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Acceptance Rejection Submitted Bids Sell Orders Allocation Shares Accompanying Notes
Accounting Changes Accounting Income Taxes
Accounting Policies Accumulated Other Comprehensive Income
Accumulated Other Comprehensive Income Loss Acquisitions
Additional Information Additional Matters
Additional Mobile Spectrum Additional Representations Warranties Bce
Additional Representations Warranties Corporation Additional Representations Warranties Teachers
Additional Representations Warranties Torstar Additional Representations Warranties Woodbridge
Address Principal Executive Offices Adjusted Net Earnings
Admission Meeting Ads
After Arrangement Approved Against Shareholder Proposals
Alcohol Drugs Other Substances Alignment Interests Shareholders
Alternatives Enhancing Shareholder Value Other Auction Process Amendment Trust Indenture
Amendments Amortization Expense
Amortization Intangible Assets Amount Dividends
Annual Certification Annual Compensation
Annual Review Annual Short-term Incentive Awards
Application Change Bundling Rules Appointing Another Person Meeting Vote Shares
Appointing Auditors Appointing Deloitte Touche Llp Auditors
Appraisers Approach Fairness
Approval Circular Approval Directors Certificate
Approval Holders Series Preferred Shares Approval Process
Arbitration Arrangement
Arrangement Resolution Arrangement Steps
Assets Assistance Available Bce Shareholders
Assumptions Canadian Economy Assumptions Limitations
Assumptions Preparation Forward-looking Statements Assumptions Risks Underlying Forward-looking Statements
Assumptions Transactions Assumptions Used Stock Option Pricing Model
Attachment Attachment Additional Resources
Audit Committee Audit Committee Report
Audit Fees Audit-related Fees
Auditor Independence Policy Authorization Holders Preferred Shares Series
Automatic Conversion Available Information Regarding Bce
Awards Aws Spectrum
Base Salaries Basis Presentation
Bce Bce 2005 Financial Information
Bce 2009 Analyst Meeting Bce Announces Strategic Review Process
Bce Asset Review Bce Board Directors Trustee Depositary Dealer Manager Respective
Bce Call Financial Analysts Bce Financial Performance
Bce Forward- Looking Statements Bce Inc
Bce Inc 2006 Investor Briefing Create Next-generation Services Bce Inc 2006 Investor Briefing Glance
Bce Inc 2006 Investor Briefing Review Bce Inc 2008 Quarterly Report Managements Discussion Analysis
Bce Inc Dependent Ability Subsidiaries Pay Dividends Otherwise Bce Inc Lawsuit Launched Against Former Directors Teleglobe
Bce Inc Reaches Definitive Agreement Acquired Bce News Release
Bce Not Proceed Income Trust Conversion Bce Offering Purchase Notes
Bce Pay Notes Bce Reports 2005 Year-end Results
Bce Reports 2006 Year-end Results Bce Reviewing Alternatives Further Enhance Shareholder Value
Bce Right Terminate Offer Bci
Bell Bell Aliant
Bell Aliant Operating Income Bell Aliant Regional Communications
Bell Aliant Revenue Bell Aliant Segment
Bell Canada Act Bell Canada Enterprises Reports Results
Bell Canada Form New Income Trust Regional Customers Bell Canada Plan Arrangement
Bell Canada Statutory Includes Canadas Interests Aliant Expressvu Bell Canada Statutory Results
Bell Customer Connections Bell Excluding Aliant
Bell Expressvu Bell Globemedia
Bell Nordiq Income Fund Bell West
Bell Wireless Operating Income Bell Wireless Revenue
Bell Wireless Segment Bell Wireline Operating Income
Bell Wireline Revenue Bell Wireline Segment
Benchmarking Benefits
Bidding Equity Syndication Rules Bids Dealers
Bmo Fairness Opinions Bnp Paribas Canada Lawsuit
Board Assessments Board Chair
Board Committees Board Confirms Bce Not Pursue Privatization Alternative
Board Directors Board Directors Assessments
