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Ability Sell Natural Gas Crude Oil Production Materially Acceleration Payment Deferred Cash Common Stock
Access Proxy Materials Over Internet Accountability
Achieves Record Quarterly Sales Volumes Raises Full-year Sales-volumes Acquisition Costs
Acquisitions Acquisitions Divestitures Other
Additional Information Recently Issued Accounting Standards Not Yet Additional Matters
Additions Address Change Comments Corresponding Box Reverse Side
Adjusted Ebitdax Adjustment Authorized Shares
Adjustments Authorized Shares Administration Trust
Adoption Derivatives Legislation Congress Adverse Impact Ability Hedge Adoption Sfas 123
Affiliates Affirms Debt-to-cap Target Range
Aggregate Shares Agreement
Aircraft Alaska
Ambrosia Lake New Mexico Amended Restated
Amendment Plan Amendment Restated Certificate Incorporation Amended Provide Annual Election
Amendment Termination Amendment Trinity Agreement
Amount Compensation Anadarko Announces 2007 Full-year Results
Anadarko Announces 2009 Full-year Results Anadarko Announces Capital Program Outlook 2008
Anadarko Announces Results Anadarko Board Directors
Anadarko Operations Report Anadarko Petroleum Corporation
Analysis Oil Gas Operations Sales Revenues Analysis Oil Gas Operations Sales Volumes
Analysis Sales Volumes Annual Evaluations
Annual Meeting Applicable Law
Approval New Compensation Plans Asset Retirement Obligations
Attend Annual Meeting Attestation Report Registered Public Accounting Firm
Audit Committee Audit Committee Report
Authority Plan Administrator Available Information
Award Award Agreement
Base Salaries Base Salary
Basis Presentation Beneficial Ownership Reporting Compliance
Beneficiaries Beneficiary
Benefit Plan Obligations Benefits Trust Agreement
Board Directors Approves Budget Provides 2009 Guidance Board Directors Statement Regarding Proposal
Board Recommend Vote Books Records Reports Bank Accounts
Box 1330 Houston Texas 77251-1330 Buildings
Business Combinations Business Segments Related Information
Canada Map Capital Allocation Area
Capital Contributions Capital Resources Liquidity
Capitalized Interest Cash Equivalents
Cash Flow Operating Activities Cause
Ceiling Test Central Texas
Certain Beneficial Owners Certain Relationships Related Transactions Director Independence
Certification Periodic Report Certifications
Chairman Emeritus Change Capitalization
Change Control Change Control Benefits
Change Control Involuntary Termination Voluntary Good Reason Change Vote
Changes Accounting Principles Changes Costs Excluded Country
Changes Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Chief Financial Officer
Class Membership Interest Redemption Agreement Closing
Code Code 162 Approval
Code Business Conduct Ethics Commitments
Commitments Contingencies Committee
Committees Board Commodity Price Risk Management Trading Activities Prevent Benefiting
Commodity Pricing Demand Commodity Pricing Demand Limit Production Profitability
Commodity Pricing Demand Limit Productivity Profitability Commodity Risk Management
Common Stock Common Stock Repurchase Program
Common Stock Repurchase Table Communication Directors
Comparison Added Compensation
Compensation Benefits Committee Interlocks Insider Participation Compensation Benefits Committee Report 2007 Executive
Compensation Benefits Committee Report 2008 Executive Compensation Committee
Compensation Design Compensation Discussion Analysis
Compensation Election Compensation Process
Competition Compliance Exchange Act
Conclusion Conference Call Tomorrow Cdt Edt
Conference Call Tomorrow Cst Est Conference Call Tuesday Feb Cst Est
Consent Independent Petroleum Engineers Geologists Consent Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Consolidated Financial Statements Consolidated Statements Comprehensive Income
Construction Contingencies
Continuing Directors Terms Expiring 2008 Continuing Directors Terms Expiring 2009
