Above Acceleration Maturity Rescission Annulment Waivers Past Defaults
Acceptance Appointment Successor Accordance Gaap Failure Make Payment Pending Such Contest
Account Number Accounting
Accounting Complaints Accounting Stock-based Compensation
Acknowledgment Receipt Code Business Conduct Ethics Act
Acts Holders Actual Results Differ Significantly Expressed Implied Forward-looking Statements
Addition Borrower Shall Pay Other Taxes Relevant Governmental Additional Eligible Collateral Transferred Buyer Accordance
Additional Interest Additional Interest Amount
Additional Restricted Stock Incentive Plans Additional Tax Sums
Additional Taxes Adjustment Recoupment Awards
Adjustments Changes Capitalization Merger Certain Other Transactions Administration
Administration Compensation Programs Administrative Action
Administrative Agent Administrative Trustee
Advance Notice Bylaw Advances Funds Party Mortgage Mezzanine Loan Documents Advanced
Affiliate Affirmative Covenants
Affirmative Covenants Seller Agreed Tax Treatment Trust Securities
Agreement Agreement Not Petition
Agreement Shall Governed Laws State New York Without Agreements Sell Purchase
Alternate Rate Interest Prior Commencement Period Eurodollar Amend
Amended Restated 1997 Long-term Incentive Stock Plan Amended Restated Trust Agreement
Amendment Amendment Amended Restated Master Repurchase Agreement
Amendment Bylaws Amendment Credit Agreement
Amendment Master Repurchase Agreement Amendment Termination Plan
Amendments Amount Required Deducted Remittance Purchased Assets Account Withholding
Amounts Transferred Buyer Either Seller Hereunder Shall Sent Amounts Transferred Seller Buyer Hereunder Shall Sent Wire
Annex Annexes Exhibits Schedules
Annual Bonuses Annual Bonuses Long Term Equity Incentive Grants
Annual Meeting Held Annual Meeting Shareholders Held
Annual Report Annual Report Pursuant Securities Exchange Act 1934
Applicability Applicable Depositary Procedures
Applicable Law Applicable Margin
Applicable Only Corporate Issuers Applicable Paying Agents
Appointment Administrative Trustees Approved Appraisers
Approved Engineers Approved Environmental Consultants
Arbitration Disputes Arbitration Fees Costs
Arbitration Procedures Arrangement Berkley Corporation
Arrangement Equity Risk Services Inc Asset Management
Asset Type Assets
Assignment Assignment Collateral Material Securing Mezzanine Loan Not Been
Assignment Collateral Material Securing Mortgage Loan Not Been Assignment Loan
Assurances Able Pay Dividends Future Attachment
Attestation Report Registered Public Accounting Firm Audit Committee
Audit Committee Pre-approval Policy Authenticating Agent
Authority Amend Terminate Authorized Capital
Authorized Representatives Sellers Authorized Signatory
Authorized Trust Securities Award
Award Agreement Aws State New York Without Reference Conflict Laws
Background Bailee Agreement Not Assigned Seller Without Prior Written
Balance Sheet Balance Sheet Overview
Bankruptcy Code Bankruptcy Event
Bankruptcy Laws Barred Office
Base Prospectus Base Salary
Bbb Because Limited Number Shareholders Including Members Management Team
Been Rendered Against Seller Remained Undischarged Unpaid Period Believe Terms Foregoing Transactions Less Favorable Obtained Unrelated
Below Cdo Notes Beneficial Ownership Reporting Compliance
Benefit Plan Binding Effect
Binding Seller Absence Manifest Error Covenant Shall Survive Board Directors
Board Directors Committees Board Directors Recommends Votes Each Following
Board Directors Shareholders Board Directors Shareholders Capital Trust Inc Subsidiaries
Board Resolution Book-entry Preferred Securities
Book-entry Preferred Security Books Records Pertaining Purchased Loans Held Not Less
Borrower Borrower Nor Subsidiary Generally Engaged Business Buying Selling
Bracor Investimentos Imobiliarios Ltda Bracor Investment
Breach Agreement Breach Promise
Broadly Available Road Show Business
Business Combination Business Model
Business Plan Buyer
Buyer Exercises Deemed Exercised Option Referred Agreement Buyer Shall Determined Adoption Change Requirement Law Regarding
Buyer Shall Entitled Issue Participation Interests Respect Transactions Buyer Shall Not Permitted Terminate Transaction Demand Unless
Calculation Agent Calendar 2005 Shall Receive Cash Bonus Amount 750000
