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Accepting Grant Agree Follows Accepting Option Agree Follows
Accumulated Deficit Accumulated Other Comprehensive Income
Accumulated Other Comprehensive Loss Accumulated Other Comprehensive Loss Income
Acknowledgement Indemnification Obligations Acquired Software
Acquisition Contract Management Solutions Inc Cmsi Acquisitions Future Subject Number Risks
Additional Agreements Acknowledgements Additional Information Respect Director Equity Awards
Address Adds New Customers
Adjustment Preliminary Results Administration
Administration Plan Adoption Accounting Standards
Adoption Accounting Standards New Advertising Expense
Advertising Expenses Aggregate Option Exercises Last Year-end Values
Agreement Agreement Plan Merger Reorganization
Agreement Vote Ahmed Rubaie
Alliente Inc Allowance Doubtful Accounts
Allowance Doubtful Accounts Receivable Amendment
Amendment Bonus Plan Executive Officers Amendment Discontinuance
Amendment Freemarkets Plan Amendment Lease
Amendment Recognition Agreement Amendment Sublease
Amortization Acquired Technology Customer Intangible Assets Amortization Other Intangible Assets
Annual Meeting Stockholders Held 2005 Annual Meeting Stockholders Held 2006
Annual Meeting Stockholders Held 2007 Annual Meeting Stockholders Held 2008
Annual Revenue Growth Anti-dilution Rights
Anti-takeover Provisions Charter Documents Delaware Law Discourage Delay Anticipated Cash Flows
Application Critical Accounting Policies Estimates Appointment Kent Parker Chief Operating Officer
Appointment Kevin Costello President Appointment Stockholder Representative
Approval Amendment Restatement 1999 Equity Incentive Plan Approval Bonus Plan Executive Officers
Approval Bonus Plan North America Approval Compensation Program Non-employee Directors
Approval Performance Metrics Target Bonuses 2005 Approval Restricted Stock Grants
Approval Target Bonuses 2006 Approval Target Bonuses 2007
Ariba Announces Definitive Agreement Acquire Procuri Ariba Completes Acquisition Procuri
Ariba Contract Management Solution Offerings Ariba Inc
Ariba Inc Subsidiaries Ariba Invoice Payment Solution Offerings
Ariba Invoice Settlement See Description Below Payment Solution Ariba Names Harriet Edelman Board Directors
Ariba On-demand Demand Ariba On-demand Expanding Footprint
Ariba Procurement Expense Solution Offerings Ariba Reports Preliminary Results 2006
Ariba Reports Results Ariba Reports Results 2006
Ariba Reports Results 2007 Ariba Reports Results 2008
Ariba Reports Results 2009 Ariba Reports Results 2010
Ariba Safe Harbor Ariba Software Applications
Ariba Sourcing Solution Offerings Ariba Spend Analysis Solution Offerings
Ariba Spend Management Expertise Ariba Spend Management Solution Choice
Ariba Spend Management Solutions Ariba Supplier Management Solution Offering
Ariba Supplier Network Ariba Supplier Network Enhancing Connectivity
Ariba Tenth Anniversary Decade Procurement Revolution Ariba Visibility Solution Offerings
Aribas Comprehensive Spend Management Solutions Attending Annual Meeting
Auction Rate Securities Audit Committee
Audit Committee Report Availability Form 10-k
Available Information Awards Other Plans
Awards Restricted Stock Awards Stock Appreciation Rights
Awards Stock Units Backlog
Balance Sheet Cash Bank Agreement
Base Salary Basis Presentation
Beneficial Ownership Reporting Compliance Beneficial Ownership Table
Benefit Provision Income Taxes Benefits Anticipate Acquiring Procuri Not Realized
Bill Sale Board Directors
Board Directors Meetings Committees Board Directors Recommends Vote Approval Ernst Young Registered
Board Directors Recommends Vote Following Proposal Board Directors Recommends Vote Nominees Listed Above
Bonus Bonus Plan Executive Officers
Building Utility Consumption Acknowledgement Business Combination
Business Disruptions Affect Operating Results Business Model
Business Seriously Harmed Fail Retain Key Personnel Business Susceptible Numerous Risks Associated International Operations
Capitalized Software Cash Equivalents
Cash Equivalents Restricted Cash Flow Risk
Ceiling Systems Mechanicals Certain Accounting Matters
Certain Relationships Related Transactions Certification
Change Employment Status Changes Executive Leadership
