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Accompanying Notes Integral Part Financial Statements Accordingly Agreed Declared Vis-à-vis Bank Follows
Accounting Income Taxes Accounts Payable Accrued Expenses Others
Accrued Severance Liability Acquisition
Acquisition Contd Activities Restricted Result Agreements Between Controlling Shareholder Lender
Additional Contribution Additional Emg Shares
Advocates Certification Agreement Certain Shareholders
Agreement Period Allocation
Am-hal Am-hal Ltd
Amounts Except Per Share Data Ampal
Ampal American Israel Corporation Pro Forma Condensed Combined Ampal Announces Conversion Preferred Stock
Ampal Communications Ampal Completes Sale Holdings Am-hal Ltd
Ampal Development Israel Ltd Ampal Financial Resources Pay Special Cash Voting Payment
Ampal Forms Joint Venture Clal Electronics Industries Ltd Ampal Granted Exclusive Right Negotiate Portion Merhavs Remaining
Ampal Holdings 1991 Ltd Ampal Investments Communications 2009 Ltd
Ampal Israel Ltd Ampal Logo
Ampal Purchase Business 012 Smile Communications Ltd Approximately Ampal Purchase Controlling Interest Gadot Chemical Tankers Terminals
Ampal Raised 540 Nis Approximately 155 Considering Increase Ampal Signed Agreement Sell Holdings Am-hal Ltd
Ampal Signs Option Agreement Acquire Ethanol Project Colombia Ampal Signs Option Exercise Agreement Acquire Ethanol Project
Ampal-american Israel Corporation Ampal-american Israel Corporation Acquires Additional Interest Eastmediterranean Gas
Ampal-american Israel Corporation Addendum Series Debentures Ampal-american Israel Corporation Announces Preliminary Results Offers Purchase
Ampal-american Israel Corporation Announces Private Investment Public Equity Ampal-american Israel Corporation Announces Public Phase Series Debenture
Ampal-american Israel Corporation Announces Successful Completion Offers Purchase Ampal-american Israel Corporation Commenced Offer Purchase Shares Gadot
Ampal-american Israel Corporation Commences Offers Purchase Outstanding Shares Ampal-american Israel Corporation Completes Private Investment Public Equity
Ampal-american Israel Corporation Completes Private Placement Debt Offering Ampal-american Israel Corporation Filed Prospectus Registration Previously Issued
Ampal-american Israel Corporation Files Draft Preliminary Prospectus Israeli Ampal-american Israel Corporation Files Draft Preliminary Prospectus Regsitration
Ampal-american Israel Corporation Increased Series Debenture Offering Total Ampal-american Israel Corporation Increases Price Per Share Previously
Ampal-american Israel Corporation Joins Russell 2000 Index Well Ampal-american Israel Corporation Offer Notes Israeli Institutional Investors
Ampal-american Israel Corporation Published Prospectus Offering Series Debentures Ampal-american Israel Corporation Subsidiaries
Ampal-american Israel Corporation Subsidiaries Condensed Consolidated Balance Sheets Ampal-american Israel Corporation Subsidiaries Condensed Consolidated Statements Cash
Ampal-american Israel Corporation Subsidiaries Consolidated Balance Sheets Ampal-american Israel Corporation Subsidiaries Consolidated Statements Comprehensive Income
Ampal-american Israel Corporation Successfully Completes Purchase Approximately Outstanding Ampal-american Israel Corporation Updates Regarding Emg
Ampal-american Israel Debentures Placed Watchlist Midroog Ltd Ampals Class Shares Become Listed Tel Aviv Stock
Ampals Corporate Headquarters Annex
Annual Cash Incentive Bonus Compensation Annual Report Form 10-k 2006 Ampal-american Israel Corporation
Annual Vacation Appendix
Appendix Acquisition Subsidiary Appointment Principal Officers Compensatory Arrangements Certain
Approved Receive Special Voting Payment Paid Cash Simply Articles Incorporation By-laws
Asb Interpretation Accounting Uncertainty Income Taxes Fasb Statement Asc 105 Formerly Sfas 168
Asc 350-30 Formerly Sfas 142-3 Asc 805 Formerly Sfas 141r
Asc 810 Formerly Sfas 160 Asc 810 Formerly Sfas 167
Asc 815 Formerly Sfas 161 Asc 820 Formerly Fsp 157-4
Asc 820 Formerly Sfas 157 Asc 825 Formerly Fsp 107-1
Asset Derivatives Asset Purchase Agreement
Assets Serving Segments Attestation Report Registered Public Accounting Firm
Audit Committee Audit Committee Pre-approval Policies
Auditors Report Auditors Responsibility
Available Information Base Salary
Bay Heart Limited Bay Heart Ltd
Bay Heart Ltd Subsidiary Bear Cost Proxy Statement Solicitation
