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Accounted-for Obligation Shall Meaning Set Forth Schedule 11a Act
Active Load Management Credit Actual
Addition New Parties Additional Member Agreement
Administration Administrative Agent
Adoption Budgets Advance
Advisory Interpretations Advisory Mediator
Aep Aep Apco Cspco Opco Pso Swepco
Aep Apco Opco Swepco Aep Income Cash Flow Apart Dividends Paid Other
Aep Plans Pension Plan Table Aep Reports 2005 Year-end Earnings
Aeps Compensation Peer Group Affected Member
Affiliate Affiliate8221
Agent Parties Agent8217s Account8221
Agents Aggregated Option Exercises 2004 Year-end Values
Aggregated Option Exercises 2005 Year-end Values Agreement
Ahead Perations Allocation Office Interconnection
Alternate Dispute Resolution Committee Alternate Methods
Amendment Amendment Aep System Long Term Incentive Plan
Amendment Termination Amendments Credit Agreement
Amendments Indenture American Electric Power Inc
American Electric Power Inc Shareholder Meeting Held 2008 American Electric Power Inc Shareholder Meeting Held 2009
Amount Charged Parties Using Transmission Facilities Been Reduced Amounts Transferred Received Including Interest
Ancillary Services Announcement Winners Prices
Annual Meeting Held 2005 Annual Meeting Held 2006
Annual Meeting Held 2007 Annual Meeting Members
Annual Meeting Shareholders American Electric Power Inc Held Annual Retainers Fees
Apc Apco
Apco Cspco Opco Pso Swepco Apco Opco
Applicability Applicable Law8221
Applicable Lending Office8221 Applicable Margin8221
Applicable Rating Level Applicable Regional Reliability Council
Application Approval Amended Restated Aep System 2000 Long-term Incentive
Approval Final Regional Transmission Expansion Plan Arket Ettlements
Articipant Ualifications Assignment Acceptance
Assignor Atcc
Atnc Attendance
Auction Period Scope Auctions Auction Revenue Rights
Auction Revenue Rights Credits Auction Settlements
Auctions Financial Transmission Rights Audit Committee Disclosure
Audit Committee Members Audit Committee Report
Audit Non-audit Fees Authorization Enforceability
Authorized Authorized Person
Authorized Signatures Completed Vote Counted Date Sign Below Authorized Signatures Sign Here Completed Instructions Executed
Availability Capacity Credits Sale Available Commitment
Available Commitments8221 Bank Accounts Checks Notes Drafts
Bank Tax8221 Barclays
Base Rate Advances Base Rate8221
Beneficial Ownership Reporting Compliance Bilateral Transactions
Billing Billing Payment
Binding Decision Board Directors Recommends Vote Against Preceding Shareholder Proposal
Board Directors Recommends Vote Following Proposals Board Directors Recommends Vote Nominees Election Ratification Independent
Board Managers Election 2001 Bofa Litigation
Bond Letter Credit Bonds
Books Records Borrower
Borrower Sublimit Borrowers
Borrowing Business
Buy Bid By-laws
Calculation Auction Revenue Right Credits Calculation Day-ahead Prices
Calculation Emission Allowance Amount Cost Calculation Office Interconnection
Calculation Real-time Prices Calculation Transmission Congestion Credits
Capacity Credit Capacity Credits
Capacity Resource Capacity Resources
Certain Revenues Results Operations Subject Risks Beyond Control Change Control
Change Control Price Per Share8221 Change Substitution Representative
Change-in-control Agreements Co-lead Arrangers
Coal Lignite Collateral Account
Collection Office Interconnection Collection Revenues Texas Concentrated Limited Number Reps
Columbus Ohio 43215 Comed Zone
Commencement Process Comments Questions Shareholders
Commitment Commitment Fee Rate
Commitment Percentage Commitments
Common Uniform Procedures Communication Operating Requirements
Communication Presents Only Overview Complete Proxy Materials Available Communications
Compensation Compensation Committee Interlocks Insider Participation
Compensation Peer Group Compensation Program Design
Compliance Laws Etc Complying Parties
