Topic Listing for CME GROUP INC.

Acceleration Waivers Amendments Remedies Accounting Treatment
Accumulated Other Comprehensive Income Loss Acknowledgment
Acquisition Investment Alliance Strategy Involves Risks Unable Effectively Acquisition Swapstream
Acquisitions Strategic Partnerships Not Produce Results Expected Acts Beyond Control Including War Terrorism Natural Disasters
Addition Cme Products Listed Above Additional Available Cross Addition Futures Contract
Addition General Provisions Addition Indexed Contracts
Addition Obligations Addition Protection Value License
Addition Representations Warranties Disclaimers Addition Termination
Additional Information Additional Information Forward Looking Statements
Addressees Adjustment Recovery Awards
Adjustments Administration
Administration Plan Administrative Agent
Affiliated Members Affirmative Covenants
After Tax Net Interest Income Expense Agents
Agreement Agreement Nasdaq-100 Index
Agreement Plan Merger Agreement Term
Alex Pollock Chairman Allocation Proceeds Liquidation Collateral
Allocation Proceeds Liquidation Positions Allowance Doubtful Accounts Credits
Amended Merger Agreement Amended Merger Agreement Limits Cme Holdings Cbot Ability
Amended Restated 2007 Amended Restated 2008
Amended Restated 2009 Amended Restated Certificate Incorporation Bylaws
Amended Restated Effective 2009 Amended Restated Omnibus Stock Plan
Amendment Amendment Bylaws
Amendment Bylaws Rules Amendment Certificate Incorporation
Amendment Employment Agreement Amendment Merger Agreement
Amendment Shareholders Agreement Amendment Termination
Amendment Termination Duration Amendment Termination Miscellaneous
Amendment Termination Plan Amendment Waiver Extension Amended Merger Agreement
Amendments Articles Incorporation Bylaws Change Amendments Registrants Code Ethics Waiver Provision
Amendments Termination Amount Cross-margining Reduction
Analyses Jpmorgan Financial Advisor Cbot Holdings Respect Ice Analyses Lazard Financial Advisor Cbot Holdings Special Transaction
Analyses Performed Ancillary Agreements
Annex Annual Assessment Board Committee Performance
Annual Bonuses Annual Meeting
Annual Meeting Web Cast Annual Minimum Fees
Annual Performance Bonuses Annual Report Form 10-k
Appendix Appointment Removal Certain Directors
Appraisal Rights Approval Amendment Chicago Mercantile Exchange Holdings Inc Annual
Approval Chicago Mercantile Exchange Holdings Inc 2005 Director Approval Chicago Mercantile Exchange Holdings Inc Employee Stock
Arbitration Ask Cast Vote Jeffrey Carter Important Share Respond
Assurance Recently Enacted Legislation Authorizing Government Purchase Large Assurance Recently Enacted Legislation Stimulus Programs Help Stabilize
Attached History Attend Annual Meeting
Attendance Annual Meetings Attending Special Meeting
Attestation Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Attn Secretary
Attornment Agreement Audit Committee Policy Approval Permitted Non-audit Services
Audit Committee Policy Approval Related Party Transactions Audit Committee Pre-approval Policy
Authorized Capital Stock Authorized Signatures Sign Here Completed Instructions Executed
Availability Form 10-k Annual Report Shareholders Available Information
Average Daily Volume Adv Average Daily Volume Round Turns
Average Rate Per Contract Average Rate Per Contract Rpc
Average Rate Per Contract Subject Fluctuation Due Number Award Agreement
Awards Plan Background Merger
Balance Sheet Highlights Balance Sheets
Barry Goldblatt Base Pay
Base Salary Basis Presentation
Basis Presentation Description Business Basis Pro Forma Presentation
Because Market Price Cme Holdings Class Common Stock Bells Whistles Web-site Links Videos Rhetoric133
Benchmarking Beneficial Ownership Reporting Compliance
Benefit Plans Benefits
Between Between Chicago Mercantile Exchange Inc Standard Poors
Board Directors Board Directors Cbot Holdings Unanimously Recommends Class Stockholders
Board Directors Cbot Unanimously Recommends Members Vote Each Board Directors Cme Holdings Unanimously Recommends Stockholders Vote
Board Directors Compensation Board Directors Executive Officers Cme Group After Completion
Board Directors Officers Cme Group After Completion Merger Board Directors Recommends Vote Following Proposal
Board Directors Recommends Vote Listed Nominees Board Directors Shareholders Chicago Mercantile Exchange Holdings Inc
Board Directors Shareholders Cme Group Inc Board Seats Following Completion Merger
Bonus Bonus Awards
Bonus Guidelines Percent Base Earnings Book Entry
Bridge Credit Facility British Bankers Association License Membership Agreement
Bryan Durkin Building Leases
Building Services Building Tenant Leases
Business Continuity Planning Business Criteria
Business Depends Large Part Fluctuations Commodities Prices Business Strategy
Business Structure Business Subject Impact Domestic International Market Economic Conditions
Business Subject Risks Related Real Estate Holdings Campaigning Process
Cannot Guarantee Board Directors Cme Group Compliance Cftc Capital Stock
Captions Cash Earnings
Cash Earnings Budget Approved Board Cash Eps
Cash Equivalents Cash Requirements
Cashless Exercise Categorical Independence Standards
Cboe Class Action Cbot
Cbot Directors Cbot Discounted Cash Flow Analysis
Cbot Holdings Cbot Holdings 2007 Results
Cbot Holdings Board Directors Recommends Class Stockholders Vote Cbot Holdings Class Stockholder Wishes Exercise Appraisal Rights
