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Abs Ratings Access Financing Including Securitizations Limited
Accessing Links Below Leave Voting Web Site American Accordingly Board Directors Recommends Vote Following Resolution
Accounting Developments Accounting Developments Faceserif Size2see Recently Issued Standards Consolidated
Accounting Developments See Recently Issued Standards Consolidated Financial Accounts Receivable
Acknowledgments Acquisitions
Act Act Regulations
Activities Acquisitions Additional Details Initial Deferred Amount
Adjusted Average Loans Adjusted Net Interest Income
Administration Administration Plan
Administrative Changes 2007 Adopted Effective 2009
Adopting Companies Plan Mergers Adverse Capital Credit Market Conditions Significantly Affect Ability
Adverse Currency Fluctuations Foreign Exchange Controls Decrease Revenue Adversely Affected Impairment Other Financial Institutions
Advisory Fiduciary Relationship Advisory Non-binding Vote Approving Executive Compensation
Aggregated Option Exercises 2004 Year-end Sar Values Aggregated Option Exercises 2005 Year-end Sar Values
Airline Industry Matters Also Attracted New Members Locations Last Representative Network
Amended Amended Restated Effective 2009
Amendment Amendment 101 Indenture
Amendment 1603 Indenture Amendment 1604 Indenture
Amendment Termination Amendments
American Express American Express Adopted Effective 2009
American Express Announces 500 Public Equity Offering Common American Express Annual Incentive Award Plan Extent Applicable
American Express Annual Meeting American Express Bank
American Express Bank Ltd International Deposit American Express Bank Ltd Standard Chartered Plc
American Express Banking Corp American Express Brand
American Express Centurion Bank American Express Centurion Bank Fsb Issuers Certain Cards
American Express Consolidated Subsidiaries American Express Consumer Travel Network Usa
American Express Consumer Travel Network-usa American Express Credit Account Master Trust
American Express Current Report Form 8-k Dated 2005 American Express Exact Name Registrant Specified Charter
American Express Exact Name Specified Charter American Express International Deposit
American Express Logo American Express Nyse Axp
American Express Proxy Statement 2008 Annual Report Shareholders American Express Publishing
American Express Registrant American Express Summary Final Terms Remarketed Notes
American Express Supplemental Retirement Plan Ameriprise Financial Inc Become Independent Publicly-traded
Amex Assurance Amount Benefits
Amount Deferral Amounts Based Estimates Assumptions
Annual Incentive Award Plan Annual Incentive Awards
Annual Incentive Awards Aias Annual Meeting Shareholders
Annual Meeting Shareholders Monday 2009 Annual Performance Assessment Framework
Annual Performance Goals Payment Grid Award Guidelines Annual Report
Anti-dilution Adjustment Anti-money Laundering Compliance
Applicable Time Appointment Obligations Remarketing Agents
Approval Implementation Progress Reports Approval Programs Procedures
Asset Securitization Programs Asset Securitizations
Assigns Assumptions Valuing 2004 Grants
Assumptions Valuing 2005 Grants Assumptions Valuing 2006 Grants
Assumptions Valuing 2007 Grants Assumptions Valuing 2008 Grants
Assumptions Valuing Restoration Options Audit Committee
Audit Fees Audit-related Fees
Available Shares Average Discount Rate
Award Forfeiture Provisions Awards After 2007
Awards Letter Intent Awards Restricted Stock
Awards Restricted Stock Unit Background
Balance Sheet Bank Distribution Proprietary Cards
Bank National Association Banking Regulation
Banking Services-competition Banking Services-regulation
Banking Services-risks Banks Card Issuers Network Operators Generally Subject Increasing
Base Salaries Base Salary
Basic Cards-in-force Basis Presentation
Before Vote Beneficial Ownership Reporting Compliance
Billed Business Billed Business Cards-in-force Reflect Transfer Effective 2006 Global
Board Directors Believes Compensation Executive Officers Appropriate Recommends Board Directors Recommends Vote
Board Directors Recommends Vote Against Board Directors Recommends Vote Against Proposal Following Reasons
