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Ability Grow Business Depends Obtain External Financing Challenging Ability Operate Business Depends Maintain External Financing Challenging
Ability Operate Business Depends Maintain External Financing Extremely Acquisition Capitalsource Bank Required Acquire Additional Reit-eligible Assets
Acquisition Require Acquire Additional Real Estate Assets Comply Acquisition Tierone Require Acquire Additional Real Estate Assets
Acquisitions Adversely Impact Business Additional Common Stock
Address Principal Executive Offices Zip Code Adjusted Earnings
Adjustments Stock Dividends Similar Events Administration
Adoption Sfas 123 Agent Loans Syndicates Lenders Participate Event Loss Such
Agreement Sell Direct Real Estate Investments Subject Conditions Allowance Loan Losses
Amendment Employment Agreement Thomas Fink Chief Financial Officer Amendment Restatement Existing Term Securitization
Amendment Syndicated Bank Credit Facility Amendment Termination Plan
Andrew Fremder Annual Distribution Requirements
Annual Meeting Materials Anti-money Laundering Customer Identification
Appendix Applicable Regulations Affecting Savings Loan Holding Companies Negatively
Approval Proposal Asset Tests
Audit Committee Available-for-sale Investments
Background Backup Withholding Tax Information Reporting
Balloon Loans Bullet Involve Greater Degree Risk Other Bank Holding Application
Base Salaries Bases Opinions
Basis Swaps Because Nature Loans Manner Disclose Client Loan Concentrations
Beneficial Ownership Reporting Compliance Board Directors
Board Directors Recommends Vote Election Nominees Serve Bonuses
Borrowings Business Activities Potentially Subject Prohibited Transactions Tax Corporate
Business Criteria California Law
Call Options Capital Standards
Capitalsource Announces Decision Revoke Reit Election 2009 Capitalsource Bank
Capitalsource Bank Loan Portfolio Industry Capitalsource Bank Other Commercial Finance Segments
Capitalsource Bank Segment Capitalsource Bank Segment Other Commercial Finance
Capitalsource Healthcare Reit Capitalsource Inc
Capitalsources Reasons Merger Cash
Cash Dividends Not Guaranteed Fluctuate Reduce Eliminate Common Cash Equivalents
Cash Equivalents Restricted Cash Flow Loans Not Fully Covered Value Assets
Cash Flow Loans Not Fully Covered Value Tangible Cash Flows Interests Retain Term Debt Been Expect
Cash Flows Interests Retain Term Debt Securitizations Been Cash Flows Receive Interests Retain Term Debt Delayed
Cautionary Regarding Forward-looking Statements Cautionary Statement Regarding Forward-looking Statements
Ceo Compensation Certain Relationships Related Transactions
Certification Pursuant Usc 1350 Adopted 906 Sarbanes-oxley Act Certifications
Change Control Rules 382 Internal Revenue Code Limit Change Reportable Segments
Changes Interest Rates Negatively Affect Borrowers Ability Repay Changes Interest Rates Negatively Affect Value Rmbs Result
Changes Taxation Corporate Dividends Adversely Affect Value Common Changes Values Assets Subsidiaries Income Produced Them Make
Chevy Chase 20815 Clients Fraud Cause Suffer Losses
Collateral Agreements Collateral Securing Loan Not Sufficient Protect Partial Complete
Commercial Banking Portfolio Composition Commercial Banking Segment
Commercial Finance Segment Commercial Lending Investment Segment
Commercial Lending Investment Segment Portfolio Composition Commercial Lending Portfolio Composition
Commercial Loan Composition Commercial Loan Direct Real Estate Investment Portfolio Asset
Commercial Loan Direct Real Estate Investment Portfolio Geographic Commercial Loan Direct Real Estate Investment Portfolio Industry
Commercial Loan Portfolio Commercial Loan Portfolio Balance
Commercial Loan Portfolio Client Balance Commercial Loan Portfolio Geographic Region
Commercial Loan Portfolio Industry Commercial Portfolio
Commercial Real Estate Participation Interest Commitments Guarantees Contingencies
Commitments Lend Additional Amounts Existing Clients Exceed Resources Commitments Lend Additional Sums Existing Clients Exceed Resources
Common Stock Shares Outstanding Communicating Board
