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Ability Collect Payments Customers Impaired Creditworthiness Declines They Ability Respond Markets
Access Information Access Shaft Sites Vertical Vent Holes License
Accountants Audit Committee Accounting Business Combinations
Accounting Carbon Emissions Offsets Accounting Derivative Instruments
Accounting Other Principles Accounting Standards Documentation
Accounting Trustee Accounts Receivable Securitization
Accumulated Other Comprehensive Loss Acknowledgment
Acknowledgment Agreement Borrower Acknowledgments
Acquisition Acquisition Compliance Certificate
Acquisitions Acquisitions Completed Undertake Future Well Expanding Existing Mines
Acquisitions Completed Well Undertake Future Involve Number Risks Acquisitions Dispositions
Addendum Jerry Richeys Offer Letter Additional Advances Disbursements Costs Enforcement
Additional Covenants Other Matters Address
Address Principal Executive Offices Including Zip Code Administration
Administration Claims Administration Plan
Adoption Long-term Incentive Program 2008-2010 Consol Energy Inc Adoption Long-term Incentive Program Consol Energy Inc Equity
Adoption Short-term Incentive Compensation Plan Adr Acs
After Recording Recorder Requested Return Deed Trust Against Record Owner Real Estate Described Herein
Agreement Agreement Applies
Agreement Guaranty Suretyship Agreement Synthesis Energy Systems
Aircraft Policy Allocation Corporate Opportunities
Allowances Credits Alphabetical Order Reflecting Correct Capitalization
Amended Restated Bylaws Amended Restated Collateral Trust Agreement
Amended Restated Credit Agreement Amended Restated Receivables Purchase Agreement
Amended Restated Revolving Credit Amended Restated Swing Loan
Amended Restated Trust Agreement Between Consol Energy Inc Amendment
Amendment Collateral Trust Agreement Amendment Purchase Sale Agreement
Amendment Restatement Short-term Incentive Compensation Plan Stic Amendment Security Agreement Pledge Patent Trademark Copyright Regulated
Amendment Termination Amendment Termination Plan
Amendments Amendments Articles Incorporation Bylaws Change
Amendments Consol Energy Inc Supplemental Retirement Plan Amendments Equity Awards Held Non-employee Directors
Amendments Registrants Code Ethics Waiver Provision Amendments Termination Merger
Amount Benefit Amvest Acquisition Completed
Annex Annual Incentive Awards
Annual Incentive Awards Calculated Short-term Compensation Plan Annual Meeting Shareholders
Annual Meeting Stockholders Corporation Shall Held Such Date Annual Report
Annual Reporting Antiboycott Laws
Antidilution Adjustments Antitrust Laws
Appeal Provisions Appendix
Application Gasco Subgroup Applications Regarding Gas Units
Appointment Successor Areas Operation
Assignment Assignment Assumption
Assignment Assumption Agreement Assignment Rents Leases
Assumptions Attachment
Attendance Meeting Attorneys
Audit Committee Audit Committee Pre-approval Permissible Non-audit Services
Audit Committee Report Audit Fees
Audit-related Fees Audits Accounts Books Records Corporation Shall Audited Conclusion
Authorization Available Information
Average Sales Prices Lifting Costs Background
Balance Sheet Data Baltimore
Baltimore Facility Repairs Baltimore Harbor Facility
Bank Nova Scotia Lender Credit Agreement Affiliate Trust Base Salary
Base Salary Executives Basis Consolidation
Basis Presentation Beneficial Ownership Reporting Compliance
Beneficiaries Beneficiary Collateral Trustee Successor Trustees
Beneficiary Designation Form Beneficiary Designations
Binding Effect Assignment Black Lung Legislation
Board Directors Board Directors Unanimously Recommends Vote Against Proposal Proxies
Brett Harvey Brownfield Expansion Update
Buchanan Mine Idled After Hoist Problem Buchanan Mine Repair Schedule Updated
Buchanan Mine Repairs Completed Buchanan Mine Resumes Production
Buchanan Mine Update Business Conduct Ethics
Business Information Protection Calculation Benefits
Cancellation Awards Termination Employment Service Canonsburg 15317-6506
Capex Guidance Forecast Capital Projects Update
Capital Spending Restrained Costs Controlled Capitalized Costs
Capitalized Terms Used Herein Without Definition Shall Respective Capture Gas Coal Area
Cash Equivalents Cash Flow Hedges
Cash Flows Cause
Cei Contact Cnx Certain Coal Party Gas Employees
Certain Operating Terms Certain Relationships Related Party Transactions
Certain Transactions Certain Trends Uncertainties
Certificate Indemnity Agreement Certification
Certification Pursuant Usc 1350 Certifications
Chairman Agreement Whitmire Chairman Board Age
Change Beneficiary Change Control
Change Control Agreements Change Control Agreements Chief Executive Officer Financial Operating