Cbot Holdings Class Stockholders Record Submit Proxies Cbot Holdings Financial Advisor Provided Opinion Fairness Merger
Cbot Holdings Inc Merger Cbot Holdings Merger Pro Forma Adjustments
Cbot Holdings Stockholders Not Participate Tender Offer Cbot Holdings Stockholders Participate Tender Offer
Cbot Members Record Submit Proxies Cbot Memberships
Cbot Rule Changes Cbots Board Directors Recommends Cbot Members Vote Approval
Certain Business Relationships Certain Business Relationships Related Persons
Certain Factors Affect Business Certain Frequently Used Terms
Certain Relationships Related Party Transactions Certain Relationships Related Transactions
Certain Terms Certificate Incorporation Grants Special Rights Holders Class Common
Certification Certifications
Cfma Reduced Barriers Entry Markets Led Increased Competition Chairman
Chairman Cme Group Chairman Emeritus Senior Policy Advisor
Change Control Change Mind After Vote
Changes Corporate Governance Connection Merger Cbot Holdings Changes Corporate Governance Connection Merger Nymex Holdings
Changes Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Changes Stock
Charitable Civic Contributions Check Appropriate Box Below Form 8-k Filing Intended
Chicago 60604 Chicago 60606
Chicago Mercantile Exchange Holdings Inc Chicago Mercantile Exchange Holdings Inc Annual Incentive Plan
Chicago Mercantile Exchange Holdings Inc Reports Percent Increase Chicago Mercantile Exchange Holdings Inc Reports Record Results
Chicago Mercantile Exchange Holdings Inc Reports Record Revenues Chicago Mercantile Exchange Holdings Inc Reports Strong Revenues
Chicago Mercantile Exchange Inc Chief Executive Officer Compensation
Chief Executive Officer Named Performance Review City Chicago Inc
Claims Procedure Class B-1 Nominating Committee Recommendations
Class B-1 Shares Only Class B-2 Nominating Committee Recommendations
Class B-2 Shares Only Class B-3 Nominating Committee Recommendations
Class Common Stock Class Nominating Committees
Class Shares Voting Together Class Terms Expiring 2009
Class Terms Expiring 2010 Class Terms Expiring 2011
Clear Choice B-3 Director Asking Vote Clearing
Clearing House Operations Expose Substantial Credit Risk Parties Clearing Transaction Fees
Clearinghouse Operations Expose Substantial Credit Risk Parties Financial Cma
Cma Ltip Minimum Guaranteed Payment Cma Non-compete
Cme Cme Cbot Each Report Strong Revenues Profits
Cme Cbot Merge Creating Premier Global Derivatives Exchange Cme Cbot Revise Terms Merger Agreement
Cme Clearing House Available Assets Cme Clearport Services
Cme Directors Executive Officers Other Employees Deemed Participants Cme Group
Cme Group Adv Legacy Cbot Combined Entire Periods Cme Group Adv Legacy Cbot Nymex Comex Combined
Cme Group Announces Final Shareholder Election Results Proration Cme Group Announces New Members Board Directors Special
Cme Group Hold Conference Call Discuss Results 500 Cme Group Hold Conference Call Discuss Results 830
Cme Group Hold Conference Call Discuss Results 900 Cme Group Inc
Cme Group Inc Annual Incentive Plan Cme Group Inc Annual Incentive Plan Highly Compensated
Cme Group Inc Completes Acquisition Nymex Holdings Expands Cme Group Inc Reports 2009 Financial Results
Cme Group Inc Reports Record Revenues Earnings Cme Group Inc Reports Solid 2009 Financial Results
Cme Group Inc Reports Strong Full-year Revenues Net Cme Group Inc Reports Strong Full-year Revenues Operating
Cme Group Inc Reports Strong Revenues Net Income Cme Group Inc Reports Strong Revenues Operating Income
Cme Group Inc Reports Strong Revenues Profits Cme Group Inc Severance Plan Corporate Officers
Cme Group Inc Subsidiaries Cme Group Incur Costs Seeking Preserve Exercise Right
Cme Group Incur Significant Indebtedness Order Finance Merger Cme Group Nymex Holdings Incur Transaction Integration Restructuring
Cme Group Nymex Holdings Parties Pending Lawsuits Connection Cme Group Nymex Shareholders Class Members Vote Transaction
Cme Group Pro Forma Adv Legacy Cbot Nymex Cme Group Pro Forma Average Rpc Legacy Cbot
Cme Group Rpc Legacy Cbot Combined Entire Periods Cme Group Rpc Legacy Cbot Nymex Comex Combined
Cme Hold Conference Call Discuss Results 830 Eastern Cme Hold Conference Call Discuss Year-end Results 830
Cme Holdings Cme Holdings Board Directors Recommends Stockholders Vote Adoption
Cme Holdings Cbot Executive Officers Directors Financial Interests Cme Holdings Cbot Incur Transaction Integration Restructuring Costs
Cme Holdings Financial Advisors Provided Opinions Fairness Point Cme Holdings Incur Significant Indebtedness Order Finance Merger
Cme Holdings Incur Significant Indebtedness Order Finance Tender Cme Holdings Six-month Results
Cme Holdings Stockholders Ownership Percentage Diluted Merger Result Cme Holdings Stockholders Record Submit Proxies
Cme Memberships Cme Numerical Example
Code 409a Combined
Comex Division Governing Documents Provide Protection Support Granting Comex Memberships
Commercial Paper Rate Notes Commitments
Commodities Alternative Investments Commodity Alternative Investment Products
Commodity Futures Modernization Act Cfma Reduced Barriers Entry Commodity Futures Trading
Commodity Products Common Member
Common Stock Companies Expect Complete Transaction Previously Announced
Comparable Analysis Comparable Transaction Analysis
Comparative Stock Price Dividends Compensation
Compensation Committee Board Review Total Compensation Committee Cme Group Inc Terrence Duffy
Compensation Committee Interlocks Insider Participation Compensation Committee Report