Cancellation Capital Structure
Capital Trust Capital Trust Inc
Capital Trust Inc 410 Park Avenue 14th Floor Capitalization
Cash Equivalents Cash Transferred Buyer Pursuant Agreement Shall Used Reduce
Cause Cdo Financings Over-collateralization Interest Coverage Requirements Negative Impact
Cdo Sub Cdo Subs
Cdo Trustee Certain Accounting Matters
Certain Corporate Transactions Certain Distributions
Certain Officers Certain Relationships Related Transactions
Certain Representations Warranties Mortgage Loan Mezzanine Documents True Certain Rights Property Trustee
Certificate Evidencing Common Securities Preferred Trust Liquidation Amount Certificate Notice
Certificate Trust Preferred Certificated Securities
Certification Pursuant Cfr 24013a-14 Promulgated 302 Sarbanes-oxley Act Certification Pursuant Usc 1350 Adopted 906 Sarbanes-oxley Act
Change Control Change Control Involved
Change Investment Strategy Without Shareholder Consent Result Riskier Change Law Shall
Change Vote After Return Proxy Card Changes Capitalization
Changes Internal Controls Charter Not Permit Individual Own Class Common Stock
Charter Not Permit Individual Own Over Class Common Chase Bank Usa National Association
Citigroup Global Markets Inc Claims Covered Agreement
Claims Not Covered Agreement Closing Room
Cmbs Cmbs Fixed Floating
Cmbs Rating Activity Cmbs Taken Larger Share Growing Market
Code Code Business Conduct Ethics
Code Business Conduct Ethics Corporate Governance Documents Collateral Agent
Collateralized Debt Obligation Financings Over-collateralization Interest Coverage Requirements Collateralized Debt Obligations
Commercial Mortgage Backed Securities Commercial Mortgage Backed Securities Cmbs
Commercial Mortgage Mezzanine Loans Originate Acquire Underlying Cmbs Commercial Mortgage-backed Securities
Commercial Mortgage-backed Securities Cmbs Committee
Committee Composition Committees
Common Equity Common Preferred Stock Transactions
Common Securities Common Securities Certificate
Common Security Common Stock
Common Stock Transactions Comparable Offer Following Change Control
Compared 2003 Compared 2004
Compared 2005 Comparison Results Operations 2007 2006
Compensation 2005 Compensation Being Deferred
Compensation Committee Compensation Committee Interlocks Insider Participation
Compensation Directors Compensation Discussion Analysis
Compensation Philosophy Program Objectives Compensation Reduction
Compensation Reimbursement Indemnity Competition
Competition Fair Dealing Competitive Advantages
Compliance Laws Rules Regulations Compliance Procedures
Compliance Required Complying Reit Requirements Cause Forego Otherwise Attractive Opportunities
Complying Reit Requirements Force Borrow Make Distributions Shareholders Complying Reit Requirements Force Liquidate Restructure Otherwise Attractive
Comprehensive Income Conclusion
Conditions Conditions Issuance Shares
Conditions Obligations Underwriter Conditions Precedent
Confidential Information Confidentiality
Confidentiality Non-disparagement Confirmation
Confirmation Statement Conflicts Between Interests Investment Funds
Conflicts Between Interests Investment Management Vehicles Conflicts Interest
Consent Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Consent Jurisdiction Waiver Jury Trial
Consents Waivers Applicable Seller Purchased Assets Consideration
Consideration Release Considered Individually Shall Equal Greater Repurchase Price Such
Consultant Consulting Agreement Craig Hatkoff
Continuous Service Contracts Loans Checks Deposits
Control Control Agreement
Controlling Law Convertible Junior Subordinated Debentures
Corporate Governance Corporate Governance Committee
Corporate Governance Guidelines Corporate Opportunities
Corporate Trust Office Counsel
Count Votes Counterparts
Counterparts Facsimile Covenants
Covenants Agreements Craig Hatkoff
Cre Cdo Create Incur Permit Exist Lien Encumbrance Security Interest
Credit Agreement Credit Facility
Crediting Dividends Crediting Vesting Distribution Deferred Compensation
Credits Criminal Act
Critical Accounting Policies Daily Volume
Date 2007 Date Agreement Times While Transaction Thereunder Full Force
David Fick Death
Debt Default
Default Rule Employees Defaulted Interest