Change Control Agreements Cnx Gas Chief Executive Officer Change Control Restrictive Covenant Provisions Consol Energy Stock
Change Control Severance Agreement Change Control Tax Gross-up
Changes Accountants Changes Internal Controls Over Financial Reporting
Changes Registrants Certifying Accountant Charge Services
Charges Paid Lessee Owner Certain Flights Check Box Below Choose Specify Distribution Date Select
Chief Executive Officer Annual Incentive Awards Chief Executive Officer Base Salary
Chief Executive Officer Compensation Chief Executive Officer Compensation Including Base Salary Short-term
Chief Executive Officer Long-term Incentive Awards Claimant Unless Shall Request Such Selection Board Directors
Claims Benefits Claims Procedures
Clean Air Act Related New Regulations Clean Water Act
Cnx Gas Annual Fees Awards Cnx Gas Auditors Fees
Cnx Gas Corporation Change Control Agreement Cnx Gas Corporation Change Control Agreements
Cnx Gas Employee Retirement Plan Cnx Gas Employees
Cnx Gas Employment Agreements Cnx Gas Long-term Incentive Program
Cnx Gas Long-term Incentive Program Equity Plan Cnx Gas Long-term Incentive Programs
Cnx Gas Long-term Incentive Programs Equity Plan Cnx Gas Non-employee Director Annual Fees Awards
Cnx Gas Non-employee Director Restricted Stock Units Cnx Gas Non-employee Director Stock Options
Cnx Gas Non-employee Directors Deferred Fee Plan Cnx Gas Production Guidance Raised Again Time Bcf
Cnx Gas Production Guidance Raised Bcf Cnx Gas Restricted Stock Units
Cnx Gas Short-term Incentive Compensation Plan Cnx Gas Stock Options
Coal Act Shall Mean Industry Retiree Health Benefits Coal Area Wells
Coal Beds Other Strata Produce Methane Gas Frequently Coal Beds Produce Methane Gas Frequently Contain Water
Coal Capex Forecast Coal Contracting Activity
Coal Contracts Coal Gas Markets
Coal Gas Reserve Values Coal Inventories
Coal Margins Continue Expand Coal Market Overview
Coal Mining Subject Conditions Events Beyond Consol Energys Coal Operations
Coal Operations Period-to-period Comparison Coal Operations- Quarter-to-quarter Comparison
Coal Parties Pay Loss Non-coal Area Gas Assets Coal Pricing Inventory
Coal Production Coal Reserves
Coal Waste Disposal Services Coal Workers Pneumoconiosis
Coalbed Methane Other Gas Produce Often Contain Impurities Coalfield Pipeline
Collateral Trust Agreement Commercial Tort Claims
Committee Functions Committees Board Directors
Common Stock Market Prices Dividends Communication Board Directors
Compensation Board Directors Shall Authority Fix Compensation Committee
Compensation Committee Interlocks Insider Participation Compensation Committee Report
Compensation Committee Report Executive Compensation Discussion Analysis
Compensation Expenses Trustee Other Advisors Compensation Non-employee Directors
Compensation Plans Approved Consol Energy Shareholders Competition
Competition Within Coal Gas Industries Adversely Affect Ability Competition Within Coal Gas Industry Adversely Affect Ability
Complete Following Only Compliance Certificates Submitted Each Sale Compliance
Compliance Compared Non-compliance Coal Compliance Law
Compliance Safety Access Policies Components Coal Workers Pneumoconiosis Cwp Compensation Net Periodic
Components Pension Other Postretirement Benefit Plans Net Periodic Comprehensive Environmental Response Compensation Liability Act Superfund
Compromise Concentration Credit Risk Major Customers
Concerning Trustee Conclusion
Conditions Purchases Confidentiality
Conflicts Interest Consent Data Consulting Services Division Schlumberger Technology Corporation
Consent Independent Engineers Consent Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Consent Mining Gas Operations Consent Ralph Davis Associates Inc
Consequential Damages Consideration
Considerations Compensation Committee Consol Energy
Consol Energy Announces Share Repurchase Plan Consol Energy Announces Two-for-one Stock Split
Consol Energy Annual Fees Consol Energy Auditors Fees
Consol Energy Ceo Adopts Pre-arranged Stock Trading Plan Consol Energy Certain Officers Defendants Class Action Lawsuits
Consol Energy Chairman Agreement Whitmire Consol Energy Change Control Agreements
Consol Energy Clarifying Statement Guidance Consol Energy Cnx Gas Announce Management Consolidation
Consol Energy Deferred Stock Units Consol Energy Directors Deferred Compensation Plan
Consol Energy Directors Deferred Compensation Plan Adopted 1999 Consol Energy Directors Deferred Fee Plan
Consol Energy Directors Deferred Fee Plan Adopted 2004 Consol Energy Elects Hardesty Board
Consol Energy Elects Mills Board Consol Energy Employee Retirement Plan Pension
Consol Energy Equity Incentive Plan Consol Energy Equity Incentive Plan Definitions
