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Absolutely Necessary Replace Appliances Electronics Reimburse Only Customary Acceleration Vesting Stock Options
Access Advisors Accountability
Accountabilitys Reflections 2009 Accounting Valuation Equity Awards
Accounts Receivable Securitizations Acquisitions
Acquisitions Divestitures Act Means Income Tax Assessment 1997 Cth Affiliate
Action Grants Adapted Shell 2003
Additional Additional Benefits Eligibility
Adjusted Income Adjusted Loss
Adjustments Administration 2009 Plan
Administration Excess Plan Administration Expenses Plan
Administrative Agent Administrative Questionnaire
Adopt Simple Majority Vote Adopted
Affirmative Covenants Afl Wire Harness Aluminum Casting Operations
After-tax Operating Income Agents Wire Instructions
Aggregated Option Exercises Year-end Values Aircraft
Aircraft Car Service Al-co-a B-a-s-i-c-s
Alain Belda Alcoa Inc Chairman Ceo Alberto Arias Goldman Sachs Analyst
Alcoa Alcoa Active Bauxite Interests
Alcoa Adversely Affected Changes Business Financial Condition Significant Alcoa Adversely Affected Failure Financial Institutions Fulfill Commitments
Alcoa Announces Charles Mclane Become New Chief Financial Alcoa Announces Dividend Stock Contribution Pension Plans
Alcoa Announces Expiration Exchange Offers Alcoa Announces Pricing Exchange Offers
Alcoa Annual Meeting Attendance Alcoa Appoints James Owens Chairman Ceo Caterpillar Inc
Alcoa Appoints New Directors Stan Oneal Michael Morris Alcoa Appoints Ratan Tata Chairman Sons Ltd India
Alcoa At-a-glance 2005 Alcoa Australia Declares Force Majeure
Alcoa Board Elects Klaus Kleinfeld President Ceo Alcoa Business System
Alcoa Close Hawesville Automotive Casting Facility Alcoa Deferred Compensation Estate Enhancement Plan
Alcoa Employee Finds Cutting Edge Ergonomic Solution Alcoa Exposed Fluctuations Foreign Currency Exchange Rates Interest
Alcoa Exposed Significant Legal Proceedings Investigations Changes Law Alcoa Faces Significant Competition
Alcoa Faces Significant Price Competition Other Aluminum Producers Alcoa Foundation
Alcoa Foundation Jamaica Alcoa Foundation Sons Daughters Scholarship Program-section
Alcoa Inc Alcoa Materially Adversely Affected Further Declines Aluminum Prices
Alcoa Metrics System Alcoa Names Chief Legal Compliance Officer
Alcoa Names Huber President- European Region Alcoa Names Joseph Lucot Vice President Corporate Controller
Alcoa Names Tony Thene Vice President Controller Greg Alcoa Not Able Successfully Develop Implement New Technology
Alcoa Not Able Successfully Implement Brazilian Growth Projects Alcoa Not Able Successfully Implement Growth Strategy
Alcoa Not Able Successfully Implement Productivity Cost-reduction Initiatives Alcoa Not Realize Expected Benefits Productivity Cost-reduction Initiatives
Alcoa Own Afl Auto Fujikura Telecommunications Alcoa Provides Eps Guidance 2005
Alcoa Reports 2008 Results Alcoa Reports 2009 Results
Alcoa Required Make Additional Contributions Defined Benefit Pension Alcoa Retirement Plan
Alcoa Savings Plan Alcoa Savings Plan Deferred Compensation
Alcoa Sells Stake Chalco Continue Commitment Chinese Aluminum Alcoa Share Price Performance
Alcoa Shareholders Alcoa Stock Incentive Plan
Alcoa Subject Broad Range Environmental Laws Regulations Jurisdictions Alcoa Subject Broad Range Health Safety Environmental Laws
Alcoa Subject Cyclical Fluctuations Lme Prices Economic Conditions Alcoa Subsidiaries
Alcoa Updates Portfolio Review Alcoa Withdraws Offer Alcan
Alcoa Women Leadership Positions Alcoa Worldwide Alumina Refining Capacity
Alcoas Code Ethics Ceo Cfo Other Financial Professionals Alcoas Global Operations Exposed Political Economic Risks Events
Alcoas Operations Consume Substantial Amounts Energy Profitability Decline Alcoas Operations Exposed Business Operational Risks Changes Conditions
Alcoas Opportunities Challenges China Alcoas Position Conservation Biodiversity
Alcoas Profitability Adversely Affected Increases Cost Raw Materials Alcoas Sustainable Strategy
Alcoas Worldwide Community Service Alex Lancer Merrill Lynch Analyst
Alex Latzer Merrill Lynch Analyst Allocation Schedule
Allowable Expenses Allowance
Alternative Lubricants Reduce Voc Emissions Treatment Costs Alumina
Alumina Chemicals Alumina Refining Facilities Capacity
Alumina Refining Growth Initiative Alumina See Table Related Text Refining Facilities Capacity
Aluminum Metal Recovered Alcoa Purchased Scrap Aluminum Recycling Rate Percent
Aluminum Smelting Growth Initiative Amendment
Amendment Fee Continuation Plan Non-employee Directors Amendment Incentive Compensation Plan
Amendment Termination Amendment Waiver
Amendments Amendments 2004 Alcoa Stock Incentive Plan
Amir Arif Friedman Billings Ramsey Analyst Amounts Expected Recognized Net Periodic Benefit Costs
Analysis Compensation Decisions Benefits Committee 2008 Analyst Investor Conference Call Webcast
Annual Cash Incentive Annual Education Allowance Qualified Dependents -please See Manual
Annual Highlights Annual Meeting
Annual Meeting Voting Annual Meeting Voting Questions Answers
Annual Meeting Webcast Annual Performance Evaluation Board
Anthony Rizzuto Bear Stearns Analyst Appliances Electronics Shipment
Application 409a Provisions Approved Automobile Purchased Host Country
Approved Automobile Shipped Home Country Area Disturbed Mining Hectares
