Topic Listing for CNO Financial Group, Inc.

Ability Existing Nols Materially Impaired Other Transactions Case Able Access Consumers Across Multiple Channels
Accounting Accumulated Other Comprehensive Income Loss
Action Reduce Earnings Volatility Loss Experience Future Periods Active Life Reserves
Additional Shares Adequately Set Premium Rates
Adjustments Conversion Rate Not Cover Dilutive Events Adversely Adopted Anti-takeover Provisions Make Difficult Party Acquire Even
Adverse Effect Results Operations Financial Condition Agenda
Agent Agent Force Fundamentals Remain Intact
Agent Productivity Force Growth Remain Strong Aggregate Principal Amount
Aggressively Pursuing Expense Reduction Opportunities Agreement
Agreement Recapture Block Life Insurance Business Previously Reinsured Agreement Sell Common Stock Warrants Paulson
Aig Allocations Based Book Values
Amended Restated Long-term Incentive Plan Amendment
Amendment Credit Facility Amendment Effective Date
Amortization Related Operations Amounts
Amounts Added Equity-indexed Products Amounts Added Policyholder Account Balances Annuity Products Interest-sensitive
Amounts Added Policyholder Account Balances Equity-indexed Products Analyst Commentary
Ann Termination Rates Annual Incentive Program
Annual Report Annuities
Annuity Annuity Coinsurance Agreement
Annuity First-year Premiums Over 2008 Annuity Sales
Anti-money Laundering Laws Appendix
Applicable Margin Approval Related Party Transactions
Aside Financial Strain Earnings Uncertainty Ltc Run-off Business Asset Allocation
Asset Allocation Backed Securities Asset Allocation Below-investment Grade Corporates
Asset Allocation Cmo Asset Allocation Commercial Mortgages
Asset Allocation Investment Grade Corporates Asset Backed Securities
Asset Liability Management Asset Sale
Assign Non-ltc Cshi Business Conseco Average Liabilities Insurance Products Net Reinsurance Ceded
Avg Back-office Consolidation Complete
Back-office Consolidation Completed Expected Produce Run- Rate Savings Back-office Consolidation Completed Expected Produce Run-rate Savings Annually
Back-office Consolidation Completed Produce Run-rate Savings Annually 2008 Back-office Consolidation Track Produce Annual Cost Savings Beginning
Balance Sheet Detail Balanced Solution Key Stakeholders
Bankers Bankers Agent Force Growth Productivity Improvements
Bankers Life Bankers Life Overview
Bankers Overview Base Salaries
Base Salary Target Total Annual Cash Compensation Basic
Began Filing Premium Re-rates Round Legacy Block Expect Began Implementation Premium Re-rates 2007 Recent Business Not
Began Implementation Premium Re-rates Round 2007 Recent Business Beneficial Ownership Reporting Compliance
Benefit Detail Benefit Ratio 2006 Benefited Release Policy Reserves Related
Benefit Ratio Improved Prior Higher 2006 Due Benefit Ratio Reflects 110 Claim Reserve Strengthening
Benefit Reserve Adjustment Reduced Ratio Percentage Points Benefit Reserve Adjustments Favorably Impacted 2007
Best- Report Revision Date 2009 Blc
Board Committees Board Directors Biographies
Board Meetings Attendance Board Nominees
Board Structure Governance Book
Book Value Per Diluted Share Book Value Per Diluted Share Cno
Book Value Per Share Book Value Per Share Cno
Borrower Broadly Available Road Show
Building Strong Premium Base Future Earnings Growth Burn Rate Limitation
Business Business Highlights
Business Subject Extensive Regulation Limits Operating Flexibility Result Cannot Predict Debentures Purchase Delivered Limit Ability Trade
Capital Contribution Cshi Capital Management Actions 2009 Gaap Impact
Capital Management Actions Statutory Financial Impact Capital Risk Management Remain Top Priorities
Capital Structure Capitalization Covenant Senior Credit Agreement
Carmel Ind 2009 Carmel Ind 2010
Cash Balance Cautionary Statement Regarding Forward-looking Statements
Ceding Approximately 765 Plus Capital Backing Block 175 Change 2008 Primarily Due 2009 Net Income
Change Active Life Reserve Change Affected
Change Control Debentures Also Constitute Event Default Senior Change Value Embedded Derivative Related Modified Coinsurance Agreement
