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Access Proxy Materials Over Internet Accountants
Accounting Changes Accounting Commitments Contingencies
Accounting Purchasing Agent Agreements Accounting Sorbates Matters
Accumulated Other Comprehensive Income Loss Accuracy Information
Acetate Acetate Earnings Profile
Acetate Flake Acetate Products
Acetate Summary Acetic Acid Patent Infringement Matters
Acetyl Intermediates Acetyls
Acetyls Building Success Acid
Acknowledgement Release Acknowledgment Offer
Acquisition Acetate Products Limited Acquisition Additional Cag Shares
Acquisitions Acrylic
Adding Value Through Downstream Acquisitions Additional Information Regarding Executive Compensation
Additional Paid-in Capital Additional Shares
Adjusted Ebitda Adjustments
Adjustments Limitations Administration 2009 Espp
Administration 2009 Gip Adoption Majority Voting Standard Uncontested Director Elections
Advanced Engineered Materials Advantage Vae Over Vinyl Acrylic
Affiliate Affiliate8221
Affiliates Respective Partners General Limited Members Managing Otherwise Agent Members
Agreement Agreement Governed Construed Accordance Laws State New York
Agreements Affiliates Blackstone Group Agreements Members Management
Air Products Amended Restated Certificate Incorporation
Amended Restated Registration Rights Agreement Amendment Purchase Agreement
Amendment Termination 2009 Espp Amendment Termination 2009 Gip
Amounts Fair Cash Compensation Guaranteed Annual Payment Offered Amounts Recognized Accompanying Consolidated Balance Sheets Consist
Andreas Pohlmann Annual Meeting Shareholders Held
Annual Meeting Shareholders Held 2008 Annual Meeting Stockholders Held 2009
Asbestos Claims Asia
Asian Joint Ventures Successful Partnerships Asset Retirement Obligations
Asset Sale Asset Sales
Assets Held Sale Attend Annual Meeting
Audit Committee Audit Committee Pre-approval Policy
Audit Committee Report Audit Related Fees
Available Information Securities Exchange Sec Filings Corporate Governance Award Agreement Written Contract Other Instrument Document Evidencing
Background Backlog
Balance Page Intentionally Left Blank Base Salary
Basis Presentation Bear Cost Soliciting Votes Annual Meeting
Beneficial Owner Beneficial Ownership Reporting Compliance
Benefit Obligations Benefits Other Perquisites
Binding Effect Blackstone Indemnification Certain Board Members
Bmp Board Director
Board Directors Board Meetings 2006
Board Meetings 2007 Board Meetings 2008
Board Recommend Vote Proposals Board8221
Bona Fide Bringing Pressure Rmb
Building Block Building Case Value
Bundesfinanzministerium Business
Business Combinations Business Lines
Business Outlook Business Segments
Business Strategies Cag Required Make Payments Hoechst
Cagr 2005 2010 Percent Cami Sale
Candidates Board Capital Stock
Capitalized Terms Shall Same Meaning Set Forth Cic Captive Insurance Companies
Cash Equivalents Cash Flow
Cash Flow Operations Cash Flows
Cash Generative Today Free Flow Cash Generative Tomorrow Free Flow
Cast Vote Cause
Celanese 2005 Earnings Nyse Celanese 4q2004 Earnings Conference Call Webcast
Celanese Controlling Controllables Celanese Corp Net Debt
Celanese Corporation Celanese Corporation 1601 West Lyndon Johnson Freeway Dallas
Celanese Corporation 2004 Stock Incentive Plan Celanese Corporation 2009 Employee Stock Purchase Plan
Celanese Corporation Director Independence Standards Celanese Corporation Form 10-k 2006 Table Contents
Celanese Corporation Form 10-k 2007 Table Contents Celanese Corporation Form 10-q Quarterly Period 2006 Table
Celanese Corporation Form 10-q Quarterly Period 2008 Table Celanese Expects Stronger Supply Demand Balance
Celanese Market Leader Growing Segment Celanese Not Support View
Celanese Presence Nanjing Celanese Purchases Equity Securities
Celanese Specific Opportunities Purchasing Celanese Specific Opportunities Sga
Celanese Specific Opportunities Vinamul Acetex Acquisitions Certain Definitions
Certain Relationships Related Person Transactions Certificate
Certification Pursuant Cfr 24013a-14 Promulgated 302 Sarbanes-oxley Act Certification Pursuant Usc 1350 Adopted 906 Sarbanes-oxley Act
Change Control Change Control Agreements
