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Accompanying Transformation Accounting Policies
Accounting Standards Interpretations Been Published Not Yet Effective Accounting Treatment Convertible Bonds Optional Redemption Periods Dates
Accounts Financial Position Acquisition Velocix 2009 Acquired Uk-based Leading Global Provider
Acquisitions Activities Certain Countries
Activity Board 2007 Early 2008 Activity Board 2008 Early 2009
Activity Overview Additional Information
Address Principal Executive Offices Adjusted Figures
Adjusted Gross Profit Euro 1399 362 Revenues Adjusted Results
Adjustments Equity Affiliates Adopted New Strategic Focus Shifting Resources Support Plan
Adoption French Pooling Interests Accounting Method Stock-for-stock Business Advanced Research
Age Limit Chief Executive Officer Deputy Officers Age Limit Corporate Executives
Aggregated Financial Information Joint Ventures Aggregated Financial Information Other Equity Affiliates Those Entities
Agreements Entered Thales Agreements Relating Thales
Alcatel Alcatel Investor Relations
Alcatel Press Contacts Alcatel Subsidiaries Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Alcatel-lucent Alcatel-lucent Announces Agreement Acquire Tropic Networks
Alcatel-lucent Announces Appointment Paul Tufano Cfo Alcatel-lucent Announces Chairman Serge Tchuruk Ceo Pat Russo
Alcatel-lucent Group Alcatel-lucent Guaranty Lucent Technologies Inc 2875 Series Convertibles
Alcatel-lucent Investor Relations Alcatel-lucent Launches Offering Bonds Convertible Exchangeable New Existing
Alcatel-lucent Major Strategic Transformation Realignment Operations Alcatel-lucent Members Board 2006
Alcatel-lucent Press Contacts Alcatel-lucent Production Capacity 2008
Alcatel-lucent Provides Additional 2006 Quarterly Adjusted Pro Forma Alcatel-lucent Provides Preliminary Results 2007
Alcatel-lucent Provides Update Business Activities Alcatel-lucent Reports 2007 Results
Alcatel-lucent Subsidiaries Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firms Alcatel-lucent Successfully Renewed Syndicated Credit Facility
Alcatel-lucent Syndicated Bank Credit Facility Alcatel-lucents Board Appoints New Directors
Allocation 2006 Net Income Allocation 2007 Net Income Loss
Allocation Profits Allocation Purchase Price In-process Research Development Projects Other
Allocation Purchase Price In-process Research Development Projects Related Amortization Impairment Goodwill
Amortization Impairment Losses Amount Reserved Pension Other Benefits
Amounts Recognized Statement Financial Position Analysis Accounting Category
Analysis Deferred Tax Temporary Differences Analysis Financial Debt Gross Type
Analysis Financial Debt Net Analysis Income Tax Charge Benefit Related Reduction Goodwill
Analysis Income Tax Expense Benefit Analysis Maturity Date
Analysis Maturity Date Type Rate Analysis Net Value
Analysis Restructuring Provisions Analysis Type Maturity
Analysis Type Maturity Date Annual Impairment Test Goodwill
Annual Stock Option Plan Application Accounting Policies Certain Significant Acquisitions
Application Delisting Alcatel-lucent Shares Tokyo Stock Exchange Applications
Applications Software Segment Appointment Member Management Committee 2008 2009
Appointment Statutory Auditors Approach
Appropriation Result Dividend Articles Association By-laws
Assistance Provided Subsidiaries Assumptions Calculation
Assumptions Calculations Audit Committee Financial Expert
Audit Fees Audit Fees Statutory Consolidated Financial Statements Certification
Audit Finance Committee Audit Finance Committees Pre-approval Policies Procedures
Audit-related Fees Authorizations Concerning Capital
Balance Balance Closing
Balance Period End Balance Sheet
Balance Sheet Pension Status Balances
Balances 2007 2008 Bank Credit Agreements
Based Number Shareholders Participating Meeting Basis Preparation
Ben Verwaayen Benefit Payments
Board Directors Board Directors Announces Plans Reorganize Change Composition