Because Companies Invest Conduct Principal Operations Israel Israel-related Because Controlled Exempt Complying Certain Listing Standards Nasdaq
Because Controlled Exempt Complying Certain Nasdaq Listing Standards Because Most Companies Invest Conduct Principal Operations Israel
Because Significant Investment Emg Adversely Affected Changes Financial Because Significant Investment Gadot Adversely Affected Changes Financial
Beneficial Ownership Reporting Compliance Besides Shareholders Else Attend Annual Meeting
Between Between Ampal Industries Israel Ltd 111 Arlozorov Street
Between Ampal Israel Ltd At111 Arlozorov Street Tel Bigio
Board Directors Recommends Vote Proposal Please Sign Date Board Directors Recommends Vote Proposals Please Sign Date
Board Directors Shareholder Voting Agreements Bonus
Borrower Brightman Almagor Certified Public Accountants
Business Combinations C-2
Call Purchase Option Capital Stock
Carmel Container Systems Ltd Carmel Containers Systems Limited
Carmel Containers Systems Ltd Cash Equivalents
Cash Flows Cash Flows Financing Activities
Cash Flows Investing Activities Cash Flows Operating Activities
Cast Vote Proposed Amendments Cautionary Statement Concerning Forward-looking Information
Cerel Ceramic Technologies Ltd Certain Relationships Related Transactions
Certificate Number Certification
Certification Jack Bigio Irit Eluz Pursuant Usc 1350 Certification Principal Executive Officer Pursuant Cfr 24013a-14 Adopted
Certification Principal Financial Officer Pursuant Cfr 24013a-14 Adopted Change Vote Proxy
Changes Accounting Standards Taxation Requirements Affect Financial Results Changes Internal Control Over Financial Reporting
Changes Shareholders Equity Changes Taxation Requirements Affect Financial Results
Claims Against Subsidiaries Affiliates Class Stock Not Liquid
Code Business Conduct Ethics Code Conduct
Code Ethics Commitments Contingencies
Commitments Contingencies Contd Communications Between Shareholders Board Directors
Compare 5-year Cumulative Total Return Among Ampal-american Israel Compared 2002
Compared 2003 Compared 2004
Compared 2005 Compared 2006
Compensation Committee Interlocks Insider Participation Compensation Committee Report
Compensation Directors Completion Acquisition Disposition Assets
Conclusion Conditions Changes National Global Economic Political Environments Adversely
Conditions Israel Confirmation Sale
Consent Chemship Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Consent Fahn Kanne Cpas Isr Independent Accountant
Consent Finlog Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Consent Independent Accountant
Consent Independent Public Accountants Consent Independent Registered Public Accountant
Consent Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Consent Kesselman Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Consent Somekh Chaikin Cpas Isr Independent Accountant Consents Experts Counsel
Consideration Payment Consolidated Balance Sheets
Consolidated Statements Comprehensive Income Loss Contents
Controlled Group Investors Includes Yosef Maiman Chairman Control Controls Procedures
Convertible Promissory Coral World International Limited
Coral World International Ltd Country Club Kfar Saba Limited
Country Club Kfar Saba Ltd Covenants
Creation Direct Financial Obligation Off-balance Sheet Arrangement Critical Accounting Policies
Current Report Pursuant Securities Exchange Act 1934 Customers Deposits
Date Report Earliest Event Reported 2008 2007 Date Report Earliest Event Reported 2009
Debenture Certificate Series Debentures
Debentures Contd Debt
Deferred Taxes Presented Balance Sheets Follows Definitions
Departure Directors Certain Officers Election Appointment Compensatory Arrangements Deposits Notes Loans Receivable
Designated Account Did Board Directors Receive Fairness Opinion Regarding Redemption
Director Compensation 2006 Director Compensation 2007
Director Compensation 2008 Director Independence
Directors Executive Officers Registrant Disclosure Controls Procedures
Disclosures Fair Value Financial Instruments Distribution Dividend
Dividend Policy Earnings Loss Per Class Share
East Mediterranean Gas Emg Economic Financial Developments
Education Fund Eitf Issue 03-1 Meaning Other Temporary Impairment Application
Either Classes Preferred Stock Traded Established Public Trading Elements Compensation
Emg Pipeline Was Designed Built Operated Internationally Leading Employee Stock-based Compensation
