Topic Listing for Buckeye Partners

Absence Change Internal Controls Absence Conflict Interest
Absence Defaults Conflicts Absence Defaults Conflicts Offer Issue Sale Delivery Notes
Absence Further Requirements Absence Labor Disputes
Absence Material Weakness Absence Material Weakness Partnership Entities Not Aware Weaknesses
Absence Notice Cancellation Absence Registration Rights
Absence Stabilization Absence Violations Defaults
Accordance Respective Percentage Interests Accordingly Investment Partnership Tax-exempt Entities Such Individual Retirement
Account Accounting Goodwill Assessment Impairment
Accounting Pronouncements Accounting Risk Management
Accounting Stock-based Compensation Accounting Terms Determinations
Accounts Receivable Bad Debt Accrued Other Current Liabilities
Accumulated Other Comprehensive Loss Accuracy Disclosure
Acknowledgment Consent Acquisition Documents Administrative Agent Shall Received Copies Publicly
Acquisition Northeast Pipelines Terminals Acquisitions
Acquisitions Equity Investments Act Default Another Person Entity
Action Without Meeting Additional Costs
Additional Covenant Additional Definitions Terms
Additional Event Default Additional Subsidiaries
Additional Units Addresses Notices
Adequacy Books Records Accounts Adequacy Financial Statements
Adequacy Insurance Adequacy Internal Accounting Controls
Adequacy Internal Controls Adjusted Ebitda
Adjustment Number Price Units Etc Adjustment Provisions
Adjustments 2007 Ratios Adjustments Set-off
Administration Administrative Agent
Admission Initial Substituted Additional Limited Partners Successor General Adopt Certain Valuation Methodologies Result Shift Income Gain
Adopt Plan Complete Partial Liquidation Dissolution Restructuring Recapitalization Adoption 2009 Long-term Incentive Plan Buckeye Partners
Adverse Effect Comply Contractual Obligations Requirements Law Except Adverse Effect Limited Partners Consistent Principles 704 Code
Affiliate Affirmative Covenants
Agent Agents Expenses
Aggregate Target Special Distribution Amount Means Times Number Agree Whether Writing Otherwise Foregoing
Agreement Act General Partner Agreement Been Duly Authorized Executed Delivered Each General
Agreement Shall Governed Construed Accordance Laws State New Agreements Buyer Seller
Agreements Purporting Prohibit Existence Liens Transferring Interest Excluded Agreements Related Operating Partnerships
Agrees Nothing Herein Shall Affect Right Effect Service Aic Distribution
Albany Terminal Allocation Between Financial Performance Personal Objectives
Allocation Net Income Allocation Partnership Income Gain Loss Deduction
Allocation Payments Alternative Investment
Alternative Minimum Tax Amended Restated Agreement Limited Partnership Buckeye Pipe Line
Amended Restated Exchange Agreement Amended Restated Loan Security Agreement
Amended Restated Management Agreement Amended Tax Returns
Amendment Amendment Agreement Amended Only After Complying 172 Partnership
Amendment Amended Restated Loan Security Agreement Amendment Credit Agreement
Amendment Modification Waiver Amendment Partnership Agreement
Amendment Plan Awards Amendment Requirements
Amendment Services Agreement Amendment Termination
Amendment Termination Non-uniform Determinations Amendment Termination Plan
Amendments Etc Ammonia Contract Contingencies
Amount Amount Distribution Equivalents Credited
Annex Annexes Exhibits Schedules
Annual Incentive Award Program Annual Incentive Compensation Plan
Applicable Law Applicable Time Means 400 New York City Date
Applicable Time Means 830 New York City 2007 Apply Net Proceeds Sale Offered Units Manner Set
Appraisal Rights Approval 2005 Amendment Restatement Partnerships Unit Option Distribution
Approvals Asset Acquisitions
Asset Retirement Obligations Assignments
Assignments Participations Assumption Obligations
Assumption Risks Audit Committee
Audits Authority
Authorization Agreement Been Duly Authorized Executed Delivered Each Authorization Enforceability Indenture
Authorization Enforceability Operative Documents Authorization Enforceability Other Agreements
Authorization Underwriting Agreement Authorization Underwriting Agreement Been Duly Authorized Executed Delivered
Available Information B-1
B-2 B-3
B-4 B-6
B-7 Background
Balance Sheet Capital Structure Bank Deutsche Zentral-genossenschaftsbank Frankfurt Main
Bank Financial Institution Account Control Agreement Respect Excluded Bank Financings
Bank Tokyo-mitsubishi Ufj Ltd New York Branch Base Rate Loans
Basis Presentation Basis Unavailable Inadequate Libor Rate
Basis Units Bbb Fcpa Partnership Entities Nor Knowledge General Partner
Been Duly Authorized Validly Issued Fully Paid Nonassessable Beneficial Ownership Reporting Compliance
Beneficiary Beneficiaries Benefits Agreement
Bes Credit Agreement Bgh Holdings Llc Override Units
Bgh Ipo Bgh Ipo General Partner Restructuring
Bgh Override Units Binding Effect
Board Directors Bonuses
Books Records Accounting Reports Borrower
Borrowers Subsidiaries Received Written Notice Violation Alleged Non-compliance Borrowings Continuations Conversions Revolving Credit Loans Letters
Breach Breaches Representations Warranties Aggregate Not Buyer Material Adverse
Breinigsville 18031 Buckeye 2007 Earnings
Buckeye Announces Election New President Coo Buckeye Energy Holdings Llc
Buckeye Energy Services Credit Agreement Buckeye Holdings Management Units
Buckeye Llc Buckeye Ngl Pipe Lines Llc
Buckeye Parnters Buckeye Partners