Community Reinvestment Act Comparison 2006 2005
Comparison 2007 2006 Comparison 2008 2007
Comparison 2009 2008 Comparison 2009 2008 2007
Compensation Committee Compensation Committee Interlocks Insider Participation
Compensation Committee Report Compensation Decisions 2007
Compensation Decisions 2008 Compensation Discussion Analysis
Compensation Objectives Competition
Competitive Business Not Able Take Advantage Attractive Opportunities Compliance Applicable Regulations Costly Expected Negatively Impact Business
Comply Various Covenants Obligations Indebtedness Failure Adversely Affect Complying Reit Requirements Cause Forego Otherwise Attractive Opportunities
Concentration Loans Limited Number Borrowers Within Particular Industry Concentrations Credit Risk
Condensed Balance Sheets Condensed Statements Income
Consolidated Balance Sheets Consolidated Results Operations
Consolidated Statements Income Consulting Agreement
Contractual Maturities Controls Procedures Fail Circumvented
Convertible Debt Cost Soliciting Proxies
Covenants Credit Facilities
Credit Policy Committee Credit Quality
Credit Quality Allowance Loan Losses Credit Risk Management
Credit-related Arrangements Critical Accounting Estimates
Critical Accounting Policies Debt Covenant Compliance
Debt Covenants Debtor-in-possession Loans Higher Risk Default
Deferred Compensation Plan Deferred Financing Costs
Deferred Financing Fees Delaney
Deposit Based Funding Deposits
Depreciation Direct Real Estate Investments Derivative Assets Liabilities
Derivative Counterparty Credit Risk Derivative Instruments
Derivatives Derivatives Designated Hedging Instruments
Determined Not Qualify Reit Beyond 2008 Effects Change Determined Violated Reit Requirements Failed Qualify Given Operated
Developments 2006 Developments 2008
Developments 2009 Direct Real Estate Investments
Direct Real Estate Investments Net Direct Real Estate Investments Net Held Sale
Distributions Distributions Stockholders
Dividend Policy Dividend Reinvestment Stock Purchase Plan
Documents Incorporated Reference Elements Compensation Capitalsource
Eligibility Employee Benefits
Employees Employment Agreement
Engaged Past Engage Future Lending Transactions Affiliates Directors Enter Derivative Contracts Expose Contingent Liabilities Future
Enter Derivative Contracts Expose Future Contingent Liabilities Environmental Issues Associated Real Estate Lending
Equity Equity Compensation Plan Information
Equity Incentive Plan Equity Investments
Equity Offering Equity Price Risk
Estimates Ethics Policy
Exact Name Registrant Specified Charter Excess Inclusion Income
Executive Officers Exhibits
Expect Acquisition Require Acquire Additional Real Estate Assets Experience Losses Creditworthiness Tenants Deteriorates They Unable Meet
Experienced Continue Experience Losses Creditworthiness Tenants Leasing Healthcare Explanation Key Reporting Metrics
Explanation Reporting Metrics Explanatory
Exposed Liabilities Including Environmental Respect Properties Take Title Face Other Tax Liabilities Reit Reduce Cash Flow
Face Risks Connection Strategic Undertakings Fail Benefit Operation Capitalsource Bank
Fail Effectively Manage Growth Financial Results Adversely Affected Fail Maintain Raise Additional Deposits Capitalsource Bank
Fail Maintain Raise Sufficient Deposits Other Sources Funding Fail Qualify Reit Given Reduced Funds Available Distribution
Fail Realize Anticipated Benefits Acquisition Fail Realize Anticipated Benefits Merger
Failure Qualify Reit Failure Satisfy Income Tests
Fair Value Certain Financial Instruments Fair Value Determination
Fair Value Financial Instruments Fair Value Measurements
Fair Values Level Financial Instruments Federal Home Loan Bank Financing
Federal Home Loan Bank System Federal Law
Fee Income Fhlb Advances
Fhlb Borrowings Fhlb Borrowings Federal Reserve Bank Credit Program
Fhlb Borrowings Frb Credit Program Fhlb Stock
Financed Past Finance Future Purchase Parties Non-performing Loans Financial Assets Carried Fair Value Nonrecurring Basis
Financial Statement Schedules Financial Statements
Financial Statements Exhibits Financing
Fink Fluctuating Interest Rates Adversely Affect Profit Margins Ability
