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Acceptances Access Medicines
Access Program Accessing External Innovation
Accidents Rates Causes Accolate
Accolate Arimidex Astra Tech Atacand Casodex Cefotan Crestor Accolate Arimidex Astra Tech Atacand Casodex Cerovive Crestor
Accolate Arimidex Astra Tech Atacand Casodex Crestor Diprivan Accounting Standards Issued Not Adopted
Accounting Treatment Accounting Treatments
Ace Inhibitor Acquisition Kudos Pharmaceuticals Enhance Astrazenecas Ability Generate Novel
Acs Action
Action Necessary Change Rights Action Necessary Change Rights Shareholders
Action Planning Additional Information
Additional Information Investors Adp
Ads Aggregate Amortisation Expense
Agi-1067 Agm Resolutions
Agonist Agreement
Aim Strengthen Position Neuroscience Market Through Further Growth Alignment Principles Aa1000as
Alzheimers Disease American Journal Psychiatry
Americas Amortisation Impairment Charges
Anaesthesia Analgesia
Analyst Investor Enquiries Animal Research
Animal Welfare Ankylosing Spondylitis
Annotation Label Baseinstaller Annotation Label Baseinstaller Date 2005 10049
Annotation Label Baseinstaller Date 2005 11603 Annotation Label Baseinstaller Date 2005 11633
Annotation Label Baseinstaller Date 2005 11653 Annotation Label Baseinstaller Date 2005 11726
Annotation Label Baseinstaller Date 2005 11740 Annotation Label Baseinstaller Date 2005 11803
Annotation Label Baseinstaller Date 2005 12009 Annotation Label Baseinstaller Date 2005 12033
Annotation Label Baseinstaller Date 2005 12123 Annotation Label Baseinstaller Date 2005 12239
Annotation Label Baseinstaller Date 2005 12339 Annotation Label Baseinstaller Date 2005 12408
Annotation Label Baseinstaller Date 2005 12443 Annotation Label Baseinstaller Date 2005 12457
Annotation Label Baseinstaller Date 2005 12521 Annotation Label Baseinstaller Date 2005 20631
Annotation Label Baseinstaller Date 2005 20643 Annotation Label Baseinstaller Date 2005 20754
Annotation Label Baseinstaller Date 2005 20812 Annotation Label Baseinstaller Date 2005 84544
Annotation Label Baseinstaller Date 2005 85359 Annotations Annual Report 2004 Imspdf
Announcements Meetings Annual Contingent Payments
Annual General Meeting Annual General Meetings Extraordinary
Antagonist Anti-androgen
Anti-psychotic Drug Appendix Sources Information Bases Calculation
Approach Aptium Oncology
Arimidex Arimidex Crestor
Aromatase Inhibitor Arrangements Håkan Mogren Åke Stavling
Arrangements Merck Arrangements Merck Introduction
Arrangements Åke Stavling Arrow Therapeutics
Asia Africa Australasia Asia Pacific Excluding Japan
Associated Undertaking Astra Svip Options
Astra Tech Astrazeneca
Astrazeneca Acquires Arrow Therapeutics Broaden Anti-infective Capabilities Astrazeneca Board
Astrazeneca Board Announcement Astrazeneca Commences Patent Infringement Litigation Against Ivax
Astrazeneca Commences Patent Infringement Litigation Against Ranbaxy Laboratories Astrazeneca Commences Patent Infringement Litigation Against Teva
Astrazeneca Deferred Bonus Plan Astrazeneca Education Seminar Merck Arrangements
Astrazeneca Executive Annual Bonus Scheme Astrazeneca Files Notice Appeal Patent Infringement Toprol-xl
Astrazeneca Full Results 2004 Astrazeneca Full Results 2006
Astrazeneca Major International Healthcare Business Engaged Research Development Astrazeneca Performance Share Plan
Astrazeneca Plc Astrazeneca Plc Annual Information Update
Astrazeneca Plc Appoints New Non-executive Director Astrazeneca Plc Board Announcement
Astrazeneca Plc Close Period Share Repurchase Programme Astrazeneca Plc Irrevocable Non-discretionary Share Repurchase Programme
