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Abschnitt Accounting Reporting
Acquisition Acrysof
Acrysof Intraocular Lenses Acrysof Restor
Acrysof Restor Iol Action Shareholders
Activities Involve Hazardous Materials Emissions Subject Environmental Liability Activities Involve Hazardous Materials Subject Environmental Liability
Administration Admission Office
Adopted Pursuant 906 Sarbanes-oxley Act 2002 Advertising Promotion
Advisory Board Aganocide
Agenda Aggregated Option Exercises End Value Table
Aggregated Option Ssar Exercises 2007 End Value Table Agreement Contingent Fda Approval Arxxant
Aktienregister Alcon
Alcon Allowed Launch Competing Product Potential Other Challenges Alcon Caution Concerning Forward-looking Statements
Alcon Directors Alcon Excess 401 Plan
Alcon Executive Deferred Compensation Plan Alcon Inc
Alcon Inc Hünenberg Alcon Inc Subsidiaries Reconciliation Non-gaap Disclosures
Alcon Incentive Plan Alcon Laboratories
Alcon Launches Acrysof Restor Apodized Diffractive Iol Alcon Nyse Acl
Alcons Earnings Rise 399 Percent 119 Sales Growth Alcons Treatment Glaucoma Ocular Hypertension Travatanz Solution Approved
Allegretto Allegretto Wave
Allergic Rhinitis Allergy
Allocation Liabilities Allowances Doubtful Accounts
Amd Amendment
Amendment Termination Amendments
Amgen Amo
Anaheim California 2005 André Bens
Annex Transactions Subject Approval Board Announcements Communications
Annual Awards Annual Financial Statements Consolidated Profit Allocation
Annual General Meetings Annual Long Term Incentive Awards
Anti-infectives Anti-inflammatories Combination Therapies Applicable Law
Approval Share Cancellation Archives Ophthalmology
Articles Association Artikel
Artikel Ter Arxxant
Aspheric Aspheric Natural
Audit Committee Audit Committee Financial Expert
Audit Committee Pre-approval Policy Procedures Auditors Group Special
Available-for-sale Investments Azarga
Azopt Backup Withholding Information Reporting
Basic Diluted Earnings Per Common Share Because Nestlé Controls Conflicts Interest Between Resolved Manner
Beneficial Owners Not Obtained Power Attorney Broker Custodian Board Committees
Board Composition Board Directors
Board Directors Participation Rights Board Kept Informed Material Transactions
Borrowing Powers Business Combinations
Business Overview Business Purpose Duration
Business Segments Cancellation Deferrals Following Unforeseeable Emergency Hardship Distribution
Capital Expenditures Acquisitions Divestitures Currently Underway Capital Expenditures Acquisitions Divestitures Last
Capital Expenditures Acquisitions Divestitures Last 2002 Through 2004 Capital Resources
Cary Rayment Cases Manufacture Product Single-source Facility Inability Produce Sufficient
Cash Debt Liquidity Cash Equivalents
Cash Flows Cash Flows-supplemental Disclosures
Cash Management Investment Treasury Services Cataract Surgery
Cataracts Caution Concerning Forward Looking Statements
Caution Concerning Forward-looking Statements Caution Concerning Forward-looking Statements Alcon
Caution Concerning Forward-looking Statements Amgen Caution Concerning Forward-looking Statements Press Release Contain Within
Cautionary Regarding Forward-looking Statements Centralized Procedure
Certain Anti-takeover Provisions Certain Provisions Articles Association Organizational Regulations Swiss Law
Certification Change-of-control Provisions
Changes Inventory Levels Fluctuations Buying Patterns Large Wholesale Chf 529173362 Allocated Dividends Above Includes 14580105
Chf 763851803 Allocated Dividends Above Includes 11796673 Ciloxan
Cipro Ciprodex
Clinical Study Results Code Ethics
Comfort Formula Commitments Contingencies
Common Shares Compensation
Compensation Committee Compensation Deferral Account Balance
Compensation Deferral Election Competition
Competitive Interest Compliance Nyse Listing Standards Corporate Governance
Compounds Comprehensive Income
Conditional Share Capital Confidentiality
Conflicting Interest Conflicts Interest
Consent Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Consideration
Consolidated Financial Statements Alcon Inc Subsidiaries Consolidated Statements Earnings
Consolidation Wholesale Customers Further Increase Pricing Competitive Pressures Consolidation Wholesale Retail Customers Further Increase Pricing Competitive
Constellation Consumer Eye Care
