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Ability Enter Transactions Arrangements Notwithstanding Interest Abn Amro
Abn Amro Capital Abn Amro Holding Parent
Abn Amro Mellon Global Securities Services Abn Amro Mortgage Group Inc
Abn Amro North America Holding Abn Amro Ordinary Shares Held Managing Board Members
Abs Asset Backed Securities Abs Cdo Super Senior
Abs Cdo Super Senior Exposure Absa
Absa Capital Absa Card
Absa Definitions Absa Group Broad-based Black Economic Empowerment Transaction Bee
Absa Group Limited Absa Group Limited Black Economic Empowerment Bee Scheme
Absa Group Limited Black Economic Empowerment Bee Transaction Absa Group Limited Executive Share Award Scheme Aglesas
Absa Group Limited Phantom Performance Share Plan Psp Absa Group Limited Share Incentive Trust Aglsit
Absa Group Limited Share Ownership Administrative Trust Aglsot Absa Group Limited Share Ownership Trust Aglsot
Accidental Failure Non-receipt Notice Accidental Omission Non-receipt Notice
Accounting Policies Accounts Laid Before General Meetings
Acquisitions Acquisitions Disposals
Activities Activities 2007
Activities 2008 Acts Board Committee Valid Notwithstanding Disqualification
Actual Loss Additional Information
Address Address Principal Executive Offices
Adjournment Dissolution Lack Quorum Adjournment Other Reasons
Adjusted Gross Leverage Adjustment
Adjustments Adjustments Balance Sheet Reflect
Adjustments Income Statement Reflect Administration General Expenses
Adopted Pronouncements Adopted Special Resolution
Adoption Appendix Rules Barclays Group Performance Share Plan Adoption Ifrs
Adoption Ifrs 2004 Comparatives Adr Depositary
Advanced Foundation Irb Approach Credit Exposure Advanced Irb Retail Expected Loss Grade Disclosures
Advanced Irb Wholesale Obligor Grade Disclosures Advisers
Advisers Committee Advisors
Afterwork Agency Agreement
Ain Ccountabilities Akita
Allocating Capital Groups Strategic Medium-term Plan Allocation Plan Assets
Allotment Authority Board Allowance Impairment Loans Advances
Allowances Impairment Allowances Impairment Other Credit Provisions
Allowances Loan Impairment Allowances Loan Impairment Other Credit Risk Provisions
Alt-a Alt-a Loans Regarded Lower Risk Sub-prime Higher Characteristics
Alt-a Other Sub-prime Asset Backed Securities Alteration Share Capital
Amendments Resolutions Amortisation Intangible Assets
Amounts Reported Prior Periods Been Restated Reflect New Analysis Amounts Included Balance Sheet
Analysis Barclays Capital Loans Advances Amortised Cost Net Analysis Barclays Capital Wholesale Loans Advances Net Impairment
Analysis Barclays Capitals Market Risk Exposure Analysis Barclays Capitals Market Risk Exposures
Analysis Barclays Commercial Bank Loans Advances Analysis Gross Positive Commodity Derivative Fair Value Counterparty
Analysis Interest Rate Risk Banking Book Exposures Analysis Loan-to-value Ratios Mortgages Home Loan Portfolio
Analysis Net Interest Income Sensitivity Analysis Positive Commodity Derivative Fair Values Included Balance
Analysis Profit Attributable Equity Holders Parent Analysis Results Business
Analysis Retail Loans Advances Customers Amortised Cost Net Analysis Retail Loans Advances Net Impairment Allowances
Analysis Traded Market Risk Exposures Analysis Trading Market Risk Exposures
Analysis Trading Revenue Analyst Investor Conference Call
Analyst Investor Information Analyst Investor Press Information
Annex Announcement Not Been Filed Reviewed Approved Qatar Central
Annual Bonus Esas Annual Bonus Including Executive Share Award Scheme Esas
Annual Cash Bonus Deferred Share Awards Annual Earnings Risk Aear
Annual Extraordinary General Meetings Annual General Meeting
Annual Other General Meetings Annual Risk Appetite Setting
Anti-money Laundering Sanctions Risk Appendix
Application Application Economic Capital
Applications Internal Ratings Appointment Acts Secretary
Appointment Attorneys Appointment Auditors
Appointment Chairman Deputy Vice-chairman Appointment Directors
Appointment Majority Shareholder Appointment Proxy Electronic Communication
Appointment Proxy Electronic Form Approach
Approval Financial Statements Approvals
Arclays Plc Arclays Roup Psp Esos Upplementary Rust
Asia Assessment Liquidity
Asset Liability Market Risk Asset Management
Asset Management Structural Market Risk Asset Realizations
Asset Retirement Obligation Asset Securitisations
Assets Assets Held Respect Linked Liabilities Customers Investment Contracts
Assets Pledged Associate Directors
Associates Joint Ventures Associates Joint Ventures Other Entities
Assumptions Assumptions Used Measure Insurance Liabilities
Attendance Board Committee Meetings Audited Information
Auditors Auditors Remuneration
Aug Authentication Documents Director Secretary Other Person Appointed Board
Authorised Share Capital Available Sale
Available Sale Financial Instruments Available Sale Financial Investments
Available Sale Reserve Average Net Income Generated Per Member Staff
Averages Period Not Correspond Exactly End Balances Disclosed Averages Period Not Correspond Period-end Balances Disclosed Balance
Balance Non-executive Executive Directors Balance Share Certificates
Balance Sheet Balance Sheet Arrangements
Banking Banking Act 2009
Barclaycard Barclays
Barclays 8265 Xs0287796824 Feb 2009 Nom 340000000 Barclays Acquire Citirsquos Portugal Credit Card Business
Barclays Acquire Citis Italian Credit Card Business Barclays Acquire Indonesiarsquos Akita
Barclays Africa Share Plan Barclays Announces Capital Raising
Barclays Announces Intention Lend Additional £11bn Households Businesses Barclays Announces Receipt Binding Offer 135 £82 Blackrock
Barclays Announces Sale Ishares Us44 £30 Barclays Announces Update Capital Raising
Barclays Approach Risk Management Barclays Bank Plc Capital Australia
Barclays Bank Plc Capital Germany Barclays Bank Plc Capital Securities Limited India
Barclays Bank Plc Data Barclays Bank Plc France
Barclays Bank Plc Hong Kong Capital Asia Limited Barclays Bank Plc Issues Nuclear Power Notes
Barclays Bank Plc Wholly Owned Subsidiary Barclays Bank Plc- Interim Results Announcement
Barclays Board Change Barclays Businesses Operations
Barclays Capital Barclays Capital 2007 Date
Barclays Capital Ahead Record Prior Period Barclays Capital Bgi Wealth
Barclays Capital Bgi Wealth Grcb Barclays Capital Credit Market Exposures
Barclays Capital Credit Market Positions Barclays Capital Dvar Summary Table 2005 2004
Barclays Capital Dvar Summary Table 2006 2005 Barclays Capital Dvar Summary Table 2007 2006
Barclays Capital Global Investors Bgi Barclays Capital Loans Advances Held Fair Value
Barclays Capital Trading Update Conference Call Webcast Details Barclays Cnp Agree Life Insurance Joint Venture Spain
Barclays Cnp Establish Life Insurance Joint Venture Spain Barclays Commercial Bank
Barclays Commercial Bank Financial Sponsor Leveraged Finance Barclays Commercial Bank Saw Healthy Growth Income Was
Barclays Community Barclays Emissions Energy Travel
