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Absence Work Through Sickness Access Renewal
Accountability Business Accountability Shareholders
Accounting Changes Error Corrections Accounting Convention
Accounting Policy Changes 2004 Accounting Standards
Accounting Treatment Accounts Kept
Accounts Payable Accrued Liabilities Accumulated Other Comprehensive Income
Acetic Acid Acquired Profits
Acquisitions Acquisitions 2002
Acquisitions 2003 Acquisitions 2004
Acquisitions 2005 Acquisitions 2006
Acquisitions 2007 Acquisitions Disposals
Acrylonitrile Activities 2004
Additional Information Reporting Additional Investments
Additional Tax Considerations Address Principal Executive Offices
Adjournments Adjustment Awards
Adjustments Required Balance Sheet 2005 Adoption Ias Adjustments Votes
Administration Administration Amendment
Administrative Expenses Administrator
Adopted 2007 Adoption International Financial Reporting Standards Ifrs
Adr Adr Safekeeping
Ads Share Adss
Advice Africa
Agents Direct Sales Agm Voting
Agreed Follows Employment Agreement 1993 Amended 2003 Between
Agreement 2000 Between Agreement 2003 Between
Agreement Participants Alaska
Alidity Securities Allotment Shares Etc
Alternative Energy Aluminium
Amoco Non-employee Directors Restricted Stock Plan Analysis Changes Net Debt
Annual Bonus Annual Bonus Result
Annual General Meetings Annual Leave Public Holidays
Annual Report Accounts 2007 Annual Report Accounts 2008
Annual Report Accounts 2009 Annual Retirement Directors
Apitalization Indebtedness Plc Application Proceeds Sale After Exercise Lien
Application Statutory Regulations Appointment Approved Depositary
Appointment Re-appointment Directors Approved Depositary Register
Approved Depositarys Nominee Approximate Date Commencement Proposed Sale Public
Arrangements Connection Meetings Asia Including Former Soviet Union
Asia Pacific Assets Carried Amortized Cost
Assets Carried Cost Assignment
Associate Attorneys
Auditor Independence Rotation Auditors Remuneration
Auditors Rights Authentication Documents
Authority Duties Administrator Authority Duties Independent Agent
Authority Duties Nominee Authorization Financial Statements Statement Compliance International Reporting Standards
Available-for-sale Financial Assets Available-for-sale Investments
Aviation Fuels Backup Withholding Information Reporting
Backup Withholding Information Reporting Capital America Backup Withholding Information Reporting Capital Canada
Balance Sheet Balance Sheet Concluded
Bank Account Basis Consolidation
Basis Preparation Basis Preparation Impact New International Financial Reporting Standards
Benefits Benefits Other Share Schemes
Bitumen Block Listing Monthly Return
Board Board Committees
Board Committees Meetings Attendance Board Governs
Board Independence Bona Fide
Book-entry Ownership Borrowing Costs
Borrowing Powers Bout Prospectus
Branch Registers Business
Business Combinations Goodwill Business Combinations Goodwill Concluded
Business Continuity Disaster Recovery Business Geographical Analysis
Business Marketing Business Operating Results
Buys Whiting Clean Energy Power Plant Indiana Calculation Registration Fee
Calling Directors Meetings Canada Finance
Canadian Investors Canadian Taxation
Cancellation Instruction Sell Transfer Capability Development
Capital Accumulation Plan Capital Commitments
Capital Markets America Inc Capital Markets Plc
Capital Redemption Reserve Capitalisation Profits Reserves
Capitalization Indebtedness Capitalization Indebtedness Capital
Capitalization Indebtedness Plc Car
Carl-henric Svanberg President Ceo Ericsson Cash Element
Cash Equivalents Cash Flow Hedges
Cash Flow Statement Cash Flow Statement Concluded
Cash Options Stock Appreciation Rights Sars Cash Plans
Cash Units Cash-settled Transactions
Casual Vacancies Certain Selling Restrictions
Certification Chairman
Chairman Chairmans Nomination Committees Chairman Deputy
Chairman Senior Independent Director Chairmans Powers Promote Order Dispatch Business Meetings
Changes Comparatives Changes Internal Controls Over Financial Reporting
Changes Not Requiring Approval Changes Plan
Changes Requiring Approval Changes Requiring Majority Vote
Changes Unit-of-production Factors Chicago Stock Exchange Incorporated