Continuing Directors Terms Expiring 2010 Continuing Directors Terms Expiring 2011
Contracts Partners Controls Procedures
Corporate Governance Corporate Governance Guidelines
Corporate Information Correcting Replacing Anadarko Announces 2009 Full-year Results
Costs Excluded Costs Excluded Country
Costs Excluded Incurred Costs Expenses
Covenants Parties Covered Employee
Credit Risk Financial Institutions Adversely Affect Critical Accounting Estimates
Crude Oil Condensate Ngls Crude Oil Condensate Sales Volumes Average Prices
Current Report Current Report Pursuant
Currently Producing Wells Awaiting Minor Sales Connection Expenditure Cushing Oklahoma
Death Debt
Debt Interest Expense Debt Other Financial Commitments Limit Operating Flexibility
Debt Repayments 2009 Retired Aggregate Principal Amount Floating Debt Repayments 2009 Retired Including Aggregate Principal Amount
Declining General Economic Business Industry Conditions Material Adverse Decs Investment Devon Stock
Deepwater Gulf Mexico Deepwater Royalty Relief Act
Deferred Cash Deferred Common Stock
Deferred Compensation Program Non-management Directors Defined Terms
Defined Terms Rules Construction Definitions
Definitions Oil Gas Reserves Delaware Limited Liability
Delegation Management Committee Delivery Documents Stockholders Sharing Address
Depreciation Depletion Amortization Derivative Instruments
Derivative Instruments Hedging Activities Derivative Instruments Held Non-trading Purposes
Derivative Instruments Held Trading Purposes Design Principles
Development Development Risks
Did Receive Notice Mail Regarding Internet Availability Proxy Didnt Receive Notice Mail Regarding Internet Availability Proxy
Director Compensation Director Independence
Director Officer Indemnification Agreements Director Quality
Directors Continuing Education Directors Executive Officers Corporate Governance
Directors Nominated Board Terms Expiring 2010 Directors Nominated Board Terms Expiring 2011
Directors Nominated Board Terms Expiring 2012 Disability
Disclosure Package Discount Rate
Discounted Future Net Cash Flows Discretion Reduce Awards Participants Performance
Divestitures Dividend Equivalents
Dividends Domestic Governmental Risks
Domestic Operations Subject Governmental Risks Impact Downgrade Credit Rating Negatively Impact Cost Ability Access
Downgrade Credit Rating Negatively Impact Cost Capital Drilling Activities Not Productive
Drilling Programs Duration Stock Options
Earnings Per Share East Texas
Edia Edson
Effect Certain Transactions Effect Change Control
Effective Date Effective Date Term Plan
Eligible Director Employee Savings Plan
Employee Stock Ownership Plan Employees
Employer Employment Agreements
Energy Price Risk Enterprise Resource Planning Committee
Environmental Contingencies Environmental Obligations Other Contingencies
Environmental Safety Equity Awards 2008
Equity Compensation Plan Table Establishment Contributions
Evaluation Disclosure Controls Procedures Exact Name Registrant Specified Charter
Exchange Act Executive Committee
Executive Compensation Executive Officers Registrant
Executive Summary Exercise Stock Appreciation Rights
Exercise Stock Options Exhibits
Expected Long-term Rate Return Exploration
Exploration Highlights Exploration Operating Risks
Exploratory Costs Failure Close Pending Planned Asset Divestitures Hinder Ability
Failure Replace Reserves Negatively Affect Business Fair Market Value
Fair Value Federal Income Tax Consequences
Financial Highlights Financial Instruments
Financial Results Financial Results Continuing Operations
Financial Statements Estimates Financial Statements Exhibits
Find Voting Results Annual Meeting Find Voting Results Meeting
Firm Transportation Keep-whole Agreement Foreign Currency Risk
Foreign Operations Risk Forest Products Litigation
Forfeiture Events Nontransferability Form 10-k
Form Timing Payment Form Wgrah
Former Name Address Changed Since Last Report Fort John