Astrazeneca Protherics Announce Late Stage Licensing Agreement Cytofab Astrazeneca Refutes Ecs Findings Losec Dominance Case Appeals
Astrazeneca Results 2005 Astrazeneca Savings-related Share Option Scheme Plan
Astrazeneca Share Option Plan Astrazeneca Signs Collaboration Agreement Targacept New Neuronal Nicotinic
Astrazeneca Submits Canadian Regulatory Filings Sustained Release Formulation Astrazeneca Submits Nda Sustained Release Formulation Seroquel Treatment
Astrazeneca Submits New Drug Application Nda Fda Symbicort Astrazeneca Submits Snda Seroquel Bipolar Depression Treatment
Astrazenecas Overall Remuneration Policy Purpose Astrazenecas Results 2005
Astrazenecas Symbicort Budesonide Formoterol Treatment Asthma Approved Fda Atacand
Atacand Arimidex Casodex Crestor Faslodex Iressa Nexium Seroquel Atacand Nexium
Atherogenics Astrazeneca Announce Late Stage Licensing Commercialisation Agreement Atherosclerosis
Atrial Fibrillation Atypical Anti-psychotic Drugs
Audio Webcast Audit
Audit Committee Audit Committee Financial Expert
Auditing Compliance Auditors Reports Financial Statements Internal Control Over Reporting
Auditors Statement Members Astrazeneca Plc Pursuant 251 Companies Average Wholesale Price Class Action Litigation
Avorelin Azd0530
Azd0902 Azd1080
Azd1279 Azd2171s
Azd2281 Azd2327
Azd3102 Azd3342
Azd3480 Azd4121
Azd4282 Azd5180
Azd5455 Azd5745
Azd5896 Azd5904
Azd6140 Azd6244
Azd6370 Azd6538
Azd7009 Azd7371
Azd8129 Azd9056
Azd9343 Azd9684
Back Contents Background Reasons Offer
Balance Sheet Banc
Bank Other Borrowings Bases Sources Certain Financial Information Contained Announcement Set
Basis Accounting Basis Accounting Preparation Financial Information
Basis Audit Opinion Basis Consolidation Presentation Financial Information
Basis Opinion Basis Participation
Basis Preparation Accounting Policies Becoming Lean Agile
Beta-blocker Biologics Vaccines
Biomarker Biopharmaceuticals
Biopharmaceuticals Biologics Bipolar Disorder
Blockbuster Product Board
Board Changes Board Committees
Board Composition Processes Responsibilities Board Composition Processes Responsibilities Appointments
Board Composition Responsibilities Appointments Board Directors
Board Directors 2006 Board Meetings
Board Practices Board Structure Processes
Bolder Study Confirms Therapeutic Potential Seroquel Bipolar Depression Branches
Brca-mutated Breast Cancer Break Fees
Brief Bringing Economic Benefits
Bringing Economic Well Therapeutic Benefit Bristol-myers Squibb
Broadcast Footage Astrazeneca Products Activities Available Wwwthenewsmarketcom Broadening Base Innovation
Bronchodilator Buchanan Non-executive Director Chairman Audit Committee 2005
Building Biopharmaceuticals Presence Bureau Veritas
Bureau Veritas Independent Assurance Statement Business Background Major Events Affecting 2006
Business Combinations Goodwill Business Continuity Crisis Management
Business Environment Business Objectives Performance
Business Overview C-reactive Protein Crp
Cad Cam Cambridge Antibody Technology Group Plc
Canada Cancer
Capital Msl Capitalisation
Capitalisation Interest Cardiovascular
Cases Occupational Illnesses Per Cash
Cash Equivalents Cash Flow
Cash Flows Cash Physical Assets
Casodex Cat Share Schemes
Cat Shareholders Advised Read Offer Document Accompanying Acceptance Causes Occupational Illness Astrazeneca Employees
Cautionary Statement Regarding Forward-looking Statements Cer
Cerovive Certification Pursuant 302 Sarbanes-oxley Act 2002
Certification Pursuant 906 Sarbanes-oxley Act 2002 Subsections 1350 Chairman Nomination Committee
Chairmans Statement Challenge Going Forward
Challenges Industry Changes Share Capital
Chartered Accountants Chf
Chief Executive Officer Senior Team Chief Executive Officer Senior Team Delegation Authority