Board Directors Recommends Vote Against Proposal Reasons Board Directors Recommends Vote Election Nominees
Board Directors Recommends Vote Following Resolution Board Directors Shareholders American Express
Board Meetings Bona Fide
Brand Brand Reputation Key Assets Business Affected Perceived Marketplace
Bsa Aml Compliance Program Business Financial Condition Results Operations Adversely Affected New
Business Segment Results Calculation Net Interest Yield Cardmember Loans
Capital Capital Adequacy
Capital Markets Capital Purchase Program
Capital Ratios Capital Strategy
Car Taxi Card Acquisition
Card Billed Business Includes Activities Including Cash Advances Card Issuing Business-competition
Card Issuing Business-regulation Card Pricing Account Management
Card Services Card Services Cardmember Lending Receivables
Card Services Global Merchant Matters Card-issuing Business-competition
Card-issuing Business-regulation Cardmember
Cardmember Individual Holder Issued American Express Branded Charge Cardmember Lending
Cardmember Lending Finance Revenue Cardmember Lending Net Finance Charge Revenue
Cardmember Loan Receivable Concentrations Cardmember Loans
Cardmember Receivables Cardmember Special Services Programs
Cash Equity Based Compensation Cash Equivalents
Cash Flow Hedges Cash Flows
Cash Flows Financing Activities Cash Flows Investing Activities
Cash Flows Operating Activities Cash Readily-marketable Securities
Centurion Bank Aebfsb Issuers Certain Cards Certain Employees
Certain Federal Income Tax Consequences Plan Awards Certain Implications Participation Cpp
Certain Legislative Regulatory Developments Certain Legislative Regulatory Other Developments
Certain Other Limitations Certain Other Off-balance Sheet Arrangements
Certain Relationships Transactions Certain Rules Adopted Federal Bank Regulators Material Adverse
Certain Rules Proposed Federal Bank Regulators Adopted Material Certain Statements Form 10-q Report Forward-looking Within Meaning
Certification Change Control
Change Control Policies Change-in-control Policies
Changes Accounting Treatment Securitization Transactions Materially Adversely Affect Charge Cards
Charge Related Higher Provision Losses Taiwan Due Primarily Charge Related Reserve Established Regulatory Legal Exposure American
Charges Associated Certain Adjustments Membership Rewards Model United Check Appropriate Box
Check Fill Only Choice Chernin Jordan Leschly Levin Mcginn Miller Popoff Reinemund
Chief Executive Officer Compensation Choose Lump Sum Payment
Civil Money Penalty Assessment Claims Procedures
Click Here Enter Next Control Number Electronic Delivery Closing Date
Co-brand Cards Co-brand Partnerships Financial Services Institutions
Cobrand Cards Comments Address Changes
Commitments Contingencies Committed Bank Credit Facilities
Committee Assessment 2008 Performance Determination Ceo Neo Pay Common Preferred Shares
Communications Community Reinvestment Act
Compensation Benefits Committee Compensation Committee Assessment 2007 Performance
Compensation Discussion Analysis Compensation Philosophy
Compensation Review Compensatory Arrangements Cracchiolo
Competes Large Financial Institutions Some Recently Strengthened Capital Competition
Competition Banking Services Competition Card Issuing Business
Competition Consumer Travel Network Usa Competition Global Commercial Card Business
Competition Global Travel Services Competition International Proprietary Consumer Card
Competition Travelers Checks Prepaid Cards Completion Retention Awards
Completion Return Form Required Deferral Election Compliance Order
Compliance Oversight Comprehensive Designation Beneficiary
Comprehensive Income Comprehensive Income Components
Computation Support Ratio Earnings Fixed Charges Conditions Forfeitures
Conduit Facility Confidential Voting
Confirmation Indenture Consent
Consent Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Consolidated Financial Statements
Consolidated Results Operations 2007 2006 Consolidated Results Operations 2008 2007
Consolidated Results Operations 2009 2008 Consumer Credit Risk
Consumer Small Business Services Consumer Travel Network-usa-competition
Contact Information Contingencies
Contingent Liquidity Planning Contingent Liquidity Strategy
Contingent Securitization Capacity Contractual Obligations