Changes Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Charting Course Future
Check Appropriate Box Below Form 8-k Filing Intended Choice Law
Cmsi Notes Code Ethics
Combination Extends Aribas On-demand Spend Management Leadership Expands Common Stock
Common Stock Repurchase Program Companies Continue Invest Ariba Spend Management
Comparable Disclosures Comparison 2008 2007 2006
Compensation Compensation Committee Interlocks Insider Participation
Compensation Committee Report Compensation Consultant
Compensation Consultants Compensation Philosophy Objectives
Compete New Rapidly Evolving Markets Spend Management Solutions Competition
Competition Fair Dealing Compliance Applicable Laws Rules Regulations
Compliance Procedures Comprehensive Income
Comprehensive Income Loss Comprehensive Loss
Concentration Credit Risk Conduct Businesses Pending Merger
Conference Call Information Conference Call Webcast Information
Confidentiality Conflicts Interest
Consent Cross-atlantic Capital Partners Consent Ernst Young Llp Independent Registered Public Accounting
Consent Independent Accountants Consent Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Consent Kpmg Llp Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Continues Transition On-demand Grows Subscription Software Revenue 128m
Continuing Directors-term Ending 2006 Continuing Directors-term Ending 2007
Continuing Directors-term Ending 2008 Continuing Directors-term Ending 2009
Continuing Directors-term Ending 2010 Continuing Directors-term Ending 2011
Continuing Directors-term Ending 2012 Continuing Market Share Growth
Contractual Obligations Controls Procedures
Conversion Copyright 1996 2005 Ariba Inc
Corporate Governance Document Availability Corporate Opportunities
Cost Revenue Cost Revenues
Courts Continuing Jurisdiction Current Economic Downturn Adversely Impacted Business Impact Beyond
Currently Implementing New Enterprise Resource Planning System Problems Customer Acquisition Transactions
Customer Service Training Support Customers Validate Growing Market Spend Management Solutions
Dated 2007 David Mccormick
Decline Revenues Disproportionate Impact Operating Results Require Further Deductibility Executive Compensation
Deferred Stock-based Compensation Definitions
Delegation Authority Departure Directors Principal Officers Election Appointment
Derivative Financial Instruments Derivative Financial Instruments Foreign Currency Management
Description 2006 Material Weaknesses Description Business
Deteriorating Economic Conditions Adversely Impact Business Deteriorating Economic Conditions Impacting Business Adversely Impact Beyond
Determining Fair Value Director Compensation
Director Compensation Table Director Independence
Directors Executive Officers Directors Stock Option Plan
Disclosure Controls Procedures Discrimination Harassment
Dismissal Prejudice District Massachusetts
Dividends Documents Incorporated Reference
Driving Strategic Spend Management Earnings Per Share
Eastern District Texas Econd Mended Estated Tock Ncentive Lan
Economic Conditions Reduced Information Technology Spending Adversely Impact Education
Election Director Election Directors
Electrical Life Safety Eligibility
Employee Contributions Employee Retirement Savings Plan
Employee Stock Purchase Plan Employees
Employment Contracts Termination Change Control Arrangements Enrollment Participation
Entry Material Definitive Agreement Entry Material Definitive Agreements
Eplus Settlement Equity Award Policy
Equity Compensation Plan Information Equity Incentive Plan
Equity Incentive Plan Amendment Equity Incentive Programs
Erformance Tock Nits Estimated Warranty Costs
Estimates Estimates Preparation Financial Statements
Estricted Tock Greement Ettlement Icense Greement
Evaluation Disclosure Controls Procedures Exact Name Registrant Specified Charter
Except Per Share Data Executive Agreements
Executive Compensation Related Information Executive Officers Registrant
Exhibits Exhibits Financial Statement Schedules Reports Form 8-k
Expanding Global Customer Base Expanding On-demand Footprint
Explanatory Face Intense Competition Unable Compete Successfully Business Seriously
Fail Achieve Financial Forecasts Due Inaccurate Sales Other Fail Develop Products Services Timely Cost-effective Basis Contain