Deference Committee Determinations Deferral Agreement
Deferral Elections Deferred Financing Costs
Deferred Share Units Deficit Cure Amount Purchased Securities Loans Same Date
Defined Terms Definition Maximum Committed Aggregate Purchase Price Hereby Deleted
Definitions Definitive Preferred Securities Certificates
Delaware Statutory Trust Act Delaware Trustee
Delaware Trustee Required Delegation Power
Demotion Departure Directors Certain Officers Election Appointment Compensatory
Dependent External Sources Capital Finance Growth Dependent Senior Management Team Develop Operate Business
Depositary Depositary Participant
Depositor Depreciation Amortization
Derivative Financial Instruments Description Proposal
Designation Death Beneficiary Designation Death Beneficiary Form
Designation Witnesses Detail Elements Pay
Determination Libor Developments 2005
Developments 2006 Did Send Proxy Statement
Direction Funds Director
Director Attendance Annual Meeting Shareholders Director Compensation
Directors Disabled
Discharge Cause Discharge Other Cause Disability
Disclaimer Disclosure Relating Certain Federal Protections
Discontinuance Benefits Discovery
Discrimination Harassment Dissolution Expiration Date
Dissolution Liquidation Distribution Agreement
Distribution Date Distributions
Dividend Dividends
Dividends Payable Vesting Dividends Per Share
Documentation Awards Documents Incorporated Reference
Dollar Dtc
Due Diligence Duties Responsibilities Trustees
Each Confirmation Shall Executed Seller Buyer Together Agreement Each Credit Event Obligation Lender Make Loan
Each Interest Election Request Shall Specify Following Information Early Termination
Early Termination Event Earnings Per Share Common Stock
Edgar Edward Hyman
Effect Amendment Termination Effect Available Shares
Effective Date Effectiveness
Election Form Election Include Value Restricted Shares Gross Income Transfer
Elections Elections Defer
Eligibility Eligible Person
Emergency Withdrawals Employee
Employee 401 Profit Sharing Plan Employee Plan
Employee Plan Assets Employees
Employment Agreement Employment Agreements
Employment Outside Employment Rights
Employment Termination End
Enforcement Entire Agreement
Entire Agreement Severability Environmental Laws
Equity Equity Compensation Plan Information
Equity Interests Equity Investment Funds
Equity Investment Unconsolidated Subsidiaries Equity Investments
Equity Investments Fund Llc Refer Together Funds Equity Investments Value
Equity Raised Funds Date Equity Raised Vehicles Date
Erisa Establishment Purpose Types Awards
Estimates Evaluation Disclosure Controls Procedures
Event Default Event Default Occurs Continuing Respect Buyer Following Rights
Event Default Shall Occur Continuing Respect Seller Following Event Seller However Denominated Shall Occurred Continuing Hedging
Events Checked Below Events Default
Events Default Remedies Evolving Capital Structure
Exchange Exchange Act
Exchanges Excluded Transferees
Executed Transferees Executive Compensation
Executive Senior Officers Exercise Option
Exercise Options Sars Exercise Price
Exercise Price Options Sars Exercise Sars
Exhibits Existing Indenture Trustee
Existing Indentures Existing Loans Investments Expose High Degree Risk Associated
Existing Subordinated Notes Expand Franchise Through Business Acquisitions Recruitment Financial Professionals
Expected Tax Consequences Expenses
Expenses Indemnity Damage Waiver Expiration Date
Exposed Risks Involved Making Subordinated Investments Extension Maturity Date
Face Substantial Competition Established Participants Private Equity Market Failure Perform Duties
Fair Market Value Fair Values Financial Instruments
Family Member Fdia Rules Orders Policy Statements Thereunder Except Insofar
Fees Fifth
Financial Condition Material Adverse Change Financial Information
Financial Statements Financial Statements Ratings Change Other Information Borrower
Fixed Rate Period Following Shall Occurred Continuing
Forfeiture Forfeitures Tied Financial Restatements
Form 10-q Form 8-k
Form Bailee Agreement Form Certificate Authentication
Form Common Securities Certificate Form Custodial Delivery
Form Exercise Stock Option Award Agreement Form Lock-up Letter Berkley Entities
Form Lock-up Letter Directors Officers Form Lock-up Letter Samstock Veqtor