Board Directors Recommends Shareholders Vote Against Proposal Following Board Directors Recommends Shareholders Vote Proposal Following Reasons
Board Forms Strategic Oversight Committee Break-up Fee Payable Purchaser
Broadcasting Act Business
Business Acquisitions Business Depends Performance Ability Retain Senior Executives
Business Segment Business Segment Highlights
Calculation Annual Dividend Rate Calculation Designated Percentage
Call Financial Analysts Call Media
Canadian Association Internet Providers Caip Part Application Canadian Competition Act Compliance
Canadian Economic Assumptions Canadian Market Assumptions
Canadian Ownership Control Regulations Cannot Guarantee Bce Incs Dividend Policy Maintained
Capital Disclosures Capital Expenditures
Capital Management Capital Structure
Capital Structure Shows Much Net Assets Financed Debt Capitalized Interest
Case Conferences Cash Compensation
Cash Dividends Paid Common Shares Cash Dividends Paid Subsidiaries Non-controlling Interest
Cash Flows Cash Flows Operating Activities
Cash Held Escrow Cash Operating Activities
Cash Operating Activities Free Flow Caution Concerning Forward-looking Statements
Cbca Certain Canadian Federal Income Tax Considerations
Certain Federal Income Tax Considerations Certain Legal Regulatory Matters
Certificates Payments Certification
Certification Interim Filings Certification Interim Filings Transition Period
Cgi Cgi Completes Purchase 100 Shares Bce
Cgi Conference Call Cgi Forward- Looking Statements
Chair Board Directors Change Control
Change Control Agreements Change Control Partial Bell Canada Designated Entity
Change Control Provisions Applicable Restricted Share Units Change Control Provisions Applicable Stock Options
Changes Foreign Ownership Restrictions Increase Competition Future Changes Governments Approach Regulation
Changing Vote Cheaper
Chief Executive Officer Chief Executive Officers Compensation
Cibc Fairness Opinions Class Action Concerning Bell Canada Mobility Inc Late
Class Action Concerning Bell Canada Mobility Late Payment Class Action Concerning Bell Expressvu Late Payment Charges
Class Action Concerning Bell Late Payment Charges Class Action Concerning Wireless Access Charges
Class Actions Act Class Proceedings Act
Class Shares Classes Number Shares
Closing Terms Conditions Code Business Conduct
Commencement Dispute Resolution Commissioner Complaints Telecommunications Services
Commitment Crtc Deferral Account Mechanism Committe Reports
Committees Board Directors Common Share Opinion
Common Shares Comparative Figures
Comparative Periods Compensation Directors Subsidiary Boards
Compensation Objectives Elements Compensation Offered Named Executive Officers
Compensation Policy Subsidiaries Compensation Table
Competition Act Competition Bureaus Investigation Concerning System Access Fees
Complaint Procedures Complaint Procedures Accounting Auditing Matters
Completing Proxy Form Completion 100-day Plan Restructure Re-energize Bell
Completion Ncib Program Completion Renewal Normal Course Issuer Bid Program
Completion Telesat Canada Sale Complexities Related Auction Process
Complexities Related Telus Participation Auction Process Composition Board
Composition Board Directors Nomination Comprehensive Income
Conclusion Conclusions
Conditions Issue Additional Shares Conditions Precedent
Consents Financial Advisors Consents Legal Advisors
Considering Effects Prior Misstatements Quantifying Current Financial Statements Considering Shareholders Proposals
Consolidated Analysis Consolidated Statements Accumulated Other Comprehensive Loss
Consolidated Statements Cash Flows Consolidated Statements Comprehensive Income
Consolidated Statements Comprehensive Loss Income Consolidated Statements Deficit
Consultation Concerning Renewal Spectrum Licences Consultation Renewal Cellular Pcs Spectrum Licences
