Topic Listing for Apex Silver Mines

Ability Obtain Dividends Other Distributions Subsidiaries Subject Restrictions Accelerating Lender Group
Acceptable Bank Acceptable Buyer
Acceptable Funding Plan Acceptance
Acceptance Appointment Agent Service Acceptance Financial Model Construction Budget Operating Plan
Accepting Distributions Pursuant Plan Each Holder Allowed Claim Access
Access Records Account Enforcement Notice
Account Names Numbers Accounting Derivative Instruments Hedging Activities
Accounts Accounts Payable Other Accrued Liabilities
Accrued Interest Acknowledgements Securities Intermediary
Active Asset Option Active Reserve Assets
Activities Subject Foreign Environmental Laws Regulations Materially Adversely Additional Escrow Account
Additional Information Additional Material Project Document
Additional Plan Support Agreement Additional Provisions
Adjustment Sumitomo Percentage Survival Payment Obligations Administration
Administrative Administrative Agent
Administrative Expense Claim Administrative Expense Claims Bar Date
Administrative Reorganization Adoption Accounting Standards Requiring Retrospective Application Other Reclassifications
Adverse Claims Affiliate
Affiliated Obligors Affirmative Covenants
Agents Agreement
Agreements Officers Directors Alan Edwards
Alan Edwards Resigns Chief Operating Officer Alienability
Allowed Allowed Claim
Alteration Capital Alternate Director
Alternatives Confirmation Consummation Plan Amended Restated Certificate Incorporation Golden Minerals
Amendment Amendment 2004 Equity Incentive Plan Apex Silver Mines
Amendment Change Control Agreement Amendment Estatutos Further Assurances
Amendment Loan Agreement Amendment Memorandum Articles Association
Amendment Modification Plan Amendment Open Pit Contract Mining Services Agreement
Amendment San Cristóbal Project Financing Agreements Amendment Termination
Amendments Amendments Articles Incorporation Bylaws Change
Amendments Etc Amm
Amortizable Bond Premium Amortization Schedule
Amounts Not Subject Sharing Anita
Anita Peru Annex Credit Agreement Closing Checklist
Annex Credit Agreement Financial Statements- Reporting Annexes
Annual Financial Statements Annual Retainer-
Antofalla Argentina Anónimas
Apex Apex Closing Deliveries Sweden Luxembourg Delivering Causing Delivered
Apex Exploration Activities Increase Apex Exploration Activities Increase Quevar Property
Apex Finance Apex Group
Apex Guaranty Apex Interestholder
Apex Luxembourg Apex Luxembourg Shares
Apex Metals Apex Metals Account
Apex Metals Conditions Apex Metals Documents
Apex Metals Gmbh Apex Metals Management Services Agreement
Apex Metals Net Payment Amount Apex Metals Obligations
Apex Metals Quotas Apex Metals Subordination Agreement
Apex Silver Certain Lower Tier Subsidiaries Likely Treated Apex Silver Certain Lower Tier Subsidiaries Treated Passive
Apex Silver Extends Delay 2006 Year-end Results Apex Silver Files Reorganization Chapter Bankruptcy Code
Apex Silver Mines Corporation Apex Silver Mines Limited
Apex Silver Mines Limited Financial Statements Supplementary Data Apex Silver Mines Limited Form 10-q 2005 Index
Apex Silver Mines Sweden Apex Silver Reports 2005 Year-end Results
Apex Silver Reports 2006 Results San Cristobal Project Apex Silver Reports 2007 Results
Apex Silver Reports 2007 Year-end Results Apex Silver Reports 2008 Results
Apex Silver Reports Shipments Concentrate San Cristobal Apex Sweden
Apex Sweden Luxembourg Apex Sweden Shares
Applicable Accounting Principles Application Cash Sweep Prepayments
Application Enforcement Proceeds Application Fresh Start Accounting Requirements Result Material Adverse
Application Insurance Proceeds Application Proceeds
Appointment Appointment Collateral Agent
Approved Plan Holders Existing Equity Securities Apex Silver Arms-length Transactions
Asc Bolivia Asc Bolivia Default
Asc Bolivia Ldc Sucursal Asc Bolivia Pledge Agreement
Asm Asmc
Asml Asml Liquidation Reserve
Asml Not Treated Pfic Part Holders Holding Period Asml Treated Pfic Part Holders Holding Period
Asserted Hereunder Whether Sounding Breach Contract Warranty Tort Asset Impairment
Asset Retirement Obligations Assets Held Sale
Assignment Binding Effect Assure Representation Annual Meeting Shareholders Please Sign Date
Attachment Collateral Attachments
Attorney-in-fact Auction Rate Securities
Auction Rate Security Investments Ars Audit Committee
Audit Committee Financial Expert Auditor Fees
Authority Authority Act
Authority Act Secured Parties Authorizations
Authorizations Etc Authorized Depositary
Authorized Officer Available Cash
Available Information Available Sale-
Average Cash Operating Costs Comparison Previous Method New Avoidance Other Actions
Award Restricted Stock Units Awards Granted Certain Individuals Groups
Background Ballot
Bankruptcy Bankruptcy Borrower
Bankruptcy Code Bankruptcy Court
Bankruptcy Material Project Counterparties Bankruptcy Receivership
Bankruptcy Rules Bankruptcy Sponsor
Bar Date Barclays Capital
Base Equity Contribution Base Salary
Basis Consolidation Basis Preparation Financial Statements
Basis Preparation Financial Statements Nature Operations Beneficial Ownership Reporting Compliance
Benefits Agreement Best Interests Test
Binding Agreement Proper Legal Form Binding Agreements
Binding Effect Bnp Paribas
Board Directors Apex Silver Board Directors Pursuant Recommendation Audit Committee Unanimously Recommends
Board Msc Shall Deliver Notice Pre-commercial Operations Contribution Bolivian Accounts
Bolivian Equity Expropriation Account Bolivian Insurance Policies
Bolivian Proceeds Account Bolivian Security Documents
