Topic Listing for Cardinal Financial

Absence Claims Absence Material Changes Events
Absence Undisclosed Liabilities Access Records Current Information
Accounting Business Combinations Accounting Business Combinations Impairment Testing Goodwill
Accounting Certain Mortgage Banking Activities Accounting Debtors Creditors Troubled Debt Restructurings
Accounting Derivative Instruments Certain Hedging Activities Accounting Economic Hedging Activities
Accounting Impairment Amortizing Intangible Assets Other Long-lived Accounting Impairment Intangible Assets
Accounting Impairment Testing Goodwill Accounting Stock Issued Employees
Accounting Stock-based Compensation Accounting Stock-based Compensation Transition Disclosure Amended
Accounts Investments Acquisition
Acquisitions Additional Information
Adjustment Change Common Stock Administration
Administration Plan Administrator
Adopted Adoption
Adverse Actions Adversely Affected Economic Conditions Market Area
Adversely Impacted Changes Condition Financial Markets Affiliate
Aggregate Limit Agreement
Agreement Plan Share Exchange Alan Merten
Alice Starr Allowance Loan Losses
Allowance Loan Losses Becomes Inadequate Results Operations Adversely Amended Restated Effective 2005
Amended Restated Effective 2006 Amendment
Amendment Employment Agreement Amendment Statement 133 Derivative Instruments Hedging Activities
Amendment Termination Amendment Waiver
Amendments Articles Incorporation Bylaws Change Annual Compensation Executive Officers
Annual Meeting Shareholders Annual Report Financial Statements
Annual Shareholders Meeting Applicable Law
Application Accounting Principles Loan Commitments Articles Incorporation Bylaws
Asks Federal Local Law Enforcement Authorities Assistance Asset Quality Remains Excellent Loans Grew Capital Continues
Asset Quality Remains Excellent Loans Increase Asset Quality Remains Strong Loans Deposits Grew
Asset Quality Remains Strong Loans Grow Asset Quality Remains Strong Net Interest Margin Improves
Assurance Recently Enacted Legislation Stabilize Financial System Audit Committee
Audit Committee Pre-approval Policies Procedures Audit Committee Report
Audit Fees Audit-related Fees
Authority Automatic Teller Machines
Award Balance Sheet Data
Bank Accounts Bank Holding Act
Bank Owned Life Insurance Bank Secrecy Act
Bank-owned Life Insurance Basis Presentation
Beck Beneficial Ownership Reporting Compliance
Beneficiary Benefit Plans
Bennett Bernard Clineburg
Binding Effect Successors Binding Nature
Board Committee Meetings Board Directors Recommends Shareholders Approve Amendment 2002 Equity
Board Directors Recommends Shareholders Approve Amendment Deferral Plans Bookkeeping Account
Bookkeeping Activity Books Records
Borrowings Brokerage Asset Management Services
Brokerage Investment Services Brokers Finders
Business Combinations Business Segment Operations
Business Segment Results Businesses Earnings Impacted Governmental Monetary Policy
Capital Requirements Capital Resources
Capital Stock Capital Structure
Capitalization Capitalization Declaration Dividend
Capitalization Remains Strong Captions
Cardinal Announces John Fishers Retirement Cardinal Financial Corporation
Cardinal Financial Corporation Announces Approval Share Repurchase Plan Cardinal Financial Corporation Announces Exercise Underwriters Option
Cardinal Financial Corporation Announces Offering Shares Common Stock Cardinal Financial Corporation Announces Pricing Common Stock Offering
Cardinal Financial Corporation Completes Additional Capital Raise Cardinal Financial Corporation Completes Capital Raise
Cardinal Financial Corporation Proxy Statement Cardinal Financial Corporation Reports Record Date Earnings
Cardinal Financial Corporation Reports Record Earnings 262 Cardinal Financial Corporation Restriction Stock Sales
Cardinal Financial Corporation Subsidiaries Cardinal Financial Corporation Subsidiaries Notes Consolidated Statements 2007
Cardinal Financial Declines Opportunity Participate Treasury Capital Purchase Cardinal Financial Reports Earnings
Cardinal Financial Reports Record Earnings Cardinal Reports
Cardinal Reports Asset Quality Continues Exceptional Cardinal Reports Earnings
Cardinal Reports Increase Earnings Cardinal Reports Increased Earnings Asset Quality Remains Strong
Cardinal Reports Record Annual Earnings Cash Compensation