Class Meetings Clearance Settlement
Clearance Settlement Procedures-dtc Clearance Settlement Procedures-euroclear Clearstream Luxembourg
Clearance Systems Clearing Systems
Clearstream Luxembourg Climate Change Carbon Pricing
Climate Change Programmes Closure Register Members
Commercial Paper Commingling Assets
Commissions Committees Delegation
Communications Bearer Share Warrant Communications Voting
Comparative Figures Competition
Compliance Control Risks Compliance Ethics
Compliance Risk Incidents Non-compliance Applicable Laws Regulation Ethical Comprehensive Income
Comprehensive Income Concluded Computation Ratio Earnings Fixed Charges
Concentrations Credit Risk Conclusion
Condensed Consolidating Information Condensed Consolidating Information Certain Subsidiaries
Conditions Attaching Share Warrants Conducting Transactions Online
Conducting Transactions Via Telephone Confidential Information
Confidentiality Consent Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Consent Nominee Director Consequences Lack Quorum
Considerations Consolidated Statement Cash Flows
Consolidation Division Cancellation Shares Consolidation Variable Interest Entities
Constitution Operation Contacts
Contents Contents Notice Pay
Contents Notices Contingent Liabilities
Continuing Focus Personal Health Safety Continuing Liabilities After Forfeiture Surrender
Continuous Employment Control
Copies Copies Accounts
Copy Qualifying Indemnity Provision Available Inspection 2006 Corporate Taxes
Corporate Taxes Concluded Corporate Transactions Other Events
Corporations Acting Representatives Costs
Credit Risk Crisis Management
Csb Final Report Currency Exchange Gains Losses
Currency Exchange Rate Risk Current Assets Investments
Current Shareholders Customs Duties Sales Taxes
Date Dealers
Debt Securities Debt Securities Issued Capital
Debt Securities Issued Capital America Canada Non-uk Debt Securities Purchased Premium
Decommissioning Decommissioning Costs
Deepwater Gulf Mexico Defeasance Discharge
Defective Appointment Auditors Deferred Tax
Deferred Tax Adjustments Deferred Taxation
Deferred Taxation Business Combinations Definitions
Delegation Executives Delivery Risks
Deposit Agreement Depositary
Deposited Securities Depreciation
Depreciation Amounts Provided Derecognition Financial Assets Liabilities Concluded
Derivative Financial Instruments Derivative Financial Instruments Concluded
Derivative Financial Instruments Hedging Activities Description Capital Markets Plc
Description Debt Securities Guarantees Description Notes
Description Plan Determination Questions Relating Appointed Persons Rights
Development Expenditure Dialogue Directors
Digital Infrastructure Direct Access Plan
Direct Holders Directors
Directors Acting Vacancies Directors Appointments Retirement Policies Insurance
Directors Elections Directors Expenses
Directors Interests Contracts Etc Directors Meetings
Directors Officers Liability Insurance Directors Pensions
Directors Powers Authorise Conflicts Interest Directors Powers Establish Verification Procedures Connection Proxies
Directors Remuneration Directors Responsibilities
Directors Senior Management Directors Service Contracts Providing Benefits Termination Employment
Directorships Directsave Plan
Disaster Recovery Business Continuity Planning Capability Disciplinary Rules Procedures
Disclosure Interests Shares Discounting
Distribution Administration Expenses Dividend
Dividend Accrual Dividend Payment Date
Dividend Payment Method Dividend Payment Method Change
Dividend Re-investment Plans Dividend Reinvestment
Dividend Reinvestment Payment Options Dividend Rights Other Share Profits Capital Calls
Dividends Dividends Other Distributions Shareholders Gearing
Dividends Paid Dividends Payable
Dividends Per Ordinary Share Division Capital Rights Attaching Shares
Documents Available Drilling Production
Drilling Production Activities Progress Dtc
Duration Employment Duties
Duties Executive Earnings Per Share
Edgar Transmission Edition
Editors Editors Notes
Effectiveness Types Resolution Electronic Funds Transfer Instruction
Elements Remuneration Eligibility
Eligibility Re-appointment Elimination Currently Deferred Gains Losses Derivatives
Embedded Derivatives Emoluments