Chief Executive Officers Review Chief Executive Senior Team
Chief Executives Review Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Copd
Class Type Shares Clear Open Communication
Climate Change Climate Change Challenge
Climate Change Ozone Depletion Clinical Regulatory Changes Astrazeneca-
Clinical Trial Clinical Trials
Code Conduct Code Ethics
Combating Counterfeit Medicines Combined Code
Combined Code Corporate Governance Commencement Subsequent Offer Period Settlement
Comment Comments
Commercialisation Portfolio Management Commitments Contingent Liabilities
Committee Science Communication Dialogue
Community Community Support
Companies Act 1985 198 Disclosure Interest Voting Shares Companies Act 1985 Sections 324 329
Compared 2002 Compared 2003
Compensation Competition
Competition Price Controls Reductions Competition Price Pressure
Completeness Compliance
Components Remuneration Compulsory Licensing
Confidential Information Conflicts Interest
Consent Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Consolidated Balance Sheet
Consolidated Income Statement Consolidated Statement Recognised Income Expense
Continental Europe Contingent Liabilities
Contingent Liabilities Commitments Continuous Assessment
Contributing Economic Development Controls Procedures
Corporate Governance Corticosteroid
Cost Efficiency Cost Growth Rates
Council Recommends Approval Crestor Japan Counterfeiting
Credit Exposure Credit Risk
Creditor Payment Policy Crestor
Crestor Nexium Crestor Rosuvastatin
Critical Accounting Policies Estimates Cro
Crohns Disease Currency Fluctuations
Customer Service Customers
Cytofab Dame Bridget Ogilvie
Dame Bridget Ogilvie Non-executive Director Member Audit Committee David Brennan
David Brennan Chief Executive Officer David Brennan Chief Executive Officer Said
De-listing Compulsory Acquisition Dealing Directors Companies Act 1985 Sections 324 329
Dealing Disclosure Requirements Dedicated Drug Safety Resources
Dedicated Research Defaults Dividend Arrearages Delinquencies
Deferred Bonus Plan Deferred Taxation
Defined Contribution Arrangements Definitions
Definitions Interpretation Delisting Cancellation Trading Compulsory Acquisition Re-registration
Deliver Real Pharmaceutical Advances Delivering Strategy
Demographic Assumptions Demonstrating Economic Benefit
Depositary Despite Challenging Environment Strong Sales Growth Major Products
Details Executive Directors Service Contracts 2006 Details Irrevocable Undertakings
Developing World Development
Development Portfolio Diabetes
Diabetes Obesity Differences Between International Accounting Principles
Difficulties Obtaining Maintaining Regulatory Approvals New Products Diprivan
Diprivan Edta Diprivan Propofol
Director Directors
Directors Interests Shares Directors Remuneration Report
Directors Report Directors Responsibilities
Directors Responsibilities Report Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Directors Senior Management
Directors Senior Management Employees Disclosure Information Auditors
Disclosure Interests Cat Shares Disclosure Notice
Disclosure Policy Committee Disclosure Table Giving Details Companies Whose Relevant Securities
Discovery Disease Area Focus
Diseases Developing World Diversity
Dividend Dividend 2005
Dividend 2006 Dividend Payments
Dividend Share Re-purchases Dividends
Documents Display Documents Lodged Securities Exchange
Documents Submitted Fsa Doing Business Right Way
Dollar Usd Double-blind Study
Driver Safety Driver Safety Priority
Driving Growth Marketed Medicines Drug Importation Anti-trust Litigation
Drug Metabolism Drug Safety
Dyslipidaemia E-business
Each Cat Ads 1320 Pence Cash Early Development Activities