Buckeye Partners Acquire Northern California Natural Gas Storage Buckeye Partners Acquires Northeast Pipeline Terminals Exxonmobil
Buckeye Partners Acquires Northern California Natural Gas Storage Buckeye Partners Announces Election New President Chief Operating
Buckeye Partners Announces New Senior Vice President Chief Buckeye Partners Announces Offering 1500000 Limited Partnership Units
Buckeye Partners Board Changes Page Buckeye Partners Exact Name Registrant Specified Charter
Buckeye Partners Provides Guidance 2008 Buckeye Partners Reports 2005 Results Increases Quarterly Distribution
Buckeye Partners Reports 2006 End Results Increases Quarterly Buckeye Partners Reports 2006 Results Increases Quarterly Distribution
Buckeye Partners Reports 2007 End Results Increases Quarterly Buckeye Partners Reports 2007 Results
Buckeye Partners Reports 2008 Results Increases Quarterly Distribution Buckeye Partners Reports 2008 Year-end Results Increases Quarterly
Buckeye Partners Reports 2009 Full Results Increases Quarterly Buckeye Partners Reports 2009 Results Increases Quarterly Distribution
Buckeye Partners Reports Earnings Increases Quarterly Distribution Buckeye Partners Seeks Unitholder Approval Long-term Incentive Plan
Buckeye Pipe Line Buckeye Pipe Line Holdings
Buckeye Pipe Line Transportation Llc Buckeye Provides Guidance 2008
Buckeye Road Box 368 Emmaus Pennsylvania Business
Business Activities Business Combinations
Business Development Business Developments
Business Exposed Customer Credit Risk Against Not Able Business Financial Information
Business Segments Buyer Shall Not Entitled Assume Defense Such Third-party
Buyers Indemnification Obligations Shall Terminate Expiration Applicable Survival Cancellation New Grant Awards
Cap Line Lenders Shall Mean Collectively Univest Wbna Capital Accounts Distributions
Capital Conduct Businesses Such Loan Party Able Pay Capital Contributions
Capital Contributions Purchases Pursuant Purchase Agreements Additional Issuances Capital Expenditures
Capitalization Capitalization Interest
Capitalization Subsidiaries Captions
Carefully Read Entire Document Understand Signing Waiving Claims Carlyle Riverstone Reaches Agreement Sell Buckeye Holdings Interests
Carlyle Riverstone Sells Interests Buckeye Holdings Arclight Kelso Cash Distributions
Cash Equivalents Cash Flows Financing Activities
Cash Flows Investing Activities Cash Flows Operations
Cause Cause Such Subsidiary Become Party Applicable Security Documents
Cause Voluntary Termination Ccc Lock-up Agreements Partnership Obtained Benefit Underwriters Agreement
Certain Amendments Certain Covenants Partnership General Partner Hereby Agree
Certain Defined Terms Certain Definitions
Certain Prohibited Acts Certain Restrictions
Certain Tax Consequences Unitholders Certain Trustee Matters
Certificate Executed President Chief Executive Officer Borrower Dated Certification
Certification Pursuant Usc 1350 Certification Shall Included Certificate Delivered Respect Such Loan
Change Control Change Control Period
Change Control Shall Mean Occurrence Following Transactions Change Name Partnership Location Principal Place Business Registered
Change Occurs Senior Management Ownership Borrower Not Permitted Changes Commitments Additional Revolving Credit Commitment Amount
Changes Control Changes Control Registrant
Changes Events Similar Foregoing Changes General Partner Incentive Payments
Changes Partnership Structure Control Changes Petroleum Demand Distribution Adversely Affect Business
Changes Petroleum Demand Distribution Adversely Affect Business Addition Changes Units
Characterization Buckeye Tax Purposes Characterization Partnership Tax Purposes
Claims Bankruptcy Claims Proceedings
Clause Not Then Breach Representations Warranties Covenants Agreements Closing Conditions
Closing Purchase Price Adjustments Procedures Closing Purchase Sale Membership Interests
Collection Administration Colorado-kansas
Commercial Operation Date Commitment Period Borrowers Borrow Prepay Revolving Credit Loans
Commitments Increased Time Increase Period Total Commitment Not Commodity Derivatives
Commodity Risk Communication Board Directors
Compared 2003 Compared 2004
Compared 2005 Compared 2006
Comparison Group Compensation
Compensation Committee Interlocks Insider Participation Compensation Committee Report
Compensation Committees Compensation Philosophy
Compensation Reimbursement General Partner Compensation Restructuring
Competition Adversely Affect Operating Results Competition Other Business Conditions
Competition Other Business Considerations Competitive Strengths
Completes Purchase Ngl Pipeline Completion Acquisition Disposition Assets
Compliance Compliance Disclosure Requirements
Compliance Environmental Laws Compliance Environmental Regulations
Compliance Erisa Compliance Erisa Each Services Partnership Entities Fulfilled Obligations
Compliance Law Compliance Modification Organizational Documents
Compliance Registration Requirements Compliance Sarbanes Oxley
Compliance Sarbanes-oxley Compliance Securities Act Form S-3 Misleading Statements
Comply Rule 433 Act Without Reliance 164 Comprehensive Income
Computations Concentration Credit Risk
Conditions Conditions Precedent
Conditions Precedent Benefit Lenders Conditions Underwriters Obligations
Conduct Business Affairs Partnership Accordance Agreement Applicable Laws Conduct Business Partnership Accordance Agreement Applicable Laws Rules
Conduct Litigation Incur Legal Expenses Otherwise Deal Settle Conduct Meeting
