Topic Listing for Advanced Micro Devices

Ability Design Introduce New Graphics Products Timely Manner Ability Design Introduce New Products Timely Manner Dependent
Ability Satisfy Covenants Financial Ratios Tests Debt Instruments Abn Amro Bank
Abn Amro Bank Niederlassung Deutschland Acceleration Amd Stock Options Restricted Units Held Spansion
Acceleration Vesting Stock Options Access Facilities
Access Information Accounting Impact
Accounting Method Convertible Debt Securities Net Share Settlement Accounting Records Reports
Accounting Treatment Amd Options Held Spansion Employees Accounts
Accounts Receivable Accrued Liabilities
Accumulated Other Comprehensive Loss Achieve Further Market Acceptance 64-bit Technology Amd64 Materially
Acquisition Acquisition Agreement
Actions Requiring Special Vote Board Managers Additional Capital Contributions Members
Additional Highlights Additional Information
Additional Information Find Additional Pre-t0 Joint Development Project Requirements
Additional Quarterly Highlights Adjustments Purchase Price Per Common Share
Administration Administration Plan
Admission Assignees Substitute Members Admissions Withdrawals
Advanced Mask Technology Center Maskhouse Building Administration Guarantees Advanced Micro Devices 500 Index Semiconductor
Advanced Micro Devices Inc Advanced Micro Devices Inc 2004 Equity Incentive Plan
Advanced Micro Devices Inc 2005 Annual Incentive Plan Advanced Micro Devices Inc 2005 Long Term Incentive
Advanced Micro Devices Inc 2009 Advanced Micro Devices Inc Executive Investment Account Plan
Advanced Micro Devices Inc Offer Convertible Senior Notes Advanced Micro Devices Inc Prices 575 Convertible Senior
Advanced Micro Devices Inc Subsidiaries Advertising Expenses
Affirmative Covenants Agency Agreement
Agents Lenders Rights Duties Liabilitie Aggregate Ownership Interest Meaning Set Forth Spansions Certificate
Agreements Governing Borrowing Arrangements Impose Restrictions Adversely Affect Agreements Related Intellectual Property
Agreements Spansion Fujitsu Related Reorganization Aib Manufacturers System Integrators
Allocation Financing Responsibility 4-year Period Allocations Participant Account
Allowance Doubtful Accounts Amd
Amd Advanced Technology Investment Mubadala Amend Transaction Agreements Amd Amdiss Intel Corporation Kabushiki Kaisha Civil Action
Amd Announces Adjournment Special Meeting Stockholders Until Wednesday Amd Announces Redemption 775 Senior Notes Due 2012
Amd Announces Resignation Chief Sales Marketing Officer Henri Amd Appoints Frank Clegg Corporate Chairman Director Navantis
Amd Appoints Nicholas Donofrio Board Directors Amd Arrow Logo Opteron Combinations Thereof Ati Radeon
Amd Arrow Logo Opteron Neo Combinations Thereof Ati Amd Board Directors Elects Dirk Meyer President Ceo
Amd Change Control Amd China Revolving Credit Line
Amd Delivers Asset Smart Become Financially Stronger Focused Amd Distribution Agreement
Amd Extended Period Support Amd Fab Holding Gmbh
Amd Fab Limited Liability Amd Fab Partnership Agreements
Amd Flash Memory Business Means Research Development Manufacture Amd Guaranteed Obligations
Amd Intel Corporation Kabushiki Kaisha Civil Action 05-441 Amd International Sales Service Ltd
Amd News Release Amd Opteron Processors Record Gross Margin
Amd Ordering Part Number Amd Penang Term Loan
Amd Prc Customers Amd Promotes Randy Allen Head Computing Solutions Group
Amd Purchase Commitments Amd Reconciliation Net Income Loss Attributable Common Stockholders
Amd Reports Annual Results Amd Reports Eps 045 Excluding Non-cash Charge
Amd Reports Results Amd Revolving Credit Facility
Amd Rules Imposed Sub-distributors Amd Samsung Electronics
Amd Stock Options Amd Technology
Amd Teleconference Amd Updates Outlook
Amd Webcast Special Meeting Stockholders Amd-fasl Patent Cross-license Agreement
Amd-spansion Patent Cross-license Agreement Amd-specific Costs Following Such
Amended Restated Amd-fujitsu Patent Cross-license Agreement Amended Restated Intellectual Property Contribution Ancillary Matters Agreement
Amended Restated Non-competition Agreement Amended Restated Patent Cross-license Agreements
Amended Restated Services Agreements Amendment
Amendment Accounts Receivables Trust Agreement Amendment Agreement
Amendment Amd Fab Cost Plus Agreement Amendment Amended Restated Employment Agreement
Amendment Employment Agreement Amendment Employment Agreement Waiver
Amendment Revolving Line Agreement Amendment Termination 2004 Plan Prohibition Repricing Exchange Awards
Amendments Amendments Amd Fab Cost Plus Reimbursement Agreement
Amendments Amd Fab Holding Cost Plus Reimbursement Agreement Amendments Amd Fab Management Services Agreement
Amendments Articles Incorporation Bylaws Change Amendments Plan Arrangement
Amendments Registrants Code Ethics Waiver Provision Amendments Waivers Participations Assignments Successors
Amortization Acquired Intangible Assets Impairment Goodwill Amortization Acquired Intangible Assets Integration Charges
Amortization Acquired Intangible Assets Integration Charges Impairment Goodwill Amortization Acquired Intangible Assets Integrations Charges
Amtc Bac Guarantees Analysis Precedent Transactions
Ancillary Matters Agreement Annex
Annexes Exhibits Schedules Annual Business Plan
Annual Business Plan Deadlock Resolution Annual Incentive Plan Aip
Annual Report Financial Statements Appendix
Applicable Spda Process Development Projects Approval Amendment 2000 Employee Stock Purchase Plan
Approval Creating First-priority Floating Pledge Approval Creating Second-priority Floating Pledge
Arbitration Applicable Law Argentina
Arketing Ales Arranties
Arranties Isclaimers Assembly Test Facilities
Assembly Test Marking Packaging Assembly Test Pack Atmp
Asset Purchase Agreement Asset Splits
Assignment Assignment Binding Effect
Assignment Form Assignment Rents
Assignment Rents Financing Statement Assumed Liabilities
Asustek Computer Inc Ati Acquisition