Earnings Per 025 Ordinary Share Earnings Per Share
Earnings Per Share Eps Edel Mccaffrey Tel 207 304 5034 Steve Brown
Effects Ifrs Financial Statements Efficacy
Efficient Resources Election Re-election Directors
Emea Emerging Markets
Employee Benefits Employee Costs Share Option Plans Employees
Employee Safety Health Wellbeing Employees
Ends- Energy
Enhancing In-house Discovery Development Ensuring High Standards
Ensuring Patient Safety Entocort
Environmental Costs Liabilities Environmental Liabilities
Environmental Occupational Health Safety Liabilities Environmental Performance
Epidermal Growth Factor Egf Receptor Erna MÖller
Erna Möller Established Rest World
Estimated Amortisation Expense Ethics
Ethyol Europe
Evaluating Performance Every Interaction Counts
Exanta Exanta Ximelagatran
Exceptional Exchange Controls
Exchange Controls Other Limitations Affecting Security Holders Exchange Rates
Excipient Exclusivity Co-operation
Executive Director Chief Executive Director Chief Financial Officer
Executive Directors Pension Arrangements Executive Directors Remuneration
Executive Directors Senior Teams Remuneration Terms Employment Executive Directors Service Contracts
Exhibits Expanding Innovation Potential
External Appointments Retention Fees External Auditor
Externalisation Factors Affecting Future Tax Charges
Faslodex Fda Approves Astrazenecas Atacand
Fda Approves Astrazenecas Seroquel Bipolar Depression Treatment Fda Approves Intravenous Formulation Nexium
Fda Grants Zd6474 Zactima Orphan Drug Designation Investigation Filing Seeks Approval Seroquel Monotherapy Treatment Bipolar Depression
Finance Income Expense Financial Assumptions
Financial Calendar 2006 Financial Highlights
Financial Information Financial Instruments
Financial Instruments Hedging Activities Financial Position Including Cash Flow Liquidity
Financial Review Financial Risk Management Objectives Policies
Financial Risk Management Policies Financial Statements
Financial Statements Responded Lieu Financing
First-line Therapy Fixed Asset Investments
Focused Continuous Improvement Food Drug Administration Fda
Foreign Currencies Foreign Currency Risk
Foreign Exchange Form 20-f
Form 6-k Forward Looking Statements
Forward Planning Free Cash Flow
Full Funding Risk
Further Clinical Information Requested Exanta Ximelagatran Prevention Stroke Further Information
Future Prospects Gaap Condensed Consolidated Statement Cash Flows
Gaap Condensed Consolidated Statement Operations Gaap Information 2004-2006
Gaap Statement Comprehensive Income Gaining Insight
Gains Directors Exercise Share Options Galida
Gastro-oesophageal Reflux Disease Gerd Gastrointestinal
Gathering Information Gefitinib Iressa Marketing Authorisation Application Withdrawn
General Generalised Anxiety Disorder Gad
Geographic Analysis Geographic Review
Geographical Analysis Gia
Global Commitment Global Employee Survey
Glossary Going Concern Accounting Basis
Good Laboratory Practice Fglp Goodwill
Goodwill Intangible Assets Governance
Governance Compliance Government Non-governmental Organisations
Graeme Musker Grant Vesting Awards
Gross Margin Group
Group Financial Record Gaap Group Internal Audit
Group Risk Control Policy Advisory Growing Challenge
Growing Challenges Industry Growing Demand Healthcare
Growth Drivers Limiters Half
Half Territorial Sales Analysis Head-to-head Study
Health Health Wellbeing
High-density Lipoprotein Cholesterol Hdl-c High-throughput Screening
Highlights History Development
Hkapi Holding
Hospital Bed 000 England 1957-2002 Human Rights
Hydrofluoroalkanes Hfas HÅkan Mogren Kbe
Håkan Mogren Non-executive Deputy Chairman Member Nomination Committee Ich
Identifying Priorities Ifrs
Imdur Impact Fluctuations Exchange Rates
