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Abandonment Above Master Lease Shall Revised Follows Incorporated Herein
Absence Fiduciary Duties Acceleration
Access Accounting Line
Accounting Policies Accounting Stock Appreciation Rights Other Variable Option Award
Accounts Accrued Expenses
Accrued Rights Obligations Survival Accrued Vacation Mcneil Sales Representatives
Accumulated Other Comprehensive Income Acknowledgement
Acquired In-process Research Development Acquired In-process Research Development Expense
Acquired In-process Research Development Expense- Acquiring Limiting Stockholders Ability Profit Such Transaction
Acquisition Acquisition Cima Labs Inc
Acquisition Proposals Acquisition Salmedix Inc
Acquisition Strategy Acquisition Trisenox
Acquisitions Transactions Regulatory Actions Act
Action Prior Option Termination Date Actions Proceedings
Actiq Actiq Generic Otfc
Actiq Patent Litigation Settlement Actiq Settlement Agreement
Actiq Supplemental License Supply Agreement Activities Products Subject Significant Government Regulations Approvals Often
Actual Costs Acusphere Inc
Acute Promyelocytic Leukemia Acute Promyelocytic Leukemia Apl
Addiction Addition Historical Facts Statements Current Condition Press Release
Additional Agreements Parties Additional Agreements Representations Covenants Counterparty Etc
Additional Agreements Representations Covenants Etc Additional Components
Additional Consideration Additional Counterparty Representations
Additional Information Regarding Compensation Program Additional Premium
Additional Termination Event Additional Termination Events
Additional Transfer Requirements Address Changes Comments
Adjusted Net Income 2009 Adjustment
Adjustment Provisions Adjustment Purchase Price
Adjustment Tax Purposes Adjustments Relating Make Whole Premium
Administration 2004 Plan Administrative Agent
Administrative Agent Accordance Banking Industry Rules Interbank Compensation Advance Notice Provisions
Adverse Change Conditions Adverse Interpretation Other Agreements
Adviso Affiliate
Affiliated Purchaser Affiliates
Affiliates Sublicensees Independent Parties Territory Less Sum Following Affirmative Covenants
Against Mylan Pharmaceuticals Barr Agent Members
Aggregate Consideration Agreed Form
Agreed Form Documents Agreement
Agreement Doubles Size Provigil Sales Force Agreement Not Modified Amended Supplemented Repealed Except Written
Agreement Shall Governed Construed Accordance Laws State New Agreement Shall Governed Construed Interpreted Accordance Laws Switzerland
Agreement Subordination Agreements
Aircraft Subject Amended Restated Time Sharing Agreement Aircraft Subject Time Sharing Agreement
Aircraft Time Sharing Agreement Alcohol Dependence
Alcohol Res Health Alkermes
Alkermes Cephalon Receive Fda Approval Vivitrol Treatment Alcohol Alkermes Data
Alkermes Inc Alkermes Manufacturing Facility
Alkermes Manufacturing Know-how Alkermes Manufacturing Patents
Alkermes Obligations Alkermes Patents
Alkermes Procedures Alkermes Representations Warranties
Alkermes Vivitrex Manufacturing Know-how Allocation Purchase Price
Allocation Statement Meaning Set Forth 403 Alternate Rate Interest Prior Commencement Period Euribor
Ambiguities Amend
Amended Restated Aircraft Time Sharing Agreement Amended Restated Rights Agreement
Amendment Amendment 2004-1 Cephalon Inc 1995 Equity Compensation Plan
Amendment 2006-1 Cephalon Inc 2004 Equity Compensation Plan Amendment Effective Date After Giving Effect Default Occurred
Amendment Entire Agreement Amendment Event
Amendment Lease Corporate Headquarters Amendment Termination 2004 Plan
Amendment Termination Outstanding Grants Amendment Toll Manufacturing Packaging Agreement
Amendments Credit Agreement 101 Hereby Amended Follows American Psychologist
Amount Amrix
Amrix Acquisition Amrix Patent Litigation
Ancillary Agreements Angiogenesis Inhibitors
Announcement Annual Individual Maximum
Annual Meeting Stockholders Annual Report Form 10-k
Annual Transition Reports Pursuant Sections Securities Exchange Act Anti-takeover Provisions Delay Prevent Changes Control Management Deter
Api Shall Mean Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient Applicability Inapplicability Certain Provisions
Applicable Law Applicable Paying Agents
Applicable Procedures Applicable Rate
Application Trust Money Approval
Approval Amendment Certificate Incorporation Increasing Number Authorized Shares Arana Means Therapeutics Limited Australian Shares
Arana Therapeutics Limited Arrangements Relating Such Interest Being Terminated Varied Required