Form Officers Financial Certificate Form Opinion Counsel Sellers
Form Power Attorney Form Preferred Securities Certificate
Form Reverse Security Form Servicer Notice
Form Share Appreciation Rights Exercise Form Terms Payment
Form Transferee Certificate Executed Transferees Formula Calculation
Forward Looking Information Forward Looking Information Risk Factors
Forward-looking Information Forward-looking Information Risk Factors
Forward-looking Statements Fraud Dishonesty
Full Operating Results Comparison Fund
Fund Investments Value Fund Management Agreement
Funding Borrowings Funds
Funds Subject Risk Defaults Party Investors Capital Commitments Further
Gaap Gain Sale Investments
General General Administrative Expenses
General Information Annual Meeting Voting General Intangibles Accounts Chattel Paper Defined Ucc Relating
General Partner General Rule
General Tax Law Considerations Generally
Geoffrey Jervis Geographic Location
Global Preferred Security Global Security
Goldman Sachs Mortgage Governing Law
Government Obligation Government Regulation
Governmental Entities Governmental Licenses
Grants Gross Originations
Growth Strategy Guarantee Some Leverage Contingent Obligations
Hazardous Materials Headings
Headings Transaction Documents Convenience Reference Only Shall Not Health Safety
Hedging Transactions Entered Respect Purchased Securities Held 2007
Henry Nassau Highlights Included
Hold Securities Holder
Holder Action Written Consent However
Illegal Activity Portion Property Been Mezzanine Proceeds Illegal Activity Sellers Knowledge Portion Property Been Mezzanine
Impact Events 2001 Effect Thereon Terrorism Insurance Expose Impact Events 2001 Resulting Effect Terrorism Insurance Expose
Impact Inflation Impact Tax Accounting
Impairment Inc
Incentive Management Fees Incentive Share Option Iso
Income Loans Other Investments Income Loss Equity Investments
Income Payments Principal Income Tax Withholding
Income Taxes Income Taxes Deferred Compensation
Increase Market Interest Rates Lead Prospective Purchasers Class Increased Risks Involved Construction Lending Activities
Increasing Lenders Pro Rata Share Commitment Increase Assuming Indemnification
Indemnification Advance Expenses Indemnified Parties
Indemnified Party Indemnified Person
Indemnity Indemnity Contribution
Indenture Indenture Rights Obligations Each Holders Trustee Shall Construed
Independent Auditors Audit Process Index
Index Consolidated Financial Statements Schedules Initial Ownership
Initiation Confirmation Revolving Transactions Termination Fees Initiation Confirmation Termination Fees Reduction Facility Amount
Insider Trading Inspection Records
Intellectual Property Intellectual Property Rights
Intent Intentionally Omitted
Interaction Compensation Consultant Interest Bearing Liabilities
Interest Earning Assets Interest Earning Assets Rates Ratings 2006
Interest Elections Interest Payment Date
Interest Rate Derivative Financial Instruments Interest Rate Exposure
Interest Rate Hedge Swap Interest Rate Hedges Swaps
Interest Rate Risk Interest Rate Swap Agreements
Interim Financial Statements Internal Controls
Interpretation Amendments Interpretation Exclusive Forum
Interrelationship Elements Pay Interstate Commerce
Introduction Invest Non-performing Assets Subject Higher Degree Financial Risk
Invest Troubled Assets Subject Higher Degree Financial Risk Investment
Investment Act Investment Committee
Investment Costs Capitalized Investment Event
Investment Management Investment Management Overview
Investment Management Vehicles Subject Risk Defaults Party Investors Investment Policy
Investment Process Investment Status Neither Borrower Nor Subsidiaries Defined
Investment Strategies Investment Strategy
Investment Type Investments
Investments Clients Competitors Investments Subordinated Cmbs Similar Subject Losses
Investments Subordinated Cmbs Subject Losses Investments Trusts Established Benefit Samuel Zell Funds
Investor Demand Commercial Real Estate Cdos Been Substantially Involuntary Termination
Iso 100000 Limitation Isos
Issuance Common Securities Subscription Purchase Notes Issuance Preferred Stock Without Shareholder Approval
Issuance Restricted Shares Prior Vesting Issuance Shares Vesting
Issuances Shares Iv-1
Iv-2 Jay Thailer