Forward Looking Statements Full Cost Method Accounting Noncash Charge Earnings Related
Full Value Award Full-year 2007 Results
Future Net Cash Flows Gains Losses Divestitures Other Net
Gas Gathering Gas Gathering Systems Processing
Gas Processing Gathering Processing Marketing Margin
Gathering Processing Marketing Properties Activities Gathering Processing Marketing Revenues
Gathering Processing Marketing Strategies General
General Information General Provisions
Get Copy Proxy Statement Annual Report Notice Multiple Goodwill
Governing Law Grande Prairie
Grant Cash Awards Grant Options
Grant Performance Shares Units Grant Restricted Stock
Grant Restricted Stock Units Grant Stock Appreciation Rights
Grant Stock Options Guarantees Indemnifications
Guidance Gulf Mexico
Hackett Employment Agreement Health Care Cost Trend Rate
Henderson Nevada High Cost Unavailability Drilling Rigs Equipment Supplies Personnel
Highlights History Reserve Revisions
Impairment Assets Impairments
Incapacity Participant Beneficiary Incentive Award
Incentive Awards Incentive Stock Option
Income Tax Expense Income Taxes
Incur Substantial Costs Comply Environmental Requirements Including Arising Incur Substantial Environmental Other Costs Arising Kerr-mcgees Former
Indemnification Indemnification Committee
Indemnification Plan Administrator Independence
Independent Auditor Index
Individual Rights Insider
Insolvent Interest Expense
Interest Expense Other Income Interest Rate Risk
International Frontier Internet Telephone Vote Authorizes Named Proxies Shares Same
Invensys Process Systems Inc Inventories
Investment Funds Managers Investments
Involuntary Cause Voluntary Termination Involuntary Not Cause Termination
Issuance Common Stock Issuance Shares Settlement Awards
James Hackett Employment Agreement Kemira
Lake Robbins Drive Woodlands Texas 77380-1046 Lead Director Non-employee Directors Executive Sessions
Lead Director Non-management Directors Executive Sessions Lease Agreement
Leases Leaves Absence
Legal Contingencies Legal Proceedings
Liability Classified Awards Liability Indemnification
Limit Full Value Awards Flexible Share Pool Limitations
Limited Control Over Activities Properties Not Operate Lines Credit
Liquefied Natural Gas Liquidity Capital Resources
List Significant Subsidiaries Litigation
Loan Repayments Lock-up Agreement
Los Angeles County California Loss Key Members Management Team Difficulty Attracting Retaining
Major Customers Make Compensation Decisions
Management Committee Management Trinity
Managements Annual Report Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Managements Assessment Internal Control Over Financial Reporting
Managements Report Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Marketing
Marketing Activities Marketing Strategies
Marketing Trading Activities Material Differences Between Estimated Actual Timing Critical Events
Maximum Number Shares Medicine Hat
Meloy Retention Agreement Membership Interests
Memorandum Deferred Account Merger Anadarko Petroleum Corporation
Mid-continent Midstream Properties Activities
Midstream Strategies Milwaukee Wisconsin
Minerals Properties Activities Minority Interests
Miscellaneous Miscellaneous Provisions
Mission Strategy Mlp Special Committee
Nadarko Rices Ublic Ffering Illion Hares Ommon Tock Natural Gas
Natural Gas Liquids Sales Volumes Average Prices Natural Gas Liquids Sales Volumes Average Prices Revenues
Natural Gas Sales Volumes Average Prices Natural Gas Sales Volumes Average Prices Revenues
Nature Organization Net Income
Net Income Attributable Noncontrolling Interests New Accounting Principles
New Jersey Wood-treatment Site New Plan Benefits
Nominating Corporate Governance Committee Nonassignment
Nonqualified Option North Louisiana
Not Able Successfully Integrate Kerr-mcgees Westerns Operations Not Insured Against Operating Risks Business Exposed