Controls Procedures Corporate
Corporate Card Purchasing Solutions Corporate Governance
Corporate Matters Corporate Other
Corporate Payment Services Corporate Ratings
Corporation Designated Act Trustee Cost Proxy Solicitation
Counterparts Covenants
Credit Card Accountability Responsibility Disclosure Act 2009 Significantly Credit Cards
Credit Markets Consumer Small Business Lending Credit Risk Management Process
Critical Accounting Policies Cumulative Restructuring Expense Incurred Date In-progress Programs
Cumulative Value 100 Invested 2000 Current Economic Environment Outlook
Customer Goals Dealing Notes
Dealing Notes Purchase Death
Death Disability Retirement Death Prior Receipt
Deferral Account Schedule Rate Deferral Bookkeeping Account
Deferred Card Fees Deferred Compensation Accounts
Deferred Compensation Plan Deferred Compensation Plan Directors Advisors
Deferred Compensation Programs Defined Contribution Retirement Plans
Definitions Delivery Payment
Department Treasury Capital Purchase Program Deposit Programs
Derivative Financial Instruments Derivative Financial Instruments Hedging Activities
Derivative Financial Instruments Qualify Hedge Accounting Derivatives Hedging Activities
Derivatives Not Designated Hedges Description Financial Assets Liabilities Fair Value Methodologies
Determination Awards Determining Compensation Mix Components
Determining Maximum Award Value Detrimental Conduct
Detrimental Conduct Provisions Differences Between Gaap Managed Basis Presentation
Difficult Conditions Global Capital Markets Economy Generally Materially Difficult Conditions Global Capital Markets Economy Generally Well
Director Election Majority Vote Standard Proposal Directors Charitable Award Program
Directors Executive Officers Compensation Security Ownership Certain Beneficial Directors Officers Liability Insurance
Directors Rights Unsecured Disability
Discount Revenue Disposition American Express Bank Ltd
Divestitures Acquisitions Dividend Equivalents
Dividends Documents Incorporated Reference
Download Adobe Reader Privacy Statement Terms Conditions Edgar
Effect Deferred Amounts Pension Calculations Effective Date
Effectiveness Efinitions
Elect Directors Board Recommends Vote Elect Directors Voted
Elect Directors Voted Per Recommend Nominees Elect Directors Voted Per Recommend Nominees Withhold Authority
Election Directors Elective Deferrals
Electronic Delivery Future Shareholder Communications Eligibility
Eligible Participants Embedded Derivatives
Employee Goals Employee Stock Ownership Plan Esop Amex Canada Inc
Employees Enter Control Number
Equity Compensation Plan Information Exact Name Registrant Specified Charter
Example Except Those Selected Below
Execution Counterparts Executive Committee
Executive Officer Compensation Programs Policies Executive Officers
Executive Overview Executive Vice President General Counsel
Existing American Express Long-term Incentive Awards Existing Long-term Incentive Awards
Existing Proposed Regulation Areas Consumer Privacy Data Security Expenses
Explanatory Exposure Airline Industry
Exposure Asset-backed Securities Exposure Financial Guarantors
Face Increasingly Intense Competitive Pressure Impact Prices Charge Face Increasingly Intense Competitive Pressure Prices Charge Merchants
Failed Remarketing Failed Settlement
Fair Value Fair Value Hedges
Fair Value Measurements Fair Values Financial Instruments
Fdic Insurance Assessments Fdic Powers Insolvency Insured Depository Institutions
Fees Expenses Finance Risk Management
Financial Assets Financial Assets Carried Other Fair Value
Financial Assets Carrying Values Equal Approximate Fair Value Financial Crimes Enforcement Network
Financial Holding Status Activities Financial Instrument Liabilities Carrying Values Equal Approximate Fair
Financial Liabilities Financial Liabilities Carried Other Fair Value
Financial Liabilities Carrying Values Equal Approximate Fair Value Financial Performance
Financial Provisions Financial Results
Financial Review Financial Statement Schedule
Financial Statement Schedules Financial Statements Disclosure
Financial Statements Exhibits Financial Statements Supplementary Data
Financial Summary Financing Activities