Change Value Embedded Derivatives Related Modified Coinsurance Agreements Changes
Changes Over Last Changing Interest Rates Adversely Affect Results Operations
Changing Portfolios Business Charges Expected Recognized Completion Transaction
Charges Recognized 2008 Cig
Cig Overview Claim Reserves
Claims Higher Claims Management
Claims Paid Claw Back Rights
Closing Date Closing Dates
Cmbs Cmbs Collateral Type
Cmbs Vintage Cmos
Cmos Agency Cmos Type
Cno Consolidated Cno Differentiating Factors
Cno Summary Code
Code Ethics Collateral
Collections Down 2007 Collections Insurance Products
Colonial Penn Colonial Penn Overview
Commercial Mortgages Common Stock
Communications Directors Comparing Trailing Data
Comparison Impacted Prior Contract Reserve Releases Comparison Impacted Prior- Ibnr Strengthening
Compensation Chief Executive Officer Compensation Committee Interlocks Insider Participation
Compensation Objectives Compensation Program Design Pay Performance
Composition Investments Compound Annual Growth Since 2003
Comprehensive Income Loss Per Diluted Share Computation Weighted Average Shares Outstanding
Concentration Investment Portfolios Particular Sector Economy Type Asset Conseco
Conseco Expertise Across Important Middle Market Products Conseco Glance Collected Premiums Pre-tax Income
Conseco Glance New Annualized Premiums Nap Conseco Improved Customer Service Ltc Policyholders
Conseco Inc Conseco Insurance Group
Conseco Rationale Conseco Stabilized Ltc Business
Conseco Today Consents
Consistent Expectations Consistent Favorable Trends
Consistent Prior Consolidated
Consolidated Rbc Ratio Contribute 175 Additional Capital Cshi Related Oversight Trust
Contributing Trust Contributions Proceeds Refinancing Increase Ratio 2006
Copies Corporate Documents Core Businesses
Core Nap 2008 Corp
Corporate Governance Guidelines Corporate Liquidity
Cost Policies Produced Costs Related Litigation Settlement
Covenant Margins Coventry Agreement
Coventrys Decision Exit Pffs 2010 Not Expected Disrupt Coventrys Decision Not Pffs 2010 Expected Disrupt Distribution
Creates Certainty Complete Separation Cshi Conseco Creating Value Conseco Fix Focus Grow
Credit Agreement Cshis 142000 Ltc Policyholders
Current Date Issuance Debentures Issued Beneficial Conversion Feature Material
Debentures Debentures Issued Different Closing Dates Assigned Cusip Numbers
Debentures Issued Original Issue Discount Oid Federal Income Debentures Not Protected Restrictive Covenants Allow Engage Transactions
Debentures Not Restrict Ability Incur Additional Debt Take Debentures Unsecured Effectively Subordinated Secured Indebtedness Liabilities Subsidiaries
Debt Capital Ratio Excluding Accumulated Other Comprehensive Income Decline Annuity Sales Relates Changes Interest Rate Environment
Decline Cig Due Focus Profitable Business Decline Cig Due Sale Annuity Block Focus Profitable
Decline Due Renewal Group Case Effective Decline Nap Due Shift Lower-premium Short Term Care
Decline Ratings Senior Debt Adversely Affect Value Debentures Decline Sales Expected Turn Around New National Distribution
Decrease 2006 Primarily Due Decrease 2007 Reflects Conversion Preferred Stock Common Shares
Decrease 2007-q1 2008 Driven Timing Member Enrollment Impacting Decrease 2009 Primarily Due Increase Cash Short-term Investment
Decrease Driven Decrease Due Primarily
Decrease First-year Premiums 2007 Reflects Lower Sales Decrease Primarily Due Increase Required Capital Cig Annuity
Decreases 2009 Primarily Due Increase Cash Short-term Investment Deferred Tax Assets Non-gaap Financial Measure
Del Fcr Delinq
Deteriorating Financial Performance Securities Collateralized Mortgage Loans Commercial Determination Amount Realized Investment Losses Recorded Impairments Investments
Determination Fair Value Fixed Maturity Securities Results Unrealized Developed Deficiencies Periods Prior 2004
Development Development Levels
Diluted Direct Corporate Obligations
Director Compensation Director Independence
Disappointing Results Non- Core Long-term Care Run-off Block Dissident Director Nominee
