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Acceleration Remedies Access Information
Account Reconciliation Account Reconciliations
Accounting Firm Accounting Income Taxes
Accounting Income Taxes Quarterly Basis Accounting Matters
Accounting Pronouncements Accounting Restructuring Asset Impairment Charges
Accounting Terms Accounts Payable Accrued Liabilities
Accuracy Completeness Information Acknowledgments
Acquisitions Advances Investments Loans Action Authorized Representative Claimant
Additional Commitment Amended Restated Revolver Agreement Additional Guarantors
Additional Information Additional Notes
Additional Payments Adjustment Change Common Stock
Adjustments Reflect Pro Forma Combination Dimon Standard Adjustments Reflect Refinancing Transactions
Adjustments Set-off Administration
Administrative Agent Individual Capacity Administrative Agents Determinations Binding
Administrative Borrower Agent Dutch Administrator
Adoption Application Certain Standards Financial Accounting Cause Annual Adoption Execution
Adoption Sfas 123 Advances Purchases Tobacco
Advances Purchases Tobacco Guarantees Brazilian Rural Credit Financing Affiliate
Affirmative Covenants Affirms Prior Guidance
Africa Age Director Since 1995 Term Expires 2006
Age Director Since 1995 Term Expires 2007 Age Director Since 1995 Term Expires 2008
Age Director Since 1999 Term Expires 2008 Age Director Since 2001 Term Expires 2006
Age Director Since 2003 Term Expires 2007 Age Director Since 2005 Term Expires 2006
Age Director Since 2005 Term Expires 2007 Age Director Since 2005 Term Expires 2008
Agenda Aggregate Contractual Obligations Off-balance Sheet Arrangements
Agreement Amend Employment Agreement Bound Guarantee
Agreement Government Rio Grande Sul Albert Monk
Alliance Alliance Announces Appointment Robert Sheets Executive Vice President
Alliance Announces Closure Spanish Production Facilities Alliance Announces Completion Exchange Offer Senior Notes
Alliance Announces Completion Exchange Offers Senior Notes Subordinated Alliance Announces Quarterly Dividend
Alliance Announces Sale Spanish Production Facilities Slated Closure Alliance Announces Successful Amendment Credit Facility Regarding Fines
Alliance Calls Full Redemption Convertible Subordinated Debentures Due Alliance Completes Full Redemption Convertible Subordinated Debentures Due
Alliance Decides Suspend Dividend Alliance Employees
Alliance Fails Realize Anticipated Cost Savings Other Benefits Alliance Had Amend Obtain Waivers Existing Financing Arrangements
Alliance International Alliance International Announces Restatement 2007 Results Related Income
Alliance International Announces Sale Cres Neva Processing Alliance International Implements Succession Plan Brian Harker Retire
Alliance International Inc Alliance International Inc Announces Amendment Restatement Senior Secured
Alliance International Inc Announces Closing Private Offering 150 Alliance International Inc Announces Exchange Offers Senior Notes
Alliance International Inc Announces Exercise Over-allotment Option Additional Alliance International Inc Announces Pricing Private Offering 150
Alliance International Inc Announces Private Offering 150 Senior Alliance International Inc Announces Senior Notes Offering
Alliance International Inc Commences Tender Offer Consent Solicitation Alliance International Inc Comparison Cumulative Total Return Shareholders
Alliance International Inc Completes Additional Senior Notes Offering Alliance International Inc Completes Refinancing Transactions
Alliance International Inc Files 10-k Reporting Extension Alliance International Inc Pension Equity Plan
Alliance International Inc Pension Plan Alliance International Inc Prices Senior Notes Offering
Alliance International Inc Reports Improved Financial Results Increases Alliance International Reports 2005 Financial Results
Alliance International Reports Financial Results Alliance International Reports Financial Results Lowers 2007 Guidance
Alliance Selected Pro Forma Combined Financial Information Amended Restated 2008
Amended Restated Credit Agreement Amended Restated Credit Agreement Waiver
Amended Restated Effective 2009 Amended Restated Employment Agreement
Amendment Amendment Certain Existing Notes