Consol Energy Equity Incentive Plan Summary Consol Energy Faces Numerous Uncertainties Estimating Economically Recoverable
Consol Energy Faces Uncertainties Estimating Economically Recoverable Coal Consol Energy Faces Uncertainties Estimating Proved Recoverable Gas
Consol Energy Faces Uncertainties Estimating Proven Recoverable Gas Consol Energy Fair Values Derivative Instruments
Consol Energy Holding Conducts Substantially Operations Through Subsidiaries Consol Energy Inc
Consol Energy Inc Directors Deferred Fee Plan Consol Energy Inc Hereby Files Amendment Current Report
Consol Energy Inc Supplemental Indenture 250000000 7875 Notes Consol Energy Long-term Incentive Program
Consol Energy Long-term Incentive Programs Consol Energy Need Additional Financing Order Fund Operations
Consol Energy Non-employee Director Annual Fees Awards Consol Energy Non-employee Director Deferred Stock Units
Consol Energy Non-employee Director Restricted Stock Units Consol Energy Non-employee Director Stock Options
Consol Energy Non-employee Directors Deferred Compensation Plan Adopted Consol Energy Non-employee Directors Deferred Fee Plan Adopted
Consol Energy Not Able Produce Sufficient Amounts Coal Consol Energy Obligations Long-term Employee Benefits Accrue Based
Consol Energy Obtain Governmental Permits Approvals Mining Drilling Consol Energy Obtain Governmental Permits Approvals Mining Operations
Consol Energy Obtain Mining Drilling Operations Governmental Permits Consol Energy Offer Acquire Remaining Shares Cnx Gas
Consol Energy Plans Agreements Consol Energy Reclamation Mine Closure Obligations Assumptions Underlying
Consol Energy Reported Losses Past Periods Incur Future Consol Energy Reports Earnings 2006
Consol Energy Reports Earnings 2007 Consol Energy Reports Earnings 2008
Consol Energy Reports Net Income 1958 Consol Energy Reports Strong Earnings 2006
Consol Energy Reports Strong Record Earnings 2005 Consol Energy Restricted Stock Units
Consol Energy Retirement Restoration Plan Consol Energy Severance Pay Plan Salaried Employees
Consol Energy Shareholder Receive Havent Already Energys Proxy Consol Energy Short-term Incentive Compensation Plan
Consol Energy Significant Obligations Long-term Employee Benefits Accrues Consol Energy Significant Reclamation Mine Closure Obligations Assumptions
Consol Energy Stock Options Consol Energy Stock Ownership Guidelines Directors
Consol Energy Supplemental Retirement Plan Consol Energy Supplemental Retirement Plan Serp
Consol Energy Temporarily Seal Buchanan Mine Consol Energy Unable Comply Restrictions Imposed Senior Credit
Consol Energy-unassigned Recoverable Coal Reserves Consol Energys Buchanan Mine Idled
Consol Energys History Consol Energys Rights Plan Anti-takeover Effects Prevent Change
Consol Subsidiaries Subject Various Legal Proceedings Material Effect Consolidated Balance Sheets
Consolidated Financial Statements Consolidated Financial Statements Statement Schedule
Contact Thomas Hoffman Consol Energy Inc 1-412-831-4060 Contents
Contingencies Continue Exercise Production Investment Discipline
Contracted Position Capital Expenditures Production Discipline Contracts Proxies Etc
Contribution Assumption Control Gas Parties Over Operations
Cooperation Coordination Annual Drilling Plan Mine
Copyright Security Agreement Core Samples Related Matters
Corporate Governance Web Page Available Documents Corporate Opportunities
Corporation Corporations Executive Compensation Program Designed
Counterclaim Kind Arising Out Related Agreement Collateral Full Counterparts
Creation Direct Financial Obligation Off-balance Sheet Arrangement Credit Facility
Credit Line Deed Trust Credit Line Deed Trust Assignment Production
Credit Rating Upgrade Credits Charges Accounts
Critical Accounting Policies Cumulative Effect Change Accounting
Cumulative Effect Change Accounting Principle Cumulative Effect Changes Accounting Mine Closing Reclamation Gas
Cumulative Effect Changes Accounting Workers Compensation Mine Closing Cumulative Total Shareholder Return Among Consol Energy Inc
Current Financial Crisis Deteriorating Economic Conditions Material Adverse Currently Majority Natural Gas Producing Properties Located Counties
Currently Vast Majority Gas Producing Properties Located Counties Customers Not Extend Existing Contracts Enter New Long-term
Customers Not Extend Existing Contracts Honor Enter New Dated 2004 Effective
Dated 2005 Effective David Hardesty
David Vanaskey Death Disability
Debt Debt Such Terms Hereinafter Defined Mortgagee
Deconsolidation Deductibility Compensation
Deductibility Executive Compensation Deductibility Executive Compensation Plan Been Designed Permit Certain
Deed Trust Assignment Production Default Foreclosure