Bolivian Supreme Decree Reaffirms San Cristobal Mining Concession Books Accounts
Books Records Accounting Cost Control Systems Borrower Apex Metals Rights
Borrower Management Services Agreement Borrower Shall Delivered Lender Following Documents
Borrower Shares Borrowers Operating Financial Report
Borrowing Powers Directors Breach Covenant
Breach Material Project Documents Breach Representation Warranty
Breach Representation Warranty Agreement Bulk Concentrate
Business Business Properties
Business Strategy Bvico
Bylaws Caf Senior Loan Agreement
Calculation Financial Ratios Calculation Mineralized Material Subject Significant Estimates
Calculation Payment Calculation Reserves Other Mineralization Subject Significant Estimates
Cannot Insure Against Risks Associated Mining Capital Commitments
Capital Contributions Capital Expenditures
Capital Leases Capital Leases Other Financing Obligations
Capital Stock Capitalization Profits
Cash Allocation Cash Costs
Cash Equivalent Cash Equivalents
Cash Flow Prepayments Cash Investment Balances
Cash Investments Cash Investments 2008
Cash Reserves Cash Reserves Release Date
Cash Sweep Prepayment Cash Sweep Prepayments
Causes Action Cautionary Investors Concerning Estimates Indicated Inferred Resources
Cautionary Regarding Estimates Measured Indicated Inferred Resources Cayman Islands British West Indies
Cayman Proceeding Certain Apex Silver Finance Cross-guarantee Security Agreement Dated
Certain Laws Affecting Mining Certain Provisions Organizational Documents
Certain Relationships Related Transactions Certain Relationships Related Transactions Director Independence
Certain Sumitomo Pledge Guarantee Agreement Dated Date Hereof Certain Tax Consequences Plan Raise Unsettled Complex Legal
Certain Transactions Certificates
Certification Certification Pursuant Usc 1350 Adopted 906 Sarbanes-oxley Act
Cesión Condicional Cessation Active Asset Third-party Sale
Cessation Notice Cessation Reserve Asset Third-party Sale
Cession Condicional Cgsa Default
Cgsa Secured Obligations Change Control
Change Control Agreements Change Control Arrangements
Changes Changes Emergencies
Changes Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Chapter Bankruptcy Code
Chapter Cases Chapter Proceeding
Chapter Proceedings Financial Restructuring Sale San Cristóbal Mine Chapter Reorganization
Charles Hansard Age Director Since 2001 Charles Smith
Charles Smith Age Director Since 2000 Chilean Conditional Assignment
Chilean Political Events Chilean Security Documents
Chinchilla Chinchilla Argentina
Class Classification Claims Old Equity Interests
Classification Debt Current Clause Date
Closing Date Closing Deliveries Apex Sweden Luxembourg
Closing Deliveries Sumitomo Closing Register Members Fixing Record Date
Code Ethics Collateral
Collateral Agent Collateral Agent Enforce Claims
Collateral Agent Proofs Claim Collateral Agent Protections
Commercial Bank Senior Lenders Commercial Bank Senior Loan Agreement
Commercial Operation Commitment Termination Date
Commitments Commitments Contingencies
Committee Chairperson- Committees
Commodity Price Resk Commodity Price Risk
Common Conditions Precedent Initial Subsequent Disbursements Senior Loans Common Ground Report
Common Provisions Common Security Agreement
Common Stock Common Stock Issuances
Communication Communication Board
Communication Security Holders Compensation
Compensation Chief Executive Officer Compensation Chief Executive Officers
Compensation Committee Compensation Committee Interlocks Insider Participation
Compensation Committee Report Compensation Program Enable Compete First-rate Executive Talent
Compete Against Larger Experienced Companies Competition
Completed Time Delivery Completion
Completion Acquisition Disposition Assets Completion Agreement
Completion Guarantee Completion Test
Completion Test Period Completion Undertaking
Compliance Applicable Law Compliance Government Rules Approvals
Compliance Law Compliance Law Environmental Guidelines
Comprehensive Income Loss Concentrate
Concentrate Inventories Concentrate Sales Guarantee
Concentration Risk Investment Policy Conclusion
Condensed Consolidated Pro Forma Financial Statements Conditional Asset Retirement Obligation
Conditions Closing Conditions Precedent
Conditions Precedent Initial Disbursement Senior Loans Conditions Restricted Payments
Conduct Certain Enforcement Action Confidential Information Intellectual Property
Confidentiality Confirmation Date
Confirmation Hearing Confirmation Order
Conflicts Consent Agreement Borrower
Consent Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Consent Jurisdiction
Consents Approvals Consents Approvals Financing Documents
Consents Approvals Project Consents Conflicts
Consideration Restatement Consolidated Financial Statements
Consolidated Tangible Net Worth Construction Budget
Construction Completion Construction Reports
Consultants Consultation Counsel Etc
Consummation Contingent Support Amount
Contingent Support Contribution Contingent Support Deficiencies
Contingent Support Deficiency Contingent Support Letter Credit
Contingent Support Letters Credit Contingent Support Requirement
Contingent Support Shortfall Continuing Operations
Contracts Including Amendments Supplements Modifications Waivers Thereof Included Contractual Obligations
Contributed Equity Amount Control
Controls Procedures Convenience Claim
Conversion Table Convertible Currencies
Convertible Debt- Convertible Notes
Convertible Senior Subordinated Notes Due 2024 Convertible Senior Subordinated Notes Due 2024 Collectively
CorporaciÓn Andina Fomento Corporate Governance
Corporate Governance Nominating Committee Corporations Acting Representatives Meetings
