Topic Listing for Banco Santander, S.A.

Abbey Abbey 2005
Abbey Acquisition Abbey Business Performance Mortgages
Abbey Business Performance Other New Abbey Completes Sale Life Businesses Resolution Plc
Abbey Insurance Abbey Management Highlights 2006
Abbey National Plc Abbey National Treasury Services Plc
Abbey Npl Ratios Abbey Presents Three-year Plan Cumulative Yearly Revenue Growth
Abbey Santander Abbey Spreads Npl Ratios
Abbey Summary Abbey Technological Improvement
Abbeys Abbeys 2004 Income Statement Gaap Gbp
Abbeys Credit Card Business Abbeys Customer Franchise Large Underdeveloped
Abel Matutes Abfin
Able Take Advantage Period 2003-06 Good Growth Economy Absolutely Convinced Santander8217s Share Price Not Today Reflect
According Current Macroeconomic Expectations Account
Accounting Accounting Effects Abbeys Integration 311204 Norms Shareholders Equity
Accounting Policies Accounting Principles
Accounting Principles- Accounting Transfer Servicing Financial Assets Extinguishment Liabilities
Accounting Transfers Servicing Financial Assets Extinguishments Liabilities Accounts
Acquisition Acquisition 198 Sovereign Bancorp Inc
Acquisition Abbey Future Acquisitions Not Successful Disruptive Business Acquisition Abbey National
Acquisition Abbey National Plc Acquisitions Dispositions Reorganizations
Actions Activity
Addition Planned Operations Due Volume Characteristics Advise Case Additional Managers Plan 1999
Additional Shares Additional Shares Allocation Period
Address Principal Executive Office Adolfo Lagos
Advancing Global Vision Business Advancing Towards Construction Single Operating Platform Efficiency Improvement
Agenda Aim Become Best Retail Bank 133
Akb Holding Akb Holding Acquisition
Alfredo Sáenz 8220our Strategy Not Only Enables Grow Alfredo Sáenz Vice Chairman Board Directors Chief Executive
Alliances Financial Investments Allowances Country-risk
Allowances Credit Losses Allowances Credit Losses Country-risk
Amendment America Business Activity
America Npl Coverage Ratios American Depository Shares Adss
Amortization Consolidation Goodwill Amortization Goodwill
Ana Botín Annual General Meeting 2006 Chairman8217s Speech
Antonio Basagoiti Antonio Escámez
Antonio Osorio Arbitration
Areas 133 Argentina
Asset Asset Liability Management
Asset Management Asset Management Insurance
Asset Management Insurance Ex-abbey Eur Mill Asset Management Private Banking
Assets Liabilities Assicurazioni Generali Spa
Assignment Syndicated Shares Gratuitous Loan Delegation Vote Assumptions Limitations
Attain Consolidate Leadership Position Global Wholesale Banking Attaining Goals 133
Attijariwafa Bank Attijariwafa Bank Morocco Formerly Banque Commerciale Maroc
Attractive Multiple Compared Similar Transactions Attributable Income Group 167 Eur 244
Audit Committee Financial Expert Auna Operadores Telecomunicaciones
Authorisation Automated Quotation System
Available-for-sale Financial Assets Average Balance Sheets Interest Rates
Average Rate B12 Credit Risk
B13 Liquidity Risk B21 Exchange Rate Risk
B22 Portfolio Industrial Strategic Shareholdings Back Contents
Background Balance
Balance Sheet Balance Sheet Strength
Balance Sheets Banco Español Crédito 8220banesto8221
Banco Español Crédito Banesto Banco Estado Sao Paulo 8220banespa8221
Banco Estado Sao Paulo Banespa Banco Río Plata
Banco Santa Cruz Banco Santander
Banco Santander Central Hispano Banco Santander Central Hispano Extraordinary General Shareholders8217 Meeting
Banco Santander Central Hispanos Shares Banco Santander Colombia
Banco Santander Portugal Banco Santiago
Banco Venezuela Banesto
Bank Bank Spain Allowances Credit Losses Country-risk Requirements
Bank Spain Charge-off Requirements Bank Spain Classification Requirements
Bank Spain European Central Bank Spain Foreclosed Assets Requirements
Bank Spain Non-accrual Interest Requirements Bankarisation Latin America Unstoppable Process
Bankarization Potential Bankarizationindicators
Banking Banking Savings
Banking System Benefit Growth Soundness Economy Higher Penetration Banks
Base Prospectus Based Current Macro Projections
Based Current Macroeconomic Forecasts Based Expected Macroeconomic Scenario