Ati Acquisition-related Charges Ati Acquisition-related Integration Charges
Ati Acquisition-related Integration Severance Charges Ati Technologies Inc Securities Litigation
Atic Auction Rate Securities
Audit Audit Committee Report
Auditors Report Shareholders Australia
Authorization Release Transfer Necessary Personal Information Following Provision Authorization Release Transfer Necessary Personal Information Following Provisions
Available Information Awards
Awards Outside Directors Background
Background Purpose Plan Backlog
Balance Page Intentionally Left Blank Base Salary
Basis Presentation Basis Presentation Significant Accounting Policies
Become Party Intellectual Property Claims Litigation Cause Incur Beneficial Ownership Reporting Compliance
Benefits Option Exchange Program Eligible Employees Benefits Paid
Benefits-executive Binding Effect
Board Audit Committee Report Board Compensation Committee Report Executive
Board Directors Board Directors Recommends Vote Against Above Proposal Following
Board Directors Recommends Vote Issuance 58000000 Shares Common Board Directors Unanimously Recommends Vote Ratification Appointment Ernst
Board Managers Bonus Criteria Committee Approved Performance Half 2006 Awards
Branding Brazil
Broadcom Bulk Cmos Industry Standard List
Business Business Adversely Affected Acquisition Ati Not Completed
Business Continuity Business Overview
Business Practices Business Purpose
Business Subject Potential Tax Liabilities Calculation Tax Gross Net Benefit
Canada Cannot Adequately Protect Technology Other Intellectual Property United
Cannot Certain Substantial Investments Research Development Lead Timely Cannot Generate Sufficient Operating Cash Flow Obtain External
Cannot Generate Sufficient Revenues Operating Cash Flow Obtain Capital Accounts
Capital Contribution Dissolution Capital Lease Obligations
Capital Lease Sale Leaseback Transactions Capital Structure
Capped Call Transaction Affect Value Common Stock Cash Contribution
Cash Equivalents Cash Reserve
Cautionary Statement Cautionary Statement Regarding Forward-looking Statements
Certain Corporate Actions Certain Relationships Related Transactions
Certificate Acceptance Certificate Conveyance
Certificate Lease Certificate Return
Certificates Certification Acting Principal Financial Officer Pursuant 906 Sarbanes-oxley
Certification Chief Executive Officer Pursuant 302 Sarbanes-oxley Act Certification Chief Executive Officer Pursuant 906 Sarbanes-oxley Act
Certification Chief Financial Officer Pursuant 302 Sarbanes-oxley Act Certification Chief Financial Officer Pursuant 906 Sarbanes-oxley Act
Certification Principal Executive Officer Pursuant 906 Sarbanes-oxley Act Certification Principal Financial Officer Pursuant 906 Sarbanes-oxley Act
Chairman Board Managers Change Control
Change Control Arrangements Changes Internal Control Over Financial Reporting
Channel Partners Chemical Environmental Information
China Chipset Market
Chipset Products Class Convertible Notes
Class Ordinary Shares Class Preferred Shares
Class Subordinated Convertible Notes Closing Amd
Closing Atic Closing Conditions
Closing Foundry Closing Mubadala
Collateral Agreement Trust Collection Accounts Payments
Commerzbank Aktiengesellschaft Commitment Letter
Commitments Commitments Contingencies
Commitments Guarantees Committees Meetings Board Directors
Common Stock Communications Board Non-management Directors
Comparable Analysis Comparable Public Trading Multiples Analysis
Comparable Transaction Analysis Comparison Gross Margin Expenses Interest Income Expense Other
Comparison Gross Margin Expenses Interest Income Other Expense Comparison Gross Margin Expenses Interest Income Other Net
Comparison Gross Margin Interest Income Expense Other Net Comparison Total Return
Compensation Chief Executive Officer Compensation Committee
Compensation Committee Report Compensation Components
Compensation Managers Compensation Philosophy
Compensation Program Competition
Competition Chipset Market Competition Consumer Electronics Market
Competition Embedded Processor Market Competition Flash Memory Market
Competition Graphics Chipset Market Competition Graphics Market
Competition Microprocessor Market Competition Respect Personal Connectivity Solutions
Competitors Introduce New Memory Other Technologies Make Spansions Completion Acquisition Disposition Assets
Completion Sale Dtv Assets Compliance Irs Safe Harbor
Comprehensive Income Loss Comprehensive Loss
Computation Products Computation Products Group
Computing Solutions Concentration Credit Risk
Concentrations Credit Operation Risk Concentrations Credit Risk
Concerning Trustee Condemnation
Conditions Conditions Funding
Conditions Lending Conditions Precedent Utilisation
Conduct Indemnification Proceedings Conducting Internal Investigation Matters Associated Recently Announced Allegations
Confidential Information Confidential Treatment Been Requested Portions Copy Filed Herewith
Confidentiality Confidentiality Information Transfers Licenses Background Know-how
Consent Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Consent Substitution
Consequential Damages Consideration
Consideration Stockholder Nominees Director Consolidated Statements Operations Information
Construction Interpretation Consumer Class Action Lawsuits
Consumer Electronics Consumer Electronics Market
Consumer Electronics Products Contact
Contents Contingencies
Continuation Contracting Transactions Between Members
Contractor Shall Keep Construction Diary Bautagebuch Least Daily Contracts
Contractual Obligations Contribution
Contribution Amd Assets Foundry Contribution Bonus
Contributions Controller Personal Data Processing Advanced Micro Devices Inc
Controls Procedures Conversion 475 Convertible Senior Debentures
Conversion 575 Notes 600 Dilute Ownership Interest Existing Conversion 600 Notes Dilute Ownership Interest Existing Stockholders
Convertible Senior Debentures Due 2022 Convertible Senior Notes Due 2007