Improving Ability Target Individual Needs Incentive Share Schemes
Includes 109 Other Income Respect Divestment Anaesthetic Analgesic Income Taxation Dividends
Independence Directors Combined Code Independent Auditors Report Members Astrazeneca Plc
Individual Limit Industry Regulation
Infection Information
Information Relating Astrazeneca Plc Information Relating Cat
Inheritance Tax Insider Information
Insurance Indemnities Professional Advice Intangible Assets
Integrating Around World Intellectual Property
Intellectual Property Protection Interest Bearing Loans Borrowings
Interest Dividend Income Interest Rate Risk
Internal Audit Internal Controls Management Risk
Internal Controls Risk Management Turnbull Report Guidance International Accounting Transition
Introduction Inventories
Investments Investments Divestments Capital Expenditure
Investor Enquiries Investor Enquiries Mina Blair Tel 207 304 5084
Investor Relations Iressa
Iressa Gefitinib Irrevocable Undertakings
Jane Henney Jane Henney Non-executive Director Member Audit Committee Nomination
Japan Joe Jimenez
Joe Jimenez Non-executive Director Member Remuneration Committee Nomination John Buchanan
John Buchanan Non-executive Director Chairman Audit Committee Member John Patterson
John Patterson Frcp Jonathan Symonds
Key Activities Key Areas Further Consideration Astrazeneca
Key Growth Products Key Information
Key Management Personnel Compensation Key Products
Kpi Kpmg Audit Plc
Latin America Launch
Leadership Lean Sigma
Learning Development Leases
Legal Proceedings Legal Proceedings Commitments
Legal Proceedings Contingent Liabilities Leukotriene Receptor Antagonist
Lexxel Lhrh Agonist
Licence Operate Life Inspiring Ideas
Limitations Exclusions Limitations Rights Own Shares
Line Extension Line Extensions
Lipid Liquidity Risk
Listening Learning Listening People
Loan Alternative Loan Receivable
Loans Local Communities
Local Implementation Lofric
London 2005 London 2006
London 2007 London W1k 1ln
Looking Ahead Looking Forward
Losec Losec Nolvadex Plendil Zestril
Losec Omepral Losec Omeprazole
Losec Prilosec Losec Prilosec Omeprazole
Louis Schweitzer Louis Schweitzer Chairman
Louis Schweitzer Non-executive Director Low-density Lipoprotein Cholesterol Ldl-c
Luteinising Hormone-releasing Hormone Lhrh Main Facilities
Maintenance Reliever Therapy Major Shareholders
Major Shareholders Related Party Transactions Major Shareholdings
Management Management Employees Cat
Managing Risk Mandatory Shareholding Directors
Manufacturing Marcus Wallenberg
Marketing Authorisation Application Maa Marketing Sales Practices
Markets Markman Hearing
Materiality Matters Disclosed Respect 2005 Crestor Rosuvastatin
Matters Previously Disclosed Respect 2005 Crestor Rosuvastatin Measurement Performance
Measuring Performance Measuring Reputation
Media Enquiries Medicaid
Medical Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency Mhra Medicare
Medicines Member Audit Committee
Memorandum Articles Association Memorandum Articles Association Objects
Memorandum Association Merger Accounting
Merrem Merrem Meronem
Metabolic Syndrome Methodology
Metoprolol Succinate Astrazeneca Appeal Decision Patent Litigation Mhlw
Michele Hooper Michele Hooper Non-executive Director Member Audit Committee
Middle East Africa Minority Interests
Modus Operandi Monitoring Measurement
Monitoring Performance Monoclonal Antibody
Morgan Stanley Acting Exclusively Cat Connection Offer Else Morgan Stanley Acting Exclusively Cat Else Connection Offer
Musker Musker Group Secretary Solicitor
Musker Secretary 2005 Musker Secretary 2006
Musker Secretary 2007 Naropin
Narrative Refers Growth Rates Constant Exchange Cer Narrative Refers Growth Rates Constant Exchange Cer Unless
