Accounting Consideration Given Vendor Customer Accounting Derivative Instruments Hedging Activities
Accounting Non-controlling Interests Fasb Statement 160 Accounting Revenue Arrangements Multiple Deliverables
Accounting Servicing Financial Assets Accounting Uncertainty Income Taxes
Accounts Payable Accrued Liabilities Accounts Receivable
Accruals Accrued Vacation Pay
Acquisition Minority Interest Acquisition Non-controlling Interest
Acquisition Subsidiaries Acquisitions
Act Actuarial Assumption
Additional Mexican Taxes Contributions Levied Services Offer Exploitation Address Principal Executive Offices
Advertising Agência Nacional Telecomunicações
Allowance Doubtful Accounts Amendment Fasb Interpretation Fsp Fin 39-1
America Movil Informs Status Mobile License Ecuadorian Subsidiary America Movil Peru Sac
America Móvil Amx
Amx Leading Provider Wireless Services Latin America 2008 Amx Paraguay
AmÉrica MÓvil AmÉrica MÓvil Peru Sac
AmÉrica MÓvil Sab América Móvil
América Móvil Acquire Verizons Interest Verizon Dominicana Telecomunicaciones América Móvil Acquires Grupo Estesa Nicaragua
América Móvil Acquires Operation Jamaica América Móvil Acquires Operation Puerto Rico
América Móvil Acquires Operator Chile América Móvil Acquires Operator Paraguay
América Móvil Acquires Operator Peru América Móvil Acquires Verizon Dominicana
América Móvil Announces Agreement Iphone América Móvil Announces Proposal Dividend Payment
América Móvil Announces Proposal Dividend Payment Increase Amount América Móvil Announces Proposal Dividend Paymentrdquo
América Móvil Announces Proposal Extraordinary Dividend Payment América Móvil Announces Proposal Split Stock Pay Dividend
América Móvil China Development Bank Subscribe Loan Agreement América Móvil Consolidated
América Móvil Consolidated Results América Móvil Enters Exclusive Negotiations Acquire Stake Olimpia
América Móvil Files Annual Report Form 20-f 2007 América Móvil Informs Execution New Concession Agreement Ecuadorian
América Móvil Informs Situation Subsidiary Ecuador América Móvil Merge Telecom
América Móvil Perú Sac América Móvil Places Local Bond Issued Foreign Entity
América Móvil Senior Notes Due 2035 América Móvil Wins Public Spectrum Auction Peru
América Móvils General Ordinary Shareholders Meeting Approves Payment América Móvils General Shareholders Assembly Approves Extraordinary Dividend
América Móvils General Shareholders Meeting Approves Extraordinary Dividend Anatel Inflation-related Adjustments
Andean Region-ecuador Peru Argentina
Argentina Amx Argentina Cti
Argentina Paraguay Uruguay Argentina Uruguay Paraguay
Asset Retirement Obligations Att Mexico Inc
Audit Committee Audit Committee Approval Policies Procedures
Audit Committee Financial Expert Audit Non-audit Fees
Auditor Externo Basis Presentation
Basis Translation Financial Statements Foreign Subsidiaries Bcp Brazil
Billing Collection Bmv Amx Nyse Nasdaq Amov Latibex Xamxl
Bndespar Board Directors Shareholders América Móvil Sab
Board Directors Stockholders América Móvil Sab Brazil
Brazil Consolidated Bse Brazil
Business Acquisitions Goodwill Business Combinations Fasb Statement 141
Bylaws Bylaws Only Enforced Mexico
Bylaws Restrict Transfers Shares Some Circumstances Calling Party Pays
Capex Mxp Capital Expenditures
Capital Requirements Capital Resources
Capitalized Interest Caribbean
Cash Equivalents Cash Equivalents Marketable Securities
Cash Flows Celcaribe Colombia
Cempresa Central America
Central America Consolidated Central America Region Adds 15m
Central America-el Salvador Central America-el Salvador Guatemala Honduras Nicaragua
Central America-el Salvador Guatemala Honduras Nicaragua Panama Central America-guatemala Telgua Sercom Nicaragua
Ceo Certification Certain Contracts
Certification Cessation Inflation Accounting Mexican Frs
Cfo Certification Change Name
Changes Government Regulation Hurt Businesses Changes Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Been Change
Changes Mexican Frs Changes Wireless Industry Affect Future Financial Performance
Chief Executive Officer Chile
Chile Claro Chile Smartcom
