
Exercise Price Exhibits
Expected Growth Areas Expected Long-term Rate Return
Expense Trends Extension Cobra Continuation Period Disabled Individuals
External Financing Face
Fair Market Value Fmv Fair Value Hedging
Fas 141 Fas 157
Fas 158 Fas 159
Fas 160 Fas 161
Federal Income Tax Consequences Merger Fin
Final Average Earnings Financial Data
Financial Disclosure Financial Statements Exhibits
Financial Statements Supplementary Data Financing
Financing Activities Financing Arrangements
Foreign Currency Forward Contracts Foreign Currency Translation
Foreign Exchange Forward Contracts Foreign Exchange Risk
Forfeiture Form 10-k
Form 10-q Form Distribution
Form Timing Payout Cash Deferral Accounts Former Name Address Changed Since Last Report
Forum Non Conveniens Fsp 157-3
Fsp Fas 107-1 Apb 28-1 Fsp Fas 141
Fsp Fas 142-3 Fsp Fas 157-4
Further Issues Gaap Rate
Gender Number General
General Creditors General Investment Parameters
General Provisions General Rule
Gladys Jenkins Bellsouth Corporation Glenridge Connector Atlanta Georgia 30342 Telephone Number 404
Global Notes Due 2013 Global Notes Due 2018
Global Notes Due 2037 Global Notes Due 2038
Goal Good Faith Valuation Binding
Good Reason Goodwill Other Intangible Assets
Governing Law Governing Law Validity
Government Regulation Grandfathered Senior Manager
Grant Grants
Group Agree Punitive Damages Payable Result Employment Matter Growth Regional Consumer Arpu
Headings Health Benefits
Health Care Cost Trend Highest Appraisal Only
His Her History
Home Sale Bonus Sales Price Cap Hong Kong
Immediate Annuity Value Immediate Annuity Value Att Affiliate Qualified Pensions
Immediate Annuity Value Other Att Affiliate Non-qualified Pensions Immediate Annuity Value Srip
Importance Duration Effect Licenses In-region
Inc Incentive Award
Income Before Taxes Income Taxes
Increased 5000 Increasing Competition Wireless Industry Adversely Affect Att Mobilitys
Increasing Competition Wireline Markets Adversely Affect Operating Margins Indemnification
Independence Directors Index
Individual Administrator Industry Operating Trends
Ineligible Participant Initial Claim
Insurance Contract Integration Att Wireless
Intent Regard Code 162 Interest Cash Deferral Accounts
Interest Expense Interest Income
Interest Income Option Interest Income Subaccount
Interest Rate Foreign Currency Swaps Interest Rate Locks
Interest Rate Risk Interest Rate Swaps
Interest Revenue Earned Cingular Wireless Internal Control Integrated Framework
Internal Control Over Financial Reporting International Regulation
Interpretation Administration Inventory
Investing Activities Investment Contributions
Investment Election Investment Existing Account Balances
Investment Options Investment Securities
Investment Subaccounts Issuance Options
Issuances Maturities Issuer Equity Repurchases
Issuer Purchases Equity Securities Japan
Labor Contracts Latin America Shares
Leave Absence Legal Proceedings
Legally Incompetent Letters Credit
Limit Deductibility Certain Compensation Limitation Authority
Limitation Participants Rights Cobra Continuation Coverage Limitations New Elections
Limited Exception Certain Nqsos Sars Liquidity Capital Resources
Liquidity Financial Condition Long-distance Non-dominance Order
Long-term Incentive Award Major Customer
Management Related Stockholder Matters Management8217s Discussion Analysis Financial Condition Results Operation
Managements Discussion Analysis Financial Condition Results Operation Managements Discussion Analysis Financial Condition Results Operations
Mandatory Marketing Reduced Market Conditions
Market Registrant8217s Common Equity Related Market Registrants Common Equity Related
Market Risk Matching Contributions
Mental Health Parity Act 1996 Merger
Merger Bellsouth Att Merger-integration Progress Improved Business Trends
Miscellaneous Mitigation Resolution Disputes Costs
Mortality Tables Multiple Selections
Name Person Filing Proxy Statement Other Registrant Nature Contributions Accounts
Nature Participant Direction Net
Net Cash Provided Used Net Earnings Losses Equity Affiliates
Net Income New Accounting Standards
Newborns Mothers Health Protection Act 1996 Non-assignability
Non-competition Non-employee Director Basic Options
Non-employee Directors Non-gaap Consolidated Reconciliations
Non-voting Nonassignability
Not Offered Stephenson His Direct Reports Not Request Lump Sum Within Following Retirement
Not Retirement Eligible Notes Consolidated Financial Statements
Notes Definitive Form Notice Annual Meeting Stockholders