Basis Forecast Board Agreed Pay Dividend Against 2006 Belgian Public Offer Law
Believe Continue Outperforming Competitors Region Bis Project 8211 Corporate Operational Risk Tool
Bis Project Corporate Operational Risk Tool Bis Simulation
Boadilla Del Monte Madrid 2006 Board Director Qualification
Board Directors Board Directors Qualification
Board Directors Shall Composed Minimum Fourteen Maximum Board Practices
Boards Risk Committee Boletín Cotización
Book-entry System Branches
Brazil Brazil Key Aspects
Brazil Key Highlights Brazil Management Keys
Brazil Mexico Chile Brazil-primary Balance
Brokerage Services Buenos Aires 2006
Business Business Areas 2004
Business Combinations Goodwill Business Flows
Business Growth Business Growth Customer Revenues
Business Overview Business Performance
Business Targets Businesses Institutions
By-law Stipulated Fees Cajas Ahorros
Capital Capital Adequacy Requirements
Capital Increase Capital Increases
Capital Management Capitalisation
Casa Bolsa Santander Serfín 8220casa Bolsa8221 Grupo Financiero Casa Bolsa Santander Serfín Grupo Financiero
Cautionary Statement Regarding Forward-looking Statements Certain Powers Board Directors
Certain Provisions Regarding Shareholder Rights Cessation Removal
Chairman Syndicate Change
Change Control Change Quota 2004-2006
Changes Capital Changes Goodwill
Changes Internal Controls Over Financial Reporting Changes Regulatory Framework Jurisdictions Operate Adversely Affect Business
Charged Off Assets Chile
Chile Key Highlights Chile Management Keys
Classification Differences Between Ifrs Gaap Classified Assets
Clearance Settlement System Client
Clients Closing Date
Cnv Code Conduct
Code Ethics Colombia
Comisión Nacional Del Mercado Valores Cnmv Commercial Activities Different Groups Offering Exclusive Products
Commercial Bkg 357 Commercial Management
Commercial Revenue Commerzbank
Companies Comparative Information Early Retirements
Compañía Española Petróleos Cepsa Competition
Compliance Nyse Listing Standards Corporate Governance Computable Capital Bis Ratio
Concentration Risk Concept Economic Capital Rorac Methodology
Concept Expected Loss Confederación Española Cajas Ahorro
Confederación Española Cajas Ahorros Ceca Confidentiality Return Documents
Consent Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Consob
Consolidated Balance Sheet Consolidated Statements Changes Stockholders Equity Notes
Consolidation Principles Consolidation Procedures
Constant Constant Mar
Consumer Finance Loans Consumer Lending Stock
Contents Continental Europe
Continental Europe Efficiency Continental Europe Main Units Spreads
Continental Europe Npl Coverage Ratios Continental Europe Npls Coverage
Control Monitoring Systems Control System
Controlled Costs Controls Procedures
Conversion Euros Cooperation Agreements Universities
Core Revenue Core Revenue Net Provisions
Corporate Governance Social Responsibility Corporate Loans
Corporate Object Purpose Corporate Products
Costs Image Counterparty Risk
Country-risk Country-risk Outstandings
Credit Cards Credit Co-operatives
Credit Risk Management Criteria Followed Board Appointments Remuneration Committee
Cross-sales 133 Cross-sold Clients Chekcing
Customer Funds Management Customer Loans
Customer Segmentation Credit Risk Management Customers Net Interest Income
Data Base Events Data Protection
Date Expiration Current Term Office Directors Period Served David Arce
Definition Objectives Delegation Remote Attendance Meeting 2005
Deposit Guarantee Fund Deposits
Deposits Due Credit Institutions Customer Type Depreciation Amortization
Derivative Financial Instruments Derivative Instruments
Description Securities Other Equity Description Segments
Description Stock Option Compensation Plans Despite Groups Risk Management Policies Procedures Methods Group
Detail Risk Provisions Coverage Determination Net Worth
Develop Business Portfolio Deliver High Quality Recurrent Across-the-cycle Different Disclosure Accounting Principles Between Spain Provide Less
Directors Senior Management Disclaimer
Discretionary Allocation Period Discretionary Allocation Shares
