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Accounting Effects Reverse Stock Split Accounting Transfers Financial Assets
Accounting Transfers Financial Assets Repurchase Financing Transactions Accounting Uncertainty Income Taxes
Accumulated Benefit Obligations Non-us Pension Plans 2007 2006 Accumulated Benefit Obligations Respect Non-us Pension Plans 2006
Additional Information Respect Aigs Stock Option Plans 2006 Additional Information Respect Aigs Stock Option Plans 2007
Additional Investments Adjustments
Administration Administration Plan
Affordable Housing Partnerships Agf
Agf Portfolio Sales Securitization Transaction Agreements Evidencing Awards
Agreements Principle Aia Purchase Agreement
Aig Common Stock Issuable Plan Aig Consumer Finance Group
Aig Credit Facility Trust Aig Dcppp
Aig Hedging Intermediated Aigfp Aig Parent
Aig Parent Had Following Sources Liquidity Aig Partners Plan
Aig Sell Significant Assets Service Debt Fed Credit Aig Series Preferred Stock
Aig Series Preferred Stock Warrants Aig Statement Opposition
Aig Statement Support Aig Subject Extensive Litigation Material Adverse Effect Consolidated
Aig Transacts Business Most Major Foreign Currencies Following Aigcfg
Aigfp Aigfp Derivatives
Aigfp Hedging Program Aigfp Super Senior Credit Default Swaps
Aigfp Trading Investments Aigfp Wind-down
Aigfp Written Single Name Credit Default Swaps Aigfps Notes Bonds Outstanding Proceeds Invested Diversified
Aigfps Super Senior Credit Default Swap Portfolio Aiglh
Aiglh Supplementary Disclosure Non-cash Activities Aigs Ability Access Funds Subsidiaries Limited
Aigs Ability Continue Going Concern Aigs Asset Management Operations Consist Single Internal Reporting
Aigs Available Sale Securities Recorded Consolidated Balance Sheet Aigs Businesses Been Adversely Affected Reduced Liquidity
Aigs Businesses Results Operations Financial Condition Been Materially Aigs Net Borrowings Amounted 203 154
Aigs Results Operations Materially Adversely Affected Significant Increase Aigs Statement Opposition
Aigs Survival Ratios Asbestos Environmental Claims Separately Combined Aigs Total Borrowings Follows
Aircraft Leasing Alico Purchase Agreement
Allowance Finance Receivable Losses Financial Services Amending Fed Credit Agreement
Amendment Amendment Plan
Amendment Termination American General Finance
American General Finance Inc Agf Portfolio Sales Securitization American International Group Inc
American International Group Inc 2007 Stock Incentive Plan American International Group Inc Director Independence Standards
American International Group Inc Exact Name Registrant Specified American International Group Inc Guarantor Supplementary Disclosure Cash
American International Group Inc Guarantor Supplementary Disclosure Non-cash American International Group Inc Subsidiaries Index Financial Statements
Amortization Prepaid Commitment Asset Amortized Cost Aigs Cdo Investments Other Those Aigfp
Amortized Cost Aigs Cmbs Investments Other Those Aigfp Amortized Cost Estimated Fair Value Capital Markets Securities
Amortized Cost Fair Value Fixed Maturity Securities Available Amortized Cost Fixed Maturities Available Sale Unrealized Loss
Amortized Cost Gross Unrealized Gains Losses Estimated Fair Amortized Cost Gross Unrealized Gains Losses Fair Value
Amount Collateral Postings Respect Aigfps Super Senior Credit Analysis Future Policy Benefits Policyholders Contract Deposits Liabilities
Arbitrage Portfolio Arbitrage Portfolio Corporate Debt Clos
Arbitrage Portfolio Multi-sector Cdos Arrangements Former Separating Executives
Arrangements Variable Interest Entities Asset Allocation Percentage Major Class Aigs Plans 2006
Asset Allocation Percentage Major Class Aigs Plans 2007 Asset Disposition Plan
Asset Management Asset Management Operations
Assets Measured Fair Value Non-recurring Basis Impairment Charges Assumed Health Care Cost Trend Rates Plans Follows
Audit Committee Audited Financial Statements
Basis Presentation Beneficial Ownership Reporting Compliance
Benefits Provided Starr International Inc Board Composition
Board Directors Recommend Vote Board Directors Recommends Vote Against Proposals Through