Cash Equivalents Cause
Caution Forward Looking Statements Caution Forward-looking Statements
Certain Relationships Related Transactions Certain Relationships Related Transactions Director Independence
Certificates Deposit 100000 Certificates Deposit 100000 2007
Certification Change Control
Change Control Distribution Change Control Price
Change Control Provisions Changes Automobile Industry Adversely Affect Trust Business
Changes Disagreements Accountants Accounting Financial Disclosure Changes Internal Control Over Financial Reporting
Changes Nonqualified Deferred Compensation Chief Executive Officer
Christopher Bergstrom Claim
Claim Decision Claims
Claims Procedure Client Consents
Closing Effective Date Code Ethics
Commercial Banking Commercial Industrial Loans
Commercial Mortgage Loans Commercial Real Estate Business Loans Increase Exposure Credit
Commitments Commitments Contingencies
Commitments Extend Credit Committee
Committee Membership Committees Board Directors
Common Stock Issued Employee Benefit Plans Common Stock Par Value 100 Per Share
Common Stock Performance Graph Communications Board Directors
Community Reinvestment Act Compared 2002
Compared 2003 Compared 2004
Compared 2005 Compared 2006
Compared 2007 Compensation Benefits
Compensation Committee Compensation Committee Interlocks Insider Participation
Compensation Committee Report Executive Compensation Program
Competition Compliance Law Approval Regulatory Bodies
Compliance Laws Components
Concentration Loans Secured Real Estate Increase Credit Losses Concentration Loans Secured Real Estate Increase Future Credit
Conditions Each Party Obligations Effect Share Exchange Conditions Obligations Cardinal
Confidentiality Confidentiality Nondisclosure Noncompetition Nonsolicitation
Consent Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Consolidated Statements Cash Flows
Consolidated Statements Changes Shareholders Equity Consolidated Statements Comprehensive Income Loss
Consolidation Merger Consolidation Variable Interest Entities
Construction Construction Loans
Consumer Laws Regarding Fair Lending Consumer Loans
Continue Recruit Experienced Bankers Continuous Activities-general
Continuous Activities-re Reporting Specific Policies Contracts
Contractual Obligations Control Change Date
Controls Procedures Conversion Shares
Corporate Benefit Plans Corresponding Sar
Costs Plan Counterpart
Courier Services Covenant Not Solicit Clients Prospective
Credit Policies Credit Quality Remains Excellent
Credit Quality Remains Strong Critical Accounting Policies
Current Business Environment Current Levels Market Volatility Unprecedented
Custodian Customers
Cynthia Cole Dean
Death Deemed Earnings
Defaults Senior Securities Deferral Elections Matching Contributions
Deferral Plans Deferred Compensation Plans
Deferred Income Plan Definitions
Demand Registration Dennis Griffith
Departure Directors Certain Officers Election Appointment Compensatory Departure Directors Certain Officers Election Appointment Compensatory Arrangements
Departure Directors Principal Officers Election Appointment Deposit Demand
Deposits Deposits Other Borrowed Funds
Derivative Instruments Hedging Activities Derivative Instruments Related Loans Held Sale
Derivatives Derivatives Hedging Activities
Difficult Market Conditions Adversely Affected Industry Director Compensation
Directors Directors Executive Officers Corporate Governance
Directors Not Standing Re-election Disability
Disclaimer Disclosure Controls Procedures
Disclosures Fair Value Financial Instruments Discuss
Disposition Stock Dispositions
Distribution Accounts Distribution Participants Death
Distribution Participants Disability Distribution Separation Service
Distribution Specific Date Distribution Without Applicable Election
Distributions Distributions Generally
Distributions Small Accounts Dividend Policy
Dividends Documents Incorporated Reference
Duplication Benefits Duration Plan
Duties Committee Earning Award
Earnings Per Common Share Earnings Per Share
Economic Environment Effect Employment Service
Eligibility Eligibility Participation
Elizabeth Piper Bach Employee Benefit Plans
Employee Status Employees
Employment Employment Agreement
Employment Agreements Employment Agreements Etc
End Option Values Entire Agreement
Entry Material Definitive Agreement Environmental Matters