Distribution Exposure Customer Distribution Net Income Countries
Distribution Period Distribution Risk Otc Derivates Counterparty Rating
Distribution Risk Otc Derivatives Geographical Areas Distribution Risks Results
Dividends Documents Available Website
Documents Display Documents Examined
Dragados Construcciones Driving Revenue Growth
Due Markets Present Biggest Ones Potential Duration Post
Duration Syndicate Earnings
Economic Industry Conditions Economic Institutional Environment
Efficiency Elcon Finance
Elcon Finans Bankia Bank Asa Emilio Botín
Emilio Botín 8220attributable Profit 2005 Least Euros8221 Emilio Botín Chairman Board Directors Executive Committee
Employee Pension Plans Employees
Enables Grupo Santander Compare Favourably Leading World Banks Ends
Enrique Candelas Environment
Environmental Risk Equity Stakes
Estimated Future Benefit Payments Eur
Eur 1493 2006 Eur 3216 Half 2006
Eur Mill Europe
European European Branches Plan
European Retail Banking European Retail Banking Eur Mill Jan- Dec03
Evaluation Disclosure Controls Procedures Evolution Non-performing Assets
Exceeding Cost Capital 2007 Excellent Half Grupo Santander
Exchange Act Exchange Rate Risk
Exchange Rates Exchange Rates Euro Currency Parity
Exclusivity Non-competition Executive Chairman Ceo
Exercising Voting Rights Syndicated Shares Expanding Distribution Network
Expansion Expected
Expenses Expenses Transfer
Exposed Risk Loss Legal Regulatory Proceedings Expressed Using Avg Exchange Rate 2006 Only Considers
Extraordinary Results F-10
F-103 F-105
F-106 F-108
F-109 F-11
F-110 F-111
F-114 F-117
F-12 F-123
F-129 F-13
F-131 F-133
F-136 F-137
F-138 F-139
F-14 F-140
F-141 F-155
F-16 F-17
F-171 F-177
F-18 F-19
F-20 F-21
F-22 F-24
F-33 F-34
F-35 F-4
F-40 F-42
F-44 F-48
F-49 F-5
F-51 F-53
F-6 F-62
F-64 F-65
F-67 F-7
F-71 F-72
F-74 F-76
F-77 F-78
F-8 F-80
F-81 F-84
F-85 F-86
F-88 F-89
F-9 F-90
F-91 F-96
Fair Value Financial Instruments Fair Value Methods-
Fee Mortgages Fees
Fees Coverage Index Over Expenses Fernando Asúa Vice Chairman Board Directors Appointments Remuneration
Figures Constant Reflect Trends Local Currency Figures Presentation Converted Average 1q06 21924 Results Balance
Financial Assets Held Trading Financial Business Performance
Financial Franchise Argentina Financial Information Management Model
Financial Management Financial Management Equity Stakes
Financial Markets Financial Statements
Financial System Good Dynamism High Growth Potential Specially Financial System Loans Growth Dynamics
Financial System Moving Towards Normalization Financial System Savings Growth
Financial System Savings Growth Dynamics Finconsumo Banca Spa
Five-part Action Plan Geared Becoming Mexican Bank Fastest Fixed Variable Rate Loans
Flexible Plus Mortgage Deal Life Fondos Previsión
Foreclosed Assets Foreign Currency Translation Stock Option Plans
Foreign Exchange Rate Fluctuations Negatively Affect Earnings Value Foreign Exchange Rate Risk
Foreign Exchange Risk Equity Price Form 20-f
Forward Purchase Sale Government Debt Securities Forward Purchases Sales Foreign Currency
Franchise Francisco Luzón
Francisco Martín Francisco Roldán
Free Choice Free Writing Prospectus
Fsa Fsma
Fully-secured Non-performing Past-due Mortgage Assets Financial Leases Certain Functions Appointments Remunerati Committee
Functions Appointments Remuneration Committee Functions Audit Compliance Committee
Further Growth Furthermore Supplement Call Meeting Shall Starting Date Publication
Future Gaap
Gains Losses Financial Transactions Gains Losses Group Transactions
Gains Losses Investment Securities Game Between Incumbents Aggressive Players
General General Administrative Expenses
General Allowance General Background
General Information General Insurance
General Shareholders Meeting Generally
Generate Conditions Chile Effectively Reform Certain Generic Llps Growth Factors
Geographic Distribution Global Banking Model
Global Committee New Products Global Corporate Banking
Global Customer Relationship Model Global Investment Banking
Global Markets Global Transactional Services
Global Wholesale Banking Global Wholesale Banking Eur Mill
