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Ability Develop Successfully Market New Products Applications Important Accounting Income Taxes Stock-based Compensation
Accounting Stock-based Compensation Accounts Payable Ratio
Accounts Receivable Accounts Receivable Allowances
Accounts Receivable Allowances Customer Complaint Reserves Accounts Receivable Ratio
Acquired Companies Continue Acquire Other Acquisitions Come Significant Acquired Companies Interest Various Acquisition Opportunities Increased Acquisitions
Acquisitions Acquisitions Divestitures
Action Committee Action Without Meeting
Actions Adjourned Meeting Notice Thereof
Adjournment Adjusted Ebitda Excludes Gain Lawsuit Settlement Integration Restructuring
Adjusted Ebitda See Appendix Detail Plus Cost Synergies Adjustments Changes Common Stock
Administration Administration Plan
Administrator Admission Ticket
Adverse Conditions Global Economy Disruption Financial Markets Negatively Advertising Costs
Affected Competitive Conditions Customer Preferences Not Compete Effectively Airline Clubs
Allocation Election Form Amended Restated
Amendment Directors Amendment Plan
Amendment Stockholders Amendment Suspension Termination Plan
Amendment Termination Amendment Termination Plan
Amendments Articles Incorporation Bylaws Change Amount Various Taxes Pay Subject Ongoing Compliance Requirements
Analysis Results Operations Analysis Selected Balance Sheet Accounts
Analysis Selected Financial Ratios Annual Base Salary
Annual Bonus Annual Bonus 2007 Performance Objectives Goals
Annual Bonus 2008 Financial Modifier Annual Bonus 2008 Performance Objectives Goals
Annual Bonus Financial Modifier Annual Bonus Opportunity
Annual Bonus Plan Annual Deferral
Annual Meeting Annual Meetings
Annual Meetings Stockholders Annual Physical
Annual Report Annual Sales Grow Percent Surpass Milestone
Appendix Applicable Law
Approval Plan Stockholders Assistant Secretaries Treasurers
Audit Committee Report Audit Firm Fee Summary
Avery Dennison Acquire Paxar 3050 Per Share Avery Dennison Corporation
Avery Dennison Corporation 150 North Orange Grove Boulevard Avery Dennison Corporation Employee Stock Option Incentive Plan
Avery Dennison Corporation Exact Name Registrant Specified Charter Award
Award Agreement Award Determinations
Awards Certificates Base Salaries
Base Salary Beneficial Ownership Reporting Compliance
Beneficiaries Beneficiary
Beneficiary Designation Benefit
Benefit Election Alternatives Benefit Restoration Plan
Benefits Board Directors Committee Meetings
Board Directors Recommends Vote Proposals Board Directors Shareholders Avery Dennison Corporation
Bonus Bonus Awards
Borrowings Repayment Debt Business Combinations
Business Criteria Capital Debt
Capital Equity Capital Resources
Capital Software Spending Capital Spending
Capital Spending Plan Captions
Car Program Cash Equivalents
Cash Flow Financing Activities Cash Flow Investing Activities
Cash Flow Operating Activities Cash Flow Provided Operating Activities
Cash Flow Provided Used Financing Activities Cash Flow Used Financing Activities
Cash Flow Used Investing Activities Cash Flow Used Provided Financing Activities
Cash Flow Used Provided Operating Activities Cause
Certain Transactions Certificates Shareholder Rights
Certification Chairman Board
Chairman President Ceo Change Accounting Method
Change Control Change Control Other Benefit
Change Control Provisions Changes Business Strategies Increase Costs Affect Profitability Businesses
Changes Tax Rates Affect Future Results Checks Drafts Evidences Indebtedness
Classification Directors Closing Terms Conditions
Commitments Committee
Committees Directors Common Stock Repurchase Program
Compensation Benchmarking Peer Groups Compensation Discussion Analysis
Compensation Executive Personnel Committee Report Compensation Philosophy Objectives
Compensation Professional Assistance Good Faith Actions Compensation Recovery Policy
Compensation Surveys Peer Companies Completion Acquisition Disposition Assets
Compliance Components Other Income Expense
Comprehensive Income Computation Ratio Earnings Fixed Charges
Conclusion Consent Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Consolidated Financial Statements Construction Definitions
Continuation Participation Continuing Directors
Contractors Contractual Obligations Commitments Off-balance Sheet Arrangements
Corporate Contracts Instruments Executed Corporate Governance