Notice Annual Meeting Stockholders Now Access Anadarko Petroleum Corporation Account Online
Now Therefore Parties Hereby Amend Restate Agreement Form Nvestors
Objectives Executive Compensation Program Obligations Commitments
Obtain Copy Annual Report Form 10-k Obtaining Performance History Sufficient Reasonably Conclude Reserves Recovered
Off-balance Sheet Arrangements Officers Certificate
Offshore Map Oil Gas Activities
Oil Gas Exploration Production Activities Oil Gas Exploration Production Industry Very Competitive Some
Oil Natural Gas Ngls Prices Volatile Substantial Extended Omnibus Incentive Compensation Plan
Ongoing Benefits Onshore
Onshore Lower States Operate Other Countries Subject Political Economic Uncertainties
Operating Highlights Operating Leases
Operating Results Operational Highlights
Option Exercises Stock Vested 2007 Option Exercises Stock Vested 2008
Option Exercises Stock Vested Last Option Price
Other Other Benefits
Other Compensation Other Environmental Sites
Other Events Other Income Expense
Other Matters Decided Annual Meeting Other Matters Decided Meeting
Other Recent Developments Other Restrictions
Other Sites Matters Other Stock-based Awards
Other Subsequent Events Other Taxes
Outlook Overview
Owners Percent Anadarko Stock Ownership Information
Part Participant
Participants Participants Foreign Jurisdictions
Payment Payment Cash Awards Other Stock-based
Payment Deferred Cash Payment Deferred Common Stock
Payment Performance Shares Units Payments
Payments Participants Beneficiaries Pays Proxy Solicitation Related Annual Meeting
Peer Group Pending Merger
Pension Benefits Pension Benefits 2008
Pension Plans Other Postretirement Benefits Performance Goal Certification
Performance Goals Performance Graph
Performance Period Performance Shares
Performance Shares Units Results Periods Ending 2007 Performance Unit Agreements
Performance Units Performance Units Results Periods Ending 2008
Permanent Disability Perquisites
Personal Confidential Philosophy
Plan Administrator Post-closing Requirements
Potential Payments Termination Change Control Preferred Stock
Preliminary Statements Principal Accounting Fees Services
Principles Consolidation Estimates Prior Plans
Pro Forma Balance Sheet Adjustments Pro Forma Condensed Combined Financial Statements
Pro Forma Income Statement Adjustments Production Development
Production Platforms Productive Wells
Properties Properties Activities Algeria
Properties Activities Other International Properties Activities-algeria
Properties Activities-other International Properties Equipment
Properties Leases Property Plant Equipment
Protection Against Unfair Abusive Takeover Practices Proved Reserves
Proved Reserves Estimates Material Inaccuracies Reserve Assumptions Underlying Proved Undeveloped Reserves
Provides Update Recent Activity Provisions Corporate Documents Delaware Law Delay Prevent Change
Proxy Solicitation Purchase Investment
Purchase Price Allocation Purpose
Pursuant Requirements Securities Exchange Act 1934 Registrant Duly Pursuant Requirements Securities Exchange Act 1934 Report Been
Qatar Quantitative Qualitative Disclosures Market Risk
Rate Compensation Increases Ratios Earnings Fixed Charges Combined Preferred Stock Dividends
Reaffirms Full-year Production Guidance Updates Significant Activities Offshore Recent Accounting Developments
Recently Issued Accounting Pronouncements Recitals
Recommendation Only Reduce Cease Pay Dividends Common Stock
Refocused Strategy Regulation Disclosure
Regulatory Matters Additional Factors Affecting Business Regulatory Matters Environmental Additional Factors Affecting Business
Regulatory Requirements Related Parties
Relationships Repercussions Terrorist Activities Armed Conflict Harm Business
Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Report Management
Representations Warranties Representations Warranties Disclaimers
Representations Warranties Trinity Repricing