Convertible Senior Notes Due 2012 Convertible Senior Notes Due 2015
Cooperation Agreement Corporate Bonus Plan
Corporate Governance Cost Management Efforts Not Effective Business Materially Adversely
Cost Plus Reimbursement Agreement Dated 2004 Between Amd Cost Reduction Efforts Not Effective Business Materially Adversely
Costs Associated Exit Disposal Activities Costs Related Defective Products Material Adverse Effect
Counterparts Covenants
Cpu Gpu Silicon Fusion Another Industry Customers Creating Jobs Upstate New York
Creation Direct Financial Obligation Off-balance Sheet Arrangement Credit Agreement
Critical Accounting Estimates Critical Accounting Policies
Critical Success Factors 2005 Cross License Agreement
Current Outlook Customers
Date Action Dated 2003
Death Benefit Debt
Debt Capital Lease Obligations Debt Instruments Impose Restrictions Adversely Affect Ability Operate
Debt Obligations Parties Debt Obligations Related Parties
Default Remedies Deferral Accounts Trust Funding
Deferral Elections Deferred Income Account Plan
Definitions Delaware Limited Liability
Delivery Dell
Demand Registrations Department Justice Subpoena
Departure Directors Certain Officers Election Appointment Compensatory Departure Directors Principal Officers Election Appointment
Depend Third-party Companies Design Manufacture Core-logic Chipsets Graphics Depend Third-party Companies Design Manufacture Supply Core-logic Chipsets
Depend Third-party Companies Design Manufacture Supply Motherboards Bios Deposit Cash Shares Parent Common Stock
Derivative Financial Instruments Description Amd Common Stock
Description Business Description Foundry Convertible Subordinated Notes
Description Term Loan Facility Description Warrants
Designated Agent Service Process Details Option Exchange Program
Deutsche Bank Luxembourg Development Projects
Dilution Ownership Interest Director Compensation
Director Election Majority Vote Standard Proposal Directors Compensation Benefits
Disclosure Controls Procedures Discounted Cash Flow Analysis
Disposition Assets Dispute Resolution
Dispute Resolution Enforcement Agreement Future Relationship Disputes Buyers
Distribution Dilutive Effect Options Distribution Dilutive Effect Options Awards
Distributions Distributions Kind
Distributions Liquidation Distributions Respect Unsurrendered Certificates
Divided Documents
Documents Incorporated Reference Drag-along Rights
Dresden Europe Amd Support Transition Plans Dresden Term Loan Subsidy
Dresdner Bank Dresdner Bank Berlin
Dresdner Bank Niederlassung Luxemburg Driven Record Adoption Amd Opteron Processors
Duration Agreement Econded Mployees
Economically Equivalent Replacement Edram Documentation
Efense Pansion Effect 2004 Equity Incentive Plan
Effect Breach Operations Shortfall Funding Requirement Effect Change Amd Members Percentage Interest Managers
Effect Change Fujitsu Members Percentage Interest Managers Effect Dissolution
Effect Stockholders Effects 2002 Restructuring Plan
Effects Restructuring Plans Effects Stockholders Issuance Shares Warrants Warrant Wch
Efinitions Election Participate
Elections Eligibility
Eligibility Receive Awards Performance Criteria Embedded Processor Market
Embedded Processor Products Embedded Processors
Embedded Products Emilio Ghilardi Become Chief Sales Officer
Employee Pension Benefits Employee Stock Purchase Plan
Employee Stock Purchase Plan Espp Employee Stock-based Compensation Expense
Employee Stock-based Compensation Expense Ati Acquisition-related Charges Restructuring Employee Transition
Employees Employment Agreement
Employment Agreements Endor Anaged Nventory Rograms
Entire Agreement Entitlement Claims Compensation Following Provisions Supplement Sections Terms
Entry Consumer Markets Subject Number Uncertainties Entry Material Agreement
Entry Material Definitive Agreement Entry New Consumer Markets Subject Number Uncertainties
Environmental Matters Environmental Regulations
Epidemic Failure Epresentations Arranties Ovenants Isclaimers
Equity Compensation Plan Information Equity Incentive Plans
Equity Net Loss Spansion Inc Other Erm Ermination
Essential Equipment Adequate Supplies Satisfactory Materials Not Available Essential Equipment Materials Not Available Manufacture Products Materially
Essential Equipment Materials Not Available Manufacture Spansions Products Establishment Spansion Japan Pension Plan
Estimated Annual Retirement Benefits Estimates
Europe Event Change Control Not Able Repurchase Outstanding Debt
Events Occurrences Adversely Affect Gfs Results Operations Financial Events Occurrences Adversely Affect Globalfoundries Results Operations Financial
Exact Name Registrant Specified Charter Exceptions
Exchange Control Information Realize Us500000 Sale Shares Korean Exchange Ratio
Exchangeable Senior Subordinated Debentures Excluded Technology
Exclusive Causes Execution Copy
Execution Other Contemporaneous Agreements Dismissal Actions Execution Version
Execution Version Amd Broadcom Confidential Core License Agreement Executive Appointments Realign Leadership Team Responsibilities Further Focus
Executive Compensation Executive Officers
Executive Officers Registrant Exercise Option
Exercise Price New Options Exhibits
Expenses Expiration Guaranty
Extinguishment Rights Fab Background
Fab Capital Lease Obligations Fab Luther Forest Technology Campus
Fab Term Loan Agreements Fab Term Loan Guarantee
Fab Term Loan Guarantee Partnership Agreements Facilities
Facility Facility Agreement
Facility Agreement Dated 2004 Fail Continue Improve Efficiency Supply Chain Order Respond
Fail Improve Efficiency Supply Chain Order Respond Changes Fail Improve Efficiency Supply Chain Order Respond Increases
Fail Keep Pace New Product Designs Improvements Pursue Fail Maintain Efficiency Supply Chain Respond Increases Changes
Fail Successfully Develop Products Based New Ornand Architecture Failure Achieve Expected Manufacturing Yields Products Negatively Impact
