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A12 Abbott
Abbott Acquire Guidant Vascular Business Contingent Close Boston Abbott Acquire Other Businesses License Rights Technologies Products
Abbott Announces Amendment Agreement Boston Scientific Acquire Guidants Abbott Appeal District Courts Ruling Ultane Sevoflurane Case
Abbott Completes Acquisition Guidant Vascular Business Abbott Conference Call
Abbott Confirms Double-digit Earnings-per-share Growth Outlook 2009 Abbott Confirms Earnings-per-share Guidance Full 2005 Issues
Abbott Confirms Earnings-per-share Guidance Full-year 2005 Issues Abbott Confirms Earnings-per-share Guidance Full-year 2006 Issues
Abbott Confirms Earnings-per-share Guidance Full-year 2008 Issues Abbott Confirms Earnings-per-share Outlook 2007 2008
Abbott Confirms Sales Earnings-per-share Guidance Full 2005 Issues Abbott Declares Quarterly Dividend
Abbott Declares Quarterly Dividend Announces Share Repurchase Program Abbott Declares Quarterly Dividend Double-digit Increase Over Prior
Abbott Expand Presence Lipid Management Market Acquisition Kos Abbott Faces Significant Competition Not Able Compete Effectively
Abbott Forward Looking Statement Abbott Holds Significant Investment Boston Scientific Subject Market
Abbott Increases Quarterly Dividend Abbott Issues Earnings Per Share Sales Growth Guidance
Abbott Issues Earnings-per-share Guidance 2005 Abbott Issues Earnings-per-share Guidance 2006
Abbott Issues Earnings-per-share Outlook 2008 Abbott Issues Earnings-per-share Outlook 2010
Abbott Laboratories Abbott Laboratories 100 Park Road Illinois 60064-6400 Usa
Abbott Laboratories 401 Supplemental Plan Abbott Laboratories Annuity Retirement Plan
Abbott Laboratories Computation Ratio Earnings Fixed Charges Abbott Laboratories Non-employee Director Non-qualified Replacement Stock Option
Abbott Laboratories Non-employee Director Non-qualified Stock Option Agreement Abbott Laboratories Non-employee Directors Fee Plan
Abbott Laboratories Non-qualified Stock Option Agreement Abbott Laboratories Performance Incentive Plan
Abbott Laboratories Restricted Stock Agreement Abbott Laboratories Restricted Stock Unit Agreement
Abbott Laboratories Stock Retirement Plan Abbott Laboratories Subsidiaries
Abbott Laboratories Subsidiaries Schedule Valuation Qualifying Accounts 2006 Abbott Laboratories Supplemental Pension Plan
Abbott Molecular Development Agreement Abbott Narrows Full-year Confirms Earnings-per-share Guidance 2007
Abbott Not Introduce New Products Timely Manner Abbotts Abbott Obtain Market-leading Line Coronary Peripheral Vascular Products
Abbott Park Illinois 60064-6400 Abbott Park Road Illinois 60064-6400
Abbott Park Road Illinois 60064-6400 847 937-6100 Abbott Park Road Illinois 60064-6400 Address Principal Executive
Abbott Prism Abbott Raises Earnings-per-share Guidance Range Full-year 2006 Issues
Abbott Raises Full-year Earnings-per-share Guidance Abbott Raises Guidance Full-year Earnings Per Share
Abbott Raises Guidance Full-year Sales Growth Earnings Per Abbott Receives Not-approvable Letter Fda New Drug Application
Abbott Reports 175 Percent Sales Increase Abbott Subject Cost-containment Efforts
Abbott Subject Cost-containment Efforts Cause Reduction Future Revenues Abbott Subject Numerous Governmental Regulations Costly Comply Develop
Abbotts Molecular Diagnostics Diabetes Care Businesses Remain Part Abbotts Research Development Efforts Not Succeed Developing Commercially
Abbreviations Abt-335
Abt-874 Accelerated Vesting Equity Awards
Accountants Letter Acquired Assets
Acquired Novel Biologic Treat Chronic Pain Acquiror
Acquisition Strengthens Abbotts Late-stage Pipeline Delivers Significant Earnings-per-share Actions Hereby Approves Consents Offer Merger Other Transactions