Barclays Employer Barclays Gary Hoffman Executive
Barclays Global Investors Barclays Global Investors Equity Ownership Plan Bgi Eop
Barclays Italy Barclays John Silvester Varley Executive
Barclays Masterscale Wholesale Barclays Overview
Barclays Participation Interest Barclays Plc
Barclays Plc Bank Barclays Plc Churchill Place London E14 5hp United
Barclays Plc Gaap Data Barclays Plc General Meeting
Barclays Plc Interim Results Announcement Barclays Plc Parent
Barclays Portugal Barclays Purchases Italian Mortgage Business Macquarie
Barclays Responsible Global Citizen Barclays Revised Offer Abn Amro Update
Barclays Shares Provisionally Allocated Option Esas Barclays Wealth
Barclays Wealth Closed Life Assurance Activities Barclays Wealth Western Europe Certain Premier High Net
Barclays Wealth-closed Life Assurance Activities Base Salary
Based Following Portfolios Ukrb Residential Mortgage Buy Let Basel
Basel Capital Management Basel Models
Basel Transitional Floor Basis Audit Opinion
Basis Opinion Basis Preparation
Basis Preparation Consolidation Basis Presentation
Benefit Liabilities Between
Bgi Bgi Eop
Bgi Eop Accounting Disclosure Bgis Investment Advisory Contracts Terminated Not Renewed Clients
Blackrock Blackrock Stock Subject Market Volatility
Board Allocation Time Board Audit Committee
Board Audit Committee Allocation Time Board Audit Committee Chairmans Statement
Board Changes Board Committees
Board Confer Director Powers Board Corporate Governance Nominations Committee
Board Corporate Governance Nominations Committee Allocation Time Board Directors Shareholders Barclays Bank Plc
Board Effect Capitalisations Board Effectiveness
Board Effectiveness Review Board Make Calls
Board Meetings Board Membership
Board Powers Carry Profits Reserve Forward Board Remuneration Committee
Board Remuneration Committee Allocation Time Board Remuneration Committee Members
Board Remuneration Committee Remit Membership Board Risk Committee
Board Risk Committee Allocation Time Board Risk Committee Chairmans Statement
Board Send Out Instruments Proxy Members Board Structure Composition
Boards Borrowing Powers Boards Power Appoint Directors
Boards Power Differentiate Regarding Calls Boards Power Refuse Register Transfers Certain Cases
Bob Diamond President Barclays Said Bonds
Business Activities Governed Various Governmental Regulatory Policies Changes Business Banking
Business Combination Business Conditions General Economy
Business Description Business Performance
Business Performance Global Retail Commercial Banking Business Performance Head Office Functions Other Operations
Business Performance Investment Banking Management Business Performance Ndash Global Retail Commercial Banking
Business Performance Ndash Head Office Functions Other Operations Business Performance Ndash Investment Banking Management
Business Review Business Risk
Business Segments C12 Capital Management
Calculated Gaap Basis Calculated Ifrs Basis
Calculated Using Adjusted Average Over Rounded Nearest £50m Calculation Currency Dividends
Calculation Internal Ratings Call Deemed
Called Authorised Share Capital Calls Capital
Cancellation Share Premium Account Capital
Capital Adequacy Capital Allocation
Capital Balance Sheet Capital Commitments
Capital Deficiencies Capital Dividend
Capital Hedge Capital History
Capital Liquidity Risk Management Capital Management
Capital Management Constraints Transfer Capital Position Key Performance Subject Risks Affect Business
Capital Position Statement Capital Ratio Hedge
Capital Ratios Capital Requirements
Capital Resources Capital Risk
Capital Risk Management Capital Strength
Capitalisation Issue Career Average
Cases Reports Accounts Need Not Delivered Cash Equivalents
Cash Flow Hedges Cash Flow Hedging Reserve
Cash Outflows Respect Acquisitions Categorisation Market Risk
Cautionary Statement Regarding Forward-looking Statements Cdos Collateralised Debt Obligations
Cdpc Exposure Cdpcs Credit Derivative Product
Certain Derivative Contracts Certain Non-ifrs Measures
Certain Values Financial Instruments Included Statements Based Estimates Certification
Chain Controlled Undertakings Through Voting Rights Chairman
Chairman Board Meetings Chairman Board Remuneration Committee
Chairman Meeting Chairmans Casting Vote
Chairmans Decision Final Procedural Matters Chairmans Introduction
Chairmans Statement Change
Change Accounting Estimate Changes Accounting Estimates
Changes Accounting Policies Changes Accounting Policy
Changes Accounting Presentation Changes Assumptions
Changes Chairman Executive Directors Changes Group Chairman Executive Directors
Changes Internal Cost Funding Effective 1st 2006 Changes Internal Cost Funding-effective 1st 2006
Changes Law Regulation Impact Bgi Changes Risk Weighted Assets Business Effective 1st 2006
Changes Risk Weighted Assets Business-effective 1st 2006 Chief Executive International Retail Commercial Banking
China Development Bank China Development Bank Blackstone
Christopher Lucas Citi
Class Meeting Ordinary Shareholders Classes Share
Clawback Placing Client Intermediation
Clo Other Exposure Wrapped Monoline Insurers Closing Requirements
Cmbs Commercial Mortgage Backed Securities Cmbs Exposure Wrapped Monoline Insurers
Cnp Code Ethics
Collateral Collateral Guarantees
Collateral Held Security Assets Collateral Netting
Collateral Other Credit Enhancements Held Collateral Other Credit Enhancements Obtained
Collateral Security Collateralised Debt Obligations
Collateralised Debt Obligations Cdos Combined
Combined Code Corporate Governance Commercial Bank
Commercial Commitments Commercial Mortgage Backed Securities
Commercial Mortgage Backed Securities Asset Commercial Mortgages
Commercial Paper Commercial Paper Medium-term Conduits
Commercial Real Estate Mortgage-backed Securities Commissions Fees
Commitments Contractual Obligations Commitments Payable
Commitments Receivable Committed Maximising Long-term Shareholder Value
Committees Commodity Derivatives
Communications Communications Board Hard Copy Form
Communications Electronic Form Communications Means Website
Communications Other Means Community Investment
Community Involvement Community Involvement Charitable Donations
Comparative Historical Pro Forma Earnings Per Share Data Compensationnet Income Ratio
Competition Competition Outlook
Competition Regulatory Matters Competitive Nature Bgis Industry
Completion Compliance International Financial Reporting Standards
Computer Software Concentration Insurance Risk
Concentrations Credit Risk Conclusion
Condensed Consolidated Cash Flow Statement Condensed Consolidated Interim Cash Flow Statement
Condensed Consolidated Interim Statement Recognised Income Expense Condensed Consolidated Statement Recognised Income Expense
Conditions Conditions Indicative Timetable
Conduct Class Meetings Conduct Convening Board Meetings
Conference Call Webcast Details Confidential Information Attendance Board Meetings
Confidentiality Confirmation
Conflicts Interest Consent Independent Accountants