Area Rehabilitated Hectares Arrival Home Country Location Expenses Except Physical Examination
Arrival Host Location Asset Retirement Obligations
Assignment Assumption Assignment Form
Assumed Health Care Cost Trend Rates Follows Assumptions
Atoi Net Income Reconciliation Attachment
Attend Annual Meeting Obtain Admission Ticket Audit Committee
Audit Committee Charter Audit Non-audit Fees
Audit Non-audit Services Audit Process
Australia Australia Electricity
Australia Natural Gas Automobile
Automobile Forced Sale Reimbursement Available Cash Means Relation Dividend Projected Balances Equivalents
Awac Documents Means Awards
Awards Named Executive Officers Other Employees Awards Recognition
Background Charles Mclane Background Helmut Wieser
Background Joseph Mucari Background Richard Kelson
Baggage Allowance Balance Sheet Growth Projects
Balance Sheet Overview Base Salaries
Basic Furniture Household Furnishings Shipment Basis Reporting Joint Ventures Partially Owned Subsidiaries Etc
Bauxite Interests Bauxite Residue Generated
Beautifying Community Playground Belda
Belda Columns Beneficial Ownership Reporting Compliance
Beneficiaries Beneficiaries Transferability
Benefit Plans Benefits
Bill Christopher Alcoa Inc Evp President Engineered Products Bill Oplinge Alcoa Inc Director
Bill Oplinger Alcoa Inc Director Biodiversity
Bloomberg Return Capital Board Committee Director Evaluations
Board Directors Board Directors Recommends Vote Ratify Selection Independent Auditor
Board Performance Bohai Alcoa Citic Group Currently Discussion Undertake Expansion
Bona Fide Residence Test Bonuses
Boundaries Report Bout Alcoa
Bravo Grants Brazil Electricity
Brian Citigroup Analyst Brian Macarthur Ubs Analyst
Brian Macarthur Ubs Securities Analyst Bribery Corruption
Bringing Sustainability Shareholder Relations Bringing Sustainable Development Amazon
Building Communities Through Education Business
Business Conditions Business Conduct Policies
Business Conduct Policies Code Ethics Business Unit Performance Factors
Buy International Personal Insurance Caglar Somek Credit Suisse Boston Analyst
Calculate Exchange Rate Loss Calculated Housing Obligation Deduction
Calculation Composite Formula Award Calculation Formula
Canada Canada Natural Gas
Capital Expenditures Liquidity Capital Expenditures Process
Capital Structure Capturing Ergonomic Improvements Through Technology Tools Training
Carlos Alba Morgan Stanley Analyst Cash Flow Hedges
Cash Flow Information Cash Flows
Cash Generation Growth Cash Generation Roc Growth
Cash Operations Cash Paid Income Taxes
Caustic Soda Waste Becomes Useful Cautionary Statements Private Securities Litigation Reform Act 1995
Ceo Interview Ceo Statement
Certain Relationships Related Transactions Certain Relationships Related Transactions Director Independence
Certification Status Certifications
Chairman Ceo Statement Chairman Chief Executive Officer
Challenge Highlights Community Engagement Challenge Measuring Community Engagement
Change Control Plan Change Control Provisions
Change Control Repurchase Event Change Control Severance Agreements
Change Control Severance Benefits Change Control Severance Plan
Change Control Severance Plans Change Vote
Changes Disagreements Accountants Accounting Financial Disclosure Charles Bradford Affiliated Research Group Analyst
Charles Bradford Research Analyst Charles Bradford Soleil Securities Analyst
Charles Mclane Chief Executive Officer Compensation
Children Young Workers Chris Olin Cleveland Research Analyst
Christopher Chuck Harris Analyst
Citigroup Venture Capital Equity Partners 410 Citizen
Claims Loss Damage Household Goods Claims United States
Clayton Freeman Bmo Capital Analyst Climate Change
Climate Change Regulations Greenhouse Effects Adversely Impact Alcoas Climate Change Regulations Greenhouse Effects Adversely Impact Operations
Club Dues Financial Planning Tax Preparation Services Code 162 Provisions
Code Ethics Ceo Cfo Other Financial Professionals College Students
Column Column -all Other Compensation
Column -bonus Column -change Pension Value Non-qualified Deferred Compensation Earnings
Column -grant Date Column -grant Date Stock Price
Column -named Executive Officers Column -non-equity Incentive Plan Compensation
Column -salaries Column -time Vested Shares
Column -time Vested Stock Options Column -value 2006 Equity Awards
Column Other Compensation Columns -annual Cash Incentive Compensation
Columns -performance Equity Awards Columns -stock Awards Stock Options
Combined Aluminum Capacity 194000 Mtpy Temporarily Curtailed Combined Community Giving Dollars
Combined Community Investing Combined Dual Head Offices Montreal New York
Commencement Date Means 2006 Contribution Amount Relation Valid Comment Business
Commitments Contingencies Committees Board
Common Share Data Communications Directors
Communications Parties Communities
Community Community Consultation
Community Engagement Underscores Efficiency Upgrade Approval Community Health Initiatives
Company-owned Housing Comparator Group
Compensation Compensation Benefits Committee
Compensation Benefits Committee Charter Compensation Benefits Committee Report
Compensation Committee Interlocks Insider Participation Compensation Committee Report
Compensation Discussion Analysis Cda Compensation Overview