Gonzalo Las Heras Good Economic Environment Foreseen Towards 2009
Good Environment Foreseen System Towards 2009 Good Evolution Global Business Savings
Good Profile Employees 61000 Goodwill
Greater Capacity Grow Competitors Gross Income
Gross Lending Gross Operating Income
Group Group Adopt International Financial Reporting Standards Ifrs
Group Adopted Ifrs Affected Manner Reports Financial Group Bis Ratios After
Group Generate Lower Revenues Brokerage Other Commission- Fee-based Group Lending Activity
Group Performance Businesses Group Results H106 Capital Ratios
Group Results H106 Loan-loss Provisions Eur Group Results Q106 Costs Eur
Groups Key Highlights Growth
Growth Constant Growth Leverages
Growth Levers Supported Critical Lines Action Growth Retail Funds Management Exceeded Other Deposits
Grupo Financiero Bital Grupo Financiero Santander Serfin Banco Mexicano
Grupo Sacyr-vallehermoso Grupo Santander
Grupo Santander Agrees Sell Stake Banco Santa Cruz Grupo Santander Attributable Net Income Rose Eur 3136
Grupo Santander Balance Sheet Grupo Santander Consolidated Balance Sheet
Grupo Santander Latin America Advances Plan 2003-2006 Grupo Santander Net Attributable Income Increases 352 Eur
Grupo Santander Net Attributable Income Increases 385 Eur Grupo Santander Results
Grupo Santander Results 9m06 Grupo Santander Results 9m06 Costs Eur
Grupo Santander Results 9m06 Detail Llps Grupo Santander Results 9m06 Eur
Grupo Santander Results 9m06 Loan-loss Provisions Eur Grupo Santander Results 9m06 Revenues
Grupo Santander Singled Out Social Responsibility Policy Grupo Santanders Performance Q106
Guarantees Guillermo Dehesa
Held-to-maturity Investments High
High-impact Campaigns Within Own Customer Base High-impact Priorities
Highlights Histogram Frequency Daily Marked-to-market Results
Historic Var Product Horizon Economically Viable Latin America
House Purchase Activity Been Strong Almost Back Level Households Each Social Demographic Category
However Much Iberclear8221
Ibt Contributed Group Identity Directors Senior Management Advisers
Ifrs Ignacio Benjumea
Impact Abbey Acquisition Grupo Santanders Activity Impairment Goodwill
Impairment Losses Net Impecable Execution
Implementing Model Global Initiatives Results Important Information
Improve Employment Creation Improving Loan Profitability
Income Statement Income Statement 2005 Mill
Income Statement Commercial Bank Income Statement Spanish Criteria
Income Tax Increase High-income Transactionality
Increase Linked Costumers Increased Competition Countries Operate Adversely Affect Growth Prospects
Increased Confidence Increased Exposure Real Estate Makes Vulnerable Developments Market
Indemnified Party Independence Directors Appointments Remuneration Committee
Independence Directors Audit Compliance Committee Independence Directors Board
Index Index Financial Statements
Industrial Portfolio Information Appropriate Systems Procedures Facilitate Listening Meeting Such
Information Fair Value Equity Investees Information Regarding Merger Plan
Information Reporting Backup Withholding Inst Corp Other
Insurance Insurance Act
Insurance Activity Income Interbanco
Interest Margin Nim Interest Rate Risk
Interest Rate Risk Profile Interest-earning Assets
Intermediary Distribution Agreement Resolution Internal Systems Risk
Internal Systems Risks International Private Banking
Introduction Inv Other Companies
Investment Bank Plan Investment Banking
Investment Banking Plan Investment Business
Investment Protection Investment Ratio
Investment Securities Investment Sovereign Bancorp Inc Recent Developments
Investor Analyst Relations Investor Relations
Investors Island Finance
Javier Botín Javier Peralta
Jay Sidhu Jesús Zabalza
Joan-david Grimà Joint Bookrunners
Jorge Maortua Jorge Morán
Jorge Morán Named Chief Operating Officer Abbey Joan Jos Antonio Soler
José Alvarez José María Espí
José Tejón Juan Carlos Antonovich
Juan Guitard Juan Inciarte
Juan Manuel Cendoya Key Aspects
Key Highlights Ex- Abbey Key Objectives
Keys Construction Best Financial Franchise Large Businesses Corporate
Latam Latam Key Growth Driver Group
Latin America Latin America Efficiency