Failure Comply Applicable Environmental Regulations Result Range Consequences Failures Global Credit Markets Impact Liquidity Auction Rate
Failures Global Credit Markets Impacted Continue Impact Liquidity Fair Market Value Awards
Fair Value Other Financial Instruments Fasl Japan
Fasl Llc Fasl Ndemnity
Federal Income Tax Consequences Federal State Guarantee Governing Law Jurisdiction
Federal Tax Aspects Financial Condition
Financial Impact Master Transaction Agreement Including Issuance Shares Financial Statement Reclassifications
Financial Statements Exhibits Financial Statements Subsidiaries Not Consolidated Less Owned Persons
Financing Activities Financing Responsibility After 4-year Period
Financing Shortfalls Financing Uses
Find Additional Information Fixtures
Flash Memory Flash Memory Market
Flash Memory Products Floating Pledge Agreement
Fluctuations Demand Pcs Mobile Telephones Other Consumer Electronics Following Reflect Non-recognized Subsequent Events Occurred Through Date
Force Majeure Foreign Currency Translation Transactions
Foreign Operations Form 10-q
Form Compliance Certificate Form Designated Event Purchase Notice
Form Monthly Consolidated Cash Reports Form Notice Regarding Payment
Former Name Address Changed Since Last Report Forward-looking Statement
Forward-looking Statements Foundry
Foundry Agreement Foundry Capacity Commitment
Foundry Headquartered Global Enterprise Fractional Shares
France Frank Clegg
Frankfurt Fujitsu Cash
Fujitsu Guaranteed Obligations Fujitsu Means Limited Organized Laws Japan
Fujitsu Prc Customers Fujitsu-amd Patent Cross-license Agreement
Full Value Awards Funding
Funding Agreement Funds Transfer Notices Other Communications
Further Assurances Further Conditions Precedent
Further Restrictions Transfer Future Litigation Proceedings Materially Adversely Affect
Future Payments Debt Capital Lease Obligations Future Payments Long Term Debt Capital Lease Obligations
Gain Sale 200 Millimeter Equipment License Related Process General
General Administrative Services Agreement General Allocation Net Profits Losses
General Other Matters General Provisions
General Release Not Extend Claims Creditor Know Suspect Germany
Global Markets Investment Banking Globalfoundries
Globalfoundries Inc Goodwill
Goodwill Acquisition Related Intangible Assets Goodwill Impairment
Governing Law Governing Law Agreement Rights Obligations Parties Shall Governed
Gpu Class Action Lawsuits Gpu Class Actions
Gpu Products Grant
Grant Lien Grant Option
Graphics Graphics Chipset Market
Graphics Chipset Products Graphics Chipsets
Graphics Chipsets Consumer Electronics Segments Graphics Market
Graphics Products Gross Margin
Guarantee Absolute Unconditional Guarantee Agreement
Guarantee Agreement Dated 2004 Guarantee Agreement Dated 2004 Last Amended 149
Guarantees Guarantees Debt Related Parties
Guarantees Indebtedness Not Recorded Condensed Consolidated Balance Sheet Guarantees Indebtedness Not Recorded Consolidated Balance Sheet
Guarantees Indebtedness Recorded Condensed Consolidated Balance Sheet Guarantees Indebtedness Recorded Consolidated Balance Sheet
Guaranty Hanges Pecifications Esigns
Hector Ruiz Named Executive Chairman Amd Hedging Transactions Derivative Financial Instruments
Hereinafter Referred Amd Inc Recitals High Sensitivity Pre-t0 Information
History Holder Covenants
Holding Membership Interest Hong Kong
Human Resources Council Hvb Banque Luxembourg Societe Anonyme
Ibm Credit Llc Advanced Micro Devices Inc Ibm Development Facilities
Ibm Gfs Rights Obligations Ibm Process Development Agreement
Ibm Representations Warranties Ibm Uks Rights Obligations
Ibm Veteran Led Innovation Technology Ibm Welcomes Foundry Alliance
Ights Oint Wners Igual Que Totalidad Del Acuerdo Entendido Aceptado Completamente
Imitation Iability Impairment
Impairment Analysis Impairment Long-lived Assets
Implementing Stock Option Exchange Program Important Notice Regarding Availability Proxy Materials Annual Meeting
Important Reminder Vote Proxy In-process Research Development
In-process Research Development Amortization Acquired Intangible Assets Integration Inability Continue Attract Retain Qualified Personnel Hinder Product
Inability Divest Handheld Business Unit Materially Adversely Affect Inability Divest Handheld Digital Television Businesses Materially Adversely
Inability Effectively Control Sales Products Gray Market Material Inability Maintain Adequate Levels Insurance Particularly Taiwan Adversely
Income Income Tax
Income Taxes Increase Authorized Share Capital
Indemnification Indemnification Contribution
Indemnification Liability Managers Indemnity Agreement
Indenture Dated 2007 Independent Registered Public Accounting Firms Fees
Index Index Exhibits
India Indian Residents
Industry Industry Overcapacity Cause Under-utilize Manufacturing Facilities Material Adverse
Industry Overcapacity Cause Under-utilize Microprocessor Manufacturing Facilities Material Industry Overcapacity Current Macro-economic Conditions Cause Under-utilize Microprocessor
Information Information Technology Services Agreement
Information Technology Steering Committee Initial Capital Contributions Members
Initial Forecast Inspections Proceedings
Insurance Responsibility Results Warranties Integration
Integration Costs Intel Corporation
Intel Corporations Dominance Microprocessor Market Aggressive Business Practices Intel Corporations Dominance Microprocessor Market Position Flash Memory
Intel Settlement Intellectual Property
Intellectual Property Licensing Intense Competition Flash Memory Market Materially Adversely Affect
Intense Competition Microprocessor Flash Memory Markets Materially Adversely Intense Competition Microprocessor Market Materially Adversely Affect
Intentionally Omitted Interest Expense
Interest Expense Other Income Net Interest Fees
Interest Income Interest Income Other Expense Net
Interest Income Other Net Interests Certain Persons Transactions