Correction Error Regarding Capitalized Interest Corresponding Payment Date
Cost Complete Cost Complete Certificate
Cost Services Costs Applicable Sales
Counterparts Counterpartys Consent
Country Covenants
Covenants Borrower Creation Direct Financial Obligation Off-balance Sheet Arrangement
Creation Direct Financial Obligation Off-balance Sheet Arrangement Registrant Credit Risk
Credit Risk Risks Relating Derivatives Creditors Committee
Critical Accounting Policies Cross-default
Cross-defaults Cross-guarantee Security Agreement
Csa Accession Agreement Currency Equivalents
Current Project Documents Currently Only Source Operational Cash Flow Subject Restrictions
Currently Owned Project Property David Watkins
Deadlock Proposed Program Budgets Deadlock Significant Matters
Deborah Friedman Joins General Counsel Debt
Debt Secured Hereby Debt Service Reserve Account
Debt Service Reserve Deficiency Debt Service Reserve Letter Credit
Debt Service Reserve Letters Credit Debt Service Reserve Requirement
Dedicated Cash Default
Default Termination Completion Agreement Default Termination Cross-guarantee Security Agreement
Default Termination Hedge Agreements Default Termination Transfer Restrictions Agreement
Defaults Deferral Fees
Deferred Financing Costs Deferred Payments Agreement
Deficiency Definitions
Delays Suspension Delegation Committee
Delivery Documentation Delivery Financial Statements
Delivery Other Perfection Delivery Shares
Denver Colorado 80203 Departure Directors Certain Officers Election Appointment Compensatory
Departure Directors Certain Officers Election Appointment Compensatory Arrangements Departure Directors Principal Officers Election Appointment
Depend Services Key Executives Depend Single Mining Project
Depend Single Mining Project Not 100 Owned Depreciation Depletion Amortization
Derechos Reales Derivative Positions
Description 2004 Equity Incentive Plan Description Amendment
Description Classes Description New Common Stock
Description San Cristobal Mine Description Services
Designation Local Banks Development Construction San Cristobal Mine
Development Construction San Cristobal Project Development Plan
Development San Cristobal Nearing Completion Development San Cristobal Track
Dia Dip Financing Facility
Dip Financing Facility Claims Director Attendance Annual Meeting
Director Compensation Directors
Directors Executive Officers Corporate Governance Directors Executive Officers Registrant
Disbursement Date Disbursing Agent
Discharge Claims Discharged Obligations Hereunder Extent They Been Assumed Qualified
Disclosure Controls Procedures Disclosure Statement
Disclosure Statement Respect Joint Plan Reorganization Apex Silver Discretionary Metals Hedge Transactions
Dispute Regarding Audit Accuracy Thereof Shall Addressed Accordance Dispute Resolution
Disputed Claim Disqualification Directors
Dissolution Creditors Committee Dissolution Termination Winding-up
Distribution Available Cash Distributions
Distributions Account Disputed Claims Once They Allowed Dividends
Dividends Distributions Adjustments Dividends Voting Rights
Documents Incorporated Reference Donald Ratcliff
Durand Eppler Duties
Eap Early Stage Exploration Properties
Earnings Call Effect Confirmation
Effect Termination Effective Date
Effectiveness Eighth
Eligible Directors Rights Unsecured Eligible Guaranteed Apex Metals Amount
Embargo Employees
Employees Employee Benefits Employment Agreements Change-in-control Arrangements
Employment Arrangements Executives Golden Minerals Enforcement Action
Enforcement Action Limitation Suits Subrogation Enforcement Direction
Entire Agreement Entry Material Definitive Agreement
Environmental Card Environmental Compliance
Environmental Guidelines Environmental Impact Assessment
Environmental Laws Environmental Matters
Environmental Reports Environmental Social Reports
Environmental Test Epcm Contract
Epcm Contractor Epcm Guaranty
Equator Principles Equipment Etc
Equipment Materials Equity Account
Equity Amount Equity Compensation Plan Information 2004
Equity Compensation Plan Information 2008 Equity Deficiency
Equity Expropriation Account Equity Interest
Equity Support Letter Credit Equity Support Letters Credit
Escrow Account Escrow Amounts-
Escrow Delivery Shares Establishment Accounts
Estate Estimated Valuation Golden Minerals Common Stock Not Intended
Event Default Event Default Individual Senior Loan Agreement
Event Default Material Adverse Effect Events Default
Exact Name Registrant Specified Charter Excepted Property
Excess Cash Excess Project Cost
Exchange Listing Exculpatory Provisions
Execution Copy Execution Counterparts
Execution Delivery Execution Version
Executive Compensation Executive Officers Apex
Executive Officers Apex Silver Exemption Transfer Taxes
Exercise Active Asset Option Exercise Option
Exhibits Expect Incur Operating Losses Least Through 2010 Profitability
Expect Required Make Payments Settle Metals Derivative Positions Expected Board Directors Golden Minerals
Expected Compensation Program Golden Minerals Expected Director Compensation Golden Minerals
Expected Equity Compensation Expected Executive Officers Golden Minerals
Expected Other Compensation Expected Salary Incentive Bonus
Expense Accounts Expenses
Expenses Indemnity Explanatory
Exploration Exploration Activities
Exploration Mine Management Activities Countries Developing Economies Subject Exploration Mineral Properties Highly Speculative Nature Involves Substantial
Exploration Update Expressed United States Dollars
Expropriation Account Expropriation Compensation
Expropriation Proceeds Account Expropriatory Event