Latin America Main Units 9m06 9m05 Latin America Mill Jan- Dec03
Latin America Npls Coverage Latin America Results
Latin American Economies Directly Negatively Affected Adverse Developments Latin American Subsidiaries Growth Asset Quality Profitability Adversely
Launching New Alternative Products Leading Dynamic Segments Smes
Legal Reserve Other Reserves Legal Restrictions Acquisitions Shares Spanish Banks
Liability Spread Like-for-like Basis 2004 Group Attributable Ordinary Income Was
Limitations Types Business Linkage
Linking Liquidation Rights
Liquidity Ratio Liquidity Risk
List Exhibits Loan Portfolio
Loan-loss Provisions Geographic Areas Loans
Loans Granted Purchase Parent Shares Loans Individuals
Loans Members Board Directors Executive Officers Loans Other Related Parties
Loans Receivables Local Criteria Cnbv
London 2006 Lord Burns
Loss Allowances Delivers Strong Income Growth Losses
Luis Alberto Salazar-simpson Luis Rodríguez Representative Director Mutua Madrileña Automovilista
Luis Ángel Rojo Luis Ángel Rojo Chairman Audit Compliance Committee
M04 M05
M06 M06 Dividends Included
Macro Financial Environment Macroeconomic Scenario
Macroeconomic Scenario Financial System Evolution Macroeconomic Scenario Financial System Performance
Macroeconomic Scenario Path Towards Convergence Madrid
Madrid 2005 Madrid 25th 2005
Madrid 26th 2006 Madrid 27th 2006
Madrid 28th 2006 Madrid 28th 2008
Madrid Spain Main Linking Product Middle-income Mass Market Segments
Main Orientations Main Points
Main Units Europe H105 Eur Mill H104 Maintaining Current Pace Sales
Major Shareholders Major Shareholders Related Party Transactions
Makes Optimistic Achieving Goal Eur 6500 Attributable Ordinary Making Sure Group Worth Sum Parts
Managed Customer Management Capital Ratios
Management Highlights Management Insurance Keys
Management Liquidity Management Model
Management Ratios Management Structural Liquidity
Managers Plan 1999 Managers Plan 2000
Manual Procedures Marketing Financial Products Manuel Soto Vice Chairman Board Directors
Manuel Soto Vice Chairman Board Directors Audit Compliance Marcial Portela
Market Liquidity Risk Management Policies Manual Market Risk Limit Structure
Market Risk Management Policies Manual Market Risk Management Procedures
Market Risk Var Consolidated Analysis Market Risks Associated Fluctuations Bond Equity Prices Other
Market Share Market Shares Dynamics
Markets Master Ratings Scale
Master Scale Ratings Material Contracts
Material Fact Material Modifications Rights Security Holders Proceeds
Matías Inciarte Vice Chairman Board Directors Risk Committee Maximum Potential Amount Future Payments
Maximum Volatility Scenario Maximum Volatility Stress
Means Whereby Proxy Granted Measurements Cost Credit Observed Loss
Measurements Expected Loss Measurements Expected Loss Economic Capital Credit Risk
Measures Economic Capital Released Meeting Syndicate
Meetings Voting Rights Memorandum Articles Association
Mercado Bloques Merger Santander Seguros Banesto
Mexico Mexico Key Highlights
Mexico Management Keys Miguel Cervantes Virtual Library
Mill 2004 Minority Interests
Mis Branch Available Abbey Boost Branches Productivity Mitigation
Monetary Policy Exchange Controls Mortgage Spread
Mortgages Mutua Madrileña Automovilista
Mutual Funds Mutual Funds 2006
Necessary Boost New Growth Phase Net Attributable Income
Net Attributable Income- Net Fees
Net Fees Insurance Business Net Gains Disposal Investments Associates
Net Impairment Losses Net Income
Net Income Before Taxes Net Income Companies Accounted Equity Method
Net Income Information Gaap Basis Net Income Non-financial Activities
Net Interest Income Net Interest Income Fees Commissions 133
Net Interest Revenue Net Interest Revenue Sensitivity
Net Loan Loss Provisions Net Loan-loss Provisions
Net Operating Income Net Other Operating Income
Net Profit 242 Million² Net Provisions
Net Provisions Credit Losses Net Worth Sensitivity
New New Accounting Policies Implementation Spain Through Cbe 2004
New Arrangement New Bank Spain Circular
New Capital Accord Bis New Opportunities Motor Finance