National Council Aging Ncoa Nci
Net Assets Net Assets Gaap
Net Cash Funds Net Funds
Net Income Neurology
Neuroscience New Accounting Standards
New Accounting Standards Adopted New Chemical Entity Nce
New York Stock Exchange New York Stock Exchange Nyse
Nexium Nexium Anda
Nexium Esomeprazole Nexium Esomeprazole Magnesium
Next Steps Future Targets Nolvadex
Nominal Value Loan Notes Nomination Committee
Non-trade Creditors North America
Not Adopted Notes Editors
Notes Financial Statements Notes Preliminary Announcement Basis Preparation Accounting Policies
Notice Annual General Meeting 2006 Proposed Board Changes Notification Major Interests Shares
Number Priority Deliver Stream Medicines Meet Unmet Patient Nxy-059
Nyse Objectives
Objectives Assurance Objects
Observe Applicable Legal Regulatory Requirements Jurisdictions Further Details Odontology
Off-balance Sheet Transactions Contingent Liabilities Commitments Offer
Offer Declared Unconditional Initial Period Extended Offer Listing
Offer Listing Details Offer Terms Subject Conditions Set Out Herein Appendix
Oncology Operating Costs
Operating Financial Review Prospects Operating Margin Retained Profit
Operating Profit Operating Results
Opinion Option
Options Purchase Securities Registrant Subsidiaries Orange Book
Organizational Structure Other
Other Acquisitions Other Debtors
Other Established Rest World Other Investments
Outcomes Study Overall Remuneration Policy Purpose
Oxis Palliative
Part Defaults Dividend Arrearages Delinquencies Partial Redemption
Partnering Patients Partnership Aligned Bristol-myers Squibb Strategy
Passive Foreign Investment Rules Path Innovation
Patient Groups Patient Safety
Patients Patients Not Stop Taking Tablets Without Speaking Doctor
Patients Products People Performance Pension Arrangements
Pension Post-retirement Benefits Pensions
People People Astrazeneca
People Strategy Percy Barnevik
Percy Barnevik Non-executive Chairman Performance
Performance 2004 Reported Performance 2005
Performance 2005 Reported Performance 2006
Performance 2006 Reported Performance Astrazeneca Share Plan 2006
Performance New Medicine Performance New Products
Performance Period Performance Period Vesting Dates
Performance Place Among Best Industry Performance Targets
Performance Targets Measurement Performance Targets Measurements
Peripheral Cutaneous T-cell Lymphoma Pctl Ctcl Pharmaceutical Medical Devices Agency Pmda
Pharmaceutical Research Manufacturers America Phrma Pharmaceuticals Environment
Pharmaceuticals Environment Pie Pharmaceuticals Part Healthcare
Pharmacogenomics Pharmacovigilance
Phase Phase Compound Improving Cognitive Deficits Alzheimers Disease Schizophrenia
Phrma Physical Assets
Pie Pipeline
Placebo Plendil
Policies Delegated Authorities Reserved Powers Political Contributions
Political Donations Poly-adp-ribose Polymerase Parp
Portfolio Governance Portfolio Management Commercialisation
Position Non-executive Directors Positron Emission Tomography Pet
Post-employment Benefits Post-marketing Surveillance Pms
Post-retirement Benefits Post-retirement Benefits Other Pensions
Posting Compulsory Acquisition Notices Posting Offer Document
Potential Benefits Pre-clinical Studies
Preparation Financial Statements Directors Responsibilities Presentation
Pressure Costs Price Medicines
Price Regulation Prilosec
Primary Care Principal Accountant Fees Services
Principal Components Employee Remuneration Principal Subsidiaries
Priority Action Planning Product
Product Counterfeiting Product Donation Patient Assistance Programmes
Product Donations Patient Assistance Programmes Product Liability Claims
Product Performance Product Portfolio Management
Product Range Product Regulation