Corporate Governance Available Information Related Sec Filings Corporate Governance Information Related Sec Filings
Corporate Governance Management Corporate Headquarters
Cost Reduction Actions Cost Savings Accretion
Costs Associated Exit Disposal Activities Covered Employee
Creation Direct Financial Obligation Off-balance Sheet Arrangement Credit Ratings Downgraded Difficulty Obtaining Acceptable Short- Long-term
Credit Ratings End 2007 Credit Ratings End 2008
Critical Accounting Policies Estimates Customer Benefits
Customers Widely Diversified Certain Portions Business Industry Concentration Debt Ratios
Debt-to-capital Ratio Declared Rate
Declared Rates Deductibility Executive Compensation
Deferral Account Deferral Accounts
Deferred Compensation Deferred Compensation Plan Benefits
Deferred Tax Assets Not Able Certain Circumstances Defined Benefit Plans
Defined Benefit Retirement Plans Defined Contribution Plans
Defined Contribution Retirement Plan Definition Change Control
Definitions Definitions Certain Provisions
Demand Products Impacted Economic Conditions Principal Countries Operate Demand Products Impacted Effects Changes Worldwide Conditions Adverse
Dental Insurance Departure Directors Certain Officers Election Appointment Compensatory
Departure Directors Principal Officers Election Appointment Direct Deposit Dividends
Director Nominees Proposals Nos Directors Fees
Directservice Investment Program Disability
Disability Benefit Disabled
Disaffiliation Discount Rate
Discretionary Credits Distribution
Divestitures Dividend Equivalent
Dividend Equivalents Early Retirement
Edison 08818-8694 Effect Foreign Currency Transactions
Effect Foreign Currency Translation Effect Plan
Effective Date Effective Rate Taxes Income
Election Officers Election Term Office Directors
Eligibility Eligibility Participation
Eligible Employee Employee
Employee Plans Employee-related
Employment Agreement Employment Agreements
Employment Not Guaranteed Enrollment Period
Entry Material Definitive Agreement Environmental
Environmental Expenditures Environmental Matters
Equity Compensation Plan Information 2007 Equity Compensation Plan Information 2008
Errors Benefit Statement Distributions Estimated Amortization Amounts Accumulated Other Comprehensive Income
Estimates Evdrp Declared Rates
Exact Name Registrant Specified Charter Executive Compensation
Executive Officers Avery Dennison Exempt Erisa Plan
Exemption Exercise Options
Exercise Options After Termination Employment Fair Market Value
Fair Value Measurements Federal Income Tax Consequences
Fees Compensation Directors Fiduciaries Corporate Employee Benefit Plan
Financial Counseling Financial Highlights
Financial Highlights 2004 Financial Highlights 2005
Financial Information Financial Information Presented News Release Represents Preliminary Results
Financial Instruments Financial Overview
Financial Presentation Financial Statement Exhibits
Financial Statement Schedule Financial Statements Exhibits
Financial Terms Following Close
Foreign Currency Foreign Currency Exchange Rates Fluctuations Those Affect Sales
Foreign Currency Translation Foreign Exchange Value-at-risk
Form 10-q Former Name Address Changed Since Last Report
Forward-looking Statements Free Cash Flow
Future Benefit Payments Future Results Affected Generate Less Productivity Improvement Projected
Gender Number Gender Singular Plural
General General Provisions
Goodwill Goodwill Other Intangibles Resulting Business Acquisitions
Governing Law Grant Exercise
Grant Option Granting Options
Gross Profit Health Welfare Benefits
Healthcare Cost Trend Rate Home Computer
Immediate Release Impact Currency Exchange Rates
Impact Event Impact Foreign Currency Translation
Impairment Carrying Value Goodwill Negatively Impact Consolidated Results Impairment Long-lived Assets
In-country Production Support Incentive Stock Option
Including Includes Income Taxes
Increased Level Indebtedness Following Paxar Acquisition Limit Ability Indemnification Insurance
Independence Standards Individual Agreement
Industry Investigations Infringing Intellectual Property Rights Parties Inadequately Acquiring Protecting
Inspection Directors Inspectors Election Opening Closing Polls
Installment Payments Integration
Interest Deferral Accounts Interest Expense
Interest Rate Sensitivity Internal Control Over Financial Reporting
Inventories Inventory Ratio
Inventory Reserves Investigations Legal Proceedings
Investment Options Investment Tax Credits
Involuntary Termination Key Components Compensation Program