Consumer Eye Care Product Development Consumer Eye Care Products
Contact Lens Care Products Contracts
Contractual Obligations Contributions
Contributions Kind Controlled Foreign Corporation
Controlled Foreign Corporation Personal Holding Controlled Nestlé Long Owns Majority Common Shares Other
Controls Procedures Corporate Governance
Corporate Transactions Covenants Not Compete Solicit
Creation Conditional Share Capital 2002 Alcon Incentive Plan Credit Commercial Paper Facilities
Credit Risks Critical Accounting Estimates
Currency Fluctuations Currency Risk
Currency Risks Custom Cornea
Custom Pak Surgical Procedure Packs Customcornea
Daniel Vasella Deferred Compensation
Definitions Delegierter Des Verwaltungsrates
Depend Proprietary Technologies Not Able Protect Intellectual Property Der Alcon Inc
Description Description Business
Determination Benefits Directors
Directors Senior Management Direktor
Discharge Members Board Directors Discharge Members Board Directors Financial 2005
Discharge Members Board Directors Financial 2006 Discharge Members Board Directors Financial 2007
Discovisc Discretionary Contribution
Discription Amendments 2002 Alcon Incentive Plan Dissolution Merger
Distribution Account Unforeseeable Emergency Not Extent Such Relieved Dividend Policy
Dividend Shareholders Financial 2004 Dividend Shareholders Financial 2005
Dividend Shareholders Financial 2006 Dividend Shareholders Financial 2007
Dividends Preferred Shares Subsidiary Documents Display
Domestic Relations Orders Dosing Aid
Dry Eye Due Individual Nature Tax Consequences Holders Urged Consult
Due Inherently Individual Fact Specific Nature Tax Consequences Duotrav
Duotravtrade Earnings Details
Earnings Highlights Earnings Release
Economic Conditions Price Competition Cause Sales Products Used Effective Date 2008
Elaine Whitbeck Election Group Parent Auditors
Election Special Auditors Elections Board Directors
Eligibility Award Limits Employee Shall Eligible Participate Plan Approved Committee Become
Employees Employers Accounting Defined Benefit Pension Other Postretirement Plans
Employment Tax Payment Enenberg Switzerland 8211 2009
Environmental Health Safety Equity Reconciliation
Equity Risk Establishment Purpose
Estimated Amortization Expense European Union
Exchange Rates Executive Sessions Non-management Directors
Expansion Swiss Operations Expenses
Experience Pressure Lower Prices Some Prescription Pharmaceutical Products Express
Extraordinary General Meetings Eye-q
Eyelite Fail Keep Pace Advances Industry Persuade Physicians Adopt
Failure Income Inclusion Failure Users Products Obtain Adequate Reimbursement Third-party Payors
Fda Other Regulators Authorize Sales Some Prescription Pharmaceuticals Federal Income Tax Considerations Holders
Financial Guidance Financial Instruments
Financial Statements Financing Activities
Following Transactions Been Delegated Board Director Determine Issues Foreign Currency
Forfeiture Transfer Restrictions Form 20-f
Fort Worth 2006 Fort Worth Texas 2005
Fort Worth Texas 2006 Fort Worth Texas 2007
Fort Worth Texas Oaks California 2006 Francisco Castañer
Free Liquid Gel Further Information
Future Share Issuances General
General Information General Provisions
Generic Pharmaceuticals Geographic Customer Product Information
Gerald Cagle Gerhard Mayr
Glaucoma Glaucoma Treatment
Glaxosmithkline Gsk Global Nature Business Result Fluctuations Declines Sales Profits
Goodwill Intangible Assets Goodwill Intangible Assets Net
Granting Powers Attorney Gross Profit
Group Executive Management Hadco
Holders Holders Consult Tax Advisors Respect Federal Local State
Holders Other Huenenberg Switzerland 2007
Huenenberg Switzerland 2008 Huenenberg Switzerland 2009
Huenenberg Switzerland 8211 2008 Huenenberg Switzerland 8211 2009
Huenenberg Switzerland 8211 2010 Huenenberg Switzerland Ndash 2008
Hunenberg Switzerland 2005 Hunenberg Switzerland 2006
Hunenberg Switzerland 2007 Hunenberg Switzerland 2008
HÜnenberg Switzerland 2006 HÜnenberg Switzerland 2008
HÜnenberg Switzerland 2008- HÜnenberg Switzerland 8211 2008
HÜnenberg Switzerland 8211 2009 Hünenberg Switzerland
Icaps Impairment
Impairment Goodwill Intangible Assets Implement Product Recall Voluntary Market Withdrawal Exposed Significant
Important Dates Importation Products Canada Other Countries Lower Prices Receive