Failure Establish Maintain Strategic Relationships Parties Seriously Harm Fair Value
Fair Value Auction Rate Securities Fair Value Financial Instruments Concentration Credit Risk
Fair Value Marketable Securities Federal Income Tax Consequences Espp
Federal Income Tax Consequences Options Ffective Ctober 2005
Fifth Amendment Lease Financial Planning
Financial Restatement Financial Results
Financial Statements Exhibits Foreign Currency Risk
Foreign Currency Transactions Form 10-k
Form 10-q Form Escrow Agreement
Form Judgment Default Former Avon Products Cio Help Advance Technology Vision
Former Name Address Changed Since Last Report Forward-looking Statements
Freemarkets Merger Freemarkets Securities Class Action Litigation
Fueling Thought Leadership Further Text Page
Future Acquisitions Subject Number Risks Future Plan
General General Administrative
General Conditions Core Perimeter General Provisions
Gifts Goodex
Goodwill Impairment Goodwill Intangibles
Goodwill Other Intangible Assets Grants Plan-based Awards
Gross Profit Guiding Journey
Health Safety Held 2005
Held 2006 Held 2007
Held 2008 Held 2009
Held 2010 History Losses Incur Significant Additional Future
Impact Recent Accounting Pronouncements Impairment Long-lived Assets
Important Important Notice Regarding Availability Proxy Materials Annual Meeting
In-process Research Development Income Taxes
Increase Subscription Revenue New Customers Large Deals Positions Increased Demand Term Licenses Subscriptions Hosted Applications Customers
Incur Additional Goodwill Impairment Charges Adversely Affect Operating Incur Additional Restructuring Charges Adversely Affect Operating Results
Incur Goodwill Impairment Charges Adversely Affect Operating Results Indemnification
Indemnification Agreement New Director Independent Auditors
Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Fees
Index Industry Background
Inherent Limitations Effectiveness Controls Innovation Leadership Recognized
Insider Trading Insurance Reimbursement
Intellectual Property Other Proprietary Rights Interest Other Expense Income Net
Interest Other Income Expense Net Interest Other Income Net
Interest Rate Risk Interim Financial Statements
International Operations Introduction
Investigations Studies Outside Advisors Investments
Investor Notes Ipo Class Action Litigation
Issuer Purchases Equity Securities James Frankola
Keith Krach Kent Parker
Kevin Costello Key Provisions
Leading Innovation Lease Abandonment Costs
Lease Abandonment Leasehold Impairment Costs Leases
Legal Contingencies Legal Description
Legal Proceedings Legal Proceedings Involving Directors Executive Officers
License License Fee Payments
License Revenues Fluctuate Because Depend Relatively Small Number Licenses Intellectual Property
Limitation Payments Limitation Rights
Limitations Existing Erp System Problems Timing Design Implementation Limitations Stock Ownership
Liquidation Preference Liquidity Capital Resources
List Companies Litigation
Litigation Provision Litigation Relating Alleged Patent Infringement Disclosures Involving Chairman
Litigation Relating Merger Freemarkets Lobby Building Core Surfaces
Long-term Investments Management Certifications
Managements Report Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Market Common Stock
Market Leadership Market-leading Spend Management Technology
Marketable Securities Marketable Securities Long-term Investments
Marketing Media Contacts
Meetings Membership
Merger Merger Agreement
Merger Freemarkets Subject Number Risks Mid-market Traction
Minority Interests Minority Interests Subsidiaries
Minutes Miscellaneous
Mployment Greement Mutual Release
Name Person Filing Proxy Statement Other Registrant Named Executive Officers
Ncentive Lan Otice Tock Unit Ward Net Income Loss Per Share
Net Income Per Share Net Investment Risk
Net Loss Per Share New Accounting Standards
New Customer Growth New Existing Customers Add Spend Management Solutions
New Plan Benefits Nnual Irector Rant
Nnual Rants Mployee Irectors Nominees
Non-competition Confidentiality Agreement Non-gaap Financial Information
Non-gaap Financial Measures Non-gaap Operating Results
Non-reliance Previously Issued Financial Statements Related Audit Notice
