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Ability Sell Products Highly Dependent Quality Service Support Acceleration Payment Cash Installment
Acceleration Stock Options Response Fasb 123 Revised 2004 Accounting Lease Acquired Business Combination
Accounts Accounts Receivable Allowance Doubtful
Acquisitions Acquisitions Divestitures
Acquisitions Investments Adverse Effect Ability Manage Business Acts Cheating Users Online Games Lessen Popularity Adversely
Addendum Stock Purchase Agreement Addition Enhanced Enforcement Policies Mobile Operators Been Adopting
Additional Agreements Additional Information
Additional Licensed Games Address Principal Executive Office
Address Principal Executive Offices Address Registrants Principal Executive Office
Address Registrants Principal Executive Offices Administration Plan
Advertising Expenses Agreement 2007 Among
Alliance Part Cdc Softwares Expansion Plans Worlds Largest Allocation Total Consideration
Amended Restated Memorandum Articles Association Been Conformed Reflect Amendment
Amendment Conditions Obligations Purchaser Amendment Consideration
Amendment Convenants Purchaser Amendment Covenants Seller Founders Beneficiaries Related Entity
Amendment Option Transfer Agreement Amendment Purchase Agreement
Amendment Scheduled Amendment Share Purchase Agreement
Amendment Stock Purchase Agreement Installment Amendment Termination
Annex Announcement Being Issued Pursuant Accordance Rule 134 Securities
Annual General Meeting Shareholders Anti-addiction Laws Regulations China Material Adverse Impact Business
Anti-avoidance Provisions Anti-dilution Protections
Anti-takeover Provisions Charter Documents Adversely Affect Rights Holders Arrangement Determination Period
Asia Pacific Online Limited Assets
Assumption Ross 1998 Incentive Stock Plan Audit Fees Aggregate Billed 2006 2007 Consist Annual
Auditors Authority Seller Cdc
Balance Sheet Data Because Business Model Strategy Evolved Lack Experience Limited
Because Incorporated Laws Cayman Islands Face Difficulties Protecting Because Mobile Network Operators Not Provide Information Showing
Because Most Business Services Contracts Cancelled Limited Notice Because Most Global Services Contracts Cancelled Limited Notice
Because Rely Local Management Localized Cdc Software Chinacom Because Rely Local Management Localized Cdc Software Games
Because Some Business Services Contracts Not Disclaimers Limitations Because Some Cdc Global Services Contracts Not Disclaimers
Because Some Global Services Contracts Not Disclaimers Limitations Become Passive Foreign Investment Pfic Result Adverse Tax
Been Expanding Business Through Acquisitions Lose Investment Not Been Increasingly Migrating Software Development Capabilities Enterprise Application
Been Increasingly Moving Software Development Capabilities Enterprise Applications Beijing Timeheart Informationtechnology Limited
Board Approval Chinacom Board Directors Shareholder Equity Pacific Limited
Borrowings Grants Loans Directors Box 11356 New York 10203-0356
Box 3550 South Hackensack 07606-9250 British Virgin Islands
Burgeoning Consumer Market Chinas Economic Expansion Created Increasing Business
Business Adversely Affected Mobile Network Operators Begin Providing Business Combinations
Business Materially Adversely Affected Cannot Provide Effective Operational Business Restructuring Charges Related Expenses
Business Services Business Services Address Wide Spectrum Needs Create Additional
Business Services Contracts Expose Potential Litigation Liabilities Business Services Group
Business Services Group Fails Compete Effectively Results Operations Business Suffer Not Successfully Manage Current Growth Potential
C360 Solutions Incorporated Cancellation Re-grant Certain Ceo Equity Incentives Other Non-cash
Capital Expenditure Capitalization Software Costs
Cash Equivalents Cautionary Regarding Forward-looking Statements
Cautionary Statement Cayman Islands
Cayman Islands Taxation Cdc Convertible Notes
Cdc Corporation Cdc Corporation Executive Officers
Cdc Corporation Executives Plan Additional Share Buyback Cdc Corporation Hold 2008 Earnings Call 530 Edt
Cdc Corporation Subsidiaries Executives Purchased Shares 2007 Cdc Delaware Corp
Cdc Games Cdc Games Business Unit
Cdc Games Chinacom Cdc Games Chinacom Executive Officers
Cdc Games Competitive Strengths Cdc Games Corporation
Cdc Games Corporation 2007 Stock Incentive Plan Cdc Games Corporation 2008 Stock Incentive Plan
Cdc Games Goals Strategies Cdc Games Group
Cdc Games Impairment Cdc Games International Corporation