Distribution Distribution Real Strength
Distribution Results Downgrades Investment Grade Below
Earnings Earnings 110 Over 2008
Earnings 2006 Earnings 2007
Earnings 212 Down 2008 Earnings 228 2007
Earnings 312 2008 Earnings 447 Over 2008
Earnings 633 Over 2008 Earnings Affected
Earnings Compared 2007 Earnings Down
Earnings Down 2007 Earnings Driven
Earnings Improvement Driven Earnings Negatively Affected
Earnings Over 2008 Earnings Positively Affected
Effect Results Operations Financial Condition Election Directors
Employment Agreements Entered Distribution Agreement Humana
Entity Environmental Laws
Equity-index Annuity Sec Proposal Equity-indexed Annuities
Erisa Establish Policyholder-centric Mandate Senior Health Care Oversight Trust
Except Connection Make Whole Adjustment Event Holders Not Exceptional Customer Reach
Exchange Act Excludes Investments Variable Interest Entity Required Consolidate Gaap
Excluding Claim Reserve Strengthening Transport Block 2007 Interest-adjusted Existing Convertibles
Existing Credit Agreement Existing Debentures
Expanded Product Line Expansion Pffs Market Drove 2007 Earnings Gap
Expenses Expenses Related Debt Modification
Face Risk Respect Reinsurance Agreements Factors Impacting 2008
Failure Improve Financial Strength Ratings Insurance Subsidiaries Decline Favorable Expenses
Favorable Persistency Resulted Improved Benefit Ratio 2007 Federal State Legislation Adversely Affect Financial Performance Insurance
Fee Revenue Other Income Fees Paid Pricewaterhousecoopers Llp
Filings Final Audited Financial Statements Confirm Compliance Ratio Balance
Financial Highlights Financial Indicators
Financial Measure Financial Position Negatively Impacted Unable Achieve Goals 2009
Financial Results Financial Statement Status
Financial Strength Reputation Negatively Impact Results Financial Summary
First-year Collected Premium First-year Collections Down 2008
First-year Collections Down 2009 First-year Premiums 2008
First-year Premiums Continue Downward Trend Reflecting Migration Pffs Fix Focus Grow Key Accomplishments
Fixed Annuities Become Attractive Due Stock Market Volatility Fixed Maturity Securities
Fixing Ltc Run-off Separation Cshi Fixing Ltc Run-off Separation Senior Health
Fluctuations Life Insurance Premiums Primarily Reflect Variance Sales Focus Business Fundamentals Delivers Profitable Growth
Focus Profitable Products Focusing Fast Growing Underserved Middle Income Senior Market
Forward Looking Statements Forward-looking Statements
Fundamentals Agent Productivity Force Growth Remain Strong Future Loss Reserve
Gain Loss Extinguishment Modification Debt Gain Reinsurance Recapture
General Compensation Actions General Market Conditions Affect Investments Investment Income
Goals Going Concern Discussion
Grants Plan-based Awards 2007 Greater Financial Flexibility
Greater Focus Profitability Grow
Growth Core Businesses Growth Driven
Growth Driven Principally Growth First-year Premiums Competition Pffs Slows
Growth Population 2007-2017e People Growth Reflects Start New Group Case
Had Been Completed Hedge Positions Periodically Adjusted Terminations
High Yield Corporates Higher Earnings 2006 Driven
Higher Earnings 2007 Driven Higher Earnings Driven
Higher Marketing Expenses Related Growth Initiatives Resulted Lower Higher Persistency 2007 Compared 2006 Resulted Slightly Benefit
Highest Quarterly Sales Cno Holder Deemed Receive Taxable Distribution Without Receipt Cash
Holders Debentures Cannot Convert While Conversion Blocker Effect Holders Debentures Not Entitled Rights Respect Common Stock
Holders Debentures Not Right Require Repurchase Cash Holders Right Convert Terminated Certain Circumstances
Holding Liquidity Ability Meet Obligations Including Respect Debentures Holding Sources Uses Funds
Holistic Strategic Approach Important Product Line However Correction Valuation Errors Resulted Higher Benefit Ratio
However Progress Key Initiatives However Significant Progress
Immediately Prior Closing Impact Improvement Initiatives
Impact Key Debt Covenant Changes Impact Tax Accounting Compensation Decisions