Following Table Presents Changes Fair Value Retained Subordinated Footnote
Foreign Currency Foreign Currency Translation
Foreign Operations Form 10-k
Form 10-q Form Distribution Account Balance
Form T-1 Former Name Address Changed Since Last Report
Forms Used Alternative Online Election Process Completed Enrollment Forward-looking Statements
Funding Gain Related Sale Card Merchant-related Activities Brazil
General Disclosure Package General Information
General Provisions Geographic Operations
Global Commercial Card Global Commercial Card Business-competition
Global Commercial Card Business-regulation Global Commercial Card Services
Global Commercial Services Global Consumer Small Business Lending
Global Economic Political Other Conditions Adversely Affect Trends Global Network Merchant Services
Global Network Merchant Services-competition Global Network Merchant Services-regulation
Global Network Systems Disrupted Unable Process Transactions Efficiently Global Prepaid Formerly Known Travelers Cheques Services
Global Prepaid-competition Global Prepaid-regulation
Global Travel Services Global Travel Services-competition
Global Travelers Cheques Prepaid Services Global Travelers Cheques Prepaid Services Tcps
Glossary Selected Terminology Gnms-competition
Gnms-regulation Gns Arrangements
Gns Business Highlights Goal Ratings
Goodwill Goodwill Other Intangible Assets
Governance Governing Law
Government Sponsored Enterprises Government Sponsored Entities
Government Supported Funding Programs Grandfathered Amounts
Grant Nonqualified Stock Option Grant Stock Option
Guarantees Guide Statistical Disclosure Bank Holding Companies
Headings Health Welfare Continuation
Hedges Net Investment Foreign Operations Highlights
History Effective Dates However
Http Wwwadobecom Products Acrobat Readstep2html Http Wwwadobecom Products Acrobat Readstephtml
Http Wwwezodproxycom Axp 2008 Vote Http Wwwproxyvotecom
Http Wwwproxyvotecom 0012345678901 Icbc
Impact Non-performing Loans Interest Income Impairment Other Financial Institutions Adversely Affect
Incentive Compensation Plan Incentive Savings Plan
Income Taxes Increase Account Data Breaches Fraudulent Activity Using Cards
Increase Decrease Increase Marketing Promotion Expenditures Above Level Planned
Indemnification Contribution Indenture
Indenture Remain Full Force Effect Independent Operator Arrangements
Independent Testing Index
Information Following Tables Presented Basis Prepared Accordance Generally Initial Deferred Amount
Institutional Credit Risk Insurance
Intangible Assets Interest Equivalents Deferred Amount
Interest Expense Interest Income
Interest-only Strip Interim Transaction Monitoring Procedures
Internal Control Integrated Framework Internal Control Over Financial Reporting
International Banking International Card Services
International Matters International Proprietary Consumer Card Business
International Proprietary Consumer Card-competition International Proprietary Consumer Card-regulation
Internet Voting Internet Wwwonlineproxycom Amex
Introduction Investment Portfolios
Investment Securities Investment Spending
Investments Investments Other Certain Asset-based Securities
Investments Retained Subordinated Securities Investments Securities
Investments-other Irrevocability Deferral Requests Hardship Withdrawals
Irs Dollar Cap Irs Dollar Cap Cpp Limitation Deductibility
Iscellaneous Rovisions Issuer Free Writing Prospectus
Issuer General Free Writing Prospectus Issuer General Free Writing Prospectuses
Issuer Limited Free Writing Prospectus Joint Construction
Joint Venture Arrangements Key Life Surrender Value
Land Buildings Equipment Leadership Ratings
Learn Notice Access See Footnote Below Legal Proceedings
Lending Trust Charge Triggers Liability Indemnification
Like Copy 2007 Form 10-k Excluding Certain Exhibits Like Copy 2008 Form 10-k Excluding Certain Exhibits
Liquidity Liquidity Portfolio
Liquidity Risk Management Process Liquidity Strategy
Litigation Regulatory Actions Subject Significant Fines Penalties Requirements Loans
Long-term Debt Long-term Incentive Awards
Long-term Incentive Awards Ltias Long-term Incentive Plans Awards 2004
Long-term Incentive Plans Awards 2005 Management Review Oversight