Components Cost Components Executive Compensation
Compulsory Disclosure Conditions Precedent
Conditions Precedent Issuance Each Bond Letter Credit Confidential Information
Confidentiality Conflict Breach
Conformity Nerc Other Applicable Criteria Congestion Management
Consolidated Capital8221 Consolidated Debt
Consolidated Subsidiary Consolidated Tangible Net Assets
Content Buy Bids Contents Regional Transmission Expansion Plan
Contributions Association Control Area
Control Purchased Bonds Control Zone
Control Zone Regulation Conversion Common Stock
Converted Coordinated Planning Operation
Coordination East West Zone Transmission Coordination Regional Transmission Expansion Plan
Correction Limits Corrective Action
Corrective Supplemental Documents Parties Agree They Promptly Execute Cost-based Offers
Costs Costs Compliance Environmental Laws Significant Cost Future Harm
Costs Expenses Taxes Costs Meetings
Counterparts Credit Agreement
Cspc Cspco
Csw Plans Pension Plan Table Custodian
Data Submittals Date Report Earliest Event Reported 2005
Date Report Earliest Event Reported 2006 Date Report Earliest Event Reported 2007
Day-ahead Energy Market Day-ahead Prices
Death Debt
Decisions Declining Lender
Decrement Bid Default
Default Allocation Assessment Deficiencies
Deficiency Charges Deficiency Emergency Charges
Definitions Delegation
Delegation Office Interconnection Deliverability Capacity Resources
Delivery External Market Buyer Delivery Shares Common Stock
Depreciation Amortization Depreciation Amortization 8211
Designated Lender Designation
Designation Local Transmission Facilities Detach Here Returning Proxy Card Mail
Determination Energy Offers Used Calculating Real-time Prices Determination Forecast Pool Requirement
Determination Forecast Requirements Obligations Determination System Conditions Using State Estimator
Determination Winning Bids Clearing Price Development Recommended Regional Transmission Expansion Plan
Development Scope Assumptions Procedures Different Regional Power Markets Compete Future Changing Transmission
Directions 2008 Annual Meeting Shareholders American Electric Power Directions 2009 Annual Meeting Shareholders American Electric Power
Director Independence Directors Compensation Stock Ownership
Directors Compensation Stock Ownership Guidelines Disclosure Documents
Disclosure Ferc Discovery Limits
Discovery Procedures Dispatch
Dispatch Rate Distribution Excess Congestion Charges
Dollars Domestic Lending Office
Downgrades Credit Ratings Companies Insuring Certain Financings Cause Downgrades Credit Ratings Negatively Affect Ability Access Capital
Duration Financial Transmission Rights Duties
Duties Responsibilities Pjm Board Dynamic Scheduling
Eal Time Perations East Transmission Owner
East Transmission Owners Agreement Eather Ensitive Djustment 8220wsa8221
Ecar Ecar Control Zone
Economic Load Response Program Ahead Economic Load Response Program Real Time
Edison 08818-8694 Effect Credit Agreement
Effect Withdrawal Effective Date
Effective Date Duration Plan Effective Date Termination
Effective Start Calendar Special Member Convert Pre-existing Membership Egistration
Election Directors Election Term
Electric Distributor Electric Distributors
Electric Utilities Index Eligibility
Eligible Assignee Emergencies
Emergency Emergency Energy
Emergency Energy Purchases Emergency Procedure Charge
Emergency Procedure Charges Emission Allowances
Employment Agreement Employment Agreements
Encouraged Specify Choices Marking Appropriate Boxes See Reverse End-use Customer
Energy Market Energy Sales
Enforcement Enforcement Obligations
Entirety Environmental Action
Environmental Law Environmental Permit
Eporting Equity Compensation Plan Information
Equity-preferred Securities Equivalent Load
Erformance Erification
Erisa Erisa Affiliate
Erisa Event Establishing Capability Capacity Resources
Establishment Establishment Committees
Etering Equirements Eurocurrency Liabilities
Eurodollar Lending Office Eurodollar Rate
