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Accounting Debt Repurchase Costs Accounting Income Taxes
Accounting Order Debt Repurchase Costs Accounting Standards Codification
Accounts Receivable Sale Accumulated Other Comprehensive Income Loss
Accumulated Other Comprehensive Loss Acquired Awards
Add 151 Add Clauses
Additional Committees Adjustment Awards
Adjustment Shares Adjustments
Administration Administration Interpretation Plan Administrator
Administrative Agent Advantage
Advantage Acquisition Advantage Credit Agreement
Advantage Formerly Avista Advantage Operations
Advertising Expenses Affected Long-term Global Climate Changes
Affirmative Covenants Agreement Notes Shall Governed Construed Accordance Law Without
Agreement Shall Governed Construed Accordance Laws State New Air Quality
Allocation Among Components Allowance Doubtful Accounts
Allowance Funds Used Construction Aluminum Recycling Site
Amended Restated Credit Agreement Amended Restated Sales Agency Agreement
Amendment Amendment Income Continuation Plan
Amendment Original Mortgage Amendment Plan
Amendment Termination Amendment Termination Plan
Amendments Amendments Articles Incorporation Bylaws Change
Amendments Original Mortgage Analysis Differences Economic Management Required Accounting Certain Contracts
Analysis Operating Revenues Resource Costs 2006 Compared 2005 Analysis Operating Revenues Resource Costs 2007 Compared 2006
Analysis Operating Revenues Resource Costs Gross Margin Analysis Operating Revenues Resource Costs Gross Margin 2004
Analysis Operating Revenues Resource Costs Gross Margin 2005 Analysis Operating Revenues Resource Costs Gross Margin 2006
Analysis Operating Revenues Resource Costs Gross Margin 2007 Annual Cash Incentive Plan Design
Annual Cash Incentive Target Award Opportunity Annual Election Directors
Annual Incentive Compensation Annual Meeting Shareholders
Annual Meeting Shareholders Thursday 2005 Annual Report Financial Statements
Approval Long-term Incentive Plan Amended Approved Settlement Resolve Issues Avistas Electric Natural Gas
Asset Retirement Obligations Assets Held Sale
Assignability Assignment
Assignment Certificate Assignment Form
Audit Committee Report Auditors Fees
Authorized Number Shares Available Information
Avista Advantage Avista Advantage Operations
Avista Capital Companies Avista Corp Business Segments
Avista Corp Chairman Ceo Gary Ely Announces Retirement Avista Corp Clarifies Earnings Guidance
Avista Corp Contingent Liabilities Disclosed Notes Consolidated Financial Avista Corp Currently Subject Several Regulatory Proceedings Named
Avista Corp Indirect Subsidiaries Avista Corp Names Scott Morris President Chief Operating
Avista Corp Not Able Relicense Hydroelectric Facilities Located Avista Corp Relies Access Credit Banks
Avista Corp Reports 2009 Results Avista Corp Reports Final 2007 Results
Avista Corp Reports Improved Financial Results 2008 Avista Corp Reports Improved Financial Results 2009
Avista Corp Reports Improved Results 2008 Avista Corp Reports Results 2007 Announces Settlement Washington
Avista Corp Reports Results Year-to-date 2008 Avista Corp Reports Strong Earnings 2006
Avista Corp Reports Year-to-date 2009 Results Initiates 2010 Avista Corp Reports Year-to-date 2009 Results Tightens Guidance
Avista Corp Subject Commodity Price Risk Avista Corp Subject Credit Risk
Avista Corp Subject Risk Potential Effects Legislation Administrative Avista Corp Subject Various Operational Event Risks Common
Avista Corporation Avista Corporation Corp Production Transmission Update
Avista Corps Results Operations Financial Condition Cash Flows Avista Corps Risk Management Procedures Not Prevent Losses
Avista Energy Avista Energy Operating Revenues
Avista Energy Revenues Trading Activities Avista Power
Avista Utilities Avista Utilities Capital Expenditures
Avista Utilities Deferred Power Natural Gas Costs Subject Avista Utilities Electric Resources
Avista Utilities Energy Commodity Derivative Assets Liabilities Avista Utilities Operating Revenues
Avista Utilities Operations Avista Utilities Regulatory Matters
Avista Utilities Subject Risk Regulators Not Grant Sufficient Award
Award Agreements Awards
Awards Last Awards Options
Background Bank America
Base Compensation Table Base Salary
Basis Presentation Pro Forma Adjustments Basis Reporting
Beneficial Ownership Reporting Compliance Beneficiary
Beneficiary Designation Benefit Termination Employment
Benefits Board Directors
Board Directors Increases Common Stock Dividend Percent Board Directors Recommends Vote