Key Employee Key Results 2005 Include
Legal Developments Legal Proceedings
Life Insurance Limitation
Limits Transfer Litigation Environmental
Litigation Environmental Matters Long-lived Asset Impairments
Long-lived Assets Long-term Debt Registrant
Long-term Incentive Plan Awards Long-term Incentive Plans-awards Last
Long-term Incentives Long-term Return Assets
Lost Certificates Ltip 2006-2008 Performance Objectives Goals
Ltip Payment Maintenance Accounts
Maintenance Inspection Bylaws Maintenance Inspection Other Corporate Records
Maintenance Inspection Stock Register Managements Report Internal Control Over Financial Reporting
Manner Exercise Manner Giving Notice Affidavit
Manufacturer Sales Profitability Also Dependent Cost Availability Raw Manufacturer Sales Profitability Dependent Cost Availability Raw Materials
Marketing General Administrative Expense Marketing General Administrative Expenses
Material Definitive Agreement Maximum Deferral
Measurement Date Medical Insurance
Meetings Action Committees Miller Corporate Center
Minimum Deferral Miscalculation Infrastructure Needs Adversely Impact Financial Results
Miscellaneous Miscellaneous Provisions
Name Person Filing Proxy Statement Nature Operations
Need Comply Environmental Health Safety Laws Need Comply Numerous Environmental Health Safety Laws
Negative Factors Negative Factors Included
Net Income Net Income Earnings Per Share
Net Income Per Share Net Sales
Nomination Stockholder Business Nomination Stockholder Business Bylaw
Nominees Non-employee Director Compensation Summary
Non-gaap Financial Measures Non-qualified Deferred Compensation
Non-qualified Stock Option Non-qualified Stock Option Agreement
Nonqualified Deferred Compensation Normal Retirement
Not Applicable Not Transferable
Not Voted Via Internet Telephone Fold Along Perforation Notice
Notice Adjournment Notice Stockholders Meetings
Number Qualification Directors Obligations
Obligations Employer Office Consumer Products
Office Consumer Products Percent Net Sales Office Consumer Products Segment
Officers Officers Directors
Operate Some Highly Competitive Markets Not Compete Effectively Operating Expenses Interest Taxes
Operating Income Operational Highlights
Operational Working Capital Ratio Option Agreement
Option Exercises Stock Vested 2007 Option Exercises Stock Vested 2008
Option Exercises Year-end Values Option Grants
Option Grants Last Option Price
Option Term Option Vesting
Order Mitigate Risk Important Obtain Various Types Insurance Order Remain Competitive Important Recruit Retain Highly-skilled Employees
Organization Information Other
Other Acquisitions Other Clubs
Other Compensation Other Current Liabilities
Other Events Other Expense Net
Other Indication Proxies Shall Vote Election Director Nominees Other Information
Other Matters Other Offices
Other Regular Meetings Other Retirement Plans
Other Shareholders Equity Accounts Other Specialty Converting Businesses
Other Specialty Converting Businesses Percent Net Sales Outlook
Outsource Some Manufacturing Significant Changes Quality Control Financial Overall Policy
Overview Outlook Part
Partial Exercise Participant
Participant Cooperation Participant Deferrals
Participant Election Declared Rates Participation
Participation Election Participation Election Form
Patrick Siewert New Director Paxar Acquisition-related Actions
Paxar Converted Performance Share Awards Paxar Corporation
Paxar Integration Actions Payment Shares
Payments Acquisitions Pension Plan
Pension Postretirement Benefits Pensions Other Postretirement Benefits
Pensions Postretirement Benefits Performance Goals
Performance Units Performance-based Compensation
Period Exercisability Perquisites
Philip Neal Continues Chairman Place Meetings
Place Meetings Telephonic Plan
Plan Administration Plan Assets
Plan Assumptions Plan Attend Annual Meeting Stockholders Please Indicate Marking
Plan Contributions Please Votes Indicated Example
Positive Factors Positive Factors Included
Postretirement Health Benefits Potential Adverse Developments Legal Proceedings Investigation Regarding Competitive
Potential Adverse Developments Legal Proceedings Investigations Other Compliance Power Attorney
Powers Powers Committee
Preliminary Supplementary Information President
Pressure-sensitive Materials Pressure-sensitive Materials Percent Net Sales
Pressure-sensitive Materials Segment Principal Office
Principal Stockholders Principles Consolidation
Pro Forma Results Operations Pro-rata Bonus Payment