Additional Information Adjustments
Administration Advicor Indication Safety Language
Affiliate Defined Rule 12b-2 Exchange Act Immediate Family Aggregated Option Sar Exercises Last Year-end Values
Agreement Agreement Plan Merger
Agreements Agreements Sell Purchase
Alejandro Aruffo Allocation Management Incentive Fund
Alternative Transaction Payment Amend Otherwise Change Articles Incorporation Bylaws Similar Governing
Amendment Articles Incorporation By-laws Change Amendment Articles Incorporation Bylaws Changes
Amendment Number Rights Agreement Amendment Termination
Amendment Termination Change Conditions Relating Payments Amendments
Amendments Articles Incorporation Bylaws Change Amendments Articles Incorporation Bylaws Changes
American Journal Cardiology Androgel Milestone Payments
Announced Acquisition Evalve Inc Announced Acquisition Nutrition Business India
Announced Acquisition Solvay Pharmaceuticals Business Announced Acquisition Starlims Technologies Ltd
Announced Acquisition Visiogen Inc Annuity Retirement Plan
Applicable Law Approval Process Related Person Transactions
Approved Approved Pediatric
Arbiter-6 Halts Data Presented Aha Arbitration
Assets Assignability
Assignment Assumed Liabilities
Audit Committee Audit Committee Charter
Audit Fees Non-audit Authorize New Capital Expenditures Other Amounts Not 7500000
Authorized Signatures-sign Here-this Completed Instructions Executed Bank National Association
Bank National Association Trustee Basis Consistent Preparation Balance Sheets Used Determine Minimum
Beneficial Ownership Reporting Compliance Biaxin
Bioabsorbable Des Bioabsorbable Drug-eluting Stent
Bioabsorbable Stent Blood Screening Test Launched New Diagnostic Instrument
Bnp Paribas 1-877-858-5407 Citi 1-866-289-1262 Wachovia Securities Board Directors
Board Directors Recommends Vote Board Directors Recommends Vote Against
Board Directors Recommends Vote Against Proxy Card Board Directors Recommends Vote Ratification Appointment Deloitte Touche
Board Directors Reinstate Offer Recommendation Merger Accordance Fiduciary Board Directors Shareholders Abbott Laboratories
Board Directors Statement Opposition Shareholder Proposal Access Medicines Board Directors Statement Opposition Shareholder Proposal Advisory Vote
Board Directors Statement Opposition Shareholder Proposal Animal Testing Board Directors Statement Opposition Shareholder Proposal Corporate Political
Board Directors Statement Opposition Shareholder Proposal Health Care Board Directors Statement Opposition Shareholder Proposal Pay-for-superior-performance Proxy
Brazil Broad Vascular Devices Product Portfolio
Bulgaria Business Combination
Business Combinations Technology Acquisitions Business Combinations Technology Acquisitions Related Transactions
Business Employees Business Highlights
Business Practices C4000
Calculation Losses Canadian Import Antitrust Litigation
Capital Expenditures Capitalization Kos Investments Holdings
Carlos Alban Casartelli
Case Kos Investments Holdings Only Enter Business Make Case Kos Investments Holdings Only Incur Indebtedness Other
Cash Flow Catherine Babington
Cause Filed Other Tax Returns Required Kos Investments Caution Concerning Forward-looking Statements
Cautionary Statement Regarding Forward-looking Statements Certain Income Tax Consequences
Certain Matters Respect Vep Products Certain Relationships Related Transactions Director Independence
Certificates Shares Transfer Certificates Shares Uncertificated Transfer
Certification Chief Executive Officer Required Rule 13a-14 Cfr Certification Chief Financial Officer Required Rule 13a-14 Cfr
Certification Pursuant Usc 1350 Adopted 906 Sarbanes-oxley Act Chairman Chief Executive Officers Compensation
Change Boehringer Ingelheim Agreement Change Conditions Relating Payments