Compensation Philosophy Compensation Philosophy-why Pay What
Compensation Plans Competition Clearance
Competitive Conditions Compliance Laws Regulations Ethics Codes
Components Net Periodic Benefit Costs Comprehensive Income
Computation Ratio Earnings Fixed Charges Concurrent Offering Common Stock
Concurrent Offering Convertible Notes Conditions Closing
Conditions Effectiveness Lending Confidential
Confidentiality Personal Tax Information Connection Outstanding Offer Alcan
Consent Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Conservation Sustainability Fellowship Program
Consideration Awards Consolidated Financial Statements
Construction Consultants
Contact Information Contact Person
Contacts Contacts Notification Methods Borrowings Paydowns Interest Fees Etc
Contingent Stock Continue Explore Competitively-priced Long-term Power
Contributing Community Contributions
Contributions Savings Plan Contributions Savings Plans
Controls Procedures Convertible Notes Due 2014
Copyright 2009 Standard Poors Division Mcgraw-hill Companies Inc Copyright Size1 2009 Standard Poors Division Mcgraw-hill Companies
Corporate Corporate Center
Corporate Facilities Corporate Governance
Corporate Governance Guidelines Corporate Governance Information
Corporations Cost Procurement Efficiencies
Cost Program Cost Savings Initiatives
Cost Structure Improved Liquidity Reinforced Cost Tax Preparation Service
Cost-of-living Allowance Costs Associated Exit Disposal Activities
Countries Alcoa Operations Countries Significant Alcoa Participation Local Economy
Covenants Purchaser Coverage Options
Creation Direct Financial Obligation Off-balance Sheet Arrangement Credit Review Event Means Material Adverse Change Ability
Criteria Definitions Critical Accounting Policies Estimates
Cubic Meters Cultural Orientation Program
Cumulative Chemical Magnitude Reduction Cumulative Chemical Number Reduction
Cumulative Noise Magnitude Reduction Cumulative Total Return
Cumulative Total Return End Current Awards Outstanding
Customer Customer Environmental Health Safety Activities
Customers Daniel Faucher
Daniel Roling Merrill Lynch Analyst Daniel Rowling Merrill Lynch Analyst
Dave Gagliano Credit Suisse Boston Analyst Dave Gagliano Credit Suisse Securities Analyst
Dave Martin Deutsche Bank Analyst David Gagliano Credit Suisse Analyst
David Gagliano Credit Suisse Boston Analyst David Gagliano Credit Suisse Securities Analyst
David Lipschitz Clsa Analyst David Lipschitz Merrill Lynch Analyst
David Martin Deutsche Bank Analyst David Palmer Wellington Management Analyst
David Stevens Goldman Sachs Analyst Dear Preferred Shareholder
Death Expatriate Dependent Overseas Death Illness Family Member
Debt Debt Percent Invested Capital
Deferral Compensation Deferred Compensation Deduction
Deferred Fee Plan Directors Defined Benefit Plans
Defined Contribution Plan Defined Contribution Plans
Defining Measuring Sustainable Performance Iceland Definition Terms
Definitions Dental
Departure Directors Certain Officers Election Appointment Compensatory Departure Directors Principal Officers Election Appointment
Dependent Status Derivatives
Derivatives Other Financial Instruments Description Business
Description Non-employee Director Compensation Design Performance Equity Award Program
Designation Borrowing Subsidiaries Details Offer
Determine Amount Compensation Difference
Direct Deposit Dividends Director Access Management Necessary Appropriate Independent Advisors
Director Compensation Director Independence
Director Independence Standards Director Orientation Continuing Education
Director Plan Make Difference Award Director Qualification Standards
Director Responsibilities Director-sustainability
Directors Compensation Directors Deferred Fee Plan
Directors Executive Officers Corporate Governance Directors Executive Officers Registrant
Directors Whose Terms Expire 2006 Directors Whose Terms Expire 2008
Directors Whose Terms Expire 2009 Directors Whose Terms Expire 2010
Discharges Water Disclaimer
Distribution Total Energy Used Percent Distributions
Distributions Shareholders Diversity
Dividend Policies Dividend Policy Stock Awards
Dividend Policy Stock Options Dividend Reduction
Dividend Reinvestment Dividends
Documents Incorporated Reference Dollars
Domestic Help Downstream Businesses
Drive Employee Community Involvement Dual-housing Exception
Due Local Power Supply Market Conditions Duration Severity Current Global Economic Downturn Disruptions Financial
Dynamic System Reduces River Fluoride Levels Earnings
Earnings Per Share East Louis Il-
Ebitda Economic
Economic Downturn Ection
Effective 2006 Effective 2009
Effective Tax Rate Election Directors
Electricity Sourcing-purchased Self-generated Percent Elements Compensation
Eligibility Eligibility Eligible Employee Means After Effective Date Plan
Eligible Elizabeth Besen Alcoa Inc Director
Elkem Gain Emergency Planning
Emergency Planning Overseas Location Emissions
Emissions Effluents Waste Emissions Region Metric Tons
Employee Assistance Program Expatriates Employee Development
Employee Engagement Employee Leased Housing
Employee Relations Employee Volunteer Initiatives
Employee-formed Lessens Impact Mine Closure Employee-owned Housing
Employees Employees Region
Endnote Energy
Energy Generation Growth Initiative Energy Strategy