New York 2006 Santander Group Announced Intention Offer Next Loans Volume Expected Duplicate
Nir Sensitivity Countries Non
Non-accrual Interest Requirements Non-organic Growth
Non-performing Asset Ratios Non-performing Assets
Non-performing Past-due Assets Nonperforming Loans
Not Able Adequately Implement Requirements 404 Sarbanes-oxley Act Notes Net Income Stockholders Reconciliation
Notifications Acquisitions Sales Investments 2004 Now Moment Adopt Reforms Enable Europe Advance Fostering
Npl Coverage Npl Ratio
Npls Number 001-12518
Objections Corporate Resolutions Objectives
Off-balance Sheet Arrangements Offer Statistics Expected Timetable
Offering Documents Oft
Once Completed Branch Mis System Allow Improvements Sales Operating Costs
Operating Expenses Operating Factors
Operating Income Operating Results
Operational Areas Net Operating Income Ex-abbey Operational Risks Inherent Business
Opinion Opportunities
Opportunity Reach Additional Improvements Cost Income Long Intermediation Optimistic Vision Terms Growth Expected 2006
Options Financial Futures Ordinary General Shareholders Meeting
Ordinary Income Organic Growth
Organizational Structure Orígenes Afjp
Other Communications Other Contingent Liabilities Commitments
Other Countries Other Financial Assets Fair Value Through Profit Loss
Other Fully-secured Non-performing Past-due Assets Other Litigation
Other Non-accruing Assets Other Non-performing Assets
Other Notificacions Other Notifications
Other Operating Income Others
Out Markets Only Brasil Mexico Really Open Outcome 9m06
Over Maximum Bankarisation Levels 1980 90s Overview
Part Credit Risk Part Global Risk Analysis Profile
Part Operational Risk Part Reputational Risk
Part Risk Training Activities Participación Significativa
Participation Notary Meeting Passive Foreign Investment Rules
Patagon Group Payroll Program
Pedro Mateache Penalty Clause
Pension Commitments Pension Commitments Other Insurance
Pension Funds Pension Funds Stock
Pension Liabilities Pension Settlement
Pensions Funds 2006 Pensions Treatment Cbe 2004 Mill Eur
Per Annum Inflation Performance
Performance Main Magnitudes 2005 Persons Subject Inform Compliance Management Situation Due Links
Perspective Petróleos Cepsa
Phase Organic Growth Phase Was Successful
Plan Plaza Canalejas
Plaza Canalejas 28014 Madrid Spain Political Governmental Factors
Polskie Towarzystwo Finansowe Ptf Portfolio
Portfolio Industrial Strategic Shareholdings Portugal
Position 9m06 Positive Economic Outlook
Positive Outlook Economy Remains Unchanged Positive Results Ratios
Potential Bankarization Potential Banking Build Out
Pre-funded Shares Pre-tax Income
Predictable Evolution Npls Preemptive Rights
Preemptive Subscription Period Preference Shares
Preferential Subscription Period Preferred Securities
Premises Equipment Presence Management Bodies
Press Release Not Offer Sale Securities Described Herein Previous Considerations
Primary Market Risks They Arise Principal Accountant Fees Services
Principal Countries Latin America H105 Mill H104 Principal Geographic Levels
Principal Level Geographic Principal Level Segmentation Geographic
Private Banking Procedures
Procedures Measuring Managing Market Risk Profit Attributed Group
Profit Attributed Minority Interests Profit Before Tax
Profit Loss Versus 2005 Unless Otherwise Stated Projection Results Been Prepared Accordance Accounting Practices Applied
Projects Underway Wound Down Property Plant Equipment
Proportional System Prospectus Directive
Prospectus Supplement Protection
Provide Banking Products Provision Income Taxes
Provisions Non-performing Loans Proxy Granted Remote Means Communication Shall Only Deemed
Puerto Rico Pursuant Provisions 244 By-laws 204 Regulations Board Also
Pursuant Rule 13a-16 15d-16 Securities Exchange Act 1934 Pursuing New Avenues Growth
Q05 Q106
Quality Loan Portfolio Still High Quantifying Risk Premium
Quantitative Analysis Daily Var 2004 Quantitative Analysis Daily Var 2005
Quantitative Analysis Interest Rate Risk 2004 Quarterly Data
Quarterly Income Statement Quota
Rank Rating Agencies
Rating Tools Ratings Risk Balances According Feve Monitoring System