Consultation Revisions Framework Spectrum Auctions Canada Consultation Transition Broadband Radio Services Brs Band 2500-2690
Consumer Consumer Segment Highlights
Consummation Privatization Still Subject Certain Terms Conditions Including Consummation Privatization Still Subject Number Terms Conditions Including
Contact Information Contacts Telus
Conversion Option Holder Conversion Portion Series Preferred Shares
Conversion Privilege Conversion Privilege Further Series Preferred Shares
Corporate Governance Committee Corporate Governance Committee Report
Corporate Individual Performance Corporate Policies
Corporate Security Emergency Management Corporation Apply Court
Counterparts Court Approval
Credentials Bmo Capital Markets Credentials Cibc World Markets
Credentials Rbc Capital Markets Credit Arrangements
Credit Ratings Credit Risk
Criminal Code Criminal Code Canada
Crtc Approvals Crtc Consultation Accessibility Telecommunications Broadcasting Services
Crtc Consultation Canadian Broadcasting New Media Crtc Decision Impose New Television Taxes
Ctvglobemedia Cumulative Dividends
Currency Currency Translation
Customer Relationship Data
Date Action Date Time Meeting
Dealer Manager Debt
Debt Financing Debt Instruments
Debt Issue Costs Decline Economic Growth Retail Commercial Activity Adverse Financial
Decrease Investments Deferred Compensation Plan
Deferred Costs Deferred Costs Finite-life Intangible Assets
Define Adjusted Net Earnings Before Restructuring Other Losses Define Ebitda Earnings Before Interest Taxes Depreciation Amortization
Define Ebitda Operating Revenues Less Cost Revenue Selling Define Free Cash Flow Operating Activities After Capital
Defined Benefit Basic Plan Defined Benefit Supplementary Executive Retirement Plan Serp
Defined Contribution Basic Plan Definitions
Deliver Abundant Reliable Bandwidth Enable Next-generation Services Delivery Consideration
Demand Payment Depend Key Third-party Suppliers Provide Products Services Need
Depositary Depreciation
Depreciation Amortization Intangible Assets Derivative Instruments Hedging Activities
Description United States Gaap Differences Details Transaction
Determination New Dividend Rate Determination Subsequent Fixed Dividend Rate
Determination Sufficient Clearing Bids Winning Bid Rate Current Director Compensation Table
Directors Directors Attendance Record
Directors Compensation Directors Named Proxy Form Vote Shares Unless Appoint
Directors Officers Liability Insurance Directors Share Unit Plan
Disclosure Conflict Interest Potential Disclosure Controls Procedures
Disclosure Policy Discrimination Harassment
Dismiss Bci Debenture Holders Class Action Lawsuit Disposition Notes Pursuant Offer
Disposition Shares Disposition Shares Pursuant Arrangement
Dispute Resolution Arbitration Dispute Resolution Arbitration Procedure
Dissent Rights Dissenting Shareholders
Dissenting Shareholders Rights Dividend
Dividend Increase Dividend Policy
Dividends Preferred Shares Documents Request
Duties Responsibilities Board Duties Responsibilities Board Chair
Ebitda Effect Subsection Applies
Effects Holders Notes Not Tendered Offer Effects Holders Notes Tendered Accepted Offer
Electing Directors Employee
Employee Annual Record Review Employee Benefit Plans
Employee Benefit Plans Cost Employees Responsibilities
Employees Savings Plans Employers Accounting Defined Benefit Pension Other Postretirement Plans
Employment Offers Endorsing Certificate
Engagement Engagement Bmo Capital Markets
Engagement Cibc World Markets Enhancing Broadband Networks
Enhancing Customer Experience Providing Superior Products Service Build Environmental Policy
Equity Financing Ethical Business Conduct
Ethics Policy Management Group Events Affecting Operations Service Providers Operate Outside Canada
Ex-officio Examples Material Information