Board Directors Shareholders Alcatel-lucent Board Observers
Bonds Breakdown Capital Voting Rights
Breakdown Debt Type Rate Business Combinations
Business Commentary Business Ethics
Business Highlights Business Organization
Business Requires Significant Amount Cash Require Additional Sources Capital
Capital Decreases Capital Increase Program Employees Subscription Stock Option Plan
Capital Increases Capital Increases Reserved Employees
Capital Resources Capital Stock Additional Paid-in
Capitalization Development Expenses Related Research Efforts Capitalized Development Costs
Capitalized Development Costs Goodwill Other Intangible Assets Carrier Business Segment
Carrier Operating Segment Carrier Segment
Cash Equivalents Cash Flow 2006 2005
Cash Flow Overview Cash Pooling Guarantee
Cdma Cdma2000 Ev-do
Censeurs Chairman Board Directors
Chairman Board Directors Chief Executive Officer Chairman Serge Tchuruk Ceo Pat Russo Step Down
Chairman Vice-chairmen Chief Executive Officer Vice-presidents Secretary Change 2006
Change 2007 Change 2009
Change Accounting Policy Change Pension Post-retirement Net Asset Liability Recognized
Change Period Change Presentation
Change Share Net Assets Equity Affiliates Change Valuation Allowance
Changes 2004 Changes 2005
Changes 2006 Changes 2007
Changes 2008 Changes Accounting Standards 2007
Changes Accounting Standards 2008 Changes Accounting Standards 2009
Changes Consolidated Companies Changes Period 2009
Changes Receivables Sold Without Recourse Changes Share Capital
Changes Trade Receivable Valuation Allowances Characteristics Rcus Recognized Compliance Ifrs
Characteristics Subscription Stock Option Plans Purchase Recognized Compliance Chief Executive Officer
China Class Shareholders
Classified Balance Sheet Co-arrangers
Code Ethics Commitment Chief Executive Officer Event Termination
Commitments Commitments Concerning Retirement
Commitments Favor Chairman Board Ceo Commitments Termination Ceos Functions
Committees Committees Board
Committees Work 2007 Early 2008 Committees Work 2008
Committees Work 2008 Early 2009 Compensation
Compensation Committee Compensation Policy
Compensation Policy Executive Directors Competition
Components Net Periodic Benefit Cost Components Net Periodic Cost Post-employment Benefit
Components Net Periodic Cost Post-employment Benefit Plans Components Net Periodic Pension Cost
Compound Financial Instruments Compound Financial Instruments Issued Alcatel Before Transaction Lucent
Compound Financial Instruments Issued Lucent Before Business Combination Compound Financial Instruments Issued Lucent Before Merger
Concentrations Condensed Notes Interim Consolidated Financial Statements
Conditions Settlement Conflicts Interest
Conformity Agreement Consent Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Consolidated Results Operations 2006 Compared 2005 Consolidated Statements Recognized Income Expense
Consolidation Methods Contingencies
Contingent Commitments 2006 Contingent Commitments 2007
Contingent Commitments 2008 Contingent Liability Relates Obligation Pursuant Applicable Law Certain
Contract Manufacturers Contractors
Contractual Obligations Contribution Space Businesses Alcatel Alenia Jointly Controlled Joint
Contribution Space Businesses Historical Alcatel Alenia Jointly Controlled Contributions
Controls Procedures Convergence
Convertible Bonds Convertible Securities
Convertible Securities Liability Subsidiary Trust Issuing Preferred Corporate Governance
Corporate Governance Nominating Committee Corporate Purpose
Corporate Structure Applicable Law Cost Reduction Initiatives
Costa Rica Counterparty Risk
Credit Commercial Risks Exposures Increase Financial Condition Customers Credit Rating
Credit Ratings Alcatel-lucent Lucent Post Business Combination Credit Ratings Alcatel-lucent Lucent Post Merger
Credit Ratings Alcatel-lucent Lucent Post-merger Credit Ratings Alcatel-lucent Lucent Pre-merger
Credit Ratings Historical Alcatel Lucent Pre-business Combination Credit Risk Concentration