Eurodollar Rate Advance Eurodollar Rate Advances
Eurodollar Rate Reserve Percentage Events Default
Evidentiary Hearing Executive Compensation
Executive Compensation Program Detail Existing Participants
Exposed Nuclear Generation Risk Extension Credit
Extension Effective Date External Market Buyer
External Market Buyers External Resource
External Resources Facilities Planning Operation
Failure Attract Retain Appropriately Qualified Workforce Harm Results Federal Funds Rate
Fee Fees Charges
Fees Costs Ferc
Ffective Ate Ffective Period Program
Finance Committee Financial Performance Adversely Affected Unable Operate Pooled Electric
Financial Performance Impaired Cook Plant Unit Not Returned Financial Statements Exhibits
Financial Transmission Right Financial Transmission Right Obligation
Financial Transmission Right Option Financial Transmission Rights
Force Majeure Forced Outages
Foreign Plan Form Non-disclosure Agreement
Formation Llc Certificate Frequency Time Auctions
Further Assurances Future Access Assets Used Serve Major Customer Question
Gaap Gavin Lease
General General Economic Conditions
General Obligations Market Participants Generating Market Buyer
Generating Market Buyer Resources Generating Plants Canceled
Generation Owner Generation Transfer Pathway
Generator Compensation Generator Forced Outage
Generator Maintenance Outage Generator Maintenance Outages
Generator Planned Outage Good Utility Practice
Government Consents Governmental Approval
Governmental Authorities Assess Penalties Determined Not Complied Environmental Gross Negligence Willful Misconduct
Guaranty Guidelines Determining Forecast Pool Requirement
Hazardous Materials Headings
Heres Order Paper Copy Proxy Materials Select Future Holiday
Hourly Metered Ustomer Ilot Hourly Scheduling
Human Resources Committee Members Human Resources Committee Report
Human Resources Committee Report Executive Compensation Icr Fap Falc Irm
Identification Facility Outages Identification Transmission Constraints
Impc Implementation Reliability Assurance Agreement
Implementation Reliability Assurance Agreement-west Implied Waiver
Inadvertent Interchange Increase Amount Pjm Charges Transmitting Power Over Network
Increase Cost Producing Power Decrease Amount Receive Selling Increment Bid
Indemnification Limitation Liabilities Indemnified Party
Indenture Index
Indiana Information Request
Initial Lenders Initial Representatives
Initiation Insider Trading Policy
Inspection Rights Installation Maintenance Reading Meters
Installed Capacity Insurance
Integrated Megawatt-hours Interchange Arrangements Non-members
Interest Expense Preferred Dividends Interest Expense Preferred Dividends 8211
Interest Period Interim Decision
Interim Period Internal Allocation Aep System Off-system Sales Margins Been
Internal Market Buyer Internal Market Buyer Responsibilities
Internal Revenue Code Interpretation
Introduction Introduction Purpose
Issuer Issuer Agreement
Issuing Bank Jpmcb
Jpmorgan Chase Keeping Books
Key Employee8221 Kingsport Power
Kpc Kpco
Lack Good Faith Basis Lenders
Letter Credit Level
Lien Liens Etc
Limitation Liability List Authorized Persons
Llc Llc Indemnified Parties
Load Serving Entity Loan Documents
Locational Marginal Price Long-term Incentive Plans Awards 2004
Long-term Incentive Plans Awards 2005 Low-level Radioactive Waste
Maac Maac Control Zone
Maac Dispute Resolution Committee Main
Main Control Zone Maintenance Insurance
Maintenance Properties Etc Management Administration
Management Rights Manner Acting
Margin Regulations Market Buyer
Market Buyers Market Clearing Procedures
Market Control Area Hourly Operational Disputes Market Operations Center
Market Participant Market Participant Responsibilities
Market Seller Market Seller Responsibilities
Market Sellers Market-based Offers
Material Adverse Change Material Adverse Effect
Maximum Generation Emergency Mediation Process
Mediator8217s Assessment Meetings
Member Member Right Petition
