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Accounting Charge Associated Tender Offer Accounting Contingencies
Accounting Costs Related Miso Wholesale Energy Market Accounting Derivative Instruments
Accounting Derivative Instruments Hedging Activities Accounting Pensions Other Postretirement Benefits
Accounting Pensions Other Postretirement Benefits Plan Assets Accounting Pronouncements
Accounting Standards Codification Hierarchy Generally Accepted Principles Replacement Accounting Stock Options
Accounting Terms Accounting Trustee
Acknowledgement Assumption Dismissal Litigation Actions Related Global Climate Change Reducing Greenhouse Gas
Additional Buyer Obligations Additional Employment Rights
Additional Interest Eurodollar Rate Advances Additional Lender
Adjustments Administration
Administration Eligibility Administration Interpretation
Adoption Sfas 157 Advance
Advanced Metering Infrastructure Adverse Result Litigation Over Exchangeable Senior Notes Originally
Aer Reference Securities Affected Lender
Affected Lender Advance Affiliate
Affirmative Covenants Afudc
Agent Agent Legal Process
Agents Reliance Etc Aggregate Option Exercises 2004 Values Dec
Agreement Air Pollution Control Project Submitted Pscw Approval
Air Pollution Control Projects Construction Air Pollution Control Projects Submitted Pscw Approval
Air Quality Ajca
Alliant Energy Alliant Energy -2004 Earnings Page 2005
Alliant Energy 2004 Earnings Page 2005 Alliant Energy Accepts Offer Sell Brazil Investments
Alliant Energy Announces 2007 Results Alliant Energy Announces Increase Earnings Per Share Continuing
Alliant Energy Announces Intent Divest China Investments Alliant Energy Announces Year-end 2006 Results
Alliant Energy Cash Balance Pension Plan Alliant Energy Cash Balance Pension Plan Lawsuit
Alliant Energy Corporate Performance Alliant Energy Corporate Services Inc
Alliant Energy Corporation Alliant Energy Corporation Announces Cash Tender Offer Related
Alliant Energy Corporation Announces Pricing Debt Offering Alliant Energy Corporation Announces Receipt Requisite Consents Early
Alliant Energy Corporation Brazil Sale Page 2006 Alliant Energy Deferred Compensation Plan
Alliant Energy Equity Compensation Plans Alliant Energy Executive Severance Plan Package
Alliant Energy Ipl Alliant Energy Ipl Wpl
Alliant Energy Parent Other Alliant Energy Previews Results 2005 Earnings Guidance Update
Alliant Energy Rabbi Trust Agreement Alliant Energy Results Operations
Alliant Energy Severance Plan Allowance Funds Used Construction Afudc
Alternate Base Rate Although Trustee Makes Recommendation Board Directors Recommends Vote
Amended Restated Credit Agreement Amendment
Amendment Current Report Form 8-k Amendment Effective Date
Amendment Modification Cancellation Awards Amendment Repeal Bylaws
Amendment Termination Amendment Termination Plan
Amendments Amendments Etc
American Recovery Reinvestment Act 2009 Arra Amount Benefits Vesting
Amount Nature Beneficial Ownership Amounts Terms Extensions Credit
Ancillary Services Market Annum
Appendix Applicable Law
Applicable Lending Office Applicable Margin
Applicable Rate Applicable Vps Pre 1-1-02
Appointment Successor Arra
Arra Smart Grid Grants Asset Divestiture Update
Asset Divestitures Asset Retirement Obligations
Asset Retirement Obligations Aros Asset Sale Agreement
Asset Valuation Charges Brazil Investments Asset Valuations
Asset Valuations Long-lived Assets Held Used Assets Held Sale
Assets Liabilities Held Sale Assignability Benefits
Assumption Release Atc
Attendance Performance Evaluations Audit Committee
Australia New Zealand Banking Group Limited Authorization Action
Authorized Return Equity Available Commitment
Average Fuel Costs Awards Plan Available Shares
Background Background Applicability
Bank America Bank New York
Bank Tokyo-mitsubishi Ltd Chicago Branch Bankruptcy Event
Barclays Bank Plc Barclays Fee Letter
Bargaining Agreement Base Salaries