Importation Products Canada Other Countries United States Lower Inability Users Products Obtain Adequate Reimbursement Maintain Current
Including Without Limitation Such Acceleration Participants Award Termination Income Approach
Income Tax Expense Income Taxes
Incorporated Switzerland Swiss Law Governs Internal Corporate Affairs Increase Decrease Compensation Deferral Accounts
Index Index Financial Statements
Infection Inflammation Infiniti
Information Contact Informational Rights
Initial Compensation Deferral Election Initial Public Offering
Intellectual Property Intercompany Debt Future Financings
Interest Other Expenses Interest Other Income
Interest Other Income Expenses Interest Rate Risks
Internal Control--integrated Framework Interpretation Fasb Statement 109
Inventories Inventory Reserves
Investing Activities Investment Alternatives
Investment Only Stock Investments
Ipo Related Activities Issuer Purchases Equity Securities
Ixe Jacqualyn Fouse
James Singh Japan
Joe Weller Joseph Weller
Journal Glaucoma Kevin Buehler
Kpmg Ladar
Ladar6000 Ladar6000 Laser
Ladar6000trade Ladarvision
Ladarwave Lasers
Lasik Laureate
Legacy Legal Disclaimer
Legal Proceedings Legal Reserve
Liability Lilly
Limited Cashouts Liquid Gel
Liquidity Capital Resources Litigation Liabilities
Lnvoicing Payment Loans Credits
Lodewijk Vink Long Term Debt
Major Shareholders Majority Shareholder
Management Estimates Managements Report Internal Control Over Financial Reporting
Mandatory Bid Rules Manufacturing
Market Approach Market Environment
Market Risk Market Risks
Marketing Collaboration Potentially Oral Medication Diabetic Retinopathy Markets Stock
Material Contracts Material Opportunities Challenges Risks
Mcgough Medical Device Development Registration Process United States
Mutual Recognition Decentralized Procedure Name Place Incorporation Purpose Duration
Nasal Natural
Neosonix Net Earnings
Net Profits Dividends Nevanac
New Accounting Standard New Accounting Standards
New Legal Regulatory Requirements Make Difficult Obtain Approvals New Product Pipeline Update
New Retaane Clinical Study Data Reported Macula Society Nominating Corporate Governance Committee
Non-cash Financing Activities Non-us Holders Consult Tax Advisors Respect Federal Local
Not Successfully Complete Integrate Strategic Acquisitions Expand Complement Not Successfully Develop Launch Replacements Products Lose Patent
Notes Above Line Notes Condensed Consolidated Financial Statements
Notices Notification Disclosure Substantial Share Interests
Novacal Caution Concerning Forward-looking Statements Novacal Pharmaceuticals
Number Removal Vacancies Term Nyse Rules
Off-balance Sheet Arrangements Office Agreement
Ongoing Reporting Recordkeeping Opatanol
Operating Expenses Operating Income
Operating Revenues Expenses Opti-free
Opti-free Express Opti-free Replenish
Organisationsreglement Organizational Matters
Organizational Structure Origenis Gmbh
Original Language Other
Other Contingencies Other Holders
Other Legal Matters Other Share-based Awards
Other Vision Care Products Otic Products
Overview Ozil
Part Participant Considered Permanently Disabled Purposes Plan Based Medical
Participant Debt Obligation Other Liability Representing Amount Owing Participation
Passive Foreign Investment Past Self-insured Through Captive Insurance Subsidiaries Some Business
Pataday Patanase
Patanase Nasal Spray Patanol
Patanol Ocular Allergy Drug Filed 2003 Travatan Prostaglandin Paul Bulcke
Paul Polman Pension Other Employee Benefits
Pension Other Postretirement Plans Pension Plans
Periodic Credits Compensation Deferral Amounts Phakic Intraocular Lenses
Phantom Stock Conversion Pharmaceutical
Pharmaceutical Development Registration Process United States Pharmaceutical Medical Device Registration Outside United States
Pharmaceutical Product Development Pharmaceutical Products
Phil Geier Philanthropic Efforts
Philip Geier Please Shareholders Sold Shares Before Meeting Date Not
Plus Policy
Potentially Oral Medication Diabetic Retinopathy Powers Duties
Preemptive Rights Preferred Shares
Preferred Shares Subsidiary Price Common Shares Fluctuate
Price Controls Principal Accountant Fees Services
Principles Consolidation Pro Rata Share Repurchase Program
Procedures Process Research Development
Product Development Products
Property Plant Equipment Proposed Appropriation Retained Earnings
Provision Services Proxies