Jeremy Fitzgerald John Klopp
Joint Several Liability Sellers Joshua Polan
Judicial Review Junior Subordinated Debentures
Junior Subordinated Due 2036 Junior Subordinated Due 2037
Junior Subordinated Indenture Laws Regulations
Leases Legal Fees
Lender Lenders
Leverage Create Mismatch Duration Index Investments Financing Liabilities
Liability Indemnification Libor
Libor Business Libor Determination Date
Lien Lieu Thereof Shall Deemed Provide Representations Securities Buyer
Like Amount Limitation Audit Committees Role
Limitation Rights Holders Limitations Awards
Limitations Voting Rights Limited Transferability Rights
Limits Awards Liquidation
Liquidation Amount 1000 Per Common Security Liquidation Amount 1000 Per Preferred Security
Liquidation Date Liquidation Distribution
Liquidity Capital Resources Litigation
Litigation Environmental Matters Llc Trs
Loans Loans Borrowings
Loans Comprising Each Abr Borrowing Shall Bear Interest Loans Investments Illiquid Constrain Ability Vary Portfolio
Loans Investments Subject Fluctuations Interest Rates Not Adequately Loans Receivable
Loans Receivable Net Loans Receivable Provision Loan Losses
Loans Receivable Reserve Possible Credit Losses Location
Long-term Consideration Recovery Breach Long-term Incentive Plan
Lynne Sagalyn Majority Liquidation Amount
Manage Portfolio Manner Allows Rely Exception Registration Investment Manage Portfolio Manner Allows Rely Exclusion Registration Investment
Management Advisory Fees Management Agreements
Management Fees Managements Report Internal Control Over Financial Reporting
Managements Responsibility Financial Statements Margin Maintenance
Market Value Market Value Class Common Stock Adversely Affected Factors
Martin Edelman Maryland Takeover Statutes
Master Repurchase Agreement Material Adverse Change
Material Adverse Effect Material Breach Policy Code Ethics
Maturity Meetings
Meetings Holders Preferred Securities Membership
Merger Conversion Consolidation Succession Business Mergers Consolidations Amalgamations Replacements Trust
Mergers Consolidations Sales Assets Etc Methods Exercise
Mezzanine Mezzanine Loan
Mezzanine Loans Being Conveyed Buyer Subsequent Transferee Hereunder Mezzanine Partners
Mezzanine Partners Inc Minimum Exercise Requirements
Miscellaneous Mitigation Obligations Replacement Lenders
Modification Awards Substitution Options Modification Extension Renewal Awards
Modifications Modifications Waivers Etc
Modify Material Adverse Respect Servicing Agreements Money Laundering Laws
Monthly Reporting Package Morgan Stanley Bank
Mutilated Destroyed Lost Stolen Securities Certificates Mutual Agreement Arbitrate Claims
Names Addresses Communications Between Parties Nature Duties
Negative Covenants Negative Covenants Seller
Net Income New 2007 Plan Benefits
New Accounting Pronouncements New Accounting Standard
New Gross Originations New Indenture
New Indenture Trustee New Originations Rates Ratings 2006
New York New York 10022
New York 2005 New York 2006
New York 2007 New York 8211 2008
Nolo Contendere Nominees Election Directors
Non-assignability Non-assignability Termination
Non-iso Non-isos
Non-transferability Awards Non-us Investments Expose Certain Risks
Nonadmission Liability Not Able Acquire Eligible Investments Collateralized Debt Obligation
Not Able Acquire Suitable Investments Cdo Issuance Issue Not Able Find Suitable Replacement Investments Cdos Reinvestment
Not Able Find Suitable Replacement Investments Collateralized Debt Not Able Obtain Level Leverage Necessary Optimize Return
Not Achieve Targeted Rate Return Investments Not Contract Employment
Not Control Over Certain Loans Investments Not Maintain Qualification Reit Subject Tax Regular Corporation
Not Responsible Recitals Issuance Securities Representations Notes
Notes Mezzanine Loans Cmbs Notice 2006 Annual Meeting Shareholders
Notice 2007 Annual Meeting Shareholders Notice 2008 Annual Meeting Shareholders
Notice Meetings Notice Prospective Action
Notices Notices Defaults Extensions
Notices Material Events Borrower Furnish Administrative Agent Notices Other Communications
Now Therefore Number Trustees
Nyse Nyse Status Shall Maintain Listing Class Common
Obligations Obtainable Seller Respect Collateral Purchased Conduct Operation Business