Base Salary Benchmarking
Beneficiary Benefit Payments
Binding Effect Board Directors
Board Directors Recommends Vote Listed Director Nominees Proposal Bonds
Borrowing Brazil
Brazil Investment Capital Loss Bridge Payment Option
Business Business Divestitures
Business Platforms Calpine Bankruptcy
Capital Approval Committee Capital Expenditure Investment Plans
Capital Lease Capital Leases
Capital Loss Utilization Capital Purchase Obligations
Capital Structure Capitalization Ratio
Capitalized Lease Obligations Cash Balance Pension Plan
Cash Collateral Cash Collateral Account
Cash Equivalents Cash Flow Hedges
Cash Flow Hedging Instruments Cash Flows
Cash Flows Presentation Cash Surrender Value Life Insurance Policies
Cash Temporary Investments Cedar Rapids 52404
Certain Agreements Certain Death Benefits
Certain Defined Terms Certain Federal Income Tax Consequences
Certain Relationships Related Transactions Director Independence Certificates Shares Transfer
Cessation Disability Change Control Agreements
Change Orders Changes Commodity Prices Availability Commodities Increase Cost Producing
Changes Commodity Prices Increase Cost Producing Electric Energy Changes Internal Control Over Financial Reporting
China China Mexico
Citibank Claims Procedure
Clarke County Clean Air Interstate Rule Cair Mercury Camr
Closing Coal
Coal Delivery Disruption Coal Delivery Disruptions
Collective Bargaining Agreement Collective Bargaining Agreements
Commitment Commitment Increase
Commitment Increase Approvals Committees
Commodity Price Risk Common Preferred Stock
Common Shares Outstanding Common Stock
Common Stock Dividends Common Stock Issuances
Common Stock Repurchase Program Communication Directors
Comparison Five-year Cumulative Total Return Compensation Chairman Board Formerly Ceo
Compensation Chairman Chief Executive Officer Compensation Consultant
Compensation Directors Compensation Discussion Analysis
Compensation Executive Officers Compensation Expenses Trustee
Compensation Personnel Committee Compensation President Chief Executive Officer
Competition Compliance Erisa
Compliance Laws Etc Components Compensation
Comprehensive Income Computation Time Periods
Computations Outstandings Conclusion
Condensed Consolidating Financial Statements Condition Receipt Benefits
Conditions Closing Conditions Extensions Credit
Conditions Precedent Amendment Effective Date Conditions Precedent Each Extension Credit
Conditions Precedent Extensions Credit After 2007 Conditions Precedent Extensions Credit After Federal Trigger Date
Conditions Precedent Extensions Credit After State Trigger Date Conditions Precedent Extensions Credit After Trigger Date
Confidential Information Confidentiality
Confidentiality Publicity Consent Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Consolidated Capital Consolidated Debt
Consolidated Subsidiary Construction Acquisition Expenditures
Construction Services Ipl8217s Whispering Willow East Wind Project Construction Services Ipls Whispering Willow East Wind Project
Continuing Directors Continuing Operations Domestic Utility
Continuing Operations Non-regulated Continuing Operations Utility
Continuous Employment Contract Employment
Contractual Obligations Contributions
Controls Procedures Converted
Corporate Governance Principles Corporate Performance Measures Purposes Determining Short-term Incentive Pool
Corporate Services Cost Recovery Mechanisms
Costs Compliance Existing Future Laws Incurrence Liabilities Particularly Costs Compliance New Laws Incurrence Liabilities Particularly Related
Costs Related Midwest Independent System Operator Miso Wholesale Counted Final Tabulation
Counterparts Covenant Not Compete
Covenants Borrower Credit Capital Market Developments
Credit Facilities Credit Market Developments
Credit Ratings Credit Risk
Credit Risk-related Contingent Features Creditworthiness
Critical Accounting Policies Critical Accounting Policies Estimates