Credit Risk Derivatives Creditors Shareholders
Critical Accounting Policies Cross-shareholdings
Cumulative Amounts Actuarial Differences Before Taxes Booked Against Current Planned Products Highly Complex Contain Defects Errors
Customer Financing Customers Deposits Advances
Daniel Bernard Daniel LebÈgue
Dassault Aviation Dassault Aviation Completes Acquisition Alcatel-lucents Stakes Thales
Dassault Aviation Press Contacts Date Incorporation Expiry
Date Shareholders Meeting Authorizing Program Debt Analysis Currency
Debt Analysis Rate Debt Analysis Type Rate
Decisions Subjected Prior Approval Board Deferred Tax Balances
Deferred Taxation Deferred Taxation Penalties Tax Claims
Deferred Taxes Defined Benefit Plans
Delegations Authority Authorizations Deliberations Board
Delisting Alcatel-lucent Shares Tokyo Stock Exchange Deputy Chief Executive Officers Secretary
Derecognition Financial Assets Description Adss
Description Ordinary Shares Description Securities Other Equity
Determination Goodwill Diluted Capital
Diluted Capital 2008 Directors Observers Fees
Directors Senior Executives Disclaimer
Disclosure Controls Procedures Dispositions
Disputes Dissolution Liquidation
Dividends Other Distributions Rights Documents Display
Dsc Duration
Duration Program Earnings Per Share
Earnings Per Share Calculation Earnings Per Share Gaap
Editorial Contacts Edward Hagenlocker
Effect Cumulative Translation Adjustments Sale Subsidiaries Effect Various Investigations Procedures
Effect Various Investigations Proceedings Effective Income Tax Rate
Effects Lucent Thales Transactions Financial Results Efficiency
Elements Impact Case Public Tender Offer Information Listed Employee Benefit Expenses Staff Training Rights
Employee Share Ownership Stock Option Plans Employee Stock Options
Employees Encouraging Mobility
Enterprise Business Segment Enterprise Operating Segment
Enterprise Segment Entities Acquired
Entities Acquired 2007 Environment Matters
Environmental Matters Equity Risks
Estate Income Subject Federal Tax Regardless Source Euronext Amsterdam Brussels Swiss Exchange
Evaluation Board Events After Balance Sheet Date
Events After Statement Financial Position Date Evolution Dividend Over Last
Evolution Method Participation Shareholders Over Exceeding Legal Thresholds
Exceeding Statutory Thresholds Exceptional Plan Group Employees
Excerpt Board Directors Operating Rules Exchange Controls
Exchange Rate Information Executive Commentary
Exhibits Expenditures
Expenses Expertise
Fail Protect Intellectual Property Rights Business Prospects Harmed Fail Realize Anticipated Cost Savings Revenue Enhancements Other
Fair Value Debt Fair Value Granted Options
Fair Value Granted Options Historical Alcatel Plans Fair Value Hedge
Fair Value Hedge Cash Flow Fair Value Marketable Securities Other Financial Assets
Fair Value Options Granted Historical Alcatel Prior 2006 Fair Value Performance Shares Granted Alcatel-lucent
Fair Value Rcu Fees Services
Fin Disclosure Fin45 Disclosure
Fin48 Disclosure Final Terms Oceanes Subject Amf Visa
Finance Costs Finance Costs Other Financial Income Loss
Finance Leases Finance Leases Ifrs
Financial Assets Financial Assets Amortized Cost
Financial Assets Fair Value Through Profit Loss Financial Assets Fait Value Through Profit Loss
Financial Condition Results Operations Harmed Not Successfully Reduce Financial Debt
Financial Debt Compound Instruments Financial Debt-compound Instruments
Financial Income Loss Financial Instruments
Financial Instruments Derecognition Assets Financial Position
Financial Statements Fixed Access
Fixed Access Optics Foreign Currency Risk
Form Form 20-f
Form 20-f 2006 Alcatel-lucent 8211 Form 20-f 2006 Alcatel-lucent 8211 F-103
Form 20-f 2006 Alcatel-lucent 8211 F-105 Form 20-f 2006 Alcatel-lucent 8211 F-109
Form 20-f 2006 Alcatel-lucent 8211 F-114 Form 20-f 2006 Alcatel-lucent 8211 F-115
Form 20-f 2006 Alcatel-lucent 8211 F-116 Form 20-f 2006 Alcatel-lucent 8211 F-118