Managements Discussion Analysis Financial Condition Results Operation Managements Discussion Analysis Financial Condition Results Operations
Managements Report Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Marked Signed Returned Proxy Card
Market Common Equity Related Stockholder Matters Issuer Purchases Market Comparisons
Market Comparisons Benchmarking Framework Market Risk Management Process
Market-based Conditions Marketing Promotion Rewards Cardmember Services
Master Agreement Mastercard Settlement
Matching Gift Program Material Within Brackets Indicates Hyperlink
Meeting Holders 2009 Thank Voting Meeting Materials
Membership Board Committees Membership Rewards
Membership Rewards Program Mendments Ndenture
Merchant Acquisition Method Payment
Minimum Price Miscellaneous
Mix Compensation Components Modification Termination 2007 Program
Monday 2009 1000 Eastern Time Money Market Mutual Fund
Mortgage Other Asset-backed Securities Multiple Shareholders Sharing Same Address
Name Person Filing Proxy Statement Other Registrant Net Card Fees
Net Finance Revenue Represents Cardmember Lending Less Interest Net Interest Yield Cardmember Loans
Net Investment Hedges Net Investment Hedges Foreign Operations
Net Loss Ratio Net Write-off Rate
Network Card License Arrangements New Ameriprise Long-term Incentive Awards
New Plan Benefits New York
Nominating Governance Committee Nominees
Non-designated Derivatives Trading Activities Not Able Increase Consumer Business Spending Borrowing Payment
Not Able Increase Consumer Business Spending Borrowing Travel Not Able Invest Successfully Compete Leading Edge Technological
Not Able Protect Intellectual Property Invest Successfully Compete Not Qualifying Incentive Stock Option
Notes Notes Relating Option Awards
Notes Relating Stock Awards Notice Employees Participating American Express Incentive Savings Plan
Notice Employees Participating American Express Retirement Savings Plan Notices
Nqso Awards Number
Number 1-7657 Objectives
Off-balance Sheet Arrangements Contractual Obligations On-balance Sheet Securitizations
Onsent Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Open
Open American Express Open American Express Size1
Operating Results Suffer Because Substantial Increasingly Intense Competition Operational Risk Management Process
Option Exercises Stock Vested 2006 Option Exercises Stock Vested 2007
Option Exercises Stock Vested 2008 Option Grants 2005
Organization Original Indenture
Original Registration Statement Other Arrangements
Other Assets Other Assets Interest-only Strip
Other Assets Liabilities Derivatives Net Other Business Shareholders
Other Commissions Fees Other Disclosures
Other Events Other Fees
Other Information Other Intangible Assets
Other Investment Interest Income Net Other Investments
Other Liabilities Other Loans
Other Matters Other Operating Costs
Other Postretirement Benefits Other Termination
Other Transactions Pricewaterhousecoopers Outlook
Outplacement Overview
Ownership Shares Page
Parent Funding Parent Only
Part Part 2007 Pay-for-performance Deferral Program
Part Other Information Participating Companies
Participation Participation Plan
Pay-for-performance Deferral Program Pay-for-performance Deferral Program Document
Payment Awards Payment Method
Payout Provisions Pension Benefits
Performance Assessments Performance Grants
Performance Graph Performance-based Conditions
Period Deferral Perquisite Allowance
Perquisites Perquisites Related Tax Reimbursements
Personal Confidential Plan Amendment
Plan Term Plans Other Benefit
Policies Regarding Recoupment Incentive Compensation Policy Pre-approval Services Provided Independent Registered Public Accountants
Policy Pre-approval Services Provided Independent Registered Public Accounting Policy Regarding Recoupment Incentive Compensation
Policy Regarding Timing Equity Award Grants Portfolio Grant Awards
Portfolio Grant Awards Pgs Portfolio Grants
Portions 2005 Annual Report Shareholders Portions 2007 Annual Report Shareholders
Potential Actions Fdic Rating Agencies Impact Abs Program Potential Problem Receivables
Preferred Shares Warrants Premises Equipment
Press Contacts Primary Beneficiary
Primary Contact Principal Accounting Fees Services
Principal Subsidiaries Principles
Principles Consolidation Prior Deferred Compensation Programs