Amendment Credit Agreement Amendment Dimon Incorporated Compensation Deferral Plan
Amendment Dimons Pep Serp Plans Amendment Legacy Officer Director Deferred Compensation Plans
Amendment Notes Amendment Pricing Period Shall Meaning Set Forth Definition
Amendment Senior Secured Credit Facility Amendment Standard Commercial Corporation Supplemental Retirement Plan
Amendment Termination Adjustments Amendments
Amendments Articles Incorporation Bylaws Change Amendments Indebtedness Etc
Amendments Indenture Amendments Supplement Waiver
Amendments Waivers Amounts Guaranteed Tobacco Suppliers
Analysis Segment Assets Analysis Segment Operations
Andates Annual Incentive
Annual Incentives Annual Report
Annual Retainer Anti-terrorism Laws
Aoi Pension Equity Plan Aoi Pension Equity Plan Pep
Aoi Supplemental Executive Retirement Plan Aoi Supplemental Executive Retirement Plan Serp
Applicable Law Appointment
Appointment Authority Approve Merger
Arbitration Asia
Asset Impairment Assets
Assets Held Sale Assignment Prohibited
Attached Global Notes Only Attachment
Attorneys Fees Audit Committee
Audit Committee Charter Audit Committee Functions
Audit Committee Members Meetings Audit Committee Report
Audit Matters Audit Non-audit Fees
Authorization Availability Short-term Uncommitted Bank Credit Facilities
Available Information Average Number Shares Outstanding
Awards Payout Balance Page Intentionally Left Blank
Bankruptcy Base Salaries
Base Salary Basis Presentation
Been Continue Subject Governmental Investigations Litigation Concerning Leaf Beginning Participation
Beneficial Ownership Reporting Compliance Beneficiary
Beneficiary Designation Benefits
Benefits Unfunded Trust Binding Effect
Black Ink Shown Here Board Access Management Independent Advisors
Board Committees Board Committees Membership
Board Directors Board Directors Recommends Vote Nominees
Board Expectation Directors Board Meetings
Board Member Criteria Board Orientation Continuing Education
Board Responsibilities Brian Harker
Brokers Fees Burdensome Restrictions
Calculation Installments Cancelled Stock Options
Capital Shares Capped Parachute Payments
Career Shares Cash
Cash Balance Plan Cash Equivalents
Cash Flow Reporting Cash Flows
Cash Incentive Plan Categorical Standards Director Independence
Cause Cdf Sale Dark Air-cured Operations
Certain Officers Certain Relationships Related Transactions
Certain Relationships Related Transactions Director Independence Certain Retired Participants 2007
Certain Retired Participants 2008 Certificates Other Information
Certification Chairman Absence Committee Designate Majority Vote Members Present
Chairman Ceo Change
Change Assumption Other Postretirement Benefits Change Assumption Pension Plans
Change Control Change Control Agreements Dimon Officers
Change Control Cic Policy Severance Agreements Change Status
Change Vote After Returning Proxy Card Instruction Form Change-in-control Agreements Expiration Window Termination
Change-in-control Agreements Termination Window Following Merger Changes Capital Structure Organizational Documents Material Contracts Business
Changes Disagreements Accountants Accounting Financial Disclosure Changes Internal Control Over Financial Reporting
Changes Level Instruments 2009 Changes Registrants Certifying Accountant
Chief Executive Officer Compensation Claim Appeal Procedures
Claims Clarify Definition Change Control
Classified Board Clawback Event Prohibited Activity
Clyde Preslar Clyde Preslar Age Director Since 2005
Code Code 162
Code Business Conduct Collateral Guaranty Matters
Commitment Reductions Commitments Contingencies
Committee Common Stock
Common Stock Awards Communication Public
Communications Board Directors Compared 2004
Compared 2005 Compared 2006
Compared 2007 Compared 2008
Comparison 2004 2003 Comparison 2005 2004
Comparison 2006 2005 Comparison 2007 2006
Comparison 2008 2007 Compensation
Compensation Arrangements Directors Compensation Arrangements Named Executive Officers
Compensation Committee Compensation Executive Officers
Compensation Matters Compensation Non-employee Directors
Compensation Other Benefits Compensation Philosophy Core Principles
Compensation Philosophy Programs Compensation Planning
Competes Competition
Competition Erode Earnings Complete Following Signature Block Each Existing Guarantor