Change Control Change Medimmune Agreement
Changes Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Changes Trustee
Charles Brock Check Appropriate Box Form 8-k Filing Intended Simultaneously
China Choose Tender Notes Repurchase
Clarithromycin Closing
Combination Abbotts Guidants Vascular Organizations Creates Leading Devices Combination Data Diabetic Subset
Commit Agree Take Actions Described Sections 401 Through Committees
Committees Board Directors Communicating Board Directors
Compensation Arrangements Compensation Committee
Compensation Committee Report Compensation Components
Compensation Directors Compensation Philosophy
Competitors Intellectual Property Prevent Abbott Selling Products Material Completed Acquisitions Evalve Inc Visiogen
Completion Acquisition Disposition Assets Compliance
Conclusion Tap Pharmaceutical Products Inc Joint Venture Sale Conditions
Conditions Buyers Obligations Conditions Consummation Merger
Conditions Merger Conditions Obligation Acquiror Effect Acquisition Further Subject
Conditions Offer Conditions Precedent
Conditions Sellers Obligations Conduct Business Pending Merger
Conduct Business Prior Closing Confidential Voting
Conflicts Consents Consent Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Consolidation Merger Sale Conveyance Lease Contingent Interest
Contingent Obligations Contractual Obligations
Controlled Release Vicodin Controlled-release Vicodin
Controls Procedures Conversion Repurchase Rights
Copies Shall Not Constitute Notice Core Laboratory Diagnostics
Core Products Corporate Governance Materials
Corporate Names Cost Soliciting Proxies
Costs Associated Exit Disposal Activities Counterparts
Covenants Covenants Abbott Newco
Covenants Agreements Covenants Regarding Tap
Covenants Takeda Tap Credit Performance Support Obligations
Croatia Cumulative Voting
Current Report Current Report Pursuant Securities Exchange Act 1934
Cusip Cusip 002824 Av2
Cusip 00763maj7 00763mah1 Cusip 00763mak4 00763mal2
Daniel Norbeck Data Presented American Heart Association Conference
Data Privacy Data Room Deposit Agreement
Data Spirit Europcr Data Tct Scientific Meeting
Date Occurs Within Period Described Below Date Receipt Shareholder Proposals 2007 Annual Meeting Proxy
Date Receipt Shareholder Proposals 2008 Annual Meeting Proxy Date Receipt Shareholder Proposals 2009 Annual Meeting Proxy
Date Receipt Shareholder Proposals 2010 Annual Meeting Proxy Date Report Earliest Event Reported Abbott Laboratories
Dated 2009 Dates Redemption Provisions
Death Employee Debt Capital
Debt Lines Credit Decision Sell Pharmaceuticals Sector Abbott
Defaulting Underwriters Deferred Closing Jurisdictions
Definitions Definitions Purposes Agreement
Departure Directors Certain Officers Election Appointment Compensatory Departure Directors Principal Officers Election Appointment
Depositors Description Business
Determine Market Value Notes Diabetes Care Pipeline
Diagnostic Products Diagnostics
Did Humira Perform What Future Sales Expectations Did Net Interest Expense Increase Prior
Did Sga Investment Compare Guidance Did Stock Compensation Expense Impact
Did Stock Compensation Expense Impact Full Did Tap Joint Venture Perform
Director Independence Standard Directors
Directors Executive Officers Corporate Governance Disclosure Controls Procedures
Disclosure Schedule Index Disclosure Specific Representations
Discontinuance Participation Termination Employment Discretionary Voting Authority
Dissolution Tap Joint Venture Distribution Trust Fund
Distributions Shareholders Dividends
Documents Filed Part Form 10-k Dollars
Donald Patton Douglas Bryant
Drug-eluting Stent Due 2012
Due 2019 Duration
Duration Termination Amendment Plan Each Share Common Stock Merger Sub Issued Outstanding