Confidentiality Consent Agent
Consent Important Regardless Number Units Own Accordingly Please Consent Independent Auditors
Consent Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Consent Revocation
Consent Solicitation Consent Solicitation Statement
Consents Such Action Proceeding Brought Courts Waives Objection Consequences Change Control
Consolidated Consolidated Ebitda Adjusted
Consolidated Net Worth Consolidated Revenue Segment
Consolidated Summary Consolidated Total Capitalization
Construction Construction Pipeline Relocation Receivables
Constructive Termination Consummating Transactions Contemplated Agreement Development Surviving Closing
Contains Sole Exclusive Representations Warranties Seller Relating Real Contingencies
Contracts Relating Joint Ventures Partnerships Contractual Obligations
Controls Procedures Conversion Mainline Units Buckeye Holdings Management
Conveyance Sale Lease Assignment Transfer Disposal Substantially Property Cooperation Tax Matters
Copy Completed Form Boe-100-b Statement Change Control Ownership Corporate Governance Matters
Cost Product Sales Cost Reimbursements Management Fees Certain Other Expenses Due
Costs Associated Exit Disposal Activities Counterparts
Counterparts Agreement Signed Parties Together Shall Constitute Same Creation Direct Financial Obligation Off-balance Sheet Arrangement
Credit Agreement Credit Agreement Definitions
Credit Agreement Hereby Amended Deleting Definition Applicable Margin Credit Agreement Hereby Amended Replacing Definitions Base Rate
Credit Facility Criteria Used Performance Goals
Critical Accounting Policies Critical Accounting Policies Estimates
Cross Receipt Acknowledging Closing Date Purchase Price Payable Current Report
Customer Deposit Customers
Date Aggregate Outstanding Amount Obligations Respect 364-day Trade Date Grant
Date Hereof Record Ownership Llc Interests Set Forth Death
Debt Debt Issuance Costs
Debt Obligations Credit Facilities Other Financing Debt Securities
Debt Securities Issue Continue Junior Claims Operating Subsidiaries Debt Securities Issue Continue Junior Operating Subsidiaries
Decline Production Conocophillips Wood River Refinery Materially Reduce Deductibility Executive Compensation
Deductibility Interest Expense Deemed Include Each Such New Registration Statement Post-effective
Default Bghs Credit Facility Result Change Control General Defaults
Defeasance Provisions Deferral Election
Deferral Elections Deferral Unit Means Measurement Deemed Solely Bookkeeping Purposes
Deferred Finance Costs Deferred Lease Liability
Definitions Delegation Duties Reliance
Deliver Promptly Underwriters Such Number Following Documents Representatives Delivered Report Respect Audited Consolidated Financial Statements Schedules
Delivery Payment Units Demand Possession Collateral Prior Commencement Suit
Department Transportation Regulations Impose Significant Costs Liabilities Departure Directors Certain Officers Election Appointment Compensatory
Departure Directors Principal Officers Election Appointment Deposit Funds Partnership Such Account Accounts Shall Designated
Depreciation Methods Estimated Useful Lives Property Plant Equipment Derivative Instruments
Derivatives Description Aic Plan
Description Incentive Plan Description Unit Deferral Incentive Plan
Designated Securities Determination Awards
Determination Fair Value Determinations Reasonable Basis Such Amounts Shall Compensate Loss
Director Attendance Meetings Director Compensation
Director Compensation Table Director Independence
Director Recognition Program Directors Buckeye
Directors General Partner Disability
Disclaimer Disposition Units
Dissolution Dissolution Liquidation
Distribute Partnership Cash Distribution Equivalent Rights
Distribution Equivalents Distribution Kind
Distribution Rights Distributions
Distributions Redemptions Distributions Respect Partnership Interests
Document Shall Objected Writing Promptly Notify Such Filing Documentation
Documents Applicable Loans Shall Apply Term Loan Except Duly Completed Executed Certification Non-foreign Non-disregarded Entity Status
Duly Executed Term Notes Duration Plan
Duties General Partner Each Base Rate Loan Shall Bear Interest Per
Each Indemnified Party Agrees Shall Pursue Good Faith Earnings Per Unit
Ebitda Ebitda Adjusted
Effective 2009 Effective Date Agreement Termination Shall Become Parties Hereto
Effective Date Plan Effectiveness Registration Statement
Eighth Amendment Amended Restated Loan Security Agreement Either Buyer Seller Ces Permitted Successor Assign Merger
Election Election General Partner Dissolve Partnership Approved Limited
Election General Partner Dissolve Partnership Approved Two-thirds Interest Eligibility
Eligibility Participation Eligible Employee
Employee Employee Matters
Employee Plans Employee Stock Ownership Plan
Employees Employment Agreements
Energy Services Energy Services Derivatives
Energy Services Segment Enforceability Other Agreements
Engagement Manager Entire Agreement
Entry Material Definitive Agreement Environmental Contingencies
Environmental Expenditures Environmental Liabilities
Environmental Matters Environmental Regulation
Environmental Regulation Impose Significant Costs Liabilities Equity Compensation Plan Information
Equity Investments Equity Securities
Erisa Erisa Compliance
Erisa Information Compliance Establishment Performance Goals
Establishment Purpose Establishment Target Award Levels
Estimates Event Default