Arti Cle Promotional Materials As-is
Asset Purchase Agreement Assignment
Assignment Binding Effect Assignment Form
Assignment Licenses Assignments
Assistance Advisory Services Marketed Forms Assumption Assumed Liabilities
Atlas Master Fund Ltd Attachment
Attenace Attend Meeting
Attention Facilities Department Attention-deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
Attestation Report Registered Public Accounting Firm Attorney
Attorneys Office Connecticut Attorney General Investigations Attorneys Office Connecticut Attorney General Investigations Related Matters
Attorneys Office Investigation Audit Committee
Australia Australian Biotechnology Offers Strong Technology Platform Phase Antibody
Authority Authority Buyer
Authority Seller Authorization Effect Subordination
Awards Back-up Source Supply
Background Balance Sheet
Balance Sheet Date Bankruptcy Law
Barr Laboratories Inc Barr Modafinil Anda Means 76-597
Base Prospectus Base Purchase Price
Base Purchase Price Meaning Set Forth 401 Base Rent Additional Other Sums Payable Lease
Basis Consolidation Basis Preparation
Basis Presentation Basis Presentation Summary Significant Accounting Policies
Batch Quantities Bdc Option Agreement
Beginning Beneficial Ownership Reporting Compliance
Benefit Between
Bidders Statement Binding Effect Assignment
Binding Effect Governing Law Bioassets Development Corporation
Board Determine Directors Considered Independent Board Directors
Board Select Nominees Boards Presiding Director
Bonus Plan Book Entry Provisions
Borrower Agrees Pay Administrative Agent Own Account Fees Breach
Breakthrough Cancer Pain Breakthrough Pain
Brokers Building Improvement Loans
Bulk Sales Business
Business Information Buyer Group Member Meaning Set Forth 1102
Buyer Meaning Set Forth Preamble Agreement Calculation Price Per Share
Call Spread Agreements Cambridge Frazer 2005
Cambridge Frazer 2006 Cancellation
Capital Expenses Capital Improvements
Capital Stock Carefully Consult Initial Dosing Recommendations Table See Dosage
Carlsbad Modafinil Anda Shall Mean 76-715 Carlsbad Watson Warranty
Cash Cash Amount
Cash Compensation Cash Equivalents Investments
Cash Flow Operating Activities Cash Flow Statements
Cautionary Regarding Forward-looking Statements Ccc Open Territories List Meaning Set Forth 807
Cccc Party Claim Meaning Set Forth 1102 Cea
Cell Therapeutics Inc Central Nervous System Disorders
Cep-37247 Cep-701
Cephalon Cephalon Announces Acquisition Salmedix
Cephalon Announces Fda Grants Priority Review Supplemental New Cephalon Announces Positive Results Pivotal Study Treanda Patients
Cephalon Announces Proposed Public Offering Convertible Senior Subordinated Cephalon Announces Results Gabitril Clinical Program Generalized Anxiety
Cephalon Announces Strong Financial Results Cephalon Behalf Itself Subsidiaries Successors Assigns Hereby Releases
Cephalon Carlsbad Watson Had Desired Counsel Legal Otherwise Cephalon Clinical Partners
Cephalon Completes Acquisition Arana Therapeutics Cephalon Concludes Outstanding Federal State Government Investigations Sales
Cephalon Contacts Cephalon Continues Deliver Strong Growth
Cephalon Coverage Cephalon Data
Cephalon Delivers Record Sales 2009 Cephalon Earnings Double
Cephalon Earnings Increase Dramatically Cephalon Europe
Cephalon Exercises Option License Worldwide Rights Immupharma Product Cephalon Forward-looking Statement
Cephalon Immupharma Sign Option Agreement Late- Stage Experimental Cephalon Inc
Cephalon Inc Announces Agreement Acquire Mepha Cephalon Inc Announces Agreement Acquire Zeneus Holdings Limited
Cephalon Inc Barr Laboratories Cephalon Inc Carlsbad Tech
Cephalon Inc Completes Acquisition Zeneus Holdings Limited Cephalon Inc Mylan Pharmaceuticals
Cephalon Inc Providing Following Update Regulatory Status Sparlon Cephalon Inc Proxy Annual Meeting Stockholders 2006
Cephalon Inc Subsidiaries Cephalon Indemnitees Meaning Assigned
Cephalon International Holdings Inc Cephalon Launches Takeover Offer Australian Biotechnology Arana Therapeutics
Cephalon Lodges Bidders Statement A319 Offer Arana Therapeutics Cephalon Notified Patent Extension Amrix
Cephalon Obligations Cephalon Offer Arana Therapeutics Now Open
Cephalon Oncology Cephalon Patents
Cephalon Prices 800 Public Offering Percent Convertible Senior Cephalon Professional Services Medical Information 1-800-896-5855
Cephalon Relevant Interest 5038 Arana Shares Cephalon Reports Another Strong
Cephalon Reports Financial Results Cephalon Reports Outstanding Financial Results 2004