Engagement Stakeholders Engineered Products
Engineered Products Solutions Engineered Products Solutions Facilities
Engineered Solutions Enhancing Portfolio Value
Enterprise Funding Partnership Between Aah Alumina Constituted Agreement Enterprise Funding Requirements Means Relation Given Period Amount
Entire Agreement Entitled Vote Votes
Entry Material Definitive Agreement Environment
Environment Health Safety Environmental Capital Expenditures
Environmental Compliance Environmental Incident Rate
Environmental Matters Environmental Matters Amounts Whole Dollars
Equality Opportunity Equity Awards
Equity Awards Named Executive Officers Equity Choice Program
Equity Compensation Equity Compensation Plan Information
Equity Securities Ergonomic Incidents
Ethics Compliance Ethics Compliance Line
Ethics Compliance Program Europe
Europe Electricity Evacuation Emergency Phasedown
Event Date Time Apr 2006 500pm Event Date Time Apr 2007 500pm
Event Date Time Apr 2008 500pm Event Date Time Apr 2009 500pm
Event Date Time Jan 2006 500pm Event Date Time Jan 2007 500pm
Event Date Time Jan 2008 500pm Event Date Time Jan 2009 500pm
Event Date Time Jul 2006 500pm Event Date Time Jul 2007 500pm
Event Date Time Jul 2008 500pm Event Date Time Oct 2006 500pm
Event Date Time Oct 2007 500pm Event Date Time Oct 2008 500pm
Event Duration Event Duration Min
Events Default Exact Name Registrant Specified Charter
Example Excellence
Exchange Rate Loss Calculation Excluding Growth Investments
Execution Copy Executive Committee
Executive Compensation Executive Long Term Disability
Executive Officers Registrant Executive Preventative Health Evaluation Program
Executive Severance Agreements Exhibits
Expatriate Benefits Expatriate Expenses
Expatriate Principles 2002 Expatriates Assigned Brazil
Expatriates Assigned Jamaica Expatriates Assigned Suriname
Expatriates Not Citizens Cannot Participate Plan Expenses Arrival Host Location
Expenses Enroute Host Location Expenses Prior Departure Host Location
Expenses Procedures Completing Moving Expense Statement External Principles Initiatives
Extruded End Products Fabricating Downstream Growth
Fabrication Facility End-of-life Management
Fair Market Value Fair Value Hedges
Fas 123r Valuation Equity Awards Fee Continuation Plan
Fee Continuation Plan Non-employee Directors Feel Policies Outlined Manual Those Found Effective Necessary
Financial Reporting Process Statements Financial Risk
Financial Statement Schedule Financial Statements Exhibits
Financial Statements Practices Financial Statements Supplementary Data
Financing Activities Find Additional Information
Find Corporate Governance Information Five-year Cumulative Total Return
Flat Rolled Products Flat Rolled Products Frp
Flat-rolled Products Flat-rolled Products Facilities
Flow-through Entities Fold Detach Here
Following Accountabilitys Commentary Not Revise Required Publish Foreign Service Premium Fsp Allowance
Foreword Form 10-k
Form Lock-up Agreement Form Special Retention Stock Award Agreement 2004 Alcoa
Former Name Address Changed Since Last Report Forward Looking Statement
Forward Looking Statements Forward-looking Statement
Forward-looking Statements Framework
Free Cash Flow Freedom Association
Freedom Engagement Further Metals Industry Consolidation Impact Alcoas Business
Further Metals Industry Consolidation Impact Business Gender Balance
General General Provisions
General Terms Conditions George Nissan Ubs Analyst
Germany Glen Lockheart Ubs Analyst
Glen Lokoff Ups Analyst Global Ehs Community Programs
Global Innovation Award -nissan Motor Saving Turtles Amazon Global Pension Plan
Global Sourcing Project Identifies Low-cost Mold Supplier Goat Rearing Rehabilitated Land Provides Alternative Income
Goodwill Other Intangible Assets Governance Nominating Committee
Governance Nominating Committee Charter Governing Law Jurisdiction
Governmental Approvals Grammar High School-home Country Location
Grammar High School-other Host Home Location Grants Plan Based Awards
Grants Plan-based Awards Table Greg Aschman
Greg Aschman Alcoa Inc Director Greg Barnes Newcrest Analyst
Guarantee Hardship Pay Allowance
Harnessing Nature Treat Discharge Waters Harry Mateer Barclays Capital Analyst
Harvesting Wood Building Jobs Health
Health Safety Health Safety Capital Expenditures
Health Safety Management System Health Summary
Healthy Workforce Initiatives Healthy Workforce Initiatives Percent Locations Implementing Program
Help Alcoa Helping Community Through Abs
Helping Employees Get Healthier Henry Schacht Chairman
Highlights Highmark Blue Cross Shield Medical Behavioral Health Claims
Hongyu Cai Goldman Sachs Analyst Household Packing Shipping Storage
Householding Information Housing
Human Rights Hungary
Hydropower Generation Same Water Flow Hypothetical Tax Deduction
Iceland Electricity Identification
Idled Plant Overcomes Energy Labor Cost Challenges Immediate Release
Impact Impact 2008 Performance Compensation
Impacts Biodiversity Inal Ranscript
Incentive Compensation Incentive Compensation Allowance
Incentive Compensation Plan Incident Rates
Inclusion Income Continuing Operations
Income Tax Consequences Income Tax Matters
Incorporation Reference Increase Between 2004 2005 Due Increased Production Data
Increased Commitment Growth Investment Canada Indemnification
Indemnification Directors Independence