Event Indemnitee Subject Limited Partners Personal Liability Reason Events Circumstances Not Reducing Discharging Guarantors Obligations
Events Default Events Default Remedies
Everglades Pipe Line Exact Name Registrant Specified Charter
Example Exceed Aggregate Commitments Extending Lenders Including Replacement After
Except Required Result Change Law Gaap Accounting Principles Except Set Forth Contemplated Pricing Disclosure Package Exclusive
Exchange Exchange Act Means Securities 1934 Amended
Exchange Act Securities Applicable Rules Regulations Thereunder Exculpation Provisions
Executive Compensation Executive Officer Compensation
Executive Officer Employment Severance Benefits Continuation Agreements Executive Officer Severance Agreements
Executive Officers Buckeye Executive Officers General Partner
Exhibits Exhibits Financial Statement Schedules
Existence Existence Good Standing Qualification Joint Ventures
Existing Existing Future State Federal Government Regulations Relating Certain
Existing Loan Documents Existing Loan Documents Valid Binding Full Force Effect
Expenditures Hereunder Foregoing Limitations Borrowers Capital Shall Non-cumulative Expenses
Explanation Restructuring Explanatory
Extending Lender Extensions Termination Date
Fair Market Value Fair Value
Fair Value Derivatives Fixed-price Sales Contracts Fair Value Hedging Activities
Fair Value Measurements Farm Home
Farm Home Line Credit Farm Home Oil Llc Inergy
Farm Home Oil Llc Inergy Propane Fcpa
Federal Tax Consequences Ferc Rate Regulation
Fifteen Tranches Eurodollar Loans Shall Outstanding Time Fifth Amended Restated Exchange Agreement
Fifth Amended Restated Incentive Compensation Agreement Fifth Amendment Amended Restated Loan Security Agreement
Final Purchase Price Adjustment Procedures Finance Committee
Finance Derivatives Financial Condition
Financial Instruments Financial Other Reports
Financial Statements Financial Statements Administrative Agent Lenders Shall Received Copies
Financial Statements Exhibits Foregoing
Foregoing Obligation Indemnify Buyer Indemnified Parties Set Forth Foreign Unitholders
Forfeiture Forfeitures
Form 10-k Form 10-k Amendment
Form 10-q Form Designated Securities
Form Face Form Lock-up Agreement
Form Lock-up Letter Form Lockup Agreement
Form Opinion Morgan Lewis Bockius Llp Form Opinion Vinson Elkins Llp
Form Payment Units Form Title Securities
Formation Formation Good Standing Qualification General Partner Wood River
Formation Good Standing Qualification Llc Subsidiaries Formation Good Standing Qualification Partnership Operating Partnerships Subsidiaries
Formation Good Standing Qualification Services Forward Looking Statements
Forward-looking Information Franchises Contracts Licenses Agreements Leases Other Documents Character
Fuel Injection Liability Fuel Other Revenues
Full Waiver Release Claims Funded Debt Ratio
Further Further Agreements Representations Borrower Hereby
Further Assurances Future Compensation
Gas Storage Inventory General
General Partner General Partner Affiliates Conflicts Buckeye
General Partner Affiliates Conflicts Partnership General Partner Contributions
General Partner Interests General Partner Offices Partnership Radnor Corporate Center Suite
General Partner Partnership Agree General Partner Partnership Subsidiaries Not Incurred Unpaid Liability
General Partner Reimbursement Compensation General Partner Vote Units Such Manner Sole Discretion
General Partner Wood River Transportation General Provisions
General References Global Securities
Global Security Good Faith Act Omission Basis Such Claim Demand
Good Reason Good Reason Shall Mean Occurrence Without Participants Express
Goodwill Goodwill Intangible Assets
Governing Law Governing Law Agreement Shall Governed Construed Accordance Laws
Governing Law Submission Jurisdiction Governmental Approval
Grant Grant Security Interest
Grant Units Grants Maximum Number Units Available
Grants Plan-based Awards Table Guarantor
Guarantors Waivers Guaranty Approval
Guaranty Buckeye Partners Gustafson
Hamilton Blvd Breinigsville 18031 Attention General Counsel Fax Headings
Headings Captions Hereunder
Holding Depend Entirely Operating Subsidiaries Distributions Service Debt Householding Matters
However Http Wwwsecgov
Hub Service Revenues Hybrid Securities
Illegality Illinois-indiana-michigan-missouri-ohio
Impairment Long-lived Assets Implementation Internal Reporting Disclosure Procedure
Important Reminder Vote Units Incentive Compensation
Incentive Compensation Agreement Incentive Plan
Income Applicable Tax Period Consistent Past Practices Making Income Statement
Income Tax Matters Income Taxes
Incorporated Documents Increases Quarterly Distribution
Incur Liabilities Assets Acquired Incur Liabilities Assets Acquired Costs Not Covered Indemnification
Indemnification Contribution Indemnifications Survival
Indemnity Contribution Indenture
Independent Accountants Independent Auditors Report
Index Index Financial Statements
Initial Funding Initial Public Offering Parent General Partner
Initial Subsequent Loans Letters Credit Insurance
Intangible Assets Integration
Intellectual Property Intentionally Deleted
Intentionally Omitted Interest
Interest Been Duly Authorized Validly Issued Fully Paid Interest Conveyed Manager
Interest Directors Executive Officers Interest Directors Executive Officers Proposed Amendments
Interest Payment Dates Interest Payments Fees
Interest Rate Risk Interest Rates
Interest Shall Payable Arrears Each Payment Date Interest Term Loan
Intermediate Investments Intermediate Loans