Facility Compliance Facing Increasingly Significant Liquidity Challenges Regardless Whether Able
Facto Factors Leading Chapter Proceeding
Failure Achieve Completion Failure Exercise Active Asset Option
Failure Make Payment Fair Value Financial Instruments
Fair Value Measurements Farm-outs Royalties Other Dispositions
Feasibility Projections Valuation Fee Letters
Fees Expenses Fees Independent Engineer Social Consultant Insurance Advisor Legal
Fees Independent Engineer Social Consultant Nsurance Advisor Legal Fifth
Filed Filing Filing Additional Documents
Filing Details Final Order
Finance Operating Committee Financial Accounting Terms Not Otherwise Defined Herein Shall
Financial Condition Financial Covenant
Financial Model Financial Model Auditor
Financial Ratio Certificate Financial Results Liquidity Capital Resources
Financial Statements Financial Statements Exhibits
Financial Statements Supplementary Data Financial Statements Supplementary Data Index
Financial Statements Undisclosed Liabilities Material Adverse Effect Financial Test
Financing Documents Financing Msc
Financing Statements Fldscr
Following Commitment Termination Date Following Summary Some Significant Elements Plan Disclosure Statement
Force Majeure Forced Divestiture
Forced Liquidate Effective Date Plan Delayed Foreign Currency
Foreign Currency Exchange Risk Foreign Exchange Restrictions
Form 10-k Form 10-k Amendment
Form 10-q Forward Looking Statements
Forward-looking Statements Fractional Shares
Fresh Start Accounting Funding
Funding Project Costs Identified Notice Funding Project Costs Identified Notice Disbursement
Funding Project Through Commercial Operations Date Funding San Cristóbal Other Cash Requirements
Funding San Cristóbal Other Cash Requirements Prior Emergence Further
Further Assurances Future Project Documents
Gain Loss Metal Derivatives Gain Metal Derivatives
Gain Sale Interest Subsidiary Gains Losses Commodity Derivatives
Gains Losses Foreign Currency Derivatives Exchange Gains Losses Foreign Currency Derivatives Transactions
Gains Losses-commodity Derivatives General
General Information General Meetings
General Restrictions Sales Pledges Legend Effect Not Accordance General Unsecured Claims
Geology Geology Mineralization
Gerald Malys Glossary Selected Mining Terms
Gold Market Golden Colorado 80401
Golden Minerals Golden Minerals Reports 2009 Results
Good Title Valid Security Interests Gotlex Lageraktiebolag 451
Governance Policy Governance Reorganized Entities
Governing Law Government Approval
Government Approvals Government Rule
Governmental Authority Grant
Grant Restricted Shares Guarantee
Guaranteed Apex Metals Early Termination Amount Guaranteed Apex Metals Obligations
Guaranteed Obligations Guaranteed Obligor
Harry Conger Harry Conger Age Director Since 1997
Hazardous Material Headings
Health Care Account Health Safety Cultural Environmental Compliance
Hedge Agreement Proceeds Early Termination Amounts Hedge Bank
Hedge Bank Accession Hedge Bank Voting
Hedge Guaranty Hedge Instrument
Hedge Instruments Hedge Payment Date
Hedge Pri Insurers Hedge Pri Policy
Hedging Held 2006
Held 2007 Held 2008
Held Maturity- Hereby Deleted Entirety
Highlights Hipoteca
Hipoteca Los Vehiculos Historical Debt Service Coverage Ratio Hdscr
History History Losses Expect Continue Least Next
History Losses Not Able Achieve Profitability Future History Production
Hochschild Mining Holder
However Ian Masterton-hume
Ian Masterton-hume Age Director Since 2007 Idd Mandatory Metals Hedge Transactions
Identified Material Weakness Internal Controls Over Financial Reporting Immunity
Impaired Impaired Classes Claims Equity Interests
Impairment Long-lived Assets Inadequately Identified Amounts
Incentive Plan Incidents Sale
Income Operations Income Taxes
Incorporation Recapitalization Operations Incorporation Reference
Increase Available Shares Incumbency Signatures
Indebtedness Borrowed Money Indemnification
Indemnification Agreements Indemnification Directors Officers Sindicos
Indemnification Limitation Liability Indemnitee
Indemnity Independent Condition Precedent
Independent Engineer Independent Engineer Report
Index Index Appendices
Information Initial Construction Budget
Initial Cost Complete Initial Distribution Date
Initial Election Fee- Initial Financial Model
Initial Operating Plan Initial Senior Lender Group
Initial Senior Lenders Initial Senior Loan Agreements
Injunction Insert Additional Certificates Mechanical Completion Necessary
Insert Amount Equal Unrestricted Cash Held Effective Date Insurance
Insurance Account Insurance Advisor
Insurance Advisor Report Insurance Expropriation Compensation
Insurance Proceeds Account Insurance Requirement
Intellectual Property Rights Intentionally Omitted
Inter Alia Intercompany
Intercompany Agreements Intercompany Agreements Consents Assignment
Intercompany Claim Intercompany Claims
Intercompany Debt Intercompany Lender
Interest Expense Interest Expense Other Borrowing Costs
Interest Other Expense Interest Other Income
Interest Rate Risk Interest Such Optioned Reserve Asset Sumitomo Acquiring Times
Intermediate Advanced Exploration Properties Internal Control Over Financial Reporting
International Provisions Interpretation
Interruption Suspension Introduction
Inventories Investment Companies Federal Income Tax Purposes
Investment Funds Accounts Investments
Iva Reimbursement Rights Iva Reimbursements
Jeffrey Clevenger Jeffrey Clevenger Age Director Since 2004
Jerry Danni Joint Plan Reorganization Apex Silver Mines Limited Corporation
Jpmorgan Chase Bank Judgment Currency
Jurisdiction Service Process Venue Keith Hulley
Keith Hulley Age Director Since 1997 Kevin Morano