Independence Standards Alcoa Directors Independent Auditor Services Fees
Independent Auditors Independent Report Assurance
Index Indirect Energy
Indirect Greenhouse Gas Emissions Associated Purchased Electricity Individual Agreement
Individual Agreements Industrial Hygiene Assessments-qualitative
Industrial Hygiene Assessments-quantitative Industry Average Not Available Lost Workday Rate Represents
Influence China Negatively Impact Results Event Slowdown Consumption Information
Information Requests Initial Non-aofa Funding Period Means Commencement Date 2006
Innovation New Products Sustainability Insert Name
Inside United States Insurance
Integration Sustainability Integrity
Interest Cost Components Internal Audit
Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Internal Report Assurance
International International Assignment Contact List
International Drivers License International Property
International Sos Membership Introduction
Inventories Investing Activities
Investments Investor Information
Involuntary Termination Issued
Issuer Free Writing Prospectuses Jamalco
Jim Brown Jpmorgan Analyst Jim Brown Jpmorgan Chase Analyst
Joe Lucot Joe Muscari Alcoa Inc Cfo
Joe Thorton Highfields Capital Management Analyst John Hill Citigroup Analyst
John Hill Smith Barney Analyst John Hill Smith Barney Citigroup Analyst
John Mack Columbia Management Analyst John Redstone Des Jardins Analyst
John Redstone Desjardins Analyst John Redstone Desjardins Securities Analyst
John Thuestad Elected Alcoa Executive Vice President Group John Tomazos Prudential Analyst
John Tumazos Analyst John Tumazos Independent Analyst
John Tumazos Prudential Analyst John Tumazos Prudential Equity Group Analyst
John Tumazos Prudential Equity Group Llc Analyst John Tumazos Very Independent Research Analyst
John Tumazos Very Independent Research Llc Analyst Joint Ventures Investments
Jonathan Goldberg Hahn Management Analyst Jonathan Goldberg Highline Capital Management Analyst
Jorge Beristain Deutsche Bank Analyst Joshua Golden Jpmorgan Chase Analyst
Kevin Anton Key Features 2009 Plan
Key Partnerships Key Statistics
Kilograms Per Metric Ton Aluminum Produced Kindergarten Grammar High School-host Location
Klaus Kleinfeld Klaus Kleinfeld Alcoa Inc Chairman Ceo President
Klaus Kleinfeld Alcoa Inc President Coo Klaus Kleinfeld Elected Alcoa President Chief Operating Officer
Kleinfeld Kuni Chen Banc America Analyst
Kuni Chen Banc America Merrill Lynch Analyst Kuni Chen Banc America Securities Analyst
Kuni Chen Bank America Securities Analyst Kuni Chen Bas-ml Analyst
Kuni Chen Merrill Lynch Analyst Labor Costs
Landfills Language Lesson
Latin American Extrusions Facilities Lead Director
Lease Automobile Buy-out Lease Expense
Lease Management Program Legal Proceedings
Lender Institutions Lenders Commitments
Lenders Domestic Wire Instructions Lenders Foreign Wire Instructions
Lending Designation Borrowing Subsidiaries Leo Larkin Standard Poors Analyst
Less Letter
Liinamaa Morgan Stanley Analyst Limited
Liquidity Capital Resources Litigation
Litigation Proceedings Involving Directors Officers Lloyd Ocarroll Bbt Capital Markets Analyst
Lloyd Ocarroll Davenport Analyst Locations Good Better Alcoa Self Assessment Tool Score
Long-term Care Long-term Debt
Long-term Debt Fair Value Based Interest Rates Currently Lost Workday Rate
Luther Friedman Billings Ramsey Analyst Mail Going Guinea
Mail Going Jamaica Mail Order Prescription Drugs Supply
Mail Service Major Alcoa Land Tracts
Majority Vote Policy Making Learning Communication Connection
Management Actions Management Chronic Illness Workplace Standard
Management Review 2004 Outlook Future Management Review 2005 Outlook Future
Management Review 2006 Outlook Future Management Review 2007 Outlook Future
Management Review 2008 Outlook Future Management Succession
Managements Certifications Managements Discussion Analysis Financial Condition Results Operations
Managements Report Managements Report Financial Statements Practices
Managements Report Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Market Risks Derivative Activities
Markets Served Marty Pollack Nwq Investment Management Analyst
Massena Ny- Material Impairments
Material Limitations Material Recycling
Matthew Garth Alcoa Inc Director Mclane
Measurement Medical
Meetings Attendance Membership
Memberships Mercury Emissions
Mercury Emissions Region Kilograms Messrs Muscari Belda Christopher Reitan Wieser Columns
Metric Tons Metric Tons Equivalents-co
Michael Gambardella Jpmorgan Analyst Michael Gambardella Jpmorgan Chase Analyst
Michael Gambardella Morgan Analyst Michael Gamberdella Morgan Analyst
Michael Morris Minimizing Waste
Minimum Qualifications Director Nominees Board Member Attributes Mining Reclamation Process
Minority Interests Minority Interests Electricity
Miscellaneous Mission Statement
Mitigation Most Admired Companies
Most Admired Companies -fortune Magazine Environmental Leader Alain Most Admired Metals
Most Admired Metals -fortune Magazine 2008 Multicultural Workforce Opens Windows Opportunity
Name Person Filing Proxy Statement Other Registrant Named Executive Officers
Nature Ownership Navaneel Ray Tiaa-cref Analyst
Negative Covenants New Financings
New High School Fills Educational Void Brazil New Hire Compensation Agreement
New York 10126-1369 New Zealands Rank Group