Compliance Compliance Fcpa
Compliance Law Approval Regulatory Bodies Compliance Ofac Rules Regulations
Components Currently Being Implemented Components Implemented 2008
Components Net Periodic Benefit Cost Computation Interest Fees
Concentration Credit Off-balance Sheet Risks Concentration Credit Risk
Condensed Combined Pro Forma Financial Data Condensed Consolidated Balance Sheet Information 2006
Condensed Consolidated Statement Cash Flows 2006 Condensed Consolidated Statement Income
Condensed Consolidated Statement Operation Information 2006 Condensed Consolidated Statement Operations
Condensed Consolidated Statements Cash Flow Information 2006 Condensed Consolidated Statements Income
Condensed Consolidated Statements Operation Information 2006 Condensed Consolidated Statements Operations
Condensed Statement Consolidated Income Condensed Statements Consolidated Cash Flows 2006
Conditions Closing Date Initial Loans Conditions Effectiveness
Conditions Extensions Credit Conduct Business Maintenance Existence
Confidentiality Confirmation Payment
Conflicts Interest Consent Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Consent Jurisdiction Service Process Consideration Allocation Related Adjustments
Consolidated Balance Sheet Consolidation Merger Sale Purchase Assets Etc
Construction Consulting Agreement
Context Contingencies Other Information Non-income Tax
Contingencies Other Information Tax Continuing Agreement
Continuing Remediation Contributions
Control Change Date Controls Procedures
Conversion Options Convertible Hedge Warrant Transactions
Convertible Senior Subordinated Notes Convertible Senior Subordinated Notes Due 2014
Convertible Subordinated Debentures Cooperation
Corporate Existence Compliance Law Corporate Governance
Corporate Governance Guidelines Corporate Power Authorization Enforceable Obligations Consents
Corporation Cost Goods Services Sold
Costs Associated Exit Disposal Activities Counterparts
Counterparts Integration Effectiveness Electronic Execution Covenant Compliance
Covenants Coverage Deficiency
Credit Agreement Credit Parties Shall Not Permit Uncommitted Inventories Exceed
Credit Risk Credited Compensation
Credited Service Critical Accounting Estimates
Critical Accounting Policies Estimates Customers
Dark Air-cured Operations Dated 2001
Dated 2003 Dated 2004
Dated 2005 Dated 2007
Death Benefit Death Following Commencement Payments
Debt Redemption Decision Review
Decisions Facility Payment Deductibility Executive Compensation Internal Revenue Code
Default Rate Payment Dates Defaults Remedies
Defaults Senior Securities Defeasance Discharge Indenture
Deferred Compensation Deferred Income Taxes
Definitions Delay Payments
Delegation Delegation Committee Responsibilities
Delegation Duties Delinquent Participation Payments
Departure Directors Certain Officers Election Appointment Compensatory Departure Directors Certain Officers Election Appointment Compensatory Arrangements
Departure Directors Principal Officers Election Appointment Departure Directors Principal Officers Election Appointment Certain Compensatory
Derivative Financial Instruments Derivative Other Financial Instruments Fair Value
Derivative Transactions Expose Unexpected Risk Potential Losses Description
Description Business Description Employment Agreements Modified
Description Modifications Compensatory Arrangements Despite Current Indebtedness Levels Still Able Incur Substantially
Determination Independence Directors Determined Material Weaknesses Related Internal Control Over Financial
Determining Benefits Dimon Announces Pricing Tender Offer Consent Solicitation
Dimon Announces Quarterly Dividend Dimon Employees
Dimon Had Obtain Waivers Existing Financing Arrangements Avoid Dimon Incorporated
Dimon Incorporated Announces Postponement Proposed Private Offering Senior Dimon Incorporated Announces Pricing Private Offering Senior Notes
Dimon Incorporated Announces Private Offering 450 Senior Notes Dimon Incorporated Announces Private Offering 650 Senior Notes
Dimon Incorporated Standard Commercial Corporation Dimon Incorporated Standard Commercial Corporation Finalize Proxy Announce
Dimon International Dimon Reports 2005 Financial Results Adjusts Guidance
Director Attendance Annual Meetings Shareholders Director Biographies