Cephalon Reports Strong Earnings Cephalon Reports Strong Sales 2007
Cephalon Reports Strong Sales Earnings 2009 Cephalon Sales Increase Percent
Cephalon Shall Pay Dsm Following Amounts Effective 2006 Cephalon Signs Option Agreement Acquire Bioassets Development Corporation
Cephalon Signs Option Agreement Acquire Ception Therapeutics Cephalon Takeda Announce Agreement Co-promote Provigil United States
Cephalons 2007 Results Exceed Full Sales Earnings Guidance Cephalons Obligations Termination
Ception Therapeutics Inc Cercla
Certain Agreements Certain Conversions Deemed Payment
Certain Lot Certain Relationships Related Transactions
Certain Relationships Related Transactions Director Independence Certain Relationships Related Transactions-what Party Transactions Involved Directors
Certain Risks Related Business Certain Transactions
Certificate Analysis Conformity Certificate Opinion Conditions Precedent
Certificated Security Certificates Stock Transfer Etc
Certification Certification Pursuant Usc 1350 Adopted 906 Sarbanes-oxley Act
Cgmps Chairman Chief Executive Officer
Change Control Change Internal Control Over Financial Reporting
Change Vote After Return Proxy Card Change Vote After Submitted Proxy
Changes Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Charge Early Extinguishment Debt
Chief Executive Officer Chief Executive Officer Compensation
Cima Labs Inc Cima Labs Inc Acquisition
Cima Restructuring Cinquil
Cinquil Pediatric Eosinophilic Esophagitis Claim Notice
Classification Loans Borrowings Purposes Agreement Classified Referred Clinical Data
Clinical Development Plans Clinical Requirements
Clinical Studies Clinical Studies Shall Meaning Set Forth License Collaboration
Closing Buyer Shall Deliver Seller List Open Sales Closing Date
Closing Sale Price Condition Cns Disorders
Co-promotion Agreement Co-promotion Agreement Mcneil
Co-promotion Agreement Mcneil Sparlon Co-promotion Agreement Takeda
Code Code Ethics
Collaboration Technology Collaborations Pharmaceutical Partners
Collaborative Arrangements Collection Suit Trustee
Commercial Products Commercial Requirements
Commercialization Commercialization Agreement
Commercialization Plan Budget Commercialization Team Responsibilities
Commercialize Commercially Reasonable Efforts
Commitments Contingencies Common Stock
Common Stock Offering Common Stock Par Value Per Share
Communications Holders Other Comparative Stock Performance Graph
Compensation Committee Interlocks Insider Participation Compensation Components
Compensation Discussion Analysis Compensation Indemnity
Compensation Other Executive Officers Compensation Service Non-employee Director
Competition Completion
Completion Acquisition Disposition Assets Completion Acquistion Disposition Assets
Completion Date Completion Statement
Compliance Alkermes Shall Responsible Manufacture Compliance Certificates
Compliance Law Compliance Laws Regulations
Compliance Securities Laws Purchase Compliance Trust Indenture Act
Composition Comprehensive Income
Condition Period Condition Period Result Directly Indirectly Acquisition Proposed Arana
Condition Precedent- Effective Date Condition Subsequent
Conditional Sale Agreement Conditional Shares
Conditions Conditions Obligations Buyer
Conditions Obligations Seller Conditions Precedent
Conduct Business Before Completion Conference Call Investors
Conference Call Scheduled Conference Call Webcast
Confidential Information Confidential Information Meaning Assigned
Confidential Information Received Party Hereto Respect Business Other Confidentiality
Confidentiality Agreement Confidentiality Announcements
Confirmation Confirmatory Due Diligence
Confirmatory Due Diligence Period Confirmatory Due Diligence Plan
Consent Holders Consent Independent Accountants
Consent Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Consent Sublease
Consents Consents Approvals
Consideration Consolidate Etc Only Certain Terms
Consolidated Financial Statements Statement Schedule Consolidated Financial Statements Statement Schedules
Construction Certain Terms Phrases Contact Information
Contacts Contained Agreement Binding Notwithstanding Failure Parties Enter Agreements
Contaminant Contaminant Meaning Set Forth 613
Contents Commercialization Plan Contingent Liabilities
Contracts Insurance Contractual Obligations
Control Control Majority
Control Number Controls Procedures
Controls Procedures Evaluation Disclosure Conversion Agent
Conversion Date Conversion Notice
Conversion Obligation Conversion Period
Conversion Price Conversion Privilege
Conversion Procedure Conversion Rate