Exchange Bell Canada Preferred Shares Excludes Amounts Related Net Benefit Plans Costs Bell
Executive Compensation Table Executive Officers
Executive Officers Compensation Expectations Personal Commitments Directors
Expected Timing Completion Benefits High Speed Packet Access Expected Timing Completion Hspa Overlay Wireless Network Subject
Expected Timing Completion Proposed Acquisition Bell Mobility Equity Expense Reimbursement Payable Bce
Expiration Time External Auditors
External Auditors Fees Face Increasing Wireless Competitive Activity Resulting New Technologies
Face Significant Competition Reduce Market Share Revenues Lower Failure Achieve Business Objectives Adverse Impact Financial Performance
Fair Value Fair Value Financial Instruments
Fair Value Measurements Fairness Conclusion
Fairness Conclusions Fax
Fcc Approval Fifth Consecutive Fewer Yoy Residential Line Losses
Final Order Final Order Hearing
Financial Assumptions Concerning Bce Financial Capital Management
Financial Guidance Increased Financial Highlights
Financial Instruments Financial Instruments Comprehensive Income
Financial Management Financial Operational Assumptions
Financial Reporting Financial Reporting External Auditors
Financial Results Financial Results Analysis
Financing Activities Subsidiaries Parties Find Information Including Bce Incs Annual Form 2007
Find Information Including Bce Incs Annual Form 2008 Fixed Rate Period
Floating Rate Listed Period Floating Rate Period
Floating Rate Unlisted Period Forbearance Regulation Local Exchange Services
Force Majeure Foreign Tax Credits Canadian Taxes Paid Withheld
Forfeiture Form 6-k Report Foreign Private Issuer
Form Notes Form Permanent Global Debt Security Certificate
Form Transfer Forward Looking Statements
Forward-looking Statements Forward-looking Statements Subsequent 2009
Free Cash Flow Full Certificate
Further Assurances Further Information
Further Right Furthermore Management Proxy Circular Include Statement Committee Members
Future Accounting Changes Gain Telesat Sale Contributes Eps 293 072 Before
Gains Losses Investments General
General Proxy Matters General Standards Financial Presentation
Georgeson Gifts
Glance Global 1200 Telecommunication Services Index
Global 1200 Telecommunications Services Index Going-private Costs
Going-private Transaction Goldman Sachs Fairness Opinion
Goodwill Goodwill Intangible Assets
Govern Yourselves Accordingly Greenhill Fairness Opinion
Guarantees Guidance
Health Concerns Radio Frequency Emissions Wireless Devices Well Hearing
High-speed Internet Holders
Hsr Approval Http Securityintranetbellca Genpol Gcs 1041e 104 1fhtm
Immediate Release Important Information
Improper Influence Conduct Audits Improving Customer Service
Includes Bank Advances Notes Payable Income Joint Ventures
Income Taxes Increase Investments
Increased Regulation Legislation Banning Cellular Phones While Driving Indemnification
Indemnification Insurance Directors Executive Officers Indenture Supplemental 1997 Original Trust
Independence Board Independence Board Directors
Independent Advice Independent Dealers Lawsuits
Index Industry Canada Approval
Information Concerning Bce Information Concerning Meeting Voting
Initial Contacts Kkr Cpp Teachers Initial Fixed Rate Period
Inquiries Please Contact Insider Trading
Interest Interest Expense
Interest Informed Persons Material Transactions Interests Equity Compensation Plans
Interim Order Interim Relief
Internal Auditor Internal Comparison
Internal Control Over Financial Reporting International Financial Reporting Standards Ifrs
Internet Internet Access
Interpretation Interpretation Application Part
Interpretation Not Affected Headings Etc Introduction
Inventory Investment Broadband Network Services
Investment Canada Act Approval Invited Annual General Shareholder Meeting
Issue Additional Preferred Shares Issue Series Notes