Critical Estimates Related Impacts Severe Midwest Flooding 2008 Cumulative Effect Changes Accounting Principles
Currency Exchange Rate Risk Current Date
Current Report Pursuant Securities Exchange Act 1934 Customers
Daec Sale Daec Spent Nuclear Fuel Litigation Settlement
Date Report Earliest Event Reported 2008 Date Report Earliest Event Reported 2009
Dated 1999 Dated 2006
Dated 2009 Davis Announces Transition Plans Harvey Elected Ceo
Davis Announces Transition Plans Harvey Elected Ceo Page Davis Employment Agreement
Debenture Indenture Debentures Due 2038
Debt Debt Issuance Retirement Costs
Decatur County Decommissioning Daec Kewaunee
Default Rate Deferred Compensation Plan
Deferred Compensation Plans Deferred Tax Assets Liabilities
Definitions Definitions Accounting Terms
Delegation Duties Dependent Child Children
Depreciation Amortization Depreciation Amortization Expense
Depreciation Amortization Expenses Depreciation Study
Derivative Financial Instruments Derivative Instruments
Derivatives Description Business
Details Wpls Rate Filing Details Wpls Rate Filing Decision
Determining Corporate Pool Direct Subsidiary
Directors Charitable Award Program Directors Deferred Compensation Plan
Directors Executive Officers Corporate Governance Directors Executive Officers Registrants
Directors Life Insurance Program Disability Benefit
Disabled Disclosure Concerning Website Access Reports
Disclosure Controls Procedures Disclosure Information
Disposition Income Dispute Resolution
Dividend Equivalents Documents Incorporated Reference
Domestic Administration Domestic Coal Delivery Disruptions
Domestic Gas Utility Operations Domestic Lending Office
Domestic Utility Business Domestic Utility Businesses
Domestic Utility Fuel Cost Recovery Domestic Utility Generating Facilities Outages
Domestic Utility Generation Plan Domestic Utility Other Revenues
Domestic Utility Rate Matters Downgrade Credit Ratings Negatively Affect Borrowing Costs Access
Duane Arnold Energy Center Daec Sale Duane Arnold Energy Center Daec Spent Nuclear Fuel
Early Retirement Benefit Early Tender Date Results Offer Consent Solicitation
Earnings Earnings Conference Call
Earnings Continuing Operations Earnings Guidance
Earnings Guidance Update Earnings Per Share
Effect Change Control Agreements Effect Other Benefits
Effect Prior Agreements Effective
Effective 2008 Effective Date
Election Directors Electric Demand Planning Reserve Margin Prm
Electric Environmental Matters Electric Risk Management Plan Ermp
Electric Sales Projections Electric Supply
Electric Transmission Service Expense Electric Transmission Service Expense Presentation
Electric Transmission Service Expenses Electric Transmission Service Expenses Presentation
Eligibility Eligibility Other Benefits Severance
Eligible Assignee Eliot Protsch
Emerging Issues Task Force Eitf Issue 08-6 Equity Emission Allowances
Emission Control Project Submitted Pscw Approval Employee
Employee Assistance Program Employer
Employment Agreements Energy Conservation
Energy Industry Changes Including Technology Negative Effect Businesses Energy Industry Changes Negative Effect Businesses
Energy-trading Contracts Engaged Sales Assets Businesses However Market Conditions Other
Enterprise Resource Planning Erp Software Enterprise Resource Planning Software
Entire Agreement Environmental
Environmental Developments Environmental Liabilities
Environmental Matters Environmental Nuclear Health Safety Committee
Equity Incentive Plans Equity Income Unconsolidated Investments
Equity Interests Equity Price Risk
Erisa Erisa Affiliate
Erisa Event Establishment Trust
Ethanol Biodiesel Production Ethanol Industry Growth
Ethical Legal Compliance Policy Eurocurrency Liabilities
Eurodollar Lending Office Eurodollar Rate
Eurodollar Reserve Percentage Event Default
Events Default Exact Name Registrant Specified Charter
Except Excess Retirement Plan
Exchangeable Senior Notes Exchangeable Senior Notes Indenture