Cdc Games International Corporation 2007 Stock Incentive Plan Cdc Games Products
Cdc Global Services Cdc Global Services Business
Cdc Global Services Business Fails Compete Effectively Results Cdc Software
Cdc Software Business Unit Cdc Software Corporation
Cdc Software Corporation 2007 Stock Incentive Plan Cdc Software Corporation 2009 Stock Incentive Plan
Cdc Software Corporations Initial Public Offering Structure Cdc Software Executive Officers
Cdc Software Hold Investor Call Jan 2010 11am Cdc Software Hosts North American User Conference Record
Cdc Software Intends Sell Holdings Chordiant Inc Cdc Software International Corporation 2007 Stock Incentive Plan
Cdc Software International Corporation Formerly Cdc Softwares Competitive Strengths
Cdc Softwares Growth Strategy Cdc Softwares Pivotal Crm Receives Prestigious Industry Recognition
Cdo Ceo Compensation Matters
Certification Certification Chief Executive Officer
Certification Chief Financial Officer Change Compensation Committee
Change Currency Exchange Rates Increase Costs Relative Revenues Change Internal Control Over Financial Reporting
Changes Capital Changes Internal Control Over Financial Reporting
Changes Internal Controls Characteristics Chinas Online Games Market
China Strategy Increasing Software Sales China Strategy Leveraging Development Capabilities
Chinacom Chinacom Business Unit
Chinacom Cdc Mobile Strategic Partnerships Agreements Investments Chinacom Equity Incentive Plans
Chinacom Group Chinacom Inc
Chinacom Inc Business Unit Chinacom Other Portal Businesses Depend Substantially Party Content
Chinacoms Competitive Strengths Chinacoms Goals Strategy
Chinadotcom Corporation Chinas Economic Political Social Conditions Well Government Policies
Chinese Government Applicable Mobile Network Operators Prevent Distributing Chinese Government Considers Existing Licenses Insufficient Meeting Compliance
Class Director Class Directors
Classified Passive Foreign Investment Pfic Subject Investors Adverse Clients Unexpectedly Terminate Contracts Services Result Loss Expected
Closing Requirements Purchaser Closing Requirements Sellers
Collateralized Debt Obligations Commercial Arrangements Conduct
Commitments Committees Board Directors
Compete Other Forms Entertainment Including Offline Games Television Competition
Competitive Advantages Competitive Strengths
Comprehensive Income Loss Computer Networks Cdc Games Chinacom Business Units Vulnerable
Computer Networks Cdc Software Games Chinacom Business Units Computer Networks Cdc Software Games Chinacom Businesses Vulnerable
Computer Networks Vulnerable Hacking Viruses Spamming Other Disruptions Concentration Business Risk
Concentration Credit Risk Concerns Security Electronic Commerce Transactions Confidentiality Information Internet
Conditions Merger Conditions Obligations Purchaser
Conditions Obligations Seller Conditions Obligations Sellers
Conduct Prior Closing Consent Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Consolidated Statements Other Financial Information Consumer Tastes Preferences Move Away Online Games Offer
Contingencies Contractual Arrangements Games Business
Convertible Notes Copy Shall Not Constitute Notice
Corporate Corporate Organisation Business
Corporate Structure China Cdc Games Chinacom Business Units Correct Segment Footnote Disclosure
Cost Revenues Covenants Agreements
Covenants Purchaser Covenants Seller
Covenants Sellers Credit Line Agreements
Critical Accounting Policies Estimates Current Games
Current Vulnerability Due Certain Concentrations Currently Depend Game Almost Online Games Revenue Profits
Currently Laws Regulations Prc Specifically Governing Virtual Asset Customer Service
Customer Services Customers
Dear Cdc Corporation Shareholder Dedicate Significant Amount Resources Research Development Activities Failure
Dedicate Significant Amount Resources Research Development Activities Not Deductions Withholdings
Default Yield Risk Deferred Revenue
Deferred Tax Valuation Allowance Deferred Taxes
Defined Contributions Retirement Plans Definitions Principles Construction
Deloitte Touche Llp Depend Parties Printing Distribution Delivery Prepaid Point Cards
Depend Primarily China Mobile Unicom Other Operators Delivery Depend Primarily Mobile Network Operators China Delivery Services
Dependence Mobile Telecommunication Operators Derivative Instruments
Description Products Services Segment Differences Corporate Law
Different Difficulty Enforcing Judgments Obtained Against
Digimon Directors
Disclosure Controls Procedures Disclosure Shareholder Ownership