Issue Series Preferred Shares Key Telecommunications Issues
Labour Agreement Negotiations Labour Agreement Reached
Lawsuit Lawsuits Related Bce Inc
Lawsuits Related Bell Canada Lawsuits Related Teleglobe Inc
Leases Legal Matters
Legal Proceedings Involved Letter Transmittal
Limitation Liquidity
Liquidity Risk Listing Series Preferred Shares
Loans Local Access
Local Telephone Deregulation Long Distance
Long Tender Notes Long-term Incentives
Losses Gains Investments Madison Dearborn Partners
Mail Mail Service Interruption
Major Decline Market Price Bce Incs Securities Negatively Make
Management Proxy Circular Management Resources Compensation Committee
Management Resources Compensation Committee Report Management Restructuring
Managements Discussion Analysis Managements Discussion Analysis Financial Condition Results Operations Mda
Manner Exercise Conversion Privilege Manner Exercise Conversion Privilege Further Series Preferred Shares
Manner Exercise Retraction Privilege Market Risk
Material Assumptions Material Assumptions Preparation Forward-looking Statements
Material Assumptions Preparation Forward-looking Statements Subsequent 2009 Material Change Report National Instrument 51-102
Material Risks Material Risks Affect Business Results
Mean Bce Inc Subsidiaries Joint Ventures Bell Canada Means Bell Aliant Regional Communications Income Fund Affiliated
Media Inquiries Please Contact Media Welcome Participate Listen-only Basis
Meeting Members Financial Literacy Expertise Simultaneous Service
Men Women Broad Diversified Wealth Skills Experience Meet Mid-term Long-term Incentive Awards
Minimum Share Ownership Requirement Miscellaneous
Mobile Spectrum Modification
Modifications Money Belongs Shareholders Paid Them Acknowledged Living Tougher
Montreal 2008 Montreal Quebec 2007
Montreal Quebec 2008 MontrÉal 2007
MontrÉal Québec 2007 MontrÉal Québec 2008
Motion Final Order Name Address
Narrative Discussion Nas
National Instrument 58-201 Corporate Governance Guidelines National Markets
Ncib Need Anticipate Technological Change Invest Develop New Technologies
Net Benefit Plans Cost Net Benefit Plans Cost Included Part Selling General
Net Debt Net Earnings Before Restructuring Other Gains Investments
Net Earnings Before Restructuring Other Gains Investments Costs Net Earnings Before Restructuring Other Losses Gains Investments
Net Earnings Eps Net Earnings Per Share
Net Earnings Per Share Eps Net Gains Investments
Network Access Services Nas Networks Processes
New Credit Facility New Executive Team
New Labour Agreement Ratified New Price Cap Framework
New Public Debt Offering News Release
Nominated Directors Non Recurring Retention Recognition Payments
Non-controlling Interest Non-gaap Financial Measures
Non-gaap Financial Measures Ebitda Non-gaap Financial Measures Free Cash Flow
Non-gaap Financial Measures Net Earnings Before Restructuring Other Non-gaap Financial Measures Operating Income Before Restructuring Other
Non-registered Beneficial Shareholder Non-solicitation Covenant
Non-us Holder Non-waiver Survival
Normal Course Issuer Bid Normal Course Issuer Bid Ncib
Normal Course Issuer Bid Ncib Program Not Able Discontinue Certain Services Necessary Improve Capital
Not Able Tender Notes Notice Guaranteed Delivery Order Not Meaningful
Not Need Complete Return Proxy Form Not Receive Distributions Bell Aliant Due Uncertainty Aliants
Not Specify Shares Voted Directors Named Proxyholders Enclosed Not Sure Whether Registered Non-registered Shareholder Please Contact
Notes Notes Bce Purchase
Notes Consolidated Financial Statements Notice Annual Dividend Rate Applicable Series Preferred Shares
Notice Materials Notice Presentation Final Order
Notice Presentation Respect Notice Resolution
Notice Shareholders United States Notice Subsection Applies