Employee Benefits Employee Concerns Reporting Whistleblowing
Employee Savings Plan Employee Savings Plan Capital Accumulation Partnership Directsave
Employee Share Plans Employees
Employment Enbridge Inc
Enduring Risks Enforceability Certain Civil Liabilities
England Wales Enrollment Form
Enrollment Procedure Enter Joint Development Agreement Deliver Advanced Biodiesels
Entitlement Share Certificates Environmental
Environmental Costs Environmental Expenditure
Environmental Indicators Concluded Environmental Liabilities
Equity-accounted Entities Equity-accounted Investments
Equity-settled Transactions Escription Debt Securities Guarantees
Estimated Future Benefit Payments Estimates
Ethical Behaviour Ethical Misconduct Non-compliance
Ethylene Related Co-products Euroclear
European Union Directive Taxation Savings Income European Union Emissions Trading Scheme
Evaluation Evaluation Disclosure Controls Procedures
Event Risk Provisions Events Default
Events Termination Evidence Share Warrant Held Approved Depositary
Evidence Title Shares Following Exercise Lien Ex-dividend Date
Ex-dividend Date Instructions Transfer Ex-dividend Date Termination Plan Participation
Exception Expenditure Connection Regulatory Action Investigation 2006 Exception Expenditure Defending Proceedings Etc 2006 Act
Exceptional Exchange Act
Exchange Amounts Other Dollars Exchange Rates
Exchange Transfer Executive Directors Shareholdings
Executive Vice Presidents Exercise Lien
Exhibits Exhibits 232
Exhibits Identified Parentheses Below Incorporated Herein Reference Hereto Expenses
Experts Explanatory
Exploration Exploration Expenditure
Exploration Production Exploration Production Concluded
External Risks Extraordinary General Meetings
Factors Factors Affecting Current Tax Charge
Failure Pay Sums Due Shares Fair Value Hedges
Fair Value Measurements Fair Values
Federal Income Tax Consequences Fee Registration Transfers Etc
Fee Structure Filed Pursuant Rule 424 Nos 333-110203 333-110203-03
Filed Securities Exchange 2009 Finance Costs
Finance Leases Financial Assets
Financial Assets Fair Value Through Profit Loss Financial Instruments
Financial Instruments Risk Factors Financial Liabilities
Financial Operating Information 2003-2007 Financial Reports
Financial Statements Financial Statements Issuer Identity
Financing Financing Group8217s Activities
Financing Groups Activities Find Information
Fixed Assets Floating Rate Guaranteed
Following Shall Added Rule Following Shall Added Rule 411
Following Terms Apply Each Notes Foreign Currency Transactions
Foreign Currency Translation Foreign Currency Translation Reserve
Forfeiture Surrender Shares Non-payment Form 11-k
Form 20-f Form 6-k
Form 6-k Period 2004 Form 6-k Period 2005
Form 6-k Period 2006 Form 6-k Period 2007
Form Resolutions Appoint Directors Form Shares Not Affect Classes
Form Transfer Certificated Shares Former German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder Agrees Join Tnk-bp
Forms Communication Forward-looking Statements
Fractional Plan Shares Fraud Reporting Employee Concerns Whistleblowing
Further Details Concerning Voting Further Enquiries
Further Information Further Information Please Contact
Gaap Condensed Financial Information Gain Arising Asset Exchange
Gas Power Renewables Gas Power Renewables Concluded
General General Powers Directors
General Provisions Seals General Provisions Share Certificates
Generally Accepted Accounting Policies Generally Accepted Accounting Principles
Gifts Share Transfers Goldman Sachs
Goodwill Governance Role Board
Governing Law Grant Awards
Grievance Procedure Group
Group Cash Flow Statement 2003 Group Consolidation
Group Results 2006 Concluded Guarantee Payments
Guaranteed Notes Due 2011 Guaranteed Notes Due 2012
Guaranteed Notes Due 2015 Guarantees
Gulf Mexico Gulf Mexico Shelf
Head Office Headings
Health Safety Environmental Performance Health Safety Environmental Regulation
Hedges Net Investment Foreign Entity Hedges Net Investments Foreign Entities
Held-to-maturity Investments Hellenic Petroleum
Here Find Information High Density Polyethylene
Houston However
Hse Performance Http Wwwbpcom Investors
Impact International Accounting Standards Impact New Accounting Standards
Impact New Accounting Standards Adopted 2004 Impact New Accounting Standards Concluded