Change Control Dissolution Change Control Payment
Change Control Payment8221 Change Control Protection Period8221
Change Control8221 Change Ownership
Change Ownership Initial Public Offering Change Plan Assets
Change Vote Revoke Proxy Changes Environmental Health Safety Regulations Jurisdictions Manufacture Sell
Changes Environmental Health Safety Regulatory Requirements Lead Decrease Changes Internal Control Over Financial Reporting
Chemical Products Chemicals Products
China Plant Clariant
Class Directors Term Expires 2008 Class Directors Term Expires 2009
Class Directors Term Expires 2010 Class Directors Term Expires 2011
Clear Lake Texas Outage Closing Date
Closing Sale Price Cobra8221
Code Combined Business Outlook
Commercialization Nanjing Facility Early 2007 Support High Chinese Commitments Relating Share Capital
Committees Board Commodity Risk Management
Common Stock Common Stock Equivalent
Compared 2004 Comparison Cumulative Total Return
Compensation Committee Compensation Committee Interlocks Insider Participation
Compensation Committee Report Compensation Discussion Analysis
Compensation Mix Compensation Philosophy Elements Pay
Competition Competitive Business8221
Competitive Strengths Compliance 409a Internal Revenue Code
Compliance Laws Composition Board Directors
Concentrations Credit Risk Condition Exercise Option Evidenced Agreement Participant Shall Execute
Conditions Redemption Conference Call Webcast
Confidential Information8221 Confirmed Receipt Overnight Courier Addressed Follows Such Other
Consolidation Principles Consumer Specialties
Consumer Wipes Engineered Fabrics Market Contacts
Continue Focus Portfolio Continuity Commitment Control Imperatives
Contractual Guarantees Commitments Contractual Obligations
Controlled Group8221 Conversion Cash Award
Conversion Date Conversion Performance Units
Conversion Price Conversion Procedures
Conversion Rate Conversion Rate Adjustments
Corporate Governance Corporate Offices
Corporation Cost Method Investment
Cost Method Investments Count Votes
Covenants Covered Payments
Critical Accounting Policies Estimates Cross Currency Swaps
Cumulative Total Return Stockholders Celanese Corporation 500 Composite Currency
Current Market Price Dallas 2008
Dallas 2009 Date End
Dated 2005 David Weidman
Deadline Receipt Shareholder Proposals 2008 Annual Meeting Shareholders Debt Capital
Debt Other Obligations Debt Refinancing
Deferral Gains Deferred Compensation
Deferred Compensation Plan Deferred Financing Costs
Definitions Demerger Obligations
Deposit Redemption Price Derivatives
Description Description 2009 Espp
Designated Event Designated Event Redemption Date
Despite Current Debt Levels Subsidiaries Able Incur Substantially Despite Current High Leverage Subsidiaries Able Incur Substantially
Determination Additional Shares Director Compensation
Director Compensation 2008 Director Independence
Director Nominees Directors Continuing Office
Directors Not Continuing Office Discounted Shares
Disposition Original Shareholders Least Equity Interest Satisfy Vesting Distributed Property
Diversified Products End-use Markets Divestiture Obligations
Divestitures Dividend Other Payments Conversion
Dividend Payment Date Dividend Period
Dividend Policy Dividend Threshold Amount
Dividends Documents Incorporated Reference
Domination Agreement Domination Agreement Squeeze-out
Each Blackstone Entities Hereby Agree Take Such Actions Each Certificate Representing Shares Common Stock Held Shareholder
Earnings Ebitda Margin Peers
Effect Designated Event Redemption Notice Effect Reclassification Consolidation Merger Sale Conversion Privilege
Effective Date Effective Date Board Adopts Plan
Effectiveness Effects Certain Events
Election Contest Electronic Delivery
Eligibility Employee Stockholder Group
Employee Stockholders Agreement Employee Stockholders Estate
Employee Stockholders Trust Employees
Employment Agreement Employment Agreements
Emulsions End Uses Di-acetate Industry Sales
Enforcement Promises Concerning Protection Company8217s Confidential Information Goodwill Engineered Fabrics
Entry Material Definitive Agreement Environmental Health Safety Committee
Environmental Liabilities Environmental Matters