Employees Employees Tasks Functioning
Employment Agreement Employment Agreement Part
End Date Ending Employment
Energy Entitled Vote Proposed Amendments Special Meeting
Entry Material Definitive Agreement Epsilon Investment House Ltd
Epsilon Investment House Ltd Renaissance Equity Price Risk
Events Circumstances Not Reducing Discharging Guarantors Obligations Evidence Parties Signed
Exact Name Registrant Specified Charter Exchange Rate Sensitivity Analysis
Executive Committee Exhibits
Existing Demand High Pressure Delivery Entry Point Emg Expand Networks Ltd
Explanatory Fair Value Measurement
Fair Value Measurements Fair Value Measurements 2008 Using
Fair Value Measurements Contd Fas 123 Revised 2004 Share-based Payment
Fas 153 Exchange Nonmonetary Assets Amendment Apb Opinion Fas 154 Accounting Changes Error Corrections Replacement Apb
Fas 159 Fair Value Option Financial Assets Liabilities Fasb Interpretation Accounting Uncertainty Income Taxes Statement 109
Financial Statements Exhibits Financial Statements Translated Dollars
Find Information Ampal Fixed Assets
Fixed Assets Contd Following Questions Answers Relate Approval Proposed Issuance 10248002
Following Questions Answers Relate Class Stock Following Questions Answers Relate Executive Officers
Following Questions Answers Relate Nominees Election Board Directors Following Questions Answers Relate Ratification Appointment Independent Registered
Foreign Currency Contracts Foreign Currency Exchange Rate Sensitivity Analysis
Form Form 10-q
Former Name Address Changed Since Last Report Forward Looking Statements
Forward-looking Statements Fundamental Representations
Further Downgrade Suspension Withdrawal Rating Assigned Agency Debentures Further Training Fund
Gadot Chemical Tankers Terminals Ltd Galha
General General Administrative Expenses
General Provisions Get Copy Ampals Annual Report Form 10-k
Goodwill Granite Hacarmel Investments Limited
Grants Plan-based Awards 2006 Gross Salary
Guaranty Had History Losses Ultimately Compromise Ability Implement Business
Haifa Israel 2009 Held 2007
Help Answer Questions Proposed Amendments Hod Hasharon Sport Center 1992 Limited Partnership
Hod Hasharon Sport Center Limited Holders Ampals 6-1 Preferred Stock Convert Shares Class
Holders Ampals Preferred Stock Convert Shares Class Holders Class Stock
Holiday Festivals Identify Solutions Ltd
Important Notice Regarding Availability Proxy Materials Annual Meeting Income Taxes
Income Taxes Contd Increases Total Amount Offering
Independent Auditors Consent Independent Auditors Report Shareholders Bay Heart Ltd
Independent Auditors Report Shareholders Bay Heart Ltd Subsidiary Independent Auditors Special Report
Index Industrial Buildings Ltd
Information Required Proxy Statement Schedule 14a Insert
Instruments Defining Rights Security Holders Including Indentures Intangible Assets
Intellectual Copyright Interest Rate Risks
Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Introduction
Inventories Investee Companies Other Investments Contd
Investment Emg Other Cost Basis Investments Investment Mirs
Investments Investments Affiliates
Investments Marketable Securities Israeli Debenture Repurchase Program
Jack Bigio President Ceo Lawyers Confirmation
Legal Proceedings Leisure-time
Lender Liabilities Severance Pay Net
Liabilities Severance Pay Net Contd Liability Derivatives
Limine Liquidity Capital Resources
List Investee Loan Parent
Long Lived Assets Long- Lived Assets
Long-term Equity Incentive Compensation Long-term Liabilities Contd
Long-term Obligations Contd Long-term Obligations Other Payables
Loss Key Executives Cause Business Suffer Loyalty Confidentiality
Maintaining Confidentiality Non-competition Management
Management Highlights Recent Milestones Presents Revised Corporate Strategy Managements Annual Report Internal Control Over Financial Reporting
Managements Report Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Managements Responsibility
Managers Insurance Emoluments Loss Ability Work Market Price Per Share Class Stock Nasdaq Fluctuates
Market Price Per Share Class Stock Nasdaq Tase Market Risks Sensitivity Analysis
Marketable Securities Marketable Securities Contd
Material Contracts Maturation
Maturation Dates Mazars Paardekooper Hoffman Accountants
Members Emgs Board Directors Confirmed Pipeline Was Designed Merhav Ampal Energy Holdings
Merhavs Representations Warranties Midroog Ltd Downgraded Ampal-american Israel Debentures Rating