Economic Competitive Governmental Technological Other Factors Affect Abbott Edward Fiorentino
Edward Michael Effect Broker Non-votes Abstentions
Effect Certain Bad Acts Effect Merger Capital Stock Constituent Corporations
Efforts Regulatory Filings Consents Election 338 Code Shall Respect Stock Kos Investments
Election Director Eligibility
Eligibility Participation Employee Benefit Plans
Employees Each Case Similar Plans Maintained Subsidiaries Immediately Employer Contributions Defined Contribution Plans
Endovascular Products Enhancements
Entire Agreement Entry Material Definitive Agreement
Environmental Matters Equity Compensation Plan Information
Eugene Sun Evaluation Disclosure Controls Procedures
Events Default Exact Name Registrant Specified Charter
Except 960069 Shares Common Stock Owned Kos Investments Except Vote Withheld Above Nominee
Exchange Property Value Excluded Assets
Excluded Liabilities Execution Copy
Executive Compensation Executive Officers Registrant
Exercised Only Employee While Employ Subsidiaries Exhibits
Expect Double-digit Sales Growth Worldwide Medical Products Expiration Loss Patent Protection Licenses Affect Abbotts Future
Expiration Patent Protection Licenses Affect Abbotts Future Revenues Extendable Provisions
Federal Income Tax Consequences Financial Community
Financial Details Financial Highlights
Financial Information Relating Industry Segments Geographic Areas Classes Financial Instruments Derivatives
Financial Review Financial Statement Schedules
Financial Statement Schedules Filed Pages Financial Statements
Financial Statements Exhibits Financial Terms
Finders Other Fee Connection Transactions Contemplated Agreement Based Floating Rate Provisions
Flutiform Foreign Benefits
Foreign Currency Contracts Foreign Currency Sensitive Financial Instruments
Forfeiture Provision Referenced Form 10-k
Form 10-q Form Repurchase Notice
Form Restrictive Legend Common Stock Issued Conversion Freestyle Freedom Lite Available United States
Full-year 2007 Fully-automated Blood Screening Test Approved
Further Assurances Gary Mccullough
Gastroenterology General
General Development Business General Provisions
Global Notes Only Gnatures
Goodwill Intangible Assets Greg Linder
Gross Margin Compared Previous Expectations Was Impacted Higher Gross Margin Ratio Compare Guidance
Guidant Vascular Acquisition Guidant Vascular Sales Employees
Hand Headings
Headings Descriptive Contained Agreement Included Convenience Reference Heather Mason
Hepatitis Holders Tender Through Dtc Need Not Submit Physical
Holders Withdraw Through Dtc Need Not Submit Physical Holger Liepmann
Humira Humira Approved Psoriasis United States Europe
Humira Data Hytrin
Illinois Immediate Release
Immunity Incorporators Stockholders Officers Directors Immunology
Important Notice Regarding Availability Proxy Materials Shareholder Meeting Important-please Sign Date Below
Incentive Stock Program Incentive Stock Programs
Include Income Tap Pharmaceutical Products Inc Joint Venture
Income Taxes Indemnification Buyer Parent
Indemnification Seller Parent Indemnification Sellers
Indemnity Contribution Indenture
Index Indicate Check Whether Registrant Accelerated Filer Defined Rule
Indicate Check Whether Registrant Large Accelerated Filer Non-accelerated Indications Japan
Indonesia Information Annual Meeting
Information Concerning Security Ownership Information Reporting Backup Withholding
Innovative Research Development Programs Inspectors Election
Insurance Intercompany Loans Cash
Intercompany Services Transactions Interest Expense
Interest Expense Income Interest Payments
Interest Rate Sensitive Financial Instruments Internal Control Over Financial Reporting
International International Expansion
International Launch International Nature Abbotts Business Subjects Additional Risks Cause