Board Directors Recommends Vote Each Nominees Election Proposals Board Directors Recommends Vote Proposals Through
Board Directors Shareholders American International Group Inc Board Meetings
Board Membership Composition Board Responsibilities
Borrowings Fed Credit Agreement Subject Being Satisfied Collateral Brokerage Services Mutual Funds
Business Combinations Capital Maintenance
Capital Markets Capital Markets Trading Var
Capital Resources Liquidity Cash Flows
Catastrophe Exposures Cautionary Statement Regarding Forward Looking Statements
Cautionary Statement Regarding Forward-looking Information Cautionary Statement Regarding Projections Other Information Future Events
Century Certain Restrictions
Certification Certifications
Chairman Board Change Fair Value
Changes Aigs Consolidated Shareholders Equity Follows Changes Fair Values Derivative Liability Aigfp Super Senior
Changes Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Charitable Giving
Clos Cdos Co-investments Aig
Collateral Collateral Calls
Commercial Insurance Commercial Insurance Group
Commercial Insurance Results Commercial Mortgage Loan Exposure
Commercial Paper Conduit Commercial Paper Funding Facility
Commercial Paper Issued Outstanding Was Follows Commitments
Commitments Contingencies Guarantees Committee Duties Responsibilities
Committee Membership Committee Organization
Committee Organization Operation Committee Reports
Committee Self-assessment Committees Board
Common Stock Communication Management Employees
Communications Board Directors Comparison
Compensation Components Compensation Decisions 2006
Compensation Decisions 2007 Compensation Directors
Compensation Discussion Analysis Compensation Management Resources Committee
Compensation Management Resources Committee Interlocks Insider Participation Compensation Management Resources Committee Report
Compensation Outcomes 2008 Competition
Completed Proposed Transactions Completed Proposed Transactions 2009
Components Net Deferred Tax Liability 2006 2005 Follows Components Net Deferred Tax Liability 2007 2006 Follows
Components Net Investment Income Follows Components Net Realized Capital Gains Losses Follows
Composition Securities Lending Invested Collateral Credit Rating 2008 Computation Ratios Earnings Fixed Charges
Conclusion Consent Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Consideration Aigs Ability Continue Going Concern Consolidated Financial Statements Statement Schedules
Consolidated Statement Comprehensive Income Loss Consolidated Statement Comprehensive Loss
Consolidation Variable Interest Entities Consumer Finance
Contingencies Continuing Improvements Internal Control Over Financial Reporting
Contractual Maturities Debt Issued Mip Was Follows Contractual Obligations Total Remaining Maturity 2007 Follows
Corporate Debt Corporate Governance
Corporate Governance Guidelines Related-party Transactions Approval Policy Corporate Governance Initiatives 2007
Corporate Governance Initiatives 2008 Corporate Risk Governance
Credit Derivatives Credit Facility Fed
Credit Quality Finance Receivables Credit Ratings
Credit Ratings Aigfps Fixed Maturity Trading Investments Follows Credit Ratings Aigfps Trading Investments 2008 Follows
Credit Ratings Aigs Fixed Maturity Investments Follows Credit Ratings Aigs Fixed Maturity Securities Other Those
Credit Ratings Fixed Maturity Investments Other Those Aigfp Credit Risk Management
Credit Risk Related Contingent Features Credit Risk-related Contingent Features
Critical Accounting Estimates Date Adoption Approval Shareholders
Dbg Results Debt Maturities Next
Debt Outstanding Decline Aigs Common Stock Price Announcement Proposed Asset
Deferrals Deferred Policy Acquisition Costs General Insurance
Deferred Policy Acquisition Costs Life Insurance Retirement Services Deferred Policy Acquisition Costs Sales Inducement Assets
Deferred Tax Assets Defined Benefit Pension Plan Obligations Accumulated Obligation Was
Defined Benefit Pension Plan Obligations Projected Obligation Was Defined Contribution Plans
Definitions Certain Terms Delaware
Department Treasury Commitment Derivative Transactions
Derivatives Derivatives Hedge Accounting