Members Members Committee
Membership Requirements Mergency Oad Esponse Rogram
Mergency Perations Mergers Etc
Meter Correction Billing Meter Correction Data
Meter Corrections Between Control Areas Meter Corrections Between Market Participants
Meter Errors Meter Locations
Metering Behind Meter Generation Metering Procedures
Minimum Generation Emergency Miscellaneous
Moody8217s Rating Multiemployer Plan
Municipal Electric Systems Name Llc
Name Person Filing Proxy Statement Other Registrant Natural Gas
Necessary Prerequisites Nerc
Nerc Interchange Distribution Calculator Network Resource
Network Service User Network Service User Calculation
Network Transmission Service New Parties
Non-disclosure Agreement Non-incremental Post-termination Compensation Benefits 2006
Non-incremental Post-termination Compensation Benefits 2007 Non-incremental Post-termination Compensation Benefits 2008
Non-performing Lender Non-voting
Normal Maximum Generation Normal Minimum Generation
Not Able Recover Costs Substantial Planned Investment Capital Not Recover Costs Incurred Construct Generating Plants Canceled
Notice Notice 2005 Annual Meeting 149 Proxy Statement
Notice 2006 Annual Meeting 149 Proxy Statement Notice 2007 Annual Meeting 149 Proxy Statement
Notice 2008 Annual Meeting 149 Proxy Statement Notice 2009 Annual Meeting 149 Proxy Statement
Notice Aep Notice Borrowing
Notice Offer Nuclear
Oad Esponse Xample Obligation Build
Obligations Obligations Member Default
Oecd Off-system Sales
Off-system Sales 8211 Offer Data
Offered Price Rates Offers Bids
Office Interconnection Office Interconnection Control Center
Office Interconnection Determination Office Interconnection Responsibilities
Officers Official Statement
Ohio Ohio Future Rates Uncertain
Ohio Limited Ability Pass Fuel Costs Customers Oklahoma
On-peak Off-peak 24-hour Periods Online Also Help Environment Consenting Receive Electronic Delivery
Opc Opco
Operate Maintain Operate Non-uniform Fluid Regulatory Environment
Operating Operating Basis
Operating Margin Operating Margin Customer
Operating Margin Customer Calculation Operating Margin Sales
Operating Reserve Operating Reserves
Operation Pjm Capacity Credit Market Operation Pjm Interchange Energy Market
Operations Maintenance 8211 Operations Maintenance Expense
Operations Maintenance Expense 8211 Opinion
Option Exercises Stock Vested Option Grants 2004
Optional Redemption Bonds Organization Existence
Original Pjm Agreement Other Activities
Other Agreements Executed Parties Other Business
Other Compensation Other Compensation 2008
Other Compensation Policies Practices Other Operating Revenue
Other Operating Revenue 8211 Other Supplier
Other Taxes Other Transactions
Ourly Etered Ustomer Ilot Outage Scheduling
Outstanding Credits Outstandings
Ovec Overview
Parties Parties Contracts Fail Perform Obligations Harm Results Operations
Parties Engaged Provide Construction Materials Services Fail Perform Parties Pjm West Reliability Assurance Agreement
Party Party Access
Party Request Payment
Payment Bills Payment Notice
Payment Taxes Etc Pbgc
Peak Season Maintenance Pending Applications Firm Service
Performance Compliance Other Agreements Performance Criteria
Performance Evaluation Performance Measures 2007 2009 Units
Performance Measures 2008 2010 Units Performance Shares
Performance Units Permitted Liens
Person Pjm Arket Onitoring
Pjm Board Pjm Capacity Credit Market
Pjm Capacity Credit Markets Region Pjm Control Area
Pjm Daily Capacity Credit Market Pjm Daily Capacity Credit Markets
Pjm Dispute Resolution Agreement Pjm Dispute Resolution Procedures
Pjm Economic Load Response Program Pjm Emergency Load Response Program
Pjm Installed Capacity Credit Market Pjm Interchange
Pjm Interchange Energy Market Pjm Interchange Export
Pjm Interchange Import Pjm Interconnection Llc
Pjm Load Response Program Pjm Manuals
Pjm Market Monitor Pjm Monthly Capacity Credit Market
Pjm Monthly Capacity Credit Markets Pjm Nterconnection Llc