Required Payment Incentive Awards Reserve Additions Revisions
Reserves Converted Production Resignation Removal Trustee
Resolution Restricted Stock
Restricted Stock Election Restricted Stock Units
Restriction Period Restrictions
Restructuring Costs Results
Results Operations Adversely Affected Asset Impairments Results Operations Adversely Affected Goodwill Impairments
Results Operations Financial Condition Retirement Benefits
Retirement Redemption Revenues
Revenues Other Reversal Accrual Dwrra Dispute
Revisions Risk Factors
Royalty Litigation Rule 16b-3 Exchange Act 162 Code
Sale Future Hard Minerals Royalty Revenues Sales Place
Sales Revenues Sales Volumes
Sales Volumes Prices Satisfaction Tax Obligations
Schedule Securities Exchange
Securities Registered Pursuant Act Security Ownership Certain Beneficial Owners Management
See Enclosed Proxy Card Please Vote Promptly Segment Geographic Information
Segment Reporting Selected Data
Selection Directors Severance Benefits
Sexual Orientation Non-discrimination Policy Share Authorization
Share Usage Signature Page Amended Restated Limited Liability Agreement Trinity
Signature Page Follows Signature Page Sponsor Agreement
Signatures Significant Accounting Policies
Significant Projects Asset Divestitures Sources Cash
Special Provisions Applicable Incentive Stock Options Special Provisions Applicable Stock Appreciation Rights
Sponsor Agreement Sponsor Option Agreement Wgrah Subject Terms Signatures
Stability Continuity Experience Statement
Statements Cash Flows Supplemental Information Stock Option
Stock Ownership Stock Ownership Guidelines
Stock Plan Non-management Directors Stock-based Compensation
Stockholder Participation Selection Director Nominees Stockholder Proposals 2008 Annual Meeting Stockholders
Stockholders Equity Subject Complex Laws Regulations Relating Environmental Protection Adversely
Subject Increased Tax Payment Obligations Connection Operations Algeria Submission Matters Vote Security Holders
Submit Stockholder Proposal Nominate Director 2009 Annual Meeting Submit Stockholder Proposal Nominate Director 2010 Annual Meeting
Submitted William Thompson Comptroller City New York Behalf Subsequent Events
Subsidiaries Subsidiary
Summary Compensation Table 2007 Summary Compensation Table Last
Summary Significant Accounting Policies T-bar Lawsuit
T-bar Limited Anadarko Petroleum Corporation Table Contents
Taxes Termination Amendment
Termination Suspension Plan Terms Agreement
Terms Agreement Signature Page Terms Options
Terms Stock Options Title Properties
Totals Not Add Because Rounding Transactions Entities Connected Independent Directors
Transactions Related Persons Transferability Stock Options
Transfers Transportation Storage
Trinity Class Member Unavailability High Cost Drilling Rigs Equipment Supplies Personnel
Underwriting Agreement Standard Provisions Debt Securities Unfunded Obligation
Unfunded Obligations Unregistered Sales Equity Securities Proceeds
Unresolved Staff Comments Uses Cash
Value Cash Awards Other Stock-based Value Performance Shares Units
Venezuela View Annual Report Proxy Statement Internet Wwwanadarkocom
View Stockholder List Visit Web Http Wwwmelloninvestorcom Technical Assistance Call 1-877-978-7778
Volumes Vote
Vote Confidential Vote Shares Filling Out Returning Notice
Vote Stock Filling Out Returning Notice Votes Needed Approve Each Proposals
Votes Present Hold Annual Meeting Votes Present Hold Meeting
Voting Rights Dividends Other Distributions Vulnerable Risks Associated Operating Gulf Mexico Negatively Impact
West Chicago Illinois West Texas
Western States What Broker Non-vote
What Non-routine Matters What Non-routine Matters Voted Annual Meeting
What Routine Matters What Routine Matters Voted Annual Meeting
What Voting Worldwide Drilling Development Highlights
Worldwide Proved Undeveloped Reserves Worldwide Proved Undeveloped Reserves Analysis
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