Excluding Excusable Events
Execution Counterparts Executive Committee
Executive Compensation Executive Officers Alliant Energy
Executive Officers Ipl Executive Officers Registrants
Executive Officers Wpl Executive Severance Plan
Exhibits Exhibits Schedules
Existing Facility Existing Letter Credit
Existing Liens Exposed Risks Related Economic Conditions
Extension Credit Extension Date
Extension Notice Facility Fee
Failure Provide Reliable Service Utility Customers Adversely Affect Fair Value Financial Instruments
Fair Value Measurements Fasb Staff Position Fsp Sfas 115-2 124-2 Recognition
Favorable Laws New Electric Generation Federal Energy Regulatory Ferc
Federal Energy Regulatory Ferc Public Utility Holding Act Federal Funds Rate
Federal Trigger Date Fee
Ferc Financing Authorizations Ferc Public Utility Holding Act Financing Authorizations
Ferc Puhca Financing Authorizations Final Average Earnings
Financial Accounting Standards Board Fasb Staff Position Fsp Financial Impacts
Financial Instruments Financial Results
Financial Statements Exhibits Financial Transmission Rights Ftrs Auction Revenue Arrs
Financing Activities Financing Developments
Financing Infrastructure Investment Program Focused Approach Non-regulated Operations
Foreign Subsidiary Form Doyle
Former Investments New Zealand Brazil Forward -looking Statements
Forward Contracts Purchase Emission Allowances Forward-looking Statements
Fsp Sfas 107-1 Accounting Principles Board Opinion Apb Fsp Sfas 132 Employers Disclosures Postretirement Benefit Plan
Fsp Sfas 142-3 Determination Useful Life Intangible Assets Fuel Cost Recovery
Fuel Purchased Power Energy Fuel-related Cost Recoveries Funding
Furnished 701 Further
Further Assurances Future Plan Benefits
Gaap Gain Sale Aenz Stock
Gain Sale Ipls Electric Transmission Assets Gas Environmental Matters
Gas Supply General
General Provisions Generating Facility Impacts
Generating Facility Outages Generation Project Acquired 2009
Generation Project Cancelled 2009 Generation Projects Completed 2008
Generation Projects Denied 2008 Generation Units Ceasing Operations 2009
Geographic Information Goodwill
Governing Law Governmental Approval
Graphic Omittedgraphic Omitted Greenhouse Gas Emissions Legislative Developments
Guarantees Guarantees Indemnifications
Guidance Half 2009 2008 Summary
Hazardous Substance Headings
Historical Changes Cash Flows Continuing Operating Activities Historical Changes Cash Flows Operating Activities
Historical Changes Cash Flows Used Continuing Financing Activities Historical Changes Cash Flows Used Continuing Investing Activities
Historical Changes Cash Flows Used Financing Activities Historical Changes Cash Flows Used Investing Activities
Hostile Acquisition Illegality
Illinois Commerce Icc Impact Regulatory Requirements
Impacts Weather Conditions Impacts Weather Conditions Excluding Service Disruptions Caused Storms
Important Notice Regarding Availability Proxy Materials Shareowner Meeting Inability Access Financial Markets
Incentive Compensation Plans Incentives Wind Projects
Income Tax Expense Benefit Income Tax Legislative Developments
Income Tax Rates Income Tax Refunds Receivable
Income Taxes Incur Additional Costs Experience Delays Generating Facility Construction
Incur Material Post-closing Adjustments Related Past Asset Business Indemnification
Indemnified Person Indenture
Indentures Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm 2007 Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm 2008
Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm 2009 Index
Index Current Report Form 8-k Dated 2006 Index Financial Statements
Individual Award Determination Information Related Tender Offer
Information Relating Utility Operations Inspection Rights
Insurance Insurance Coverage
Interest Advances Interest Expense
Interest Expense Other Interest Income Other
Interest Period Interest Rate Risk