Deferral Agreement Deferral Elections
Deferred Fees Deferred Revenue
Deferred Stock Unit Grant Agreement Deferred Stock Unit Payment Date Election Form
Deferred Taxes Definitions
Delaware Office Principal Corporation State Shall Located City Delivery Redelivery Aircraft
Demand Field Services Equipment Personnel Ability Meet Limit Departure Directors Certain Officers Election Appointment Compensatory
Departure Directors Principal Officers Departure Directors Principal Officers Election Appointment
Deposit Account Securities Derivative Instruments
Derivatives Description Credit Facility
Designation Beneficiary Determination Director Independence
Determination Shall Been Pursuant Paragraph Bylaw Claimant Entitled Development Wells
Development Wells Coal Area Developments
Director Age Directors
Directors Deferred Compensation Plan Directors Deferred Fee Plan
Disagreements Accountants Accounting Financial Disclosures Discharging Duties
Discounted Future Net Cash Flows Disinterested Director Means Corporation Not Was Party Matter
Disposal Fluids License Voids Pools Water Disposition Income
Dispositions Disruption Rail Barge Other Systems Deliver Consol Energys
Disruption Rail Barge Overland Conveyor Other Systems Deliver Distribution
Distribution Dates Distributions
Dividend Policy Change Dividends Board Directors Time Declare Corporation Pay Outstanding
Document Retention Access Records Personnel Documents Incorporated Reference
Dollars Dollars Except Per Share Data
Dollars Thousands-except Per Share Data Drilling
Due Participation Multi-employer Pension Benefit Plans Exposure Those Due Participation Multi-employer Pension Plans Exposure Those Extend
Duration Duties Responsibilities
Duty Keep Parties Informed Each Debtor Collateral Trustee Hereby Waives Trial Jury
Each Hereby Waives Trial Jury Action Suit Proceeding Each Pledgor Collateral Trustee Hereby Waives Trial Jury
Each Undersigned Hereby Consents New Originators Joinder Sale Early Retirement
Earnings Per Share Ebit Ebitda
Economic Outlook Electronic Information
Elements Executive Compensation Program Eligibility
Eligibility Participation Eligible Directors
Employee Labor Relations Employees
Employment Agreement Chief Executive Officer Employment Agreement Chief Operating Officer
Employment Agreements Employment Letter Agreements
Enactment Pennsylvania Severance Tax Natural Gas Adversely Impact Endangered Species Act
Energy Market Overview Entry Material Definitive Agreement
Entry Material Definitive Agreement 801 Other Events Entry Material Definitive Agreement Creation Direct
Environmental Laws Environmental Safety Health Laws
Equal Employment Opportunity Equal Employment Opportunity Harassment
Equity Compensation Plan Information Equity Incentive Plan
Equity Incentive Plans Escrow Accounts Obligations
Establishment Purpose Estimates
Exact Name Registrant Specified Charter Example Calculation Annual Award
Exchange Offer Exchange Offer Cnx Gas
Exchange Rate Interest Change Exculpation Indemnification
Executive Compensation Executive Officers Consol Energy
Executive Officers Registrant Executive Summary
Executive Summary Consol Energy Pension Plans Executive Summary Consol Energy Plans Agreements Named Officers
Executive Summary Director Compensatory Arrangements Executive Summary Regarding Consol Energy Agreements Programs Change
Exercise Reasonable Care Exhibits
Exhibits Filed Part Report Explanatory
Exploration Development Activities Not Commercially Successful Exploration Production Gas Uncertain Process Risks
Exploration Wells Exploratory Wells
Export Sales Excise Tax Resolution Failure Title
Fair Dealing Fair Value Financial Instruments
Fair Values Financial Instruments Fairmont Supply Subsidiary Consol Energy Co-defendant Various Asbestos
Federal Coal Leasing Amendments Act Federal Regulation Sale Transportation Gas
Federal Tax Consequences Filing Consolidated United States Federal State Income Tax
Finance Committee Financial Information
Financial Operating Statistics Financial Results Period-to-period Comparison
Financial Results Quarter-to-quarter Comparison Financial Statements Exhibits
Financing Statement Fixture Filing Fixture Filing
Flight Crews Operations Following Paragraph Waives Right Prior Notice Opportunity Hearing
Foreign Currency Fluctuations Adversely Affect Competitiveness Coal Abroad Form 10-q
Form Compliance Certificate Form Joinder Agreement
Form Paydown Notice Form Payment
Form Restricted Stock Unit Award Consol Energy Inc Former Name Address Changed Since Last Report
Forward-looking Statements Freight Revenue Expenses
Funding Further Assurances
Further Proceedings Future Coal Rights