Kevin Morano Age Director Since 2000 Key Features Plan Reorganization
Labor Laws Language
Lapse Restrictions Lead Concentrate
Leases- Legal Opinions
Legal Other Conditions Test Legal Proceedings
Lender Agreement Lender Provisions Policies Insurance
Less Letterhead Officer Director Major Shareholder Apex Silver Mines
Letters Credit- Level
Liability Borrower Liability Officers Directors
Liability Whether Known Unknown Asserted Unasserted Absolute Contingent Lien
Life Mine Limitation Collateral Agents Duties Respect
Limitation Indebtedness Limitation Liability
Limitation Liens Limitation Liens Encumbrances
Limitation Loans Advances Guarantees Investments Limitation Share Issuance
Limitations Accounts Liquidation
Liquidation Chapter Liquidity
Liquidity Accounts Liquidity Capital Resources
Liquidity Capital Resources Financial Restructuring Liquidity Capital Resources Going Concern
Litigation Litigation Claims
Llcr Loan
Loan Agreement Loan Agreement Amendments
Loan Pri Insurers Loan Pri Policy
Loan Proceeds Account Local Bank
Location Access Location Distribution Exploration Properties
Locations Names Etc Long Term Debt
Long-term Cash Flow Profitability Affected Changes Prices Metals Lose Rights Properties Fail Meet Payment Requirements Development
Loss Auction Rate Securities Losses Foreign Currency Derivatives Exchange
Maintain Comply Mining Concessions Government Approvals Maintain Good Title
Maintenance Existence Prohibition Fundamental Changes Maintenance Insurance
Maintenance Records Majority Hedge Banks
Majority Lenders Majority Secured Parties
Majority Supporting Senior Lenders Majority Supporting Subordinated Noteholders
Management Incentive Plan Management Service Fees
Management Services Agreement Managements Report Internal Control Over Financial Reporting
Mandatory Metals Hedge Agreements Mandatory Metals Hedge Transactions
Mandatory Prepayment Market Discount
Market Registrants Common Equity Related Shareholder Matters Marketing Test
Master Ballot Material Adverse Effect
Material Contracts Material Project Documents
Materials Supplies Inventories Meeting Fees
Meetings Committees Board Directors Meetings Secured Parties
Metals Metals Derivative Positions
Metals Hedge Transactions Metals Report
Mine Management Services Mine Services
Minera San CristÓbal Mineral
Mineral Exploration Projects Not Contain Reserves Developed Mines Mineral Properties
Mineral Reserves Minerals Aktiebolag
Minimis Minimis Exception
Minimum Financial Ratios Minimum Insurer Credit Requirements
Mining Concessions Mining Concessions Government Approvals
Mining Contract Mining Contractor
Mining Properties Exploration Development Costs Mining Taxation Legislation Proposed Bolivian Congress
Minority Interest Minority Interests
Minus Miscellaneou
Miscellaneous Modification Organizational Documents
Motor Vehicles Msc
Msc Line Credit Msc Shall Promptly Furnish Following Each Shareholder Group
Msc Shareholders Agreement Muleros
Mutatis Mutandis Name Independent Engineer
Name President Name Senior Officer Independent Engineer
Names Etc Need Substantial Additional Financing Advance Quevar Project Not
Net Earnings Loss Per Ordinary Share Net Income Loss Per Ordinary Share
Net Loss Attributable Noncontrolling Interests Formerly Minority Interest Never Previously Managed Mining Property Party Assurance Mine
New Accounting Standards New Common Stock
New Draft Constitution New Recent Accounting Developments
New York Accounts New York Court
New York Equity Expropriation Account Ninth
Nominees Election Non Gaap Financial Measures
Non-bolivian Policies Non-controlling Interest
Non-gaap Financial Measures Non-recognition Trusts
Nonqualified Share Option Agreement Not Able Continue Going Concern Following Emergence Chapter
Not Able Raise Funds Necessary Explore Develop Mineral Not Active Trading Market Common Stock Golden Minerals
Not Anticipate Paying Dividend Foreseeable Future Not Successful Hedging Against Metals Price Currency Interest
Not Successful Hedging Against Price Currency Interest Rate Notes
Notes Payable Notice
Notice Annual Meeting Shareholders Held 2005 Notice Disbursement
Notice Extraordinary Events Notice General Meetings
Notice Payments Subject Sharing Among Secured Parties Notice Project Costs
Notices Now Therefore
Number 1-13627 Objectives Compensation Program
Obligations Absolute Obligations Parties
Off Balance Sheet Arrangements Officers
Officers Certificate Offices
Oficina Derechos Reales Oficina Pública Derechos Reales
Old Equity Interests One-time Incentive Bonuses
Open Pit Contract Mining Services Agreement Operating Costs
Operating Plan Operating Plan Financial Model
Operating Reserve Account Operating Reserve Deficiency
Operating Reserve Requirement Operation
Operations Option Agreement
Option Exercises 2004 Value Unexercised Options Option Exercises 2005 Value Unexercised Options
Option Exercises Holdings Option Exercises Stock Vested Table
Option Grants Last Options
Ore Stockpile Process Solution Concentrate Inventory Supplies Inventories Ore Stockpiles
Ore Stockpiles Concentrate Inventories Organismo Operativo Tránsito
Organization Organization Good Standing Authority Governing Documents Books Records
Organizational Documents Original Plan Support Agreement
Original Purchase Agreements Other
Other Agreements Other Contingencies-
Other Covenants Other Directors
Other Events Other Financing Statements Control
Other Information Other Local Policies
Other Long Term Assets Other Long-term Assets
Other Matters Other Priority Claim
Other Project Funds Sponsor Funding Other Property Rights
Other Provisions Other Regular Reporting
Other Security Documents Otuzco Peru