Director Compensation Director Conflicts Interest
Director Resignation Policy Directors
Directors Executive Officers Corporate Governance Directors Executive Officers Registrant
Directors Present Meeting Directors Terms Expiring 2008
Directors Terms Expiring 2009 Disability Benefits
Discharge Indenture Disclosure Controls Procedures
Disclosures Fair Value Financial Instruments Documents Incorporated Reference
Domestic Guaranty Due 2011 Senior Notes 2013
Duration Plan Dutch Representations
Eetings Effect Termination
Effective Date Plan Effectiveness
Election Directors Elements Compensation
Eligibility Eligibility Participation
Elimination Standards Historical Assets Liabilities Embership Riteria
Emoval Embers Hairman Employee
Employee Benefits Retirement Employer Contributions
Employment Agreements Employment Executive
Entire Agreement Entitled Vote
Entry Material Definitive Agreement Environmental Laws
Environmental Matters Equity Based Awards
Equity Compensation Plan Information Equity Compensation Plan Information 2005
Equity Compensation Plan Information 2006 Equity Cost Method Investments
Equity Net Assets Investee Companies Cost Method Investments Erisa
Estimated Future Benefit Payments Estimates
Europe Evaluation Board Committee Performance
Evaluation Chief Executive Officer Evaluation Disclosure Controls Procedures
Events Default Exact Name Registrant Specified Charter
Example Applicable Example Paragraph
Except Per Share Data Excess Benefit Plan
Excess Parachute Payment Amount Exculpatory Provisions
Execution Documents Execution Version
Executive Compensation Executive Compensation Tables
Executive Officers Alliance International Inc Executive Other Committees
Executive Overview Executive Ownership Policies
Executive Retirement Program Executive Session Independent Directors
Exhaustion Administrative Remedies Deadline Filing Suit Exhibits
Explanatory Exposure Changes Foreign Tax Regimes Adversely Impact Business
Extension Credit Tobacco Growers Expose Losses Extension Exchange Offer Senior Notes Due 2012
Face Increased Risks Doing Business Due Extent International Facilities
Facility Payments Factors Affect Future Results
Fail Realize Anticipated Cost Savings Other Benefits Merger Failure Foreign Banks Subsidiaries Deposit Funds Transfer Honor
Fair Value Derivative Financial Instruments Fair Value Disclosures Prior Adoption Sfas 123
Farmers Historically Grown Tobacco Purchased Elect Grow Other Farmers Historically Grown Tobacco Purchased Recently Begun Grow
Federal Income Taxes Fees
Fifth Amendment Credit Agreement Filing Claim Benefits
Fin Fin Adoption
Finance Committee Currently Consists Kehaya Chairman Hines Wade Financial Condition
Financial Covenants Financial Information Industry Segments Foreign Domestic Operations Export
Financial Literacy Expertise Financial Reporting
Financial Results Financial Results Investor Call
Financial Results Vary According Growing Conditions Customer Indications Financial Results Vary According Growing Conditions Customer Requirements
Financial Statements Financial Statements Exhibits
Financial Statements Supplementary Data Financing Cash Flows
Fixed Charges Fixed Charges Excess Earnings
Fixed Floating Rate Interest Swaps Floating Fixed Rate Interest Swaps
Florimex Fluctuations Foreign Currency Exchange Interest Rates Adversely Affect
Following Amendment Effective Date Shall 101 Par Thereafter Foreign Assets Control Regulations Etc
Foreign Currency Contracts Foreign Guaranty
Foreign Seasonal Lines Credit Foreign Social Security Benefit
Forfeiture Events Forfeiture Termination Cause
Form Face Form Guarantee
Form Rule 144 Certification Form Security
Form Transfer Certificate Form Transfer Certificate Qib
Former Name Address Changed Since Last Report Forward Currency Contracts
Forward Looking Statements Forward-looking Statements
Frozen Average Compensation Frozen Standard Serp
Frozen Standard Serp Benefit Further Negative Pledges
General General Provisions
Generally Geographic Regions Operation
Gilbert Klemann Global
Global Include Following Lines Global Shifts Sourcing Customer Requirements Negatively Impact Operating
Global Shifts Sourcing Customer Requirements Negatively Impact Organizational Good Reason
Goodwill Impairment Charges Goodwill Other Intangible Assets
Goodwill Other Intangibles Governance