Compensation Committee Responsibilities Compensation Objectives Philosophy
Compensation Philosophy Objectives Competition
Competition Derivatives Business Competition Market Data Business
Competition Transaction Processing Business Competitive Strengths
Completion Acquisition Disposition Assets Completion Merger Subject Receipt Consents Approvals Making Filings
Completion Proposed Merger Cbot Holdings Inc Subject Receipt Compliance Risk Management Methods Might Not Effective Result
Computer Communications Systems Failures Capacity Constraints Harm Reputation Concentration Revenue
Concept Concerns Regarding Accuracy Libor Rates Negatively Impact Trading
Conditions Conditions Complete Merger
Conditions Completion Merger Conditions Precedent
Conduct Business Pending Merger Conference Call
Confidential Information Non-compete Confidentiality
Confidentiality Intellectual Property Policy Confidentiality Non-competition Non-solicitation Agreement
Connection Delivery 2008 Fairness Opinion Sandler Oneill Adjusted Consent Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Consideration Received Merger Consolidated Balance Sheets
Consolidated Subsidiaries Cme Group Inc Consulting Agreement Leo Melamed
Contacting Board Directors Contacts
Contingencies Contingencies Guarantees
Contractual Relationships Certain Directors Contractual Relationships Certain Non-executive Directors
Contractual Relationships Chairman Emeritus Senior Policy Advisor Contractual Terms
Contribution Analysis Controls Procedures
Conversion Shares Exchange Certificates Copy
Corporate Commercial Paper-master Corporate Governance
Corporate Purposes Corporate Structure
Cost Structure Largely Fixed Cost Structure Largely Fixed Revenues Decline Unable Reduce
Cost Structure Largely Fixed Unable Reduce Costs Revenues Counterparts
Covenants Craig Donohue
Creation Direct Financial Obligation Off-balance Sheet Arrangement Creation Global Demand Cme Group Products Membership Interests
Credit Credit Agreement
Credit Facility Credit Market Analysis Limited
Credit Risk Creditors Rights
Critical Accounting Policies Cross Margin Spreads
Cross-margining Agreement Cumulative Total Return Since 2002
Current Awards Plan Current Levels Capital Credit Market Volatility Unprecedented
Current Market Developments Adversely Affect Industry Business Results Current Trends Global Financial Markets Cause Significant Fluctuations
Damage Reputation Material Adverse Effect Business Deadline 2008 1059 Central Time
Debt Debt Instruments
Decision Operate Electronic Open Outcry Trading Venues Cause Declares Quarterly Dividend Cents Per Share
Decline Availability Commodities Traded Markets Reduce Liquidity Materially Deduction Changes Suspension
Defaults Deferral Arrangement
Deferred Compensation Deferred Compensation Plan
Deferred Compensation Plan Accounting Deferred Grants
Definition Change Control Definitions
Delaware Law Provisions Governing Documents Nymex Holdings Enable Delay Completion Merger Significantly Reduce Benefits Expected Obtained
Delisting Cbot Holdings Class Common Stock Delivery Stock
Delivery Stock Certificates Departure Directors Certain Officers Election Appointment Compensatory
Departure Directors Principal Officers Election Appointment Depend Party Suppliers Service Providers Number Services Important
Depends Executive Officers Other Key Personnel Depends Party Suppliers Services Important Business
Depends Primarily Chicago Mercantile Exchange Electronic Trading Depository Trust
Deposits Treasury Securities Derek Sammann
Derivative Instruments Derivative Investments
Derivatives Trading Risk Derivatives Transactions
Describing Book-entry-only Issuance Description Business
Description Espp Description Plan
Designation Beneficiary Details Respect
Determination Cbot Holdings Board Directors Did Members Household Only Receive Set Proxy Materials
Did Merger Cbot Holdings Impact Board Directors Did Merger Nymex Holdings Impact Board Directors
Did Receive Notice Mail Without Printed Copies Proxy Difficulty Executing Growth Strategy Maintaining Effectively
Direct Transaction Costs Director Compensation
Director Independence Director Officer Indemnification
Director Stock Plan Directors
Directors Compensation Benefits Directors Deferred Compensation Plan
Directors Executive Officers Group Persons Directors Executive Officers Registrant
Disclaimer Rights Discussion Risk Factors Consider Evaluating Merger Other Matters
Dividend Dividends
Dividends Distributions Division
Documents Incorporated Reference Dollars
Dow Jones License Agreement Dtc Certain Related Matters
Each Earnings Per Common Share
Earnings Per Share Education
Effect Change Control Effect Changes Capitalization
Effect Termination Effective 2007
Effective Date Purpose Effective Time Completion Merger
Efforts Complete Merger Election 2007 Class B-1 Nominating Committee
Election 2007 Class B-2 Nominating Committee Election 2007 Class B-3 Nominating Committee
Election Class B-1 Director Election Class B-2 Director
Election Class Nominating Committees Election Equity Directors
Electrical Meters Electronic Delivery 2005 Proxy Statement Other Documents
Electronic Delivery 2007 Proxy Statement Other Documents Electronic Delivery 2008 Proxy Statement Other Documents
Electronic Delivery Proxy Materials Benefits Shareholders Environment Elevators
Eligibility Eligible Participants
Employee Directors Employee Matters
Employee Stock Purchase Plan Employees
Employer Employment