Impacted Prior Contract Ibnr Strengthening Impacted True-up Previous Estimate
Impairment Losses Impairments
Implementation Improved Agent Productivity While Growing Quantity
Improved Earnings Improved Earnings Stability
Improvements Earnings Run-rate Yearend Improvements Enabling Bankers Grow Total Nap Target Growth
Improves Rating Profile Positioning Consecos Ratings Upgrade Over Improving Benefit Ratio Reflects
Improving Fundamentals Business Include Large Group Case Premiums Losses
Includes Includes 193 Release Specified Disease Return Premium
Increase 2006 Due Prepayment Income Higher Portfolio Yield Increase 2006 First-year Premiums 2005
Increase 2006 Ratio Reflects Increase 2006 Reflects Contribution Proceeds Refinancing
Increase 2006 Reflects Refinancing Completed Increase 2007 Driven Release Return-of-premium Reserve Cig Specified
Increase 2007 Reflects Net Loss Effect Common Share Increase Below-investment Grade Ratio Driven Credit Cycle Ratings
Increase Benefit Ratio 2007 Due Higher Persistency Offset Increase Conversion Rate Debentures Converted Connection Make Whole
Increase Decrease Active Life Reserves Varies Persistency 2006 Increase First-year Premiums Reflects Higher Sales
Increase Nap 2006 Increase Primarily Driven Net Loss 2008
Increase Reserves Increase Reserves Future Benefits Varies Persistency 2006 Included
Increased Agent Attrition Policyholder Lapses Redemptions Increases Total Premiums Result Higher Persistency Rate
Increasing Impact Improvement Initiatives Incurred Claim Ratio Claims Premium
Indemnified Party Indenture
Independent Analysis Performed Milliman Consistent Reserve Adequacy Indexed Annuities Remain Smaller Percentage Total Annuity Sales
Information Related Certain Non- Gaap Financial Measures Information Related Certain Non-gaap Financial Measures
Insurance Acquisition Cost Balance Net Liability Declining Rapidly Insurance Operations
Insurance Policy Benefits Insurance Policy Income
Insurance Subsidiaries Insurance Subsidiaries Required Pay Assessments Fund Other Companies
Intellectual Property Rights Intended Cash Tender Offer Existing Debentures
Interest Expense Corporate Debt Interest Expense Investment Borrowings
Interest-adjusted Benefit Ratio Interest-sensitive Life Products
Inventory-adjusted Paid Claims Fell Slightly Investment Grade Corporates
Investment Income Investment Portfolio Review
Investment Portfolio Subject Several Risks Diminish Value Invested Investment Quality
Investment Quality Fixed Maturities Excluding Investments Consolidated Variable Investment-grade Bonds Unchanged
Investments Investor Rights Agreement
Investors Issuance Additional Common Stock Securities Convertible Preferred Adversely
Key Debt Covenants Key Differences Between Conseco Rest Industry
Key Transaction Terms Lehman Washington Mutual Aig
Less Consistent Growth Cig Due Focus Profitable Business Less Pffs Sales Due Internal Med Supp Exchanges
Less Portfolio Below Investment Grade Level Debt Remains Flat 2006
Liabilities Life
Life Cycle Block Long-term Care Business Life Insurance
Life Sales 106 Down 2008 Limited Exposure Troubled Asset Classes
Limited Historical Claims Experience Long-term Care Products Negatively Limited New Money Allocation Below- Investment Grade Securities
Limiting New Money Allocated Below- Investment Grade Securities Line Being Revitalized
Line Expectations Recent Trends Liquidity
Liquidity Projection Litigation Regulatory Investigations Inherent Business Harm Financial Strength
Long Term Care Long-term Care
Long-term Care Business Life Cycle Change Active Reserve Long-term Care Business Life Cycle Interest-adjusted Benefit Ratio
Long-term Care Business Life Cycle Investment Income Long-term Care Business Life Cycle Total Benefits Incurred
Long-term Care Policies Long-term Care Policies Subject Changing Experience
Long-term Care Reserves Long-term Incentive Program
Loss Ratio Non-core Ltc Closed Block Increased 1435 Loss Ratio Risen Past
Loss Related Annuity Coinsurance Transaction Loss Transfer Transaction Expenses
Lower Annuity Margin Due Excess Terminations Eias Lower Earnings 2006 Driven