Internal Control-integrated Framework Introduction
Invalidity Inventories
Investment Act Investment Act Other Laws
Investments Aggregate Amount Not Excess 5000000 Time Outstanding Investments Cash Equivalents
Investments Loan Party Other Investments Loans Advances
Irs Contests Federal Income Tax Positions Take Market Irs Treat Corporation Tax Purposes Changes Law Subject
Issuance Certificates Transfer Exchange Units Issuance Units Restrictions
Issuances Additional Units Other Securities Issuer Free Writing Prospectuses
Issuing Bank Shall Mean Wbna Successor Institution Letter Item7a Quantitative Qualitative Disclosures Market Risk
Joint Venture Agreements Containing Customary Standard Provisions Regarding Jurisdictions Foreign Qualification
Jury Trial Waiver Certain Other Waivers Consents Keith Clair Appointed Cfo Buckeye Partners
Knowingly Allow Material Permit Held Companies Terminate Lapse Laurel Debt
Laurel Pipe Line Law Death Retirement Benefits Benefit Plan Qualified 401
Lease Revenues Leases Commitments
Leases-where Buckeye Lessee Leases-where Buckeye Lessor
Legal Action Violations Legal Actions Violations
Legal Proceedings Lehman Brothers Inc
Lender Consent Lender Increase Revolving Credit Commitment Shall Sole Discretion
Lender Purchasing Portion Another Lenders Loan Exercise Rights Lender Termination Date
Lenders Lending Offices
Liabilities Guaranteed Liability
Liability Manager Indemnification Liens
Liens Subordinate Limitation Agents Liability
Limitation Liability Limitation Rights
Limited Liability Indemnification Limited Partner Contributions
Limited Partner Interests Limited Partner Interests Partners Partnership Hold Units Aggregating
Limits Deductibility Losses Adversely Affect Unitholders Liquidation
Liquidity Capital Indicators Liquidity Capital Resources
List Buckeye Officers Directors Significant Unitholders Subject Lock Litigation
Litigation Proceeding Affecting Loan Party Amount Involved 2000000 Loan Documents
Loan Documents Administrative Agent Shall Received Loans
Loans Generally Loans Letters Credit
Loans Partners Location Business Offices
Lock-up Agreements Lodi Acquisition
Lodi Gas Lodi Natural Gas Storage Facilities Not Consummated Realize
Long-lived Assets Long-term Debt Credit Facility
Long-term Incentive Plan Long-term Incentive Plan Buckeye Partners
Loss Limitations Ltip Awards
Maintain Insurance Benefit Partnership Partners Maintain Transfer Agent Necessary Jurisdiction Incorporation Partnership Registrar
Maintenance Etc Major Customers Concentration Credit Risk
Make Allocations Income Deductions Partnership Distributions Accordance Agreement Make Generally Available Security Holders Earnings Statement Partnership
Malvern Harrisburg System Malvern New York System
Management Business Management Fee
Management Operation Business Indemnification Managements Estimates Assumptions
Managements Report Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Managing Underwriter
Manufacturers Traders Trust Margin Regulations
Market Market Registrants Units Related Unitholder Matters Issuer Purchases
Market Risk Non-trading Instruments Market Risk Other Trading Instruments
Market Risk Trading Instruments Market Risk-other Trading Instruments
Market Risk-trading Instruments Marketing Loan Documents
Material Adverse Change Material Adverse Change Business Interruptions
Material Adverse Change Occurs Business Operations Financial Condition Material Adverse Make Impracticable Inadvisable Proceed Public Offering
Material Agreements Material Impairments
Material Misstatements Material Project
Material Project Ebitda Adjustments Maturity Liabilities Payment
Meanings Given Terms Defined Herein Shall Equally Applicable Means Buckeye Llc Delaware Limited Liability Successor Thereto
Meetings Meetings Non-management Directors
Mergers Among Customers Competitors Result Lower Volumes Being Mergers Etc
Minimis Miscellaneous
Misunderstanding Regarding Separate Identity Generally Hold Itself Out Money Laundering
Muther Muther Employment Agreement
Mutual Written Consent Buyer Seller Name
Named Executive Officers Names Addresses Representatives
Nasd Nasd Compliance
Natixis New York Branch Natural Gas Storage
Natural Gas Storage Business Depends Party Pipelines Transport Natural Gas Storage Segment
Nature Applicable Jurisdictions Been Filed Respect Personal Property Nature Business
Nature Guaranty Necessary Make Statements Therein Not Misleading Case Prospectus
Negative Covenants New Lender
New York Stock Exchange Shall Approved Units Listing Non-qualified Deferrred Compensation
Non-receipt Funds Agent Non-transferability Compliance Rule 16b-3
Non-transferability Limitation Rights Nonassessable Except Extent Such Nonassessability Affected 17-607 Drulpa
Nonqualified Deferred Compensation Nonqualified Deferred Compensation Table
Not Able Realize Benefits Organizational Restructuring Commenced 2009 Not Applicable
Not Interfere Material Respect Conduct Businesses Partnership Entities Not Make Offer Relating Units Constitute Issuer Free
Not Realize Expected Benefits Acquisitions Lodi Gas Farm Notation Records
Noteless Agreement Evidence Indebtedness Notes
Notes Due 2017 Notes Due 2018
Notes Due 2019 Notes Filed Pursuant Rule 424 Rules Regulations
Notes Pro Forma Combined Income Statement Notice Election Purchase
Notice Material Dispute Governmental Authority Involving Borrower Guarantor Notice Termination
Notice Unitholders Notices
Notices Etc Statements Requests Agreements Hereunder Shall Writing Notification Requirements