Impairment Financial Assets Impairment Fixed Assets Goodwill
Impairment Intangible Assets Property Plant Equipment Impairments
Implementation Oms Incentives
Including Income Tax Status
Income Taxes Increase Share Capital
Indemnification Indemnity
Independent Agent Independent Review Report Plc
Index Index Exhibits
Indexed Debt Securities Individual Retirement Accounts
Induction Ineligible Funds
Ineligible Person Information
Information Contained Prospectus Not Publication Distribution United Kingdom Information Fair Value Accounting Effects
Inherent Risks Inheritance Tax
Initial Cash Investments Optional Institutional Investors
Instruction Cancel Modify Cash Investment Insurance
Intangible Assets Intellectual Property
Intellectual Property Rights Interest
Interest Bearing Loans Borrowings Interest Dividends
Interest Expense Interest Expense Other Finance
Interest Rate Risk Interest Unpaid Calls
Interest-bearing Loans Borrowings Interests Associates
Interests Associates Concluded Interests Joint Ventures
Internal Audit Internal Controls Risk Management
Interpretation Interpretation Construction
Interrupted Investment Activity Introduction
Inventions Inventories
Inventory Inventory Valuation
Investing Securities Involves Certain Risks See Risk Factors Investment Date
Investment Efficiency Investment Options
Investment Securities Involves Certain Risks See Risk Factors Investment Via Electronic Debit
Investments Investments Associates
Investments Joint Ventures Investments Payment Uninvested Funds
Issue Certificated Uncertificated Shares Issue Shares
Jamess Square London Sw1y 4pd England Joint Book-running Managers
Joint Holders Certificated Shares Joint Venture
Joint Ventures Associated Undertakings Jointly Controlled Asset
Jointly Controlled Entity Key Policy Decisions
Kyoto Protocol Lamar Mckay Lead America
Lan Distribution Learance Settlement
Leases Legal Ownership Street Name Other Indirect Holders
Legal Proceedings Length Notice
Letter Independent Auditors Letters Appointment
Liabilities Provisions Liability
Licence Property Acquisition Costs Lien
Lifersquosara Lifersquosaratrade
Lifersquosdhatrade Limitation Dividends
Limitation Liabilities Connection Proxies Limitation Liability
Limitations Voting Shareholding Liquefied Natural Gas
Liquidation Rights Redemption Provisions Liquidity Financial Capacity Exposure
Liquidity Risk Loans Receivables
Local Boards Local Plans
London 207 496 4076 Long-term Incentives
Long-term Incentives Residual Long-term Performance Plans
Loss Entitlement Notices Loss Sale Businesses Termination Operations
Loss Sale Fixed Assets Lower States
Lubricants Maintenance Expenditure
Major Maintenance Expenditure Makes Eigh Teenth Oil Discovery Ultra-deep Water Block
Makes Eventeenth Oil Discovery Ultra-deep Water Block Angola Management Changes
Management Liquid Resources Manner Appointing Approved Depositary
Manner Voting Manufacturing Facilities
Marine Fuels Maritime Oil Spill Regulations
Market Discount Market Making
Market Purchase Price Market Sale Price
Marketing Marketing Trading Activities
Martek Maturity Profile Financial Liabilities
Maxim Barsky Selected Become Next Tnk-bp Ceo Means Appointing Proxies Electronic Communications
Means Appointing Proxies General Means Appointing Proxies Writing
Media Nquiries Member Chairmans Audit Committees
Member Chairmans Audit Remuneration Committees Member Chairmans Audit Safety Ethics Environment Assurance Committees
Member Chairmans Committee Member Chairmans Nomination Committees Chairman Remuneration Committee
Member Chairmans Nomination Committees Chairman Safety Ethics Environment Member Chairmans Nomination Remuneration Committees Chairman Audit Committee
Member Chairmans Remuneration Safety Ethics Environment Assurance Committees Member Chairmans Safety Ethics Environment Assurance Committees
Merger Reserve Mergers Similar Events
Miscellaneous Miscellaneous Terms
Modification Termination Plan Modification Waiver
Movement Net Debt Movement Shareholders Equity
Movement Shareholders8217 Equity Name Shares Price
Natural Gas Liquids Ndash Ends
Neither Securities Exchange Nor Other Regulatory Body Approved Neither Securities Exchange Nor State Approved Disapproved Passed