Notice Termination Nsa Litigation
Number Portability Off-balance Sheet Arrangements
Off-balance Sheet Arrangements Aggregate Contractual Obligations Officer
Officer Disability Plan Officer Level Employee
Officers Offset
Oibda Defined Operating Income Loss Oibda Discussion
One-time Modification Certain Elections Operating Activities
Operating Environment Overview Operating Expenses
Operating Income Operating Income Margin Trends
Operating Margin Trends Operating Results
Operating Revenues Operating Segments
Operation Support Expenses Operations Support
Opinions Counsel Option
Option Price Option Redetermination
Optional Redemption Att Options Sar Grants
Order Recommendations Hurricane Katrina Panel Other
Other Acquisitions Other Claims
Other Equity Method Investments Other Events
Other Income Expense 8211 Net Other Income Expense Net
Other Income Expenses Other Information
Other Options Other Segment
Outstanding Non-qualified Stock Options Sars Over Employment Matter Not Otherwise Arbitrated Resolved According
Overpayment Overview
Overview Business Part Other Information
Participant Participant Contributions
Participant Contributions 2006 2007 Participant Direction Deemed Investments
Participants Accounts Deferral Contributions Participating
Participation Pay
Payment Account Balances Payment Additional Amounts
Payment Election Payment Exercise
Payment Retention Award Payments
Payments Qualifying Termination Payout Deferred Stock Units
Pending Acquisition Bellsouth Pending Merger Att Create Uncertainty Customers Employees Suppliers
Pension Benefits Pension Commencement Date
Pension Postretirement Benefits Percent Growth Wireline Data Revenues
Percent Shareholder Performance Objective
Performance Share Unit Awards Performance Shares
Period Cobra Continuation Coverage Dependents Period Continuation Coverage Covered Participants
Period Time Exposure Market Permitted Authorization Participant Beneficiary
Plan Plan Administration
Plan Administrator Plan Amendments
Plan Comply 409a Plan Comply Code 409a
Plan Interest Rate Plan Sponsor
Plan Termination Please Not Proxy Vote Shares Online Telephone Request
Please Sign Below Return Promptly Enclosed Envelope Choose Policy Restitution
Pooling Interests Accounting Treatment Postretirement Benefits
Potential Change Control Pre-tax Account
Preferred Stock Issuances Preferred Stock Issuances Subsidiaries
Prepaid Calling Card Patent Litigation Preparation Interim Financial Statements
Principal Accountant Fees Services Prior Plan
Prior Plan Window Period Sars Priority Paying Covered Claims
Privacy Provisions Relating Protected Health Information Phi Pro Forma Condensed Combined Statement Income 2006
Pro Forma Condensed Combined Statements Income Pro Forma Operating Revenues
Properties Property Plant Equipment
Proposal Approve Agreement Plan Merger Dated 2006 Among Provided
Provision Income Taxes Provision Services
Proxy Solicited Behalf Board Directors Annual Meeting 2008 Proxy Solicited Behalf Board Directors Annual Meeting 2009
Proxy Statement Proxy Voting Details
Purchase Share Units Purpose
Qualified Dependent Qualified Medical Child Support Orders
Qualifying Event Qualifying Excise Tax
Qualifying Termination Qualitative Quantitative Disclosures Market Risk
Quantitative Information Market Risk Quantitative Qualitative Disclosures Market Risk
Quarterly Pro Forma Condensed Combined Financial Statements 2006 Quarterly Pro Forma Operating Revenues 2005
Rabbi Trust Agreements Ramp Revenue Growth
Ratification Appointment Ernst Young Llp Independent Auditors Ratio Earnings Fixed Charges
Recently Isssued Accounting Pronouncements Recitals
Reclassifications Redemption Tax Event
Redetermination Reference Hereby Further Provisions Set Forth Reverse Hereof
References Reformation Comply Exchange Act Rules
Registrants Telephone Number Including Area Code 210 821-4105 Registrar Paying Agent
Regulatory Developments Regulatory-related Claims
Reimbursement Payment Reinvestment Dividends
Related Party Transactions Release
Remove Impact Att Move Report Audit Committee
Report Management Representatives Addresses
Requirement Enroll Participate Basic Plans Medicare Requirements Law
Research Development Responsibility
Restricted Stock Unit Awards Restrictions
Restrictions Exercise Transfer Results Operations
Results Operations Financial Condition Results Segment
Retained Rights Retire Retirement
Retired Eligible Employees Retired Participants Dependents
Retiree Phone Concession Litigation Retirement