Lower Earnings Driven Lower Expense Levels Allow Group Pffs Operate Higher
Ltc Closed Block Ltc Earnings Driven Unfavorable Claims Experience
Ltc Persistency Ltc Premium Re-rates
Ltm Collected Premiums Distribution Channel Ltm Nap Distribution Channel
Management Actions Taken Prior Separation Market Conditions Moving Customers Products Safe Returns
Market Price Common Stock Affected Substantial Number Shares Material Adverse Effect
Materially Impact Operating Results Financial Condition Meaningful Impact Improvement Initiatives
Medicare Supplement Meet Multistate Performance Standards
Moderating Decline Cig Due Focus Profitable Business Moodys 2009 Rating Update
Morgan Stanley Nap
Nap 197 Less 2006 Total Down Nap 2006 Date Well Ahead Last
Nap 2007 Nap 2007 2008
Nap 2008 Nap Above 2007
Nap Decline Attributable Main Factors Nap Down 2007
Nap Less 2007 Nap Lower 2008
Nap Pma Wholly Owned Distribution Subsidiary Gaining Momentum Negative Impacts
Negatively Impacted Net Favorable Adjustments Reserve Future Benefits
Net Income Loss Net Income Loss Applicable Common Stock
Net Income Loss Restated Net Investment Income
Net Investment Income General Account Invested Assets Net Investment Income Other Special-purpose Portfolios
Net Investment Income Other Trading Accounts Net Investment Income Related Equity-indexed Products
Net Loss Net Loss Applicable Common Stock
Net Operating Income Loss Non-gaap Financial Measure Net Operating Income Non-gaap Financial Measure
Net Operating Loss Non-gaap Financial Measure Net Operating Results Variable Interest Entity
Net Realized Investment Gains Losses Net Realized Investment Losses
Net Realized Investment Losses 132 Net Realized Losses
New Annualized Life Premiums New Products
New Round Re-rate Filings Underway Largest Legacy Block New Sales Meeting Pricing Objectives
New Sales Meeting Return Objectives Next Several Slides Summarize Long-term Care Reserves Determined
Non-gaap Financial Measure Non-gaap Measures
Non-ia Surrenders Non-qualified Deferred Compensation 2007
Non-spwl Nap Over 2008 Flat 2007 Non-spwl Premiums Down 2008
Non-spwl Premiums Flat 2007 Normalization Preliminary Earnings
Notes Offset
Only Total Portfolio Below- Investment Grade Securities Operating Eps
Operating Eps Diluted Operating Results Financial Condition
Operating Results Suffer Policyholder Surrender Levels Differ Significantly Operating Return Measures
Operating Roe Operations
Option Closing Date Option Exercises Stock Vested 2007
Other Benefits Perquisites Other Business Run-off
Other Business Run-off Claim Counts Claims Paid Other Comprehensive Income Loss
Other Operating Costs Expenses Other Pro Forma Information
Otter Creek Nominee Outstanding Equity Awards 2007 Year-end
Overall Ratio Within Pricing P4p Actual Bonuses
Paid Claims 2006 Returned Normalized Level Partially Offset
Partially Offset Loss Annuity Profits Block Coinsured 2007 Pay Levels
Pdp Pffs Pdp Ratio Continues Trend Expected Factoring Seasonal Fluctuations
Pension Benefits Pension Benefits 2007
Percent Change Performance
Performance Share Awards Comparison Maximum Total Direct Performance Shares Align Interests Shareholders Management
Period Persistency Improved
Persistency Improved 2006 Persistency Improved 2006 Expected Benefit Ratio Increase Consistent
Person Pffs
Pffs Sales Negatively Affected Pivot Future Loss Reserve
Pivoting Policies
Policy Policy Forms
Portfolio Quality Remains High Not Significantly Changed Since Positive Impacts
Potential Payments Termination Change Control Pre -tax Earnings
Pre-2004 Pre-approval Policy
Pre-tax Pre-tax Income Loss Adjusted
Pre-tax Income Loss Reported Preliminary
Preliminary Financial Summary Preliminary Operating Eps Diluted
Preliminary Operating Roe Preliminary Results
Preliminary Summary Results Premium
Premium Re-rates Premiums Lower
Prescription Drug Plan Medicare Advantage Pressure Below- Investment Grade Ratio Due Credit Cycle
Previously Announced Coventry Exiting Pffs Business Effective Primer Consecos Long-term Care Business 2007
Pro Forma Program Improvement Initiatives Continue Make Good Progress