Board Directors Recommends Vote Against Shareholder Proposal Reasons Board Makes Recommendation Either Against Proposal Amend Avistas
Board Meetings Bond Insurance
Business Criteria Business Risk
Business Segments California Attorney General Complaint
California Attorney General Complaint Lockyer California Refund Proceeding
Cash Deposits Counterparties Cash Equivalents
Categorical Standards Independence Directors Cause
Ceo Compensation Certain Relationships Related Transactions Director Independence
Certificate Certificates Shares Transfer
Certification Certification Corporate Officers
Change Control Change Control Agreements
Changes Internal Control Over Financial Reporting City Tacoma Complaint
Claims Procedures Clark Fork Settlement Agreement
Class Action Securities Litigation Code Business Conduct Ethics
Colstrip Generating Project Complaint Colstrip Generating Project Complaints
Colstrip Royalty Claim Commitments Contingencies
Committed Highest Standards Corporate Governance End Adopted Guidelines Committees
Commodity Price Risk Commodity Trading Marketing Resource Management Activities Cause Volatility
Common Stock Communications Directors
Compared 2003 Compared 2004
Compared 2005 Compared 2006
Compared 2007 Compared 2008
Comparison Five-year Cumulative Total Returns Avista Corp Industry Compensation Chief Executive Officer
Compensation Committee Interlocks Insider Participation Compensation Committee Report
Compensation Organization Committee Report Compensation Philosophy Objectives
Competition Competitive Analysis
Compliance Laws Regulations Component
Components Compensation Composition Meetings
Comprehensive Income Loss Conclusion Regarding Effectiveness Disclosure Controls Procedures
Conditions Borrowings Extensions Conditions Issuance
Conditions Precedent Consent Holder
Consent Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Considerations Against Classified Board
Considerations Favoring Classified Board Contact
Contingencies Contingent Liabilities Disclosed Notes Consolidated Financial Statements Cannot
Contracts Checks Deposits Contractual Obligations
Contribution Diluted Earnings Loss Per Common Share Business Contribution Diluted Earnings Per Common Share Business Segments
Contribution Earnings Loss Per Diluted Share Business Segment Controls Procedures
Corporate Governance Guidelines Corporate Governance Management
Corporate Governance Structure Generally Provides Significant Independence Particular Corporate Seal
Counterparty Defaults Covenants
Creation Direct Financial Obligation Off-balance Sheet Arrangement Credit Nonperformance Risk
Credit Ratings Credit Risk
Critical Accounting Policies Estimates Currently Subject Several Regulatory Proceedings Named Multiple Lawsuits
Customer Programs Dated
Deferred Compensation Deferred Power Natural Gas Costs Subject Regulatory Review
Definitions Departure Directors Certain Officers Election Appointment Compensatory
Dependent Ability Access Long-term Capital Markets Depositary Legend
Depreciation Derivative Instruments Summary
Differences Economic Management Required Accounting Certain Contracts Physical Differences Estimated Market Value Required Accounting Certain Contracts
Director Changes Director Compensation
Director Independence Director Nominations
Directors Executive Officers Corporate Governance Disability
Disclosure Applicable Underwriting Agreements Common Stock Mortgage Bonds Disposition Avista Energy
Disposition Avista Energys Assets Disposition South Lake Tahoe Properties
Dividend Equivalent Rights Dividends
Dollar Limitation Downgrade Avista Corps Credit Rating Limit Ability Obtain
Downgrades Credit Ratings Limit Ability Obtain Financing Adversely Duties Chairman
Duties Lead Director Early Retirement
Earnings Guidance Outlook Earnings Increase Due Strong Performance Avista Utilities Advantage
Earnings Per Common Share Earnings Performance Targets
Ecitals Economic Load Growth
Economic Utility Load Growth Edemption Onds
Efeasance Effective 2005
Effective 2007 Effective Date
Efinitions Election Directors
Electric Distribution Transmission Plant Electric Natural Gas Revenues
Electric Operations Electric Requirements
Eligibility Eligible Class
Eligible Employees Elimination Cumulative Voting
Emergis Technologies Inc Complaint Employment Agreement Durkin
Employment Agreement Malquist Employment Agreement-d Meyer
Employment Agreement-m Durkin Employment Agreement-m Malquist
Employment Agreement-m Thies Energy Bill
Energy Commodity Derivatives Energy Commodity Trading