International Operations Internet Information
Introduction Investment Boston Scientific Common Stock Receivable
Investment Boston Scientific Receivable Investment Increased Nearly Percent Support Key Pipeline Programs
Investment Securities Dollars Investments
Irrevocable Grantor Trust Agreement Issuer Each Representatives Plus Counsel
Issuer Filed Registration Statement Including Prospectus Sec Offering Issuer Purchases Equity Securities
Jaime Contreras James Farrell Named Abbott Board Directors
James Mazzo James Tyree
Japan Mexico Jeffrey Binder
Jeffrey Leiden John Capek
John Landgraf John Leonard
Joseph Nemmers Journal American Society Nephrology
Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis Jra Key Employee Retention
Kos Pharmaceuticals Inc Lancet
Larry Peepo Launched Next-generation Starclose Vascular Closure System
Laura Schumacher Lawrence Kraus
Laws Regulations Affecting Government Benefit Programs Impose New Leathers
Legislative Issues Letters Form Reasonably Satisfactory Acquiror Respect Each Such
Lipid Management Lipid Management Portfolio
Liquidation Dissolution Liquidity Capital Resources 2005 Compared 2004
Litigation Litigation Environmental Matters
Litigation Mdl 1456 Litigation Related Matters
Loreen Mershimer M2000
Management Incentive Plan Management Incentive Plan Fund
Management Report Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Management Trust Fund
Managements Annual Report Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Mandel
Manufacture Abbotts Products Highly Exacting Complex Process Abbott Market Price Sensitive Financial Instruments
Market Registrants Common Equity Related Stockholder Matters Issuer Mary Szela
Masterson Material Modification Rights Security Holders
Mdl 1430 Mdl 1456
Media Medical Products Group Highlights
Meeting Date 2008 Meeting Date 2009
Method Specified Funds Payment Purchase Price Micardis
Michael Beatrice Michael Collins
Michael Warmuth Miles White
Miscellaneous Mitraclip
Mixed Assets Mobic
Molecular Diagnostics Molecular Diagnostics System
Much Offering Pay What Form Payment Mutual Written Consent Parent Merger Sub
Names Addresses Representatives Narrative Description Business
Need Anything Not Wish Tender Notes Repurchase Neither Securities Exchange Nor State Other Regulatory Authority
Net Interest Expense Net Losses Subrogation
Net Shares Net Taxes
Neuroscience New Plan Benefits
New Products Technological Advances Abbotts Competitors Negatively Affect New Program Benefits
New Zealand News
Niaspan Indication Safety Information Non-publicly Traded Equity Securities
Non-qualified Defined Contribution Plan Earnings Non-us Defined Contribution Plans
Nonqualified Stock Options Non-employee Directors Nontransferability
Not Applicable Not Return Proxy Card Voting Telephone Internet
Notary Public Vincent Vroninks Noteholders
Noteholders Lists Reports Trustee Notes Currently Convertible
Notes Due 2019 Notes Due 2039
Notes Global Form Notes Held Through Custodian
Notice Annual Meeting Shareholders Notice Defense Claims Settlements Expenses
Notices Now Therefore Indenture Witnesseth
Nutritional Products Offer Being Financed
Offer Expire Offer Merger
Offering Repurchase Notes Officers
Offices Olivier Bohuon
Oncology One-time Included Costs Related Spinoff Hospira Acquisition Integration
Operating Earnings Option Exercises Stock Vested
Option Passed Laws Descent Distribution Options
Options Granted Last Organizational Documents Shall Assumed Surviving Corporation Merger Without
Other Other Buyers
Other Compensation Other Events
Other Factors Material Adverse Effect Abbotts Future Profitability Other Highlights
Other Income Expense Net Other Limitations
Other Market Price Sensitive Investments Other Matters
Other Pipeline Products Other Products