Environmental Other Regulation Eps 250 290
Equity Compensation Plan Information Equity Compensation Plans
Equity Net Earnings Affiliates Equity Net Earnings Affiliates Interest Expense Other Income
Eröffnung Des Insolvenzverfahrens Estimates Assumptions
Ethylene Ethylene Methanol
Ethylene Propylene Ratio Declining Euro Tranche
Europe European Oxo Transaction
Evaluation Disclosure Controls Procedures Ex-date
Ex-dividend Date Exact Name Registrant Specified Charter
Except Per Share Data Exchange Act
Exchange Act Securities 1934 Amended Rules Regulations Promulgated Exclusivity Benefits
Execution Productivity Executive
Executive Committee Executive Compensation Objectives
Executive Compensation Overview Executive Sessions Non-management Directors
Executive8217s Incumbent Position Executive8217s Incumbent Position8221
Exercise Option Exercise Options
Expansion China Experience Unexpected Difficulties Relocation Ticona Operations Kelsterbach Rhine
Experience Unexpected Difficulties Relocation Ticona Plant Kelsterbach Rhine Expiration Date Tenth Anniversary Grant
Expiration Time Expiring Cross Currency Swaps
Explanatory Facilities
Factors Affect Future Results Financial Condition Factors Affecting 2005 Segment Net Sales Compared 2004
Factors Affecting 2006 Segment Net Sales Compared 2005 Factors Affecting 2007 Segment Net Sales Compared 2006
Factors Affecting 2008 Segment Net Sales Compared 2007 Factors Affecting Segment Net Sales
Failure Develop New Products Production Technologies Implement Productivity Fair Market Value
Fair Value Financial Instruments Federal Income Tax Consequences
Feed Utility Costs Downstream Products Ton Financial Highlights
Financial Instruments Financial Reporting Changes
Financial Statements Exhibits Flare
Focus Focus Increased Growth Through Innovation
Focused Creating Value Focused Portfolio
Foreign Exchange Risk Management Form
Form 10-k Form 10-q
Form 10-q Quarterly Period 2007 Table Contents Form 8-k
Form Consent Spouse Formaldehyde
Forward Looking Statements Reconciliation Non-gaap Measures Gaap Forward-looking Statements
Forward-looking Statements Prove Inaccurate Fractional Shares
France Full 2005 Outlook
Functional Reporting Currencies Fundamental Change
Funded Status Net Amounts Recognized Further
Further Assurances Future Success Depend Part Ability Protect Intellectual Property
General German Infraservs
Global Growth Hybrid Cars Global Preferred Shares
Global Reach Global Shares Legend
Good Reason Good Reason8221
Good Termination Goodwill
Goodwill Other Intangible Assets Governing Law
Grant Option Grant Options
Grants Plan-based Awards Gross Profit
Group Growth
Growth Innovation Growth Overall
Guarantees Guidance
Guidance Based 1705 Shares High Effective Capacity Utilization Through 2008
High Level Indebtedness Diminish Ability Raise Additional Capital Higher
Highlights Highlights Trade
Hoechst Liabilities Holdco Sub
Holders However
Http Wwwcelanesecom Celanese Compensation Committee Charterpdf Http Wwwcelanesecom Index Reportshtm
Impact Remeasurement Implants Better Quality Life
Important Notice Regarding Availability Proxy Materials Shareholders Meeting Improve Performance Cash Generation
Improving Leadership Attractive Businesses Incentive Award Agreements
Incentive Awards Income Taxes
Increasing Sales Margins Incumbent Directors
Indemnification Index
Index Consolidated Financial Statements Industrial Specialties
Information Information Concerning Solicitation Voting
Initial Public Offering Initial Term
Initio Insurance Loss Reserves
Intellectual Property Intensifying Trade Disputes
Interest Expense Interest Expense Refinancing Expenses
Interest Rate Foreign Currency Risk Management Interest Rate Risk Management
Internal Control Over Financial Reporting International Exposed General Economic Political Regulatory Conditions Risks
Introduction Inventories
Investment Investment Thesis
Investments Investments Affiliates
Investments Equity Net Earnings Affiliates Investments Marketable Securities
Investor News Release Junior Stock
Jvs Positioned Growth Region Key Factors
Key Products Knee Implant
Kta Leading Customer Focused Culture
Leading Market Positions Legacy Private-equity Compensation Objectives