Discontinuation Preferential Tax Treatments Currently Available Prc Materially Dispositions Shares
Disruptions Financial Credit Markets Economic Downturns Adversely Affect Distribution
Dividends Dividends Other Distributions Equity Service Fees Payments Receive
Dollars Each 2003 2004 Dependent Acquisitions Increase Revenues Rather
Each Business Services Businesses Face Intense Competition Fail Each Cdc Global Services Businesses Faces Intense Competition
Each Global Services Group Businesses Faces Intense Competition Earnings Loss Per Share
Economic Risks Associated Doing Business Peoples Republic China Effect Acquisitions
Effect Addendum Effective Date Termination Plan
Eligibility Grant Awards Administrator Authority Employee Share Purchase Plan
Employee Stock Option Plan Employees
Employment Agreement Entered Indemnification Agreements Some Directors Officers Generally Not
Enterprise Software Applications Services Enterprise Software Group
Entry Banking Facilities Fortis Bank Standard Chartered Exposes Environment
Equipment Leases Shall Mean Agreements Hire Including Motor Equity Incentives Cdc Corporation Raymond Chien
Equity Pacific Equity Price Risk
Estimates Eve Online
Event Fail Achieve Maintain Prominent Position Wap Portals Events Since Accounts Date
Exchange Conversion Notes Execution Version Chinacom
Executive Officers Experience Difficulties Effecting Service Legal Process Enforcing Foreign
Experience Significant Seasonality Quarterly Financial Results Not Representative Expert Shall Mean Independent Valuation Appraisal Firm Determined
Explanatory Exposed Potential Risks Noncompliance Rules Regulations 404 Sarbanes-oxley
Exposed Product Liability Claims Time Consuming Costly Defend Facilities
Factors Relating Chinacom Businesses Factors Relating Enterprise Software Business Services Businesses
Factors Relating Enterprise Software Global Services Businesses Factors Relating Intellectual Property Personnel Technology Network
Factors Relating Mobile Applications Internet Media Businesses Factors Relating Online Games Business
Factors Relating Online Games Chinacom Segments Result Conducting Factors Relating Online Games Mobile Applications Internet Media
Factors Relating Overall Business International Operations Fail Accurately Estimate Resources Time Required Engagements Enter
Failure Meet Expectations Around Inability Accurately Estimate Customer Failure Party Suppliers Provide Software Hardware Components Affect
Failure Successfully Develop Introduce Market Sell New Products Failure Successfully Develop Market Sell New Products Adopt
Fair Value Financial Instruments Financial Implications Cdc Corporation
Financial Statement Close Reporting Financing Activities
Financing Agreements Fixed Assets
Fluctuations Exchange Rates Materially Adversely Affect Value Common Fold Detach Here
Foreign Currency Risk Foreign Currency Translation
Foreign Private Issuer Different Disclosure Obligations Those Other Foreign Private Issuer Disclosure Obligations Different Those Other
Form 20-f Form 6-k
Forward Looking Statement Franchise Partner Program
Franchise Partner Program Other Initiatives Future Cash Requirements
Future Outbreak Avian Influenza Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Future Revenues Depend Part Installed Customer Base Continuing
Future Sources Liquidity Gain Issuance Shares Subsidiaries
Gain Sale Ion Global Game Development
Game Licensing Games Licensing
General General Introduction
General Meetings Shareholders Global Events Beyond Control Disrupt Operations Harm Business
Global Services Global Services Group
Global Services Group Fails Compete Effectively Business Results Goals Strategy
Goodwill Intangible Assets Government Control Currency Conversion Limit Ability Utilize Revenues
Group Team Investments Ltd Growth Strategy
Growth Strategy Depends Significant Extent Ability Deliver New Guaranty Agreement
Held 2007 Held 2008
Held Liable Claims Based Information Originating Portal Network Hitachi Joho
Horizon Horizon Outsourcing Business
Hostilities Involving United States Terrorist Attacks Harm Business Illegal Game Servers Materially Adversely Affect Business Reputation
Illiquidity Market Value Volatility Risk Impact Certain Recently Issued Accounting Standards
Impairment Cost Investments Other Assets Impairment Intangible Assets
Impairment Long-lived Assets Inclusion 17game Group Financial Statements
Income Taxes Increased Sino-us Political Tension Make Less Attractive Investors
Incur Significant Costs Avoid Being Considered Investment Act Incurred Losses Prior Periods Incur Future Cannot Provide