Derivatives Not Designated Hedging Instruments Determination Employment
Determining Fair Value Volume Level Activity Asset Liability Determining Whether Instrument Embedded Feature Indexed Entitys Own
Direct Compensation Direct Compensation Components
Disclosures Derivative Instruments Hedging Activities Discount Rate Methodology
Discounting Reserves Discussion Analysis Consolidated Net Losses Loss Expense Reserve
Dividend Equivalent Rights Dividends
Dividends Insurance Subsidiaries Documents Incorporated Reference
Domestic Life Insurance Domestic Life Insurance Companies
Domestic Life Insurance Retirement Services Companies Domestic Retirement Services
Downgrade Insurer Financial Strength Ratings Aigs Insurance Companies Downgrade Short-term Credit Ratings Commercial Paper Programs Certain
Earnings Loss Per Share Eps Economic Capital
Effect Adoption Fas 123r Consolidated Statements Income Cash Effect Reverse Stock Split Aigs Reporting Obligations
Effect Transactions Fed Trust Department Treasury Effects Reverse Stock Split Aigs Equity Plans Aig
Eitf 07-5 Election Directors
Election Term Retirement Directors Eligibility
Embedded Policy Derivatives Employee Stock Purchase Plan
Employers Disclosures Postretirement Benefit Plan Assets Employment Agreements
Equity Capital Commitment Facility Equity Compensation Plan Information
Equity Securities Equity Securities Traded Active Markets Trading Available Sale
Equity Units Estimated Gross Profits Investment-oriented Products Life Insurance Retirement
Estimates Evaluating Board Committee Performance
Evaluation Disclosure Controls Procedures Exact Name Registrant Specified Charter
Exchange Aig Series Preferred Stock Executive Management
Executive Sessions Exhibits
Expectations Directors Expected Cash Flows
Expected Future Benefit Payments Net Participants Contributions Respect Expense Reductions Preservation Cash Capital
Explanatory Fair Value Aigfps Fixed Maturity Trading Investments Was
Fair Value Aigfps Trading Investments 2008 Was Follows Fair Value Aigfps Trading Investments Rmbs Cdo Abs
Fair Value Aigs Alt-a Investments Included Rmbs Above Fair Value Aigs Rmbs Investments Other Those Aigfp
Fair Value Capital Markets Derivatives Portfolios Fair Value Financial Instruments
Fair Value Fixed Income Equity Securities Source Determination Fair Value Hierarchy
Fair Value Information Financial Instruments Not Measured Fair Value Measured Non-recurring Basis
Fair Value Measurements Certain Financial Assets Liabilities Fair Value Measurements Non-recurring Basis
Fair Value Measurements Recurring Basis Fair Value Option
Fair Values Derivative Assets Liabilities Consolidated Balance Sheet Fas 141
Fas 155 Fas 157
Fas 157 159 Fas 158
Fas 159 Fas 160
Fas 161 Fas 162
Fas 165 Fas 166
Fed Credit Agreement Includes Financial Other Covenants Impose Fed Credit Agreement Series Preferred Shares Require Aig
Fed Securities Lending Program Federal Income Tax Consequences Holders
Federal Income Tax Consequences Non-us Holders Federal Income Tax Rate Was Percent 2007 2006
Federal Income Taxes Fees Paid Pricewaterhousecoopers Llp
Fin Finance Receivables Net Unearned Charges Follows
Financial Companies Financial Disclosure
Financial Services Financial Services Operations
Financial Services Results 2006 2005 2004 Follows Financial Services Securities
Financial Statements Exhibits Five-year Cumulative Total Shareholder Returns Value 100 Invested
Fixed Maturity Securities Held Change Intent Fixed Maturity Securities Trading Available Sale
Flight Equipment Flight Equipment Recoverability Financial Services
Following Analysis Provides Reconciliation Activity Reserve Losses Loss Following Reflects Policy Acquisition Costs Deferred Amortization Against
Following Summarizes Gmdb Liabilities Guarantees Variable Contracts Reflected Following Table Classifies Components General Insurance Net Loss
Following Table Classifies Components Net Liability Unpaid Claims Following Table Presents Aigs Largest Credit Exposures 2006
Following Table Presents Aigs Largest Credit Exposures 2008 Following Table Presents Aigs Largest Credit Exposures Global
Following Table Presents Aigs Largest Credit Exposures Percentage Following Table Presents Aigs Total Assets Liabilities Off-balance