Claro Chile Formerly Smartcom Closing
Cnbv Cnvb
Coc Services Code Ethics
Cofeco Cofeco-monopolistic Practices Investigations
Cofeco-substantial Market Power Investigations Colombia
Colombia Comcel Colombia Panama
Comcel Commercial Corp-compusa
Commissions Paid Distributors Commitments
Commitments Contingencies Comparability
Compañía Dominicana Teléfonos Por Compensation Committee
Compensation Directors Senior Management Competition
Competition Investigations Competition Wireless Industry Intense Adversely Affect Revenues Profitability
Composition Operating Revenues Comprehensive Financing Cost Income
Comprehensive Financing Income Cost Comprehensive Financing Income Loss
Comprehensive Income Comprehensive Loss Income
Compusa Concentration Risk
Concerns Health Risks Relating Wireless Handsets Base Stations Concessions
Concessions Licenses Fixed Terms Conditions Imposed Renewal Concessions Licenses Subject Imposition Fines Termination
Concessions Licenses Subject Termination Concessions-competition
Concessions-expansion Modernization Service Quality Requirements Concessions-fees
Concessions-renewal Concessions-termination
Concurso Mercantil Conecel
Consent Independent Accountants Consent Independent Registered Certified Public Accounting Firm
Consent Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Consolidated Results Operations
Consolidating Condensed Financial Information Consolidating Condensed Financial Statements
Consolidation Consolidation Concluded
Consolidation Equity Method Consolidation Local Service Areas
Consolidation Variable Interest Entities Constancia
Continue Look Investment Opportunities Future Acquisitions Related Financings Continuing Commercial Relationships
Controlled Shareholder Controls Procedures
Convenience Translation Corporate Governance Practices
Corporate Restructure Cost Cellular Telephone Equipment
Csd Hscsd Technology Cte Salvador
Cti Argentina Current Churn Rate Increases Business Negatively Affected
Customer Service Data Services
Data Transmission Deferred Taxes
Definition Settlement Fasb Interpretation Fsp Fin 48-1 Definitions
Del Comite Ejecutivo Del Presidente Vicepresidente
Del Secretario Depend Key Suppliers Vendors Provide Equipment Need Operate
Depreciation Fluctuation Currencies Conduct Operations Relative Dollar Adversely Derivative Financial Instruments
Derivative Instruments Description Business
Developments Telecommunications Sector Resulted Future Result Substantial Write-downs Diario Oficial Federación
Differences Between Mexican Gaap Difficult Enforce Civil Liabilities Against Directors Officers Controlling
Director General Disclosure Fair Value Financial Instruments
Distributors Dividend Rights
Dividends Documents Display
Dominant Carrier Regulations Hurt Business Limiting Ability Pursue Dominant Position
Dominican Republic Dominican Republic Codetel
E-commerce Earnings Per Share
Ebitda 30yoy Ebitda Margin
Ebitda Mxp Ebitda Rises Yoy
Ebitda Usd Ecuador
Ecuador Conecel Effects Economic Conditions Exchange Rates
Effects Exchange Rates Effects Inflation Accounting Approximate Gaap Adjustments
Effects Inflation Accounting Gaap Adjustments Effects Inflation Accounting Gaap Reconciliation Periods Prior 2008
Effects Recent Acquisitions Effects Regulation
Eitf 06-3 Eitf 08-6
Eitf 08-7 Ejercicios Sociales Balance
Employee Benefit Obligation Employee Benefit Obligations
Employee Benefits Employee Profit Sharing
Employees Empresas Cablevisión
Enforceability Civil Liabilities Enitel Nicaragua
Equity Investments Affiliates Equity Investments Others
Equity Investments Subsidiaries Affiliates Equity Results Affiliates
Estatutos Sociales Estimated Future Payments
Estimated Useful Lives Plant Property Equipment Estimates
Estimates Certain Accounting Policies Excess Contributed Over Cost
Exchange Controls Exchange Differences
Exchange Offer Expire 500pm New York City Time Exchange Rate Interest Risks
Exchange Rates Execution Copy
Executive Committee Exhibits
Expansion Modernization Requirements Explanatory
External Auditor Extraordinary Dividend
Fair Value Measurement Fasb Statement 157 Fair Value Option Financial Assets Liabilities Including Amendment