Form 20-f 2006 Alcatel-lucent 8211 F-119 Form 20-f 2006 Alcatel-lucent 8211 F-12
Form 20-f 2006 Alcatel-lucent 8211 F-121 Form 20-f 2006 Alcatel-lucent 8211 F-125
Form 20-f 2006 Alcatel-lucent 8211 F-13 Form 20-f 2006 Alcatel-lucent 8211 F-132
Form 20-f 2006 Alcatel-lucent 8211 F-134 Form 20-f 2006 Alcatel-lucent 8211 F-135
Form 20-f 2006 Alcatel-lucent 8211 F-139 Form 20-f 2006 Alcatel-lucent 8211 F-140
Form 20-f 2006 Alcatel-lucent 8211 F-141 Form 20-f 2006 Alcatel-lucent 8211 F-142
Form 20-f 2006 Alcatel-lucent 8211 F-143 Form 20-f 2006 Alcatel-lucent 8211 F-149
Form 20-f 2006 Alcatel-lucent 8211 F-15 Form 20-f 2006 Alcatel-lucent 8211 F-150
Form 20-f 2006 Alcatel-lucent 8211 F-152 Form 20-f 2006 Alcatel-lucent 8211 F-153
Form 20-f 2006 Alcatel-lucent 8211 F-16 Form 20-f 2006 Alcatel-lucent 8211 F-17
Form 20-f 2006 Alcatel-lucent 8211 F-18 Form 20-f 2006 Alcatel-lucent 8211 F-21
Form 20-f 2006 Alcatel-lucent 8211 F-22 Form 20-f 2006 Alcatel-lucent 8211 F-23
Form 20-f 2006 Alcatel-lucent 8211 F-24 Form 20-f 2006 Alcatel-lucent 8211 F-25
Form 20-f 2006 Alcatel-lucent 8211 F-27 Form 20-f 2006 Alcatel-lucent 8211 F-28
Form 20-f 2006 Alcatel-lucent 8211 F-29 Form 20-f 2006 Alcatel-lucent 8211 F-30
Form 20-f 2006 Alcatel-lucent 8211 F-31 Form 20-f 2006 Alcatel-lucent 8211 F-40
Form 20-f 2006 Alcatel-lucent 8211 F-42 Form 20-f 2006 Alcatel-lucent 8211 F-43
Form 20-f 2006 Alcatel-lucent 8211 F-44 Form 20-f 2006 Alcatel-lucent 8211 F-46
Form 20-f 2006 Alcatel-lucent 8211 F-54 Form 20-f 2006 Alcatel-lucent 8211 F-55
Form 20-f 2006 Alcatel-lucent 8211 F-57 Form 20-f 2006 Alcatel-lucent 8211 F-72
Form 20-f 2006 Alcatel-lucent 8211 F-73 Form 20-f 2006 Alcatel-lucent 8211 F-76
Form 20-f 2006 Alcatel-lucent 8211 F-77 Form 20-f 2006 Alcatel-lucent 8211 F-81
Form 20-f 2006 Alcatel-lucent 8211 F-85 Form 20-f 2006 Alcatel-lucent 8211 F-86
Form 20-f 2006 Alcatel-lucent 8211 F-88 Form 20-f 2006 Alcatel-lucent 8211 F-89
Form 20-f 2006 Alcatel-lucent 8211 F-92 Form 20-f 2006 Alcatel-lucent 8211 F-97
Form Registration Holders Tresholds Shares Former Lucent Stock-based Awards
Former Lucents Securities Related Cases Forward-looking Information
Fostering Dialogue Employees France Telecom
Frank Blount Frankfurt Stock Exchange
French Estate Gift Taxes French Wealth Tax
Full 2007 Full Exercise Over-allotment Option Increasing Issue Approximately 8364870
Funded Status General
Genesys Goals Repurchase Program
Goodwill Goodwill Allocation
Goodwill Intangible Assets Goodwill Intangible Assets Property Plant Equipment
Goodwill Other Intangible Assets Governance Code
Government Investigations Related Lucent Grants
Gross Value Groups Strategic Direction
Gsm Gsm Wimax
Guarantee Cash Pooling Guarantee Covers Intraday Debit Position Result Daily Transfers
Guarantees Granted Debt Advance Payments Received Contingencies Security Guidance Targets
Healthcare Plan Amendment Hedge Foreign Currency Risk Business Combination
Henry Schacht Highlights Recent Events
Highlights Transactions 2006 Highlights Transactions 2007
Historical Alcatel Directors Longer Board 2006 Historical Alcatel Matters
Historical Lucent Matters History Development
History Stock Option Plans Holder Adss Fails Comply Legal Notification Requirements Reaching
Holders Adss Limited Recourse Depositary Fail Meet Obligations Holding Members Board Directors Management Committee Share Capital
Holding Stake Equal Tender Offer Ias -presentation Financial Statements Revised
Identity Holders Impact Income Loss Operating Activities Share-based Payments Resulting
Impact Net Income Loss Share-based Payments Resulting Stock Impairment Customer Receivables
Impairment Customer Receivables Loans Impairment Goodwill Other Intangible Assets Adversely Affect Financial
Impairment Goodwill Sfas 142 Impairment Losses Recognized Income Statement
Impairment Other Intangible Assets Goodwill Adversely Affect Financial Impairment Property Plant Equipment
Impairment Test Goodwill Impairment Tests