Equity Compensation Plan Erisa
Estimates Etc
Exchange Act Exclusive Service
Executive Compensation Executive Deferred Income Plan
Executive Employment Agreement Executive Officer Compensation
Executive Officers Executive Officers Significant
Executive Sessions Exercise
Exhibits Expand Footprint Through Branch Expansion
Expand Lending Activities Expense Account
Explanatory Extended Off-balance Sheet Commitments Borrowers Expose Credit Interest
Failure Designate Method Payment Fair Lending Consumer Laws
Fair Market Value Fair Value Derivative Instruments Hedging Activities
Fair Value Financial Instruments Fair Value Interest Rate Lock Commitments Forward Loan
Fair Value Investment Securities Available-for-sale Interest Rate Swap Fair Value Measurements
Federal Income Tax Consequences Federal Reserve System
Fees Independent Public Accountants Fiduciary Discretion
Financial Developments Financial Instruments Off Balance Sheet Risk
Financial Instruments Off-balance Sheet Risk Credit Financial Instruments Off-balance-sheet Risk
Financial Instruments Off-balance-sheet Risk Credit Financial Statements
Financial Statements Exhibits Financial Statements Supplementary Data
Focus Specialized Lending Services Forbearances Cardinal
Form 10-k Form 10-q
Forward Loan Sales Commitments Fractional Shares
Future Regulatory Uncertainty Future Success Dependent Ability Compete Effectively Highly Competitive
Gain Sale Loans Gene Merrill
General General -business Segments
General Information General Information 2005 Annual Meeting Shareholders
General Information 2008 Annual Meeting Shareholders General Information 2009 Annual Meeting Shareholders
General Information Election Directors General Periods
General Provisions George Mason Mortgage Llc
George Shafran Goodwill Intangible Assets
Goodwill Other Intangible Assets Goodwill Other Intangibles
Goodwill Other Intangibles Become Impaired Thus Result Charge Governing Law
Gramm-leach-bliley Act 1999 Gramm-leach-bliley Act 1999 Covers Broad Range Issues Including
Grants Awards Equity Plan Grants Plan-based Awards
Growth Strategy Guarantee Employment
Had Stock-based Employee Compensation Plans 1999 Stock Hamilton Lambert
Hedging Highlights
Highlights Banking Operations Highlights Mortgage Banking Operations
Highlights Wealth Management Trust Services History
Holdback Period Holdings Stock Options
Immediate Release Impact Recently Enacted Legislation Particular Emergency Economic Stabilization
Important Notice Regarding Availability Proxy Materials Shareholder Meeting Incentive Stock Option
Incentive Stock Option Agreement Incentive Stock Options
Income Statement Review Income Tax Allocation
Income Taxes Increases Fdic Insurance Premiums Cause Earnings Decrease
Incumbent Directors Serving Terms Expiring 2006 Incumbent Directors Serving Terms Expiring 2007
Incumbent Directors Serving Terms Expiring 2009 Incumbent Directors Serving Terms Expiring 2010
Incumbent Directors Serving Terms Expiring 2011 Incur Losses Unable Successfully Manage Interest Rate Risk
Indebtedness Indemnification
Indemnification Committee Independence Benefits
Independence Directors Index
Information Initial Value
Injunctive Relief Damages Etc Installment Payments
Insurance Insurance Accounts Assessments Regulation Fdic
Interest Rate Risk Management-cash Flow Hedging Instruments Interest Rate Risk Management-fair Value Hedging Instruments
Interest Rate Sensitivity Internal Control-integrated Framework
Interstate Banking Branching Introduction
Invalid Provisions Investment Advisory Activities
Investment Fee Income Investment Securities
Investment Securities Held Trading Investment Securities Held-to-maturity Other Investments
Investment Securities Other Investments Investment Services
Issuer Filed Registration Statement Including Prospectus Preliminary Supplement James Russo
John Fisher John Rust
Kathleen Walsh Carr Kendal Carson
Kevin Reynolds Kim Liddell
Labor Relations Legal Proceedings
Legislative Regulatory Changes Materially Change Business Adversely Affect Lending
Life Insurance Limitation Liability
Liquidity Litigation
Loan Growth Increases Credit Quality Remains Excellent Loan Participations
Loans Loans Held Sale
Loans Held Sale Financing Loans Held Sale Net
Loans Insiders Loans Receivable
Loans Receivable Allowance Loan Losses Loans Receivable Net
Long-term Incentive Compensation Loss Escrow Arrangement