Off-balance Sheet Arrangements On-demand Offerings Gain Traction
On-demand Solutions Gain Increasing Traction On-demand Strategy Carries Number Risks Harmful Business
Operating Expenses Operating Leases
Option Exercises Stock Vested 2008 Option Grants
Option Grants Last Options
Orth Merica Other Accrual
Other Accruals Other Arrangements
Other Benefits Other Business
Other Events Other Income-softbank
Other Intangible Assets Other Integration Costs
Other Matters Other Responsibilities Authority
Otice Estricted Tock Ward Otice Tock Nit Ward
Otice Tock Ption Rant Outlook 2005
Outlook 2006 Outlook 2007
Outlook 2008 Outlook 2009
Outlook 2010 Outstanding Equity Awards Year-end 2009
Overview Overview 2005
Overview 2006 Overview 2007
Overview 2008 Overview 2009
Overview Business Overview Compensation Program
Part Part Other Information
Parties Bear Own Costs Fees Patent Infringement Settlement
Patent Litigation Patent Litigation Emptoris Inc
Patent Litigation Sky Technologies Llc Paving Way Excellence
Payment Directors Fees Securities Payment Option Shares
Payments Government Personnel Peer Group Compensation Targets
Pending Acquisition Future Acquisitions Subject Number Risks Pending Acquisition Procuri Inc
Pending Litigation Seriously Harm Business Perquisites Other Personal Benefits
Plan Accounts Purchase Shares Plan Implement New Enterprise Resource Planning System Problems
Policy Post-employment Compensation
Posts Annual Growth Non-gaap Subscription Software Revenue Posts Record Subscription Software Backlog Growth Consecutive
Posts Record Year-over Growth Subscription Software Revenue Backlog Posts Year-over-year Growth 12-month Subscription Software Backlog
Posts Year-over-year Growth Subscription Software Revenue Posts Year-over-year Growth Total Revenues Subscription Software
Posts Year-over-year Increase Subscription Software Revenue Potential Payments Termination Change Control
Power Attorney Pre-approval Policies Procedures
Preparation Conceptual Preliminary Final Plans Presidents Club
Prior Period Adjustment Prior Period Correction Error
Processes Controls Risk Management Procuri Inc
Property Equipment Protection Against Dilution
Protection Intellectual Property Inadequate Competitors Gain Access Technology Protection Proper Ariba Assets
Protective Provisions Provision Benefit Income Taxes
Provision Income Taxes Proxy Card Valid Only Signed Dated
Public Disclosure Information Purchases Equity Securities Issuer Affiliated Purchasers
Purpose Purpose Meeting
Purpose Plan Pursuant Requirements Securities Exchange Act 1934 Registrant Duly
Quarterly Financial Operational Highlights Quarterly Operating Results Volatile Difficult Predict Unreliable Indicators
Quity Ncentive Lan Quorum Required
Ratification Independent Auditors Recent Accounting Pronouncements
Recent Accounting Pronouncements Not Yet Adopted Recent Changes Named Executive Officers 2008
Recent Event Recently Adopted Accounting Pronouncements
Recently Announced On-demand Strategy Carries Number Risks Harmful Recitals
Reclassification Reclassifications
Recommendation Board Directors Record Keeping
Recoverability Goodwill Redemption
Ree Arkets Road Ased Quity Ncentive Lan Registrants Telephone Number Including Area Code
Registration Rights Related Party Transactions
Related Person Transactions Release Agreement
Rely Third-party Technology Solutions Might Not Available Future Remainder Page Intentionally Left Blank
Remediation 2006 Material Weakness Remediation Address Material Weakness
Remediation Material Weaknesses Report Ernst Young Llp Independent Registered Public Accounting
Report Independent Auditors Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Report Kpmg Llp Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Reporting Illegal Unethical Behavior
Reports Representations Warranties Parent Merger Sub
Request Receive Paper E-mail Copy Required Record Additional Impairment Charges Future Result Decline
Required Record Impairment Charges Future Result Decline Value Research Development
Resignation Current Executive Vice President Products Operations Responsibilities
Restricted Cash Restricted Shares
Restrooms Restructuring
Restructuring Integration Restructuring Integration Costs