Internal Revenue Code 409a International Sales
Internet Signing Mailing Enclosed Proxy Card Interpretation
Interpretations Not Affected Headings Intersegment Eliminations
Intersegment Eliminations Category Introduction
Inventories Inventory
Investigation Graphics Processing Market Investing Activities
Investment Elections Investment Spansion Inc
Investments Ireland
Issuance 575 Convertible Senior Notes Due 2012 Issuance 600 Convertible Senior Notes Due 2015 Purchase
Issuance Wch Warrants Purchase 35000000 Shares Common Stock Istributor Orrective Ction
Jv1 Jv2 Transaction Related Agreements Key Cmos 12sed Design Milestones
Key Innovation Partnership Ibm Korea
Lack Market Acceptance Mirrorbit Technology Material Adverse Effect Landesbank Hessen-thÜringen Girozentrale
Language Legal Proceedings
Legal Settlement Lenders
Lenovo Les Parties Reconnaissent Avoir Exigé Redaction Anglais Cette
Liabilities Guaranteed Amd Liabilities Guaranteed Fujitsu
Liability Liability Members
License Residuals Proprietary Tools Limitation Claims
Limitation Liability Limitation Number Valuation Requests
Limitations Limitations Authority Board Managers
Limitations Distributions Limited Warranty Disclaimer
Limits Guaranty Liquidation
Liquidity List
List Material Retained Patents List Material Retained Technology
List Schedules Lithography Documentation
Lock-up Agreement Logistics Legal Tax Finance Human Resources Environmental Health
Long Term Incentive Plan Long-term Borrowings Obligations
Long-term Incentive Compensation Long-term Incentive Plan Awards
Lose Microsoft Corporations Support Products Ability Sell Materially Lose Microsoft Corporations Support Products Ability Sell Microprocessors
Lose Microsoft Corporations Support Products Significant Delay Microsofts Loss Dilution Equity Interest Spansion Inc
Loss Significant Customer Material Adverse Effect Loss Significant Customer Material Adverse Effect Spansion
Loss Significant Customer Reduction Demand Spansions Flash Memory Loss Significant Customer Spansions Flash Memory Products Mobile
Loss Significant Mobile Phone Customer Material Adverse Effect Lost Certificates
Maintenance Insurance Malaysia
Management Management Service Agreement
Managements Report Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Mandated Lead Arrangers
Manufacturing Assembly Test Facilities Manufacturing Assets
Manufacturing Capacity Constraints Material Adverse Affect Spansion Manufacturing Capacity Constraints Utilization Rates Adversely Affect
Manufacturing Capacity Constraints Utilization Rates Material Adverse Affect Manufacturing Capacity Constraints Utilization Rates Material Adverse Effect
Margin Operating Income Market Value Shares Spansion Common Stock Remains Below
Marketing General Administrative Expenses Marketing Sales
Markets Products Sold Highly Competitive Master Lease Agreement
Master Transaction Agreement Material Contracts
Material Definitive Agreement Material Impairments
Meetings Committees Board Directors Meetings Members Board Managers Quorum
Member Capital Memory Products
Memory Products Group Mended Estated
Method Payment Following Provision Supplements Terms Conditions Mexico
Microprocessor Market Microprocessor Products
Microprocessor Unit Shipments Increased Graphics Segment Revenue Microprocessors
Microprocessors Not Compatible Some Industry-standard Software Hardware Materially Miscellaneous
Mmunity Ustomers Sers Mobile Processors
Modificación Aceptar Las Opciones Usted Reconoce Acuerda Que Modification Aceptar Las Unidades Acción Restringida Usted Reconoce
More- Morgan Stanley Credit Agreement
Morton Topfer Retires Amd Board Directors Mubadala
Mubadala Development Mutual Releases Covenants Not Sue
Name Name Person Filing Proxy Statement Other Registrant
Nature Operations Nature Scheme Specifically Intends Plan Not Occupational Retirement
Negative Covenants Net Cash Provided Financing Activities
Net Cash Provided Operating Activities Net Cash Provided Used Financing Activities
Net Cash Provided Used Investing Activities Net Cash Provided Used Operating Activities
Net Cash Used Investing Activities Net Cash Used Operating Activities
Net Cash Used Provided Operating Activities Net Income Loss Attributable Amd Common Stockholders Per
Net Loss Per Share Netherlands
New Accounting Pronouncements New Central Engineering Organization Co-led Veteran Executives Chekib
New Global New Plan Benefits
News Release Non-competition Agreement
Non-patent Intellectual Property Technology Transfer Agreement Non-qualifying Jurisdictions
Non-transferability Awards Noncontrolling Interest
Nonqualified Deferred Compensation Norinchukin Bank
Not Able Generate Sufficient Cash Service Debt Obligations Not Fully Realize Anticipated Benefits Manufacturing Joint Venture
Not Realize Anticipated Benefits Acquisition Ati Not Realize Anticipated Benefits Acquisition Ati Technologies Inc
Not Realize Anticipated Benefits Proposed Ati Acquisition Not Realized Anticipated Benefits Acquisition Ati Continue Incur
Not Realized Anticipated Benefits Acquisition Ati Technologies Inc Notes
Notes Condensed Consolidated Financial Statements Notes Reconciliation Adjustments
Notice Annual Meeting Stockholders Notice Special Meeting Stockholders
Notices Notification Address
Now Therefore Based Aforesaid Contractual Situation Parties Hereto Number Managers Appointment
Number Restricted Stock Units Earned Various Levels Performance Number Rsus Various Levels Performance 2006-2008 Cycle
Number Rsus Various Levels Performance 2007-2009 Cycle Nvidia Corporation
Objectives Reasons Option Exchange Program Obligations Capital Leases
Obligations Outstanding End 4-year Period Off-balance Sheet Arrangements
Offer Letter Agreement David Orton Offering 575 Convertible Senior Notes Due 2012
Offering Convertible Senior Notes Officers
Onfidential Nformation Onsequential Amages Aiver
Ooperation Arties Operating Activities
Operating Leases Operating Results Subject Quarterly Seasonal Sales Patterns