Program Improvement Initiatives Providing Real Impact Progress Consecos Turnaround
Progress Executing Plan Property Type
Proposal Proposed Registered Offering Common Stock
Prospectus Provide Oversight Senior Health Care Trust Insurance Pennsylvania
Proxy Statement Proxy Statement Pursuant Securities Exchange Act 1934
Public Offering Price Purchase Price
Put Right Closing Date Qualifications Roberts
Quarterly Financial Supplement 1q09 Quarterly Financial Supplement 2q09
Quarterly Financial Supplement 4q08 Quarterly Nap 2007 Including Pffs
Quarterly Results Quarterly Sales Cno
Quarterly Sap Statements Questions Answers
R-factor Litigation Expenses Rate Increases Ahead Schedule 2008 Round Policies Issued
Rates Rating
Ratio Increase 2006 Refinancing Completed Ratio Negatively Impacted
Rbc Impact Rbc Ratio
Recent Developments Recent Developments Convertible Debt Markets Adversely Affect Trading
Recent Financial Performance Recognized Higher Incurred Claims
Recognized Higher Incurred Claims 2008 Recognized Lower Incurred Claims Due Favorable Experience
Record Sales 1028 Recruitment Health Imos
Redemption Closing Date Reduction Benefit Ratio Due 193 Adjustment Specified Disease
Reflects Ibnr Adjustment Reflects Minimal Impact Rate Increase Claim Processing
Reflects Unusual Adjustments Refresher Long-term Care Reserves Determined
Refresher Typical Features Long-term Care Policies Registered Public Accounting Firm
Registration Statement Regulatory Control Otherwise Negatively Impact Financial Results
Reinsurance Recapture Reinsure New Business Focus Bankers
Reiterating Related Charges
Related Coinsurance Transaction Non-gaap Financial Measure Release Return Premium Reserve
Releasee Releasing Parties
Remediation Report Audit Enterprise Risk Committee
Report Human Resources Compensation Committee Representative
Representatives Maintain Improve Financial Results Repurchase Closing Date
Repurchases Required Accelerate Amortization Cost Policies Produced Value Inforce
Reserve Corrections Affected Benefit Ratios Several Periods Reserve Increases Last Related Claim Reserves
Reserve Increases Past Relate Claim Reserves Future Insurance Policy Benefits Claims Prove Inadequate
Restated Restatement
Result Valuation Differences Results Adversely Affected
Results Continue Stabilize Results Favorably Affected
Results Less Volatile After Choppy 2007 Results Operations Insurance Business Decline Premium Rates Not
Results Operations Negatively Impacted Initiatives Restructure Insurance Unsuccessful Results Reflected Release Redundant Reserves Previous Periods
Return Equity Before Realized Investment Gains Losses Return Equity Before Realized Investment Gains Losses 114
Return Equity Before Realized Investment Gains Losses 119 Return Equity Before Realized Investment Gains Losses 120
Revenues Risk Factors
Risk Management Risks Business Associated Current Economic Environment
Role Compensation Committee Round
Round 2007 Policies Issued 2002-2005 Round 2008 Policies Issued Prior 2002
Round Exceeded Each Goal Round Goals
Round Goals 2008 Issues Prior 2002 Round Results 2007 Issues 2002-2005
Round Results Exceeded Each Goal Round Results Filing Process Now Underway
Round Results Track Achieve Goals Round Track Achieve Goals
Run-off Run-off Ltc Block
Run-off Segment Pre-tax Operating Earnings Runoff Ltc Block
Sales 2007 Sales 468
Sales 565 Ytd Below 2006 Sales 768 Ahead 2006
Sales Down 2006 Sales Down 2006 Excluding Pdp
Sales Down 2007 Sales Driven
Sales Excluding Pffs 2007 Sales Stabilized
Sanctions Sap
Sap Statements Schedule 14a
Seasonality Drives Fluctuations Security Agreement
Segment Performance Segment Summary
Senior Credit Agreement Separation Cshi Conseco
Separation Senior Health Conseco Separation Senior Health Expected Occur 2008
Settlement Requires Shareholder Proposals 2009 Annual Meeting
Shareholder Rights Plan Announced 2009 Shareholders Equity
Shareholders Equity Restated Shareholders8217 Equity
Shares Signed Loi National Distribute New Pffs Med Advantage
Significant Amount Seasonality Significant Change Surrender Activity