Indemnification Indemnification Agreements Directors Officers
Index Index Consolidated Financial Statements
Indicate Number Outstanding Shares Each Issuers Class Capital Industry
Information Information Concerning Class Director Nominees
Information Segment Profit Loss Assets Inherent Limitations Over Internal Controls
Insert Taxpayer Identification Installment Period
Insurance Integration Related Past Future Acquisitions Requires Implement Controls
Intellectual Property Intellectual Property Rights
Intellectual Property Rights Claims Successfully Asserted Against Licensors Interest Expense
Interest Income Interests
Internal Controls Over Financial Reporting Internet Media
Interruptions Delays Hosting Services Through Third-party Error Own Introduction New Online Games Negatively Impact Existing Harm
Investing Activities Investments
Investors Security Holders Chordiant Software Inc Urged Read Irc §338 Election
Ism Ism Lists Pivotal Crm Top Enterprise Packages 2008
Issued 168 Senior Exchangeable Convertible Notes Due 2011 Issuer Purchases Equity Securities
Jones Key Employees Each Shall Executed Employment Agreement Purchasers
Key Trends Uncertainties Affecting Revenue Results Operations Large Part Business International Consequence Number Factors Beyond
Large Part Business International Result Number Factors Beyond Leased Properties
Legal Proceedings Legal Settlements
Legend Mir Letter Agreement
Liable Breaches Security Connection Operating Games Liable Breaches Security Connection Users Transmission Personal Information
Licenses Agreements Licenses Agreements Chinacom
Licenses Agreements Games Business Licenses Online Games Currently Derive Substantially Revenue Expire
Licensors Cannot Prevail Future Intellectual Property Rights Claims Licensors Fail Protect Enforce Maintain Intellectual Property Rights
Limitations Indemnity Limitations Transfer Shares
Limited Insurance Coverage China Business Disruption Litigation Natural Limited Operating History Unproven Long-term Potential Online Games
Limited Personal Computers China Relatively High Cost Internet Limited Relevant Operating History Unproven Long-term Potential Online
Line Credit Line Credit Secured Accounts Receivable
Lines Credit Litigation
Litigation Defaults Insurance Lock-up Period
Lord Rings Online Shadows Angmar Lose Services Key Employees Costly Time-consuming Locate Other
Lunia Online Maintenance Support
Management Compensation Matters Excluding Chief Executive Officer Managements Report Internal Control Over Financial Reporting
Market Enterprise Software Application Products Services Highly Competitive Market Enterprise Software Applications Services Highly Competitive Failure
Marketing Markets Operations
Material Weaknesses Material Weaknesses Identified Internal Control Over Financial Reporting
Memorandum Articles Association Merger Agreement
Mgame Corporation Minority Interest Income Consolidated Subsidiaries
Miscellaneous Mobile Applications Business Adversely Affected Network Operators Begin
Mobile Applications Portal Business Materially Adversely Affected Current Mobile Applications Portal Markets China Highly Competitive Fail
Mobile Applications Pricing Subject Approval Applicable Network Operator Mobile Applications Revenues Affected Billing Transmission Failures Often
Mobile Network Operators Fail Bill Customers Provide Billing Mobile Network Operators Impose Higher Service Fees Unable
Mobile Network Operators Not Authorize Applications Offered Networks Mobile Services
Mobile Services Applications Mobile Services Applications Mvas
Multiple New Enhanced Products Featured North American User Mutual Release
Mvas Mvas Group
Mvas Impairment Nasdaq Rules Foreign Issuers
Need Raise Additional Capital Future Not Available Favorable Negative Covenants
Negative Publicity China Regarding Online Games Lead Additional Net Asset Value Shall Mean Current Assets Including
Net Income Loss Net Revenues
Not Able Successfully Implement Growth Strategies Materially Adversely Not Intend Pay Dividends Foreseeable Future Holders Class
Not Receive Significant Revenues Research Development Efforts Several Not Registered Shareholder Hold Greater 10000 Shares Receive
Not Successful Growing Sales Organization Channels Harm Ability Notes Receivable
Notice Exchange Online Games
Operating Activities Operating Expenses
Operating Income Operating Results Fluctuate Significantly Because Currently Depend Limited
Operating Results Fluctuate Significantly Because Currently Depend Online Options Held Directors Officers
Ordinary Business Organizational Structure