Employment Agreements Employment Agreements Named Executive Officers
Employment Agreements Severance Arrangements Retention Policy Employment Contracts Retention Agreements
End Each Quarter-end Energy Including Cme Clearport
Energy Products Enhancement Electronic Trading Platform Exposes Risks Inherent Operating
Ensure Vote Represented Meeting Urge Today Telephone Via Entire Agreement
Entire Contractual Terms Entitled Vote
Entry Material Definitive Agreement Equity
Equity Compensation Plan Information Equity Dilution Relating Plan
Equity Grant Equity Grant Economic Value Was Used Calculate Number
Equity Grant Practices Equity Price Risk
Equity Products Escalators
Estimated Bonus Awards 2007 Annual Incentive Plan Estimated Bonus Awards 2009 Plan Participants
Estimated Equity Awards 2007 Omnibus Stock Plan Estimated Equity Awards 2009 Director Stock Plan
Estimated Equity Awards 2009 Omnibus Stock Plan Estimated Equity Dilution
Estimates Etf Contracts Disclaimer
Eurex Eurex Action
Evaluation Disclosure Controls Procedures Exact Name Registrant Specified Charter
Example Examples
Exchange Certificates Exchange Contact Officers
Exchange Shares Excluding Such List Names Addresses Received Trustee Capacity
Exclusively Licensed Indexes Execution
Execution Version Executive Committee
Executive Compensation Executive Officers
Executive Sessions Executive Summary 2007 Compensation Decisions
Executive Summary Other Compensation Decisions Exercise Option
Exercise Right Privilege Payments Exercise Rights
Exercise Rights Become Members Cboe Exhibits
Exhibits Financial Statements Expansion Operations Internationally Involves Special Challenges Not Able
Expense Reimbursement Expenses
Experience Experience Systems Failures Capacity Constraints Ability Conduct Operations
Experienced Strong Growth Areas Despite Unprecedented Challenges Experts
Expiration Options Expiration Sars
Explanatory Extension Waiver
Face Increasing Efforts Other Federal Regulators Conduct Oversight Face Intense Competition Other Companies Including Some Members
Fail Realize Anticipated Benefits Acquisition Nymex Holdings Fail Realize Anticipated Benefits Acquisition Nymex Holdings Inc
Fail Realize Anticipated Benefits Merger Fail Realize Anticipated Benefits Merger Cbot Holdings
Fail Realize Anticipated Benefits Proposed Merger Cbot Holdings Failure Complete Merger Materially Adversely Affect Cme Holdings
Failure Integrate Successfully Businesses Operations Cme Group Nymex Failure Integrate Successfully Businesses Operations Cme Holdings Cbot
Fair Value Financial Instruments Fair Value Measurements
Fairness Opinions Obtained Cme Holdings Cbot Respective Financial Family Transfers
Federal Funds Rate Notes Federal Income Tax Consequences
Federal Income Tax Consequences Merger Fees Benefit Plans Non-executive Directors
Fees Expenses Fifth Market
Financial Guarantees Financial Highlights
Financial Information Financial Instruments Measured Fair Value Recurring Basis
Financial Reporting Control Review Activities Financial Safeguards
Financial Services Authority Financial Services Provider Subject Significant Litigation Risk Potential
Financial Statements Cme Group Financial Statements Cme Group Inc
Financial Statements Exhibits Financial Statements Statement Schedules
Financial Statements Statement Schedules Exhibits Financial Statements Supplementary Data
Find Information Find Voting Results Annual Meeting
Foreign Currency Derivatives Foreign Currency Exchange Rate Risk
Foreign Currency Forward Contracts Foreign Exchange
Foreign Exchange Products Form 10-k
Form Articles Association Form Assignment Agreement Sale Exercise Right Privilege
Form Contribution Notice Form Deed Adherence
Form Final Term Sheet Form Legend Private Placement Memorandum Notes
Form Memorandum Lease Form Opinion
Form Payment Options Restricted Stock Form Reverse Security
Form Subscription Letter Form Unilateral Funding Notice
Form Waiver Release Former Name Address Changed Since Last Report
Former Peer Group Forms Equity Awards
Forty-five Offer Purchase Forward Looking Statements
Forward-looking Statements Frank Russell
Full-year 2004 Results Full-year 2005 Results
Full-year 2006 Results Funding Credits
Further Provisions Relating Indemnification Gaap
Gaap Eps Garber
Gary Katler General
General Offices General Provisions
General Rule General Statement Regarding Certain Analyses Ice Proposal
Generate Significant Revenue Providing Processing Services Parties Unable Get Additional Copies Proxy Materials
Get Copies Annual Report Shareholders Form 10-k Gfx Derivatives Transactions
Global Reach Globalization Growth Consolidations Other Strategic Arrangements Impair Competitive
Goodwill Indefinite-lived Intangible Asset Governance
Governing Documents Provide Protection Support Open Outcry Trading Governing Law
Grant Option Participation Price Greater Risk Terrorism Other Companies
Greene Nymex Holdings Inc 3835-vcn Growth Strategy
Guarantee Credit Default Swap Joint Venture Successful Guarantee Enter Proposed Joint Venture Citadel Extent Subject
Guarantee Over-the-counter Initiatives Successful Guarantees
Guidance Harmed Employee Misconduct Errors Difficult Detect Deter
Harmed Misconduct Errors Difficult Detect Deter Hedging Speculative Stock Transactions
Held 2007 Held Wednesday 2008
Held Wednesday 2009 Highlights Existing Provisions Plan Continue
Highlights Proposed Enhancements Plan Highly Liquid Markets
Hilda Harris Piell History
History Purpose Effective Date Holders Common Stock Also Own Class Memberships Nymex