Legal Fees Legend Certificates
Level Indebtedness Diminish Ability Raise Additional Capital Fund Like Acetyls
Limitations Committee Impose Discretion Such Conditions Exercisability Transferability Liquidation Preference
Liquidity Liquidity Capital Resources
List Significant Subsidiaries Celanese Corporation Long Term Incentive Compensation
Long-term Incentive Plan Long-term Incentive Program
Long-term Performance Program Longer Just Projects Initiatives
Low Cost Producer Lti Cash Award
Major Cost Investments Major Cost Method Investments
Major Equity Investments Major Equity Method Investments
Major Events 2004 Major Events 2005
Major Events 2006 Management Team
Market Drivers Market Industry
Market Information Market Risks
Markets Material Modification Rights Security Holders
Media Medical Customers Expect Continuity Commitment Control
Method Exercise Minority Interests
Miscellaneous Morphology
Nanjing Acetic Acid Project Operation Strategy Net Cash Provided Operating Activities
Net Cash Provided Used Financing Activities Net Cash Provided Used Investing Activities
Net Cash Provided Used Operating Activities Net Cash Used Financing Activities
Net Cash Used Investing Activities Net Cash Used Provided Financing Activities
Net Debt Total Less Cash Net Investment Hedge
Net Sales New Acetic Acid Projects Been Announced
New Plan Benefits Nominating Corporate Governance Committee
Non-electing Share Non-gaap Financial Information
Non-transferability Award Nonassignability
Nonqualified Deferred Compensation Table Nonqualified Stock Option Agreement Non-employee Director
North America Not Able Generate Sufficient Cash Service Indebtedness Forced
Not Applicable Not Contract Employment Acquired Rights
Notes Notes Interim Consolidated Financial Statements
Notice Annual Meeting Shareholders Notice Holders
Notice Non-renewal Notice Termination8221
Notices Number Designation
Number Shares Issued Objectives Compensation Program
Obtain Copy By-law Provisions Regarding Stockholder Proposals Director Offering Periods
Officer Only Fully Integrated Acetyls Business Region
Operating Profit Operations Around World Exposed General Economic Political Regulatory
Optimizing Geographic Footprint Exit Filament Option Exercises Stock Vested
Option Period Ending Earlier Following Date Such Termination Option Price Shall Determined Committee Respect Isos Not
Option Subject Plan Stockholders Agreement Options Subject Plan Stockholders Agreement
Organizational Restructuring Original Acquisition Cag
Original Agreement Original Shareholders Sale Series Common Stock
Other Activities Other Agreements
Other Charges Gains Net Other Comprehensive Income Loss
Other Comprehensive Income Loss Net Other Contractual Obligations
Other Debt Other Equity Investments
Other Events 2007 Other Income Expense Net
Other Investments Other Matters
Other Obligations Out-of-pocket Expenses
Outlook Outstanding
Over Hostaform Pom Production Oversight Executive Compensation Process
Overview Pan Atlantic Emulsions Vinyl Emulsion Leadership
Parity Stock Part
Part Other Information Participant
Participant Name Parties
Pay Registration Expenses Connection Each Registrable Securities Pursuant Paying Agent
Paying Agent Conversion Payment Cash Award
Payment Purchase Price Payroll Deductions Payment Redemption Price Common Stock
Pending Acquisition Acetate Products Limited Pension Benefits Table
Pension Other Benefits Performanc Products
Performance Assessment Individual Compensation Decisions Performance Goals Apply Stock Options Appreciation Rights Restricted
Performance Graph Performance Products
Performance Rsu Award Performance Targets
Performance Unit Award Performance-based Vesting
Permissible Activities Permitted Transferee
Person Person8221
Personam Plan
Plastics Landscape Engineering Polymers Valuable Piece Market Please Check
Plumbing Actions Plumbing Actions Sorbates Litigation
Plumbing Insurance Indemnifications Polyester Staple Antitrust Litigation
Post Termination Tables Post-ipo Compensation Objectives
Post-termination Tables Potential Customer Shift Creating Additional Growth
Power Attorney Predecessor
Preferred Stock Preferred Stock Director