Impairment Tests Goodwill Implementing Competitive Harmonized Compensation Policy
Ims Applications Services Income Loss Before Taxes Share Net Equity Affiliates
Income Loss Operating Activities Before Restructuring Costs Impairment Income Statement
Income Tax Income Tax Related Reduction Goodwill
Increase Amount Issuance Alcatel-lucent Bonds Convertible Exchangeable New Independence
Independence Directors Index
Index Condensed Interim Consolidated Financial Statements 2007 Indexes
Information Board Information Business Segment Geographical
Information Chairman Office Information Concerning Directors
Information Concerning Largest Grants Exercises Information Geographical Segment
Information Number Voting Rights Information Operating Segment
Information Operating Segment Geographical Information Purposes
Information Regarding Board Meetings Preparation Organization Functioning Directors Information Reporting Backup Withholding
Intangible Assets Intangible Assets Impairment
Intellectual Property Intellectual Property Cases
Interest Rate Risk Interest Rate Sensitivity Terms Financial Cost
Interest Rate Sensitivity Terms Mark8211to8211market Interim Consolidated Financial Statements
Interim Consolidated Statements Comprehensive Income Internal Control
Internet Protocol Inventories Work Progress
Involved Lawsuits Investigations Determined Against Require Pay Substantial Involved Several Significant Joint Ventures Exposed Problems Inherent
Involved Significant Joint Ventures Exposed Problems Inherent Companies Isin Code
Issuance Securities Representing Debt Issue Repurchases Convertible Bonds
Issues Related Acquisitions Issues Related Financial Transactions
Jean Monty Jean Monty President
Jean-cyril Spinetta Jean-pierre Desbois
Jean-pierre Halbron Joint Market Offerings
Joint Ventures Acquisitions Joint Ventures Acquisitions Dispositions
Jozef Cornu Judgments Courts Including Those Predicated Civil Liability Provisions
Karl Krapek Kenya
Key Assumptions Key Highlights
Key Numbers 2008 Key Numbers 2009
Largest Customers Accounted Revenues 2008 Most Come Telecommunications Lead Managers
Leases Sale-leaseback Transactions Legal Form
Legal Matters Legal Tax Services
Liability Recognition Certain Employee Termination Benefits Other Costs Linnet Deily
Liquidity Liquidity Risk Financial Debt
Liquidity Risk Foreign Exchange Derivatives Liquidity Risk Guarantees Off-balance Sheet Commitments
Listing Long-term Sales Agreements Number Customers Some Prove Unprofitable
Looking Beyond Non-cash Impairment Charge Operationally Good Progress Louis Hughes
Louis Hughes President Lte Long-term Evolution
Lucent Lucent Guaranty Alcatel-lucent Public Bonds
Lucent Investor Relations Lucent Letter Credit Agreements
Lucent Press Contacts Lucent Stock-based Awards
Lucent Technologies Lucent8217s Bonds
Lucent8217s Employment Benefits Related Cases Lucent8217s Pension Post-retirement Obligations
Lucents Employment Benefits Related Cases Lucents Guarantees Indemnification Agreements
Lucents Intellectual Property Cases Lucents Other Litigation
Lucents Separation Agreements Main Changes Accounted 2005
Main Changes Accounted 2006 Main Changes Accounted 2007
Main Changes Accounted 2008 Major Differences Between Corporate Governance Practices Nyse Requirements
Major Shareholders Related Party Transactions Managed Services Alcatel-lucent
Management Management Healthcare Plan Amendment
Managements Annual Report Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Managing Workforce Reduction
Mandated Lead Arrangers Market Outlook
Market-related Exposures Marketable Securities
Marketing Distribution Marketing Distribution Products
Maximum Exposure Credit Risk Maximum Share Capital Number Characteristics Shares Purchase Price
Meetings Meetings Board Directors
Members Members Board Directors
Memorandum Articles Association Method Participation 2007 Shareholders Meeting
Method Participation 2008 Shareholders Meeting Microsoft
Minority Interests Mobile Access Cdma Networks