Following Table Presents Amount Reserves Surrender Charge Category Following Table Presents Capital Markets Futures Forward Option
Following Table Presents Components General Insurance Gross Reserve Following Table Presents Contractual Notional Amounts Maturity Type
Following Table Presents Deposits 2006 2005 2004 Following Table Presents Difference Between Fair Values Aggregate
Following Table Presents Domestic Retirement Services Reserves Surrender Following Table Presents Effect Aigs Derivative Instruments Cash
Following Table Presents Effect Aigs Derivative Instruments Fair Following Table Presents Effect Aigs Derivative Instruments Not
Following Table Presents Gross Insurance Force Life Retirement Following Table Presents Gross Liability Before Discount Reinsurance
Following Table Presents High Low Closing Sales Prices Following Table Presents Insurance In-force Life Retirement Services
Following Table Presents Net Flows Line Business 2006 Following Table Presents Notional Amounts Fair Values Aigs
Following Table Presents Notional Amounts Remaining Maturity Capital Following Table Presents Reconciliation Net Loss Reserves
Following Table Presents Reconciliation Net Loss Reserves 2006 Following Table Presents Reconciliation Net Loss Reserves 2007
Following Table Presents Summary Shares Relating Outstanding Awards Following Table Presents Year-end Average High Low Vars
Following Table Provides Information Each Reinsurer Representing Excess Following Table Reflects Domestic Life Insurance Periodic Premium
Following Table Reflects Periodic Domestic Life Insurance Sales Following Table Sets Forth Effect Fas 158 Consolidated
Following Table Shows Maturing Debt Aig Subsidiaries Next Following Table Summarizes After-tax Increase Decrease Adopting Fas
Following Table Summarizes Aigs Consolidated Revenues Income Before Following Table Summarizes Aigs Stock Repurchases Three-month Period
Following Table Summarizes Cost Basis Gross Unrealized Losses Following Table Summarizes Domestic Life Insurance Retirement Services
Following Table Summarizes Effect Changes Foreign Currency Exchange Following Table Summarizes Gross Unrealized Losses Cost Basis
Following Table Summarizes Investment Results Insurance Operations Following Table Summarizes Net Effect Catastrophe-related Losses 2005
Following Table Summarizes Net Effect Catastrophe-related Losses 2007 Following Weighted Average Assumptions Used Stock Options Granted
Following Weighted-average Assumptions Used Stock Options Granted 2007 Footnotes 2008 Summary Compensation Table
Foreign General Insurance Foreign General Insurance Results
Foreign Life Insurance Companies Foreign Life Insurance Retirement Services
Foreign Life Insurance Retirement Services Sales Deposits Form 10-k
Form 10-q Former Name Address Changed Since Last Report Not
Fractional Share Interests Reverse Stock Split Frbny Credit Agreement Amendment
Freestanding Derivatives Fsp 13-2
Fsp Eitf 99-20-1 Fsp Fas 107-1 Apb 28-1
Fsp Fas 115-2 124-2 Fsp Fas 132
Fsp Fas 133-1 Fin 45-4 Fsp Fas 140-3
Fsp Fas 140-4 Fin Fsp Fas 157-3
Fsp Fas 157-4 Fsp Fin 39-1
Further Information Regarding Life Settlement Contracts 2007 Follows Future Application Accounting Standards
Future Cash Requirements Future Minimum Lease Payments Operating Leases Follows
Future Policy Benefit Reserves Future Policy Benefits Life Accident Health Contracts Insurance
General Business Environment General Contractual Terms
General Insurance General Insurance Operations
General Insurance Premiums Written Earned Comprised Following General Reinsurance
General Rules Gic Program Runoff New Gics Issued Subsequent 2005
Gic Runoff New Gics Issued Subsequent 2005 Anticipated Going Concern Considerations
Goodwill Impairment Governance
Governing Law Governing Law Waiver Suit Confidentiality
Grants Plan-based Awards Gross Insurance Force Life Retirement Services Was Follows
Gross Net Ibnr Included Liability Unpaid Claims Adjustment Gross Net Ibnr Included Reserve Losses Loss Expenses
Gross Realized Gains Losses Aigs Consolidated Available Sale Gross Realized Gains Losses Sales Aigs Available Sale