Preferred Stock Redeemed Part Price Paid Purchaser Acquisition Remaining Outstanding Cag Shares
Prior Period Pro Forma Presentations Prior Works
Privileges Rights Shared Series Common Stock Affecting Such Pro Forma Information
Pro Rata Product Overview Global Reach
Production Facilities Handle Processing Some Volatile Hazardous Materials Production Manufacturing Facilities Disrupted Variety Reasons Prevent Producing
Products Holding Positions Projected Chinese Tow Demand
Property Plant Equipment Property Plant Equipment Net
Proprietary Production Technology Operating Expertise Propylene
Provided Further Provided However
Provisions Amended Restated Certificate Incorporation Bylaws Well Shareholders Proxy Contest
Public Acquirer Common Stock Public Acquirer Fundamental Change
Public Offering Purchase Obligations
Purchase Price Purchased Shares
Purchaser Required Compensate Cag Annual Losses Reduce Funds Purchaser Required Compensate Celanese Gmbh Annual Losses Reduce
Purchases Treasury Stock Purchasing
Purpose 2009 Espp Purpose 2009 Gip
Qtr Quarterly Period 2007
Quarterly Period 2008 Quarterly Period 2009
Rank Ranking
Ratification Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Raw Material Cost Advantages Drive Further Differentiation
Raw Materials Energy Realignment Business Segments
Realization Deferred Tax Assets Recent Accounting Pronouncements
Recent Business Achievements Recent Business Developments
Recent Celanese Announcements Recent Economic Performance Q305
Reclassifications Recommend Nominate Individuals Serve Directors
Recommendation Board Reconciliation Non-gaap Measures Gaap
Record Date Recoverability Long-lived Assets
Redemption Date Redemption Price
Redemption Right Redeployment
Reg Reconciliation Regis Hotel New York
Registrable Shares Registrants Telephone Number Including Area Code
Registrar Registration
Registration Rights Registration Rights Agreement
Registration Transfer Reimbursements
Reinsurance Receivables Related Party Transaction Policies Procedures
Related Person Transaction Policy Relationships Affiliates Blackstone Other Related Parties
Relationships Affiliates Sponsors Other Related Parties Relocation Ticona Plant Kelsterbach
Remediation Renewal Selective Growth
Repayment Corporation Report Audit Committee
Report Compensation Committee Report Financial Statement Schedule Consent Independent Registered Public
Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Report Management Internal Control Over Financial Reporting
Repricings Request Copies Proxy Materials Information
Request Free Copies Proxy Materials Information Research Development
Reservation Shares Fully Paid Compliance Governmental Requirements Listing Rest World
Restricted Cash Restricted Period8221
Restricted Stock Restrictive Covenants Debt Instruments Limit Ability Engage Certain
Restructuring Repositioning Retirement Termination Death
Retirement Voluntary Resignation After Participant Attained Age Revenue Recognition
Right Convert Right Refusal Provide Services Certain Fees
Rights Rights Issued Respect Common Stock Conversion
Rights Plan Rights Stockholder
Risk Management Risks Related Acquisition Cag
Risks Related Acquisition Celanese Gmbh Formerly Risks Related Indebtedness
Role Compensation Committee Role Compensation Consultant Making Decisions
Role Consultants Making Decisions Role Management Making Decisions
Sale Oxo Products Derivative Businesses Sale Oxo Products Derivatives Businesses
Sale Plastics Films Business Schedule
Securities Act Securities Authorized Issuance Equity Compensation Plans
Securities Exchange Act 1934 Securities Laws
See Segment Overview
Selling General Administrative Expenses Senior Credit Facilities
Senior Credit Facility Senior Manager
Senior Stock Senior Subordinated Notes Indenture
Separation Service Series Common Stock
Series Common Stock Dividends Service Term
Settlement Performance Rsus Settlement Performance Units
Severability Shall Deliver Each Blackstone Entity Such Other Reports
Share Repurchase Shareholder Communications Board
Shareholder Litigation Shareholders Agreement
Shares Shares Voted Not Provide Proxy
Short-term Borrowings Current Installments Long-term Debt Signature Counterparts