Net Debt Ratio Net Debt Ratio Equity
Net Finance Income Relating Pensions Other Post-retirement Benefits New Accounting Standard Pensions Other Postretirement Benefits
New Accounting Standards New Caspian Acreage
New Market Development Lng New Shareholders
New Shareholders Accounts Nforceability Certain Civil Liabilities
Non-cash Dividends Non-executive Directors Annual Fee Structure
Non-executive Directors Shareholdings Non-qualifying Hedge Derivatives
Noncurrent Assets Held Sale Nonmonetary Asset Exchanges
North America North Sea
Norway Not Applicable
Not Yet Adopted Notes
Notes Consolidated Financial Statements Basis Preparation Impact New Notes Editors
Notes Financial Statements Notes Guaranteed
Notes Purchased Premium Notice Adjourned Meetings Etc
Notice Pay Sums Due Shares Notices
Notices Joint Shareholders Notices Successors Shareholders
Now Hereby Agreed Follows Term Number 1-06262
Number Directors Objections Votes
Objects Purposes Obligations
Obligations Capital Leases Obligor Affiliate Trustee Describe Each Such Affiliation
Obtaining Adrs Office Facilities Former Chairmen Deputy
Offices Held Directors Official Seals Abroad
Oil Natural Gas Accounting Oil Natural Gas Exploration Development Expenditure
Oil Natural Gas Reserves Oil Natural Gas Reserves Differences
Oil Natural Gas Transportation Oil Price Risk
Open Market Open Market Purchases
Open Market Transactions Operating Information
Operating Lease Commitments Operational Integrity
Operational Risks Operational Statistical Information
Operations Environment Operations Safety
Opinion Counsel Optional Cash Investments
Optional Deposits Ads Shares Optional Tax Redemption
Ordinary Shares Orward-looking Statements
Other Other Activities
Other Businesses Corporate Other Clearing Systems
Other Finance Income Expense Other Income
Other Investments Other Non-financial Contracts Fair Value
Other Non-financial Contracts Longer Fair Value Other Persons Discharging Managerial Responsibilities
Other Plans Other Post-retirement Benefits
Other Postretirement Benefits Other Products
Other Provisions Other Reserve
Other Terms Outlook Statement
Output Rises Ceo Hayward Sees Costs Falling Outside Appointments
Outside Plan Overall Holding
Overview Group Overview Group Page
Overview Remainder Description Own Equity Instruments
Own Shares Paraxylene
Pari Passu Part Ii-information Not Required Prospectus
Participant Participant Loans
Participant Request Terminate Plan Participation Partnership Savings Plan
Passing Substantive Resolutions Past Directors
Payment Additional Amounts Payment Benefits
Payment Calls Payment Cash Equivalent Amounts
Payment Dividends Joint Shareholder Payment Fixed Dividends
Payment Liability Indemnity Payment Mechanisms Dividends
Payment Paying Agents Payments Appointed Persons
Payments Interest Pension Contributions
Pension Other Post-retirement Benefits Pension Other Post-retirement Benefits Concluded
Pensions Pensions Other Postretirement Benefits
Pensions Other Postretirement Benefits Concluded People Capability
Per Share Amounts Performance Evaluation
Person Personal Safety
Persons Discharging Managerial Responsibilities Petitioning Winding-up
Petrochemicals Petroleum Revenue Tax
Pipelines North America Inc Pipelines North America Inc Part Plc Largest Liquids
Place Work Secondee Plan Account
Plan Account Statements Plan Distribution
Plan Fees Plan Limits
Plan Shares Plan Statements Forms
Plan Termination Plan Treatment Record Shares
Plans Executive Directors Plant Provides Reliable Source Steam Refinery
Plc Plc American Depositary Shares
Plc Press Release Plc Registrant
Plc Subsidiaries Capitalization Indebtedness Plc Subsidiaries Computation Ratio Earnings Fixed Charges
Plc Subsidiaries Form 6-k Period 2006 Plc Subsidiaries Group Cash Flow Statement Concluded
Plc Subsidiaries Group Statement Recognized Income Expense Plc Subsidiaries Legal Proceedings Update
Policy Policy Non-audit Services Provided Auditor
Polls Polypropylene
Post Balance Sheet Events Power Attorney
Power Issue Share Warrants Power Make Calls Shares
Power Reduce Capital Power Repurchase Shares
Powers Directors Connection Sums Due Respect Shares Powers Directors Forfeiture Surrender
Powers Liquidator Powers Promote Security Meetings