Notification Respect Suspension Qualification Offered Units Offer Sale Notwithstanding Anything Contrary Agreement Seller Affiliates Shall Entitled
Now Therefore Number 1-9356
Obligation Reimburse Prepay Obtain Description Statement Net Agreed Value Capital Contribution
Obtain Such Other Information Regarding Affairs Partnership Just Occurrence Default Event
Ofac Ofac Shall Mean Department Treasurys Office Foreign Assets
Off-balance Sheet Arrangements Offered
Offering Units Underwriter Offering Units Underwriters Propose Offer Sale Terms Conditions
Operating Expenses Operating Income Objective
Operating Income Objective 12000 7800 Operating Income Objective 8000 5200
Operating Leases Operating Segments
Operating Subsidiaries Rate Structures Subject Regulation Change Federal Operations Subject Operational Hazards Unforeseen Interruptions Not Adequately
Operations Subject Operational Hazards Unforeseen Interruptions Not Insured Option Exercises Stock Vested Table
Option Exercises Units Vested Table Option Plan
Optional Redemption Options
Options Granted Plan Oral Agreements
Organization Organizational Certificate
Organizational Limited Partner Organizational Matters
Original Indenture Original Minute Books Membership Records Other Business Tax
Other Agents Other Amendments
Other Debt Other Definitions
Other Development Event Results Reasonably Expected Material Adverse Other Events
Other Investments Other Matters
Other Matters Concerning General Partner Other Non-current Assets
Other Non-current Liabilities Other Operations
Other Operations Segment Other Payment Premiums Ordinary Course Such Plan Title
Other Refined Products Pipelines Other Related Party Transactions
Other Significant Event Other Subsidiary Partnership Except Described Contemplated Pricing Disclosure
Otherwise Available Borrower Working Capital Line Past-due Taxes Outside Activities
Outstanding Equity Awards Year-end Table Override Units
Overview Own Account Customers Hold Long Short Positions Debt
Owner General Partner Substantial Amount Debt Default Such Ownership Buckeye Holdings
Ownership Buckeye Partners Ownership Buckeye Terminals
Ownership Energy Services Ownership General Partner
Ownership Joint Venture Entities Ownership Limited Partner Units Adverse Tax Consequences Tax-exempt
Ownership Limited Partnership Units Adverse Tax Consequences Tax-exempt Ownership Llc Subsidiaries Wespac Entities
Ownership Lodi Gas Ownership Mainline
Ownership Ngl Ownership Operating Partnerships
Ownership Parties Ownership Partnership
Ownership Services Ownership Subsidiaries
Ownership Transportation Ownership Wood River
Participant Participants Amount Equal Letter Credit Owed Respect Such
Participation Important Please Vote Today Partner Interests Each Bgc Gulf Coast Gcp Been
Partners Capital Partners Proportion Extent Positive Balances Respective Capital Accounts
Partnership Partnership Agreement
Partnership Agreement Amendment Partnership Agreement Incentive Compensation
Partnership Agreement Limits Liability General Partner Partnership Agreements
Partnership Entities Properties Applicable Except Case Clauses Not Partnership General Partner Jointly Severally Represent Warrant Agree
Partnership Status Disadvantage Calculating Cost Service Rate-making Purposes Patriot Act
Paulsboro Colonial System Paulsboro Malvern System
Paulsboro Philadelphia Airport Jet System Pay Applicable Filing Fees Relating Units Within Time
Payment Actual Awards Payment Awards
Payment Credited Distribution Equivalent Rights Payment Default
Payment Expenses Indemnities Etc Payments
Payments Held Trust Pending
Pending Acquisition Pennsylvania-new York-new Jersey
Pensions Perfected Security Interest Other Claim Lien Encumbrance Collectively
Performance Goal Performance Goals
Performance Obligations Performance Period
Performance Unit Performance Units
Permits Licenses Approvals Not Singly Aggregate Material Adverse Permitted Free Writing Prospectuses
Personal Objective Personal Property
Persons Deemed Owners Petroleum Products
Phantom Unit Phantom Units
Phantom Units Performance Pipeline Operations
Pipeline Operations Segment Pipeline Operations Terminalling Storage Segments
Pipeline Partnership Means Limited Subsidiaries Other Collectively Pipeline Terminal Maintenance Safety Regulation
Place Payment Plan
Plan Distributions Plan Payouts
Plan Provisions Plan Purposes
Please Please Vote Telephone Internet Today
Please Vote Today Pledged Collateral Stock Powers Interests Notes Chattel Paper
Policies Regarding Related Party Transactions Possession Intellectual Property
Possession Licenses Permits Possession Licenses Permits Each Partnership Entities Possesses Certificates
Possibility Loss Tax Benefits Relating Nonconformity Limited Partner Possibility Loss Tax Benefits Relating Nonconformity Limited Partnership
Postretirement Benefits Other Pensions Potential Future Acquisitions Expansions Affect Business Substantially Increasing
Potential Payments Termination Change Control Power Attorney
Powers Powers Duties Manager
Powers General Partner Preemptive Rights
Prepaid Other Current Assets Preparation Tax Returns
Prepare Distribute Timely Manner Partners Partnership Tax Information Prepayments
Price Public Prices Offering 1500000 Limited Partnership Units
Pricing Agreement Pricing Disclosure Package Prospectus Extent They Relate Matters
Pricing Disclosure Package Prospectus Light Circumstances They Not Pricing Information Communicated Orally Investors Forming Part Disclosure