Fluctuating Rising Interest Rates Adversely Affect Profit Margins Foreclosed Assets
Foreign Exchange Risk Forward Commitments Purchase Mortgage-backed Securities
Forward Exchange Contracts Frederick Eubank
Funding Facility Funding-related Commitments
General Goodwill Impairment
Graham Grants Plan-based Awards
Guarantee Special Purpose Entity Guarantor Information
Healthcare Net Lease Portfolio Asset Balance Healthcare Net Lease Portfolio Geographic Region
Healthcare Net Lease Segment Healthcare Net Lease Segment Overview
Hedging Activities Hedging Against Interest Rate Exposure Adversely Affect Earnings
Hedging Against Interest Rate Exposure Materially Adversely Affect Hedging Instruments Involve Inherent Risks Costs
Hedging Instruments Involve Inherent Risks Costs Adversely Affect Hedging Instruments Involve Inherent Risks Costs Materially Adversely
Hedging Instruments Often Not Traded Regulated Exchanges Guaranteed Hedging Transactions
Highly Competitive Business Not Able Take Advantage Attractive Holders
Householding Proxy Materials Impact Economic Recession
Impact Recent Market Conditions Improvement Parent Liquidity
Incentive Compensation Income Foreclosure Property
Income Recognition Impairment Securities Income Taxes
Income Tests Incorporation Reference
Increases Decreases Interest Rates Negatively Affect Value Mortgage Increases Interest Rates Negatively Affect Borrowers Ability Repay
Increases Interest Rates Negatively Affect Clients Ability Repay Incur Lender Liability Result Lending Activities
Independent Directors Index
Index Consolidated Financial Statements 2006 2005 2004 Index Consolidated Financial Statements 2007 2006 2005
Index Consolidated Financial Statements 2008 2007 2006 Index Consolidated Financial Statements 2009 2008 2007
Index Exhibits Insurance Accounts Regulation Fdic
Intercompany Eliminations Interest
Interest Expense Interest Fee Income Recognition Loans
Interest Income Interest Income Mortgage-related Receivables Mortgage-backed Securities
Interest Income Recognition Impairment Securities Interest Rate Caps
Interest Rate Risk Interest Rate Risk Management
Interest Rate Risk Management Commercial Banking Segment Healthcare Interest Rate Risk Management Commercial Finance Segment Healthcare
Interest Rate Risk Management Commercial Lending Investments Segment Interest Rate Risk Management Residential Mortgage Investment Segment
Interest Rate Swaps Interim Consolidated Financial Statements Basis Presentation
Internet Availability Proxy Materials Introduction
Investment Mortgage-backed Securities Available-for-sale Investment Mortgage-backed Securities Held-to-maturity
Investment Securities Available-for-sale Investment Securities Held-to-maturity
Investment Shares Common Stock Involves Tax Concerns Addition Investments
Investments Available-for-sale Investments Debt Securities Equity Readily Determinable Fair Values
Investments Equity Securities Not Readily Determinable Fair Values Investments Warrants Options
Issue Additional Shares Common Stock Prices Dilutive Existing Jason Fish
John Delaney Lack Access Funds Meet Dividend Tax Obligations
Lawrence Nussdorf Legislative Other Actions Affecting Reits Negative Effect
Lenders Terminate Fail Renew Credit Facilities Not Able Lenders Terminate Fail Renew Credit Facilities Repurchase Agreements
Lenders Terminate Servicer Loans Held Collateral Credit Facilities Leveraged Loans Not Fully Covered Value Assets Collateral
Limitations Capital Distributions Limitations Dividends
Limited Experience Operating Reit Limited Pursuing Certain Rights Remedies Term Lien Mezzanine
Liquidity Capital Resources Liquidity Position Adversely Affected Unable Complete Additional Term
Liquidity Position Been Continue Adversely Affected Result Inability Loan Affiliate Ours Enable Fil Close Transaction Not
Loan Commitments Letters Credit Loan Products Investments Type
Loan Products Service Offerings Investments Loan Products Service Offerings Investments Type
Loan Receivables Loans
Loans Foreign Clients Involve Significant Risks Addition Inherent Loans Held Investment
Loans Held Sale Loans Investments Portfolio Companies Affiliates Compensation Committee Members