Notice Subsequent Fixed Dividend Rate Applicable Series Preferred Notices
Notified Offer Extended Terminated Objection
Occupational Health Safety Offer Completed Not Participate Rights Obligations Untendered Notes
Offer Pay Offering Purchase Notes
Offers Submitted 2007 Once Tendered Notes Change Mind
Operating Expenses Operating Income
Operating Income Before Restructuring Other Operating Income Ebitda
Operating Revenues Operational Financial Assumptions
Operational Financial Assumptions Concerning Bell Canada Excluding Aliant Operational Highlights
Operations Depend Well Protect Maintain Replace Networks Equipment Opinion Goldman Sachs
Opinions Bmo Nesbitt Burns Inc Opinions Cibc World Markets Inc
Opinions Rbc Dominion Securities Inc Options
Orientation Continuing Education Other
Other Bce Segment Other Bell Canada Segment
Other Business Other Charges
Other Compensation Information Other Corporate Developments
Other Expense Income Other Fees
Other Income Other Income Expense
Other Long-term Assets Other Long-term Assets Liabilities
Other Terms Outlook
Outside Employment Corporate Opportunities Other Activities Outstanding Shares
Oversight Reports Paid
Part Part Directors
Part Execution Documents Part Shareholders
Partial Dissent Participation Offer Affect Rights Respect Notes
Parties Passive Foreign Investment Considerations
Payment Payment 2006-2007 Restricted Share Units Sabia
Payment Dividends Payment Shares
Pension Pension Arrangements
Pension Benefits Inactive Named Executive Officers Pension Fund Committee
Pension Fund Committee Report Perquisites
Person Meeting Personal Integrity
Personal Loans Directors Officers Plan Arrangement
Plans Cost Pleadings
Please Direct Inquiries Please Refer Consolidated Financial Statements 2007 Reading Mda
Policy Direction Policy Practice Details
Positioning Mid-term Long-term Incentives Post-employment Benefits
Postpaid Wireless Net Activations Potential Legislation Restricting In-vehicle Cellphones
Powers Court Pozen Chair Kierans Levitt Tellier
Preferred Share Opinion Preferred Shares
Preferred Shares Series Premium Redemption Bell Aliant Debt
President Chief Executive Officer Price Cap Framework Review
Principles Business Conduct Prior Valuations
Private Equity Activities Leading Bid Submission Date Privatization Bce Inc
Privatization Bell Nordiq Income Fund Privatization Transaction
Privatization Transaction Lawsuit Procedures
Products Services Progress Towards Completion Ifrs Changeover Plan
Proportionate Net Debt Preferreds Ebitda Proposal Cease Desist Buying Shares Pursuant Share Buyback
Proposal Compensation Benefits Employees Proposal Cumulative Voting Elect Directors
Proposal Cut Board Directors President Ceo Top Management Proposal Declaring Special Dividend Amount Equal Bce Common
Proposal Disclosure Holdings Hedge Funds Subprime Mortgages Proposal Female Representation Boards Directors
Proposal Forbid Commercial Relationship External Auditor Affiliates Other Proposal Implement Cumulative Voting Mechanism Election Directors
Proposal Increase Dividend Paid Shareholders Hold Shares Proposal Independence Compensation Committee Members External Advisors
Proposal Information Compensation Equity Proposal Limit Number Directorships
Proposal Limit Number Independent Director Serve Board Proposal Men-women Parity Board Directors
Proposal Missed Dividend Payments Shareholders Periods 2008 Proposal Prior Shareholder Approval Compensation Policy Senior Executives
Proposal Restrict Executives Exercise Options End Tenure Proposal Shareholder Advisory Vote Executive Compensation Policy
Proposal Voting Right After Minimal Holding Period Proposed Bce Pay Amount Equal Aggregate Dividends Been
Proposed Bell Canada Enterprises Reverses Decision Buyback Common Proposed Board Directors Adopt Independence Policy Compensation Committee