Ove Hoegh Ove Hoegh Age Director Since 1997
Over Overruns Emergencies
Overview Overview Highlights
Overview San Cristóbal Operations Owners Obligations
Ownership Borrower Paca-pulacayo Joint Venture Bolivia
Palca Peru Pari Passu
Pari Passu Obligations Participant
Partnership Sumitomo Corporation Party Concentrate Sales Agreement
Passive Foreign Investment Companies Paul Soros Age Director Since 1996
Payment Default Payment Etc Reinsurance
Payment Fees Payment Premiums
Payment Respect Each Optioned Active Asset Payment Silver Bullion
Payments Etc Payments Free Clear Taxes Etc
Payments Generally Pro Rata Treatment Payments Principal Interest
Payments Subject Sharing Among Secured Parties Peer Group
Perfection Lien Perfection Maintenance Security Interests
Perfection Security Interests Performance Bonds Etc
Performance Bonus- Performance Graph
Performance Security Performance Security Insurance
Performance-based Equity Awards Permanent Cessation Production
Permit Such Issuance Including Amendment Estatutos Waive Preemptive Permitted Assignee
Permitted Liens Perquisites Other Benefits
Person Personnel Labor
Petition Date Physical Facilities Test
Plan Plan Supplement
Plan Support Agreement Plan Support Agreement Assumption Order
Planned Project Costs Platosa Royalty Mexico
Policies Regarding Option Awards Political Contingencies-
Political Matters Bolivia Political Violence Events
Port Lease Liability Ports Agreement
Ports Loc Ports Owner
Possible Transaction Sumitomo Post-commercial Operations Funding
Power Line Notes Power Reports
Powers Duties Directors Pre-closing Covenants
Preemptive Rights Preferred Payment
Preferred Stock Prenda
Prenda Sin Desplazamiento Prendas Flotantes
Prendas Sin Desplazamiento Prepaid Expenses Other Assets
Prepayment Premium Prepayments
Preservation Assets Preservation Rights
Pri Insurer Obligation Pri Premia
Principal Accountant Fees Services Principal Accounting Fees Services
Principal Place Business Principal Repayment Date
Prior Commitment Termination Date Priority
Priority Tax Claim Priority Tax Claims
Private Sale Private Sale Waivers
Pro Rata Pro Rata Disbursements
Pro Rata Payment Procedure
Procedures Proceeding
Proceedings Directors Proceedings General Meetings
Proceeds Proceeds Sale Collateral Expropriation Compensation Insurance
Production Production Sales
Production Startup Income Expense Net Production Test
Professional Professional Fees
Professional Fees Bar Date Profitability Affected Changes Prices Metals
Profitability Depends Part Actual Economic Returns Costs Developing Program Budgets
Project Project Consents Approvals
Project Cost Funding Date Project Description
Project Document Guarantees Project Documents
Project Documents Consents Assignment Project Equity Expropriation Compensation
Project Finance Facility Project Financing
Project Funds Project Information
Project Property Projected Cash Proceeds
Projected Operating Costs Proper Legal Form
Property History Property Plant Equipment
Property Plant Equipment Long Live Asset Impairment Property Plant Equipment Net
Proposed Amendment Articles Association Proposed Amendment Memorandum Association
Proven Probable Reserves Provided
Provided However Provisions Applicable Nonqualified Stock Options
Proviso Proxy Solicited Behalf Board Directors Annual Meeting Shareholders
Purchase Agreement Purchase Sale Agreement
Purchase Sale Closing Purpose
Pursuant Securities Exchange Act 1934 Put Right
Quantitative Qualitative Disclosures Market Risk Quantitative Qualitative Disclosures Market Risk Hedging Activities
Quarterly Date Quarterly Discretionary Hedge Report
Quarterly Results Operations Quevar
Quevar Argentina Quevar Project
Quorum Rail Transportation Agreement
Rail Transporter Railway
Ramp Full Production San Cristobal Mine 2008 Estimate Ranking
Ratio Maturity Date Real Property
Recently Adopted Standards Recently Issued Accounting Policies
Recently Issued Pronouncements Recital
Recitals Reclassifications
Recommendation Required Vote Recovery Previous Awards
Redemption Purchase Own Shares References Collateral Agent
References Person Entity Include Such Persons Entitys Respective Referendum Department Autonomy Presidency
Regarding Effect Proposal Shareholder Approval Proposals Registered Agent
Registrants Telephone Number Including Area Code Registration Financing Information
Registration Statement Registration Way Continuation
Registro Comercio Regulation Disclosure
Regulations Regulatory Compliance
Regulatory Environmental Compliance Reinstated
Reinstatement Related Parties
Related Party Transactions Related Persons
Release Released Claims
Released Parties Reliance
Remainder Page Intentionally Blank Remaining Pages Signature Remainder Page Intentionally Left Blank
Remaining Equity Amount Remaining Excess Cash
Remediation Material Weakness Remediation Material Weaknesses
Remedies Reorganization Expected Emergence Chapter
Reorganized Apex Reorganized Apex Certificate Incorporation By-laws
Reorganized Apexs Balance Sheet Reorganized Debtors
Reorganized Entities Replacement Hedge Pri Policy
Replacement Loan Pri Policy Replacement Mandatory Metals Hedge Transaction
Replacement Secured Debt Replacement Senior Loan Agreement
Report Audit Committee Report Audit Committee Board Directors
Report Compensation Committee Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Reports Certifications Representations
Representations Warranties Representations Warranties Borrower
Representations Warranties Regarding Acquired Entities Msc Old Metals Representations Warranties Sponsor
Republic Bolivia Requested Disbursement Date
Required Indemnify Sumitomo Certain Circumstances Terms Purchase Agreement Required Information