Gas Business Depends Transportation Facilities Owned Others Disruption Gas Exploration Development Activities Not Commercially Successful
Gas Fuel Gas Operations
Gas Reserves Gathering
Gender Number General
General Indemnity General Information
General Information Regarding Content Proposals General Objectives Overriding Principles
General Principles Litigation General Principles Regulatory Matters
General Provisions Generally
Gifts Favors Entertainment Gifts Payments Employees
Global Demand Growing Governing Law
Government Laws Regulations Other Legal Requirements Relating Protection Grant
Guarantee Employment Guarantee Service Participation Plan Not Give Person Right
Guarantor Joinder Assumption Agreement Guarantor Subsidiaries
Guarantor Subsidiaries Financial Information Guarantor Subsidiaries Guarantors
Guidance Harassment
Hedging Activities Prevent Benefiting Price Increases Expose Other Held 2005
Held 2006 Held 2007
Held 2008 Held 2009
Higher Prices Expected Higher Prices Volumes Yield Substantially Improved Earnings
Honest Leadership Open Government Act 2007 Hloga Householding Proxy Materials
Hypothetical Investment Election Form Hypothetical Investment Election Forms Relating Directors Deferred Compensation
Hypothetical Price Decrease Ignatures Begin Next Page
Impact Union Contract Settlement Legislation Impacts Amvest Acquisition
Impairment Long-lived Assets Important Notice Regarding Availability Proxy Materials Shareholder Meeting
Incapacity Retirement Incentive Compensation Awards
Incentive Stock Options Income Taxes
Incorporation Miscellaneous Terms Increased Gas Industry Activity Create Shortages Field Services
Increased Natural Gas Industry Activity Create Shortages Field Incremental Decrease Pre-tax Income Assuming Hypothetical Price Increase
Incur Additional Costs Delays Produce Gas Because Acquire Incur Additional Costs Produce Gas Because Chain Title
Indemnification Indemnification Agreement
Indemnification Insurance Indemnity Respect Certain Leased Gas Rights
Independent Contractor Status Independent Contractors
Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Index
Index Consolidated Financial Statements Industrial Supply Services
Industry Segments Ineligible Security Shall Mean Not Underwritten Dealt Member
Information Annual Meeting Initialed
Initials Mortgagor Insider Trading
Insurance Insurance Condemnation Awards Proceeds
Intellectual Property Agreements Intercompany Revolving Credit Agreement
Interest Expense Interest Rates
Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Internal Revenue Code 409a
Introduction Inventories
Investment Authority Investment Election
Investment Plan Issuance Consol Energy Equity Compensation Plan
James Altmeyer John Mills
John Whitmire Joinder
Joinder Assumption Agreement Joseph Williams
Key Compensation-related Responsibilities Committee Key Compensation-related Responsibilities Compensation Committee Board Directors
Land Resources Laws Regulations
Lease Aircraft Term Leasehold Deed Trust Provisions
Leasehold Mortgage Provisions Leases
Leases Financing Statement Fixture Filing Maryland Leave Absence
Legal Description Legal Name Trade Names Fictitious Each Originator
Lender Joinder Assumption Agreement Letter Agreement Chief Legal Officer
Letter Agreement Former President-coal Group Letter Agreement General Counsel
Letter Agreement President-coal Group Letter Credit Fee Shall Meaning Assigned Term 2921
Limitation Liability Limitations Awards
Limitations Corporations Deductions Consequences Change Control Limited Liability Companies
Limited Operating History Certain Gas Areas Increased Focus Limited Operating History Certain Natural Gas Areas Increased
Liquidity List Schedules Exhibits
Loan Request Rate Local Law Provisions
Lock-box Banks Accounts Long-term Debt
Long-term Disability Long-term Incentive Awards
Long-term Incentive Awards Directors Executives Other Employees Long-term Incentive Compensation
Long-term Incentive Performance Program Long-term Incentive Program
Long-term Incentive Program Ltip Loss Significant Reduction Purchases Largest Customers Adversely Affect
Mail Back Proxy Card Maintenance
Maintenance Compliance Permits Abatement Notices Violation Major Underground Coal Mines-2004
Major Underground Coal Mines-2005 Major Underground Coal Mines-2006
Major Underground Coal Mines-2007 Management Reorganization
Managements Annual Report Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Managements Report Internal Control Over Financial Reporting
Marketing Sales Master Control System
Master Cooperation Safety Agreement Master Lease
Master Separation Agreement Material Contract Shall Mean Senior Notes 1991 2002
Matters Arising Before Official Bodies Maximum Original Principal Amount Indebtedness Secured Deed Trust
Measurement Meetings Procedures