Privacy Fair Credit Reporting Pro Rata
Products Services Prompt Corrective Action
Properties Proposal Amend Certificate Incorporation Require Majority Vote Election
Proposed Legislative Regulatory Reforms Enacted Adopted Result Business Prospectus
Provided Further Provided However
Provisions Losses Provisions Losses Benefits
Proxy Final Submission Proxy Materials
Proxy Solicited Behalf Board Directors Proxy Statement 2007 Annual Report Shareholders Available Wwwproxyvotecom
Proxy Statement 2008 Annual Report Shareholders Available Wwwproxyvotecom Proxyvotecom
Public Accounting Firm Public Responsibility Committee
Purchase Agreement Purpose
Pursuant Securities Exchange Act 1934 Qualified Equity Offering
Qualified Performance-based Awards Quantitative Qualitative Disclosures Market Risk
Quorum Required Vote Ratification Appointment Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Read 1998 Plan Pg-xvii Award Letter 2007 Program Read Applicable Incentive Plan Document 2007 Program Understand
Read Salary Deferral Plan 2007 Program Document Understand Reasons Effect Proposal
Reasons Effect Proposals Recent Changes Executive Compensation Program
Recent Federal Administrative Guidance Recently Issued Accounting Standards
Recommendations Board Directors Reconciliation Accrued Benefit Cost Total Amount Recognized
Reconciliation Change Fair Value Plan Assets Reconciliation Change Projected Benefit Obligation
Record Date Recoupment Policy
Reduction Subsidiaries Credit Ratings Increase Cost Funding Restrict Reengineering Initiatives
Reengineering Other Cost Control Initiatives Not Prove Successful Registrant
Registrants Telephone Number Including Area Code 212 640-2000 Registration Statement
Regulation Regulation Areas Consumer Privacy Data Security Increase Costs
Regulation Areas Privacy Data Security Increase Costs Decrease Regulation Banking Services
Regulation Card Issuing Business Regulation General
Regulation Travelers Cheques Prepaid Cards Regulation-general
Regulations Release News
Rely Third-party Providers Various Computer Systems Other Services Remarketing Agents
Remarketing Agents Performance Duty Care Remarketing Fee
Remarketing Purchase Date Remarketing Purchase Price
Remarketing Value Report Audit Committee
Report Compensation Benefits Committee Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Reportable Operating Segments Representations Warranties
Representations Warranties Agreements Survive Delivery Requesting Deferred Payment Please Fill Appropriate Information Sign
Reserve Losses Cardmember Lending Reserve Losses International Banking
Reserve Membership Rewards Costs Reserves Cardmember Losses
Reserves Losses Cardmember Receivables Reserves Membership Rewards Costs
Reset Reset Date
Reset Rate Responsibilities
Restricted Stock Awards Restricted Stock Awards Letters Intent
Restricted Stock Awards Units Restricted Stock Units
Restriction Incentive Compensation Restructuring Charges
Results Operations 2005 Results Operations 2007
Results Operations 2007 2006 Results Operations 2007 2006 Managed Basis
Results Operations 2007 Gaap Basis Results Operations 2008 2007
Results Operations 2008 2007 Managed Basis Results Operations 2009 2008
Results Operations 2009 2008 Managed Basis Retained Interests Assets Transferred Unconsolidated Entities
Retained Interests Securitized Assets Fair Value Measurement Retained Subordinated Securities
Retirement Retirement Benefits
Retirement Disability Retirement Plan
Retirement Plans Retirement Savings Plan
Return Average Equity Return Average Segment Capital
Return Average Tangible Equity Return Average Tangible Segment Capital
Return Equity Assets Return Segment Capital
Revenues Net Interest Expense Revolving Credit Cards
Risk Assessment Risk Factors
Risk Management Policies Procedures Not Effective Risks Banking Services
Role Compensation Benefits Committee Role Compensation Benefits Committee Consultants
Roles Responsibilities Rule 405
Rule 424 Rule 430b Information
Sarbanes-oxley Act 2002 Schedule
Sec Securities Exchange Act 1934
Securities Exchange Act Reports Additional Information Securities Registered Pursuant Act
Securitization Income Securitization Income Net