Energy Marketing Resource Management Energy Marketing Resource Management Avista
Energy Marketing Resource Management Avista Operations Energy Marketing Resource Management Operations
Energy Policy Act 2005 Energy Recovery Mechanism Adjustment
Energy Resource Management Activities Cause Volatility Cash Flows Energy Trading Activities Positions
Entry Material Definitive Agreement Environmental Issues
Environmental Issues Other Contingencies Environmental Matters
Environmental Protection Agency Administrative Compliance Order Eposit Ond Roceeds Und Ccounts Evenues
Eries 2008 Eriodic Nterest Emand Ith Einstatement Equest
Ertificate Uthentication Estimates
Events Default Exact Name Registrant Specified Charter
Execution Copy Executive Compensation
Executive Compensation Components Executive Compensation Matters
Executive Incentive Compensation Plan Executive Income Continuation Plan
Executive Level Summary Executive Officer Base Compensation
Executive Officers Registrant Exercisability
Exercise Options Exercise Stock Appreciation Rights
Exhibits Exhibits Schedules
Existing Provisions Existing Secured Indebtedness
Expense Solicitation Exposure Demands Collateral
Fair Market Value Fair Value Financial Instruments
Federal Energy Regulatory Inquiry Federal Income Tax Consequences
Fifth Restated Articles Incorporation Amended Filing State Offices
Financial Information Financial Market Conditions Impact Results Liquidity
Financial Statements Exhibits Foreign Currency Exchange Contracts
Foreign Currency Risk Foreign Currency Translation Adjustment
Form 10-k Form 10-q
Form Grant Awards Former Name Address Changed Since Last Report
Fortieth Series Bonds Fortieth Supplemental Indenture
Forty-fifth Series Bonds Forty-fifth Supplemental Indenture
Forty-first Supplemental Indenture Forty-fourth Supplemental Indenture
Forty-second Supplemental Indenture Forty-seventh Series Bonds
Forty-seventh Supplemental Indenture Forty-sixth Supplemental Indenture
Forty-third Series Bonds Forty-third Supplemental Indenture
Forward-looking Statements Funding
Funds Held Customers Customer Fund Obligations Further Adjustment Awards
Further Discussion Factors Other Important Please Refer Annual Future Resource Needs
Gary Ely General
General Rate Cases Generation Properties
Good Reason Goodwill
Grant Date Grant Options
Grant Stock Appreciation Rights Grant Stock Awards
Guarantees Guaranty
Hamilton Street Bridge Site Harbor Oil Inc Site
Highlights History Existing Provisions
Holder Http Proxyvotecom
Hydroelectric Relicensing Idaho
Idaho Electric Natural Gas General Rate Case Idaho General Rate Cases
Immediate Attention Appreciated Impairment Assets
Inal Rawing Incentive Goals 2008
Incentive Stock Option Incentive Stock Option Limitations
Income Continuation Plan Income Taxes
Incorporation Certain Documents Reference Increase Interest Rates Negatively Affect Avista Corps Future
Increase Interest Rates Negatively Affect Future Results Operations Indemnification
Indemnification Agreement Indemnification Contribution
Independent Chairman Result Inefficiencies Additional Costs Index
Industry Developments Industry Restructuring
Information Services Contracts Information Website
Inter-company Debt Subordination Interest Rate Risk
Interest Rate Swap Agreements Interstate Natural Gas Distribution Line
Investment Exchange Power-net Iscellaneous
Isposition Roceeds Onds Roject Issuance Sale Shares
Issuance Shares Jointly Owned Electric Facilities
Lake Coeur Dalene Lake Coeur Dalene Matter
Leases Legal Proceedings
Legal Regulatory Proceedings Western Power Markets Liability
Limitations Liquidity Capital Resources
List Persons Subject Lock-up Long-term Debt Affiliated Trusts
Long-term Equity Compensation Long-term Incentive Compensation
Long-term Incentive Plan Majority Vote Standard
Malyn Malquist Remain Chief Financial Officer Managements Report Internal Control Over Financial Reporting
Market Conduct Investigations Market-based Rate Authority Market Registrants Common Equity Related Stockholder Matters Issuer
Market Risk Material Terms Performance Goals
Materials Supplies Fuel Stock Natural Gas Stored Maximum Amounts
Meetings Independent Directors Members Audit Committee Board
Members Compensation Organization Committee Board Miscellaneous
Miscellaneous Provisions Montana
Montana Hydroelectric Litigation Montana Public School Trust Fund Lawsuit
Names Commitments Addresses Banks Amendment Effective Date Names Commitments Addresses Initial Banks
Natural Gas Benchmark Mechanism Natural Gas Cost Deferrals Recovery Mechanisms