Ratios Reason Balanced Growth Sustained Increases Per Capita Income
Reasons Bankarisation Process Latin America Reasons Governments Banks Compromised Bankarisation
Recent Acquisition Abbey Future Acquisitions Not Succesful Disruptive Recent Events
Recent Legislation Recent Reorganization Business Areas
Record Net Attributable Income 2004 Eur Mill Redemption
Register Registered Office Syndicate
Registration Statement Registration Transfers
Regulation Syndicate Shareholders Related Party Transactions
Relationship Unconsolidated Companies Relevant Information
Reliance Domestic Saving Remuneration
Report Annual Transition Indicate Check Registrant Not Required Report Business Areas
Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Reporting Requirements
Representation Other Boards Representative Director Assicurazioni
Requirements Restrictions Appointments Research
Research Development Patents Licenses Etc Responsibility Appointments
Restrictions Dividends Restrictions Foreign Investments
Restrictions Transferability Syndicated Shares Results
Results Fee Income Results Key Highlights Costs Eur Mill
Results Net Operating Income Results Provisions
Results Spreads Results Summary 2006
Retail Banking Retail Banking Chile
Retail Banking Latin America Retail Distribution Agreement Resolution
Retail Funds Retention
Retirement Benefit Obligations Return Equity Assets
Revenues Revised Framework International Convergence Capital Measures Standards
Right Attend General Shareholders8217 Meetings Delegated Individual Right Attend Meeting
Right Receive Information Risk Concentration
Risk Indicators Risk Management
Risk Management Structured Derivatives Risks Concerning Borrower Credit Quality General Economic Conditions
Risks Relating Latin America Risks Relating Operations
Risks Statistics 2005 Rodrigo Echenique
Ross Income Royal Bank Scotland Group Plc Rbs
Sacyr-vallehermoso Sale Abbey Life Insurance Business
Sale Other Disposition Adss Shares Sales Income Provision Non-financial Services Cost
San Paolo Imi San Paolo Imi Spa
San Paolo-imi Santander
Santander 2005 Achieved Objectives Set Out Start Year133 Santander Again Leading Way Setting Pace Strength Lead
Santander Banespas Management Focusing Santander Best Positioned Prepared Bank Push Take Advantage
Santander Brasil Dtvm Ltda Banco Santander Central Hispano Network
Santander Central Hispano Previsión Seguros Reaseguros Santander Central Hispano Retail Banking
Santander Central Hispano Share Santander Chile Consistency Quality Results
Santander Chile Leading Banking Franchise Country Santander Chile Leading Banking Franchise Country Hardly Imitable
Santander Chile Market Share Santander Chile Unique Capabilities Benefit Good Business Environment
Santander Completes Acquisition 198 Sovereign Bancorp Santander Consumer
Santander Consumer Finance Santander Distribuidora Títulos Valores Mobiliarios Ltda Formerly Known
Santander Finance Capital Unipersonal Santander Finance Preferred Unipersonal
Santander Largest Financial Group Mexico Santander Network
Santander Private Banking Santander Retail
Santander Share Santander Universidades
Santander Universities Santander8217s Share
Santanders Net Attributable Income Rose Savings Banks
Scenario Analysis Scenario Analysis Calibration Measures
Scheme Attract New Customers Sec
Secondary Level Business Secondary Level Businesses
Secretary Board Securities Market Legislation
Securities Registered Pursuant Act Securitizations
See See 2dv
See 583g 585 586j See Notes
See Notes 2bv 2mi See Notes 585 586g
Segment Smes Deposits Pensions Self-assessment Questionnaire
Selling Substandard Business Focus Core-activities Senior Management
Sep Sep04
Separate Meetings Non-management Directors Serafín Méndez
Service Franchise Quality Settlement Date
Seventh Share Capital
Share Dividend Share Ownership
Share Repurchase Program Share Results Entities Accounted Using Equity Method
Shareholder Base Shareholder Remuneration
Shareholders Shareholders Agreements
Shareholders Equity Minority Interests Shareholders Record
Shares Included Syndication Shelf Securities
Shinsei Bank Shinsei Bank Ltd