Product Regulation Astra Tech Product Regulationaptium Oncology
Product Regulationastra Tech Product Safety Efficacy
Product Strategy Licensing Productive Resources
Productivity Products
Products Arimidex Progress Over Reporting Period
Promoting Safe Healthy Workplace Proof Concept
Proof Principle Property Plant Equipment
Property Plants Equipment Property Resources
Proposed Chemicals Policy Proposed Chemicals Policy Reach
Psychiatry Publication Annual Report
Publication Notice Annual General Meeting 2005 Pulmicort
Pulmicort Respules Pulmicort Respules Budesonide Inhalation Suspension
Pulmicort Respules Preventive Maintenance Asthma Medicine Indicated Children Purchase Accounting Adjustments
Purchases Equity Securities Issuer Affiliated Purchasers Quantitative Qualitative Disclosures Market Risk
Qui Tam Ratio Earnings Fixed Charges
Ratio Earnings Fixed Charges Ifrs Gaap Reach Chemicals Policy
Reason Notification Receivables Payables
Received Tender Agent Astrazeneca Cat Shareholders United States Recentin
Recommendation Reconciliation Movement Shareholders Funds
Reconciliation Net Funds Reconciliation United States Accounting Principles
Record Quarterly Profits Earnings Per Share Percent Sales Record Sales Operating Profit Half End Targets Increased
Records Disclosures Communications Regulatory Approval
Regulatory Approvals Process Continuing Product Regulation Related Party Transactions
Remuneration Committee Remuneration Committee Membership Meetings
Remuneration Committee Remit Reported Performance
Reporting Performance Reporting Performance Financial
Repurchase Shares Astrazeneca Plc Reputation
Reputation Responsibility Reputation Strategy
Research Research Development
Research Development Productivity Reserves
Resources Skills Capabilities Respective Responsibilities Directors Auditors
Respiratory Inflammation Respiratory Inflammation Medicines Ontinued
Responsibilities Accountabilities Responsible Approach
Responsiveness Respules
Rest World Restructuring Synergy Costs
Results Results Continuing Operations Gaap
Results Operations Results Operations Summary Analysis 2005
Results Operations Summary Analysis 2006 Results Operations Summary Analysis 2007
Ret-kinase Returns Shareholders
Revenue Revenue Recognition
Review Conclusion Review Executive Remuneration
Review Executive Remuneration 2004 Review Interim Financial Information
Review Work Performed Rhinocort
Rhinocort Aqua Right Health
Rights Preferences Restrictions Attaching Shares Risk Delay New Product Launches
Risk Expiration Patents Marketing Exclusivity Trade Marks Risk Factors
Risk Failure Manage Crisis Risk Failure Observe Ongoing Regulatory Oversight
Risk Management Risk Not Yield New Products Achieve Commercial Success
Risk Patent Litigation Early Loss Patents Marketing Exclusivity Risk Reliance Parties Supplies Materials Services
Risk Substantial Adverse Outcomes Litigation Government Investigations Insufficient Risk Substantial Product Liability Claims
Rolling Implementation Safety
Safety Assessment Safety Health Wellbeing
Saint Chant Trials Cerovive Continue Planned Sales Growth Patent Expiry Base Products 2004 2003
Sales Growth Patent Expiry Base Products 2005 2004 Sales Key Growth Patent Expiry Base Products 2006
Sales Marketing Sales Marketing Ethics
Sales Therapy Area 2005 2004 Sales Therapy Area 2006 2005
Sarbanes-oxley Act 2002 Sarbanes-oxley Act 404
Saxagliptin Dapagliflozin Science Committee
Scope Assurance Second-line Therapy
Sek Kronor Krona Selected Financial Data
Seloken Seloken Toprol-xl
Senior Executive Team Changes Senior Executive Team Set
Sensitive Data Sensitivity Analysis
Seroquel Seroquel Anda
Seroquel Quetiapine Fumarate Seroquel Toprol-xl