Natural Gas Decoupling Natural Gas Operations
Natural Gas Plant Nature Business
Neo Base Compensation Table Neo Incentive Compensation Table
Neo Performance Share Awards Table Neo Performance Shares Grant Table
Net Income Loss Business Segment New Accounting Standards
Nominees Continuing Directors Non-employee Director Compensation
Non-employee Director Stock Plan Non-utility Energy Marketing Trading Revenues
Nonqualified Stock Option Northeast Combustion Turbine Site
Notes Condensed Consolidated Financial Statements Notes Consolidated Financial Statements
Notice 2005 Annual Meeting Shareholders Notice 2007 Annual Meeting Shareholders
Notice Annual Meeting Notices Settlement
Noxon Rapids Hydroelectric Facility Number 1-3701
Nvestments Oan Greement
Off-balance Sheet Arrangements Officers
Offices Option Exercise Price
Option Exercises Stock Vested 2006 Oregon
Oregon General Rate Case Oregon General Rate Cases
Oregon Senate Bill 408 Orm Ond
Orm Otice Xtension Mendment Orm Ssignment
Other Other Benefits
Other Benefits Agreements Other Business
Other Business Segment Other Businesses
Other Businesses 2009 Net Loss Attributable Avista Corporation Other Businesses Results Improved Compared Year-to-date 2007 Primarily
Other Comparative Data Other Contingencies
Other Environmental Matters Other Events
Other Income Expense -net Other Income Expense Net
Other Income-net Other Intangibles
Other Non-utility Revenues Other Operating Risks
Other Operational Event Risks Other Operations
Other Proposals Other Regulatory Filings
Other Regulatory Filings Rulings Other Results Businesses Improved Compared 2006 Was Due
Other Results Businesses Improved Compared 2006 Was Primarily Other Security Ownership
Other Stock-based Awards Otice Djustment
Otice Vent Efault Nder Eimbursement Greement Outstanding Bonds
Overall Overall Liquidity
Overall Operations Overall Segment Results
Overall Segment Results 2004 Compared 2003 Overall Segment Results 2005 Compared 2004
Overall Segment Results 2006 Compared 2005 Overall Segment Results 2007 Compared 2006
Overview Overview Compensation Program
Pacific Northwest Refund Proceeding Part
Part Other Information Participant
Payment Exercise Price Payout Specified Time
Payout Termination Pecial Ovenants
Peer Group Companies Pension Plan
Pension Plans Other Postretirement Benefit Performance Award
Performance Award Settlement Performance Awards
Performance Management Performance Restricted Shares Grant Table
Performance Share Settlement Performance Shares
Performance-based Annual Cash Incentive Perquisites
Plan Plan Administrator
Plan Administrator Authority Plan Benefits
Plan Provisions Port Seattle Complaint
Post-retirement Income Continuation Benefit Post-termination Exercises
Potential Holding Formation Power Cost Deferrals Recovery Mechanisms
Pre-retirement Income Continuation Benefit Pre-set Diversification Plans
Pre-termination Survivor Benefit Preferred Stock-cumulative Subject Mandatory Redemption
Preliminary Statements Principal Accountant Fees Services
Principal Accounting Fees Services Process Selecting Board Candidates
Production Transmission Update Property Additions
Property Plant Equipment Proponents Supporting Statement Largely Unrelated Proposal Itself
Proposal Proposal Declassify Board Directors
Proposal Implement Majority Voting Uncontested Elections Eliminate Cumulative Proposal Ratification Appointment Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Proposals Included Managements Proxy Materials Proposed Holding
Prospective Amendment Proxy Statement-voting Procedures
Public Utility District Snohomish County Public Utility Regulatory Policy Act
Purchase Sale Agreement Purchased Gas Adjustments
Purchasers Purpose
Purpose Intent Plan Quantitative Qualitative Disclosures Market Risk
Quantitative Risk Measurements Range Performance Award Opportunity
Range Performance Share Opportunity Ransfer Emand
Ranting Lauses Ratification Appointment Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Ratifications Representations Warranties Recent Epa Initiatives Related Climate Change
Recent Legal Developments Recitals
Reclassifications Regional Transmission Organizations
Registered Public Accounting Firm Registrants Business Operations
Registrants Telephone Number Including Area Code 509-489-0500 Registration
Regulation Regulation Disclosure
Regulators Not Grant Rates Provide Timely Sufficient Recovery Regulatory Accounting
Regulatory Deferred Charges Credits Regulatory Issues
Regulatory Matters Related Party Transaction
Related Party Transactions Release Collateral