News Nominees Serve Three-year Expiring 2008
Nominees Serve Three-year Term Expiring 2009 Nominees Serve Three-year Term Expiring 2010
Nominees Serve Three-year Term Expiring 2011 Nominees Serve Three-year Term Expiring 2012
Non-electric Fuel Sourcing Percent Non-qualified Deferred Compensation 2008
Non-qualified Defined Contribution Plan Non-reimbursable Expenses
Non-us Citizen Non-vested Option Grants
Nonqualified Defined Benefit Plan Nonqualified Plans
Normal Retirement Benefits North America Electricity
Notes Consolidated Financial Statements Notes Due 2007
Notes Due 2011 2012 Notes Due 2018
Notice 2005 Annual Meeting Notice 2006 Annual Meeting
Notice 2007 Annual Meeting Notice 2008 Annual Meeting
Notice 2009 Annual Meeting Notice Increase Commitment
Notice Prospective Lenders Commitments Notices Plants
Nox Emissions Region Metric Tons Number Employees
Number Shares Alcoa Common Stock Issuable 2004 Performance Objectives Compensation Programs
Obligations Financing Activities Obligations Investing Activities
Obligations Operating Activities Obtaining Host Location Currency
Occupational Medical Evaluations Occupational Medicine Programs Established
Offer Office Only
Officers Olivier Jarrault
Omnibus Amendment Rules Terms Conditions On-line Country Guides
Ongoing Online Privacy Statement Worldwide
Online Sourcing Reduces Costs Increases Supplier Visibility Ontacts
Open Mine Area Hectares Operational Initiatives
Operative Provisions Option Equity Assistance Automobile Purchased Host Country
Option Equity Assistance Shipment Automobile Home Country Option Exercise
Option Exercise Payment Price Option Exercises Stock Vested
Option Exercises Stock Vested 2008 Option Grants 2004
Option Grants 2005 Option Interest Free Loan
Option Sar Repricing Prohibited Optional Home Rental Plan
Optional Redemption Options Exercisable
Options Fully Vested Exercisable Options Fully Vested Expected Vest
Options Outstanding Organizational Profile
Orientation Orkla Receive Alcoas Stake Sapa Extrusions Business
Oscar Cabrera Goldman Sachs Analyst Other
Other Assets Other Business Risks
Other Compensation Column Other Events
Other Financial Instruments Other Financial Instruments Derivatives
Other Income Net Other Information
Other Matters Other Noncurrent Liabilities Deferred Credits
Other Performance Factors Other Plans
Other Publications Other Services
Other Stock Unit Awards Other Transaction Agreements
Outside United States Overview
Ozone-depleting Substances Packaging Consumer
Paid Insurance Premiums Paraphrase Famous Author Sustainability Never Having Say Sorry
Paretosh Misra Morgan Stanley Analyst Parr Keybanc Capital Markets Analyst
Part Part Other Information
Participate Participation
Parties Partnership Supplier Secures Contract
Passport Patents Trade Secrets Trademarks
Patricia Russo Appointed Alcoa Board Directors Paul Thomas Lead Alcoa Packaging Consumer Products Business
Payment Exercise Price Withholding Taxes Payments
Pays Solicitation Proxies Peer Group Information
Peer Group Market Comparisons Pension Benefits 2008
Pension Plan Benefit Obligations Pension Plans
Pension Plans Other Postretirement Benefits People
Percent Percent Reporting Locations Fully Compliant Alcoa Community Framework
Performance Performance Awards
Performance Based Equity Awards Performance Evaluation
Performance Feature Performance Indicators
Performance Share Award Certificate Performance Share Awards Stock Options
Performance Stock Option Award Certificate Performance Stock Option Exercise
Performance-based Compensation-section 162 Performance-based Equity Awards
Personal Benefits Personal Effects Shipment
Personal Excess Liability Personal Income Tax
Personal Investments Personal Liability
Personal Property Personal Property Effects
Persons Signing Lock-up Agreements Peter Oconnor Credit Suisse Boston Analyst
Philosophy Physical Presence Test
Plan Assets Plant Level
Please Keep Ticket Admitted Annual Meeting Point Origin
Policy Audit Committee Pre-approval Permissible Non-audit Services Independent Policy Compensation Recovery
Policy Equity Compensation Recovery Policy Incentive Compensation Recovery
Policy Pre-approval Audit Services Political Contributions
Political Risk Portfolio Streamlining
Position Board Directors Positioning Growth
Potential Additional Retirement Benefits Potential Payments Change Control
Potential Payments Termination Not Involving Change Control Power Attorney
Power Generation Pre-approval Audit Services 2006
Pre-approval Audit-related Services 2006 Pre-approval Fee Levels
Pre-approval Other Services 2006 Pre-approval Policies Procedures Adopted Audit Committee 2004 Non-audit
Pre-approval Policies Procedures Adopted Audit Committee Non-audit Services Pre-approval Tax Services 2006
Pre-approved Audit Services 2004 Pre-approved Audit Services 2005
Pre-approved Audit-related Services 2004 Pre-approved Audit-related Services 2005
Pre-approved Other Services 2004 Pre-approved Other Services 2005
Pre-approved Tax Services 2004 Pre-approved Tax Services 2005
Pre-schooling Preferred Common Stock
Preliminary Survey Preparing Move
Present Value Accumulated Pension Benefits Presentation
Press Conference Pricewaterhousecoopers Llp
Primary Aluminum Facilities Capacity Primary Focus Safety Nets Significant Improvements
Primary Metals Primary Metals Alumina