Gross Transaction Notional Amount Multi-sector Cdos Aigfp Wrote Guarantees
Hedge Accounting Held Sale Presentation
Hold Shares Street Name Not Provide Voting Instructions Hsb
Human Right Water Policy Ilfc
Implementation Reverse Stock Split Important Notice Regarding Delivery Shareholder Documents
Income Tax Expense Benefit Income Taxes Benefits
Income Taxes Earnings Certain Foreign Subsidiaries Incorporation Credit Risk Fair Value Measurements
Incorporation Reference Index
Index Notes Consolidated Financial Statements Indirect Compensation
Indirect Compensation Components Industry Categories Aigs Available Sale Corporate Debt Securities
Institutional Asset Management Institutional Asset Management Results
Insurance Asset Management Non-trading Financial Services Value Risk Insurance Asset Management Non-trading Financial Services Var
Insurance Investment Operations Insurance Operations
Interest Expense Interim Disclosures Fair Value Financial Instruments
Interim Period Tax Assumptions Effective Rates International Lease Finance Corporation
Internet Introduction
Invested Assets Investment Information
Investment Pricing Investments
Investments Certain Entities Calculate Net Asset Value Per Issuance Aig Series Preferred Stock Entry 29835 Department
Issuance Series Preferred Stock Adverse Regulatory Consequences Aig Key Assumptions Used Bet Model Multi-sector Cdos
Lead Independent Director Lease Commitments
Level Assets Liabilities Liabilities Connected Trust Preferred Stock
Liability Unpaid Claims Adjustment Expense Liability Unpaid Claims Adjustment Expenses General Insurance
Life Insurance Force Ceded Other Companies Was Follows Life Insurance In-force Ceded Other Companies Was Follows
Life Insurance Retirement Services Life Insurance Retirement Services Operations
Life Insurance Retirement Services Premiums Comprised Following Life Insurance Retirement Services Results 2006 2005 2004
Life Insurance Securitizations Life Reinsurance
Liquidity Liquidity Events Half 2008
Liquidity Parent Subsidiaries Liquidity Position
Listed Below Tax Remain Subject Examination Major Jurisdictions Litigation Matters Relating Aigs General Insurance Operations
Litigation Relating Aigfps Super Senior Credit Default Swap Litigation Relating Credit Agreement Fed
Litigation Relating Sico Starr Locations Certain Assets
Loss Reserves Maiden Lane
Mail Managements Assessment Conclusion
Managements Discussion Analysis Financial Condition Results Operations Designed Managements Plans Stabilization Aig Repayment Aigs Obligations They
Managements Report Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Market Risk Management
Matched Investment Program Written Credit Default Swaps Material Federal Income Tax Consequences Reverse Stock Split
Maturity Schedule Contractual Obligations Aig Consolidated Subsidiaries 2006 Measures Implemented Control Hurricane Earthquake Catastrophic Risk
Measuring Liabilities Fair Value Minimum Future Rental Income Noncancelable Operating Leases Flight
Models Modeling Modification Fed Facility
Modification Frbny Facility Modification Series Preferred Stock
Modifications Mortgage Commercial Finance Receivables Held Sale
Mortgage Guaranty Mortgage Guaranty Results
Mortgages Other Loans Receivable 2007 2006 Comprised Following Multi-sector Cdos
Nature Payments Net Investment Income
Net Loss Development Net Loss Development Class Business
Net Notional Amounts Remaining Multi-sector Cdos Aigfp Wrote Net Realized Capital Gains Losses
Net Realized Capital Gains Losses Increase Decrease Unrealized New Plan Benefits
New Share Issuance New Tarp Compensation Limits 2009 Framework
Nominating Corporate Governance Committee Nominations
Non-aigfp Derivatives Non-employee Director Stock Awards
Non-financial Companies Non-traded Equity Investments Other Invested Assets
Non-uniform Determinations Nonassignability Hedging
Noncontrolling Interests Consolidated Financial Statements Noncore Businesses
Nonqualified Deferred Compensation Not Applicable
Notes Condensed Financial Information Registrant Notes Consolidated Financial Statements Aigs General Insurance Results