Powers Rights Respect Dividends Preamble
Preference Shares Prices Markets
Pricing Term Sheet Primary Distribution
Principal Risks Uncertainties Pro Rata
Procedure Variations Rights Proceedings Committees
Proceeds Process
Process Activities 2004 Process Safety
Product Quality Production Similar Taxes
Production Taxes Productive Oil Gas Wells Acreage
Profit Loss Account Profit Per Ordinary Share
Profit Sale Businesses Termination Operations Profit Sale Fixed Assets
Proper Law Jurisdiction Property Plant Equipment
Property Plant Equipment Concluded Prospectus
Prospectus Dated 2006 Prospectus Dated 2009
Proved Developed Reserves Provided
Provided However Provision Information Revenue Customs
Provision Insurance 2006 Act Provides Provisions
Provisions Protecting Directors Liability 2006 Act Provides Provisions Severance Operating Costs
Purchase Agreement Standard Provisions Purchase Price
Purchase Sale Retirement Debt Securities Purchase Sale Retirement Notes
Purchases Purchases Joint Ventures Associated Undertakings
Purified Terephthalic Acid Pursuant Rule 13a-16 15d-16 Securities Exchange Act 1934
Qualification Shares Qualifying Indemnity Provision Disclosed Directors Report 2006
Qualifying Party Indemnity Provision 2006 Act Provides Qualifying Pension Scheme Indemnity Provision 2006 Act
Quarterly Results Operations Quorum
Ranking Ratio Earnings Fixed Charges
Realizations Marker Prices Receipt Proceeds
Receivables Receives Offer Retail Fuels Convenience Business France
Recipients Notice Recognition Trusts Etc
Reconciliation Non-gaap Information Reconciliation Profit Before Interest Tax Net Cash Inflow
Record Date Record Dates Relation Appointed Persons
Record Shareholder Record Shares
Redemption Repayment Refining Marketing
Refining Marketing Concluded Refusal Recognise Instruments Transfer
Refusal Register Transfers Shares Regarding Trustee
Regional Review Regional Risk Reviews
Registrant Registration Ads Shares Plan
Registration Number 333-65996 Registration Statement Form S-8 Ldquoregistration Statementrdquo
Registration Succession Shares Regulatory
Reinvesting Account Reinvestment Fund
Reinvestment Payment Instructions Relationship External Auditors
Removal Directors Remuneration Committee
Remuneration Committee Report Remuneration Executive Benefits Expenses
Renewed Shareholders Annual General Meeting 14th 2005 Rental Expense Operating Leases
Renunciation Allotments Reorganisation
Report Foreign Issuer Report Foreign Private Issuer
Reporting Reporting Status
Reputational Risks Requests Adr Certificates
Research Research Development
Research Development Costs Resegmentation
Resegmentation 2005 Reserved Rights Approved Depositary Nominee
Reserves Reserves Replacement
Resettlement Responsibility
Rest Americas Rest Europe
Restatement Comparative Information Restriction Effect Articles Uncertificated Shares
Restriction Voting Rights Etc Calls Unpaid Restrictions After Termination Employment
Restrictions Approved Depositary Results
Retail Retained Earnings
Retention Dividends Retention Instruments Transfer
Retention Records Returned Checks Failed Transfers
Revenue Revenue Concluded
Revenue Recognition Revised Definition Net Debt
Revised Income Statement Presentation Revisions Fair Market Values
Reward Policy Right Member Inspect Request Copy 2006 Act
Rights Appointed Persons Rights Attaching Shares Transferred Pursuant Awards
Rights Bearer Share Warrant Rights Successors Shares
Ris Risk Factors
Risk Management Risks Relating Groups Business
Risks Uncertainties Role Authority
Routine Business Meetings Rule 242 Shall Varied Adding Following
Rule Making Awards Shall Varied Adding Following Rule Shall Replaced Entirety Read Follows
Rule Shall Varied Adding Following Rules Regulations
Russia Russia Tnk-bp Page
Safety Ethics Environment Assurance Committee Report Salary
Salary Increases Sale Leaseback
Sale Olefins Derivatives Business Sale Plan Account Termination
Sale Plan Termination Sale Price
Sales Sales Joint Ventures Associated Undertakings
Sales Other Operating Revenue Savings
Savings Matching Plans Schedule
Schedule Composition Schedule Restricted Cash Units
Schedule Restricted Shares Scope Review
Secondment Secretary
Securities Act 1933 Security
Selection Administrator Selection Independent Agent