Holding Dependent Dividends Operating Subsidiary Pay Other Obligations Holding Period
Householding Http Investorcmegroupcom Investor-relations Financialscfm
Hvac Specifications Rates I-rules Regulations
Ii-membership Iii-board Directors
Impacted Former Cbot Employees Impairment Goodwill Other Intangible Assets Investments Result Material
Important Information Important Merger Information
Important Reminder Imposition Future Regulations Requiring Clearing Houses Establish Linkages
Income Tax Provision Income Taxes
Incur Significant Indebtedness Order Finance Guarantee Chicago Board Incurred Costs Connection Acquisition Nymex Holdings Continue Incur
Incurred Costs Connection Merger Continue Incur Indebtedness Adversely Affect Financial Condition Operations Prevent Fulfilling
Indemnification Indemnification Insurance
Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm 2006 Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm 2007
Index Index Content
Index Sheets Industry Trends
Information Regarding Process Identifying Equity Director Nominees Information Reporting Backup Withholding
Information Trading Volume Average Rate Per Contract Infringement Intellectual Property Rights Others Result Litigation Materially
Infringement Patent Rights Others Result Litigation Adversely Affect Initial Conditions
Initial Public Offering Integration Businesses Operations Cme Group Nymex Holdings Involves
Integration Businesses Operations Cme Holdings Cbot Involves Risks Intellectual Property
Intend Continue Explore Acquisitions Investments Other Strategic Alliances Intense Competition Material Adverse Effect Market Share Financial
Interest Rate Derivatives Interest Rate Products
Interest Rate Risk Interest Shall Accrue Payable Respect Cash Amount Credited
Interests Interests Cbot Holdings Directors Related Exercise Rights Other
Interests Cbot Holdings Directors Relating Exercise Rights Other Interests Cme Holdings Cbot Executive Officers Directors Merger
Interests Cme Holdings Executive Officers Directors Merger Interpretation
Interstate Introduction
Investment Bmf Bovespa Subjects Currency Risk Investment Bmf Subjects Currency Risk
Investment Bmfbovespa Subjects Currency Risk Investment Onechicago Llc
Investments Joint Ventures Related Party Transactions Irs Code 409a
Issuer Free Writing Prospectuses Iv-committees Departments
Iv-officers Ix-amendments
James Krause James Parisi
James Pieper Jeffs Broad Range Exchange Related Qualifications
Jeffs Résumé Jill Harley
John Davidson John Pietrowicz
Joint Proxy Statement Prospectus Dated 2007 Julie Holzrichter
Kathleen Cronin Kendal Vroman
Kevin Kometer Key Element Strategy Provide Transaction Processing Clearing Related
Key Element Strategy Provide Transaction Processing Services Parties Key Provisions
Key Provisions Including Proposed Amendments Kimberly Taylor
Lake Shore Drive Laurent Paulhac
Lavatories Lease Termination Costs
Leasing Relationships Legal Construction
Legal Description South Wacker Building Legal Framework Industry Been Modified Resulting Lower Barriers
Legal Matters Legal Proceedings
Legal Proceedings Regarding Merger Legend
Letter Representations Letter Transmittal
Liability Libor Notes
License Agreement Licensing Agreements
Like Request Documents Please 2007 Order Receive Them Limit Tax-deductible Compensation
Limitation Liability Limitation Liability Indemnification
Limitation Role Audit Committee Limitations
Limitations Exercise Option Limitations Incentive Stock Options
Liquidity Capital Resources Liquidity Cash Management
List Exhibits Listing Cme Holdings Class Common Stock
Litigation Long-lived Assets
Long-term Debt Long-term Equity Compensation
Long-term Investments Maintain Simultaneous Operation Open Outcry Trading Electronic Trade
Majority Cbot Holdings Directors Interests Merger Different Addition Management Affairs
Managements Annual Report Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Managements Discussion Analysis Financial Condition Results Operations
Managements Report Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Market Data Fees
Market Data Fees Reduced Eliminated Decreased Demand Growth Market Data Fees Reduced Eliminated Growth Electronic Trading
Market Data Revenues Reduced Eliminated Decreased Demand Overall Market Registrants Common Equity Related Stockholder Matters
Market Risk Market Valuation Exchange Ratios
Marketable Securities Marketing Costs
Marketing Programs Advertising Material Contracts Between Parties
Material Definitive Agreement Material Federal Income Tax Consequences Merger
Material Modifications Rights Security Holders Matters Covered Opinion Issuers General Counsel
Matters Covered Opinion Issuers Outside Counsel Matters Voted Meeting Not Included Proxy
Matthew Kelly Meetings Board Committees
Members Members Been Granted Special Rights Protect Trading Privileges
Members Been Granted Special Rights Protect Trading Require Members Board Not Standing Election
Members Retirement Plan Benefits Members Seek Alternative Trading Venues Products Negatively Impact
Membership Membership Organization
Membership Rights Payment Membership Rights Payments
Memberships Memorandum Lease
Merger Merger Adversely Affect Exercise Right Granted Cbot Members
Merger Agreement Merger Agreement Cme Group Inc
Merger Cbot Holdings Merger Proposed-your Vote Very Important
Merger Result Loss Certain Rights Cbots Amended Restated Metal Including Cme Clearport
Metal Products Method Exercise