Consent Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Consent Short Notice
Consistent End Loans Advances Balances Impairment Average 2008 Consolidated Accounts Barclays Plc
Consolidated Balance Sheet Consolidated Balance Sheets Including Significant Gaap Adjustments
Consolidated Balance Sheets Including Significant Gaap Adjustments 2006 Consolidated Cash Flow Statement
Consolidated Entities Held Investment Purposes Consolidated Financial Statements
Consolidated Income Statement Consolidated Interim Balance Sheet
Consolidated Private Equity Holdings Consolidated Statement Comprehensive Income
Consolidated Statement Recognised Income Expense Consolidated Summary Cash Flow Statement
Consolidation Effect Controlled Non-financial Investments Constant Foreign Exchange Rates
Contents Contents Notice Requiring Payment Unpaid Calls
Context Contingent Liabilities Commitments
Continuance Other Business Continuing Directors Act
Continuing Operations Contracts Directors Connected Persons Managers
Contractual Maturity Financial Assets Liabilities Contractual Maturity Financial Liabilities Undiscounted Basis
Contractual Obligations Control Mechanisms Rating System
Conversion Mandatorily Convertible Notes Core Tier Capital
Corporate Bonds Corporate Commercial Lending
Corporate Governance Framework Corporate Governance Guidelines
Corporate Governance Report Corporate Loans
Corporate Member Appoint Representative Corporate Responsibility
Corporate Sustainability Correlation
Costincome Ratio Costnet Income Ratio
Costnet Income Ratio Operating Expenses Compared Total Net Counterparty Credit Exposures
Country Executives Country Grades
Country Risk Country Risk Appetite
Credit Card Guarantees Credit Card Securitisation Activity
Credit Card Securitisations Credit Cards Unsecured Loans
Credit Concentration Credit Derivative Notionals
Credit Derivatives Credit Internal Ratings Based Approach
Credit Market Exposures Credit Monitoring
Credit Quality Assessment Scale Credit Rating Agencies
Credit Risk Credit Risk Concentrations
Credit Risk Loans Credit Risk Loans Advances Designated Fair Value
Credit Risk Management Credit Risk Management Control Responsibilities
Credit Risk Management Responsibility Credit Risk Measurement
Credit Risk Mitigation Credit Risk Mitigation Collateral Security Other Enhancements
Credit Structuring Credit Structuring Business
Creditors Payment Policy Critical Accounting Estimates
Crl Crls Ppls Balances Non-uk
Crls Ppls Percentage Loans Advances Cumulative Foreign Currency Difference
Currency Presentation Currency Risk
Current Market Volatility Recent Developments Current Trading
Custody Seals Customer Accounts
Customer Service Customers Clients
Cvc Daily Value Risk Dvar
Dale Roskom Director Consumer Credit Risk Colin Walklin Data
David Booth Debt Financing Not Repaid
Debt Obligations Debt Securities
Debt Securities Issue Decide Hold Certain Assets Affect Ability Expand Operations
Declaration Dividends Declaration Interests Proposed Existing Transactions Arrangements
Deed 2005 Between Default Rates Recovery
Deferred Tax Defined Benefit Pension Scheme Risk
Defined Further Page Defined Further Page 119
Defined Pages 106 111 Defined Pages 122 123
Defined Total Delinquent Balances Percentage Outstandings Excludes Legal Definitions
Delegation Board Committees Certain Subsidiaries Demand Poll Withdrawn
Demonstrates Independence Judgement Dependence Key Personnel Relationship Clients
Deposit Instrument Proxy Duration Validity Deposit Instrument Proxy-duration Validity Proxy
Deposits Deposits Banks
Depreciation Impairment Amortisation Derecognition Financial Assets Liabilities
Derivatives Derivatives Hedge Accounting
Derivatives Held Risk Management Derivatives Not Qualify Hedge Accounting
Derivatives Own Shares Description Proposed Combination Estimated Pro Forma Purchase Price
Details Mandatorily Convertible Notes Details Proposed Transaction Structure
Details Reserve Capital Instruments Warrants Details Transaction
Determining Fair Value Developing Strategic Framework
Dial Details Follows Those Participating Need Ask Barclays Differences Between Ifrs Accounting Principles
Diluted Weighted Average Number Shares Dilution
Dilution Limits Director Appoint Alternate Powers Revocation Appointment Remuneration
Director Appoint Alternate-powers Alternate-revocation Appointment Alternate-remuneration Alternate Director Declare Interest Contract
Director Development Business Awareness Director Hold Other Positions Act Professional Capacity
Director Hold Positions Other Companies Director Independence
Director Interested Contract Director Investor Relations
Directors Directors Declaration
Directors Emoluments Directors Entitled Attend Speak General Meetings
Directors Fees Directors Indemnities
Directors Interests Directors Interests Other Relation Transactions Arrangements Authorisation 175
Directors Interests Other Relation Transactions Arrangements Company-authorisation 175 Directors Officers
Directors Officers Shareholdings Options Directors Remuneration
Directors Report Directors Responsibilities
Directors Retire Directors Share Qualification
Directorsrsquo Responsibilities Disclosure Committee
Disclosure Controls Procedures Disclosure Required Companies Act 1985
Disclosures Disclosures Certain Trading Activities
Disclosures Certain Trading Activities Including Non-exchange Traded Commodity Disposal Not Complete
Disposals Disqualification Voting
Distribution Assets Specie Diversification Liquidity Sources
Diversity Inclusion Diversity People
Dividend Dividend Bear Interest
Dividend Declared Reference Record Date Dividend Information
Dividend Policy Dividend Proposed
Dividend Reinvestment Plan Dividend Warrants
Dividends Dividends Ordinary Shares
Dividends Ordinary Shares Barclays Plc Dividends Per Share
Dividends Similar Appropriations Gaap Dividends Similar Appropriations Ifrs
Dividends Subsidiaries Documents Display
Documents Information Joint Holders Agreement Dollar Preference Shares
Dvar Dvar 2005 2006 Daily Values
Dvar Back-testing Earnings Per Share
Earnings Per Share Data Pence Earnings-at-risk
Economic Capital Economic Capital Demand
Economic Capital Management Economic Capital Supply
Economic Data Economic Profit
Editors Effect Governmental Policy Regulation
Effect Purpose Effect Transition Ifrs
Effective Chairmanship Meetings Effective Interest Rates
Effective Member Board Team Effects Application Ias Ifrs
Embedded Derivatives Emerging Markets
Employee Benefits Employee Involvement
Employee Opinion Survey Results Employee Opinion Surveys
Employee Relations Employees Benefit Trusts Ebt
Employees Benefit Trusts Ebts Employees Management
End Assessment Liquidity Ends
Eneral Irectors Enforcement Lien Sale Application Proceeds
England Enlarged Share Capital
Enquiries Entities De-consolidated Gaap Purposes
Entitlement Receive Share Certificates Environment
Environmental Social Risk Equality Diversity
Equifirst Corporation Equity
Equity Accounted Investments Equity Derivatives