Fas 141 Fas 160
Fas 161 Fas 166
Fas 167 Federal Income Tax Considerations
Final Terms Conditions 5625 Senior Notes Due 2017 Final Terms Conditions 6125 Senior Notes Due 2037
Financial Instruments Financial Instruments Acquired Hedging Purposes
Financing Income Cost Fixed Wireless
Following New Pronouncements Entered Force 2007 Foreign Exchange Gains Losses
Foreign Subsidiaries Form 20- 40-f
Form 20-f 40-f Form F-4 333-146245
Form Final Term Sheet Form Guarantee
Form Opinions Counsel Guarantor Forward-looking Statements
Free Writing Prospectuses Included Time Sale Disclosure Package Fsp 157-3
Fsp Fas 132 Fsp Fas 142-3
Further Future Acquire Additional Radio Spectrum Capacity Order Expand
Future Either Acquire Additional Radio Spectrum Capacity Build Gaap Reconciliation
General General Terms Conditions Notes
General- Generation Development Strategy
Generation Technologies Genesis Telecom
Global Then Insert Global Then Insert--
Glossary Terms Goodwill
Goodwill Other Intangibles Assets Gsm Network
Guarantor Guatemala Outpaced Absolute Net Adds
Guatemala Telgua History
Holders Adss Not Entitled Attend Shareholders Meetings They Holders Shares Share Adss Limited Voting Rights Vote
Honduras Sercom However
Ideas Telcel Impairment
Impairment Assets Implementation Spin-off
Include Global Include Global Depositary Depository Trust Company--
Income Statement Information Income Tax
Income Tax Employee Profit Sharing Income Tax Employee Profit-sharing
Income Taxes Incur Significant Losses Wireless Fraud Failure Successfully Manage
Index Audited Consolidated Financial Statements Index Condensed Consolidated Interim Financial Statements
Indicate Check Basis Accounting Registrant Used Prepare Financial Indicate Check Registrant Well-known Seasoned Issuer Defined Rule
Indicate Check Whether Registrant Large Accelerated Filer Non-accelerated Inflation Accounting
Information Reporting Backup Withholding Institución Para Deposito Valores
Intellectual Property Rights Utilized Suppliers Service Providers Infringe Inter Alia
Interconnection Interconnection Costs
Interconnection Fees Interconnection Plan
Interest Internet
Interpretation 48-accounting Uncertainty Income Taxes Fin Statement Financial Inventories
Invested Countries Limited Experience Unsuccessful Addressing New Challenges Investments
Investments Affiliates Investments Affiliates Others
Investments Committee Investments Financial Instruments
Investments Marketable Securities Investments Subsidiaries
Irá Seguida Las Palabras Sociedad AnÓnima Capital Variable Issuer Filed Registration Statement Including Prospectus Sec Offering
Iti-gedo Jamaica Oceanic
Labor Obligations Lago Alberto 366 Colonia Anáhuac 11320 México
Las Asambleas Generales Accionistas Las Bases Para Liquidacion
Las Causas Disolucion Las Facultades Del Consejo
Las Utilidades PÉrdidas Latin American Caribbean Economic Political Social Conditions Adversely
Latin American Economic Political Social Conditions Adversely Affect Ldquoamérica Móvil Obtains License Panamardquo
Leases Legal Disclaimer
Legal Proceedings Ley Concursos Mercantiles
Liabilities Provisions Contingent Assets Commitments Liability Provisions
Licenses Licenses Trademarks
Limitation Capital Increases Limitations Share Ownership
Listing Los Concursos Especiales
Los Concursos Mercantiles Comerciantes Que Prestan Servicios Públicos Lune Patent Case
Major Subsidiaries Marketable Securities
Marketable Securities Available Sale Marketing
Markets Markets Networks Technology
Megatel Honduras Members Family Deemed Control
Merger Merger Amtel
Mexica Frs B-15 Foreign Currency Translation Mexican Frs B-10 Effects Inflation
Mexican Frs B-15 Foreign Currency Translation Mexican Frs B-2 Statement Cash Flows
Mexican Frs B-3 Statement Operations Mexican Frs B-3 Statements Operations
Mexican Frs B-7 Business Combinations Mexican Frs B-8 Consolidated Combined Financial Statements
Mexican Frs C-13 Related Parties Mexican Frs C-7 Investments Affiliates Other Permanent
Mexican Frs C-8 Intangible Assets Mexican Frs D-3 Employee Benefits