Pricing Term Sheet Principal Accountant Fees Services
Principal Office Registered Pro Forma Adjustments
Pro Forma Combined Financial Statements Pro Forma Combined Income Statment
Pro Forma Combined Statements Income Pro Rata
Pro Rata Line Percentages Share Pro Rata Line Percentages Term Loan Financial Institutions
Pro Rata Treatment Procedural Errors Defects Imperfections Such Proceedings
Procedures Audit Committee Pre-approval Permissible Non-audit Services Independent Proceeds Loans Letters Credit
Promptly Such Additional Financial Other Information Regarding Loan Properties
Property Equipment Property Plant Equipment
Proportionate Absorption Losses Proposed Amendments
Prospectus Amendment Supplement Registration Statement Shall Been Filed Prospectus Suspending Effectiveness Registration Statement Proceeding Such Purpose
Provide Cause Provided Purchasing Procurement Repair Other Services Provided
Provided Further However Provided However
Public Utility Holding Act Purchase Agreement
Purchase Notes Underwriters Purchase Price Closing
Purchase Price Underwriters Purchase Sale Agreement
Purchase Sale Units Other Partnership Securities Purchase Sell Otherwise Acquire Dispose Units
Purchase Sell Products Services Supplies Purchase Transfer Units
Purpose Purpose Design
Pursuant Requirements Securities Exchange Act 1934 Registrant Duly Qualified Good Standing Not Individually Aggregate Material Adverse
Quantitative Qualitative Disclosures Market Risk Quarterly Financial Data
Quarterly Period 2005 Rate Regulation
Real Estate Receipt Agent Fees Expenses Due Amendment
Recent Accounting Pronouncements Recent Developments
Recently Adopted Accounting Pronouncements Recitals Partnership
Reclassifications Recommendation
Reconstitution Record Date
Redeem Repurchase Otherwise Acquire Directly Indirectly Llc Interests Redemption Provisions
References Regional Petroleum Products Marketing
Registrants Telephone Number Including Area Code Registration
Registration Statement Prospectus Registration Statement Prospectus Issuer Free Writing Amendment Supplement
Regulated Investment Companies Regulation
Regulation Disclosure Regulatory Reporting
Reimbursement Reimbursement General Partner Costs Expenses
Related Party Transactions Related Party Transactions Disclosure Affiliate Loans
Relation Indenture Relationship Lenders
Relationships Lehman Brothers Release Obligations
Released Been Threatened Release Hazardous Substances Property Borrower Reliance Parties
Remainder Page Intentionally Left Blank Remainder Page Intentionally Left Blank Signature Follows
Remedies Remember Every Unit Vote Counts
Repayment Loans Replacement Lender
Replacement Lenders Report
Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Reporting Partnership Tax Information Complicated Subject Audits
Reporting Requirements Reports
Reports Records Access Representation Lenders
Representations Buyer Representations Warranties
Representations Warranties Assignee Representations Warranties Assignor
Representations Warranties Purchaser Representations Warranties Relating Companies
Representations Warranties Relating Seller Representations Warranties Sellers
Representatives Behalf Underwriter Specifically Inclusion Therein Information Specified Required Filing Dates
Required Lenders Shall Mean Required Pay Taxes Share Income Even Not Receive
Required Vote Requirement Employment
Requirements Requirements Performance Goals
Requirements Performance Goals Periods Requirements Respect Non-competition Non-solicitation
Reserves Environmental Matters Resignations Appointments Board Directors Buckeye Partners
Resignations Retirements New Hires Resolution Conflicts Interest Standard Care
Responsibility Compensation Responsibility Compensation 2008
Restricted Subsidiary Conduct Business Material Respects Same Manner Restriction Period
Restrictions Distributions Restrictions Performance Units
Restrictions Phantom Units Restrictive Agreements
Result Investing Units Become Subject State Local Taxes Results Operations Financial Condition
Retirement Retirement Other Benefits
Retirement Savings Plan Retirement Termination Without Cause
Retirement Termination Without Cause Death Disability Return Capital
Revenue Recognition Revenues
Revolving Credit Commitment Amount Right Purchase Units
Right Subrogation Contribution Rights Obligations Limited Partner
Rights Obligations Limited Partners Rights-of-way
Risk Factors Risk Management Policy
Risks Relating Partnership Structure Rzb Finance Llc
Salaries Salary
Sale Assets Sale Assignment
Sale Discount Receivables Sale Discount Without Recourse Accounts Receivable Arising Ordinary
Sale Exchange Capital Profits Interests Twelve-month Period Result Sale Other Disposition Loan Party Another Assets
Sale Properties Sales Leasebacks
Same Issue Security Convertible Exchangeable Exercisable Debt Securities Sarbanes-oxley Act 2002
Schedule Schedule 14a
Schedule G-1 Schedule G-2
Schedule Increases Decreases Global Security Seasonality
Sec Reports Financial Statements Securities Exchange Act 1934
Securities Rating Not Recommendation Buy Sell Hold Subject Securities Registered Pursuant Act
Securities Subject Plan Security Ownership Certain Beneficial Owners
Security Ownership Certain Beneficial Owners Management Related Unitholder See
Segment Information Sell Additional Limited Partner Units Diluting Existing Interests
Sell Additional Limited Partnership Units Diluting Existing Interests Seller Been Since Date Inception Treated Partnership Federal