Principal Accountant Fees Services Principal Accounting Fees Services
Procedures Procedures Shareholder Recommendations Directors
Process Evaluation Director Candidates Process Expatriates
Process Waste Neutralizes Another Process Water Includes Seawater Used Operations
Procurement Product Information Labeling
Product Life Production Curtailments
Products Products Services
Profitability Program Confidentiality
Programs Procedures Properties
Properties Plants Equipment Cost Proposal Approve Independent Auditor
Proposal Ratify Independent Auditor Proxy Solicited Behalf Board Directors
Psychological Public Commitment
Public Issues Committee Public Issues Committee Charter
Purchased Electricity Purpose Change
Purposes 2009 Plan Pursuant 906 Sarbanes-oxley Act 2002
Pursuant Plan Amended Follows Purtell
Pvc-free Initiative Reduces Pollution Avoids Costs Qualification Dependents
Qualification-dependents Qualified Defined Benefit Plan
Quantitative Qualitative Disclosures Market Risk Quarterly Common Stock Information
Quarterly Conference Call Quarterly Financial Details
Question Answer Questions Answers
Rating Information Ray Goldie Salman Partners Analyst
Ray Mitchell Re-establishing Equity Agreement
Recent Developments Recent Downgrades Alcoas Credit Ratings Well Additional Increase
Recent Share Price Recently Adopted Accounting Standards
Recently Adopted Issued Accounting Standards Recently Issued Accounting Standards
Recently Issued Adopted Accounting Standards Reclassifications Certain Amounts Been Reclassified Conform Current Period
Reconciliation Atoi Consolidated Net Income Reconciliation Atoi Consolidated Net Loss Income Attributable Alcoa
Recovery Incentive Compensation Recycling
Reducing Stormwater Volume Contamination Through Natural Systems Reduction Chinese Demand Negatively Impact Alcoas Results
Refinery Impact Assessment Helps Build Skilled Workforce Guinea Refining
Registrants Telephone Number Including Area Code Registrants Telephone Numbers
Registration Rights Agreement Regular Time Vested Awards
Regular Time-vested Awards Regulation Disclosure
Reimbursement Expenses Reimbursement Loss Sale Automobile Forced
Reitan Related Party Transactions
Related Person Transaction Approval Policy Relationship Auditors
Relationships Indigenous People Release Agreement
Relicensing Effort Preserves Pristine Land Reload Options
Relocation Benefits Tax Reimbursement Relocation Expenses
Reminders Renewable Energy
Rental Automobile Repatriation Household Goods
Repayment Equity Report Audit Committee
Report Compensation Benefits Committee Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Report Profile Reporting Death Abroad
Reporting Framework Reporting Period
Reporting Profile Representations Warranties
Representations Warranties Purchaser Research Development
Response Stakeholder Panel Recommendations Restricted Share Unit Certificate
Restricted Share Units Restricted Shares
Restrictive Covenants Restructure Upstream Downstream Operations
Restructuring Restructuring Program
Results Operations Financial Condition Results Overview
Retail Prescription Drug Plan Retail Prescription Drug Plan Outside United States
Retention Consultants Advisors Retention Share Awards
Retirement Agreement Ricardo Belda Retirement Benefits
Retirement Overseas Assignment Retirement Plan Wieser
Retirement Plans Return Capital
Revenues Market Percent Revenues Region Percent
Revenues Segment Dollars Review Approval Ratification Transactions Related Persons
Review Transactions Revised 2006
Revised 2007 Ric Belda
Rick Kelson Alcoa Inc Cfo Rider
Risk Factors Risk Management
Rob Clifford Abn Amro Analyst Robert Clifford Abn Amro Analyst
Robert Clifford Abn Armo Analyst Robert Clifford Ibm Amro Analyst
Role Lead Director Rudi Huber
Safety Safety Summary
Sal Durante Goldman Analyst Sal Tharani Goldman Sachs Analyst
Salary Sale Data
Sale Principal Residence Sales
Sales Balance Sheet Overview Sam Arnold Friedman Billings Ramsay Analyst
Savings Differential Allowance Sayan Ghosh Citadel Analyst
Schedule Schedule Valuation Qualifying Accounts
Schell Scott Rozelli Morgan Stanley Analyst
Sec Report Secondary Smelting
Securities Exchange Act 1934 Securities Registered Pursuant Act
Security Ownership Certain Beneficial Owners Management Related Stockholder Security Planning
Segment Assets Segment Changes
Segment Geographic Area Information Segment Information
Segment Other Results Seldom Matched Competitors
Selected Financial Data Self Assessments Lead Improved Controls Performance
Separation Payments Serp Benefit
Services Provided Severability
Severance Agreements Share Activity Number Shares
Share Awards Performance Share Certificates Transfers
Shared Services Closing Dates 2002 Shareholder Engagement
Shareholder Nominations Floor Annual Meeting Shareholder Proposal
Shareholder Proposals Due Shareholder Recommendations Directors
Shareholder Value Shareholder Value Creation
Shareholders Agreement Shareholders Meetings
Shareowner Services Shares Available Awards
Shares Common Stock Par Value 100 Per Share Shares Subject Plan
Sherwin Tx- Shipment Firearms Case Lots Food Wine Liquor Tobacco
Shipment Household Pets Short-term Assignments
Signature Signature Page Follows
Signature Pages Follow Signatures
Significant 2005 Events Significant Environmental Impacts Principal Products Services