Proceeds Sale Assets Proceeds Sale Businesses Investments
Product Warranty Property Plant Equipment
Provision Income Taxes Proxies
Proxy Statement Proxy Statement Pursuant Securities Exchange Act 1934
Purchase Price Allocation Purpose
Pursuant 906 Sarbanes-oxley Act 2002 Qualified Performance-based Award
Qualified Retirement Plans Quarterly Financial Information
Quorum Ratification Appointment Auditors Proxy
Reasons Amended Restated Employee Plan Reasons Amended Restated Stock Plan
Recent Accounting Requirements Reconciliation Non-gaap Financial Measures Accordance Sec Regulation
Record Date Purposes Other Notice Voting Record Date Stockholder Notice Voting
Registered Office Registrants Telephone Number Including Area Code 626 304-2000
Regulation Disclosure Related Party Transactions
Relationship Independent Auditors Removal Resignation Officers
Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Financial Statement
Reporting Change Representation Stock Other Corporations
Reputation Sales Earnings Affected Adversely Quality Products Services Required Vote Approval Recommendation Board Directors
Research Development Restricted Stock Unit
Restricted Stock Units Restricted Stock Units Performance
Restructuring Severance Costs Results Operations Financial Condition
Retail Information Services Retail Information Services Percent Net Sales
Retail Information Services Segment Retiree Medical
Retirement Retirement Benefit
Retirement Benefits Retirement Plan
Retiring Directors Return
Revenue Recognition Risk Factors Safe Harbor Statement
Risk Management Risks Uncertainties Assumptions Avery Dennison
Risks Uncertainties Assumptions Paxar Risks Uncertainties Assumptions Transaction
Role Compensation Committee Executive Officers Rule 16b-3
Safe Harbor Statement Private Securities Litigation Reform Act Sales
Sales Growth Region Sales Returns Allowances
Satisfaction Claims Schedule Ii-valuation Qualifying Accounts Reserves
Seal Secretary
Securities Exchange Act 1934 Securities Exchange Washington 20549
Securities Registered Pursuant Act Segment Reporting
Segment Results Senior Executive Annual Incentive Plan Seaip
Setting Executive Compensation Settlement Date
Severance Share Price Volatile
Share Repurchases Shareholders Equity
Shareholders Equity Ratios Shares Subject Plan
Shipping Handling Costs Signatures
Significant Disruption Information Technology Infrastructure Adversely Impact Operations Slower Growth Key Markets Adversely Affect Profitability
Software Some Products Sold Parties
Sources Cash Special Meetings
Standing Committees Board Directors Statement Accounts
Statement Agreement Regarding Long-term Debt Registrant Statement Management Responsibility Financial Statements
Statement Schedule Status
Stock Appreciation Right Stock Appreciation Rights
Stock Certificates Stock Dividend Data
Stock Options Stock-based Compensation
Stockholder Action Written Consent Without Meeting Stockholder Proposals
Stockholder Return Performance Subject Risks Associated Availability Coverage Various Types Insurance
Submitted Herewith Subordinate Officers Etc
Subsequent Event Subsequent Events
Subsidiary Substantial Indebtedness Limit Ability Incur Additional Debt Fund
Summary Summary Related Party Activity
Summary Results Operating Segment Supplemental Executive Retirement Plan
Survivor Benefit Survivor Benefits
Table Contents Tax Benefit Reserve
Tax Withholding Taxes Based Income
Taxes Income Termination Benefit
Termination Employment Termination Material Definitive Agreement
Terms Terms Conditions
Terms Options Three-year Summary Segment Information
Timing Payment Bonuses Titles
Top Form Total Return Analysis
Transfer Agent Registrar Transfer Agent-registrar
Treasurer Unexercised Options Other Rights
Unfunded Status Plan Unfunded Status Plan Creation Trusts
Unsecured General Creditor Uses Cash
Vacancies Newly Created Directorships Vacancies Office
Validity Valuation Accounts
Valuation Date Valuation Stock Options
Vesting Vice Presidents
Vote Important Please Immediately Vote Nominees Recommended Board Directors
Vote Proposals Below Recommended Board Directors Voting
Voting Instructions Solicited Trustee Behalf Board Directors Avery Voting Shares
Waiver Breach Waiver Notice
Waiver Notice Consent Absent Stockholders Waiver Stay Extension Usury Laws
Web Cast Conference Call Web Site Wwwinvestorsaverydennisoncom
Working Capital Ratio Year-end Option Values
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