Minority Interest Net Mirs Communications Ltd
Miscellaneous Miscellaneous Information
Modem Art Ltd Modem-art Monies
Most Investee Companies Conduct Business Outside United States Name Person Filing Proxy Statement Other Registrant
Nasdaq Global Market Smlc Nature Scope Guaranty
Net Sales Netformx Ltd
Newly Issued Recently Adopted Accounting Pronouncements Nomatter Few Shares Own Urge Take Moment Now
Nominee Arrangement Non-current Investments
Non-transferable Asset Not Publish Value Assets
Not Typically Pay Cash Dividends Class Stock Notes Loans Payable
Notice Annual Meeting Shareholders Held 2006 Notice Annual Meeting Shareholders Held 2007
Notice Annual Meeting Shareholders Held 2008 Notice Annual Meeting Shareholders Held 2009
Notice Special Meeting Shareholders Held 2006 Notices
Now Access Ampal-american Israel Corporation Account Online Now Therefore Parties Declare Agree Follows
Now Therefore Parties Hereto Agree Stipulate Declare Follows Now Witness Thereof Parties Signed Below
Noy Investments Ltds Control Discourage Attempts Acquire Objectives Compensation Program
Off-balance Sheet Arrangements Omnibus Agreement
Ophir Holdings Ltd Ophirtech Ltd
Opinion Option
Option Agreement Option Awards
Option Grants Last Options
Original Repayment Monies Other Assets
Other Assets Consist Other Assets Net
Other Benefits Other Business
Other Employment Conditions Other Events
Other Income Other Information
Other Intangible Assets Net Other Payables
Other Payables Accrued Expenses Outstanding Equity Awards 2006
Outstanding Equity Awards 2007 Outstanding Equity Awards 2008
Outstanding Equity Awards 2008 Option Overall Framework Working
Overview Packaging Systems Ltd
Page Part
Parties Intentions Adjustments Special Circumstances Paternity Leave
Pension Plan Performance Graph
Period Adaptation Severance Pay Plan Acquisition Reorganization Arrangement Liquidation Succession
Please Fax Copy Completed Executed Notice Questionnaire Return Policy Governing Director Nominations
Portfolio Investments Powerdsine Ltd
Price Range Class Stock Principal Accountant Fees Services
Principal Shareholders Ampal Principal Shareholders They Vote
Pro Forma Condensed Consolidated Financial Statements Proof Said Agreement Sign Below
Property Property Equipment Net
Proposed Amendment Approved Receive Immediate Premium Paid Cash Provided However
Proxy Ampal-american Israel Corporation Proxy Solicited Behalf Board Directors
Proxy Statement Annual Meeting Shareholders Held 2006 Proxy Statement Annual Meeting Shareholders Held 2007
Proxy Statement Annual Meeting Shareholders Held 2009 Proxy Statement Pursuant Securities Exchange Act 1934
Proxy Statement Pursuant Securities Exchange Act 1934 Amendment Proxy Statement Special Meeting Shareholders Held 2006
Purchase Price Purchaser Conflict
Quantitative Qualitative Disclosures Market Risk Quarterly Period 2007
Quarterly Period 2008 Quarterly Period 2009
Questionnaire Questions Answers Proposed Amendments
Real Estate Realization Limitations Transfer
Receive Special Voting Payment Paid Cash Vote Favor Receives Rating Midroog Ltd Affiliate Moodys Investors Service
Recently Issued Accounting Pronouncements Recitals
Recognize Value Maintaining Ownership Ampal-american Recuperation Pay
Redemption Ampals Preferred Stock Affect Refund Travel Subsistence Expenses
Regulation Disclosure Regulatory Approvals
Regulatory Requirements Complied Effect Amendments Redemption Related Parties
Related Parties Contd Remainder Page Intentionally Left Blank
Renaissance Investment Ltd Report Audit Committee
Report Independent Auditors Report Independent Auditors Shareholders Coral World International Ltd
Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Shareholders Am-hal
Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Shareholders Epsilon Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Shareholders Renaissance
Report Stock Option Compensation Committee Reporting Rules Accounting Principles Contd
Representations Warranties Representative Rates Exchange Between Dollar New Israeli Shekel
Reserve Army Duty Responsibilities
Result Operations Analyzed Segments Results Operations
Review Approval Transactions Management Others Revised 2004 Share Based Payment
Risks Associated Gadots Business Risks Proposed Amendments
Sab 110 Safe Harbor Statement
Salary Sale Holdings Am-hal Ltd
Sale Options Put Sarbanes-oxley Act 2002
Schedule Schedule 14a Information