Internal Control Integrated Framework Internal Control-integrated Framework
International Interstate Power Light
Interstate Power Light Announces Pricing Debt Offering Senior Interstate Power Light Condensed Consolidated Statements Income
Interstate Power Light Consolidated Statements Capitalization Interstate Power Light Consolidated Statements Income
Introduction Investing Activities
Investment Mcleod Investment Price Risk
Investments Estimated Fair Value Financial Instruments Investments Foreign Entities
Iowa Utilities Board Iub Ipl
Ipl Energy Efficiency Plan Eep Ipl Service Territory Ice Storm
Ipl Service Territory Winter Storms Ipl Wpl
Ipl8217s 2009 Iowa Retail Rate Case Ipl8217s Electric Transmission Assets Sale
Ipl8217s Electric Transmission Service Charges Ipl8217s Steam Plant Service
Ipls 2009 Iowa Retail Rate Case Ipls Clean Air Compliance Projects
Ipls Electric Sales Projections Ipls Electric Transmission Assets Sale
Ipls Electric Transmission Service Charges Ipls Electric Transmission Service Charges 2009
Ipls Steam Plant Service Isp
Issue Collateral Trust Bonds Iub
Job Reassignment Discretion Alliant Energy Management Human Resources Joint Lead Arrangers
Jpmorgan Chase Bank Keeping Books
Keesas Kewaunee Decommissioning Trust Assets
Kewaunee Nuclear Power Plant Decommissioning Trust Assets Kewaunee Outage
Kewaunee Sale Key Employee Deferred Compensation Plan
Key Financial Statistics Keybank National Association
Land Solid Waste Lead Independent Director Executive Sessions
Leases Legal Proceedings
Lehman Brothers Bank Fsb Lender
Lender Assignment Lender Credit Decision
Lenders Lien
Liens Etc Life Insurance Proceeds
Limitations Liability Limits Transferability
Liquidity Capital Resources Liquidity Position
List Indentures Long-term Debt
Long-term Incentive Awards Long-term Incentive Awards 2004
Long-term Incentive Awards 2005 Long-term Incentives
Loss Early Extinguishment Debt Loss Position Officer
Madison Madison County
Maintenance Insurance Maintenance Ownership Significant Subsidiaries
Maintenance Properties Etc Majority Lenders
Management Incentive Compensation Plan Summary Managements Annual Report Internal Control Over Financial Reporting
Manufactured Gas Plant Mgp Sites Manufactured Gas Plants Mgp Sites
Manufactured Gas Plants Sites Margin Stock
Market Risk Sensitive Instruments Positions Master Supply Agreement
Material Adverse Change Matters
Meetings Committees Board Merrill Lynch Bank Usa
Mexico Mgp Sites
Minnesota Approval Minnesota Public Utilities Mpuc
Minnesota Puc Order Miscellaneous
Miscellaneous Provisions Miso
Miso Market Miso Markets
Miso Revenue Sufficiency Guarantee Rsg Resettlements Miso Revenue Sufficiency Guarantee Rsg Settlements
Miso Rsg Resettlements Miso Rsg Settlements
Miso Wholesale Energy Market Mixed Service Costs
Mixed Service Costs Tax Deduction Mizuho Corporate Bank Ltd
Monroe County Mortgage Bond Indenture
Multiemployer Plan Multiple Employer Plan
Name Person Filing Proxy Statement Other Registrant Natural Gas Cost Recoveries
Negative Covenants New Accounting Pronouncement
New Accounting Pronouncements New Zealand
News Release Nmc
Nominating Governance Committee Nominees
Non-consenting Lender Non-performing Lender
Non-qualified Stock Options Non-regulated
Non-regulated Business Divestitures Non-regulated Businesses
Non-regulated Generation Non-regulated Operation Maintenance Expenses
Non-regulated Other Property Plant Equipment Non-regulated Revenues
Nonrecourse Debt Nonrecurring Fair Value Measurements
Normal Retirement Benefit Normal Retirement Date
Notes Condensed Consolidated Financial Statements Notes Consolidated Financial Statements
Notes Untendered Prior Early Tender Date Amendment Offer Notice Annual Meeting Proxy Statement
Notice Blackout Period Notice Conversion
Notice Initial Holder Notices Etc
Now Therefore Nuclear
Nuclear Decommissioning Trust Funds Nuclear Liability Insurance
Number Objectives Compensation Programs