Operations Foreign Countries Subject Political Economic Risks Material Operations Foreign Countries Subject Political Economic Risks Worldwide
Operations Plan Annual Budget Operations Shortfalls
Opinion Financial Advisor Opti Amd
Option Exercises Stock Vested Option Exercises Stock Vested 2007
Option Exercises Stock Vested 2008 Option Program Description
Order Shipment Orecasts Roduct Llocations
Organizational Structure Computing Solutions Group Original Equipment Manufacturers
Other Other Acquisition Related Intangible Assets
Other Acquisition-related Intangible Assets Other Activities
Other Benefits Other Category
Other Conditions New Options Other Employee Benefit Plans
Other Events Other Financial Matters
Other Income Expense Net Other Information
Other Long-term Liabilities Other Matters
Other Provisions Other Related Proceedings
Other Rules Other Short Term Obligations
Outlook Outsource Parties Certain Supply-chain Logistics Functions Including Physical
Outsource Parties Certain Supply-chain Logistics Functions Including Portions Overview
Ownership Designated Inventions Ownership Specific Results
Oyalties Pansion Echnology
Pansion Llc Paragraph
Part Partial Redemption 775 Senior Notes
Participating Parties 2008 Participation
Participation Services Parties
Parties Create Leading-edge Semiconductor Manufacturing Beginning 2009 Party Intellectual Property Litigation Become Other Claims Cause
Party Litigation Become Other Claims Cause Incur Substantial Party Litigation Including Intellectual Property Become Other Claims
Party Other Rights Patent Cross License Agreement
Patent Licenses Contemplated Master Terms Sets Forth Whether Payment Cash Issuance Certificates Representing Parent Common Stock
Payment Products Payments Prepayments
Pension Benefits Pension Post-retirement Benefits
Percent Year-on-year Sales Growth Microprocessors Highlighted Accelerated Mobile Perfection Protection Security Interest
Performance Graph Period Exercisability
Permitted Rule 14a-6 Permitted Transfers
Personal Confidential Personal Connectivity Solutions
Personal Connectivity Solutions Group Personnel
Piggy-back Registrations Plan Arrangement
Plan Benefits Table Plan Description
Plan Descriptions Plan Replace Motorola Retirement Benefit
Planning Deliver Integrated Platforms 2007 Please Sign Date Return Proxy Card Promptly Using
Pledged Subsidiaries Point-of-sale Report Information
Poland Potential Expansion Process Development Projects
Potential Modification Terms Comply Governmental Requirements Potential Payments 2007 Estimated Using 2004 Base Salary
Power Attorney Ppointment Rant Ights
Preamble Preferred Stock
Preliminary Purchase Price Allocation Preliminary Schedule Work Supporting 12sed
Prepayment Price Common Stock Decreases Significantly Required Pay Cash
Price Production Wafers Containing Mpu Products Regardless Shall Pricing
Pricing Charges Payment Principal Place Business Other Places
Principal Stockholders Principles Consolidation
Pro Forma Adjustments Pro Forma Combined Loss Per Share
Pro Forma Condensed Combined Financial Statement Pro Forma Condensed Combined Financial Statements
Pro Forma Condensed Consolidated Financial Statements Pro Forma Financial Information
Pro Forma Income Loss Continuing Operations Per Share Pro Forma Income Loss Per Share
Pro Forma Stock-based Compensation Process Implementation
Product Design Product Pricing Chart
Product Warranties Production
Products Not Compatible Some Industry-standard Software Hardware Materially Profit Sharing Program
Project Documents Promissory
Properties Property Plant Equipment
Proposal 1-issuance Shares Warrants Warrant Proposed Joint Venture Atic Not Consummated Business Adversely
Proposed Joint Venture Atic Not Consummated Fully Realize Proposed Manufacturing Joint Venture
Proxy Solicited Behalf Board Directors Proxy Statement Dated 2009 Mailed Stockholders Advanced Micro
Proxy Statement Pursuant Securities Exchange Act 1934 Purchase Capacity Commitments
Purchase Form Purchase Obligations
Purchase Price Purchase Price Allocation
Purchase Spansion Llc 1275 Senior Subordinated Notes Due Purpose
Purpose Clarity Revised Schedule Attached Hereto Attachment Purpose Reasons Transactions
Purpose Stockholder Approval Issuance Shares Warrants Warrant Wch Purpose Unfunded Nature Plan
Pursuant 302 Sarbanes-oxley Act 2002 Pursuant 906 Sarbanes-oxley Act 2002
Pursuant Requirements Securities Exchange Act 1934 Amended Registrant Pursuant Requirements Securities Exchange Act 1934 Registrant Duly
Pursuant Requirements Securities Exchange Act 1934 Report Been Quantitative Qualitative Disclosures Market Risk
Quarterly Beginning Plan Rademark Icense Estrictions Aintenance Ocumentation
Ransfer Ights Pansion Ransition Ules
Rants Icense Ratification Appointment Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Ratification Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Raw Materials
Rdering Hipping Receipt Royalty Revenues Dependent Being Designed Third-party Products
Receipt Royalty Revenues Dependent Success Third-party Products Receivable Financing Arrangement
Receivable Financing Arrangement Classified Other Short-term Obligations Recent Accounting Pronouncements
Recent Developments Recent Failures Global Credit Markets Impact Liquidity Auction
Recent Instability Financial Markets Adversely Impact Business Operating Recently Adopted Accounting Pronouncements
Recently Adopted Accounting Standards Recently Issued Accounting Pronouncements
Recently Issued Accounting Standards Recitals
Recommendation Board Directors Recommends Shareholders Vote Proposals
Reconciliation Gaap Amd Product Non-gaap Gross Margin 234 Reconciliation Gaap Amd Product Non-gaap Operating Income Loss
Reconciliation Gaap Non-gaap Gross Margin Reconciliation Gaap Non-gaap Net Loss
Reconciliation Gaap Non-gaap Operating Income Loss Reconciliation Gaap Non-gaap Operating Income Loss 123