Equity Investments Equity Shares
Essential Business Contracts Estate Gift Tax
Estimated Pro Forma Allocation Purchase Price Proposed Combination Euro Preference Shares
Europe Including Antonveneta Events After Balance Sheet Date
Events Occurring After Balance Sheet Date Exchange Controls Other Limitations Affecting Security Holders
Exchange Rates Used Exchange Traded Derivatives
Excluding Absa Execution Certain Instruments
Execution Copy Execution Instrument Proxy
Execution Transfers Executive Committee
Executive Directors Executive Directors Pay
Executive Directors Plans Used Previous Esos Isop Bgi Executive Directors Remuneration Alignment Interests Shareholders
Executive Directors Retained Incentive Opportunity Executive Directors Shares Provisionally Allocated Option Esas
Executive Share Award Scheme Esas Executive Share Option Scheme Esos
Exotic Products Expected Loss Risk Tendency
Expected Timetable Principal Events Explanatory
Expobank Exposure Credit Rating Cdpc
Exposure Credit Rating Monoline Insurer Exposure Event Default
Exposure Event Default Commonly Known Ead Exposures
External Matters External Regulatory Capital Requirements
Extracts Press Release Barclays Plc Dated 2009 Extracts Results Announcement Barclays Bank Plc Published 2008
Extraordinary General Meetings Failure Comply Laws Regulations Jurisdictions Bgi Operates Result
Fair Value Commodity Derivative Contracts Fair Value Financial Instruments
Fair Value Hedge Accounting Fair Value Measurement
Fair Value Source Maturity Analysis Fee Expense
Fee Income Fees
Fees Commissions Fig Impairment Charges Bad Doubtful Debts
Fig Impairment Provisions Charges Over Filings Sec
Fin Accounting Conditional Asset Retirement Obligations Fin Accounting Uncertainty Income Taxes
Finance Lease Commitments Finance Lease Receivables
Financial Advisers Financial Assets
Financial Assets Liabilities Financial Assets Liabilities Held Trading
Financial Assets Past Due Impaired Had Terms Not Financial Assistance Acquisition Shares
Financial Crime Financial Crime Risk
Financial Crime Risk Management Financial Effects Revised Offer
Financial Guarantees Financial Information
Financial Instruments Financial Instruments Fair Value Through Profit Loss
Financial Instruments Held Fair Value Financial Investments
Financial Liabilities Financial Liabilities Designated Fair Value
Financial Performance 2005 Financial Review
Financial Risk Management Financial Risks
Financial Services Compensation Scheme Financing
Financing Revised Offer First-time Adoption International Financial Reporting Standards Ifrs
First-time Application Ifrs First-time Application Ifrs Relating Financial Instruments Insurance Contracts
Fluctuations Revenues Expenses Operating Results Foreign Currency Translation
Foreign Exchange Derivatives Foreign Exchange Differences Available Sale Afs Debt Securities
Forfeited Shares Become Property Forfeiture Shares
Form 20-f Form Share Certificates Method Execution
Form Transfers Former Holder Forfeited Shares Remains Liable Unpaid Calls
Forward Looking Statements Forward-looking Statements
Frank Ryan Chief Financial Officer Banco Austral Sarl Fraud Risk
Frederik Frits Seegers Fsp Fin 39-1 Amendment Fasb Interpretation
Full Time Equivalent Employee Units On-job Paid Services Fulvio Conti
Fund Ap89 Bcps Ccs Mercantile Fund Derivatives
Fund Management Funding
Funding Structure Further Analysis Barclays Capital Credit Market Exposures Pages
Further Information Please Contact Future Accounting Developments
Future Earnings Affected Depressed Asset Valuations Resulting Deterioration Future Policy
Future Remuneration Future Sec Filings Filing Important Information
Future Sec Filings Important Information Gaap
Gaap Financial Data Gain Acquisition
Gains Acquisitions Gary Hoffman
General Conditions Transfer General Information
General Meetings Convened Board General Voting Quorum Requirements
Geographic Analysis Geographical Analysis Country Risk
Global Governance Global Preference Share
Global Retail Commercial Banking Global Retail Commercial Banking -western Europe
Global Retail Commercial Banking Absa Global Retail Commercial Banking Absa Portion Absas Results
Global Retail Commercial Banking Barclays Wealth Head Office Global Retail Commercial Banking Emerging Markets
Global Retail Commercial Banking Ndash Absa Global Retail Commercial Banking Western Europe
Glossary Glossary Terms
Go-shop Arrangements Cvc Go-shop Provision
Goals Going Concern
Goldfish Credit Card Businesses Goodwill
Goodwill Other Intangible Assets Governance
Governance Responsibilities Governance Structure Group Level
Government Securities Governor Chen China Development Bank Said
Grcb Absa Grcb Emerging Markets
Grcb Emerging Markets Comprises Retail Commercial Banking Operations Grcb Western Europe
Grcb Western Europe Comprises Retail Commercial Banking Operations Group Chairman
Group Chairman Deputy Non-executive Directors Group Chairmans Introduction
Group Chief Executive Group Chief Executiversquos Review
Group Chief Executives Review Group Cost Capital Changed 1st 2008 105
Group Finance Directorrsquos Review Group Functions
Group Functions Including Services Group Loan Deposit Ratio
Group Model Policy Taxation Risk Management Group Performance
Group Reporting Changes Group Reporting Changes 2006
Group Reporting Changes 2006 See Page Group Reporting Changes 2007
Group Reporting Changes 2008 Group Results Summary
Group Share Schemes Group Structure Changes 2004
Group Structure Changes Effective 1st 2006 Group Summary
Group Surplus Liquidity Group Surplus Liquidity Defined Unencumbered Cash Central Banks
Guaranteed Preferred Issuers Guarantees
Guarantees Irrevocable Loan Commitments Hairman Also
Head Office Functions Other Operations Head Office Functions Other Operations Comprises
Head Office Functions Other Operations Retail Banking Health Safety
Hedge Accounting Hedges Net Investments
Hedging Held Maturity
Held Own Account Held Respect Linked Liabilities Customers Investment Contracts Arising
Held-to-maturity Securities Helps Shape Corporate Strategy
Highlights Capital Raising Home Loans
Home Loans Distribution Balances Loan Value Current Valuations Home Loans Ndash Three-month Arrears
Home Loans Three-month Arrears Http Wwwrns-pdflondonstockexchangecom Rns 4107x 1-2009-8-13pdf
Http Wwwrns-pdflondonstockexchangecom Rns 5625x 1-2009-8-17pdf Human Rights
Human Rights Barclays Hybrid Financial Instruments
Ifrs Compared Gaap Ifrs Net Income Gaap
Impact Absa Group Limited Barclays Results Impact Capital Raising
Impact External Factors Group Peer Impact Net Interest Income
Impact Strategic Decisions Taken Group Impairment
Impairment Actual Value Charges Impairment Allowances
Impairment Allowances Coverage Ratios Impairment Allowances Provisions Stock Coverage Non-performing Loans Potential
Impairment Available Sale Assets Impairment Charge Other Credit Provisions
Impairment Charge Other Credit Risk Provisions Bad Doubtful Impairment Charges