Conversion Value Convertible Hedge
Convertible Hedge Agreement Convertible Hedge Strategy
Convertible Hedge Warrant Agreements Convertible Notes
Convertible Senior Subordinated Notes Convertible Senior Subordinated Notes Due 2014
Convertible Subordinated Notes Copies
Copy Corporate Governance Nominating Committee
Corporate Name Logo Corporate Names
Corporate Organization Corporate Transactions Change Control
Corporate Trust Office Correction Summary
Cost Sales Cost Sales-
Costs Associated Exit Disposal Activities Costs Fees Taxes
Counterparts Counterparty
Coupon Convertible Subordinated Notes Court Order
Covenant Not Compete Solicit Business Credit Agreement Hereby Amended Follows
Credit Agreement Hereby Amended Restated Entirety Follows Creditors Amounts Falling Due After
Creditors Amounts Falling Due Within Current Assets
Current Indication Gabitril Current Members Board
Current Report Current Report Pursuant Securities Exchange Act 1934
Cusip Numbers Customer Base Highly Concentrated
Customers Daily Conversion Value
Daily Net Share Settlement Value Damages Meaning Set Forth 1102
Data Protection Legislation Data Room
Date Certain Deal Provide Cephalon New Path Forward Development Tumor
Debtors Default
Default Underwriters Deferred Compensation Plan
Deferred Consideration Deferred Tax
Deferred Taxes Defined Terms
Definition Hedging Agreement Hereby Amended Restated Entirety Follows Definition Qualifying Subordinated Indebtedness Hereby Amended Restated Entirety
Definition Warrants Hereby Amended Restated Entirety Follows Definitions
Deletion Word Immediately Before Clause Such Insertion After Deliveries Closing
Delivery Dates Delivery Pos
Delivery Shares Dependence Key Executives Scientists Impact Development Management Business
Deposit Fundamental Change Purchase Price Depositary
Depreciation Amortization Expenses Depreciation Amortization Expenses-
Derivative Suit Designated Senior Indebtedness
Detail Requirements Product Details Selling Holders
Determination Deutsche Bank
Deutsche Bank London Branch Deutsche Bank Securities Inc
Developing Development Commercialization Option Agreement
Development Costs Development Plan Calendar 2005 2006
Development Team Responsibilities Did Receive Mail One-page Notice Internet Availability Proxy
Did Settle Connecticut Make Dollar Payment Diluted Adjusted Earnings Per Share Guidance
Diluted Adjusted Income Per Common Share Guidance Directors
Directors Compensated Directors Emoluments
Directors Executive Officers Corporate Governance Directors Executive Officers Registrant
Disbursement Discharge Certain Payment Obligations
Disclosure Disclosure Letter
Discussion Analysis 2006 Compensation Program Awards Discussion Analysis 2008 Compensation Program Awards
Dismissal Dispute Notice
Disputed Disputes
Disputes Applicable Law Distributable Losses 2006
Document Record Retention Documentation
Documents Contracts Intellectual Property Documents Filed Part Report
Documents Incorporated Reference Dosage Unit
Draft Completion Statement Drug Alcohol Dependence 2004
Drug Delivery Operations Drug Delivery Research Development
Drug Delivery Technologies Dsm Pharmaceuticals Inc
Dtc Due Abbott Laboratories
Due Higher Bioavailability Fentanyl Fentora Converting Patients Other Durasolv
Duties Trustee Each Party Represents Duly Existing Full Power Authority
Earnings Per Share Eps Effect Fundamental Change Purchase Notice
Effect Reclassification Consolidation Merger Sale Conversion Privilege Effect Supplemental Indentures
Efforts Government Entities Party Payers Contain Reduce Costs Eiusdem Generis
Elan Elan Licenced Ipr
Election Date Election Directors
Electronic Delivery Future Stockholder Communications Eligibility Disqualification
Eligibility Participation Employee Information
Employee Shares Employees
Employment Agreements Employment Contract
Employment Regulation Employment Regulations
Encumbrance End Term
Enforcement Alkermes Patents Manufacturing Cephalon Joint Entire Agreement
Entire Agreement Amendment Entire Agreement Amendment Severability
Entitled Vote Meeting Entry Material Definitive Agreement
Environmental Encumbrance Environmental Law
Environmental Laws Environmental Matters
Eosinophilic Asthma Study Eosinophilic Esophagitis
Epilepsy Equity Compensation Awarded 2006
Equity Compensation Plan Equity Compensation Plan Employees Key Advisors
Equity Compensation Plan Information Equity Compensation Plans
Equity Convertible Notes Offerings Equity Offering
Erisa Ervices
Escrow Establishment Jsc
Establishment Supply Team Estimates