Ost International Inc Osti Other Business
Other Changes Other Current Active Games
Other Customer Services Provided Software Group Other Errors
Other Gains Losses Other Income Expense Net Components
Other Licensors Developers Other Matters
Other Professional Services Provided Enterprise Software Group Other Specialized Business Services
Overview Owned Properties
Part Part 2005 Reorganization Core Business Units Incur Future
Part 2005 Strategic Review Discovered Certain Instances Possible Part Reorganization Core Business Units Incur Future Restructuring
Past Current Business Operation Structure Found Not Comply Past Partially Relied Options Compensate Employees Event Not
Payment Payment Lieu Installment Agreement
Payments Pivotal Corporation
Pivotal Crm Plant Equipment Shall Meaning Given 316
Please Vote Date Sign Reverse Return Promptly Enclosed Political Economic Regulatory Risks
Portal Business Depends Substantially Party Content Providers Adversely Portal Markets China Highly Competitive Fail Compete Effectively
Post Closing Covenants Purchaser Post Closing Covenants Sellers
Potential Early Redemption Convertible Bonds Prc Legal System Embodies Uncertainties Limit Protections Available
Prepayment Risk Presentation Restatement Consolidated Statements Operations
Presentation Restatement Notes Consolidated Financial Statements Pricing
Primarily Depend Few Printing Companies Produce Physical Prepaid Principal Activities
Principal Amount Principles Consolidation Basis Presentation
Pro Forma Consolidated Financial Information Product Development
Products Services Professional Services
Professional Services Continuum Professionals Inc Dbpi
Profit Distribution Audit Promissory
Properties Facilities Property Equipment Depreciation
Proposed Amendment Amended Restated Articles Association Proxies
Proxy Materials Purchase Agreement
Purchase Agreements Purchaser Pay Sellers Accountants Attorneys Fees
Purchaser Payment Seller Representations Warranties Indemnity Purchaser Shall Meaning Given Preamble Hereto
Purpose Meeting Pursue Strategy Developing Enterprise Software Business Exposed Variety
Rapid Growth Online Games Market Asia Rapid Growth Rapidly Changing Operating Environment Strain Limited
Recent Accounting Pronouncements Recitals
Recommendation Board Directors Redemption Notes Cdc Corporation
Redemption Notes Investors Registration Rights Agreement
Regulation Censorship Information Distribution Over Internet China Adversely Regulation Content Distributed Internet Prc Adversely Affect Business
Related Entity Relied Stock Options Compensate Employees Event Not Consider
Rely Continuous Availability Technology Infrastructure Unexpected Service Disruption Rely Heavily Certain Regions China Significant Share Mobile
Rely Key Personnel Event Lose Services Employees Costly Rely Parties Provide Distribution Server Hosting Services Disruption
Rely Parties Provide Distribution Services Disruption Deterioration Adversely Rely Software Hardware Systems Cdc Games Chinacom Business
Rely Software Hardware Systems Susceptible Failure Event Service Remediation Plans Material Weaknesses
Remediation Steps Address Material Weaknesses Report Directors
Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Representations Warranties Buyer Merger Subsidiary
Representations Warranties Covenants Agreements Representations Warranties Purchaser
Required Comply Export Control Laws Regulations Noncompliance Those Resolved Special Resolution
Restated Footnote Disclosure Only Changes Consolidated Financial Results Restatement 2003 2004 2005 Financial Statements
Restatement Chinacom Inc Restatement Notes 2006 Financial Statements
Restrictions Limitations Immigration Affect Ability Compete Provide Services Restrictions Liquidity
Restrictions Nonresident Foreign Shareholders Results
Retirement Costs Returns Disputes Records Claims Clearances
Revenue Outgoings Revenue Recognition
Revenues Enterprise Software Group Fluctuate Significantly Cause Volatility Revenues Software Business Fluctuate Significantly Cause Volatility Trading
Revenues Software Segment Fluctuate Significantly Cause Volatility Trading Revolving Line Credit
Right Refusal Rights Preferences Restrictions Ordinary Shares
Risk Relating Cdc Games Chinacom Businesses Result Conducting Risks Related Cdc Games Business
Risks Related Cdo Investments Risks Relating Business Services Group Professional Provided Enterprise
Risks Relating Chinacom Business Risks Relating Chinacom Segment
Risks Relating Global Services Business Customer Provided Software Risks Relating Global Services Group Customer Provided Software