Impairment Charges Loans Advances Credit Provisions Impairment Charges Loans Advances Other Credit Provisions
Impairment Charges Other Credit Provisions Impairment Charges Other Credit Provisions 2008
Impairment Financial Assets Impairment Property Plant Equipment Intangible Assets
Impairment Testing Goodwill Incentive Share Option Plan Isop
Incentive Share Plan Shares Includes Profit Before Tax Disposal Barclays Global Investors
Including Non-exchange Traded Contracts Inclusive Banking
Income Statement Incorporated Companies Acts 1862 1890 Registered England 48839
Increase Consolidation Sub-division Cancellation Reduction Indemnity
Indemnity Contained Articles Association Indemnity Insurance
Indemnity Insurance Directors Other Officers Indemnity Officers Funding Directors Defence Costs Power Purchase
Independence Non-executive Directors Independent Auditors Report Members Barclays Plc
Independent Auditorsrsquo Review Report Independent Review Report Barclays Bank Plc
Index Indexchange Investment
Indicative Timetable Induction
Induction Support Induction Training
Industry Analysis Industry Analysis Standardised Approach
Information Fulfils Requirements Business Review Found Following Sections Inheritance Tax
Initial Model Validation Institutional Investors
Instrument Proxy Insurance Assets
Insurance Assets Including Unit-linked Insurance Businesses
Insurance Contract Liabilities Including Unit-linked Insurance Contracts Investment
Insurance Premiums Insurance Premiums Claims Benefits
Insurance Risk Insurance Risk Management
Intangible Assets Intangible Assets Within Lehman Brothers North American Businesses
Intentionally Left Blank Interest
Interest Expense Interest Fees Commissions
Interest Income Interest Rate Derivatives
Interest Rate Risk Sensitivity Interest Rate Sensitivity Disclosure Banking Book Positions
Interest Unpaid Calls Interim Management Statement
Interim Management Statement Conference Call Webcast Details Interim Other Dividends
Interim Results Announcement Interim Results Announcement 2007
Interim Results Announcement 2009 Internal Control
Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Internal Targets
International Financial Reporting Standards International Retail Commercial Banking
International Retail Commercial Banking Absa International Retail Commercial Banking Excluding Absa
International Retail Commercial Banking-absa International Retail Commercial Banking-excluding Absa
Intraday Liquidity Introduction
Investment Banking Management Investment Barclays Bank Plc
Investment China Development Bank Investment Subsidiaries
Investment Temasek Investments China Development Bank Temasek
Investor Analyst Press Information Investor Conference
Investor Relations Media Isop
Issue New Ordinary Shares Issue Replacement Share Certificates
Issue Shares Special Rights Restrictions Issue Warrants
Issued Debt Equity Securities Issued Debt Securities
Italian Insurance Business James Stewart President Barclays Capital
John Varley John Varley Ceo Barclays Said
John Varley Chief Executive John Varley Group Chief Executive
John Varley Group Chief Executive Barclays Said John Varley Group Chief Executive Naguib Kheraj Finance
John Varley Presents Bank America Merrill Lynch Banking Joint Holder Give Receipt Dividend
Joint Ventures Keeping Accounts Retention Location Accounting Records
Key Assumptions Used Value Calculations Significant Goodwill Key Facts
Key Management Personnel Key Risk Scenarios
Lasalle Funding Llc Latin America
Lawrence Dickinson Leases
Leasing Legal Proceedings
Legal Risk Legal Risk Regulatory Compliance
Lehman Brothers North American Businesses Leigh Clifford
Lending Related Fees Commissions Payable Incentives Length Notice
Leveraged Finance Leveraged Finance Own Credit
Liabilities Liabilities Joint Holders
Lien Partly Paid Shares Limitations Foreign Shareholders
Liquid Assets Liquidation
Liquidity Liquidity Funding
Liquidity Funding Management Critical Ongoing Performance Liquidity Management
Liquidity Pool Liquidity Risk
Liquidity Risk Management Liquidity Risk Management Measurement
Liquidity Risk Measurement Listed Unlisted Debt Securities Market Counterparties External Ratings
Listing Loan
Loan Banking Commitments Loan Banking Commitments Contingencies
Loan Commitments Loan Impairment Charges Allowances
Loan Impairment Disclosure Loan Loss Impairment
Loans Abn Amro Managing Board Members Loans Advances
Loans Advances Banks Loans Advances Banks Customers
Loans Advances Customers Loans Advances Customers Banks
Loans Advances Customers Industry Total Loans Advances Customers Outside
Loans Advances Held Fair Value Loans Receivables
Loans Receivables Banks Loans Receivables Customers
Local Entity Regulatory Capital Adequacy Local Management
London United Kingdom 2008 Long-term Business Linked Non-linked
Long-term Insurance Business Long-term Insurance Contracts Linked Non-linked
Loss Analysis Regulatory Expected Versus Actual Losses Loss Given Default Lgd Fraction Exposure Ead Defined
Macquarie Bank Limited Italian Residential Mortgage Businesses Main Acquisitions
Main Disposals Maintaining Commitment Sustainability
Maintaining Strategic Momentum Management Business Vested Board
Management Measurement Operational Risk Management Operational Risk Business
Managements Report Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Managements Reports Internal Control Over Financial Reporting
Managing Capital Ratio Sensitivity Foreign Exchange Rate Movements Managing Risk
Mandatorily Convertible Notes Manner Communications
Manner Place Taking Poll Marcus Agius
Marcus Agius Chairman Margaret Mwanakatwe Country Managing Director Barclays Bank Plc
Market Environment Market Other Data
Market Risk Market Risk Counterparty Credit
Market Risk Management Market Risk Management Control Responsibilities
Market Risk Measurement Market Risks
Market Value Risk 2005 Scenarios Market Value Risk 2006 Scenarios
Material Risks Control Framework Maturities Yield Available Sale Debt Securities
Maturity Analyses Replacement Cost Counterparty Net Maturity Analysis
Maturity Analysis Commodity Derivative Fair Value Maturity Analysis Loans Advances Customers
Maximum Credit Exposure Maximum Exposure Credit Risk
Maximum Exposure Credit Risk Before Collateral Held Other Maximum Number Joint Holders
Mbs Mortgage Backed Securities Measurement Capital Modelling
Measurement Control Measurement Key Risk Controls
Measurement Reporting Internal Ratings Measuring Country Risk
Measuring Progress Member Need Not Cast His Her Votes Same
Members Not Entitled Documents Information Members Not Entitled Notices
Memorandum Articles Association Methodology
Minimum Capital Requirements Risk Weighted Assets Rwa Analysis Minority Interests
Minutes Records Miscellaneous
Model Documentation Model Governance
Model Input Parameters Model Materiality
Model Sign-off Monitoring Weaknesses Exposures
Monoline Insurer Mortality Assumptions
Mortgage Backed Securities Asset Mortgage Indemnity Premiums