Maintain Allowance Loan Losses Level Represents Managements Best Managed Loans
Management Comments Management Fee Income
Managements Discussion Analysis Financial Condition Results Operations Managements Report Internal Control Over Financial Reporting
Market Area Material Contracts
Material Impairments Maximum Option Period
Maximum Sar Period Meaning Other-than-temporary Impairment Application Certain Investments
Meeting Attendance Method Payment Elective Distributions
Michael Garcia Miscellaneous Provisions
Monetary Policy Mortgage Banking
Mortgage Banking Revenue Sensitive Changes Economic Conditions Decreased Mortgage Loans Held Sale
Necessary Activities Need Additional Capital Future Continue Growth Not Able
Net Gains Investment Securities Available-for-sale Held- For-trading Net Income Earnings Per Share Reached Record Levels
Net Income Earnings Per Share Rise Significantly Net Income Increased Interest Margin Earnings Per Share
Net Income Increased Interest Margin Improved Net Interest Income
Net Interest Income Increases Non-interest 164 Net Interest Income Margin
Net Interest Margin Continues Widen New Accounting Pronouncement
New Financial Accounting Standards News Release
Nominating Committee Nominations Process
Nominees Election Terms Expiring 2008 Nominees Election Terms Expiring 2011
Nominees Election Terms Expiring 2012 Non-employee Director
Non-interest Expense Non-interest Income
Non-performing Loans Receivable 2004 2003 2002 2001 2000 Non-qualified Stock Option
Non-qualified Stock Options Non-reliance Previously Issued Financial Statements Related Audit Report
Noninterest Expense Noninterest Income
Nonperforming Loans Receivable Nonperforming Loans Receivable 2007 2006
Nontransferability Not Able Successfully Manage Growth Implement Strategies Adversely
Not Applicable Not Employment Contract
Not Retainer Contract Notices
Now Therefore Number 0-24557
Obligations Corporation Termination Off Balance Sheet Risks
Offer Additional Financial Products Services Officers
Operated Cumulative Loss Since Inception Operating Segment Results Commercial Banking Earnings Increased 140
Operating Segment Results Commercial Banking Earnings Increased 345 Operational Risk Impact Ability Provide Services Customers
Opinions Counsel Option
Option Exercises 2006 Option Exercises 2007
Option Exercises 2008 Option Grants 2004
Option Price Optionees Address Notices
Options Purchase 44000 963911 Shares Common Stock Granted Ordinary Course
Organization Organization Standing
Organization Standing Power Other Benefits
Other Benefits Agreements Other Borrowed Funds
Other Circumstances Other Commitments Extend Credit
Other Events Other Fees
Other Information Other Matters
Other Operating Expenses Other Products Services
Other Safety Soundness Regulations Other-than-temporary Impairment
Overview Ownership Stock
Parent Only Financial Statements Participant
Participant Accounts Parties Certain Legal Proceedings Impact Earnings
Parties State They Read Understood Agree Bound Agreement Payables
Payment Payment Benefits
Payment Dividends Pension Benefits
Performance Obligations Performance Shares
Personal Sick Leave Plan
Plan Nonqualified Deferred Compensation Plan Participants
Plan Unfunded Potential Payments Change Control
Potential Payments Change-in-control Potential Payments Early Retirement Voluntary Separation Service
Potential Payments Involuntary Termination Without Cause Good Reason Potential Payments Normal Retirement Death Disability
Powers Committee Pre-retirement Separation Benefit
Premises Equipment Principal Accounting Fees Services
Principles Consolidation Prior 2004 Operated Reported Business Segments Commercial Banking
Profitability Value Equity Investment Suffer Because Rapid Unpredictable Profitability Value Investment Suffer Because Rapid Unpredictable Changes
Prohibition Competition Properties
Property Property Equipment
Proposal Proposals 2006 Annual Meeting
Proposals 2009 Annual Meeting Proposals 2010 Annual Meeting
Provide Banking Non-banking Financial Services Products Through Subsidiaries Provided
Provision Expense Allowance Loan Losses Provision Loan Losses
Proxy Solicited Behalf Board Directors Proxy Statement
Purposes Pursuant Requirements Securities Exchange Act 1934 Registrant Duly
Pursuant Securities Exchange Act 1934 Pursuant Usc 1350