Reconciliation Gaap Non-gaap Operating Loss Reconciliation Gaap Operating Loss Non-gaap Income
Reconciliation Net Income Loss Adjusted Ebitda Reconciliation Net Income Loss Ebitda
Reconocimiento Del Documento Plan Aceptar Otorgamiento Opciones Usted Record Quarterly Microprocessor Sales Operating Income
Redemption 450 Notes Redemption 475 Debentures
Redemption 775 Notes Reg Disclosure
Registrants Telephone Number Including Area Code Registrants Telephone Number Including Area Code 408 749-4000
Registration Expenses Registration Rights Agreement
Registration Rights Class Common Stock Regulation
Regulation Disclosure Regulatory Allocations
Reinstatement Related-party Transactions
Relationship Parties Reliance Third-party Distributors Subjects Certain Risks
Rely Globalfoundries Inc Manufacture Microprocessor Products Unable Timely Rely Globalfoundries Manufacture Microprocessor Products Unable Timely Basis
Rely Manufacture Microprocessor Products Unable Timely Basis Meet Rely Party Foundries Other Contractors Manufacture Certain Products
Rely Third-party Foundries Other Contractors Manufacture Certain Products Rely Third-party Foundries Other Contractors Manufacture Graphics Chipset
Remainder Page Intentionally Left Blank Remedies Rights Default
Rental Agreement Repayment Dresden Term Loan
Replacement Retirement Benefit Arrangement Rivet Replacement Retirement Benefit Arrangement Ruiz
Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Internal Control
Representations Warranties Repurchase Auction Rate Securities
Required Insurance Required Reach Agreement Fujitsu Regarding Certain Actions Majority-owned
Required Reach Agreement Fujitsu Regarding Certain Actions Spansion Required Vote
Requirements Return Condition Research Development
Research Development Expenses Responsibilities Amd Bump Technology Project Leader
Responsibilities Amd Pre-t0 Project Leader Responsibilities Amd Project Leader
Responsibilities Ibm Bump Technology Project Leader Responsibilities Ibm Pre-t0 Project Leader
Responsibilities Ibm Project Leader Responsibilities Management Committee
Responsibilities Pre-t0 Steering Committee Restricted Stock Awards
Restricted Stock Unit Grants Restricted Stock Units
Restructuring Restructuring Plan
Results Operations Results Operations Financial Condition
Retained Liabilities Retention Payment Agreement
Retirement Benefit Retirement Benefit Arrangements
Retirement Savings Plan Revenue Recognition
Rewards Philosophy Direction Compensation Benefits Rice Ayments Axes
Right Offer Last Look Rights Assignees
Rights Dissent Rights Purchase New Shares
Rights Remedies Cumulative Risk Factors
Risks Related Business Risks Related Ownership Spansion Inc Common Stock
Roduct Istribution Enters Rotection Echnology
Royalty Revenues Related Graphics Business Dependent Success Third-party Rules Construction
Sabbatical Leave Program Safe Harbor Statement
Salary Salary Bonus Input Table
Sale Leaseback Transaction Sale Receivables Classified Other Short-term Obligations
Sales Purchases Within Credit Limits Sample Calculation
Schedule List Pledgees Scheduled Maturities Debt Future Minimum Capital Lease Payments
Schedules Secondary Equity Offering
Secondment Transfer Agreement Securities Exchange Act 1934
Securities Law Information Acquire Shares Pursuant Rsus Offer Securities Registered Pursuant Act
Security Agent Reporting Security Agreement
Security Ownership Directors Executive Officers See Accompanying Notes
See Attached Document Segment Information
Segment Reporting Select Segment Information
Selection Notice Semiconductor Industry Highly Cyclical Experienced Severe Downturns Materially
Semiconductor Industry Veteran Proven Financial Operations Management Experience Semiconductors Index
Senior Notes Senior Notes Due 2012
Senior Notes Due 2017 Senior Secured Floating Rate Notes
Senior Secured Revolving Credit Facility Senior Secured Term Loan Facility
Senior Subordinated Notes Service Level Agreements
Services Agreement Settlement Agreement
Severability Severance Agreements
Shared Other Rights Shareholders Agreement
Shares Available Grant Shares Common Stock Par Value 001 Per Share
Sign-on Bonus Agreement Signatories
Signature Signature Page Amendment Asset Purchase Agreement
Signature Page Core License Signature Page Core License Agreement
Signature Page Follow Signature Page Follows
Signatures Signatures Appear Following Page
Significant Market Shift Nand Architecture Materially Adversely Affect Silicon Solutions-
Singapore Site Assets Impact
Solicitation Amd Sort Services
Sort Services Agreement Spain
Spanish Translation Spansion
Spansion Cannot Generate Sufficient Operating Cash Flow Obtain Spansion Cannot Generate Sufficient Operating Cash Flows Obtain
Spansion Capital Lease Guarantee Spansion Capital Lease Guarantees
Spansion Capital Operating Lease Guarantee Spansion China Bank Enterprise Cooperation Revolver
Spansion China Line Credit Spansion China Loan
Spansion Fails Successfully Develop Products Based New Mirrorbit Spansion Fails Successfully Develop Products Based New Ornand
Spansion Flash Memory Products Based Nor Architecture Significant Spansion Inc
Spansion Initial Public Offering Spansion Investment
Spansion Japan 2006 Merged Revolving Credit Facility Spansion Japan 2006 Revolving Credit Facility
Spansion Japan 2006 Uncommitted Revolving Credit Facility Spansion Japan 2007 Credit Facility
Spansion Japan Limited Revolver Spansion Japan Pension Plan
Spansion Japan Revolving Credit Facility Spansion Japan Revolving Loan Agreement
Spansion Japan Term Loan Spansion Japan Term Loan Guarantee
Spansion Llc Spansion Llc 1275 Senior Subordinated Notes Due 2016
Spansion Llc Operating Lease Guarantees Spansion Llc Proposed Initial Public Offering
Spansion Llc Revolving Credit Facility Spansion Lost Continue Lose Rights Key Intellectual Property
Spansion Lost Key Intellectual Property Arrangements Because Longer Spansion Operating Lease Guarantee