Mortgage Loan Securitisation Activity Mortgage Loans Securitisation
Mortgage Whole Loans Movement Fair Value Commodity Derivative Positions
Movements Insurance Liabilities Reinsurance Assets Multi- Single-seller Conduit Programs
Nature Instruments Ncertainties
Negotiable Certificates Deposit Net Asset Value Per Share
Net Assets Net Claims Benefits Incurred Insurance Contracts
Net Claims Benefits Paid Insurance Contracts Net Fee
Net Fee Income Net Income
Net Interest Income Net Investment Income
Net Premiums Insurance Contracts Net Tangible Asset Value Per Share
Net Trading Income Netherlands
Netting Nominal Amount Preference Shares Represented Global Share
Nominations Committee Non Trading Book Information
Non-audit Services Policy Non-cash Transactions
Non-executive Directors Non-executive Directors Remuneration Barclays Plc Shares
Non-performing Loans Potential Problem Non-performing Loans Potential Problem Percentage Advances
Non-traded Interest Rate Risk Non-trading Interest Rate Risk
North America Not Currently Irb Approach
Not Make Loans Quasi-loans Enter Credit Transactions Directors Not Obliged Send Dividend Warrants Untraced Shareholders
Notes Notes Consolidated Financial Statements
Notes Consolidated Income Statement Balance Sheet Notes Pages 102 Form Integral Part Condensed Consolidated
Notes Pages 120 142 Form Integral Part Condensed Notes Pro Forma Combined Condensed Financial Information
Notes Pro Forma Net Assets Statement Notice Adjourned Meeting
Notice Advertisement Notice General Meeting
Notice General Meeting Held 2009 Notice Given Members Resolutions Requisition
Notice Joint Holders Notice Poll
Notice State Right Member Appoint Proxy Notices
Notices Writing Manner Giving Npls Ppls Percentage Loans Advances
Ntroduction Number Directors
Number Directors Retire Rotation Number Shares
Nyse Corporate Governance Rules Objections Votes Errors Counting Etc
Obligations Bgi Disposal Agreement Occupational Health Safety
Occurring After Balance Sheet Date Off-balance Sheet Arrangements
Offer Conditions Office
Office Director Vacated Office Functions Other Operations
Officers Certificate Official Seal
Ole Equirements Oluntary Esas Ption Eed
Ominal Mount Reference Hares Represented Lobal Hare Ompetencies Ehaviours
Onditions Ongoing Model Validation Monitoring
Operate Highly Competitive Markets Adversely Affect Results Fail Operate Highly Regulated Environment Subject Regulatory Compliance Risks
Operating Expenses Operating Expenses Excluding Amortisation Intangible Assets
Operating Lease Commitments Operating Lease Receivables
Operational Risk Operational Risk Business Management
Operational Risk Events Operational Risk Management
Operational Risks Operational Risks Associated Business Adverse Impact Results
Operative Terms Opinion
Options Guarantees Options Sharesave
Ordinary Resolution Ordinary Resolutions
Ordinary Shares Ordinary Shares Share Premium
Ordinary Shares Staff Organisation Structure
Other Acquisitions Other Adjustments
Other Assets Other Benefits
Other Capital Markets Business Other Commercial Commitments
Other Contingencies Other Credit Market Exposures
Other Credit Risk Assets Other Credit Risks
Other Directorships Other Entities
Other Equity Mandatorily Convertible Notes Other Guarantees
Other Income Other Intangible Assets
Other Jurisdictions Other Liabilities
Other Market Risks Other Operating Expenses Staff Costs
Other Operating Income Other Pronouncements
Other Provisions Liabilities Other Shareholders Equity
Other Sub Prime Exposure Other Sub-prime
Otice Xercise Andatory Esas Ption Otice Xercise Oluntary Esas Ption
Outlook Over Counter Traded Derivatives
Over Counter Traded Derivatives Otc Overflow Meetings Other Arrangements
Overseas Branch Registers Overview
Overview Barclays Risk Exposures Own Credit
Own Credit Financial Liabilities Own Credit Gains
Parties Party Transactions
Passed Special Resolution Passed Special Resolutions
Patience Wheatcroft Paul Idzik
Payment Dividend Specie Payment Shares Advance Calls
Pcrl Coverage Ratio Impairment Allowances Percentage Total Crl Pecific Xecutive Irectors
Pence Per 25p Ordinary Share Pension Investment Plan Pip
Pension Scheme Pension Schemes
Pension Superannuation Funds Employees Share Schemes Charitable Subscriptions Pension Superannuation Funds-employees Share Schemes-charitable Subscriptions
Pensions Perational Risk
Performance Global Retail Commercial Banking Performance Highlights
Performance Linked Remuneration Performance Management
Performance Relative 2004 2007 Goal Period Performance Review
Performance Scale Performance Share Plan Psp
Person Becoming Entitled Share Operation Law Registered Person Electing Registered Required Notify
Personnel Expenses Persons Eligible Election Directors
Please Please Seating Limited Necessary Restrict Number Attendees Each
Political Donations Poll Taken
Poor Investment Performance Lead Loss Clients Decline Revenues Post-combination Effects Income Statement
Post-retirement Health Care Postponed
Potential Credit Risk Exposure Potential Credit Risk Loans
Potential Ordinary Shares Reflect Dilutive Impact Share Options Potential Problem Loans
Power Deduct Dividends Unpaid Debts Power Make Provision Employees
Power Pay Brokerage Subscription Shares Power Satisfy Lien Out Dividends
Power Sell Shares Ppl
Pre Acquisition Disposal Pre-offer Conditions
Preference Shares Preference Shares Us025 Each Barclays Bank Plc
Preliminary Announcement Results 2006 Preliminary Results Announcement 2009
Prepayment Rates Presentation Information
Pricewaterhousecoopers Llp Prime Bank
Prime Bank Ltd Pakistan Principal Risks
Principal Risks Uncertainties Principal Transactions
Priorities Private Banking Operations Miami Montevideo
Private Clients Private Equity
Private Shareholders Pro Forma Combined Condensed Financial Information
Pro Forma Combined Diluted Earnings Per Share Pro Forma Financial Information
Pro Forma Financial Information Filed Sec Probability Customer Default Commonly Known Internal Risk Ratings
Probability Default Internal Risk Ratings Proceedings
Proceedings Committees Professor Dame Sandra Dawson
Profit After Tax Profit Attributable
Profit Attributable Equity Holders Parent Including Dilutive Impact Profit Attributable Minority Interests
Profit Attributable Non-controlling Interests Profit Before Business Disposals
Profit Before Tax Profit Disposal Subsidiaries Associates Joint Ventures
Profitability Adversely Affected General Economic Conditions Other Business Project Finance Deals Whole Barclays Group
Pronouncements Adopted 2007 Property Plant Equipment
Proposed Transaction Structure Prospectus
Protium Finance Provision Effective Leadership Board
Provisions Psp
Psp Awards Due Vest 2009 Psp Vesting 2008
Public Affairs Officer Citi Italy Director Communications Emea Published Copies Rci Prospectus Available Website London Stock
Purchase Price Adjusted Purpose Entities
Questions Intelligently Debates Constructively Challenges Rigorously Decides Dispassionately Quorum
Quoted Market Prices Level Ratings Process