Loans Subject Equitable Subordination Court Increase Risk Loss Loans Subject Equitable Subordination Court Thereby Increase Risk
Make Errors Evaluating Information Reported Clients Result Suffer Make Loans Commercial Real Estate Developers Borrowers Face
Make Loans Commercial Real Estate Developers Clients Face Make Loans Privately Owned Small Medium-sized Companies Present
Management Change Announced Management Report Internal Controls Over Financial Reporting
Market Risk Management Marketable Securities
Marketable Securities Available-for-sale Marketing
Material Federal Income Tax Considerations Michael Szwajkowski
Mortgage Debt Mortgage Loans Underlying Residential Investments Subject Delinquency Foreclosure
Mortgage-related Receivables Mortgage-related Receivables Related Owner Trust Securitizations
Museles Narrative Disclosure Summary Compensation Table Grants Plan-based Awards
Net Finance Margin Net Income Attributable Noncontrolling Interests
Net Income Per Share New Accounting Pronouncements
New Credit Facility Nominating Corporate Governance Committee
Non-reit Earnings Profits Non-us Stockholders
Noncontrolling Interest Expense Nonqualified Deferred Compensation
Not Agent Loans Consequently Little Control Over Those Not Agent Portion Loans Consequently Little Control Over
Not Currently Eligible Maintain Universal Shelf Registration Statement Not Obtain Maintain Necessary State Licenses Approvals Allowed
Not Obtain Necessary State Licenses Approvals Allowed Acquire Not Pay Dividends Common Stock
Not Recover Amounts Contractually Owed Borrowers Not Recover Value Amounts Lend
Not Retain Control Over Joint Venture Investments Increase Not Successful Effecting Initial Public Offering Healthcare Net
Not Successful Effecting Transaction Respect Healthcare Net Lease Notes Payable
Notes Pro Forma Condensed Combined Balance Sheet Notice Annual Meeting Stockholders
Now Therefore Off-balance Sheet Transactions
Operating Expenses Operating Lease Income
Operating Lease Income Recognition Operators Healthcare Properties Faced Increased Litigation Rising Insurance
Opinions Option Exercises Stock Vested
Option Grant Officers Options
Organization Other Awards
Other Borrowings Other Commercial Finance Loan Portfolio Balance
Other Commercial Finance Loan Portfolio Industry Other Commercial Finance Segment
Other Conditions Closing Asset Acquisition Not Satisfied Other Consumer Protection Laws Regulations
Other Expense Other Expense Income
Other Expense Income Net Other Expenses
Other Foreclosed Assets Other Income
Other Income Expense Other Information
Other Investments Other Laws Regulations
Other Matters Other Operating Expenses
Other Regulation Other Tax Considerations
Outstanding Director Equity Awards Year-end Outstanding Director Equity Awards Year-end 2007
Overview Overview Highlights
Owner Trust Term Debt Owners Trust Term Debt
Parent Engaged Past Engage Future Lending Transactions Affiliates Part
Part Cautionary Regarding Forward-looking Statements Part Other Information
Participation Interest Not Pay Down Extent Necessary Avoid Pending Acquisition Tierone Corporation
Performance Graph Poor Performance Pool Loans Securitize Increase Expense Subsequent
Portfolio Composition Prepayment Rates Negatively Affect Value Rmbs Therefore Reduce
Prepayment Rates Vary Expectations Negatively Affect Value Residential Price Range Common Stock
Principles Consolidation Principles Corporate Governance
Privacy Standards Prohibited Transactions Tax
Prompt Corrective Action Property Equipment
Proposal Amendment Amended Restated Equity Incentive Plan Proposal Ratification Appointment Ernst Young Llp Independent Registered
Prospectus Supplements Registration Statement Provision Loan Losses
Proxy Statement Purchase Distressed Loans Able Recover
Purchase Distressed Loans Amounts Exceed What Able Recover Purchases Equity Securities Issuer Affiliated Purchasers
Purpose Qualified Reit Subsidiaries
Qualified Temporary Investment Income Quarterly Report Pursuant Securities Exchange Act 1934
Rapid Changes Values Residential Mortgage Loans Mortgage-backed Securities Real Estate Owned