Eurand Eurand Amendment Means Agreement Dated 2007 Between Seller
Eurand Contacts Eurand Forward-looking Statement
Eurand Means Inc Formerly Doing Business America Nevada European Competitive Regulatory Environment
European Operations Evaluation Disclosure Controls Procedures
Event Default Events Default
Exceeds Sales Earnings Guidance Except Extent Provided 808 Corporate Names
Except Per Share Data Except Required Law Private Securities Litigation Reform Act
Excess Share Owner Excess Share Ownership Provisions
Excessive Sleepiness Hypersomnolence Exchange
Exchange Act Exchange Convertible Notes
Excluded Liabilities Exclusivity Period Means 2006 Through Existing License Effective
Execution Authentication Executive Compensation
Executive Compensation Components Executive Compensation Philosophy
Executive Compensation Tables Executive Officers
Executive Officers Other Ceo Executive Officers Registrant
Executive Severance Agreements Executive Summary
Exercise Option Exhibits
Expanded Access Programs Expansion Number Sales Representatives
Expenses Expenses Attorneys Fees
Experience Intense Competition Fields Interest Adversely Affect Business Expiration Date
Expiration Options Canceled Forfeited Exchanged Surrendered Expiration Time
Explanatory External Debt Amount
Face Significant Product Liability Risks Negative Effect Financial Failure Successfully Integrate Cima Labs Negatively Impact Results
Failure Supply Fair Value Disclosures
Fair Value Financial Instruments Fda Issues Approvable Letter Vivitrol Formerly Vivitrex Treatment
Fda Shall Mean United States Food Drug Administration Fdca Shall Mean Federal Food Drug Cosmetic Act
Federal Income Tax Consequences Fee
Fentanyl Effervescent Buccal Tablets Fentora
Fentora Indicated Management Breakthrough Pain Patients Cancer Already Fentora Patent Litigation
Field Filings Ftc Doj
Final Completion Statement Final Resale Date
Financial Capability Financial Commitments
Financial Results Financial Statement Schedule
Financial Statements Exhibits Financial Statements Other Information Borrower Furnish Administrative
Financial Statements Supplemental Data Find Information Corporate Governance Practices
Finished Product Firm Global Securities
Firm Securities Firm Zone Volume Limitations
Following New 219 Shall Inserted Immediately 218 Credit Following New Defined Terms Hereby Inserted Appropriate Alphabetical
Force Majeure Forecast Breakdowns
Forecasts Due Periodically Thereafter Term Shall Provide Foreign Currencies
Foreign Currency Form 10-k
Form 10-q Form Acceptance
Form Dating Form Lock-up Agreement
Form Offer Formula Grants Non-employee Directors
Fractional Shares Frazer
Frazer -june 2005 Frazer -may 2005
Frazer 19355 Frazer 2005
Frazer 2006 Frazer 2007
Frazer 2008 Frazer 2009
Frazer 2010 Frazer Cambridge 2005
Frazer Oxford 2005 Frazer Pa-august 2006-
Frazer Pa-august 2007- Frazer Pa-june 2005-
Frazer Pa-nov 2006- Frazer Pa-september 2007
Frazer Phila Ftc
Fully Burdened Manufacturing Cost Fully Diluted Share Capital
Fundamental Change Purchase Date Fundamental Change Purchase Notice
Fundamental Change Purchase Price Further Assurances
Further Assurances Borrower Each Other Loan Party Further Instruments Acts
Gaap Gabitril
Gain Charge Early Extinguishment Debt Gain Charge Extinguishment Debt
General General Provisions
General Requirements General Warranties
General Warranty Claim Generic Subject Otfc Product Means Not Marketed Actiq
Get Electronic Access Proxy Materials Global Securities
Global Securities General Global Security
Going Concern Goodwill
Goodwill Intangible Assets Other Long-lived Governance
Governing Law Government Authority
Government Authority Shall Mean Government Regulation
Governmental Body Grant Agreement
Grant Option Grant Restricted Stock
Grant Rights Grant Subject Plan Provisions
Grants Gross Net Sales Adjustments
Group Member Guaranteed Obligations
Headings Hedge Equity Percentage
Hedge Event Hematological Cancers
Hhh Permits Meaning Set Forth 610 Householding Proxy Materials
However Identified Means Intellectual Property Been Disclosed Parties External
Ifrs Accounts Immediate Release
Impairment Charge Impairment Charges
Impairment Charges- Impairment Subordination
Implied Licenses Implied Representations Warranties Conditions
Important Notice Regarding Internet Availability Proxy Materials Annual Important Safety Information
Important Warnings Safety Information In-process Research Development
In-process Research Developments Costs Include
Income Taxes Income Taxes-
Increased Costs Change Law Shall Indebtedness