Risks Relating Intellectual Property Personnel Technology Network Risks Relating International Operations
Risks Relating Overall Business Risks Relating Software Business
Risks Relating Treasury Management Ross Enterprise
Ross Systems Inc Royalties Related Parties Consist Sales Franchise Partners Recorded
Sale Purchase Equity Interest Consideration Sales
Sales Marketing Segment Profit Loss
Sellers Representative Shall Mean John Caines Dies Become Selling General Administrative Expenses Sga
Sells Entire Holdings Senior Exchangeable Convertible Notes Due 2011
Senior Secured Loan Agreement Several Officers Directors Provide Services Devote Significant Amounts
Several Products Services Offer Quite Disparate Very Different Several Products Services Quite Disparate Difficult Discern Significant
Several Products Services Quite Disparate Very Different Uses Shaiya
Share Capital Share Price Adversely Affected Major Strategic Shareholders Materially
Share Price Been Continue Extremely Volatile Not Attractive Share Purchase Agreement
Shareholder Approval Shareholders Face Difficulties Protecting Interests Because Incorporated Cayman
Shipping Handling Signature
Signature Page Follows Signatures
Significant Fixed Operating Expenses Difficult Adjust Response Unanticipated Small Group Existing Shareholders Control Significant Percentage Common
Small Group Existing Shareholders Controls Significant Percentage Common Software
Software Development Costs Software Group
Special Business Special Force
Stamp Duty Statement Initial Public Offering American Depositary Shares
Stock Compensation Expenses Stock Incentive Plan
Stock Option Plan Stock Purchase Agreement
Stock-based Compensation Strategy
Strategy Developing Acquiring Products Specific Industry Segments Targeted Strategy Developing Industry Products Specific Segments Micro-verticals Not
Strategy Expansion Through Acquisitions Investments Been Continue Costly Strategy Target Higher Margin Services Related Database Marketing
Subject Infringement Claims Time-consuming Costly Defend Divert Managements Subject Intellectual Property Infringement Claims Force Incur Substantial
Subject Possible Infringement Claims Time Consuming Costly Defend Subject Product Liability Claims Time-consuming Costly Defend Divert
Substantial Amounts Common Shares Eligible Future Sale Adversely Substantial Percentage Business Services Engagements Billed Fixed Price
Successful Operation Online Game Internet Portal Businesses Depends Summer Olympics Impact Ability Provide Online Games
Symphony Table Contents
Technology Termination
Termination Sellers Employment Terms Directors Executive Officers
Timeheart Science Technology Limited Group Trading Assets
Transfer Reporting Requirements Travia
Treasury Management Trust Deed Arrangements
Trust Deed Arrangements Chinacom Unable Adequately Protect Enforce Intellectual Property Rights Involved
Unable Compete Successfully Against New Entrants Established Industry Unable Consistently License Acquire Develop Additional New Online
Unable Consistently License Acquire New Online Games High Unable Maintain Stable Relationships Licensors Online Games Licenses
Unable Protect Enforce Own Intellectual Property Rights Adequately Unable Respond Future Changes Revenue Model Online Games
Unable Successfully Grow Direct Indirect Sales Channels Ability Unable Successfully Implement Growth Strategies Continue Operations Japan
Unable Successfully Launch Operate Lord Rings Online Shadows Unable Successfully Launch Operate New Online Game Genres
Unable Successfully Launch Operate New Online Game Types Unable Successfully Launch Operate Online Games New Genres
Unable Take Advantage Opportunities Market Sell Products Services Unauthorized Character Enhancements Other Hacking Cheating Activities Harm
Unauthorized Intellectual Property Parties Expenses Incurred Protecting Rights Uncertainties Regarding Liquidity
Uncertainty Shareholders Ability Enforce Civil Liabilities Australia Cayman Undetected Programming Defects Unsatisfactory Customer Service Harm Reputation
Undetected Programming Errors Flaws Online Games Harm Reputation Unexpected Network Interruptions Security Breaches Computer Virus Attacks
United States Federal Income Taxation Variations Rights Shares
Visalign Inc Vote Important
Voting Warranties Purchaser
Webcast Link While Seek Grow Businesses Including Acquired Organically Future
Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprises Witnesseth
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