Governance Matters Governance Nominating Committee Process
Governance Nominating Committee Processes Governing Law
Governing Law Arbitration Government Actions Significant Effect Sourcing Tobacco Some Current
Government Regulation Environmental Compliance Grandfathered Benefit
Grandfathered Participant Grants Plan-based Awards Table
Greece Asset Impairment Gross Profit Percentage Sales
Guarantee Employment Guarantees
Guaranty Obligations Had Obtain Waivers Amendments Existing Financing Arrangements Avoid
Headings Held 2007
Held 2008 Held 2009
Http Wwwamstockcom Proxyservices Viewmaterialaspconumber25603 Identified Several Material Weaknesses Related Internal Control Past
Illegality Illustration Payment Calculation 2011
Illustration Payment Calculation 2016 Illustration Payment Calculations
Immediate Release Inability Determine Interest Rate
Incentive Awards Incentive Plan
Incentive Stock Options Incentives
Include Following Legend Certificated Notes Restricted Include Following Legend Global Notes Only
Include Following Legend Notes Restricted Includes 64907 Merger Related Debt Retirement Expenses 17215
Income Statement Information Income Tax Expense
Income Taxes Income Taxes Fin
Income Taxes Fin Adoption Incorporated Laws Commonwealth Virginia
Increased Costs Indemnities Increases Limits Stock Awards Unit Performance Share Options
Indebtedness Indemnification
Indemnification Nature Issuing Lenders Duties Indemnity
Indenture Indentures Credit Agreements Contain Future Additional Covenants Tests
Indentures Governing Notes New Senior Secured Credit Facility Indentures Governing Notes Senior Secured Credit Facility Contain
Independence Independence Directors
Independent Auditor Independent Auditors
Independent Auditors Report Independent Obligation
Index Index Exhibits
Information Incorporated Reference Inspection Property Books Records Discussions
Institutional Accredited Investors Intabex Netherlands
Integration Intellectual Property
Interest Expense Interest Expense Income Debt Retirement
Internal Audit Internal Control Over Financial Reporting
Internal Control Risk Management Matters Introduction
Inutes Inventories
Investigation Italy Discussions Lenders Investing Cash Flows
Investment Act Etc Investment Act Puhca Etc
Investments Other Assets Investments Subsidiaries
Investments Unconsolidated Affiliates John Hines
John Hines Age Director Since 1995 Joint Survivor Annuity
Joseph Lanier Joseph Lanier Age Director Since 1995
Judgment Currency Kehaya
Kehaya Age Director Since 2005 Key Executive Life Insurance Deferred Compensation Program
Labor Matters Lead Independent Director
Lease Obligations Legal Bar Default
Legal Proceedings Legislative Regulatory Initiatives Reduce Consumption Consumer Tobacco Products
Lender Consent Letter Credit Subfacility
Liens Limitation Actions
Limitation Benefits Limitation Enforcement
Limitation Guaranty Alliance Limitation Guaranty Diag
Limitation Restricted Actions Liquidity
Liquidity Capital Resources Liquidity Debt Refinancing
Long Term Debt Long-lived Assets
Long-term Debt Long-term Debt Senior Secured Credit Facility
Long-term Incentive Program Long-term Incentives
Low Investment Performance Defined Benefit Pension Plan Assets Maintenance Property Insurance
Managements Discussion Analysis Financial Managements Report Internal Control Over Financial Reporting
Margin Regulations Market Registrants Common Equity Related Stockholder Matters Issuer
Market Risk Martin Wade
Material Contracts Material Distribution
Material Impairments Material Litigation
Material Modification Rights Security Holders Maximum Consolidated Capital Expenditures Shall Not Exceed 40000000
Maximum Consolidated Leverage Ratio Maintain Times Not Following Maximum Uncommitted Inventories
Measurement Objective Merger Consolidation
Merger Dimon Incorporated Standard Commercial Corporation Merger Integration
Merger Might Trigger Rights Standards Joint Venture Partners Merger Related Debt Retirement Expenses 1567 66474 Restructuring
Merger-related Special Long-term Incentive Plan Might Not Able Amend Refinance Dimons Standards Debt
Might Subject Adverse Regulatory Conditions After Merger Minimum Consolidated Interest Coverage Ratio Maintain Times Not
Minimum Director Qualifications Miscellaneous