Slide Smelting
Society Sophie Spartalis Macquarie Bank Analyst
Sophie Vatalis Macquarie Bank Analyst Source Bloomberg
Sources Availability Raw Materials Special Awards
Special Awards Retention Spent Pot Lining
Split Dollar Life Insurance Split Dollar Life Insurance Other Paid
Spouse Guest Travel Spv Financing Arrangements
Stakeholders Stan Oneal
State Tax Treatment Statement Financial Position
Statement William Steiner Stephanie Leeshaw Lehman Brothers Analyst
Stephen Bonnyman Cibc World Markets Analyst Steve Bonnyman Cibc World Markets Analyst
Stock Appreciation Rights Stock Award Certificate
Stock Awards Stock Listing
Stock Option Award Certificate Stock Option Awards
Stock Option Timing Pricing Stock Options
Stock Options Option Timing Pricing Stock Options Performance
Stock Ownership Certain Beneficial Owners Stock Ownership Commitment
Stock Ownership Directors Executive Officers Stock Ownership Policy
Stock Performance Graph Stock Performance Graphs
Storage Storage Automobiles
Strategic Acquisitions Divestitures Strategic Framework
Strategic Framework Sustainability Structure Governance
Structure Operations Submission Matters Vote Security Holders
Subsequent Events Subsidiary Meaning Given Corporations Act Entity Also Taken
Substitute Awards Successors Binding Agreement
Summary Summary Compensation Decisions Committee
Summary Looking Back 2007 Panel Letter Summary Named Executive Officer Salary Increases
Summary Relocation Benefits Paul Thomas Supplier Contractor Requirements
Supplier Relationships Supporting Documentation
Supporting Statement Suriname
Survival Representations Sustainability Achieving Balance Between Environment Industry Community
Sustainability Alcoa Sustainability Approach
Sustainability Innovation New Products Sustainability Making Sure Doing Part Individuals Alcoa Employees
Sustainability Means Economic Development Takes Account Environmental Social Sustainability Means Move Forward Domain While Respecting Environment
Sustainability Report Review Sustainability Report Used Services Independent Firm Accountability
Sustainability Reporting Switch Biodiesel Fuels Environmental Improvements
Table Contents Table Page Differs Substantially Summary Compensation Required Securities
Take 2005 Restructuring Charges Take Care Customers People Communities They Turn Doing
Taking Action Talent
Talent Management Tax Aspects 2009 Plan
Tax Equalization Tax Forms Claiming Foreign Residency
Tax Gross Ups Expatriate Benefits Tax Payback Promissory
Tax Reimbursements Tax Return Preparation Host Country
Tax Service Tax Withholding
Taxes Technical Supervisor Potline Alcoa B├ęcancour Canada
Technology Technology Development
Term Term Life Insurance Tax Reimbursement
Term Life Insurance Tax Reimbursement Defray Estate Taxes Terminates Employment
Termination Termination Term Credit Facility
Terms Agreement Third-party Sales
Thomas Columns Those Locations Company-provided Automobile Used Expatriate Only Interest-free
Tons Per Ton Alumina Produced Tony Rizzuto Bear Stearns Analyst
Tony Rizzuto Dahlman Rose Analyst Tony Thene
Tony Thene Alcoa Inc Tony Thene Alcoa Inc Director
Tony Thene Alcoa Inc Director Investor Relations Top
Total Compensation Total Energy Used Percent
Total Materials Total Process Water
Total Process Water Region Cubic Meters Total Recordable Rate
Total Wastes Landfilled Total Wastes Landfilled Region Metric Tons
Total Wastes Sold Recycled Tracy Spahouse Micary Burns Analyst
Training Speaks Language Safety Transaction Expected Completed End 2008
Transactions Directors Companies Transactions Related Persons
Transfer Acquired Assets Assumed Liabilities Country Unit Transfer Foreign Country Units
Transferability Awards Transferable Options
Transferable Performance Stock Options Transferred Subsidiaries
Travel Insurance Turning Employees Community Volunteers Russia
Turning Teens Tomorrows Businesswomen Tutoring Additional Courses
Types Awards Unexpected Events Increase Alcoas Cost Doing Business Disrupt
Unidentified Participant Deutsche Bank Securities Analyst Unidentified Representative
Union Disputes Other Employee Relations Issues Adversely Affect United Kingdom
United States Unregistered Sales Equity Securities Proceeds
Unregistered Securities Registration Rights Agreement Update Growth Projects
Update Offer Alcan Update Primary Metal Restarts
Updated Forms Award Agreements 2004 Alcoa Stock Incentive Used Plastics
Using Financial Advisor Other Deloitte Touche Using Tax Professional Other Deloitte Touche
Utilities Maintenance Costs Host Property Vacation Time
Valuable Articles Valued Inventory List
Vesting Vesting Exercisability
Vesting Payment Victor Lazarovici Bmo Capital Markets Analyst
Victor Lazarovici Bmo Nesbitt Burns Analyst Visa
Vision Vision Values Principles
Voc Emissions Voc Emissions Region Metric Tons
Voluntarily Resign Retire Voluntary Resignation Retirement
Vote Vote Confidential
Vote Participate Employee Savings Plans Vote Required Approval
Voting Washington 20549
Waste Waste Materials Used
Water Wayne Atwell Morgan Stanley Analyst
Wayne Osborn Web Site Hrrp Wwwcicinccom
What Constitutes Quorum Meeting What Happens Reference Guide
What Mean Receive Proxy Card William Oplinger Alcoa Inc Director
Work Permit Working Capital
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