Ofac Off-balance Sheet Arrangements
Officers Officers Certificate
Officers Financial Certificate Officers Members Shareholders Directors Seller Shall Liable Payment
Offices Offsets Defenses Counterclaims Valid Right Offset Rescission Defense
Operating Results Operating Segments
Operative Documents Opinion Counsel
Opinion Opinions Outside Counsel Seller Reasonably Acceptable Buyer Option
Option Exercises Stock Vested Option Extend Expiration Date
Optional Redemption Price Options
Order Organization
Organizational Documents Borrower Shall Not Amend Modify Original Preferred Securities
Original Trust Agreement Originations
Other Balance Sheet Other Expenses
Other Information Respect Purchased Assets Reasonably Requested Applicable Other Jurisdictions
Other Matters Other Revenue
Other Situations Otherwise Exempt Therefrom Other Party Proceed Reliance Thereon
Outside Directorships Outstanding
Outstanding Stock Overview
Overview Elements Pay Ownership Chart Each Seller
Ownership Common Securities Depositor Page
Pari Passu Park Avenue 14th Floor New York 10022
Park Avenue Associates Participant
Participation Interest Participations Sold
Parties Parties Recognize Each Transaction Securities Contract Term Defined
Partners Partners Inc
Pay Levels Benchmarking Paying Agent
Payment Payment Account
Payment Delivery Payment Expenses
Payment Procedures Payment Senior Debt Default Over Proceeds Dissolution Etc
Payment Taxes Duties Etc Trust Payment Transfer Custody
Payments Generally Pro Rata Treatment Sharing Set-offs Payments Government Personnel
Payments Indenture Pursuant Direct Actions Pays Proxy Solicitation
Percent Holder Performance Awards
Performance Compensation Award Performance Compensation Awards
Performance Evaluation Performance Graph
Performance Measures Determine Qualification Shares Performance Measures Determine Qualification Unit
Performance Shares Units Performance Unit
Performance Unit Share Award Agreement Permit Majority Members Board Directors Seller Change Period
Permitted Encumbrances Person
Persons Deemed Holders Peter Ginsberg
Place Payment Place Performance
Plan Plan Document
Plan Governs Plan Prospectus
Platform Please Sign Date Return Promptly Enclosed Envelope Vote
Please Sign Date Return Proxy Enclosed Postage-paid Envelope Pledged Securities
Pledgor Portfolio Breakdown
Portfolio Net Interest Margin Portfolio Performance
Post 2007 Actions Powers Committee
Predecessor Security Preferred Equity
Preferred Securities Preferred Securities Certificate
Preferred Securities Liquidation Amount 1000 Per Security Preferred Security
Preferred Security Global Then Insert Preferred Stock
Preferred Trust Preliminary Prospectus
Prepayment Loans Presented Fairly Accordance Gaap Accompanied Cases Unqualified Report
Principal Accounting Firm Fees Principles Consolidation
Pro Forma Financial Information 000s Pro Rata
Procedures Professionals
Prohibition Repricing Within 2007 Plan Promise Not Disclose
Promise Not Engage Certain Employment Promise Not Solicit
Properties Property Trustee
Property Trustee Proofs Claim Property Trustee Required
Property Type Proposal 1-election Directors
Proposal 2-approval Adoption Capital Trust Inc 2007 Long-term Proposal Election Directors
Protection Proper Assets Provided
Provided Further Provided Further However
Provided However Proxies Etc
Proxy Solicited Board Directors Capital Trust Inc 2006 Public Disclosure
Public Offering Purchase Agreement
Purchase Date Deliver Buyer Custodial Delivery Custodian Entire Purchase Price
Purchased Assets Against Sellers Obligations Buyer Agreement Without Purchased Loan Information
Purpose Pursue Fund Management Opportunities Related Other Classes Investments
Pursuit Released Claims Qib
Qualified Purchasers Range Award Amounts Calculation
Range Award Values Calculation Real Estate Investment Business Highly Competitive Success Depends
Recent Highlights Recitals
Reckless Conduct Reclassifications
Record Date Voting Other Purposes Record Issuance 2004
Record-keeping Recording Communications
Recovery Breach Recovery Provision Losses
Redemption Redemption Date
Redemption Price Reference Banks
Registration Rights Related Assistance Registration Statement
Registration Transfer Exchange Preferred Securities Certificates Regular Record Date