Miscellaneous Provisions Modification Agreement
Name Person Filing Proxy Statement Other Registrant Nameproperties Properties
Nature Duties Nature Liability
Negative Covenants Net After-tax Amount
New Accounting Pronouncements New Accounting Standards
New Plan Benefits New Santa Catarina Processing Facility
New Senior Secured Credit Facility News Release
Nigel Howard Nigel Howard Age Director Since 2005
Nominating Committee Processes Nominee Term Expiring 2008
Nominees Term Expiring 2010 Nominees Term Expiring 2012
Non-incentive Stock Options Non-income Tax
Non-receipt Funds Administrative Agent Non-recurring Fair Value Measurements
Non-reliance Administrative Agent Other Lenders Non-reliance Previously Issued Financial Statements Related Audit
Non-reliance Previously Issued Financial Statements Related Audit Report Non-tobacco Operations
Nonqualified Deferred Compensation Nonqualified Deferred Compensation Table
Nonqualified Offset Plan Normal Form
Normal Retirement Allowance Normal Retirement Date
Normal Vesting Norman Scher
North America Not Access Available Capital Finance Local Operations Non-us
Not Continue Access Capital Markets Obtain Long-term Short-term Notes Condensed Consolidated Financial Statements
Notice Notice Annual Meeting Shareholders
Notice Default Notice Internet Availability Proxy Material
Notices Notification Claimant Decision
Notification Late Filing Novation
Number Gender Objective
Obligations Borrowers Officers
Offset Amount Onsistency Rticles Ncorporation Ylaws
Operating Cash Flows Operating Results
Option Exercises Stock Vested Option Exercises Stock Vested Table
Option Sar Exercises Last Year-end Value Optional Redemption Notes Purchases Change Control
Options Sars Other
Other Agents Other Agreements Business Relationships
Other Assets Other Audit Committee Service
Other Benefits Agreements Other Benefits Chief Executive Officer Officers
Other Benefits Perquisites Chief Executive Officer Officers Other Definitional Provisions
Other Directorships Other Employee Benefits
Other Estimates Assumptions Other Events
Other Income Other Income Expense -net
Other Income Net Other Information
Other Long Term Assets Debt Other Long-term Assets
Other Matters Other Noncurrent Assets
Other Post-retirement Benefits Other Regions Segment
Other Responsibilities Other Terms
Outlook Outlook Other Information
Outstanding Equity Awards Year-end Table Overview
Ownership Ownership Subsidiaries Restrictions
Page Parachute Payment
Parallel Debt Part Narrative
Part Other Information Part Registrant Information
Part Rule 12b-25 Participant
Participants Participation
Participation Benefit Plans Participation Obligations Absolute
Participation Payments Dollars Participations
Patriot Act Notice Payment Benefits
Payment Expenses Taxes Payment Interest
Payment Obligations Pays Solicitation Proxies
Pension Benefits Employment Agreement Brian Harker Pension Benefits Table
Pension Equalization Plan Pension Equalization Plan Pep
Pension Equity Plan Pension Plans
Pensions Postretirement Health Care Life Insurance Benefits Pep Benefits
Pep Retirement Allowance Performance Share Award
Performance Share Awards Performance Shares
Performance Summary Performance Summary Highlights
Performance-based Compensation Performance-based Restricted Stock Unit Award
Performance-based Restricted Stock Units Plan
Plan Administration Plan Assets
Plan Investment Blackout Period Planned Capital Expenditures
Planned Capital Sales Pledged Assets
Policy Pre-approval Audit Non-audit Services Position Responsibilities Duties
Post-closing Covenant Post-termination Obligations
Postretirement Health Life Insurance Benefit Postretirement Health Life Insurance Benefits
Power Attorney Powers Administrator
Ppointment Embers Hairman Pre-retirement Death Benefit
Preamble Preferred Stock
Preliminary Consideration Allocation Related Adjustments Prepaid Expenses Other
Prepayments Principal Accountant Fees Services
Principal Occupation Business Association Change Principal Officers
Pro Rata Treatment Payments Pro Ration Percentage
Pro-ration Examples Procedure Appeal Review
Proceeds Process Procedure Determining Compensation Executive Officers
Processing Product
Profit Sharing Account Properly Notarized
Properties Property Depreciation
Property Plant Equipment Proposal Election Directors