Mobility Multicore
Multicore Applications Multimedia Payment
Name Telephone E-mail Facsimile Number Address Contact Person National Security Agreement Specialty
Net Cash Provided Used Operating Activities Before Changes Net Income
Net Investment Hedge New Accounting Standards Interpretations Been Applied Published Not
New Financial Reporting Standard Applied 2008 New Financial Reporting Standards Amendments Applied 2009
New Financial Reporting Standards Amendments Interpretations Published Applied New Financial Reporting Standards Amendments Interpretations Published Mandatory
New Financial Reporting Standards Amendments Interpretations Published Not New Financial Reporting Standards Interpretations Group Applies Not
Newbridge Ngc
Nominal Value Repurchased Non-consolidated Investments Other Non-current Financial Assets
Nortel Networks Not Publication Release Distribution Directly Indirectly Canada Australia
Notes Notes Condensed Interim Consolidated Financial Statements
Notes Consolidated Financial Statements Number 1-11130
Number Performance Shares Granted Changes Number Shares Comprising Capital Stock
Number Shares Percentage Capital Held Directly Indirectly Obligation Retain Alcatel-lucent Shares Resulting Exercise Stock Options
Oceane Bonds Convertible New Existing Shares Oceane Obligations Convertibles Echangeables Actions Nouvelles Existantes
Oceane Obligations Convertibles Échangeables Actions Nouvelles Existantes Off Balance Sheet Commitments
Off-balance Sheet Commitments Olivier Piou
Operate Highly Competitive Industry Participants Failure Compete Effectively Operating Financial Review Prospects
Operating Leases Operating Rules
Operating Working Capital Optics
Option Grant Policy Option Plans Acquired Companies Other Lucent
Option Plans Lucent Orane Obligations Remboursables Actions Nouvelles Existantes
Ordinary Shares Ordinary Shares Nominal Value 83642 Per Share
Originally Appointed Alcatel Board Directors 1999 Other Assets Liabilities
Other Benefits Long-term Incentive Compensation Other Bonds
Other Comprehensive Income Other Defined Contribution Plans
Other Firm Commitments Result Mainly Purchase Obligations Related Other Information Affiliates
Other Intangible Assets Goodwill Other Lucent Litigation
Other Matters Other Matters Affecting Historical Alcatel Lucent
Other New Financial Reporting Standards Amendments Interpretations Published Other Post-retirement Benefits
Other Services Other Services Non-audit Related
Other Transactions Outgoing Members Management Committee 2008 2009
Outlook Outlook 2008
Outlook 2009 Outlook Progress Strategic Plan
Overall Perspective Overview
Overview 2007 Overview 2008
Overview Outlook Ownership Shares Non-french Persons
Page Paris 8212 France
Paris France Paris Murray Hill 2006
Part Participation
Patricia Russo Patrick Hauptmann
Paying-up Shares Payroll Staff Training Rights
Pension Plan Pension Plans Ceo Certain Directors
Pension Post-retirement Benefits Fas 132r Pension Post-retirement Benefits Other Plans
Pension Retirement Accruals Pension Retirement Obligations Other Employee Post-employment Benefit
Pensions Retirement Indemnities Pensions Retirement Indemnities Other Post-retirement Benefits
Percentage Share Capital Held Performance Conditions Option Grants Applicable Members Management Committee
Performance Shares Performance Shares Stock Option Grant Policy
Philippe Camus Plan Amendment
Plan Assets Plans
Pledges Alcatel-lucent Shares Powers Board Directors
Powers Duties Board Directors Powers Responsibilities Board Directors
Preamble Preemptive Rights Not Available Persons
Preliminary Allocation Lucent8217s Purchase Price Gaap Follows Preliminary Allocation Purchase Price Lucent Transaction Gaap Follows
Preparation Meetings Organization Functioning Board Directors Presentation Consolidated Financial Statements
Presentation Financial Information Principal Uncertainties Regarding Estimates
Product Portfolio Production Assembly Sites