Other Sellers Other Share-based Awards Recognition
Other Terms Other Terms 149
Page Parent Event Willful Material Breach Occurred
Parent Merger Sub Parent Shall Promptly Deposit Cash Exchange Fund Amount
Participation Parties Against Hold Them Harmless Losses Suffered Incurred
Party Beneficiaries Party Financial Indebtedness
Patents Trademarks Licenses Patient Side Point-of-care Testing
Paying Agent Payment 412 Shall Paid Cash Wire Transfer Same
Payment Delivery Payroll Deductions Contributions Stock Purchases
Pension Benefits Pension Post-employment Benefits
Percent Change Not Meaningful Performance Awards
Performance Graph Performance Restricted Stock Agreement
Pharmaceutical Industry Average Wholesale Price Litigation Mdl 1456 Pharmaceutical Products
Pharmaceutical Products Group Highlights Philosophy Guides Specific Decisions
Policy Audit Committee Pre-approval Permissible Non-audit Services Independent Portions 2006 Abbott Laboratories Proxy Statement Incorporated Reference
Portions 2009 Abbott Laboratories Proxy Statement Incorporated Reference Portions 2010 Abbott Laboratories Proxy Statement Incorporated Reference
Post Closing Cooperation Post-approval Study Xience
Potential Payments Change Control Potential Payments Termination Generally
Pre-closing Access Cooperation Preparation Filing Tax Returns
Presented Three-year Bioabsorbable Stent Data Aha Price Public
Pricing Agreement Principal Accounting Fees Services
Principal Market Principal Market Issuer Purchases Equity Securities
Principal Return Private Securities Litigation Reform Act 1995 Caution Concerning
Procedure Recommendation Nomination Directors Transaction Business Annual Meeting Procedures
Procedures Relating Indemnity Tax Claims Product Submissions
Prohibiting Merger Such Order Decree Ruling Other Action Properties
Property Equipment Lease Obligations Proponents Statement Support Shareholder Proposal
Psoriasis Psoriasis Data
Purchase Cycles Dates Purchase Price
Purchase Price Underwriters Purchase Sale Shares Acquired Assets
Purchase Sale Shares Closing Purposes 412 Acquisition Proposal Shall Having Meaning Set
Purposes Agreement Following Terms Shall Meanings Assigned Below Q10
Q11 Quarterly Outlook
Questions Answers Quorum Vote Required Approve Each Proxy
Ratification Deloitte Touche Llp Auditors Proxy Card Reason Retirement Disability Death Other Anniversary Grant Date
Recently Adopted Accounting Standards Recently Issued Accounting Standards
Recitals Record Date
Redemption Provisions Redemption Rights
Registrants Telephone Number Including Area Code Regular Registered Certified Mail
Regulation Regulation Disclosure
Regulatory Compliance Related Party Contracts Intercompany Accounts
Related Transactions Related-party Transactions
Relationship Astrazeneca Reliant
Remainder Page Intentionally Left Blank Report Audit Committee
Report Being Furnished Report Compensation Committee
Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Supplemental Schedule
Reports Strong Double-digit Sales Growth Medical Products Pharmaceuticals Representations Warranties
Representations Warranties Abbott Representations Warranties Buyer Parent
Representations Warranties Parent Merger Sub Representations Warranties Parent Purchaser
Representations Warranties Relating Acquiror Representations Warranties Seller Parent
Representations Warranties Sellers Repurchase Notes
Required Law Agreement Shall Been Approved Shareholders Requisite Required Rule 13a-14 Cfr 24013a-14
Research Development Reservation Form Annual Meeting
Restricted Stock Agreement Restricted Stock Awards Units
Restricted Stock Units Non-employee Directors Restriction Refunding Sinking Fund Provisions
Restructuring Plans Restructurings
Result Stronger Expected Sales Growth Gross Margin Contribution Results Core Laboratory Diagnostics Business Being Reported