Significant Contribution National Partners Tsa Business Significant Deficiencies Internal Controls Over Financial Reporting
Significant Efforts Multiple Fronts Translating Improved Results Outlook Significant Increase Pdp Pffs Premiums Result Addition Large
Significant Increase Pdp Pffs Premiums Result Expansion Partnership Significantly Assumptions
Slight Decline Cig Due Focus Profitable Business Slight Improvement Med Supp Benefit Ratio 2007 2006
Solid Growth Re-activation Campaigns Some Details Benefits Provided Policies
Some Drift Upward Below- Investment Grade Ratio Due Source Bloomberg
Source Case-shiller Sources Uses Funds
Specified Disease Specified Disease Products
Spread Squared
Stable Persistency State Insurance Laws Delay Deter Prevent Takeover Attempt
Statutory Balance Sheet Steps Improve Earnings
Stock Life Stock Option Awards Comparison Target Total Direct
Strategic Alternatives Strategy
Strong 2008 Sales Strong 2008 Sales Excluding Pffs
Strong Early Indications Strong Focus Claims Management
Strong Growth Agent Recruiting Strong Sales
Strong Sales Driven Pffs Strong Sales Medicare Supplement Continue Along Distribution Pffs
Strong Trends Impacting Middle Market Consumers Structured Securities Asset-backed Represent Total Actively Managed Fixed
Structured Securities Represent Total Actively Managed Fixed Maturity Sub-prime Home Equity Abs
Successful Recruiting Results Pma Wholly Owned Distribution Subsidiary Summary
Summary Compensation Table 2007 Summary Other Issues Cont
Summary Results Summary Total Direct Compensation Tdc Opportunities Compared Market
Supplemental Health Supplemental Health Renewal Premiums
Supplemental Indenture Surveillance
Table Contents Talent Organizational Design
Tax Assets Non-gaap Financial Measure Tax Law Changes Adversely Affect Insurance Product Sales
Technology Technology Organizational Design
Tender Offer Tender Offer Closing Date
Tender Offers Tentative Litigation Settlement
Termination Change Control Arrangements Terms Senior
Time Sale Total
Total 2008 Gross Realized Losses Included Impairments 2317 Total 2008 Gross Realized Losses Included Other-than- Temporary
Total Adjusted Statutory Capital Available Spent Over Time Total Assets Equity Aoci
Total Benefits Incurred Total Benefits Incurred Claims Reflect 110 Claim
Total Expected Charges Total Premium Collections
Total Sales 2007 Excluding Pffs Total Shareholders Equity
Total Trailing 4-quarter Premiums Declined Due Higher Terminations Trading Account Income Related Policyholder Reinsurer Accounts
Trading Account Income Related Reinsurer Accounts Trailing 4-quarter Sales Continue Increase
Trailing Benefit Ratio Shown Steady Improvement 2006 Trailing Data
Trailing First- Premiums Slightly Comparable Prior-year Period Trailing Operating Return Equity
Trailing Operating Return Equity 124 Trailing Operating Return Equity 134
Trailing Operating Return Equity 141 Transaction Agreements
Transaction Overview Transaction Terms
Transactions Transfer Current Ltc Management Senior Health Insurance Pennsylvania
Trustee Tsa Business Significantly Ahead Last
Ulated Other Comprehensive Income Loss Underwriters
Underwriting Unique Value Proposition Closely Aligned Important Target Market
Unlocking Adjustment Interest- Sensitive Life Block 148 2007 Unrealized Losses
Upcoming Medicare Changes Uses Results
Validation Claims Incurred Period Value Debentures Trading Price Common Stock Fluctuate Significantly
Value Deferred Tax Assets Impaired Extent Future Profits Value Policies Force Effective Date
Value Policies In-force Effective Date Verified Basis Normalizes Periods Impact Claim Reserve Deficiencies
Verified Claims Vintage
Volatility Securities Markets Other Economic Factors Adversely Affect What Doing Ltc Profitability
Worksite Beginning Contribute Life Sales Yield 2007
Yield Bps 2006 Yield Reflects Significant Prepayment Income Adding Approximately
Yield Unchanged 2007 Yields Increased Bps Despite Low Market Rate Environment
Ytd Improvements Ytd Return Equity Before Realized Investment Gains Losses
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