Ofac Ofac Patriot Act Compliance
Off-balance Sheet Arrangements Officers
Officers Death After Retirement Offices
On-line Account Access Just Click Away On-line Reporting
Operating Activities Operating Expense Purchase Obligations
Operating Leases Operating Results Fluctuate Seasonal Quarterly Basis Adversely Affected
Operating Revenues Operation Electric Generating Facilities Capital Improvement Utility Involve
Operation Electric Generating Facilities Construction Capital Improvement Utility Operation Electric Generating Stations Construction Capital Improvement Utility
Optional Prepayments Advances Other
Other Benefits Other Debt
Other Derivatives Not Designated Hedge Relationships Other Environmental Contingencies
Other Events Other Future Considerations
Other Information Other Intangible Assets
Other Investments Other Legislative Developments
Other Non-regulated Investments Other Operating Expenses
Other Operation Maintenance Expenses Other Recent Regulatory Developments
Other Revenues Other Taxes
Other Utility Rate Case Information Outplacement Services Tuition Assistance Reimbursement
Outstanding Credits Outstandings
Overview Overview Results
Ownership Voting Securities Page
Paragraph Part
Parties Patriot Act
Payment Benefit Payment Benefits
Payment Deferred Compensation Payment Non-employee Directors Fees Stock
Payment Notice Payment Taxes Etc
Payments Payments Plan Participants Beneficiaries
Pension Other Postretirement Benefits Pension Other Postretirement Benefits Costs
Pension Other Postretirement Benefits Costs 2009 Pension Other Postretirement Benefits Plan Assets
Pension Other Postretirement Benefits Plans Pension Plan
Pension Plan Contributions Pension Plans
Per Annum Percentage
Performance Contingent Restricted Stock Agreement Performance Contingent Restricted Stock Agreements Share
Performance Share Agreement Performance Share Grant Goals
Performance Shares Performance-contingent Restricted Stock
Perquisites Person
Plan Plan Administrator
Plan Amendment Termination Plan Identification
Planned Utility Rate Cases 2009 Planned Utility Rate Cases 2010
Plans Please Fold Detach Card Perforation Before Mailing
Please Prepared Show Picture Plus
Policy Respect Deduction Limit Post-retirement Death Benefit
Post-termination Compensation Potential Arra Smart Grid Grants
Power Supply Pre-retirement Death Benefit
Preferred Dividend Requirements Preferred Stock
Preliminary Statements Preliminary Survey Investigation Charges Pre-construction Expenditures
Preservation Existence Etc Prima Facie
Primary Beneficiary Primary Sources Uses Cash
Principal Accounting Fees Services Prior Employer Benefit
Prior Pro Forma Expense Prior Termination Date
Proceeds Proceeds Asset Sales
Production Tax Credits Products Services
Projected Capital Expenditures Property Damage
Property Insurance Recoveries Property Plant Equipment
Proposed 1733 Proposed 2454
Proposed Generating Facility Proposed Sale Ipls Electric Transmission Assets
Proposed Sale Ipls Interest Daec Proposed Sale Wpls Interest Kewaunee
Proprietary Rights Provided
Provided Further Provided However
Proxy Solicited Behalf Board Directors Alliant Energy Corporation Psc Order
Public Service Wisconsin Pscw Puhca
Puhca Financing Authorizations Purchase Obligations
Purchase Sale Commitment Purchased Power
Purchased Power Capacity Expenses Purchased-power
Purpose Purposes Determining Short-term Incentive Pool
Pursuant Securities Exchange Act 1934 Pursuant Usc §1350
Quantitative Qualitative Disclosures Market Risk Rabbi Trust
Rate Making Principles New Electric Generating Facilities Rate Matters
Rate-making Principles New Electric Generating Facilities Rates Regulatory Matters
Ratings Triggers Ratio Earnings Fixed Charges
Ratio Earnings Fixed Charges Combined Preferred Dividend Requirements Re-allocating Dollars Based Performance
Reasonableness Restrictions Received Alliant Energy Corporation
Recent Regulatory-related Legislative Developments Recipient