Minority Interest Subsidiaries Miscellaneous
Miscellaneous Provisions Model Opinion Counsel Issuer
Most Diverse Product Line Name
Name Person Filing Proxy Statement Other Registrant Name Subsidiary
Named Executive Officer Bonuses Nancy Goble
Nasdaq Nature Business
Nature Role Self-regulatory Responsibilities Change Need Comply Extensive Complex Regulation Material Adverse Effect
Negative Outcome New York Mercantile Exchange Inc Intercontinentalexchange Net Income
Net Surplus Loss Allocated 200 Gsci Deltas Cross Net Surplus Loss Allocated Nymex Baskets Spread Cme
Networks Those Party Service Providers Vulnerable Security Risks New Peer Group
New Plan Benefits New York Mercantile Exchange
New York Mercantile Exchange Inc News Release
Nine-month Results Nominating Committee
Nominee Class B-1 Director Nominee Class B-1 Director Shares Only
Nominee Class B-2 Director Nominee Class B-2 Director Shares Only
Nominees Class B-1 Nominating Committee Nominees Class B-2 Nominating Committee
Non-compete Payment Non-exclusively Licensed Indexes
Non-fixed Term Storage Space Non-gaap Excluding Merger-related Expenses
Non-operating Income Expense Non-operating Income Expenses
Non-qualified Deferred Compensation Plans Non-solicitation
Nonexclusivity Plan Not Able Keep Rapid Technological Changes Business Materially
Not Able Protect Intellectual Property Rights Not Able Protect Intellectual Property Rights Materially Harm
Not Continue Realize Benefits Agreement Provide Clearing Transaction Not Continue Realize Benefits Agreement Provide Processing Services
Not Meaningful Not Times Per
Notice Notice Cme
Notices Nsc
Number 000-33379 Number Deltas Cross Margin Spread
Number Gender Nymex
Nymex Amount Cross-margining Reduction Nymex Class Membership Rights Payment
Nymex Comex Adv Nymex Comex Rpc
Nymex Holdings Inc Nymex Holdings Merger Class Actions
Nymex Memberships Nymex Numerical Example
Nymex Shareholder Litigation 3621-vcn Off-balance Sheet Arrangements
Office Space Office Space Scheme F-1
Office Space Scheme F-2 Omnibus Long-term Incentive Plan
Omnibus Stock Plan Only Recently Began Operating For-profit Limited History Accordingly
Operate Heavily Regulated Environment Imposes Significant Costs Competitive Operating Results Subject Significant Fluctuations Due Seasonality Number
Opinion Lazard FrÈres Llc Opinion Lehman Brothers Inc
Opinion Merrill Lynch Financial Advisor Nymex Holdings Opinion Morgan Securities Inc
Opinion Sandler Oneill Financial Advisor Nymex Holdings Opinion William Blair Llc
Option Exercises Stock Vested Option Grants Last
Option Price Option Shall Cancelled Exchange Cash Other Awards Replaced
Option Values 2004 Option Values 2005
Or- Other
Other Assets Other Benefits Perquisites
Other Business Relationships Subsidiaries Other Current Assets
Other Current Liabilities Other Events
Other Forms Payment Other Information
Other Investments Other Liabilities
Other Non-operating Expense Attributable Primarily Transfer Transaction Fees Other Notices Approvals
Other Provisions Other Terms
Outside Consultants Over Financial Reporting
Overview Overview 2008 Performance Related Compensation Matters
Page Paragraph
Parent Only Information Part
Part Financial Information Part Other Information
Participation Participation Espp
Patrick Lynch Payment Plan Benefits
Payments Payments Change-in-control Other Termination
Payroll Deductions Pays Solicitation Proxies
Peer Group Pending Merger Cbot Holdings
Pending Transactions Pension Benefits
Pension Other Benefit Plans Pension Plan
Performance Annual Incentive Awards Granted Designated Covered Employees Performance Bonds Security Deposits
Performance Conditions Performance Goals Generally
Performance Graph Performance Share Awards
Performance-based Compensation Plans Position Future Petitioning Process
Phupinder Gill Places Dates Times Special Stockholder Member Meetings Not
Plan Benefits Plan Term Date Shareholder Approval
Possess Exercise Right Tender Shares Offer Effected Cme Postemployment Plan
Postretirement Plan Postretirement Postemployment Benefits Other Pensions
Potential Payments Termination Change-in-control Preferred Stock
Previously Submitted Proxy Meeting Was Scheduled 2007 Not Pricing Structure
Primary Expenses Primary Operating Expenses
Primary Sources Operating Revenue Primary Sources Revenue
Prime Rate Notes Principal Accountant Fees Services
Prior After Merger Pro Forma Analysis
Pro Forma Financial Information Included Document Not Indicative Pro Forma Non-gaap
Pro Forma Non-gaap 2007 Financial Results Pro Forma Non-gaap 2008 Financial Results
Pro Forma Non-gaap 2009 Financial Results Pro Forma Non-gaap Full-year 2007 Financial Results
Pro Forma Operating Statistics Process
Products Products Membership Interests
Prohibition Repricing Project Development Plan
Project Review Teams Properties
Property Property Equipment
Property Equipment Net Proposal 1-approval Nymex Amended Charter
Proposal 1-repurchase Class Common Stock Cbot Holdings Proposals Legislation Regulatory Changes Preventing Clearing Facilities Being
Proposed Amendments Proposed Awards Plan
Proxy Being Solicited Board Directors Chicago Mercantile Exchange Proxy Solicitation
Proxy Statement Being Sent Proxy Statement Pursuant Securities Exchange Act 1934 Amendment
Purchase Price Purchase Restricted Stock
Purpose Purpose Cbot Holdings Special Meeting
Purpose Cme Holdings Special Meeting Purpose Special Meeting Cbot Members
Qualifying Merger Terminations Qualifying Standard Terminations