Indemnification Indemnification Cephalon
Indemnification Contribution Indemnification Patent Liability
Indemnified Party Shall Furnish Promptly Indemnifying Copies Papers Indenture
Independent Review Organization Index
Indicated Diseases Disorders Indicated Only Management Breakthrough Pain Patients Cancer Already
Individual Rights Trustee Inflammatory Disease
Information Concerning Product Infringement
Initial Forecasts Initial Indication Development Costs
Initial Strategic Forecast Instrument
Insurance Intangible Assets
Inte Net Intellectual Property
Intellectual Property Licenses Intellectual Property Means Following Rights Know-how Patents Copyrights
Intellectual Property Position Intellectual Property Rights
Inter Alia Interest
Interest Loans Comprising Each Abr Borrowing Shall Interest Payable Similar Charges
Interest Payment Date Interest Payments
Interest Rate Swap Interest Receivable
Interim Committee Interim Data Show Statistical Significance Primary Efficacy Endpoint
Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Internal Controls Over Financial Reporting Not Considered Effective
International Operations International Products
Interpretation Inventories
Inventories- Inventorship Ownership Procedure
Inventory Inventory Net
Inventory Sales Product Investment Act
Investment Mds Proteomics Inc Investment Status Borrower Subsidiary Defined Subject Regulation
Investments Investments Arising Restructuring Transactions
Investments Current Assets Invoices Method Payment Amounts Due Alkermes
Involved Become Future Legal Proceedings Adversely Adjudicated Settled Issuer
Issuer Purchases Equity Securities Joint Venture
Jsc Decision Making Jurisdiction
Know-how Shall Mean Known Other Factors Not Perceived Present Significant Risks
Labeling Packaging Law Means Statute Code Treaty Order Ordinance Rule
Laws Laws Law
Leakage Lease
Leased Assets Leases
Legal Matters Legal Proceedings
Lessee Letter Intent
Liabilities Obligations Respect Excluded Assets Liabilities Respect Lawsuits Claims Suits Proceedings Investigations Set
License Barr Laboratories Inc License Collaboration Agreement
License Collaboration Agreement Alkermes License Collaboration Supply Agreements Alkermes
License Grant Licensed Intellectual Property
Licenses Barr Laboratories Inc Related Actiq Limitation Commercialization Team Decision Making
Limitation Development Team Decision Making Limitation Ssf Liability Representations Warranties
Limitation Supply Team Decision Making Limitations
Limitations Liability Indemnification Insurance Limitations Suits
Liquidity Capital Resources Listed Patents Shall Mean
Litigation Lll Product Contract Meaning Set Forth 605
Long-term Debt Long-term Incentive Compensation
Losses Lundbeck
Lundbeck Contacts Lupuzor
Lupuzor License Lupuzor Lupus
Maintenance Business Prior Closing Maintenance Corporate Existence
Maintenance Properties Borrower Each Subsidiary Keep Maintain Maintenance Repair Tenant
Major Customers Concentration Credit Risk Make Whole Premium
Management Incentive Compensation Plan Managements Annual Report Internal Control Over Financial Reporting
Managements Discussion Analysis Financial Condition Results Operations Managements Report Financial Statements
Managements Report Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Mandatory Retirement Age Directors
Manufacturing Manufacturing Development Activities
Manufacturing Facility Manufacturing Including Variations Such Manufacture
Manufacturing Operations Manufacturing Product Supply
Manufacturing Selling Marketing Efforts Manufacturing Supply Distribution Problems Create Disruptions Result Reduction
Market Expansion Strategies Marketed Products
Marketed Products Product Candidates Marketing
Marketing Authorisation Master Landlords Address
Material Adverse Effect Material Asset
Material Contractual Benefits Material Impairments
Material Increase Material Tax Accounting Implications Neo Executive Compensation Program
Matter Cephalon Inc Cima Labs Matters Relating Agent
Maximum Number Shares Delivered Media
Medical Inquiries Meetin Location
Meetings Mepha
Mept Form Consent Merger Agreement
Methods Termination Minimum Annual Quantities Purchased Cephalon Capacity Reserved Dsm
Minor Sellers Minor Shares
Miscellaneous Modafinil License Effective Date Meaning Assigned
Modafinil License Supply Agreement Modafinil Litigation Shall Mean Action Filed Usc 271
Mortgage Building Improvement Loans Mrix
Much Did Pay Fees Independent Auditors Much Did Pay Independent Auditors Non-audit Services
Multiple Counterparts Mutatis Mutandis