Recitals Recitals Guarantor
Recurring Fair Value Measurements Redemption
Reduction Workforce Reference Banks
Reference Ratings Reference Securities
Regional Transmission Participation Register
Registrants Telephone Number Regulation
Regulatory Assets Regulatory Assets Liabilities
Regulatory Developments Related Parties
Related Person Transactions Relation Parties Beneficiary
Reliance Certificates Renewable Energy
Renewable Energy Standards Legislative Developments Repayment Advances
Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Reporting Compliance
Representations Warranties Representations Warranties Borrower
Representations Warranties Buyer Representations Warranties Supplier
Repricing Options Stock Appreciation Rights Resignation Removal Trustee
Resolution Service Quality Issues Resources
Resources Cedar River Railroad Bridge Grant Resources Exchangeable Senior Notes Indenture
Resources8217 Cedar River Railroad Bridge Grant Resources8217 Interchange Project Grant Application
Restricted Cash Restricted Stock Agreements
Restrictions Restrictive Agreements
Restrictive Covenants Results
Results Operations Financial Condition Results Operations Financial Condition Cash Flows Materially Adversely
Review Procedure Ringgold County
Risk Factors Risks Related Implementing Strategic Plan
Risks Related Regulation Business Impact Rates Able Charge Rmt Including Windconnect
Roles Executives Establishing Compensation Sale Accounts Receivable
Sale Ipls Electric Transmission Assets Sale Ipls Interest Daec
Sale Water Utility South Beloit Illinois Sale Wpls Interest Kewaunee
Sales Accounts Receivable Sales Etc Assets
Sales Impacts Sales Trends
Same Current Date Sanctioned Country
Sanctioned Person Satisfaction Discharge Release Date
Savings Plan Savings Plans
Schedule Valuation Qualifying Accounts Reserves Schedules
Scope Agreement Seal
Seasonality Sec Order
Secondary Beneficiaries Securities Exchange Act 1934
Security Ownership Certain Beneficial Owners Management See Reverse Voting Instructions
Segments Business Senior Debentures Due 2018
Senior Financial Officer Sep 2009 2008 Summary
Services Seventh Supplemental Indenture 1993
Severability Severance Agreement Release
Severance Payment Severe Midwest Flooding
Severe Midwest Weather Severe Midwest Weather 2008
Severe Midwest Weather Impacts Sfas 141 Business Combinations
Sfas 157 Fair Value Measurements Sfas 160 Noncontrolling Interests Consolidated Financial Statements Amendment
Sfas 161 Disclosures Derivative Instruments Hedging Activities Amendment Sfas 165 Subsequent Events
Sfas 166 Accounting Transfers Financial Assets Amendment Fasb Sfas 167 Amendments Fasb Interpretation Fin
Share Ownership Guidelines Share Repurchase Program
Share Repurchase Program Update Shareowners
Sharing Payments Etc Shelf Registrations
Short- Long-term Debt Short-term Debt
Short-term Incentives Signature Page Follows
Signature Page Seventh Supplemental Indenture Dated 2006 Signatures
Signatures Follow Significant Subsidiary
Single Employer Plan Spc
Special Litigation Committee Special Purpose Entities
Split Dollar Reverse Life Insurance Plan Staff Accounting Bulletin Sab 112
State Regulatory Agency Financing Authorizations State Regulatory Financing Authorization
State Regulatory Financing Authorizations State Trigger Date
Statement Erisa Rights Steam Other Revenues
Steam Utility Operations Stock Option Agreements
Stock Options Storms Natural Disasters Impact Operations Unpredictable Ways
Strategic Energy Assessment Sea Wisconsin Strategic Overview
Strategic Plan Developments Subject Employee Workforce Factors Affect Businesses
Subject Employee Workforce Factors Affect Businesses Financial Condition Subject Limitations Ability Pay Dividends
Submission Matters Vote Security Holders Subsidiaries Registrant
Subsidiary Successor Agent
Summary Summary 2005 Management Incentive Compensation Plan