Results Impacted Specified Primarily Related Integration Therasense Results Operations Financial Condition
Revenue Segments Revoking Proxy
Richard Ashley Richard Gonzalez
Richard Marasco Right Compensation
Robert Hance Ross Products
Sarbanes-oxley Act 2002 Satisfaction Discharge Indenture
Schedule Schedule 10l
Schedule 14a Schedule 602
Schedule Stock Ownership Scott White
Seal Sean Murphy
Seasonal Aspects Customers Backlog Renegotiation Securities Registered Pursuant Act
Securities Subject Plan Security Ownership Certain Beneficial Owners Management Related Stockholder
Security Ownership Executive Officers Directors See Consolidated Statement Earnings Information
Selected Financial Data Sellers
Sga Expense Included New Ongoing Promotional Initiatives Including Shall Give Parent Merger Sub Reasonable Opportunity Review
Share Ownership Guidelines Shareholder Proposal Access Medicines Proxy Card
Shareholder Proposal Advisory Vote Proxy Card Shareholder Proposal Animal Testing Proxy Card
Shareholder Proposal Corporate Political Contributions Proxy Card Shareholder Proposal Health Care Principles Proxy Card
Shareholder Proposal Pay-for-superior-performance Proxy Card Shareholder Proposal Roles Chair Ceo Proxy Card
Shareholder Proposals Shareholder Rights
Shareholders Shareholders Agreement
Shareholders Board Meetings Signature
Signature Guarantee Signature Page Data Room Deposit Agreement
Signature Page Follows Signatures
Significant Safety Issues Arise Abbotts Products Material Adverse Simcor
Simcor Approved United States Similac
Sinking Fund Provisions Sodufa
Sold Companies Other Liabilities Solely Purposes References Definition Acquisition Proposal Shall Deemed
Solicitation Proxies Solicited Behalf Board Directors
Solvay Solvay Pharmaceuticals
Solvay Pharmaceuticals Marketing Licensing Sources Availability Raw Materials
Special Limitations Spin-off Abbotts Core Hospital Products Business
Spin-off Hospira Spirit Data Presented Europcr
State Illinois Statutory Waiting Periods Extension Thereof Applicable Merger Hsr
Stephen Fussell Stock Asset Purchase Agreement
Stock Compensation Stock Options
Submission Matters Vote Security Holders Submitted New Drug Application Fda Certriad
Subsequent Event Subsequent Event Announced Sales Businesses
Subsequent Event Business Combination Subsequent Events
Successors Sugar
Summary Compensation Table Summary Significant Accounting Policies
Summary Term Sheet Supplemental Pension Plan
Supporting Statement Survival
Susan Widner Synthroid
Table Contents Taiwan
Taking Account Facts Circumstances Respect Such Tax Claim Talk Questions Offer
Tap Joint Venture Tap Joint Venture Conclude
Tap Pharmaceutical Products Inc Tap Pharmaceutical Products Inc Subsidiaries Schedule Valuation Qualifying
Tap Receives Approvable Letter Fda New Drug Application Tax Indemnity
Taxes Earnings Tct Data Presentations
Telephone 847 937-6l00 Tender Notes
Tender Notes Receive Payment Them Tender Support Agreement
Termination Termination Amendment Waiver
Termination Applicable Waiting Periods Hsr Act Soon Practicable Termination Employment
Termination Liability Termination Material Definitive Agreement
Thinman Des Thomas Chen
Thomas Freyman Thomas Wascoe
Time Sharing Agreement Timing
Trading Certain Nations Transaction Agreement
Transactions Effected Closing Payment Purchase Price Transition Report Pursuant Securities Exchange Act 1934
Tricor Tricor Indication Safety Information
Trilipix Trilipix Abt-335
Trilipix Crestor Data Presented Trilipix Formerly Known Abt-335
Underwriting Agreement United States Resident Federal Income Tax Purposes Pay
Unless Boxes Checked Trustee Refuse Register Notes Evidenced Unless Certificate Presented Authorized Representative Depository Trust Water