Pjm Open Access Same-time Information System Pjm Region
Pjm Tariff Pjm West Region
Place Business Plan
Planned Outages Planning Period
Plans Meet Capacity Obligations Platform
Pledge Agreement Point-to-point Transmission Service
Policy Audit Committee Pre-approval Permissible Non-audit Services Independent Pool-dispatched Resources
Pool-scheduled Resources Potential Payments Termination Change Control
Power Authority Power Marketing Risk Management Policies Cannot Eliminate Associated
Power Trading Businesses Powers
Powers Members Committee Prescheduling
Preservation Existence Etc President
Pricing Prior Credit Agreement
Prior Operating Procedures
Procedures Arbitrator Procedures Become Party
Proceedings Proceeds
Proceeds Bond Letter Credit Processes Organization
Proposal Approve Amendment Certificate Incorporation Eliminating Cumulative Voting Proposal Approve American Electric Power System Senior Officer
Proposal Ratify Appointment Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Proposals
Proposed Borrowing Proxy Solicited Behalf Board Directors Annual Meeting Held
Proxy Voting Information Psco
Pso Pso Swepco
Public Information Purpose
Purpose Objectives Purposes
Qualification Qualifications
Quorum Ramping
Ramping Capability Rate Recovery Approved Ohio Overturned Appeal
Rate Recovery Approved Ohio Overturned Appeal Not Provide Rate Recovery Approved Oklahoma Overturned Appeal
Rate Recovery Approved Texas Overturned Appeal Rate Regulation Delay Deny Full Recovery Costs
Rating Real-time Energy Market
Real-time Prices Recitals
Reconfiguration Financial Transmission Rights Recording
Recording Audit Costs Records Reports
Redispatch Procedures Reference Banks
Regional Transmission Expansion Planning Protocol Register
Registered Office Agent Regular Special Meetings
Regulation Regulation Zone
Regulatory Authorities Regulatory Change
Related Documents Related Parties
Related Pjm Agreements Relationship Capacity Credits Obligations Imposed Reliability Assurance Agreement
Relationship Pjm Open Access Transmission Tariff Relationship Pjm Region
Reliability Assurance Agreement Reliability Assurance Agreement-west
Reliability Committee Rely Electric Transmission Facilities Not Own Control Provide
Remarketing Agent Remarketing Agreement
Renewal Officers Vacancies Reporting Requirements
Reports Reports Office Interconnection
Representations Warranties Representatives
Request Dispatch Request Issuance
Request Rate Recovery Arkansas Not Approved Entirety Request Rate Recovery Indiana Not Approved
Request Rate Recovery Not Approved Request Rate Recovery Ohio Not Approved
Request Rate Recovery Oklahoma Not Approved Request Rate Recovery Texas Not Approved Entirety
Request Rate Recovery Virginia Not Approved Request Rate Recovery Virginia Not Approved Entirety
Requested Letter Credit Required
Required Disclosure Required Lenders
Reserve Requirements Obligations Reserved
Resolution Disputes Resolution Regarding Election Directors
Resource Output Responsibilities
Restricted Stock Restricted Stock Units
Restricted Stock Units Rsus Restrictive Agreements
Restructuring Law Results Operations Financial Condition
Retail Sales Retail Sales 8211
Retirement Retirement Eligibility Date
Retirement Payment Date8221 Retirement Plans Require Additional Significant Contributions
Revenues Results Operations Selling Power Subject Market Risks Revolving Termination Date
Right Cushion Gas Agreements Role Office Interconnection
Rto Transaction Sales Etc Assets
Scheduling Dispatching Scope Services
Scope Studies Seal
Secretary Sector Votes
Sectors See Next Page
Selection Arbitrator Selection Mediator
Selection Term Self-scheduled Resources
Sell Offer Senior Standing Committees
Senior Standing Other Committees Sepc
Settlement Procedures Settlements
Severability Severance
Severance Agreements Change-in-control Severance Date8221
Severance Release Claims Agreement8221 Share Charges
Share Ownership Certain Beneficial Owners Shareholder Proposal