Reserve Accounts Reserve Asset Option
Reserve Payment Date Reserve Tail
Reserves Resignation Replacement
Resignation Replacement Successor Collateral Agent Resolution
Resolved Board Action Pursuant Deadlock Shall Deemed Exist Respect Msc Old Metals New Cayman Material Adverse
Restatement Prior Financial Statements Restatement Prior Period Financial Statements
Restatement Prior Periods Results Operations Restricted Cash Investments
Restricted Operating Cost Certificate Restricted Operating Costs
Restricted Payment Restricted Shares Agreement
Restricted Shares Award Agreement Restricted Subsidiary
Restriction Export Rights Restrictions Withdrawals
Restrictive Provisions Restructuring Expenses
Results Operations Results Operations -three 2005
Results Operations 2005 Results Operations 2006
Results Operations Asml 83-day Period 2009 Results Operations Financial Condition
Results Operations Financial Conditions Results Operations Golden Minerals 7-day Period 2009
Results Operations Predecessor 83-day Period 2009 Results Operations Successor 7-day Period 2009
Results Operations-nine 2004 Results Operations-three 2004
Results Operations-three 2005 Retention Jurisdiction
Revenue Cost Services Revenue Recognition
Revenues Depend Primarily Agreement Manage San Cristóbal Mine Review Related Person Transactions
Right Initiate Judicial Proceedings Etc Right Off-set Amounts Required Paid Agreement Shall Full
Right Setoff Rights Collateral Prior Enforcement Direction
Rights Liquidation Rights Participant
Risk Factors Robert Blakestad
Robert Vogels Rodman Drake
Rodman Drake Age Director Since 2007 Royalty Income
Sale Ars Investments Sale Auction Rate Securities
Sale Concentrates Sale Concentrates Deferred Revenue
Sale Deferred Payment Sale Interest San Cristóbal Project
Sale Interests San Cristóbal Mine Change Basis Presentation Sale Other Taxable Disposition
Sale San Cristóbal Mine Sale San Cristóbal Mine Significantly Change Operations
Sales Sales Concentrates
Sales Fees Sales Parties Right Offer Interestholders Agree
Sales Parties Right Refusal Interestholders Agree Sales Project Production
San Cristobal Achieves Production San Cristobal Mine
San Cristobal Mine Adversely Affected Changes Bolivian Governments San Cristobal Mine Exploration Activities Countries Developing Economies
San Cristobal Mine Finance Facility San Cristobal Operating Plan Update
San Cristobal Operations San Cristobal Project
San Cristobal Project Adversely Affected Changes Bolivian Governments San Cristobal Project Adversely Affected Changes Government Policies
San Cristobal Project Exploration Activities Countries Developing Economies San Cristobal Project Finance Facility
San Cristobal Project Subject Risks Including Delays Completion San Cristobal Purchase Sale Agreement
San Cristobal Startup San Cristóbal
San Cristóbal Contract Mining Agreement San Cristóbal Mine
San Cristóbal Mine Finance Facility San Cristóbal Operations
San Cristóbal Project Exploration Activities Countries Developing Economies San Cristóbal Project Finance Facility
San Cristóbal Project Subject Risks Including Delays Completion Sarbanes-oxley Act 2002
Satisfaction Waiver Conditions Precedent Schedule 14a
Schedule Minimum Insurance Requirements Scheduled
Schedules Sdcr Report
Seal Secured Claims
Secured Debt Secured Debt Disbursements
Secured Obligations Secured Party Action
Secured Party Consents Approvals Secured Tax Claim
Securities Act Securities Exchange Wells Notice
Securities Intermediary Securities Law Matters
Security Documents Security Interests Invalid
Security Ownership Certain Beneficial Owners Management Security Ownership Certain Beneficial Owners Management Related Stockholder
Segment Information Selected Consolidated Pro Forma Financial Data
Selective Discrimination Semi-annual Date
Senior Lender Claims Senior Lender Group
Senior Lender Group Event Default Senior Lenders
Senior Loan Agreements Senior Loan Commitment
Senior Loan Disbursements Senior Loan Facilities
Senior Loan Obligations Senior Loans
Senior Management Personnel Senior Secured Dip Financing Facility
Separate Security Service
Service Debt Service Fee
Service Lender Service Shares
Services Servicio Nacional Propiedad Intelectual
Settlement Metal Derivative Positions Seventh
Severability Severability Plan Provisions
Severance Arrangements Share Certificates
Share Funding Share Funding Amount
Share Option Grants Share Ownership Guidelines
Shareholder Shareholder Debt
Shareholder Lender Shareholder Nominations
Shareholder Parent Shareholder Parent Debt
Shareholder Parent Lender Shareholder Proposals
Shareholders Equity Shareholders Golden Minerals Required Treat Gain Recognized Disposition
Shareholders Meetings Shares
Shares Apex Luxembourg Sharing Generally
Sharing Information Shortages Critical Parts Equipment Materials Skilled Labor Adversely
Signature Signature Page Follows
Signatures Significant Accounting Policies
Significant Advancements Development San Cristobal Significant Subsidiaries
Significantly Impaired Liquidity Continues Affect Ability Manage Impact Silver Market
Silver Payments Since 2006 Event Occurred Condition Exists Individually Together
Sixth Sociedad Anonima
Sociedad Anónima Société Responsabilité Limitée
Solicitation Votes Solvent
Sources Uses Funds Special Provisions Relating Hedge Pri Policy
Special Provisions Relating Loan Pri Policy Sponsor
Sponsor Budget Sponsor Default
Sponsor Funding Sponsor Permitted Liens
Sponsor Pledge Agreement Sponsor Support
Spot Sales Agreement Status Apex Silver Passive Foreign Investment Pfic Federal
Statutory Subordinated Claims Stock Compensation