Membership Membership Meetings Board Directors Committees
Merged Parties Met Coal Operations- Period-to-period Comparison
Metallurgical Coal Outlook Metallurgical Demand Expected Grow
Mill Creek Assets Sold Mine Closing Reclamation Gas Well Costs
Mine Health Safety Laws Mine Likely Idled
Mine-through Wells Mining Complexes
Mining Drilling Operations Consol Energy Obtain Maintain Renew Mining Operations Consume Significant Quantities Commodities Price Determined
Minority Interest Miscellaneous
Miscellaneous Provisions Mix Long-term Incentive Compensation
Mix Total Compensation Mortgage Modified Amendment Secures Future Advances
Mortgage Secures Future Advances Multi-year Multi-million Ton Coal Agreements Signed
Name Person Filing Proxy Statement Other Registrant Natural Gas Business Depends Transportation Facilities Owned Others
Natural Gas Outlook Need Unproven Technologies Extract Coalbed Methane Some Properties
Net Income Improves Versus 2005 Net Operating Losses Credits
New 1999 Incentive Plan New Lender Joinder Assumption Agreement
New Subsidiary Intends Sell 185 Shares Common Stock Nominating Corporate Governance Committee
Nominating Corporate Governance Committee Shall Non-coal Area Wells
Non-competition Covenant Non-employee Director Compensation
Noncontrolling Interest Nonqualified Deferred Compensation 2006
Nonqualified Deferred Compensation Table 2007 Nonqualified Stock Options Appreciation Rights
Normal Retirement Not Insure Against Potential Operating Risks Incur Losses
Not Sign Agreement Understand Terms Including Owbpa Disclosure Notes Due 2012
Notice Notice Adverse Regulatory Action
Notice Annual Meeting Shareholders Held 2008 Notices
Notification Defense Claim Now Therefore Parties Hereby Amend Restate Trust Agree
Number Shares Subject Award Objectives Executive Compensation Program
Objectives Performance Named Executives Off-balance Sheet Transactions
Office Locations Omitted
Option Exercises Stock Vested Table 2006 Option Exercises Stock Vested Table 2007
Option Exercises Stock Vested Table 2008 Option Sar Grants Last
Option Sar Grants Last Cnx Gas Corporation Option Sar Grants Last Consol Energy
Options Restricted Stock Units Orders Coal
Organizational Name Trade Names Fictitious Originator Release
Originators Other
Other Accrued Liabilities Other Coal Activities
Other Comprehensive Income Other Comprehensive Loss
Other Employee Benefit Plans Other Events
Other Fees Other Income
Other Information Other Matters
Other Operating Data Other Persons Ownership Rights Advanced Gas Extraction Techniques
Other Policies Other Post Employment Benefits
Other Post-employment Compensation Other Stock-based Awards
Other Surface Facilities Further Assurances Outcome Relative Peer Group
Outlook Outlook Summary
Outstanding Equity Awards Tables Year-end 2007 Outstanding Equity Awards Tables Year-end 2008
Outstanding Equity Awards Year-end Overseas Demand Continues Drive Market Prices
Overview Parcel
Parcel No3 Parent Guarantee Coal Parties Gas
Part Part Corporate Directory 2006
Participants Further Acknowledge Agree Performance Share Units Shall Participation
Participation Advance Shall Mean Respect Lender Such Lenders Participation Coal Parties Experimental Projects
Participation Plan Partnerships
Patents Patricia Hammick
Paying Agents Letter Shall Meaning Assigned Term 1015 Payment Deferred Fees
Payment Guardian Payment Individual Incentive Awards
Payments Payments Due
Payments Gasco Payments Government Employees
Payments Plan Participants Beneficiaries Payments Related Purchases
Payments Related Sales Peer Group
Pennsylvania Pension Benefits Table
Pension Protection Act Performance Awards
Performance Consol Energy 2007 Performance Consol Energy 2008
Performance Goals Objectives Performance Share Awards
Period-to-period Analysis Period-to-period Analysis Financial Results
Permissible Charges Taxes Perquisites
Pete Lillys Letter Agreement Retirement Philip Baxter
Plan Plan Assets
Plan Benefits Table Planning Next Wave Opportunity
Plans Directors Please Fold Detach Card Perforation Before Mailing
Plugging Coal Area Plugging Non-coal Area
Pneumoconiosis Benefits Pneumoconiosis Benefits Workers Compensation
Political Contributions Portion Intentionally Left Blank
Post Employment Benefits Postretirement Benefits Other Pensions
Potential Payments Termination Change-in-control Potential Payments Termination Change-in-control Tables
Power Generation Power Lines Substations License
President Chief Executive Officer Director Age Pricing Grid
Primary Components Corporations Executive Compensation Programs Base Salary Primary Contact Responder
Prior Understandings Incorporation Reference Priority Coal Estate Right Vent Shut