Retirement Announcement Retirement Eligible
Retirement Percent Retirement Plan
Retirement Retire Revenue Recognition
Revenue Trends Reverse
Revocation Revoked Amended Elections
Revolving Credit Agreement Revolving Line Credit
Right Nomination Right Recovery
Rights Duties Plan Administrator Rights Participants Unsecured General Creditor
Rights While Military Leave Risk Factors
San Antonio San Antonio 2007
San Antonio 2008 8211 Satisfaction Claims
Savings Clause Sbc Management Services
Schedule Schedule 14a
Scope Securities Erisa Claims
Securities Exchange Securities Exchange Act 1934
Security Ownership Certain Beneficial Owners Segment
Segment Information Segment Operating Expenses
Segment Operating Income Segment Operating Revenues
Segment Results Selected Financial Data
Selected Financial Operating Data Selling General Administrative
Selling General Administrative Expenses Senior Manager
Separation Between Plan Sponsor Hipaa Serp Effective Date
Service Service 8211
Service Commencement Date Service Factor
Services Products Several Liabilities
Severance Payments Sevp-hr
Share Deferral Accounts Share Repurchase Plan Completed Ahead Schedule
Share Repurchases Shareholder Rights
Shares Shares Previously Acquired Plan
Shares Share Units Shares Subject Plan
Short Term Bonus Plan Short Term Incentive Award
Signature Signatures
Significant Accounting Policies Estimates Singapore
Six-month Holding Period Software Costs
Source Funds Sources Liquidity
Sources Uses Cash Special Access
Special Election Regarding Master Account Special Election Regarding Retirement Plan
Special Internal Review Process Special Provisions Applicable Awards
Special Rules Incentive Stock Options Special Terms Conditions
Specified Employee Spectrum Licenses
Spectrum Sale Split Dollar Life Insurance
Split-dollar Life Insurance Statement Purpose
Statements Segment Income Stock
Stock Option Awards Stock Ownership Guidelines
Stock Performance Graph Stock Restrictions
Stock Unit Stock Unit Option
Stock Unit Subaccount Stock Units
Stockholder Matters Issuer Purchases Equity Securities Stockholder Proposal
Stockholder Proposals Through Stockholder Proposals-the Board Directors Recommends Vote Against
Stockholders Equity Strength Business
Subject Provisions Annex Employment Matter Finally Settled Arbitration Submission Matters Vote Security Holders
Subsequent Event Subsequent Qualifying Event
Subsidiary Substitute Basic Coverage
Successors Successors Assigns
Successors Binding Agreement Supplemental Detail 2005
Supplemental Detail 2006 Supplemental Employee Retirement Plan Serp Benefit Election Payout
Supplemental Executive Retirement Plan Supplemental Information
Supplemental Retirement Income Plan Srip Supplemental Retirement Plans
Supplementary Operating Data Survival
Survivor Contributions Table Contents
Tax Withholding Taxation
Taxes Tdc
Team Award Technorati Tags
Telkom Limited Term
Term Options Term Service
Termination Employment Termination Epr
Termination Participation Termination Period
Termination Plan Time Grant
Timing Total Operating Expenses
Total Operating Income Total Operating Revenues
Traffic Compensation Expense Transaction T-mobile
Transactions Att Mobility Transactions Cingular
Transfers Death Beneficiary Transition Provisions
Triennial Review Remand Order Trust Board Directors Benefit Plan
Type Plan U-verse Services
U-verse Services Project Lightspeed Ubsidiary
Ultimate Parent Underpayment
Unforeseeable Emergency Distribution Unfunded Plan
United Kingdom Unregistered Sales Equity Securities Proceeds
Unregistered Sales Securities Proceeds Unsecured General Creditor
Validity Valuation
Valuation Benefit Valuation Date
Valuation Installment Payments Valuation Single Lump-sum Payments
Vesting Vesting Distribution Share Units Acquired Matching Contributions
Video Legislation Video Program Access Order
Video Service Video Service Legislation
Video Service Order Voice
Voice Over Internet Protocol Vote Against Proposal
Vote Counts William Twombly Bell Atlantic Corp
Wireless Wireless Broadband Order
Wireless Customer Operating Trends Wireless Operating Results
Wireless Segment Wireless Segment Adjusted Oibda
Wireless Spectrum Wireless Spectrum Auction
Wireless Universal Service Wireline
Wireline Expenses Wireline Operating Results
Withholding Withholding Taxes
Womens Health Cancer Rights Act 1998 Workforce Reduction Restructuring
Wwwattcom Investorrelations Wwwenvisionreportscom Att
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