Shareholder Proposals Nominations Shareholders Approve Elimination Cumulative Voting Certificate Incorporation Board
Shares Held Name Bank Broker Other Holder Record Sheet Nos 206 Through 214 Reserved
Sheet Nos 27-29 Reserved Sheet Reserved
Sheet Reserved Future Signature
Significant Load Change Notification Significant Subsidiary
Simultaneous Feasibility Soip Performance Measures
Solicitation Expenses Sp8221
Specifications Specified Receipt Delivery Points
Spinning Reserve Spinning Reserve Event
Spot Market Backup Spot Market Energy
Spv Standard Form Agreement Become Member Llc
Standards Integrating Entity Pjm Region Standing Committees
State State Certification
State Consumer Advocate State Estimator
State Offices Consumer Advocate Station Power
Step Calculate Weekend Average Cbl Values Event Step Calculate Wsa Based Following Formula
Step Determine Average Thi On-peak Used Weekday Cbl Step Establish Cbl Basis Identify 10-day Weekday Window
Step Establish Cbl Basis Set Serve Representative End-use Step Establish Cbl Weekend Holiday Basis Window
Step Establish Weekend Holiday Cbl Basis Step Perform Regression Analysis Excel Using Slope Intercept
Step Wwwenvisionreportscom Aep Stock Award Grants
Stock Awards 2006 Stock Options
Stock Ownership Guidelines Stock Ownership Requirements
Stock Significant Subsidiaries Stranded Cost Recovery Bonds
Subject Higher Costs Penalties Related Mandatory Reliability Standards Submission Information
Submission Sell Offers Buy Bids Subsidiary
Successors Assigns Supply Data
Survival Swepco
Swingline Bank Synchronous Condensing Post-contingency Operation
System Table Contents
Tally Sheets Target Allocation
Target Allocation Auction Revenue Right Credits Target Allocation Transmission Congestion Credits
Tax Tax Considerations
Tax Policy Deductibility Compensation Tax Status Distributions
Taxes Other Income 8211 Tcc
Term Term Agreement Shall Continue Effect Date Hereof Until
Term Office Term Termination
Term-out Termination
Termination Date Termination Market Buyer Rights
Termination Market Seller Rights Termination Scenarios
Texas Third-party Beneficiaries
Time Standard Times Demand Power Exceed Supply Capacity
Timetable Tnc
Total Transmission Congestion Charges Transfers Membership Interest
Transition Procedures Local Transmission Facilities Monitoring Responsibility Dispatch Transmission Agreement
Transmission Congestion Transmission Congestion Charge
Transmission Congestion Charges Transmission Congestion Credit
Transmission Coordination Agreement Transmission Customer
Transmission Customer Calculation Transmission Equalization Agreement
Transmission Facilities Transmission Forced Outage
Transmission Loading Relief Transmission Loading Relief Customer
Transmission Loading Relief Customer Calculation Transmission Loading Relief Customers
Transmission Loss Recovery Transmission Losses
Transmission Owner Transmission Owner Responsibilities
Transmission Planned Outage Transmission Revenues
Transmission Revenues 8211 Transmission Services Non-affiliates
Treasurer Triggering Event8221
Trustee Turk Plant Permits Reversed Appeal
Type Uclear
Unable Access Capital Markets Reasonable Terms Adverse Impact Uncertainty Recovery Stranded Costs Resulting Industry Restructuring Texas
Underfrequency Relay Charges Unforced Capacity
Unscheduled Transmission Service Loop Flow Up-to Block
User Group User Groups
Ustomer Aseline Oad Cbl Utilities Index
Utilization Fee Rate Version Includes Compliance Filings Ferc-approved Revisions 2004
Vesting Date8221 Virginia
Vote Required Vote Telephone Internet Available
Vote Very Important Shareholders Record Following Ways Voting Member
Voting Requirements Voting Stock
Webcast Weighted Interest
West Transmission Owner West Transmission Owners Agreement
West Virginia Winding
Withdrawal Withdrawal Party
Witnesseth Workers Compensation Claims
Working Capital Contributions Wpco
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