Provision 2007 Provision 2008
Provision 2009 Provisions Indentures Restrict Ability Make Payments Including Dividends
Provisions Solely Effect Intercreditor Agreement Proxies Voted Other Matters Properly Brought Before Meeting
Proxy Solicited Behalf Board Directors Proxy Statement Annual Report Available Internet Http Wwwaointlcom
Purchase Accounting Adjustments Goodwill Purchase Agreement
Purchase Tobacco Directly Growers Bear Risk Not Meet Purchases Approximately 4675 Existing Notes
Purchases Tobacco Directly Growers Bear Risk Not Meet Purchasing
Purpose Plan Purposes
Pursuant Regulation Pursuant Securities Exchange Act 1934
Quantitative Qualitative Disclosures Quantitative Qualitative Disclosures Market Risk
Quarterly Period 2003 Quarterly Period 2004
Ratification Deloitte Touche Independent Auditors Ratio Earnings Fixed Charges
Rationale Receipt Release
Receivables Recent Accounting Pronouncements
Recent Accounting Pronouncements Not Yet Adopted Recent Credit Agreement Amendments
Recent Legislation Regulatory Other Governmental Initiatives Impose Burdensome Recently Adopted Accounting Pronouncements
Recently Identified Material Weakness Internal Controls Over Financial Recitals
Reclassifications Redemption Notes Purchases Change Control
Reductions Demand Consumer Tobacco Products Adversely Affect Results Refinance Current Credit Facilities Not Able Obtain Same
Reflects Income Tax Valuation Allowances Registrants Telephone Number Including Area Code
Registration Rights Agreement Regulation Disclosure
Regulation Global Replace Following Reimbursement Expenses Office Secretarial Assistance
Related Parties Related Stockholder Matters
Release Collateral Guaranties Reliance
Reliance Administrative Agent Reliance Data
Reliance Small Number Significant Customers Adversely Affect Results Remainder Page Intentionally Left Blank
Remediation Previously Reported Material Weaknesses Remediation Prior Material Weaknesses Internal Control Over Financial
Report Audit Committee Report Completed Interim Review
Report Executive Compensation Committee Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Internal Control Reporting Compliance
Representations Warranties Repurchase Existing Notes
Require Significant Amount Cash Service Indebtedness Ability Generate Requirements Law
Research Development Reservation Rights
Reserved Restricted Payments
Restricted Stock Restricted Stock Legend
Restricted Stock Units Restrictions Transfer Benefits
Restructuring Asset Impairment Charges Restructuring Asset Impairment Costs
Results Results Operations
Results Operations Financial Condition Results Operations Financial Conditions
Retained Interest Receivables Sold Retirement Account
Retirement Retire Retired Retires Retirement Retire Retires
Revenue Recognition Review Claims
Revolving Loans Revolving Loans Incremental Facility
Richard Green Richard Green Age Director Since 2003
Risk Factors Robert Harrison
Robert Harrison Age Director Since 2005 Role Board
Role Management Sale Accounts Receivable
Sale Compania General Tabacos Filipines Sale Compañía General Tabacos Filipinas Dark Air-cured Operations
Sale Greek Assets Sale Leasebacks
Sale Spanish Tobacco Operations Sale Wool Assets
Sales Destination Sales Other Operating Revenue
Sales Other Operating Revenue Supplemental Information Sales Other Operating Revenues Major Customers
Schedule Equity Awards Remain Outstanding After 2007 Schedule Outstanding Equity Awards
Schedules Seasonality
Securities Registered Pursuant Act Securities Table
Securitized Retained Interests Security Ownership Certain Beneficial Owners Management
See Notes Condensed Consolidated Financial Statements Selling Administrative General Expenses
Selling Arrangements Senior Debt
Senior Notes Senior Notes 100 Subordinated
Senior Notes Due 2012 Senior Notes Due 2012 Series
Senior Notes Due 2013 Senior Notes Due 2016
Senior Secured Credit Facility Senior Subordinated Notes
Separation Service Serp
Service Setoff
Settlement Participation Payments Severability
Severance Agreements Change Control Cic Policy Sfas 144 Asset Impairment
Share Authorization Shareholder Access Governance Documents
Shareholder Communications Board Shareholder Nominations 2006 Annual Meeting
Shareholder Nominations 2008 Annual Meeting Shareholder Nominations 2009 Annual Meeting