Proxy Holders Deposited Shares Pti-free
Purchases Equity Securities Issuer Affiliated Purchasers Purepoint
Pursuant Rule 13a-16 15d-16 Securities Exchange Act 1934 Quarterly Information
Quorum Reallocation Among Investment Alternatives
Reclassifications Reconciliation Non-gaap Disclosures
Record Date Refractive Surgery
Registered Offices Registered Shareholders Appointed Alcon Inc Independent Representative Proxy
Registration Rights Regulatory Update
Related Party Transactions Related Party Transactions Separation Agreement
Relevant Securities Rele­vant Securities
Replenish Report
Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Repurchases Shares
Research Development Research Development Scientific Advisory Board
Research Development Update Resources Devoted Research Development Not Yield New Products
Restor Restricted Shares
Restricted Stock Deferral Account Restricted Stock Deferral Amo
Restricted Stock Deferral Election Retaane
Retaane Depot Retaane Suspension
Retina Revenue Recognition
Richard Croarkin Risk Factors
Rning Forward-looking Statements Rub
Rward-looking Statements Sabri Markabi
Sacheinlagen Sachübernahme
Sale Plant Sales
Sales Distributions Common Shares Nestlé Depress Market Price Sales Highlights
Sales Marketing Sales Recognition
Schweizerisches Handelsamtsblatt Scientific Advisory Board
Seasonal Allergic Rhinitis Self-insure Through Captive Insurance Subsidiaries Almost Property Casualty
Selling General Administrative Senior Management
Senior Management Participation Rights Separation Agreement
Service Contracts Services Agreement
Share Capital Share Certificates
Share Ownership Share Register
Share-based Payment Shared Services
Shared Sites Shareholder Information
Shareholders Meeting Shares Eligible Future Sale
Shares Reserved Awards Shares Subject Plan Adjustments
Short Term Borrowings Signatures
Since Early 2005 Self-insure Through Captive Insurance Subsidiaries Singapore 2007
Single Source Active Ingredients Components Used Products Interruptions Single-source Active Ingredients Components Used Products Interruptions Supply
Situ Sofzia
Sold Sonderprüfung
Special Committee Independent Directors Special Deferral Election Rights
Stamp Taxes Transfer Securities Statuten
Stock Appreciation Rights Stock Appreciation Rights Pursuant
Stock Based Compensation Stock Exchange Listings
Stock Option Gain Account Stock Option Gain Amount
Stock Option Gain Deferral Election Stock Option Grant Table
Stock Option Ssar Grant Table Stock Options
Study Overview Results Subject Extensive Government Regulation Increases Costs Prevent Selling
Subject Penalties Fail Comply Post-approval Legal Regulatory Requirements Subsequent Event
Subsequent Events Subsidiaries
Subsidiary Supplies
Surgical Surgical Product Development
Surgical Products Swiss Holders
Swiss Withholding Tax Dividends Similar Distributions Switzerland
Systane Systane Free Liquid Gel
Table Contents Tax Liabilities
Tax Sale Exchange Common Shares Taxation
Taxation Dividends Tears
Tears Naturale Ter
Term Termination Plan
Thomas Plaskett Three-month Nine-month Periods 2005 2004
Three-month Nine-month Periods 2006 2005 Three-month Nine-month Periods 2007 2006
Three-month Periods 2005 2004 Three-month Periods 2006 2005
Three-month Periods 2007 2006 Three-month Periods 2008 2007
Three-month Six-month Periods 2005 2004 Three-month Six-month Periods 2006 2005
Three-month Six-month Periods 2007 2006 Three-month Six-month Periods 2008 2007
Tobradex Tobradex Ophthalmic Suspension Ointment Higher Sales Fluoroquinolone Anti-infectives
Toric Trademarks
Trading Assets Trading Securities
Transfer Paying Agents Transferability Other Terms
Transfers Common Shares Travatan
Travatan Bac Free Travatan Solutions
Travatanz Treasury Shares
Unauthorized Illegal Importation Products Countries Lower Prescription Drug United States Food Drug Administration Fda Other Regulators
Usc 1350 Valuation Techniques
Vegamox Verbindlicher Originaltext
Vesting Compensation Deferral Account Vesting Restricted Stock Deferral Account
Vesting Stock Option Gain Account Vigamox
Vitreoretinal Surgery Voting Rights
Warranty Reserves Washington 2008
Wavelight Wavelight Acquisition
Werner Bauer Winding-up Liquidation
Withholding Fica Taxes Witness Whereof
Wolfgang Reichenberger Wwwalconinccom
Wwwlillycom Xix Code 409a Compliance
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