Summary 2006 Management Incentive Compensation Plan Summary 2007 Management Incentive Compensation Plan
Summary Historical Results Operations Summer Weather Derivatives
Supplemental Benefit Supplemental Executive Retirement Plan
Supplemental Executive Retirement Plan Table Supplemental Financial Information
Supplemental Order Supplemental Retirement Plan Agreement Beneficiary Designation Appendix
Supplemental Retirement Plan Agreement Form Aller Hanson Howard Supplemental Retirement Plan Agreement Form Harvey Protsch Swan
Surviving Spouse Sutherland Generation Project
Synfuel Synthetic Lease Restrictions
Synthetic Leases Table Contents
Target Incentive Percent Target Incentive Percentage
Tax Matters Tax Withholding
Tax-related Taxes
Taxes Other Income Temporary Cash Investments Restricted
Termination Date Termination Employment
Termination Employment Loss Position Termination Other Remedies
Terms Awards Therefore
Thomas Hanson Threats Terrorism Catastrophic Events Result Impact Operations Unpredictable
Threats Terrorism Catastrophic Events Result Natural Disasters Impact Threats Terrorism Catastrophic Events Result Storms Natural Disasters
Time-based Restricted Stock Times Demand Electric Energy Exceed Supply Capacity
Title Risk Loss Care Custody Control Transaction Charges
Transactions Affiliates Translation Foreign Currency
Transmission Business Transmission System Utilities Service Area Constrained Impact Ability
Transportation Trigger Date
Trust Beneficiary Insolvent Trust Other Arrangement Designated Beneficiary Include Name Address
Trustee Trustees Certificate Authentication
Type Ubs Loan Finance Llc
Unbilled Revenue Estimates Unbilled Revenues
Uncertain Tax Positions Unconsolidated Equity Investments
Unfunded Excess Plan Unfunded Executive Tenure Compensation Plan
Unmatured Default Unregistered Sales Equity Securities Proceeds
Unsecured Obligation Updated Domestic Utility Generation Plan
Updates 2005 Earnings Capital Expenditures Guidance Usa Patriot Act Notice
Utilities Primary Business Platform Utility
Utility Business Utility Business Divestitures
Utility Facilities Utility Fuel Cost Recovery
Utility Generation Plan Utility Other Operation Maintenance Expenses
Utility Other Revenues Utility Property Plant Equipment
Utility Rate Matters Utility Rate Refunds
Utilization Percentage Valuation Hierarchy
Valuation Techniques Variable Interest Entities
Vice Versa Voluntary Conversion Advances
Vote Internet Wwweproxycom Lnt Quick Easy Immediate Vote Mail
Vote Phone Toll Free 1-800-560-1965 Quick Easy Immediate Vote Required
Wachovia Affiliates Wachovia Bank National Association
Wachovia Fee Letter Waiver Jury Trial
Waiver Remedies Water Quality
Wayne County Weather Derivative
Weather Derivatives Wells Fargo Bank National Association
Whereas Whiting Petroleum Corporation Wpc Tax Sharing Agreement
Wholesale Energy Market Wind Generation Projects
Wisconsin Power Light Wisconsin Power Light Announces Pricing Debt Offering Debentures
Wisconsin Power Light Condensed Consolidated Statements Income Wisconsin Power Light Consolidated Statements Capitalization
Wisconsin Power Light Consolidated Statements Income Wisconsin Power Light Receives Notice Intent Sue
Wisconsin Senate Bill Withhold Authority Vote Individual Nominee Strike Line Through
Withholding Witness Whereof
Woodbury County Wpc Tax Sharing Agreement
Wpl Wpl Depreciation Study
Wpl Plan Prior Formula Table Wpl Wind Projects
Wpl8217s 2010 Retail Rate Case Wpl8217s Acquisition Neenah Energy Facility Nef
Wpl8217s Acquisition Neenah Energy Facility Resources Wpl8217s Fuel-related Retail Rate Cases
Wpls 2010 Retail Rate Case Wpls Acquisition Neenah Energy Facility Nef
Wpls Acquisition Nef Resources Wpls Clean Air Compliance Projects
Wpls Fuel-related Retail Rate Cases Wpls Fuel-related Retail Rate Refunds
Wpls Retail Electric Fuel-related Cost Recovery Wwwwellsfargocom Shareownerservices
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