Products Services Revenues Profit-sharing Agreements
Progress Transformation Plan Promoting Development Talents Tool Retention
Property Plant Equipment Provision Warranty Costs Other Product Sales Reserves
Provisions Restructuring Costs Purchase Alcatel-lucent Shares
Purchase Price Allocation Business Combination Purchases Alcatel-lucent Shares
Purchases Equity Securities Issuer Affiliated Purchasers Purpose
Pursuant 302 Sarbanes-oxley Act 2002 Pursuant Usc 1350
Qualitative Quantitative Disclosures Market Risk Quality
Quality Security Reliability Rapid Changes Existing Regulations Technical Standards Implementation New
Rating Clauses Affecting Alcatel-lucent Lucent Debt 2006 Rating Clauses Affecting Alcatel-lucent Lucent Debt 2007
Rating Clauses Affecting Alcatel-lucent Lucent Debt 2008 Rating Clauses Affecting Alcatel-lucent Lucent Debt 2009
Real Estate Equipment Receivables Sold Without Recourse
Recent Events Recent History Alcatel-lucent8217s Long-term Debt Credit Rating
Recent History Lucent8217s Long-term Debt Credit Rating Recent History Lucents Long-term Debt Credit Rating
Recently Issued Accounting Standards Reclassification Income Statement Gains Losses Hedges Forecast Transactions
Reclassification Income Statement Gains Losses Hedging Transactions Originally Reconciliation Consolidated Financial Statements
Reconciliation Gaap Recorded Expense Respect Compensation Related Benefits Attributable Key
Registration Number Registry Commerce Regulated Agreements Commitments
Regulated Agreements Commitments Group Regulated Agreements Commitments Related Party Transactions
Regulations Governing First-time Adoption Related Party Transactions
Reliability Remuneration 2007
Remuneration 2008 Remuneration Corporate Officers Directors
Repayments Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firms Reportable Transactions
Reported Net Loss Group Share Euro 181 008 Reported Results
Reported Results Balance Sheet Pensions Opeb Repurchase 1197 2011 Oceanes
Repurchase Terms Conditions Repurchases
Repurchases Redemption Before Maturity Date Research Development
Research Development Costs Research Development Expenses
Research Development Expenses Other Capitalized Costs Research Innovation Support Sites
Responsibilities Restricted Cash Units Rcus
Restricted Stock Unit Rsus Restructuring Costs
Restructuring Sfas 146 Results Operations Business Segment 2007 Compared 2006
Retirement Benefits Certain Directors Revenue Recognition
Revenues Revenues Industrial Components Most Impacted Global Market Conditions
Reversal Inventory Write-down Right Information Executive Officers
Rights Obligations Relating Shares Rights Obligations Shares
Risk Factors Robert Denham
Role Chairman Russo Ceo Until 2008
Safe Harbor Forward Looking Statements Sale Carry-back Receivable
Sale Carry8211back Receivable Saudi Arabia
Seasonal Nature Activity Seasonality
Securities Exchange Act 1934 Securities Not Convertible Equity
Securities Registered Pursuant Act Securitization Customer Receivables
Security Selected Financial Data
Selection Criteria Independence Directors Senior Management
Serge Tchuruk Series Convertible Debentures
Services Business Segment Services Operating Segment
Services Segment Sfas 146 Disclosure Related Plans Initiated After 2002
Share Capital Voting Rights Share Net Assets Equity Affiliates
Share Ownership Thresholds Share-based Payment
Share-based Payment Stock Option Plans Share-based Payments
Shareholders Agreements Shareholders Board Directors Alcatel-lucent
Shareholders General Meeting Shareholders Meeting
Shareholders Meetings Shareholders8217 Equity
Shares Subject Future Issuance Signature
Significant International Operations Amount Revenues Emerging Markets Regions Significant International Operations Amount Sales Emerging Markets Regions
Small Number Customers Account Substantial Portion Revenues Most Sources Availability Materials
Spatial Specific Commitments Historic Alcatel
Specific Commitments Lucent Specific Impairment Test 2009 Connection New Organization