Regulation Reimbursement Awards
Reit Related Parties
Related Party Transactions Relationship Martin Edelman
Released Reliance
Relocation Remainder Page Been Intentionally Left Blank
Remainder Page Intentionally Left Blank Remit Seller Remainder
Repayment Event Repayment Loans Evidence Indebtedness
Replacement Awards Report Audit Committee Board Directors
Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Reporting Illegal Unethical Behavior Retaliation
Reporting Person Reports Notices Demands
Reports Property Trustee Representation
Representations Representations Indemnities Survive
Representations Warranties Representations Warranties Depositor
Representations Warranties Property Trustee Delaware Representations Warranties Purchased Securities
Representations Warranties Regarding Each Individual Mezzanine Loan Representations Warranties Regarding Each Participation Interest Related Underlying
Representations Warranties Taberna Representative Such Reasonable Times Frequency Make Copies Extracts
Repurchase Agreement8221 Repurchase Agreements
Repurchase Obligations Request
Request Directive Whether Not Having Force Law Central Required Notice Claims Statute Limitations
Required Repurchase Loans Sold Indemnify Holders Cdos Required Repurchase Loans Sold Indemnify Holders Collateralized Debt
Requirements Modification Revocation Reservation Shares
Resignation Resignation Removal Appointment Successor
Responsible Officer Restricted Cash
Restricted Legends Restricted Period
Restricted Shares Share Units Defined Performance Awards Restricted Shares Share Units Unrestricted
Restricted Shares Share Units Unrestricted Deferred Restrictions Transfer Award
Retained Capital Trust Return Information
Revenue Recognition Reverse Vesting
Rick Shane Rights Duties
Rights Holders Rights Obligations Seller Transaction Documents Shall Not Assigned
Rights Plan Rights Remedies Powers Each Buyer Hereunder Connection Herewith
Rights Trustee Holder Senior Debt Preservation Trustees Risk Management Financial Instruments
Risk Management Principles Risks Related Reit Status
Role Board Directors Compensation Committee Rule 144a
Rule 16b-3 Sale Transfer Hypothecation Pledge Purchased Assets
Sale Transfer Hypothecation Pledge Purchased Loans Sale Transfer Hypothecation Pledge Purchased Loans Securities
Samuel Zell Sarbanes-oxley Act 2002
Sarbanes-oxley Act 2003 Sarbanes-oxley Act Loan Prohibition
Schedule Schedule 1-a
Schedule 1-b Schedule 14a
Schedule Confirmation Statement Schedules
Seal Seasoned Management Team
Secured Debt Secured Parties
Secured Unsecured Credit Agreements Impose Restrictions Operation Business Securities
Securities Account Securities Act
Securities Certificate Securities Certificates
Securities Exchange Securities Exchange Act 1934
Securities Intermediar Securities Law Restrictions
Securities Laws Securities Register
Securities Registrar Securities Rights
Security Security Global Insert
Security Interest Security Interests Hospitality Properties Property Securing Mortgage Loan
See Accompanying Notes Consolidated Financial Statements Segment Reporting
Seller Seller Remainder
Seller Remainder Such Principal Payments Net Sale Proceeds Seller Required Cure Margin Deficit Specified Above Accordance
Seller Shall Admit Person Inability Intention Not Perform Seller Shall Certified Buyer Writing Acquisition Cost Such
Seller Shall Fail Cure Margin Deficit Extent Such Seller Shall Fail Repurchase Purchased Assets Applicable Date
Seller Shall Provide Buyer Copies Such Documents Reasonably Seller Shall Provide Buyer Following Financial Reporting Information
Seller Shall Provide Cause Provided Buyer Following Financial Seller Shall Provide Each Buyer Copies Such Documents
Seller Shall Provide Each Buyer Following Financial Reporting Seller Shall Solely Responsible Fees Expenses Custodian
Sellers Right Each Hedging Transaction Relating Purchased Assets Senior Debt
Senior Mortgage Loans Senior Mortgage Loans Noi Debt Yield
Senior Mortgage Notes Junior Mezzanine Loans Participation Interests Senior Unsecured Credit Facility
Separability Separate Tax Parcels Each Property Constitutes Complete Lots
Separation Service Servicing
Servicing Fees Seventh
Severability Shall Construed Requiring Buyer Conduct Inquiry Decreasing Sellers