Reliant Energy Inc Duke Corporation Cross-complaints Relicensing Hydroelectric Facilities Located Spokane River Cost-effective Level
Rely Access Credit Banks Rely Access Credit Banks Short-term Borrowings
Rely Access Credit Financial Institutions Short-term Borrowings Remainder Page Intentionally Left Blank
Remainder Page Intentionally Left Blank Signature Follows Remainder Page Intentionally Left Blank Signature Pages Follow
Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Representations Warranties
Representations Warranties Survive Delivery Repricing
Residential Exchange Program Resource Management Net Energy Load-serving Activities Cause Volatility
Response Restatement 2006 2005 Financial Statements
Restatement Financial Statements Restricted Cash
Restricted Shares Restricted Stock
Restricted Stock Units Results Annual Cash Incentive Plan
Results Operations Results Operations Financial Condition
Results Operations Financial Condition Cash Flows Significantly Affected Results Reflect Improvement Avista Utilities Net Loss Energy
Retirement Retirement Arrangements Ely
Reuse Shares Review Cash Flow Statement
Rights Agreement Rights Shareholder
Rincipal Nterest Emand Rincipal Nterest Emand Ithout Einstatement Equest
Risk Factors Risk Management
Risk Management Procedures Not Prevent Losses Risk Policies Oversight
Roject Escription Roof Wnership Onds
Rrevocable Etter Redit 3097975 Rust Ndenture
Sales Agency Agreement Schedule
Scott Morris Securities Authorized Award Equity Compensation Plans
Securities Registered Pursuant Act Securities Trading Markets
Security Agreement Security Ownership Certain Beneficial Owners Management Related Stockholder
Selection Enrollment Eligibility Self-funded Death Benefit Plan
Sellers Setting Executive Compensation
Settlement Coeur Dalene Tribe Severability
Severance Benefits Shareholders
Shares Available Short-term Borrowings
Signature Signature Page Purchase Sale Agreement
Signatures Special Circumstances
Specific Amendments Articles Spokane Energy Llc
Spokane River Spokane River Relicensing
Ssignment Stand-alone Stock Appreciation Rights
Standard Performance Triggers Spt State Montana Proceedings
Statement Agreement Statement Insurance
Statement Policy Respect Related Party Transactions Stock Appreciation Rights
Stock Awards Stock Compensation
Stock Compensation Plans Stock Subject Plan
Stock-based Compensation Subject Commodity Price Risk
Subject Credit Risk Subject Legislation Related Administrative Rulemaking Adversely Effect Operational
Subject Risk Potential Effects Legislation Administrative Rulemaking Subject Risk Regulators Not Grant Sufficient Recovery Costs
Subject Risk Regulators Not Grant Timely Sufficient Recovery Subject Various Operational Event Risks Common Utility Industry
Submission Matters Vote Security Holders Subsequent Event
Subsidiaries Registrant Subsidiary
Succession Planning Summary
Summary Significant Accounting Policies Supplemental Executive Disability Plan
Supplemental Executive Retirement Plan Supporting Statement Contains Misleading False Irrelevant Statements
System Accounts Table Contents
Tandem Stock Appreciation Rights Taxation Incentive Stock Options
Taxes Other Income Term Options
Termination Termination Amendment Modification
Termination Material Definitive Agreement Termination Plan
Thirty-ninth Supplemental Indenture Title Class
Transferability Trust
Trust Long-term Incentive Plan Trustees Certificate
Types Awards Unamortized Debt Expense
Underwriting Agreement Common Stock Underwriting Agreement Mortgage Bonds
Unfunded Plan United States
Unresolved Staff Comments Update Disposition Avista Energy
Urchase Edemption Onds Urrender Ertificate
Utility Energy Commodity Derivative Assets Liabilities Utility Operations Targets
Utility Plant Service Utility Revenues
Vents Efault Emedies Vesting Service
Voting Voting Rights Votes Required
Wah Chang Complaint Waiver Jury Trial Each Co-borrowers Banks Administrative Agent
Waiver Restrictions Washington
Washington Electric Natural Gas General Rate Case Washington Energy Recovery Mechanism
Washington General Rate Cases Washington General Rate Increase Implemented 2009
Wholesale Energy Markets Development Regional Transmission Organizations Wilson Vice President Controller
Wind Generation Costs Wind Generation Site
Withholding Wutc Decision General Rate Cases Filed Avista Corp
Year-to-date 2005 Highlights Year-to-date 2006 Highlights
Year-to-date 2007 Highlights Year-to-date 2008 Highlights
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