Specific Provisions Articles Association Law Specific Provisions By-laws Law
Standardization Standardization Technology Partnerships Acquisitions
State Local Taxes State Plans
Statement Business Principles Statement Business Principles Code Ethics
Statement Comprehensive Income Statutory Auditors
Stock Market Risk Stock Option Plans
Stock Options Stock Options Granted Foreign Subsidiaries
Stock Options Other Securities Available Acquisition Stock Options Other Securities Available Exercise
Stock Options Other Stock-based Compensation Instruments Issued Lucent Stock Options Performance Shares
Stock-based Compensation Disclosure Sfas 123 148 Strategic Alliance Deliver Integrated Telecom Solutions Service Providers
Strategic Investments Committee Strategy
Strong Operational Progress Structure Consolidated Balance Sheet
Structure Consolidated Statement Financial Position Structure Principal Companies Consolidated Group 2007
Structure Principal Companies Consolidated Group 2008 Stuart Eizenstat
Subject Different Corporate Disclosure Standards Limit Information Available Subject Environmental Health Safety Laws Restrict Operations
Subject Intellectual Property Litigation Infringement Claims Cause Incur Submarine
Subordinated Guarantees Provided Some Alcatel-lucent Lucent Technologies Inc Subordinated Guaranties Provided Some Alcatel-lucent Lucent Public Bonds
Subordinated Guaranties Provided Some Alcatel-lucent Lucent Technologies Inc Subordinated Guaranty
Subpoenas Discovery Requests Subsequent Events
Summarized Financial Information Equity Affiliates Summarized Financial Information Thales
Summarized Gaap Consolidated Financial Statements Summarized Gaap Consolidated Income Statements
Summary Accounting Policies Summary Alcatel-lucent Plans
Summary Differences Between Accounting Principles Followed Alcatel-lucent Gaap Summary Outstanding Options
Summary Table Summary Table Compensation
Summary Table Global Compensation Situation Chairman Ceo Summary Table Stock Options Other Securities Available Exercise
Summary Tables Supporting Diversity Equal Opportunities
Sylvia Jay Table Summarizing Compensation Chairman Board Ceo
Taiwan Talent Development Training
Tax Losses Carried Forward Temporary Differences Taxation
Taxation Capital Gains Taxation Dividends
Tchuruk Chairman Board Directors Until 2008 Td-scdma
Technology Committee Technology Drives Products Services Fail Keep Pace Technological
Technology Partnerships Acquisitions Technology Research Development
Telecommunications Industry Fluctuates Affected Factors Including Decisions Service Telecommunications Industry Fluctuates Affected Factors Including Economic Environment
Temporary Workers Term Directors Mandate Age Limit
Term Office Director Age Limit Term Office Expired 2008
Termination Conditions Russo Terrestrial
Thales Thales Agreements
Thierry Loppinot Timetra
Trade Receivables Related Accounts Trading Euronext Paris
Trading New York Stock Exchange Trading Price Adss Affected Fluctuations Exchange Rate Converting
Transactions Officers Directors Alcatel-lucent Securities Transfer Tax Sale Ordinary Shares Adss
Translation Financial Statements Denominated Foreign Currencies Translation Foreign Currency Transactions
Transparency Treasury Stock
Trend Dividend Per Share Over Tropic Networks
Umts Business Nortel Networks Uncertainties Associated Integration Cost Reduction Plans Cause Loss
Uncertainties Associated Integration Cost-reduction Plans Cause Loss Employees Upcoming Events Announcements
Valuation Allowance Inventories Work Progress Valuation Options Granted 2007 Chief Executive Officer
Vesting Conditions Vesting Conditions 2009 Employees Plan
Vesting Conditions Options Granted After 2008 Management Committee Vote Mail
Voting Rights W-cdma
Warrants Website Http Wwwalcatel-lucentcom Alcatel-lucent Press Contacts
Wimax Winstar
Wireless Wireless Transmission
Wireline Workforce Reduction
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