Seller Neither Foreign Person Nor Disregarded Entity Within Seller Shall Not Entitled Assume Defense Such Third-party
Sellers Sellers Representative
Senior Notes Separateness
Services Set-off Sharing Payments Etc
Settlement Among Lenders Seventh Amendment Amended Restated Loan Security Agreement
Severability Several Obligations
Shall Occurred Continuing Default Each Libor Loan Converted Share Based Payments
Shea Signature
Signature Page Amendment Services Agreement Signature Page Buckeye Partners Underwriting Agreement Dated 2005
Signature Page Purchase Agreement Signature Pages Follow
Signatures Signatures Continue Onto Next Page
Signatures Following Page Significant Customers
Significant Decrease Production Natural Gas Financial Impact Significant Event
Significant Events Significant Partnership Events 2005
Significant Subsidiaries Significant Subsidiaries Listed Schedule Attached Hereto Only General
Significant Unitholders Directors Officers Subject Lock-up Agreements Significant Unitholders Directors Officers Subject Lockup Agreements
Sixth Amendment Amended Restated Loan Security Agreement Solicitation Consents
Stabilization Manipulation Price Security Partnership Facilitate Sale Resale Staff Operate Business Partnership Officers Employees General Partner
Staff Operate Business Partnership Officers Employees Manager Other State Tax Treatment
Stated Maturity Statement Pricing Disclosure Package Prospectus Extent They Relate
Statements Therein Case Documents Incorporated Reference Pricing Disclosure Statements Therein Light Circumstances They Not Misleading
Statements Therein Not Misleading Case Prospectus Pricing Disclosure Stclair
Strategic Actions Strongly Encourage Vote Limited Partnership Units Today
Strongly Encourage Vote Units Today Submission Matters Vote Security Holders
Subordination Guarantor Claims Subsequent Events
Subsidiaries Subsidiary
Substitution Underwriters Successful Irs Contest Federal Income Tax Positions Take
Successor General Partner Successors
Successors Assigns Such Court Action Proceeding Was Brought Inconvenient Agrees
Such Reports Shall Present Consolidated Financial Position Partnership Summary
Summary Acquisitions Suntrust
Suntrust Bank Supplemental Financial Information
Supplemental Indenture Survival
Survival Indemnification Table Contents
Take Possession Assets Partnership Take Such Actions Necessary Advisable
Tangible Assets Inventory Target Award
Target Award Levels Target Quarterly Amount 325 Per
Tax Accounting Implications Tax Allocations
Tax Basis Value Determinations Tax Considerations Unitholders
Tax Controversies Tax Covenants
Tax Elections Tax Gain Loss Disposition Limited Partner Units Different
Tax Gain Loss Disposition Limited Partnership Units Different Tax Gain Loss Disposition Units Less Expected
Tax Indemnification Rights Obligations Procedures Set Forth Shall Tax Matters
Tax Returns Payment Tax Risks Unitholders
Tax Treatment Operations Tax Treatment Publicly Traded Partnerships Investment Limited Partnership
Tax Withholding Code 409a Tax-exempt Entities Non-us Persons Face Unique Tax Issues
Taxes Term
Term Agreement Miscellaneous Term Loan
Term Plan Terminalling Storage
Terminalling Storage Segment Terminated Lender
Termination Termination Successor Manager
Terms Conditions Provisions Loan Agreement Other Documents Not Terrorist Attacks Adversely Affect Business
Text Plan Third-party Approvals Seller Shall Obtained Required Transfer Llc
Time Delivery Bmc Contributed Partnership Exchange 121212 Units Time Total Extensions Credit Exceeds Borrowing Base
Timing Payment Distribution Equivalent Rights Title Class
Title Property Titles Etc
Trade Receivables Trade Receivables Concentration Credit Risk
Transactions Affiliates Transactions Affiliates Lehman Brothers
Transfer Partnership Interests Successor Partners Transfer Units
Treasury Rate Treat Each Purchaser Units Having Same Tax Benefits
Treatment Incentive Compensation Agreement Treatment Options Optionees Termination Employment
Treatment Partnership Distributions Types Compensation
Types Compensation 2007 Types Compensation 2008
Underwriting Agreement Unit Means Representing Limited Partnership Interest
Unit Option Distribution Equivalent Plan Unit Option Plan
Unitholders Likely Subject State Local Other Taxes States Unitholders Limited Voting Rights Control Management
Unitholders Negative Tax Consequences Default Debt Sell Assets Unitholders Not Limited Liability Some Circumstances
Unitholders Required Pay Taxes Even They Not Receive Units Available Grants
Units They Sell Expenses Advertising Offering Underwriter Univest National Bank Trust
Unrelated Business Taxable Income Usc 1350
Utilization Percentage Valid Issuance Enforceability Notes
Valid Issuance Offered Units Options Preemptive Rights Validity Data
Valuation Partnership Properties Vesting
Vinson Elkins Llp Voting Securities Record Date Outstanding Units
Waiver Wallace
Wherea Whereas
Wind-up Accounts Close Within Closing Date Withdrawal
Withdrawal Access Rights Held Oil Companies Respect Intermediate Withdrawal General Partner Pursuant 111 Unless Person Becomes
Withdrawal General Partner Pursuant 131 Unless Person Becomes Withdrawal Removal General Partner
Withholding Witness Whereof
Witnesseth Wood River Pipe Lines Llc
Wwwbuckeyecom Wylie
Xhibit Xix General Provisions
Xxvii Each Transaction Documents Been Duly Authorized Executed 
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