Restructuring Obligations Restructuring Plan
Results Results 2007
Results Operations Financial Condition Return Confidential Materials
Revenue Revenue Recognition
Revenues Revenues Ariba Sourcing Solution Includes Service Formerly Known
Revenues Ariba Sourcing Solution Negatively Affected Customers Elect Revenues Ariba Spend Management Sourcing Services Negatively Affected
Revenues Fluctuate Significantly Because Sales Cycles Long Unpredictable Revenues Vary Extent Recognition Revenue Deferred Contracts Signed
Reverse Stock Split Review Approval Ratification Transactions Related Persons
Revision Revocability Proxies
Riba Riba Ompensation Rogram Mployee Irectors
Rights Employee Rights Not Transferable
Rights Stockholder Risk Further Securities Class Action Litigation Due Stock
Robert Calderoni Role Named Executive Officers Compensation Decisions
Role Named Executive Officers Management Compensation Decisions Sabbatical Leave Buyout
Sales Sales Marketing
Same Sarbanes-oxley Act 2002
Savings Plan Schedule Ariba Patents
Schedule Eplus Patents Schedules Conference Call Afternoon
Sec Inquiry Regarding Restatement Certain Financial Statements 2003 Sec Reports Other Disclosure
Securities Exchange Act 1934 Securities Law Requirements
Securities Registered Pursuant Act Security Measures Fail Unauthorized Access Customer Data Otherwise
Series Convertible Preferred Stock Series Redeemable Convertible Preferred Stock
Services Other Setting Stage Future
Settlement License Agreement Severance Benefits Costs
Severance Employment Agreements Shareholder Derivative Litigation
Shareholder Meeting Held 2010 Shares Available Grants
Signature Signatures
Signatures Appear Following Page Significant Risks Uncertainties
Sixth Amendment Lease Softbank Agreements
Softface Inc Software Development Costs
Solution Innovation Sometimes Experience Long Implementation Cycles Increase Operating Costs
Sourcing Procurement Software Market Spend Management Leader Posts Subscription Software Revenue Growth
Statements Cash Flows Stipulated Agreed
Stipulated Order Dismissal Stipulation Order Dismissal Prejudice
Stock Appreciation Rights Stock Offered Plan
Stock Option Grant New Director Stock Ownership Guidelines
Stock Performance Graph Stock Price Highly Volatile
Stock Price Highly Volatile Market Common Decrease Future Stock Units
Stock Vested 2007 Stock Vested 2009
Stock-based Compensation Stock-based Compensation Deferred
Stock-based Compensation Plans Stockholder Communications Directors
Stockholder Consent Stockholder Director Nominations
Stockholder Proposals 2006 Annual Meeting Stockholder Proposals 2007 Annual Meeting
Stockholder Proposals 2008 Annual Meeting Stockholder Proposals 2009 Annual Meeting
Stockholder Proposals 2010 Annual Meeting Stockholder Proposals 2011 Annual Meeting
Storm Drain Easement Subject Evolving Expensive Corporate Governance Regulations Requirements Failure
Subject Potential Claims Related Ariba Supplier Network Subject Potential Claims Related On-demand Solutions Well Ariba
Submission Matters Vote Security Holders Subscription Maintenance
Subscription Software Backlog Subscription Software Revenues Grow Over
Subsequent Event Subsequent Events
Subsidiaries Success Depends Market Acceptance Standalone Spend Management Solutions
Sufficient Number Suppliers Not Join Maintain Participation Ariba Sunnyvale California 94089
Suppliermarket Stock Plan Table Contents
Tax Implications Executive Compensation Taxation Parachute Payments
Taxation Parachute Payments Deferred Compensation Taxes
Tayloe Stansbury Termination Amendment Waiver
Tock Nit Greement Tock Ption Greement
Tradex Stock Plans Tradingdynamics Stock Plans
Transactions Related Persons Transfer Form Annex
Transfer Restriction Tri-party Agreement
United States Unregistered Sales Equity Securities
Via Fax 650 930-6300 View Online
Violations Code Vote
Votes Required Voting
Voting Rights Solicitation Proxies Voting Shares
Waivers Code Warrants
Warranty Provision Indemnification Withdrawal Plan
Withholding Taxes Work Letter Agreement
Written Consent Agreement Written Consent Merger Agreement
Xecutive Fficers Xhibit 1043
Xhibit 1044 Xhibit 1045
Xhibit 1046 Year-over-year Growth Subscription Software Backlog
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