Shareholder Nominations 2010 Annual Meeting Shareholder Proposals 2006 Annual Meeting
Shareholder Proposals 2008 Annual Meeting Shareholder Proposals 2009 Annual Meeting
Shareholder Proposals 2010 Annual Meeting Shareholders
Shareholders Equity Shareholders Opportunity Ask Questions Meeting
Shares Voted Shares Voted Not Return Proxy Card Instruction Form
Shift Direct Buying Green Tobacco Customers Continue Reduce Shipping Handling
Short-term Borrowings Signatures
Significant Accounting Policies Basis Presentation Significant Accounting Policies Description Business
Size Board Soliciting Proxy
Solvency Source Payments Trust
South America South America Segment
South American Crops Delayed Weather Spanish Operations
Special Long Term Incentive Plan Spouse Surviving
Standard Commercial Corporation Supplemental Retirement Plan Standard Commercial Corporation Supplemental Retirement Plan Scc Serp
Stock Appreciation Rights Stock Awards Units
Stock Based Compensation Stock Based Compensation Award Plans
Stock Option Awards Stock Option Grants Exercises Last
Stock Option Grants Last Stock Options
Stock Options Appreciation Rights Stock Ownership Certain Beneficial Owners
Stock Performance Graph Stock Subject Plan
Stock Unit Awards Stock Unit Awards Sars
Stock-based Compensation Subject Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Fcpa Currently Investigation
Submission Matters Vote Security Holders Subordination
Subsections 1350 Chapter Title United States Code Subsequent Events
Subsequent Events Sale Malawi Factory Subsidiaries
Substantial Debt Adversely Affect Limiting Future Sources Financing Succession Planning
Successor Administrative Agent Successor Corporation
Successors Successors Assigns Participations
Successors Assigns Participations Purchasing Lenders Summary Compensation Table
Summary Director Executive Officer Compensation Arrangements Summary Operations
Summary Results Operations Supplemental Account
Supplemental Cash Flow Information Supplemental Disclosures Cash Flow Information Noncash Investing Financing
Supplemental Executive Retirement Plan Supplemental Executive Retirement Plan Serp
Supplemental Guarantor Information Supplemental Indenture
Supplemental Retirement Account Plan Supplemental Retirement Benefit
Survival Representations Warranties Surviving Entity
Surviving Spouse Swingline Loan Subfacility
Table Contents Tax
Tax Accounting Considerations Tax Repatriation Matters
Tax Representation Tax Representations
Taxes Taxes Collected Customers
Telephone Number 434 792-7511 Temporary Suspension Trading Registrants Employee Benefit Plan
Tender Existing Notes Term
Term Amendment Termination Term Limits Retirement
Term Loan Facility Thailand Asset Impairment
Tia Cross-reference Table Time Form Payment Normal Retirement Allowance
Time References Tobacco Operations
Tobacco Product Manufacturer Litigation Reduce Demand Services Tobacco Purchase Obligations
Tobacco Purchase Obligations Grower Financing Guarantees Top Hat Pension Benefit Plan
Total Trade Other Receivables
Transactions Affiliates Transferability
Transition Rules Turkey Asset Impairment
Types Plan Awards Unfunded Plan
Unregistered Sales Equity Securities Urpose
Uthority Vacation Sick Leave
Vesting Volatility Disruption Global Credit Markets Adverse Changes Arising
Vote Meeting Votes Needed Approve Alliance International Inc 2007 Incentive
Votes Needed Elect Nominees Director Votes Needed Hold Meeting
Votes Needed Ratify Selection Deloitte Touche Llp Independent Wachovia Bank National Association
Waiver Waiver Consent
Waiver Cumulative Remedies Waiver Mandatory Prepayment
Waivers Jury Trial Waiver Consequential Damages Was Alliance International Inc Formed
Weather Other Conditions Affect Marketability Inventory Weather Other Conditions Affect Marketability Products
Website What Business Conducted Meeting
What Mean Receive Proxy Card Instruction Form What Nominee Director Becomes Unavailable Election
What Not Specify Shares Voted William Sheridan
William Sheridan Age Director Since 2005 Withholding Reporting
Wool Operations Working Capital
Written Request Xvi Duration Plan
Xvii Effective Date Plan Year-end Change
Zimbabwe Dividend Zimbabwe Investment Impairment
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