Stock Exchange Delisting Stock Option Agreement
Stock Option Plans Stockholder Rights
Stockholders Stockholders Equity
Stockholders Equity Deficit Subject Bankruptcy Insolvency Other Similar Laws Affecting Enforcement
Subject Fines Other Penalties Connection Alleged Violation Foreign Submission Certificates
Submission Matters Vote Security Holders Subordinated Cash Allocation
Subordinated Claims Subordinated Debt
Subordinated Lender Subordinated Noteholders Working Group
Subordinated Noteholders Working Group Fees Subordinated Noteholders Working Group Professionals
Subordinated Notes Subordinated Notes Indenture Trustee
Subordinated Notes Indentures Subordination Agreement
Subordination Terms Subrogation
Subsequent Events Subsidiaries
Subsidiary Substantial Contribution Claim
Substantial Control Apex Silver Directors Officers Shareholders Significant Substantial Control Golden Minerals Small Number Stockholders Facilitate
Substantial Portion Executive Compensation Form Equity Awards Substantial Portion Executive Compensation Performance-based
Success Depend Ability Manage Growth Successors Assigns
Such Person Subsidiaries Without Regard Whether Voting Share Such Restructuring Apex Caused Subsidiaries Take Only Steps
Sumitomo Sumitomo Assignment
Sumitomo Closing Deliveries Delivering Causing Delivered Apex Sweden Sumitomo Corporation
Sumitomo Exploration Sumitomo General Unsecured Claims
Sumitomo Interestholder Sumitomo Line Credit
Sumitomo Senior Lender Sumitomo Transactions
Sumitomo Working Capital Facilit Sumitomo Working Capital Line Credit
Summary Balance Sheet Data Summary Capital Structure Reorganized Debtors
Summary Compensation Summary Compensation Table
Summary Plan Classification Treatment Claims Equity Interests Thereunder Summary Proposed Changes
Supermajority Lenders Supermajority Secured Parties
Supplement Joint Plan Reorganization Apex Silver Mines Limited Support Standards
Supporting Senior Lenders Supporting Subordinated Noteholder Expenses
Supporting Subordinated Noteholders Survival
Survival Indemnification Survival Representations Warranties Respective Parties Contained Agreement Certificate
Swiss Pledge Agreement Table Con Tents
Table Contents Table Contractual Obligations
Table Ntents Table Schedules Exhibits
Tax Matters Tax Reporting Compliance
Taxes Taxes-
Technical Agent Tenth
Term Term Agreement Shall Commence Date Executed Delivered Parties
Term Sheet Proposed Chapter Plan Reorganization Term Termination
Termination Termination Agreement
Termination Connection Change Control Termination Department Justice Investigation
Termination Not Connection Change Control Termination Reduction Senior Loan Commitments
Termination Release Agreement Termination Senior Loan Commitments
Termination Services Death Disability Retirement Cause Terms
Terms Generally Terry Owen
Terry Palmer Terry Palmer Age Director Since 2004
Tesa Text Proposal Approved Not
Text Proposal Not Approved Text Proposals Not Approved
Thus Assurance Irs Not Challenge Various Positions Debtors Timeline
Timing Contributions Timing Debt Service Reserve Payments
Timing Operating Reserve Payments Title Mineral Properties Challenged
Title Ownership Rights Title Properties Security Interests
Titles Toronto Stock Exchange Listing
Total Cost Complete Tpcfr
Tra Default Trademarks
Tranche Loans Tranche Senior Lender
Tranche Senior Lenders Transaction Documents
Transaction Sumitomo Corporation Transfer Completion
Transfer Restrictions Agreement Transfer Shares
Transfer Transferable Transfers Debt Service Reserve Account
Translation Foreign Currencies Transmission Line Agreement
Transmission Line Bvico Pledge Agreement Transmission Line Escrow Agreement
Transmission Line Guaranty Transmission Line Loan Agreement
Transmission Line Moveables Pledge Transmission Line Promissory
Transmission Line Security Documents Transmission Line Transporter Pledge Agreement
Transporter Treatment Senior Lenders Collateral Agent
Triggering Events Accelerate Increase Direct Financial Obligation Ucc
Unable Comply Terms Covenants Debt Financing San Cristobal Unable Comply Terms Covenants Project Finance Facility San
Unclassified Claims Unenforceability
Unenforceability Transaction Documents Unfair Discrimination Fair Equitable Test
Unfunded Dsra Deficiency Unimpaired Claim
Unimpaired Classes Claims United States Dollars Except Shares Per Share Data
United States Securities Exchange Washington 20549 Unless
Unregistered Sales Equity Securities Unregistered Sales Equity Securities Proceeds
Unsatisfied Judgment Unsatisfied Judgments
Unsecured Claims Update Annual Report Form 10-k
Update Development Plan Updates Financial Model Construction Budget Operating Plan
Usa Patriot Act Value Added Tax Recoverable
Variable Interest Entities Voluntary Prepayment
Voluntary Prepayments Votes Shareholders
Voting Rights Waiver
Waiver Completion Conditions Waiver Jury Trial
Waiver Lien Subordination Waiver Rights Change Control Agreement Apex Silver Mines
Waivers Waivers Amendments
Warrants Warrants-
Wgi Guaranty Whereas
Whereas Lender Agreed Fund Shareholder Loan Us4900000 Borrower Winding
Withdrawal Certificate Withdrawals
Withdrawals Liquidity Accounts Continuance Event Default Withdrawals Liquidity Accounts Pre-event Default
Withholding Other Taxes Witness Whereof
Written Direction Liability Zacatecas Mexico
Zacatecas Project Zinc Concentrate
Zinc Equivalent Zinc Equivalent Pounds Produced
Zinc Equivalent Recovery Zinc Equivalents Mined Ore
Zinc Lead Copper Markets Zinc Lead Markets
Zinc Payments Zone Designated Buffer Open Properties Such Described Map
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