Quantitative Qualitative Disclosures Market Risk Quarterly Data
Quarterly Net Interest Income Increased Quarterly Net Interest Income Increased Non-interest Annual 162
Quarterly Net Interest Income Increased Non-interest Improved Despite Quarterly Pretax Income 261 Annual
Ratification Independent Auditor Realized Unrealized Gains Sale Loans
Reallocation Shares Recent Developments
Recitals Reclassifications
Registration Rights Agreement Regulation Disclosure
Regulatory Applications Approvals Regulatory Approval Received Trust Operations
Regulatory Approvals Related Party Transactions
Related-party Transactions Rely Heavily Management Team Unexpected Loss Those Personnel
Remediation Steps Address Material Weakness Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Reports Representations Warranties
Representations Warranties Wilson Bennett Required Tax Withholding Reporting
Residential Mortgage Loans Resolved
Responsibilities Restatement 2004 Results
Restatement Consolidated Financial Statements Restricted Stock
Restriction Solicitation Cardinals Employees Restrictions Transfer
Restrictions Transfer Benefits Results Operations Financial Condition
Retirement Retirement Benefit
Retirement Distribution Retirement Plans
Review Balance Sheet Credit Quality Rex Wagner
Risk Factors Robert Bradecamp
Robert Cern Rules Construction
Sar Schedule
Schedule 14a Schedule 14a Information
Scheduled Activities Secondary Common Stock Offering
Securities Authorized Issuance Equity Compensation Plans Security Ownership Certain Beneficial Owners
Security Ownership Certain Beneficial Owners Management Security Ownership Certain Beneficial Owners Management Related Stockholder
Security Ownership Directors Executive Officers Segment Information
Segment Reporting Segment Reporting 2008 2007 2006
Selected Financial Highlights Selected Highlights
Separation Service Seq
Service Settlement
Severability Sfas 157 Adoption Adjustment
Share Exchange Share Exchange Consummation
Share Exchange Related Matters Share-based Payment
Share-based Payments Amendment Fasb Statements 123 Shareholder Matters
Shareholder Rights Shareholder Vote
Shareholders Equity Shares Issued
Short-term Incentive Compensation Sidney Dewberry
Signatures Solicitation
Soundness Other Financial Institutions Adversely Affect Statement Chief Executive Officer
Statement Chief Executive Officer Pursuant Usc 1350 Statement Chief Financial Officer
Statement Chief Financial Officer Pursuant Usc 1350 Statement Policy
Statements Condition Statements Income
Stock Appreciation Rights Stock Appreciation Rights Sars
Stock Award Stock Awards
Stock Deemed Crediting Stock Option Grant Procedures
Stock Options Stock Unit
Stock Units Stock-based Compensation
Strong Credit Quality Demonstrated Structure
Submission Matters Vote Security Holders Subsequent Elections
Subsequent Event Subsequent Events
Subsidiaries Cardinal Financial Corporation Subsidiary
Substantial Decline Value Federal Home Loan Bank Atlanta Summary Compensation Table
Summary Significant Accounting Policies Supplemental Executive Retirement Plan
Supplemental Executive Retirement Plans Table
Table Certificates Deposit 100000 Table Contents
Table Nonperforming Loans Receivable Tax Fees
Tax Matters Tax Withholding
Telephone Internet Banking Term
Termination Termination Cause
Total Assets Grew Deposits Over Total Assets Grew Record 1585 Loans Over
Total Assets Grow Past Transactions Affiliates
Transferability Awards Options Transferable Options
Transferable Performance Shares Transferable Sars
Transition Elections Transition Report Pursuant Securities Exchange Act 1934
Trends Delinquencies Nonaccrual Loans National Local Economic Conditions Trust Investment Services
Trust Preferred Securities Trust Relationship Created
Trust Services Trust Services Revenue
Unclaimed Property Unfunded Plan
Unfunded Plans Unregistered Sales Equity Securities Proceeds
Untrue Statements Omissions Vacations
Valuation Deferred Tax Assets Vesting
Vote Required Warehouse Financing
Warehouse Financing Loans Held Sale Warehouse Lines Payable
Warranties Covenants Wealth Management Trust Services
Wendel Whereas
William Buck William Peterson
Wilson Bennett Wilson Bennett Capital Management Inc
Witness Whereof Witnesseth
Wwwcardinalbankcom Xvi Effective Date Plan
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