Shall Impose Buyer Other Condition Share
Share Appreciation Rights Share Appreciation Rights Sars
Share Price Close Shareholder Nominations Communications Policy
Shareholder Proposals Shareholder Rights
Shareholders Equity Shares
Shares Subject 2007 Plan Shares Subject Plan
Shelf Securities Signature
Signature Below Signature Page Follows
Signatures Significant Subsidiary
Single Agreement Single Purpose Entity Pledgor Mortgagor Each Mezzanine Loan
Single Transaction Six-month Delay Rule
Sixth Sole Entire Agreement
Some Investments Investment Opportunities Synthetic Form Some Leverage Contingent Obligations Guaranteed
Some Provisions Charter Bylaws Maryland Law Deter Takeover Special Record Date
Special Redemption Price Special Tax Provisions
Standard Benefits Stephen Plavin
Steve Plavin Stock
Stock Options Long Term Incentive Plan Stock Options Restricted Incentive Plans
Stock Ownership Guidelines Subject Risks Holding Leveraged Investments
Subject Risks Related International Investments Amount Percentage Operations Subject Risks Uncertainties Associated Operating Investment Management Business
Subject Terms Secured Unsecured Credit Agreements Impose Restrictions Submission Jurisdiction
Subordination Common Securities Subpoenas
Subsequent Event Subsidiary
Substance Abuse Substitution Eligible Assets Subject Satisfaction Conditions Acquisition Purchased
Substitution Eligible Loans Subject Satisfaction Conditions Acquisition Purchased Substitution Options
Success Depends Availability Attractive Investments Ability Identify Structure Successor Securities
Successors Successors Assigns
Such Capacity Property Trustee Such Other Principal Amount Represented Hereby Set Forth
Such Purchased Securities Loans Respectively Date Payment Determined Summary Compensation Table
Summary Non-employee Director Compensation Summary Significant Accounting Policies
Supplemental Disclosures Consolidated Statements Cash Flows Supplemental Schedule Non-cash Financing Activities
Taberna Taberna Transferred Rights
Take Action Directly Indirectly Impair Adversely Affect Buyers Take Action Directly Indirectly Impair Adversely Affect Such
Tax Event Tax Returns Other Reports
Taxable Mortgage Pool Rules Limit Manner Effect Future Taxes
Term Term 2007 Plan Amendments Termination
Term Options Term Plan
Term-out Option Termination
Termination Continuous Service Termination Disability
Termination Employment Consulting Relationship Termination Rescission Recapture Awards
Thereof Buyer Each Such Instance Receiving Prior Written Thirteenth
Thomas Dobrowski Thomas Ruffing
Time Granting Awards Time Notice Deemed Given
Time Sale Prospectus Timing Equity Grants
Total Return Swap Trailing 12-month Performance
Transaction Procedure Transactions Related Parties
Transactions Related Persons Promoters Certain Control Transfer Internal Revenue Code
Transfer Servicing Purchased Asset Documents Other Information Respect Transferability
Transitional Stabilized Mortgage Loans Trust
Trust Agreement Trust Agreements
Trust Indenture Act Trust Preferred Securities
Trust Property Trust Securities
Trustee Trustees
Twelfth Types Documentation
Ucc-1 Financing Statements Undersigned Hereby Acknowledges Receipt Notice Annual Meeting Proxy
Underwriting Agreement Uniform Commercial Code
Unique Business Model Unless Previously Terminated Commitments Shall Terminate Maturity Date
Unrestricted Shares Unsecured Rights Deferred Compensation
Utilize Taxable Mortgage Pools Finance Investments Valid Assignment Mezzanine Loan Constitutes Legal Binding Such
Validity Valuation Metrics
Value Venable Form Opinion
Venable8221 Vesting
Vesting Forfeiture Via Electronic Transmission
Voluntary Agreement Vote
Vote Person Annual Meeting Rather Authorizing Proxy Vote Proxy
Vote Required Recommendation Vote Telephone Over Internet
Votes Counted Voting Rights
Waiver Notice Waivers Amendments
Waivers Code Business Conduct Ethics Waivers Etc
Website Access Reports What Other Matters Come Annual Meeting
What Required Vote Approval What Shares Held Street Name
Whereas Withheld Shares
Withholding Tax Within Fifteen After Each End Monthly Reporting Package
Without Limitation Respect Purchased Assets Asset Files Held Witness Whereof
Xix Xvii
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