Proposed Board Directors Adopt Rule Governance Limiting Number Proposed Board Directors Adopt Rule Governance Stipulating Executive
Providence Providence Madison Dearborn Partners
Proxy Proxy Circular
Proxyholder Also Vote Shares She Sees Fit Other Public Common Shares
Public Disclosure Material Information Public Preferred Shares
Purchase Cancellation Purchase Price
Purchase Price Equal Canada Yield Defined Herein Accrued Purported Class Action Concerning 911 Fees
Purported Class Action Concerning Bell Canada Mobility Inc Purported Class Action Concerning Bell Canada Mobility Late
Purported Class Action Concerning Bell Expressvu Late Payment Purported Class Action Concerning Bell Mobility Billing System
Purported Class Action Concerning Dividends Purported Class Action Concerning Reduction Speed Bell Canadas
Purported Class Action Concerning Wireless Access Charges Purpose
Questions Further Assistance Radiocommunication Act
Reasons Board Directors Recommends Shareholders Vote Against Proposal Reasons Board Directors Recommends Shareholders Vote Proposal
Receive Completed Proxy Form 445 Montréal Time Friday Receiving Financial Statements
Receiving Information Electronically Receiving Information Electronically Faster Cleaner Cheaper
Recent Developments Legal Proceedings Recently Adopted Accounting Changes
Recognition Awards Reconciliation Canadian Gaap United States
Reconciliation Canadian Gaap United States Amended Reconciliation Total Shareholders Equity
Redemption Redemption Option Corporation
Redemption Purchase Notes Refer Entitled Caution Concerning Forward-looking Statements Later News
Reference Documents References
References Dates Statutes Etc Registered Shareholder
Registered Shareholders Regulatory Environment
Regulatory Initiatives Proceedings Pending Future Litigation Changes Laws Regulatory Matters
Relationship Interested Parties Relationships Interested Parties
Relevant Education Experience Renegotiating Collective Agreements Employees Result Higher Labour Costs
Renegotiating Collective Bargaining Agreements Employees Result Higher Labour Renegotiating Labour Agreements
Renewal Credit Facilities Report Executive Compensation
Report Foreign Private Issuer Representations Warranties Parties
Repurchase Common Shares Required Increase Contributions Defined Benefit Pension Plans Future
Required Increase Contributions Employee Benefit Plans Future Depending Required Increase Contributions Retirement Benefit Plans Future Depending
Residential Segment Residential Segment Highlights
Resources Responsibility
Restricted Share Units Restricted Share Units Rsus
Restriction Dividends Retirement Shares Restrictions Dividends Retirement Shares
Restrictions Payment Dividends Capital Distributions Restructuring Costs
Restructuring Other Retail Quality Service Indicators
Retention Policy Retraction Privilege
Return Proxy Form Not Tell Vote Shares Counted Review
Review Internet Traffic Management Practices Isps Review Regulatory Framework Wholesale Services
Review Regulatory Measures Light Federal Cabinets Policy Direction Right Vote
Rights Dissent Rights Liquidation
Risk Factors Risk Management
Risks Risks Affect Bce Inc
Risks Affect Business Risks Affect Business Results
Risks Relating Competitive Environment Risks Relating Regulatory Environment
Role Board Role Board Directors
Role Independent Compensation Consultants Role Management
Role Mrcc Roles Responsibilities
Rsu Grants 2009-2010 Rue Gauchetière Ouest Bureau 3700 Montréal Québec H3b
Rules Construction Safe Harbour Notice Concerning Forward-looking Statements
Sale Businesses Business Combinations Goodwill Sale Telesat
Same Terms Satellites Used Bell Subject Significant Operational Risks Not
Schedule Form Permanent Global Debt Security Certificate Scope Review