Selection Nominee Selects New Chairman Succeed Peter Sutherland
Sell West Java Interests Pertamina Series Oil Developments Gets Ahead
Service Agreement Service Contracts
Service Notices Documents Service Notices Documents Appointed Persons
Share Capital Share Certificates
Share Element Share Element Awards Previous
Share Option Element Share Options
Share Premium Account Share Splits In-kind Distributions Rights Offerings
Share Splits Other Distributions Share-based Payment Reserve
Share-based Payments Shareholders
Shareholders Interest Shareholders Meetings Notices
Shareholders8217 Equity Sharematch Plans
Sharesave Plan Shipping
Signature Signature Financial Instruments
Signatures Signatures Capital Markets Plc
Signatures Plc Significant Accounting Policies
Significant Transaction Sir Tom Mckillop Steps Down Board
Socio-political Solar Renewables
Solicitation Source Ads Shares
Special Investor Considerations Global Securities Special Situations Global Security Terminated
Special Timing Considerations Specific Provisions Relating Cash Incentive Element
Specific Provisions Relating Options Specific Provisions Relating Share Element
Stamp Duty Reserve Tax Standard Poors Press Release
Statement Directors Responsibilities Statutory Accounts
Statutory Particulars Strategic Risks
Street Name Beneficial Owner Street Name Other Indirect Holders
Subsections 1350 Chapter Title United States Code Subsidiaries
Subsidiary Subsidiary Chairmans Powers Promote Order Meetings
Substantial Shareholdings Succession Shares
Sugar Biodiesel Summarized Financial Information Joint Ventures Associated Undertakings
Summary Significant Accounting Policies Super-giant Rumaila Field
Superannuation Gratuities Supplementary Rules Relating Dividends
Supply Trading Surrender Share Warrant
System Internal Control Table Contents
Tax Considerations Tax Included Statement Total Recognized Gains Losses
Tax Profit Ordinary Activities Taxation
Taxation Capital Gains Taxation Concluded
Taxation Dividends Taxes Collected Customers
Telephone Calls Term
Termination Termination Employment
Termination North America Termination Plan Account
Termination Secondment Termination Suspension
Texas City Refinery Timing
Timing Polls Tnk-bp
Tnk-bp Financial Information Tnk-bp Press Release
Total Remuneration Trade Other Payables
Trade Other Receivables Trade Receivables
Trading Between Dtc Participants Trading Between Dtc Seller Euroclear Clearstream Luxembourg Purchaser
Trading Between Euroclear Clearstream Luxembourg Participants Training
Transaction Request Transfer Natural Gas Liquids Activities
Transfer Shares Exercise Awards Transferee Already Participant
Transferee Not Already Participant Transfers Outside Plan
Transfers Plan Account Transition International Financial Reporting Standards
Translation Registrants Name English Transportation
Travelliing Expenses Treasury
Treasury Regulations Requiring Disclosure Reportable Transactions Treasury Trading Activities
Trend Information Turnover
Unclaimed Dividends Underwriters
United Kingdom United Kingdom Taxation
United States United States Alien Holders
United States Alien Holders Capital America United States Alien Holders Capital Canada
United States Federal Income Taxation United States Holders
United States Regional Review United States Securities Exchange Washington 20549 Form 20-f
United States Securities Exchange Washington 20549 Form Notification United States Taxation
Untraced Shareholders Urge Street Name Other Indirect Holders Consult Banks
Urge Street Name Other Indirect Holders Contact Banks Us1250000000 3875 Guaranteed Notes Due 2015
Us750000000 155 Guaranteed Notes Due 2011 Usa Divests Indian Wind Assets
Vacation Vacation Office Director
Validity Acts Validity Proxies
Validity Securities Valuation Qualifying Accounts
Variation Rights Variations Rights
Voluntary Termination Participant Votes
Votes Attaching Shares Votes Directors Interests
Votes Joint Shareholders Votes Mentally Disordered Shareholders
Voting Person Proxy Voting Rights
Waiver Dividends Warrenville Ill
What Global Security Whole Shares Only
Written E-mail Resolutions Wwwadrcom Accountaccess
Wwwadrcom Buybp Wwwbpcom
Wwwbpcom Investors Wwwsecgov
Xpenses Xperts
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