Quantitative Qualitative Disclosures Market Risk Quarterly Average Daily Volume Adv
Quarterly Dividend Increased Percent Quarterly Operating Results Fluctuate Due Seasonality Result Not
Quarterly Operating Statistics Rate Notes
Ratio Earnings Fixed Charges Rcfx Limited
Rcfx Limited Contribution Notice Rcfx Limited Shareholders Agreement Between Inter Alios Reuters
Rcfx Limited Unilateral Funding Notice Realtime Data
Receipt Put Right Associated Guarantee Received Paper Copies Materials Receive Future Proxy On-line
Recent Accounting Pronouncements Recent Accounting Pronouncements Changes Not Yet Adopted
Recent Financial Accounting Standards Board Pronouncements Recent Financial Crisis Related Market Developments Adversely Affect
Recitals Recommendation Board Directors
Recommendations Board Directors Special Transaction Committee Non-er Members Record Date Voting
Redacted Reduction Credit Rating Increase Cost Funding Capital Markets
Reductions Fees Charges Resulting Competitive Pressures Lower Revenues Refco Llc
References Additional Information References Volume Rate Per Contract Information Text Document
Registered Agent Registrants Telephone Number Including Area Code
Registrants Telephone Number Including Area Code 312 930-1000 Regulation Disclosure
Regulations Other Approvals Governing Law Regulatory Approvals
Regulatory Approvals Required Merger Regulatory Matters
Related Party Transactions Relative Valuation Exchange Ratios
Remainder Page Left Blank Intentionally Signature Pages Follow Remedies
Reminder Reorganization Not Constitute Change Control
Report Audit Committee Report Compensation Committee
Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Reporting Activities
Reporting Concerns Audit Committee Reporting Requirements
Reports Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Reports Trustee
Representations Warranties Request Hardcopy Proxy Materials
Required Capital Posted Collateral Clearing Firms Lose Value Requirements Law
Restricted Cash Restricted Stock Certificates
Restricted Stock Unit Performance Awards Restrictions
Restrictions Resales Affiliates Restructuring
Restructuring Transactions Results
Results Operations 2004 Compared 2003 Results Operations 2005 Compared 2004
Results Operations 2006 Compared 2005 Results Operations 2007 Compared 2006
Results Operations Financial Condition Resume
Retention Award Retirement Other Benefit Plans
Returns Analysis Revenues Profitability Depend Significantly Trading Volumes Markets Light
Review Components Executive Compensation Revised 2005
Revised 2006 Revocability Proxies
Richard Redding Rick Redding
Right Payment Rights Holders Options
Rights Holders Restricted Stock Rights Members Cbot
Risk Factors Risks Relating Business
Risks Relating Merger Nymex Holdings Risks Relating Regulation Litigation
Role Executive Officers Compensation Decisions Role Individual Performance
Role Recommendations Cbot Holdings Special Transaction Committee Non-er Rsf Usf Tenants Share
Rule 16b-3 Rules Regulations
Sarbanes-oxley Act 2002 Savings Plan
Schedule Schedule Disclaimer
Schedule Dow Jones Marks Schedule Licensed Indexes
Schedule Sublicense Schedules
Scheme F-1 Elevators Scot Warren
Secured Access Space Securities Exchange Act 1934 Amendment
Securities Lending Securities Lending Interest Earning Facilities
Securities Registered Pursuant Act Securities Series Shall Governed Construed Accordance Laws State
Security Ownership Certain Beneficial Owners Security Ownership Certain Beneficial Owners Management Related Shareholder
Security Ownership Directors Director Nominees Executive Officers Security Ownership Directors Executive Officers
See Cme Group Inc Reconciliation Gaap Pro Forma See Cme Group Inc Reconciliation Pro Forma Non-gaap
See Reverse Side Easy Ways Vote Today Selected Financial Data
Senior Credit Facility Senior Management Equity Opportunities
Separation Service Service Providers
Services Agreement Setoff Ratable Payments
Settlement Performance Annual Incentive Awards Other Terms Settlement Restricted Stock Units
Severability Severance Benefits
Severance Plans Severance Related Costs
Sfas 123 Revised 2004 Share-based Payment Share Repurchase
Share Repurchase Debt Issuance Share Repurchases
Share-based Compensation Shareholder Proposals 2006 Annual Meeting
Shareholder Proposals 2007 Annual Meeting Shareholder Proposals 2008 Annual Meeting
Shareholder Proposals Due 2009 Annual Meeting Shareholder Proposals Due 2010 Annual Meeting
Shareholders Owning Percent Shares
Shares Reserved Plan Shares Subject Plan
Short-term Debt Short-term Deferrals
Sign-on Bonus Signature Page Follows
Signatures Significant Accounting Policies
Significant Decline Trading Volume Cme Eurodollar 500 Futures Significant Decline Trading Volume Cme Eurodollar 500 Nasdaq-100
Significant Decline Trading Volume Eurodollar 500 Futures Options Six-month Results
Solicitation Alternative Transactions Solicitation Proxies
Soundness Clearing Firms Adversely Affect Sources Uses Cash
Special Dividend Special Meeting Cbot Holdings Class Stockholders
Special Meeting Cbot Members Special Meeting Cme Holdings Stockholders
Stand-alone Additional Tandem Substitute Awards Standard Poors
Statements Income Status 132 Awards Code 162
Stock Appreciation Rights Stock Awards
Stock Exchange Listing Stock Option Terms
Stock Options Stock Options Other Equity Rights
Stock Options Restricted Stock Ownership Guidelines
Stock Price Performance Included Graph Not Necessarily Indicative Stock Purchase Agreement