Ratio Earnings Fixed Charges Gaap Ratio Earnings Fixed Charges Ifrs
Ratios Earnings Gaap Combined Fixed Charges Preference Share Ratios Earnings Gaap Fixed Charges
Ratios Earnings Ifrs Combined Fixed Charges Preference Share Ratios Earnings Ifrs Fixed Charges
Re-election Directors Readily Available Liquidity
Recent Developments Recent Market Events
Recitals Reclassification Financial Assets Held Trading
Reconciliation Economic Profit Reconciliation Operating Profit Net Cash Flow Activities
Reconciliation Regulatory Capital Redemption Provisions
Redemption Purchase Redemption Purchase Shares
Redit Model Performance Estimated Versus Actual Reflects Conversion Mandatorily Convertible Notes Inclusion Innovative Tier
Registered England Wales Number 1026167 Registered Office
Registrants Address Registrar
Registration Fees Payable Regulatory Capital
Regulatory Capital Ratios Regulatory Compliance Risk
Regulatory Developments Regulatory Expected Loss
Regulatory Matters Reimbursement Expenses
Reinsurer Credit Risk Related Parties
Related Party Transactions Relations Shareholders
Removal Directors Ordinary Resolution Remuneration
Remuneration Benefits Remuneration Directors Other Key Management Personnel
Remuneration Executive Directors Remuneration Extra Services
Remuneration Policy Remuneration Policy Governance
Remuneration Supervisory Board Renunciation Allotment Permitted
Repayment Repayment Conversion
Repayment Terms Replacement Bgi Eop
Report Report Foreign Private Issuer Pursuant Rule 13a-16 15d-16
Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Board Directors
Reporting Reporting Entity
Reports Accounts Delivered Members Debentureholders Auditors Reports Accounts Delivered Members Debentureholders Auditors Summary Financial
Reports Accounts Delivered Members Debentureholders Auditors-summary Financial Statements Repossessions
Repurchase Agreements Cash Collateral Securities Lent Research Development
Residential Mortgage Backed Securities Exposure Wrapped Monoline Insurers Residential Mortgage Loans
Residential Mortgages Residual Maturity Analysis
Resolution Decided Show Hands Poll Respected Ambassador Group
Respective Responsibilities Directors Auditors Response Media Speculation
Responsibilities Responsibility
Responsibility Control Operational Risk Responsible Corporate Citizenship
Responsible Global Citizenship Responsible Lending
Restriction Election Directors Single Resolution Restriction Voting Matters Director Vote
Restriction Voting-matters Director Vote Result Placing Open Offer
Results Results Business
Results Financial Transactions Results Nature Income Expense
Results Timetable Retail
Retail Banking Retail Credit Risk
Retail Lending Retail Loans Advances
Retain Transfers Power Destroy Related Documents Retained Earnings Barclays Plc Parent
Retained Incentive Opportunity Retirement Benefit Liabilities
Retirement Benefit Obligations Retirement Benefits Liability
Retirement Investment Scheme Ris Retirement Re-election Directors
Retirement Rotation Return Capital Liquidation
Reverse Repurchase Agreements Review
Review Groups Strategic Medium-term Plan Revised Offer Abn Amro
Revised Offer Terms Rights Persons Entitled Share Transmission
Risk Appetite Risk Event Data Collection Reporting
Risk Factors Risk Management
Risk Management Control Overview Risk Management Overview
Risk Management Process Risk Measurement
Risk Measurement Control Risk Methodologies
Risk Methodology Risk Profile Customer Loans Advances
Risk Responsibilities Risk Tendency
Risk Weighted Assets Risk Weighted Assets Business
Risk Weighted Assets Measure Banks Adjusted Associated Risks Robert Diamond
Robert Diamond President Barclays Plc Ceo Investment Banking Role
Role Board Rom Insurance Contracts
Sale Abn Amro North America Holding Sale Barclays Shares Ipic
Sale Repurchase Agreements Including Stock Borrowing Lending Scenario Analysis Stress Testing
Schedule Schemes
Scope Review Scrip Dividends
Seal Was Hereto Affixed Presence Sec Filings Filing Important Information
Secretary Secured Financing Asset Class Total Funding
Secured Funding Securities
Securities Borrowing Lending Repurchase Reverse Agreements Securitisation Activity
Securitisation Transactions Securitisations
Securitisations Loans Advances Designated Fair Value Security Indenture Shall Governed Construed Accordance Laws State
Security Risk Security Subordination
Segment Reporting Segmental Reporting
Senior Independent Director Sensitivity Analysis
Series Sterling Preference Shares Service Contracts
Service Documents Information Persons Entitled Shares Transmission Service Documents Persons Entitled Shares Transmission
Service Effected Member Service Notice Forfeiture
Service Notice Requiring Payment Unpaid Calls Service Notices Documents
Servicing Assets Servicing Liabilities
Settlement Risk Severity Loss Given Default Commonly Known Lgd
Severity Loss-given-default Sfas 123-r Accounting Stock-based Compensation
Sfas 154 Accounting Changes Error Corrections Sfas 155 Accounting Certain Hybrid Financial Instruments
Sfas 156 Accounting Servicing Financial Assets Sfas 157 Fair Value Measurements
Sfas 158 Employers Accounting Defined Benefit Pension Other Sfas 159 Fair Value Option Financial Assets Liabilities
Share Buyback Share Capital
Share Capital Premium Share Dividends Similar Appropriations
Share Long Term Incentive Plans Share Post-tax Results Associates Joint Ventures
Share Premium Share Repurchase
Share-based Payment Share-based Payments
Share-based Payments Employees Shareholder Approval Equity-compensation Plans
Shareholder Approvals Shareholder Enquiries
Shareholder Meetings Shareholders Enquiries
Shareholders Equity Shareholdersrsquo Equity
Sharepurchase Sharepurchase Plan
Shares Option Sharesave
Short Notice Short-term Borrowings
Short-term Business Short-term Insurance Business
Short-term Insurance Contracts Signatures
Simon Israel Executive Director Temasek Said Sir Andrew Likierman
Sir John Sunderland Sir Michael Rake
Sir Nigel Rudd Sir Richard Broadbent
Siv-lites Sivs Siv-lites
Sivs Siv-lites Cdpcs Sop 03-03 Accounting Certain Loans Debt Securities Acquired
Sources Bases Information Sources Readily Available Contingent Liquidity
Spe Special Purpose Entity Special Purpose Entities
Special Purpose Variable Interest Entities Special Resolution
Special Resolutions Special Rights Not Varied Issue Further Shares Class
Spreads Discount Rates Staff Costs
Staff Numbers Stamp Duty
Standby Letters Credit Statement Barclays Plc Board Directors
Statement Chairman Board Remuneration Committee Statement Corporate Governance Standards
Statement Directors Responsibilities Statement Directors Responsibilities Accounts
Statement Directorsrsquo Responsibilities Statement Recognised Income Expense
Statement Sir Richard Broadbent Senior Independent Director Chairman Statements
Statistical Other Risk Information Statutory Accounts
Statutory Declaration Evidence Forfeiture Enforcement Lien Staying Close Customers Clients