Securitization Loss Income See Notes Consolidated Financial Statements
See Page Discussion Managed Basis Presentation See Reverse Side Meeting Information Instructions Vote
Segment Information Classes Similar Services Segment Reporting
Selected Financial Data Selected Income Statement Data
Selected Statistical Information Selection Independent Registered Public Accountants
Separate Separation Distribution Agreement
Service Technology Infrastructure Services Associated Organizations
Seu Accounts Severability
Severance Benefits Severance Change Control Other Arrangements
Severance Golden Parachutes Share Equivalent Unit Plan Directors
Share Plans Share Repurchases
Share Repurchases Dividends Shareholder Goals
Shareholder Materials Shareholder Meeting Held 2008
Shareholder Proposal Shareholder Proposal Relating Cumulative Voting Directors
Shareholder Proposal Relating Cumulative Voting Directors Board Recommends Shareholder Proposal Relating Cumulative Voting Directors Voted Response
Shareholder Proposal Relating Employment Policies Shareholder Proposal Relating Majority Voting Directors
Shareholder Proposal Relating Reimbursement Expenses Certain Shareholder-nominated Director Shareholder Proposal Relating Stock Options
Shares Held Plans Short-term Debt
Signature Signatures
Significant Credit Concentrations Simply Enter Digit Control Number Box Below Found
Six-month Delay Size1 Other Liabilities
Size1exposure Asset-backed Securities Size1loans
Size1long-term Debt Size1operational Risk Management Process
Size1other Investments Size1portfolio Grants
Size1stock Option Award Programs Size2
Size2cardmember Receivables Size2net Loss Ratio
Size2reserves Losses Cardmember Receivables Social Security Tax
Software Development Costs Some Caveats
Source Strength Special Forward-looking Statements
Special Shareowner Meetings Spend-centric Model Competitive Advantage
Staffing Compensation State Municipal Obligations
Statement Account Statement Income
Statement Kenneth Steiner Statement Support
Statutory Prospectus Stock Appreciation Rights
Stock Option Award Programs Stock Option Awards
Stock Options Stock Ownership Policy
Stock Plans Stock Price
Stock Splits Stock-based Compensation
Stored Value Prepaid Products Strongly Urged Consult Own Personal Financial Legal Tax
Subject Restrictions Obligations Limit Ability Pay Dividends Repurchase Submission Matters Vote Security Holders
Subordination Subsequent Event
Subsequent Events Subway
Success Dependent Part Executive Officers Other Key Personnel Successors Assigns
Summary 2007 Plan Summary 2009 Decisions
Summary Corporate Governance Principles Summary Financial Performance
Summary Recent Actions Regarding Ceo Compensation Summary Stock Plan Expense
Supplemental Disclosures Cash Flow Information Supplemental Information
Supplemental Retirement Plan Supporting Statement
Suspicious Activity Reporting Customer Due Diligence Table Below Summarizes Cash Flows Received Lending Trust
Table Contents Tax Disclosure
Tax Fees Tax Withholding
Telephone Voting Termination
Termination Cause Connection Cic Termination Cause Not Connection Cic
Termination Remarketing Agreement Termination Without Cause Connection Cic
Termination Without Cause Not Connection Cic Third-party Beneficiaries
Through Private Sale Tier Capital Ratio
Tier Leverage Ratio Time Certificates Deposit 100000
Time Sale Timing Request
Total Cards-in-force Trading Investments
Trading Investments Aeidc Training
Transaction Monitoring System Transaction Review
Transactions Between Centurion Bank Aebfsb Respective Affiliates Transactions Between Directors Officers
Transactions Other Companies Transactions Significant Shareholders
Transfer Net Assets Subsidiaries Transferability
Travel Commissions Fees Travel Sales
Travelers Cheques Prepaid Cards-competition Travelers Cheques Prepaid Cards-regulation
Types Awards United States
United States Securities Exchange Washington 20549 Form 8-k Valuing Seus Payable Directors
Valuing Units Payable Directors Variable Interest Entities
Visa Mastercard Settlements Visa Settlement
Voluntary Resignation Vote
Vote Required Voted Per Directors Recommend Proposal Against Abstain
Voting Forms Not Available Meeting Date Passed Washington 20549
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