Notes Consolidated Financial Statements Derivatives Hedge Accounting Notes Consolidated Financial Statements Fixed Maturity Securities Trading
Notes Consolidated Financial Statements Information Provided Connection Outstanding Notes Consolidated Financial Statements Preferred Stock
Notes Consolidated Financial Statements Separate Account Assets Notes Consolidated Financial Statements Spot Commodities Securities Sold
Notes Consolidated Financial Statements Supplementary Disclosure Cash Flow Notes Consolidated Financial Statements Valuation Allowances Deferred Tax
Notice Annual Meeting Shareholders Held 2007 Notice Annual Meeting Shareholders Held 2008
Notice Annual Meeting Shareholders Held 2009 Notional Amounts Unrealized Market Valuation Loss
Objectives Design Compensation Framework Obtain Information Aig
Operating Loss Aigs Other Category 2007 2006 2005 Operational Risk Management
Operations Option Exercises
Option Exercises 2006 Option Exercises 2007
Options Organization
Other Asset Management Other Asset Management Results
Other Commitments Other Committees
Other Considerations Other Duties Responsibilities
Other Effects Other Expenses
Other Factors Affecting Compensation Other Income Loss
Other Invested Assets 2007 2006 Consisted Following Other Long-term Debt
Other Matters Presented 2007 Annual Meeting Other Matters Presented 2008 Annual Meeting
Other Matters Presented 2009 Annual Meeting Other Operations
Other Payments Awards Other Stock-based Awards
Other Transactions Other Transactions Frbny
Other-than-temporary Impairments Out Period Adjustments
Outlook Outstanding Equity Awards 2006
Outstanding Equity Awards 2007 Outstanding Equity Awards 2008
Overview Overview Loss Reserving Process
Ownership Transactions Related Parties Pandemic Influenza
Parent Part
Part Other Information Participation Securities Lending Program Reporting Unit 2008 Was
Party Beneficiaries Payment Delay
Pays Expenses Proxy Solicitation Pension Benefits
Pension Plans Percent Point Change Assumed Healthcare Cost Trend Rate
Percentage Aigs Cmbs Investments Other Those Aigfp 2008 Percentage Aigs Cmbs Investments Other Those Aigfp Credit
Percentage Aigs Cmbs Investments Other Those Aigfp Geographic Percentage Aigs Cmbs Investments Other Those Aigfp Industry
Percentage Aigs Cmbs Investments Other Those Aigfp Vintage Performance Based Stock Options
Performance Graph Personal Lines
Personal Lines Results Plan Headings
Policy Acquisition Other Insurance Expenses Policyholder Benefits Claims Incurred
Policyholder Contract Deposits Policyholders Contract Deposits
Political Contributions Portfolio Review
Possible Future Sales Series Preferred Stock Aig Common Postretirement Plans
Potential Amendment Fin Potential Payments Termination Arrangements Former Officers
Preferred Equity Investment United States Treasury Pursuant Tarp Preferred Shareholders Equity Subsidiary Companies
Premium Single Annuity Deposits Asia Follows Premium Single Annuity Deposits Japan Other Follows
Premiums Other Considerations Pretax Components Foreign Income Reflect Locations Such Was
Principal Business Units Principles New Environment 2008 Initiatives
Private Limited Partnership Hedge Fund Investments Other Invested Private Limited Partnerships Hedge Fund Investments Other Invested
Process Compensation Decisions Progress Managements Plans Stabilization Aig Repayment Aigs Obligations
Proposal 2-non-binding Shareholder Resolution Approve Executive Compensation Proposal 8-ratification Selection Pricewaterhousecoopers Llp
Proposal-to Approve Amendment Aigs Restated Certificate Incorporation Effect Proposal-to Approve Amendment Aigs Restated Certificate Incorporation Eliminate
Proposal-to Approve Amendment Aigs Restated Certificate Incorporation Increase Proposals
Proposed Amendments American International Group Incs Restated Certificate Provision Income Taxes 2007 2006 2005 Consists Following
Proxy Properly Executed Voted Directed Direction Given Proposal Proxy Solicitation
Proxy Solicited Board Directors Annual Meeting 2007 Proxy Solicited Board Directors Annual Meeting 2008
Proxy Solicited Board Directors Annual Meeting 2009 Proxy Statement
Proxy Statement Pursuant Securities Exchange Act 1934 Amendment Proxy Submitted Internet Telephone