Securities Exchange Washington 20549 Form 6-k Report Foreign Security Costs
Segmented Analysis Segmented Information
Send Notice Guaranteed Delivery Tender Notes Series Due 2006
Series Due 2007 Series Due 2009
Series Preferred Shares Serps
Setting Executive Compensation Share Capital
Share Certificate Share Issue Costs
Share Ownership Requirements Share Repurchase Debt Reduction Other Actions
Share Unit Plan Non-employee Directors 1997 Shareholder Application Court
Shareholder Approval Shareholder Proposals 2006 Annual Meeting
Shareholder Return Performance Graph Shareholder Value
Shareholdings Nominated Directors 2008 Shareholdings Nominated Directors 2009
Shares Shares Dissenting Shareholders
Short-term Incentive Awards Short-term Incentive Target
Signature Signed
Significant Accounting Policies Significant Increase Broadband Demand Adverse Effect Business Financial
Sit Boards Corporations Headquartered France Canada Share Shareholder Sixth Supplemental Trust Indenture
Small Medium Business Special Defined Benefit Arrangement
Spectrum Licences Statement Corporate Governance Practices
Statement Executive Compensation Statements Accumulated Other Comprehensive Loss
Status Converted Series Preferred Shares Stock Option Plan
Stock Options Strategic Agenda
Strategic Priorities Strategy Budget
Strike Out Names Printed Proxy Form Write Name Submission Orders Dealers Auction Manager
Subsequent Events Subsequent Fixed Rate Period
Summarized Balance Sheet Information Summary
Superior Proposal Supplementary Financial Information
Supporting Procedures Supreme Court Canada Refuses Leave Appeal Class Action
Suspension Rights Table Contents
Talk Questions Offer Tax Election
Tax Fees Teachers
Teachers Files Schedule 13d Sec Teachers Private Capital
Teachers Torstar Join New Shareholders Telecommunications Act
Teleglobe Unsecured Creditor Lawsuit Telephone
Telesat Telesat Canada
Telesat Operating Income Telesat Revenue
Telesat Segment Telus Participation Auction Process
Tender Notes Tender Only Portion Notes Hold
Term Ebitda Earnings Before Interest Taxes Depreciation Amortization Term Net Earnings Before Restructuring Other Losses Gains
Term Operating Income Before Restructuring Other Not Standardized Terminal Sales Other
Termination Termination Application
Termination Benefits Termination Clauses
Termination Fee Payable Bce Termination Other Employment Arrangements
Termination Provisions Applicable Stock Options Theft Satellite Television Services Adverse Effect Bell Tvs
Time Times Higher Nothing Justify Such Gap Everything Leans
Timing Arrangement Torstar Call Financial Analysts
Torstar Corporation Total Compensation
Total Wireless Net Activations End-of-period Subscribers Include Virgin Transaction
Transforming Cost Structure Translation Registrants Name English
Trust Customers Tsx Composite Index
Tuesday 2009 Unable Raise Capital Need Limit Expenditures Investments New
United States Private Securities Litigation Reform Act 1995 Unless Otherwise Indicated Forward-looking Statements Mda Describe Expectations
Updates Description Assumptions Updates Description Risks
Updates Description Risks Liquidity Updates Regulatory Environment
Updates Regulatory Environment Telecommunications Act Key Issues Commitment Vartec Lawsuit
Venue Video
Vote Vote Important
Vote Non-registered Shareholders Votes Counted
Voting Proxy Voting Rights
Webcast Wednesday 2007 130
Wednesday 2007 200 Wednesday 800
What Board Bce Think Offer What Market Value Notes Recent Date
What Meeting What Meeting Cover
What Securities Being Sought Offer Purchase Price What Significant Conditions Offer
What Tax Consequences Tendering Notes Whats Inside
Wholesale Winback Rules
Wireless Wireless Network Investment
Wireless Number Portability Wireless Radio Towers
Wireline Woodbridge
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