Stock Subject Plan Stock-based Payments
Stockholder Approval Effective Date Plan Stockholder Lawsuit Been Filed Against Cbot Holdings Directors
Stockholder Rights Provisions Strategic Benefits Transaction
Strategic Combination Creates Leading Global Exchange Benchmark Products Strategic Relationships
Strategy Subject Significant Risks Litigation
Submission Matters Vote Security Holders Subordination Nondisturbance Attornment Agreement
Subsequent Event Subsequent Events
Subsidiaries Subsidiaries Cme Group Inc
Success Markets Depend Ability Complete Development Successfully Implement Success Markets Depend Availability Electronic Trading Systems Functionality
Successive Awards Successors Assigns
Summary Summary Agreement Among Chicago Mercantile Exchange Inc Terrence
Summary Certain Financial Analyses Conducted Jpmorgan Summary Historical Financial Data
Summary Other Proposed Amendments Summary Plan
Summary Pro Forma Condensed Combined Financial Data Summary Significant Accounting Policies
Summary Standard Elements Employment Superior Trading Technology
Supplemental Disclosure Cash Flow Information Supplemental Disclosures Cash Flow Information
Supplemental Executive Retirement Plan Surrender Stock
Survival Table Contents
Table Net Impacts Excluded 2008 Pro Forma Non-gaap Target Equity Ownership Stock Guidelines
Tax Accounting Implications Tax Basis Holding Period
Tax Consequences Merger Cme Holdings Stockholders Cbot Tax Consequences Merger Generally
Tax Free Reorganization Technology
Technology Assessment Integration Analysis Tenants New Hvac Equipment Generator
Tender Offer After Completion Merger Tender Offer Committee
Term Term Plan
Term Plan Shall Continue Effect Until Terminated Provided Termination Amended Merger Agreement
Termination Amendment Termination Employment
Termination Fee Expenses Termination Fees Expenses
Termination Material Definitive Agreement Termination Service
Terms Conditions Options Terms Conditions Stock Appreciation Rights
Terms Performance Share Award Agreement Terms Relating Plan
Terrence Duffy Timing Establishing Performance Goals
Today Top Form
Total Return Indices Total Return Marks
Trademark Information Trading Volume Consequently Revenues Profits Adversely Affected Unable
Trading Volume Consequently Revenues Profits Materially Adversely Affected Transaction Structure
Transactions Relating Trading Activity Transfer Restrictions
Transferability Transferability Options
Transition Cma Duties Treasury Rate Notes
Treatment Holders Cbot Holdings Class Common Stock Treatment Non-us Holders Cbot Holdings Class Common Stock
Treatment Non-us Holders Exchange Cbot Holdings Class Common Treatment Non-us Holders Exercise Right Privilege
Unable Keep Rapid Technological Changes Unforeseeable Emergencies
United States Antitrust Unless Otherwise Specified Context Requires
Unregistered Sales Equity Securities Unregistered Sales Equity Securities Proceeds
Update Analyses Jpmorgan Financial Advisor Cbot Holdings Respect Update Analyses Lazard Financial Advisor Cbot Holdings Special
Update Cbot Holdings Cbots Reasons Merger Recommendation Boards Update Certain Frequently Used Terms
Update Cme Holdings Reasons Merger Recommendation Board Directors Update Comparative Rights Stockholders Cbot Holdings Cme Prior
Update Conclusions Regarding Ice Proposal Update General Statement Regarding Certain Analyses Ice Proposal
Update Legal Proceedings Regarding Merger Update Recommendations Cbot Holdings Special Transaction Committee Non-er
Update Regarding Interests Cbot Holdings Executive Officers Directors Update Summary Pro Forma Condensed Combined Financial Data
User Benefits V-notices
V-officers Variable Interest Entities
Vesting Vi-miscellaneous
Vi-notices Via Edgar Transmission
Via Facsimile Vice Chairman Cme Group
Vii-indemnification Directors Officers Vii-miscellaneous
Viii-amendments Viii-indemnification Directors Officers
Voice Opinion Volatility Declines Global Financial Markets Materially Adversely Affect
Volume Volume Rate Analysis
Vote Vote Candidates
Vote Confidential Vote Following Candidates
Vote Important Vote Important Please Sign Date Mail Enclosed Proxy
Vote Important Regardless Shares Own Please Sign Date Vote Important Urge Shares Promptly Even Plan Attend
Vote Required Vote Required Approve Annual Incentive Plan
Vote Required Approve Plan Vote Respect Foregoing Nominees
Vote Telephone Internet Available Vote Very Important Urge Shares Promptly Even Plan
Vote Very Important Urge Signing Dating Mailing Enclosed Votes Needed Approve Various Proposals
Votes Present Hold Annual Meeting Voting Dividend Rights
Voting Electronically Telephone Voting Mail Electronically Telephone
Wacker Drive Chicago 60606-7499 Wwwcmecom Wagner Patent Litigation
Washington 20549 Website Ownership
Wescott Group What Mean Receive Proxy Card
What Mean Receive Proxy Voting Instruction Card What Proposals Being Asked Vote
What Return Proxy Card Not Provide Voting Instructions What Shareholder Record
William Salatich Withdrawal Termination Employment
Withholding Taxes Witness Whereof Parties Hereto Caused Agreement Executed Behalf
Witness Whereof Parties Hereto Caused Agreement Executed Duly Witness Whereof Parties Hereto Caused Amendment Executed Duly
Written Demands Written Description Net Surplus Loss Calculation Cross-margining Agreement
Written Determinations Wwwcmevotecom
Wwwimmvotecom Youve Heard Rest Now Hear Best
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