Until What Time Withdraw Previously Tendered Notes Update Employee Schedule
Valuation Intangible Assets Vascular Products
Venezuela Vest»
Vicodin Meets Primary Efficacy Endpoints Phase Trial Vietnam
Viva Voce Vote
Vote Important Please Immediately Vote Important Please Sign Promptly Return Proxy Enclosed
Vote Nominees Withhold Vote Using Internet
Vote Using Telephone Within Canada Voting Proxy
Voting Shares Interests Other Corporations Waiver Notice
Walgreen Eckerd Corporation Kroger Maxi Drug Inc Was Increase Sga In-line Expectations
What Conditions Repurchase Notes What Details Regarding New Intellectual Property Biaxin Outlook
What Drove 143 Percent Worldwide Pharmaceutical Sales Growth What Drove 147 Percent Increase Worldwide Medical Products
What Drove 156 Percent Increase Global Medical Products What Drove 156 Percent Increase International Nutritionals 120
What Drove 156 Percent Operational Increase Global Medical What Drove 162 Percent Operational Increase Worldwide Medical
What Drove 167 Percent Increase Global Pharmaceutical Sales What Drove 167 Percent Worldwide Pharmaceutical Sales Growth
What Drove 187 Percent Worldwide Pharmaceutical Sales Growth What Drove 196 Percent Worldwide Pharmaceutical Sales Growth
What Drove 252 Percent Increase Global Medical Products What Drove 270 Percent Operational Increase Global Medical
What Drove Double-digit Increase Sga What Drove Double-digit Medical Products Sales Growth
What Drove Double-digit Pharmaceutical Sales Growth What Drove Growth Worldwide Pharmaceutical Sales
What Drove Increase Sga What Drove Increased Investment Spending
What Drove Investment Spending What Drove Operational Growth Worldwide Pharmaceutical Sales
What Drove Percent Increase Worldwide Medical Products Sales What Drove Percent Worldwide Pharmaceutical Sales Growth
What Drove Pharmaceutical Sales Growth Adjusted Products What Drove Sga Investment
What Drove Sga Spending What Drove Strong Double-digit Increase Sga
What Drove Strong Investment Spending What Drove Strong Performance Worldwide Medical Products Nutritional
What Drove Strong Sga Spending What Forecast Earnings-per-share 2006
What Impacted Medical Products Group Sales Growth What Impacted Other Income
What Impacted Pharmaceutical Products Group Sales Growth What Impacted Total Sales Growth
What Major Regulatory Approvals Abbott Received Far 2008 What Notes Offering Repurchase
What Significant New Product Activity Occurred 2005 What Some Early Mid-stage Opportunities Abbotts Broad-based Pipeline
What Some Near-term Opportunities Abbotts Broad-based Pipeline What Was Cash Flow Performance 2005
What Was Gross Margin Ratio What Was Tax Rate
What Was Tax Rate Full-year 2009 Whereas
William Brown William Dempsey
Withdraw Previously Tendered Notes Without Positive Impact Exchange 103 Percent Endovascular Sales
Without Positive Impact Exchange 122 Percent Endovascular Sales Without Positive Impact Exchange 124 Percent Endovascular Sales
Without Positive Impact Exchange 131 Percent Endovascular Sales Without Positive Impact Exchange Percent Abbott Diabetes Care
Without Positive Impact Exchange Percent Adult Nutritionals Sales Without Positive Impact Exchange Percent Clarithromycin Sales Decreased
Witness Whereof Witnesseth
Working Capital Worldwide Nutritional Products Operational Sales Increased 131 Percent
Worldwide Nutritional Products Sales Increased Percent Including Favorable Xience
Xience Approved United States Xience Drug-eluting Stent Des
Xience Japan Xience Nano
Xience Prime Xience Receives Recommendation Approval
Xience Submitted Japan Xinlay
Xinlay Expanded Access Program Yes
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«option Price» «price»
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