Signatures Significant Changes Pension Fund Investment Performance Assumptions Relating
Significant Contribution Equity Cost Investments Significant Non-us Operations Expose Global Exchange Rate Fluctuations
Singapore Sorbates Antitrust Actions
Source Thomsen Datastream Special Charges Gains
Special Regarding Forward-looking Statements Sponsor
Sponsor Services Agreement Squeeze-out
Squeeze-out Payment Steven Sterin
Stock Incentive Plan Stock Subject 2009 Gip
Stock-based Compensation Stockholder
Stockholder Communications Board Strategic Investments
Strong Global Presence Only Integrated Supplier Strong Underlying Business Results
Subject Risks Associated Increased Volatility Prices Availability Key Subscription Agreement
Subsequent Events Subsidiaries Taken Certain Obligations Respect Purchasers Obligation Domination
Subsidiary Subsidiary Corporation Defined 424 Code
Summary Consolidated Results 2007 Compared 2006 Summary Consolidated Results 2008 Compared 2007
Summary Consolidated Results 2009 Compared 2008 Superfund Sites
Surviving Entity Sustainable Competitive Advantage
Sustained Progress Versus Peers Table Contents
Target Bonus8221 Tax Contingencies
Tax Reimbursement Payment Technical Polymers Ticona
Term Termination Cause Participants Employment Affiliates Terminated
Termination Date Termination Date8221
Termination Employment Termination Material Definitive Agreement
Termination Services Original Agreement Termination Trading
Terms Amended Restated Senior Credit Facilities Limit Ability Terms Conditions Grants Restricted Stock Rsus
Terms Conditions Incentive Bonuses Terms Conditions Stock Appreciation Rights
Terms Conditions Stock Options Terms Senior Credit Agreement Limit Ability Bcp Crystal
Ticona Ticona Engineering Polymer Industry
Ticona Kelsterbach Plant Relocation Ticona Leading Supplier Engineering Polymers
Ticonas Products Widely Distributed Across Industries Tier Ebitda Target Set Forth Schedule Attached Hereto
Tier Fcf Target Set Forth Schedule Attached Hereto Time-based Vesting
Timeframe Todays Agenda
Total Total Capitalization
Total Compensation Total Number Methanol Carbonylation Issued Patents
Total Proportional Ebitda Not Properly Reflected Total Senior Debt
Total Shares Track Record Execution
Trademarks Trading
Transaction Transaction Monitoring Fee Agreement Sponsor Services
Transfer Transfer Agent
Transferability Transferor
Transfers Treasury Stock
Trigger Event Triggering Event
Types Awards 2009 Gip Unregistered Sales Equity Securities
Unused Vacation Upside Initial Synergies Estimates
Validity Agreement Value Hybrid Chemical Business
Vam Cost Component Vam Fundamentals Going Forward Favorable
Vam Supply Demand Vantage Technology Delivers Competitive Advantage Via Low Cost
Variable Rate Indebtedness Subjects Interest Risk Cause Debt Ventures
Vesting Option Vesting Performance Options
Vesting Time Option Vinamul
Vinyl Acetate Ethylene Vae Margin Countercyclical Vam Market Volume Development 2001 2005
Vote Annual Meeting Vote Meeting
Vote Required Vote Telephone Internet Available
Votes Required Approve Each Votes Required Pass Proposal
Voting Rights Voting Securities
Well Positioned Future Growth Well Positioned Key Regions
West Lbj Freeway Dallas Texas 75234-6034 West Lbj Freeway Dallas Texas 75234-6034 Address Principal
What Constitutes Quorum Conduct Business Annual Meeting What Constitutes Quorum Conduct Business Meeting
What Deadline Propose Actions Consideration Next Annual Meeting What Difference Between Holding Voting Shares Shareholder Record
What Difference Between Holding Voting Shares Stockholder Record What Execute Proxy Not Provide Voting Instructions
What Happens Additional Proposals Presented Annual Meeting What Householding
What Included Proxy Materials What Information Contained Proxy Statement
What Mean Receive Proxy Card What Mean Vote Proxy
What Purpose Annual Meeting What Receive Notice E-mail Internet Availability Proxy Materials
What Return Proxy Card Not Provide Voting Instructions Withdrawal Designated Event Redemption Notice
Withholding Witness Whereof Undersigned Executed Caused Sponsor Services Agreement
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