Mexican Frs D-3 Employees Benefits Mexican Frs D-4 Income Taxes
Mexican Frs D-4 Taxes Profits Mexican Frs D-6 Capitalization Comprehensive Cost Financing
Mexican Frs Interpretation Effects Flat-rate Business Tax Mexican Frs Interpretation Presentation Employee Profit Sharing Statement
Mexican Law Bylaws Restrict Ability Non-mexican Shareholders Invoke Mexican Securities Market Law
Mexican Tax Considerations Mexico
Mexico City 2005 América Móvil Bmv Amx Nyse Mexico City 2006 América Móvil Bmv Amx Nyse
Mexico City 2007 Mexico City 2007 América Móvil Sab Bmv Amx
Mexico City 2008 América Móvil Sab Bmv Amx Mexico City 2009 América Móvil Sab Bmv Amx
Mexico City 2010 América Móvil Sab Bmv Amx Mexico City 5th 2009 América Móvil Sab Bmv
Mexicos Calling Party Pays System Minas Gerais Operations
Minority Interest Miscellaneous Provisions
Mobile Clients Most Important New Pronouncements Came Force 2006 Follows
Multimedia Messaging Service Mms Mxp 900 2005 Revenues
Name Telephone E-mail Facsimile Number Address Contact Person Nattel
Negative Goodwill Net Additions 2005
Net Adds 30m Argentina Net Adds 4q05
Net Adds Brazil Net Adds Colombia
Net Adds Peru Net Debt Mxp
Net Gain Loss Sale Affiliates Net Income
Net Loss Sale Affiliates Net Period Cost
Net Profit Mxp Network Interconnection Costs Long Distance Rent Paid Infrastructure
New Accounting Pronouncements New Mexican Securities Market Law
New Subs Nicaragua Enitel
Nicaragua Enitel Estesa Nicaragua Sercom Enitel
Non-controlling Interest Not Entitled Participate Future Preemptive Rights Offerings
Notes Condensed Consolidated Financial Statements Notes Consolidated Financial Statements
Number Outstanding Shares Each Registrants Classes Capital Common Number Portability
Oceanic Digital Jamaica Limited Off-balance Sheet Arrangements
Oficina Móvil Telcel Olimpia
One-time Adjustments Impact Ebitda Operating Costs Expenses
Operating Income Operating Information
Operating Profit 39yoy Operating Revenues
Operating Segments Optional Redemption
Organization Register Other
Other Accumulated Comprehensive Income Loss Other Acquisitions
Other Assets Other Commercial Relationships
Other Income Expense Net Other Income Loss Net
Other Investments Other Mexican Taxes
Other Provisions Other Transactions
Outstanding Indebtedness Outstanding Unregistered 846 Senior Notes Due 2036
Panama Paraguay Amx
Payment Dividends Payment Guarantees Suppliers
Peru Peru América Móvil Perú
Perú Plan Assets
Plant Property Equipment Please Exchange Offer Expire 500pm New York City
Post-retirement Obligations Preemptive Rights
Preferential Rights Shares Premium Sms Content Community
Premium Sms Mms Content Community Prepaid Arpus Rise Most Operations
Prepaid Clients Prepaid Expenses
Prepaid Expenses License Acquisition Pricing Agreement
Principal Accountant Fees Services Pro Forma Financial Data
Products Profit Reached Mxp 39yoy
Proforma Financial Data Property
Protections Afforded Minority Shareholders Mexico Different Those United Provided
Provided However Provisions
Public Offering Price Puerto Rico Consolidates América Movil Since 1st 2007
Puerto Rico Jamaica Puerto Rico Telpri
Purchase Accounting Price Allocation Purchase Accounting-purchase Price Allocation
Purchase Minority Interest Purchase Minority Interest Telecom Americas
Purchase Price Payable Underwriters Pursuant Prospectus Dated 2007
Push-to-talk Services Q05 Ebitda 3pp Yoy
Q05 Ebitda Margin Q05 Ebitda Margin Yoy Most Operations
Quantitative Qualitative Disclosures Market Risk Quirografario
Rates Ratio Earnings Fixed Charges
Ratios Earnings Fixed Charges Recent Accounting Pronouncements
Recent Acquisitions Recent Developments
Recent Developments Regulation Recent Pronouncements
Reclassifications Recognition Effects Inflation
Recognition Effects Inflation Financial Information Registro Nacional Valores
Regulation Regulatory Environment
Regulatory Oversight Related Anatel Inflation Adjustments
Relevant Events Report Form 6-k Shall Incorporated Reference Registrants Registration
Report Independent Accountants Report Independent Registered Certified Public Accounting Firm
Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Reporting Comprehensive Income
Representatives Addresses Notices Repurchase Shares
Restrictions Certain Transactions Restrictions Deregistration Mexico
Results Operations 2007 2006 Results Operations Geographic Segment
Results Operations Ten-month Periods 2005 2006 Revenue Recognition
Revenue Usd 617 Arpu Qoq Revenues 31yoy Mxp 182
Revenues 69yoy Revenues Doubled Yoy Prepaid Postpaid Arpus Qoq
Revenues Rise 308yoy Revenues Usd
Reversal Privatization Reversal Privatization Lesividad
Rights Shareholders Risk Management
Roaming Sale Subsidiaries Affiliated Companies
Sales Distribution Salvador Cte
Sbc International Management Services Inc Sbc International Puerto Rico
Seasonality Business Secretaría Nacional Telecomunicaciones Senatel
Securities Exchange Securities Exchange Act 1934
Securities Registered Pursuant Act See Footnotes Following Page
Segment Information Segments
Selected Balance Sheet Other Data Senior Management
Senior Notes Due 2036 Sensitivity Analysis Disclosures
Service Quality Requirements Services Products
Settlement Sfas 157 Fair Value Measurements
Sfas 159 Fair Value Option Financial Assets Liabilities Share Capital
Share Ownership Share Repurchase Program
Shareholders Approved Merger América Telecom Móvil Shareholders Meetings
Shares Short Message Services
Short Message Services Sms Short Term Investments
Short-term Investments Signature
Signatures Significant Accounting Policies
Significant Transactions Affiliates Smartcom Chile
Sociedad Anónima Capital Variable Sociedade Limitada
Sociedade Por Ações Southern Cone-argentina Chile Paraguay Uruguay
Spectrum Speedy Móvil
Standard Regulations Mexican Financial Information Standards Research Development Statement Changes Financial Position
Statement Income Presentation Statutory Auditors
Stock Option Plan Stockholders Equity
Strategy Subject Significant Litigation
Subs Colombia Subs Double
Subs Region Subscribers
Subsections 1350 Chapter Title United States Code Subsequent Event
Subsequent Events Subsidiaries
Subsidiaries Abroad Substantial Increasing Competition Wireless Industry Adversely Affect Revenues
Summary Significant Accounting Policies Practices Supplemental Guarantor Information
System Failure Cause Delays Interruptions Service Lose Customers Table Contents
Tax Assessment Tax Assessments
Tax Assessments Against Americel Tax Assessments Against Atl
Tax Consequences Non-us Holders Tax Redemption
Tax Treaties Taxation
Taxation Dispositions Taxation Distributions
Taxes Profits Tdma Network
Techtel Argentina Techtel-lmds Comunicaciones Interactivas Argentina
Telcel Telcel Gains 71m New Clients
Telecom Americas Telecom Américas
Telecomunicaciones Puerto Rico Telephone Plant Property Equipment
Telgua Telmex AmÉrica MÓvil Acquire Verizons Interest Cantv
Telstar Uruguay Telvista
Tender Offer Rules Termination Concessions
Termo Autorização Serviço Móvel Pessoal Tess Atl-telecom Leste
Title Securities Total Lines 953m
Tracfone Gains 17m In05 Trademarks
Trademarks Tax Assessment Trademarks Tax Assessments
Trading Mexican Stock Exchange Trading Securities Available-for-sale
Trading Securities Instruments Available-for-sale Transactions Between Entities Common Control
Transactions Between Entities Common Control Acquisition Non-controlling Interest Transactions Other Affiliates
Transactions Related Parties Transactions Telmex
Transactions Telmex Internacional Subsidiaries Transactions Telmex Subsidiaries
Transition Ifrs Treatment Adss
Trends Operating Results Underwriter Information
United States United States Tracfone
Unrealized Gain Losses Marketable Securities Unrealized Gains Losses
Unsuccessful Addressing Challenges Risks Presented Investments Countries Outside Urge Contact Clients Promptly Please Exchange Offer Expire
Usco Usd 700 Ebitda
Usd Revenue Valuation Plant Property Equipment
Voice Voice Over
Voice Services Voting Rights
Vía Ejecutiva Mercantil Wireless Network
Wireless Uruguay Xation
Yes Yoy Revenue Growth
Yoy Sub Growth Zz1 Convenience Translation
Zz1 Reclassifications Zz2 Reclassifications
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