Mutual Releases Mutual Representations
Mutual Written Agreement Seller Buyer Mylan Modafinil Anda Shall Mean 76-594
Mylan Warranty Named Brokers
Names Trade Trademarks Narcolepsy
Narrative Summary Compensation Grants Plan-based Awards Tables Nda
Negative Covenants Net Cash Provided Financing Activities
Net Cash Provided Operating Activities Net Cash Provided Used Financing Activities
Net Cash Provided Used Investing Activities Net Cash Provided Used Operating Activities
Net Cash Used Investing Activities Net Cash Used Provided Financing Activities
Net Cash Used Provided Operating Activities Net Operating Expenses
Net Proceeds Net Profits Shall Mean Gross Receipts Derived Arms-length
Net Sales Net Sales-
Net Working Capital Amount Neurodegenerative Diseases
Neurology Neuropsychiatry Clin Neurosci
Neurotrophic Factors New Confirmation
News Nic Amount
Nics Nominal Settlement Date
Non-competition Non-contravention
Non-hodgkins Lymphoma Non-solicitation Employees
Noncontrolling Interest Noncontrolling Interest-
Not Not Applicable
Notation Exchange Securities Notes Reconciliation Gaap Net Income Adjusted
Notes Reconciliation Gaap Net Income Adjusted 2006 2005 Notes Reconciliation Gaap Net Income Loss Adjusted
Notice Notice Adjustment
Notice Annual Meeting Stockholders Held 2007 Notice Certain Transactions
Notice Default Notice Default Events
Notice Investors Notice Trustee
Notice Waivers Meetings Notices
Notices Agreement Shall Sent Overnight Class Mail Return Notices Material Events Borrower Furnish Administrative Agent
Notification Infringement Notifications Submission Reports
Notwithstanding 311 Event Cephalon Licenses Permits Entity Other Notwithstanding Foregoing Principal Interest Loan Fee Other Amount
Now Therefore Number 0-19119
Number 000-19119 Nuvigil
Nuvigil Launch Enhanced Robust Patient Access Programs Nuvigil Paragraph Certification Letter
Nuvigil Paragraph Notice Nuvigil Paragraph Notice Letter
Nuvigil Patent Litigation Objective
Objectives Compensation Program Obligations Parties
Obstructive Sleep Apnea Hypopnea Syndrome Odt Technologies
Offer Offer Close 2009
Offer Notice Offer Share Warranties
Offer Shares Offer Terms
Offering Offering Date
Office Officer
Officers Officers Certificate
Often Did Board Meet 2004 Often Did Board Meet 2005
Often Did Board Meet 2006 Often Did Board Meet 2007
Oig Removal Iro Oncology
Operating Loss Opinion Counsel
Option Option Acquire Deliveries
Option Agreement Option Elect Repurchase Fundamental Change
Option Exercise Option Stock Award Information
Optional Closing Date Optional Securities
Optionee Ancillary Agreements Optionee Group Member
Order Order Such Information Provided Optionee Without Causing Violation
Orders Supply Returns Regulatory Organization
Osha Ote
Ote Person Other
Other Benefits Other Commitments
Other Commitments Contingencies Other Comprehensive Income
Other Discovery Research Efforts Other Events
Other Income Expense Other Information
Other Intangible Assets Net Other Intellectual Property
Other Inventions Other Matters
Other Offering Information Other Provisions
Other Remedies Other Revenues
Other Revenues- Otm Technologies
Outbound Costs Outlook
Outstanding Securities Overview
Overview 2004 Overview 2005 Achievements
Owned Intellectual Property Owner
Pain Pain Medication Fentora
Pari Passu Parkinsons Disease
Parties Partnership
Party Beneficiaries Party Claims Clauses
Party Parties Means Agreement Party Shall Mean Entity Other Parties
Patent Marking Patent Suit Shall Meaning Set Forth Recitals
Payables Other Liabilities Obligations Seller Sellers Affiliates Paye
Paying Agent Paying Agent Hold Money Trust
Payment Conversion Payment Obligation
Payment Other Taxes Borrower Without Limiting Provisions Paragraph Payment Product Requirements Placebo
Payment Sales Other Taxes Payment Securities
Payment Taxes Payments
Payments Holders Pde Requirements Products
Pension Commitments Pensions
Performance Affiliate Performance Rights
Permitted Arana Acquisition Permitted Arana Disposition
Permitted Encumbrances Permitted Option Acquisition Investment Resulting Solely Exercise Underlying
Perquisites Person
Persons Physicians Other Healthcare Providers Become Familiar Important Warnings
Placebo Requirements Plan Consider Appropriate Make Acquisitions Technologies Products Businesses
Plans Plans Advance Phase Trials
Plus Policy Procedures Related Review Approval Ratification Transactions Parties
Political Conditions Affecting Biotechnology Pharmaceutical Industries Well Specific Portion Revenues Expenses Subject Exchange Rate Fluctuations Normal