Spansion Operating Lease Guarantees Spansion Party Intellectual Property Litigation Become Other Claims
Spansion Penang Building Loan Spansion Penang Loan
Spansion Proposed Initial Public Offering Spansion Registration Statement Form S-1
Spansion Senior Secured Revolving Credit Facility Spansion Stock-based Incentive Compensation Plans
Spansion Substantial Amount Indebtedness Adversely Affect Financial Condition Spansion Substantial Amount Indebtedness Materially Adversely Affect Financial
Spansion Term Loan Spansion Term Loan Guarantee
Spansion Unable Timely Efficiently Expand Manufacturing Capacity Implement Spansion Unable Timely Efficiently Implement 300-millimeter Wafer Capacity
Spansions Business Been Characterized Average Selling Prices Decline Spansions Cost Reduction Efforts Not Effective Business Materially
Spansions Cost Reduction Efforts Not Effective Materially Adversely Spansions Cost Reduction Efforts Not Effective Spansion Materially
Spansions Increased Reliance Third-party Manufacturers Entails Risks Materially Spansions Initial Public Offering Not Consummated Materially Adversely
Specific Performance Staffing
Stock Option Acceleration Stock Option Agreement
Stock Option Exchange Program Stock Option Expensing
Stock Option Grant Notice Stock Option Plan
Stock Option Restricted Unit Activity Stock Ownership Guidelines
Stock-based Compensation Stock-based Compensation Expense
Stock-based Incentive Compensation Plans Stock-based Incentive Program Description
Stockholder Financings Stockholder Proposal Amend Corporate Governance
Subject Variety Environmental Laws Result Liabilities Submission Matters Vote Security Holders
Subsequent 2005 Subsequent Events
Subsidiaries Able Incur Substantially Debt Including Secured Future Substantial Amount Indebtedness Adversely Affect Financial Position
Substantial Amount Indebtedness Adversely Affect Financial Position Prevent Success Business Dependent Ability Introduce Products Required Features
Success Business Dependent Ability Introduce Products Timely Basis Summarized Financial Information
Summary Summary 2004 Plan
Summary Assets Liabilities Transferred Foundry Summary Description 2006 Incentive Plan
Summary Description Espp Summary Significant Accounting Policies
Summary Significant Accounting Policies Principles Consolidation Supplementary Compensation Policies
Supplementary Financial Information Supplier Repurchase Obligations
Suppliers Invoice Terms Supplier Agrees Not Amend Products Suppliers Rights Obligations
Table Contents Table David Orton
Table Derrick Meyer Tag-along Rights
Taiwan Tax Acknowledgment Following Provisions Supplement Responsibility Taxes Terms
Tax Allocations Tax Matters
Tax Treatment Taxes
Taxes Yield Protection Illegality Technologies
Term Term Loan
Term New Options Term Registration Rights
Term Termination Term Termination Change Control
Termination Termination Break-up Fee
Terms Lease Terms Purchase
Tessera Inc Advanced Micro Devices Spansion Llc Civil Thailand
Third-party Beneficiaries Third-party Distributors
Time Timetables
Title Definitions Trademark Guidelines
Transaction Details Transactions
Transfer Moratorium Transfer Restrictions
Transfers Transition Period
Triggering Events Accelerate Increase Direct Financial Obligation Turkey
Types Financing Uarterly Usiness Eview
Ubsidiaries Hannel Artners Ultimately Unsuccessful Antitrust Lawsuit Against Intel Business Materially
Ultimately Unsuccessful Antitrust Lawsuits Against Intel Business Materially Unable Continue Implement Cost Cutting Efforts Business Materially
Unable Maintain Cost Management Efforts Business Materially Adversely Unable Successfully Implement Cost Cutting Efforts Business Materially
Unable Timely Efficiently Implement 300-millimeter Wafer Capacity Manufacture Uncertainties Involving Ordering Shipment Payment Products Materially Adversely
Uncertainties Involving Ordering Shipment Products Materially Adversely Affect Unconditional Purchase Commitments
Under-utilization Globalfoundries Manufacturing Facilities Increase Per Unit Costs Under-utilization Manufacturing Facilities Increase Per Unit Costs Material
Unfavorable Currency Exchange Rate Fluctuations Adversely Affect Unfavorable Currency Exchange Rate Fluctuations Continue Adversely Affect
United States Unless Maintain Manufacturing Efficiency Future Profitability Materially Adversely
Unregistered Sales Equity Securities Unresolved Staff Comments
Ustomer Upport Esponsibilities Utilisation Request
Utual Elease Valuation Expense Information
Valuation Expense Information Sfas 123r Vesting
Vesting New Options Visitation Guidelines
Voluntary Bankruptcy Petition Lehman Brothers Eliminated Potential Dilution Voting
Voting Agreements Wafer Fabrication
Wafer Fabrication Facilities Wafer Process Characterization Documentation
Wafer Processing Services Agreement Wafer Supply Agreement
Waiver Waivers Jury Trial Borrower Agents Lenders Hereby Irrevocably
Warehouses Warranties Indemnities
Wch Standstill Respecting Amd Wch Transfer Restrictions Amd Securities
Web Exec Summary Website Access Reports Corporate Governance Documents
Whereas Whereas Parties Hereto Hereby Desire Amend Restate Amd-spansion
Whereas Parties Wish Amend Certain Provisions Agreement Regarding Whereas Parties Wish Further Amend Certain Provisions Agreement
Whereas Seeks Participate Participating Party Each Development Projects Withdrawal Members
Withholding Withholding Rights
Worldwide Economic Political Conditions Adversely Affect Demand Products Worldwide Operations Subject Natural Disasters Other Business Disruptions
Written Form X86 Microprocessor Market
Xhibit Xhibit Anufacturing Rocess Ualification Rocedures
Xhibit Apacity Ommitments Xhibit Echnical Nformation
Xhibit Eticles Ask Xhibit Rocess
Xhibit Roduct Crapping Rocess Xhibit Roduct Ricing
Xtension Icense Year-end Option Values
Year-over-year Percent Sequentially- Zander Facility Engineering Gmbh
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