Reasons Acquisition Recent Developments Pending Acquisition Tierone Corporation
Reclassifications Recordkeeping Requirements
Registrants Telephone Number Including Area Code Registrants Telephone Number Including Area Code Securities Registered
Regulation Regulation Other Activities
Regulatory Approvals Required Merger Regulatory Criminal Enforcement Provisions
Reit Election Reit Status
Rents Real Property Report Audit Committee
Report Ernst Young Llp Independent Registered Public Accounting Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Internal Control Repurchase Agreements
Required Commitment Reductions Proceeds Restrictions Mandatory Redemption Provisions Required Commitment Reductions Syndicated Bank Credit Facility Well
Required Commitment Reductions Syndicated Credit Facility Well Mandatory Requirements Investment Act Impose Limits Operations Impact Way
Requirements Qualification Reit Reserve Policy Modification
Residential Mortgage Investment Segment Residential Mortgage Investment Segment Overview
Residential Mortgage-backed Securities Resignation Jason Fish Vice Chairman
Restricted Stock Results Operation Financial Condition Adversely Affected Allowance Loan
Retrospective Application Accounting Pronouncements Revocation Reit Status
Revoked Reit Election Adverse Legal Implications Revoked Reit Election Adverse Tax Legal Implications
Risks Related Direct Real Estate Investments Risks Related Residential Mortgage Investment Portfolio
Safety Soundness Standards Sale Healthcare Net Lease Assets
Sale Leaseback Transactions Sale Shares Common Stock
Sara Grootwassink Securities Exchange Act 1934
Securities Purchased Agreements Resell Sold Repurchase Securities Registered Pursuant Act
Segment Reporting Senior Secured Notes
Share Repurchase Plan Shareholder Registration Rights
Signatures Significant Level Debt Interest Payment Obligations Limit Ability
Significant Leverage Adversely Affect Residential Mortgage-backed Securities Portfolio Since Real Estate Investments Illiquid Markets Experiencing Significant
Since Real Estate Investments Illiquid Not Able Sell Single Purpose Loan Financing
Some Investments Residential Mortgage Investment Portfolio Likely Limited Some Provisions Delaware Law Certificate Incorporation Bylaws Deter
Some Stockholders Federal Income Tax Liability Recognize Excess Source Shares
Sources Uses Cash Special Purpose Entities
State Local Taxes State Tax Laws Not Conform Federal Law
Steven Museles Stock-based Compensation
Stockholder Proposals 2009 Annual Meeting Stockholder Proposals 2010 Annual Meeting
Stockholders Subject Extensive Government Regulation Supervision Limit Flexibility Result
Subject Federal State Local Laws Connection Consumer Mortgage Subordinated Debt
Subsequent Event Substantial Number Shares Available Sale Sold Short Period
Sunset Tax Provisions Supervision Regulation
Systems Experience Interruption Breach Security Subject Increased Operating Szwajkowski
Table Allocation Allowance Loan Losses Table Analysis Short-term Borrowings
Table Average Deposits Table Contents
Table Investment Portfolio Table Investments Maturity Dates
Table Loan Balances Maturities Table Loan Balances Product Type
Table Sensitivity Loans Changes Interest Rates Table Significant Time Deposits
Tax Aspects Investments Partnerships Limited Liability Companies Tax Aspects Investments Taxable Reit Subsidiaries
Tax Considerations Tax Shelter Reporting
Taxable Mortgage Pools Taxable Reit Subsidiaries
Taxation Holders Shares Common Stock Taxation Non-us Stockholders
Taxation Reit Taxation Stockholders
Taxation Tax-exempt Holders Term Debt
Term Debt Securitization Termination Credit Facility
Thomas Fink Thomas Steyer
Tierone Timing Equity Awards
Timothy Hurd Transactions Affiliates
Transfers Financial Assets Treasury Stock
Unable Access Funds Held Capitalsource Bank Supplement Constrained Unable Recognize Act Operational Financial Problem Client Timely
Undistributed Capital Gain Violate Hud Lending Requirements Lose Ability Originate Mortgage
Vote Voting Procedures
Warrants Whereas
William Byrnes William Hosler
Witness Whereof 
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