Short-term Borrowings Showing Santanders Retail Pulling Power
Sibe Signature
Signatures Significant Accomplishments Include133
Significant Accounting Policies Respect Reconciliation Ifrs Gaap Significant Accounting Policies Respect Reconciliation Spanish Gaap
Significant Changes Significant Competition Some Latin American Countries Intensify Price
Significant Equity Investments Significant Improvement Efficiency Fees Coverage Index Over Expenses
Significant Valuation Income Recognition Principles Ifrs Gaap Since Loan Portfolio Concentrated Continental Europe United Kingdom
Since Principal Source Funds Short Term Deposits Sudden Sixth
Smes Sociedad Agencia Valores
Sociedades Rectoras Solid Basis Stable Medium-term Growth
Solid Profitable Growth Retail Business Translates Strong Net Solid Profitable System Contrast 90s Prioritizes Customer Business
Solid Results Record Attributable Income Usd 137 Underscores Some Business Cyclical Income Decrease Demand Certain Products
Source Americas Division Data Central Banks Superintendencies Source Imf Ifs Private Sector Loans Lines 22d
Source World Bank Moodys Central Sources Funding
Sources World Bank Moodys Bcb Sovereign Bancorp Inc
Spain Spanish Criterias
Spanish Inheritance Gift Taxes Spanish Securities Market
Spanish Tax Considerations Spanish Wealth Tax
Special Transaction Specific Allowances Credit Losses
Spreads Spreads Main Units Continental Europe
Standard Assets Starting Point 133
Statement Banco Santander Central Hispano Regarding Placing Ordinary Statement Changes Consolidated Shareholders Equity
Statement Changes Stockholders Equity Statement Income
Stock Option Plans Strategic Partnership While Keeping Insurance Distribution
Strategic Rationale Strategy
Strategy Commercial Activity Strategy Plan America 2006
Stress Test Strong Growth Activity Customers Translates Continuous Commercial Revenues
Strong Growth Activity Earnings Ex-abbey Strong Growth Revenues Absorbed Higher-than-expected Loan Cost Resulting
Strong Investment Creating Class Professionals Talent Sub-standard Assets
Substantial Percentage Customer Base Particularly Sensitive Adverse Developments Subunderwriters
Summarizing Summary
Summary 133 Summary Groups Performance Businesses
Super Revolución Supplement Call Meeting
Supported Favorable Performance Customer Banking Strong Results Markets Surpassing Initial Expectations Whole
Surplus Shares São Paulo 2006
Table Contents Tabular Disclosure Contractual Obligations
Tarjeta Única Tax Considerations
Taxation Taxation Capital Gains
Taxation Distributions Taxation Dividends
Technological Integration Finalized 2006 Allow Growth Stable Expense Technology Basle Project
Tender Offers Teodoro Bragado
Terial Fact Termination
Terms Agreements Test Calibration Measures
Test Reasonableness Expected Loss Parent Bank Time Sale Prospectus
Total Total Assets Liabilities Shareholders Equity
Total Customer Funds Total Deposits
Total Latin Total Latin America
Total Loans Total Managed Customer Funds
Total Managed Funds Total Revenues Activity Geographic Location
Total Underwriting Price Trading
Trading Activity Trading Banco Santander Central Hispanos Subsidiaries Shares
Trading Santanders Subsidiaries Shares Transaction Commercial Factors
Transactions Transition International Financial Reporting Standards
Translation Foreign Currency Functional Translation Registrants Name English
Treasury Trend Information
Underwriters Underwriting Price
United Kingdom United Kingdom Abbey
United Kingdom Abbey Mill United Kingdom Regulation
United States Regulation Universia
Unión Eléctrica Fenosa Unresolved Staff Comments
Upl Spread Upls
Valuation Tools Var
Var 6m06 6m05 Var Model
Variable Interest Entities Venezuela
Vision 2006-2009 Vodafone Airtouch Plc
Volatility Interest Rates Negatively Affect Net Income Increase Warrants Rights
Well Established Mortgage Business 133 What Being Sold
What Businesses Being Retained What Promised 133
Wheel Cycle Normal Cycle133 Wholesale Banking Management Keys
Without Prejudice Provisions By-laws Right Attend General Shareholders8217 Wwwgruposantandercom
Young Executives Plan 
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