Private Placement Private Placement Gas Rsus Consol
Proceeds Wells Production
Production Actions Production Discipline Brownfield Projects
Production Guidance Production Productivity Challenges
Production Report Production Targets
Productive Wells Acreage Property Kept Free Liens
Property Plant Equipment Proposal 1-election Directors
Proposal 2-ratification Independent Public Accounting Firm Proposal 2-ratification Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Proposal 3-amendment Restatement Equity Incentive Plan Proposal Amendment Restatement Equity Incentive Plan
Proposal Consol Energy Inc Executive Annual Incentive Plan Proposal Election Directors
Proposal Joint Shareholder Regarding Climate Change Proposal Ratification Anticipated Appointment Independent Auditor
Proposal Ratification Appointment Independent Auditor Proposal Shareholder Regarding Climate Change
Proposal Shareholder Regarding Early Disclosure Voting Results Proposal Shareholder Regarding Majority Voting
Proposal Vote Proxies Received Not Otherwise Specify Proposals Regulate Greenhouse Gas Emissions Impact Market Fossil
Proposed Amendment Consol Energy Equity Incentive Plan-performance Awards Proprietary Information Covenant
Protection Proper Assets Provided Paragraph Bylaw Shall Covered Such Policy Policies
Proxy Solicitation Proxy Solicited Behalf Board Directors
Proxy Statement Purchase River Transport Group
Purchasing Lender Shall Mean Becomes Party Agreement Executing Purpose
Purposes Corporations Executive Compensation Program Purposes Proposal
Pursuant 906 Sarbanes-oxley Act 2002 Pursuant Consol Energy Inc Directors Deferred Compensation Plan
Pursuant Requirements Securities Exchange Act 1934 Registrant Duly Pursuant Requirements Securities Exchange Act 1934 Report Been
Quarter-to-quarter Analysis Financial Results Quarter-to-quarter Discussion Coal Operations
Quarter-to-quarter Discussion Financial Results Quarterly Production Guidance
Questions Regarding Scope Release Including Those Rights Not Radio Communication Systems License
Raj Gupta Recent Accounting Pronouncements
Recent Events Recitals
Reclamation Mine Closure Gas Well Closing Obligations Reclamation Mine Closure Obligations
Reclassifications Record Annual 2009 Net Income 5397 295 Per
Record Date Vote Required Approval Records Documentation
Redetermination Tax Liability Reduction
Registered Public Accounting Firm Registrants Telephone Number Including Area Code
Regulation Disclosure Regulation Disclosure 801 Other Events
Regulations Related Party Policy Procedures
Related Party Transactions Relation Indenture Definitions Rules Construction
Relocation Systems Other Surface Assets Remainder Page Intentionally Left Blank
Rents Leases Financing Statement Fixture Filing Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Representations Warranties Representations Warranties Covenants Termination Events
Require Skilled Workforce Run Business Cannot Hire Qualified Required Environmental Notices Shall Mean Reports Plans Forms
Required Vote Research Development Costs
Reservation Mining Rights Reservation Right Control Coal Operations
Resignation Removal Trustee Resource Conservation Recovery Act
Responsibility Trustee Restart Fans Buchanan Mine
Restricted Cash Restricted Stock
Restricted Stock Unit Award Consol Energy Inc Equity Restricted Stock Units
Restricted Stock Units Awarded Consol Energy Equity Incentive Restructuring Cost
Restructuring Costs Results Operations
Results Operations Financial Condition Retained Assets Shall Mean Collateral Loan Parties Subsequent
Retiree Health Benefits Legislation Retirement Benefits
Retirement Benefits Pension Plan Restoration Serp Retirement Plans
Retirement Scenarios Serp Revenue Recognition
Review Alternatives Make Recommendations Board Regarding Objectives Financial Revocation Proxy
Right Refusal Risks Control Environment
River Dock Services River Transport Group Acquisition
Robinson Run Capital Project Completed Role Outside Compensation Consultants
Royalty Recognition Safety
Salaried Pensions Sales
Sarbanes-oxley Act 2002 Schedule
Schedule Compliance Certificate Schedules
Secrecy Voting Sections 814 Initialed
Secured Party Beneficiary Desires Amendment Fixture Filing Financing Securities Exchange Act 1934
Securities Registered Pursuant Act Security Agreement
Security Agreement Fixture Filing Separate Businesses General Obligation Cooperate
Separation Employment General Release Agreement Separation Retirement
Series Preferred Stock Service Outside Organizations
Services Services Agreement
Settlement Date Shall Meaning Assigned Term 210 Severability
Severance Pay Plan Sfas 160 Adoption
Share Repurchase Share Repurchase Program Continues
Shared Surface Facilities Related Shareholder Proposals