Proxy Submitted Mail Purpose
Purpose Audit Committee Purpose Committee
Qualifying Special Purpose Entities Qspes Quarterly Aircraft Leasing Results
Quarterly Capital Markets Results Quarterly Commercial Insurance Results
Quarterly Consumer Finance Results Quarterly Development
Quarterly Domestic Life Insurance Results Quarterly Domestic Retirement Services Results
Quarterly Foreign General Insurance Results Quarterly Foreign Life Insurance Retirement Services Results
Quarterly Foreign Life Insurance Retirement Services Sales Deposits Quarterly General Insurance Results
Quarterly Institutional Asset Management Results Quarterly Life Insurance Retirement Services Results
Quarterly Mortgage Guaranty Results Quarterly Personal Lines Results
Quarterly Reserving Process Quarterly Spread-based Investment Business Results
Quarterly Transatlantic Results Ratification Selection Pricewaterhousecoopers Llp
Real Estate Investment Funds Realized Capital Gains Losses Increase Decrease Unrealized Appreciation
Recent Accounting Standards Recent Events
Recognition Presentation Other-than-temporary Impairments Reconciliation Net Loss Reserves Was Follows
Registrants Telephone Number Including Area Code 212 770-7000 Regulation
Regulation Supervision Regulatory Capital Portfolio
Regulatory Capital Relief Transactions Regulatory Capital Transactions
Reincorporate Shareowner-friendly State Reinsurance
Reinsurance Security Related-party Transactions Approval Policy
Relationship Independent Auditor Relationships Federal Reserve Bank New York Aig Credit
Relationships Starr Sico Remediation Activities
Remediation Prior Material Weakness Internal Control Over Financial Repayment Borrowings Fed Credit Agreement Subsidiary Preferred Equity
Repayment Fed Facility Subsidiary Preferred Equity Repayment Frbny Facility Subsidiary Preferred Equity
Report Audit Committee Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Request Proposal Process Required Consents Legends
Reserve Losses Loss Expenses Future Life Policy Benefits Reserves Losses Loss Expenses General Insurance
Resolution Securities Lending Program Resources Authority Committee
Responsibilities Restricted Shares
Restricted Stock Units Restructuring Expenses Related Asset Impairment Other
Results 2006 Reserving Process Results Operations
Results Operations Financial Condition Results Reserving Process
Revisions Effect Aiglh Condensed Consolidating Statement Cash Flows Revisions Effect American International Group Inc Guarantor Condensed
Revisions Reclassifications Revolving Credit Facilities
Right Discharge Reserved Right Offset
Rights Shareholder Risk Factors
Risk Management Risk Review
Rmbs Cmbs Other Abs Roles Board Management
Roll Rate Default Frequency Assumptions Subprime Mortgages Vintage Rollforward Outstanding Shares Was Follows
Sale Nan Shan Sales Businesses
Sales Businesses Asset Dispositions Securities Lending Activities
Securities Lending Agreement Federal Reserve Bank New York Securitization
Securitization Transaction Securitizations
Segment Information Segment Results
Segment Risk Management Selection Directors
Separate Account Assets Separate Variable Account Assets
Series Perpetual Convertible Participating Preferred Stock Series Preferred Stock
Severability Entire Agreement Share Issuance
Share Issuance Repurchase Share Issuance Repurchases
Share Repurchases Share-based Employee Compensation Plans
Shareholder Proposal Shareholder Proposal Human Right Water Policy
Shareholder Proposal Political Contributions Shareholder Proposal-executive Compensation Retention Termination Employment
Shareholder Proposal-reincorporation Aig North Dakota Shareholder Proposal-special Meetings Shareholders
Shareholder Proposals Shareholder Proposals 2008 Annual Meeting
Shareholder Proposals 2009 Annual Meeting Shareholder Proposals 2010 Annual Meeting
Shareholder Record Shareholders Equity
Shareholders Equity Earnings Per Share Shares Common Stock Available Awards
Shares Represented Proxy Voted Accordance Instructions Provided Shareholder Sico Plans
Signature Signatures
Sop 05-1 Special Purpose Vehicles Off Balance Sheet Arrangements