Setting Targets Sga Costs
Share Capital Share Capital Parent
Share Option Plans Share Ownership
Share Re-purchase Share Re-purchases
Share Repurchase Programme Share Schemes
Share-based Compensation Share-based Payments
Sharegift Shareholder Communications
Shareholder Information Shareholders
Shareholders Equity Shareholders Return Strategy Purchase Own Shares
Shareholders United States Also Advised Read Tender Offer Shares Held Subsidiaries
Shareview Short Term Business Needs Met Through Life-cycle Management
Shows Regression Coronary Artery Disease Major Clinical Study Signature
Signatures Sir Peter Bonfield Cbe Freng
Sir Peter Bonfield Cbe Freng Senior Non-executive Director Sir Tom Mckillop
Sir Tom Mckillop Chief Executive Sse
Stakeholder Dialogue Stamp Duty Reserve Tax
Stanhope Gate London W1k 1ln Address Principal Executive Statement Bureau Veritas Independence Impartiality Competence
Statement Changes Equity Statement Recognised Income Expense
Statutory Other Information Stem Cell Research
Stock-based Compensation Strategic Alliances Formed Part Externalisation Strategy Unsuccessful
Strategy Strengthening Pipeline
Strong Earnings Performance 2004 Good Growth Anticipated Despite Strong Sales Percent Earnings Per Share
Strong Sales Percent Earnings Per Share End Targets Strong Sales Percent Earnings Per Share Targets Full
Strong Sales Percent Earnings Per Share Track Achieve Strong Track Record
Subsequent Events Subsequent Offer Period Closed
Subsequent Offer Period Commenced Summary Subsidiaries Associates Joint Ventures
Subsidiaries Principal Activities Substance Patent Decision
Substantial Interest Successful Introduction Novel Therapeutic Approaches Currently Development Pipeline
Summary Summary Astrazeneca Savings-related Share Option Scheme Plan
Summary Astrazeneca Share Option Summary Astrazeneca Share Option Plan
Summary Directors Remuneration Report Summary Directors Report
Summary Financial Statements Summary Offer
Summary Shareholder Returns Supplementary Prospectus
Suppliers Supply
Supply Capability Supply Manufacturing
Sustainable Production Sweden
Symbicort Symbicort Budesonide Formoterol
Symbicort Pmdi Symbicort Turbuhaler
Synagis Taking
Taking Ownership Tangible Fixed Assets
Target Product Profile Tpp Targeting Needs
Tax Reconciliation Statutory Rate Taxation
Taxation Capital Gains Taxation Residents
Teleconference Details Teleconference Replay Details
Tenormin Territorial Sales Analysis
Therapy Area Environment Therapy Areas
Thinking Globally Acting Locally Thrombosis
Time Man Tony Zook Executive Vice-president North America
Toprol-xl Toprol-xl Metoprolol Succinate
Toprol-xl Metoprolol Succinate Extended-release Tablets Total Shareholder Return Graphs
Trade Other Payables Trade Other Receivables
Trademarks Transaction Person Discharging Managerial Responsibilities Disclosure Rules 312r
Transaction Persons Discharging Managerial Responsibilities Disclosure Rules 312r Transactional Exposure
Transactions Directors Translational Exposure
Transparency Directive Voting Rights Capital Transport
Treasury Triglycerides
Turbuhaler Turnbull Report Guidance
Unclaimed Assets Register Underlying Performance
Unitised Stock Plans Unless Otherwise Determined Astrazeneca Permitted Applicable Law Regulation
Unplanned Releases Unrecognised Deferred Tax Assets
Unused Medicines Valued Medicines
Wellbeing Wider Astrazeneca Group
Wider Cat Group Working Partnership
Working Red Cross Working Suppliers
World Markets World Pharmaceutical Markets
Writ Certiorari Xylocaine
Zactima Zd4054
Zestoretic Zestril
Zestril Lisinopril Zoladex
Zollinger-ellison Syndrome Zomig
Zomig Nasal Spray Zomig Rapimelt
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