Shareholder Proposals Inclusion Next Proxy Statement Presentation Annual Shares Available Awards Limitations
Shares Repurchase Update Shares Repurchased
Sharing Information Cooperation Short-term Incentive Cash Compensation
Short-term Incentive Compensation Short-term Incentive Compensation Plan Awards
Short-term Notes Payable Short-term Payable
Short-term Plan Awards Executives Other Eligible Employees Signature Page Amended Restated Pledge Agreement
Signature Page Amended Restated Security Agreement Signature Page Amended Restated Swing Loan
Signature Page Assignment Assumption Agreement Signature Page Continuing
Signature Page Follows Signature Page Harvey Employment Agreement
Signature Page Intercompany Subordination Agreement Signature Page Lender Joinder Assumption Agreement
Signature Page Loan Request Signature Page Originator Release
Signature Page Pledge Agreement Signature Page Security Agreement
Signature Page Solvency Certificate Signature Page Swing Loan Request
Signature Page Waiver Signatures
Signatures Appear Following Pages Significant Accounting Policies
Significant Decline Prices Consol Energy Receives Coal Gas Significant Extended Decline Prices Consol Energy Receives Coal
Solvency Certificate Space Intentionally Left Blank
Special Discretionary Increases Compensation Special Terms Series Junior Shares
Spendthrift Provision Spot Term Pricing Decouple
Standard Poors Shall Mean Ratings Services Division Mcgraw-hill State Other Tax Reporting
State Regulation Gas Operations State Regulation Gas Operations-united States
Statement Fixture Filing Statement Fixture Filing West Virginia
Steam Coal Natural Gas Outlook Stimulation
Stock Appreciation Rights Stock Based Compensation
Stock Certificates Transfers Stock Index
Stock Option Grants Consol Energy Cnx Gas Stock Options
Stock Options Awarded Cnx Gas Equity Incentive Plan Stock Options Awarded Consol Energy Equity Incentive Plan
Stock Ownership Guidelines Executives Stock Performance Graph
Stock-based Compensation Stockholders Directors Elected Until Such Successor Shall Been
Stockholders Equity Dividends Strengthening Strategic Position
Subsequent Event Subsequent Events
Subsidence Systems Indemnity Subsidiary Guarantors
Successful Efforts Accounting Summary Amended Restated Short-term Incentive Compensation Plan
Summary Certain Income Tax Information Summary Employment Terms Nicholas Deiuliis
Summary Information Supplemental Coal Data
Supplemental Gas Data Supplemental Indenture Signature Page
Supplemental Information Supplemental Retirement Benefits
Supplemental Retirement Plan Supporting Statement
Surface Mining Control Reclamation Act Surrender Form
Swing Loan Request Table Contents
Tax Considerations Tax Fees
Tax Sharing Agreement Taxes
Taxes Other Income Term
Term Plan Terminal Services
Termination Termination Consent
Termination Employment Service Termination Events
Termination Material Definitive Agreement Terms Conditions
Thermal Coal Operations- Period-to-period Comparison Thermal Coal Outlook
Time Sharing Agreement Time Sharing Agreement Between Consol Energy Inc Brett
Timing Manner Payments Tons Priced Ceilings Floors Not Included Firm Pricing
Total Consol Energy Inc Stockholders Equity Dividends Total Shareholder Return Peer Companies
Tract Trade Accounts Receivable
Trade Names Transactions Related Parties
Transition Period Travel Entertainment
Treasury Stock Trust Agreement
Trust Agreement Between Consol Energy Inc Pnc Bank Trust Obligation Pay Benefits
Trustee Trustee Responsibility Regarding Payments Trust Beneficiary Insolvent
Truth-in-leasing Umwa Pension Benefit Trusts
Understanding Deferred Compensation Table United States
Unitization Unless Replace Natural Gas Reserves Production Decline Adversely
Unrestricted Stock Unsecured Obligation
Usa Patriot Act Shall Mean Uniting Strengthening America Usc 1350
Utilization Each Parties Roads Rights Way License Validity
Variable Long Term Incentive Compensation Variable Long Term Incentive Compensation Award
Variable Long-term Incentive Compensation Award Chief Executive Officer Variable Long-term Incentive Compensation Award Consol Energy Equity
Various Federal State Laws Regulations Require Consol Energy Vesting
Vii-miscellaneous Vote Important
Voting Voting Revocation Proxies
Waiver Waiver Trial Jury
Waivers Exceptions Warranties Representations Covenants
Warranty Limitation Liability What Happens Reference Guide
William Davis William Lyons
William Powell Withholding
Witnesseth Workers Compensation
Workers Compensation Coal Pneumoconiosis Worldwide Energy Consultants Since 1924
Year-end Option Sar Values Cnx Gas Year-end Option Sar Values Consol Energy
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