Special Shareowner Meetings Spot Commodities Securities Sold Not Yet Purchased
Spread-based Investment Business Spread-based Investment Business Results
Statutory Surplus Net Income General Insurance Life Retirement Stock Appreciation Rights
Stock Awards Stock Compensation Plans
Stock Incentive Plan Stock Option Awards Outstanding 2007
Stock Option Plan Stockholder Supporting Statement
Stress Testing Potential Realized Credit Losses Multi-sector Cdos Structured Investment Vehicle
Submit Proxy Internet Telephone Mail Submit Proxy Internet Telephone Mail Shares Voted
Submit Proxy Internet Telephone Not Need Mail Back Subprime Mortgage Loss Severity Assumptions Vintage Used Scenario
Subsequent Events Subsequently Issued Department Treasury Rank Senior Other Series
Substantial Portion Aigs Operations Conducted Countries Other United Successor Entity
Successors Assigns Aig Summary
Summary Asbestos Environmental Claims Count Activity 2006 2005 Summary Asbestos Environmental Claims Count Activity 2007 2006
Summary Asbestos Environmental Claims Count Activity Was Follows Summary Compensation Table
Summary Drawdown Activity Available Amount Department Treasury Commitment Summary Revolving Credit Facilities Follows
Supplemental Information Gross Loss Benefit Reserves Net Ceded Supplementary Disclosure Cash Flow Information
Supporting Statement Survival Ratios Asbestos Environmental
Table Contents Taiwan
Tax Consequences Tax Filings Examinations
Tax Litigation Tax Matters Relating Awards Plan
Tax Withholding Term Junior Preferred Stock Shall Mean Series Other
Term Series Preferred Stock Shall Mean Perpetual Convertible Termination Certain Cds
Termination Plan Terminations Multi-sector Credit Default Swap Transactions
Terminations Multi-sector Credit Default Swap Transactions Sale Underlying Terrorism
Transatlantic Transatlantic Results
Transfer Hedging Transfer Rmbs Certain Aig Insurance Subsidiaries
Transfers Level Triggers Settlement Alternatives
Tuesday 2009 Types Awards
Types Awards Plan Undistributed Earnings
Unrealized Gain Loss Swaps Options Forward Transactions Unrealized Gains Losses
Unrealized Market Valuation Gains Losses Aigfp Super Senior Unrealized Market Valuation Losses Aigfp Super Senior Credit
Valuation Allowance Deferred Tax Assets Valuation Allowances
Valuation Allowances Deferred Tax Assets Valuation Controls
Valuation Level Assets Liabilities Value 100 Invested 2001
Value 100 Invested 2002 Variable Interest Entities
Variable Life Annuity Contracts Vast Majority Aigs Exposure Guarantees Variable Contract Holders
Vesting Stock-based Awards Vesting Stock-based Awards 2008
Vote Vote Annual Meeting
Vote Internet Wwweproxycom Aig Quick Easy Immediate Vote Mail
Vote Phone Toll-free Canada 1-800-560-1965 Quick Easy Immediate Votes Counted
Votes Required Transact Business Annual Meeting Voting Instructions Information
Waiver Claims Was Approval Issuance Aig Series Preferred Stock Convertible
Weighted Average Assumptions Used Determine Benefit Obligations 2006 Weighted Average Assumptions Used Determine Benefit Obligations 2007
Weighted Average Assumptions Used Determine Net Periodic Benefit What Need Attend Annual Meeting
What Proposals Voted Annual Meeting What Proposals Voted Meeting
Xvi Political Contributions Xvi Reliance Management Outside Advice
Xvii Reliance Management Outside Advice Xviii Amendment Waiver
Year-to-date Aircraft Leasing Results Year-to-date Capital Markets Results
Year-to-date Commercial Insurance Results Year-to-date Consumer Finance Results
Year-to-date Development Year-to-date Domestic Life Insurance Results
Year-to-date Domestic Retirement Services Results Year-to-date Foreign General Insurance Results
Year-to-date Foreign Life Insurance Retirement Services Results Year-to-date Foreign Life Insurance Retirement Services Sales Deposits
Year-to-date General Insurance Results Year-to-date Institutional Asset Management Results
Year-to-date Life Insurance Retirement Services Results Year-to-date Mortgage Guaranty Results
Year-to-date Personal Lines Results Year-to-date Spread-based Investment Business Results
Year-to-date Transatlantic Results 
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