Schedule Setting Forth Computation Ratios Consolidated Earnings Fixed Scope Task
Sec Exemptive Order Sec Re-examine Suspend Modify Exemption Investment Act 1940
Securities Exchange Act 1934 Securities Exchange Act 1934 Amendment
Securities Price Risk Securities Registered Pursuant Act
Security Ownership Certain Beneficial Owners Security Ownership Management
See Selected Financial Data
Sellers Representations Warranties Selling Marketing Expenses
Selling Securityholder Notice Questionnaire Severance Change Control Benefits
Sfas 141r Business Combinations Sfas 142-3
Sfas 142-3 Determination Useful Life Intangible Assets Sfas 155 Accounting Certain Hybrid Financial Instruments Amendment
Sfas 157 Fair Value Measurements Sfas 160 Noncontrolling Interests Consolidated Financial Statements
Sfas 161 Disclosures Derivative Instruments Hedging Activities Sfas 161- Disclosures Derivative Instruments Hedging Activities
Sfas 162 Hierarchy Generally Accepted Accounting Principles Share Capital
Share Capital Contd Shareholder Proposals
Shareholders Equity Shareholders Hod Hasharon Sport Center 1992 Limited Partnership
Shareholders Hod Hasharon Sport Center Limited Shares Held Street Name Broker Vote
Shares Preferred Stock 6-1 Class Outstanding What Market Shellcase Ltd
Shiron Satellite Communications 1996 Ltd Short-term Bank Credit
Sick Leave Signatures
Significant Developments Since 2004 Significant Developments Since 2006
Smart Link Ltd Smile Telecom Ltd
Smilecommunications Ltd Audited Condensed Consolidated Statement Operations 2008 Smilecommunications Ltd Condensed Consolidated Statement Operations 2009
Special Adjustments Put Price Special Committee Board
Special Holidays Special Meeting
Special Meeting Being Called Special Meeting Shareholders 2006
Staff Accounting Bulletin 108 Considering Effects Prior Misstatements Standard Adjustments Number Options Allocated Realization Price Sale
Still Time Vote Shares Ampal Receive Special Voting Stock Option Cancellation Agreement
Stock Option Compensation Committee Stock Option Plan
Stock Option Plans Stock Ownership Retention Guidelines
Storeage Networking Technologies Ltd Subordination Certain Indebtedness
Subsequent Event Subsequent Events
Subsequent Events Contd Subsidiaries Registrant
Supplementary Disclosure Cash Flow Information Supplementary Information Investing Financing Activities Not Involving Cash
Survival Table Contents
Tax Information Taxes Income
Taxes Income Contd Tel 304 214 Fax 045 Mpharotterdammazarsnl
Tel Aviv 2006 Ampal-american Israel Corporation Nasdaq Ampl Tel Aviv 2007 Ampal-american Israel Corporation Nasdaq Ampl
Tel Aviv 8211 2010 Ampal-american Israel Corporation Nasdaq Tel Aviv Israel 2006
Tel Aviv Israel 2006 Ampal-american Corporation Nasdaqampl Announces Tel Aviv Israel 2007
Telecom Partners Termination Date
Termination Employment Relationship Therefore Been Agreed Declared Stipulated Between Parties Follows
Thirteenth Monthly Salary Trade Payables
Transactions Transactions Balances Interested Related Parties
Transactions Balances Interested Related Parties Contd Transfer Shares
Trinet Investments High-tech Ltd Trusteeship
United States Federal Taxation Ampal Vacation Provision Recreation Pay
Valuation Expenses 123r Viola Networks Ltd
Visit Web Http Wwwbnymelloncom Shareowner Visit Web Http Wwwmelloninvestorcom
Vote Extremely Important Matter Shares Own Vote Very Important
Votes Each Holder Class Stock Proposed Amendments Voting Easy Convenient
Voting Rights Voting Telephone Internet Easy
Warrant Shares Exercise Log Was Cash Portion Per Share Redemption Consideration Determined
Was Prepared Signed Tel Aviv 2008 What Average Trading Volume Ampals Class Stock
What Costs Associated Listing Tel Aviv Stock Exchange What Effect Only Proposed Amendments Being Approved
What Effect Proposed Amendment What Effect Proposed Amendments Being Approved
What Material United States Federal Income Tax Consequences What Nature Amendment Being Proposed Regarding Restated Certificate
What Nature Ampals Business What Recommendation Board Directors Regarding Proposed Amendments
What Special Cash Voting Payment What Vote Required Approve Proposed Amendment
Whether Not Plan Attend Meeting Person Urged Sign Witness Whereof Parties Come Sign
Witness Whereof Parties Set Signatures Hereunto Witness Whereof Parties Signed Presents
Witness Whereof Parties Subscribed Hands Xpert Integrated Systems Ltd
Year-end Option Values 
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