Stephen Russell Sterling Preference Shares
Strategic Decisions Plans Not Deliver Anticipated Earnings Grow Strategic Framework
Stress Testing Stress Tests
Strong Improvement Operating Result Leads Increase Eps Continuing Structural Liquidity
Structured Credit Derivatives Structured Finance Notes Investment Tool Pays Return Linked
Structured Investment Vehicles Sivs Sub Prime Abs Positions
Sub-prime Subject Business Risks Adverse Effect Results
Subject Credit Risk Adverse Effect Results Subject Insurance Risks Adverse Effect Results
Subject Legal Risks Adverse Effect Results Subject Market Risk Adverse Effect Results
Subject Tax Risks Adverse Effect Business Subordinated Liabilities
Subsequent Events Subsidiaries
Subsidiaries Excluded Consolidation Substantial Shareholdings
Summary Summary Barclays Capital Net Charges Write Downs
Summary Consolidated Cash Flow Statement Summary Excludes Head Office Functions Other Operations
Sums Payable Allotment Fixed Time Deemed Call Supervision Regulation
Supplemental Consolidating Statement Cash Flows Supply Chain
Surviving Joint Holders Personal Representatives Alone Recognised Death Suspension Notices Etc Member
Suspension Supply Documents Information Member Sustainability Barclays
Swiss Swiss Reinsurance Ltd
Table Aggregate Amount Securitised Revolving Exposures Table Analysis Barclays Commercial Bank Loans Advances
Table Analysis Exposures Secured Real Estate Collateral Expected Table Analysis Retail Loans Advances Net Impairment Allowances
Table Barclays Commercial Bank Financial Sponsor Leveraged Finance Table Contents
Table Contractual Obligations Table Credit Risk Loans Summary
Table Differences Between Scope Statutory Regulatory Consolidation Table Executive Share Award Scheme Esas
Table External Ratings Financial Statements Description Table Incentive Share Option Plan Isop
Table Interest Foregone Credit Risk Loans Table Interest Foregone Non-performing Loans
Table Interest Rate Sensitivity Loans Advances Table Interest Rate Sensitivity Loans Advances Banks
Table Interest Rate Sensitivity Loans Advances Customers Table Loans Advances
Table Loans Advances Borrowers Currencies Other Local Currency Table Loans Advances Currencies Other Local Currency Borrower
Table Loans Advances Customers Africa Table Loans Advances Customers Rest World
Table Loans Advances Customers United States Table Minimum Capital Requirement Operational Risk
Table Minimum Capital Requirement Risk Weighted Assets Table Non-performing Loans Summary
Table Notional Principal Amounts Credit Derivatives 31st Table Notional Value Credit Derivative Contracts Held Hedging
Table Off-balance Sheet Other Credit Exposures 31st Table Other Commercial Commitments
Table Other Directorships Held Executive Directors Fees Retained Table Performance Share Plan Psp
Table Potential Problem Loans Table Risk Tendency Business
Table Risk Weighted Exposures Equity Investments Table Sharesave
Table Total Impairment Allowance Provision Coverage Credit Risk Table Total Impairment Allowance Provision Coverage Non-performing Loans
Table Total Impairment Allowance Provision Coverage Potential Credit Table Voluntary Executive Share Award Scheme Vesas
Tandardised Approach Credit Exposure Tax
Tax Remaining Subject Examination Tax Risk
Taxation Taxation Capital Gains
Taxation Dividends Taxation Holders
Taxation Passive Foreign Investment Companies Pfics Taxation Premium Redemption Purchase Shares
Taxation Shares Dividend Reinvestment Plan Taxes Including Deferred
Telephone 7116 1000 48839 Telephone Meetings
Temasek Temporary Suspension Registration Transfers
Term Financing Terms Appointment
Terms Revised Offer Thulisizwe Johnson Country Managing Director Barclays Bank Egypt
Tier Notes Included Subordinated Liabilities Consolidated Balance Sheet Time Commitment
Timetable Top Shareholders
Total Total Amortisation Relating Proposed Combination
Total Amortization Relating Proposed Combination Total Assets
Total Assets Business Total Assets Risk Weighted
Total Assets Risk Weighted Business Total Assets Weighted Risk
Total Income Total Income Net Insurance Claims
Total Liabilities Total Pro Forma Shareholders Equity Excluding Minority Interests
Total Shareholder Return Total Shareholder Return Performance Scale
Total Shareholders Equity Traded Market Risk
Traded Market Risk Management Traded Market Risk Measurement
Trading Trading Market Ordinary Shares Barclays Plc
Trading Market Risk Trading Outlook
Trading Portfolio Trading Portfolio Assets
Training Educating People Transaction Terms
Transactional Foreign Currency Exposure Transactions Spes Take Number Forms Including
Transfers Transfers Cash Flow Hedging Reserve
Treasury Bills Other Eligible Treatment Fractional Entitlements Arising Consolidation
Treatment Interest Impaired Loans Treatment Unclaimed Dividends Etc
Trust Activities Trust Respect Other Members Board
Trustee Barclays Group Psp Employees Benefit Trust Trustees Certificate Authentication
Trusts Relation Shares Not Recognised Uncertificated Shares
Undated Loan Capital Unissued Shares Disposal Board
United Kingdom Obligations Purchase Goods Services Unobservable Profit
Unrated Rated Counterparties Unrecognised Gains Due Unobservable Valuation Inputs
Unsecured Funding Unsecured Lending Arrears
Update Capital Dividend Current Trading Update Status Department Justice Investigation
Urrent Counterparty Credit Exposure Us2000000000 500 Per Cent Senior Notes Due 2016
Us2000000000 675 Per Cent Senior Notes Due 2019 Us2500000000 Per Cent Senior Notes Due 2014
Us3000000000 5125 Per Cent Senior Notes Due 2020 Uses Network Contacts Effectively
Vacated Office Filled Validity Acts Proxy Duly Authorised Representative
Validity Written Resolution Directors Validity Written Resolution Members
Valuation Financial Instruments Valuation Methodology
Valuation Non-controlling Stakes Relative Barclays Valuation Technique Using Observable Inputs Level
Value Measurement Financial Instruments Value-at-risk
Value-at-risk Var Per Risk Category Confidence Level One-day Vanilla Products
Variable Interest Entities Variation Rights
Variation Rights Attaching Class Shares Very Strong
Vies Group Primary Beneficiary Volatility
Voting Voting Barclays General Meeting Resolution
Voting Behalf Member Incapable Managing Own Affairs Voting Interest Entities
Voting Joint Holders Voting Rights
Warranties Indemnities Given Part Acquisition Disposal Activity Warrants
Wealth Management Wealth Management Closed Life Assurance Activities
Website Weighted Average Number Shares Issue 2009 Was 10790
Western Europe What
Whereas Whole Loans
Whole Loans Mortgage Loan Sold Entirety Buyer Assumes Wholesale Corporate
Wholesale Credit Risk Witness Whereof Deed Been Executed Poll Written Above
Woolwich Executive Share Option Plan Esop Woolwich Save Earn Saye
Writing Off Assets Writing-off Assets
Wwwbarclayscom Investorrelations Year-end Assessment Liquidity
£139m Release Deferred Tax Liability 
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