Post Marketing Clinical Trial Post-employment Benefits
Potential Payments Termination Change Control Practices Regarding Grant Options
Pre-approval Policy Regarding Independent Auditor Services Pre-completion
Preamble Preferential Collection Claims Against
Preferred Share Purchase Rights Preliminary Prospectus
Premises Prepayment Loans Borrower Shall Right Time Prepay
Prescribed Occurrences Prescribing Not Convert Patients Mcg Per Basis Actiq
Press Release Press Release Financial Results Attached Include
Price Common Stock Been Continue Highly Volatile Make Pricing
Principal Principal Accountant Fees Services
Principal Accounting Fees Services Principles Consolidation
Prior Period Eps Shown Reflects Adoption Guidance Eitf Prior Period Eps Shown Restated Adoption Guidance Eitf
Priorities Privilege Stock Ownership
Pro Forma Adjustments Pro Forma Aggregate Conversions Exercises
Pro Forma Information Pro Forma Results
Pro Rata Proc Assoc Physicians
Procedure Termination Procedures
Product Product Complaints Adverse Event Reporting
Product Contracts Product Label Packaging Pursuant Terms Conditions Supply Agreement
Product Manufacturing Equipment Purchase Product Sales Allowances
Product Sales Allowances- Returns Product Sales Related Financial Results Fluctuate Fluctuations Cause
Products Products Used Commercially Unintended Side Effects Adverse Reactions
Profit Sharing Plan Promising Monoclonal Antibody Late- Stage Clinical Trial Treatment
Promotion Promptly Following Receipt Interest Election Request Accordance Administrative
Properties Property
Property Equipment Property Equipment Net
Property Plant Equipment Prospects
Prospectus Supplement Provided
Provided Further Provided However
Provider Providing Party Meaning Assigned
Provigil Provigil Nuvigil
Provigil Patent Litigation Settlements Provigil Settlement Agreement
Provisions Liabilities Charges Proxy Annual Meeting Stockholders 2009
Proxy Solicitation Costs Proxy Statement
Public Announcements Publicity
Purchase Price Purchase Price Payment
Purchase Sale Delivery Offered Securities Purchase Sale Product
Purchase Securities Option Holder Fundamental Change Purchased Shares
Purchaser Purchaser Guarantee
Purchaser Guarantor Purchasers Group
Purchasers Obligations Purchasers Purchaser Guarantors Warranties
Purchases Equity Securities Affiliated Purchasers Purpose
Purpose Facsimile Agreement Purposes Agreement
Pursuant Pursuant Securities Exchange Act 1934
Qualifications Trainer Qualified Savings Investment Plan
Quality Agreement Quality Agreement Shall Meaning Set Forth 312
Quantitative Qualitative Disclosure Market Risk Quantitative Qualitative Disclosures Market Risk
Quarterly Sales Report Quarterly Sales Supporting Data
Ranbaxy Generic Rights Ratification
Ratification Appointment Pricewaterhousecoopers Llp Independent Registered Public Accountants Ratios Earnings Fixed Charges
Recall Recalls Seizures
Receipt Certain Amounts Receivables
Receivables Net Receiving Party Meaning Assigned Agreement
Recent Accounting Pronouncements Recent Acquisitions
Recent Acquisitions Transactions Receptor Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitors
Recitals Reclassifications
Reconciliation Gaap Net Income Adjusted Reconciliation Movements Shareholders Deficit
Reconciliation Projected Gaap Diluted Earnings Per Share Adjusted Record Date
Record Date Vote Consent Securityholders Records Reporting Audits
Recourse Against Others Recovered Amount
Reference Notes Refunds Tax Seller Liable Pursuant 813
Regardin Registered Offering
Registrar Registrar Paying Agent Conversion
Registration Statement Regulation Disclosure
Regulatory Authority Regulatory Filings
Regulatory Matters Regulatory Submissions Promptly After Effective Date
Regulatory Transition Seller Reinstatement
Relapsed Acute Myelogenous Leukemia Related Party Disclosure
Related Persons Release
Relevant Account Relevant Proportion
Remainder Page Intentionally Left Blank Remedial Action
Remedies Exclusive Rental Adjustment Estimated Operating
Repayment Repayment Event
Replacement Securities Replacement Trustee
Report Audit Committee Report Independent Auditors Board Directors Shareholders Zeneus Holdings
Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Report Stock Option Compensation Committee
Reports Serious Adverse Events Including Deaths Patients Treated Reports Trustee Holders
Representation Underwriters Representations Warranties
Representations Warranties Borrower Hereby Represents Warrants Administrative Agent Representations Warranties Buyer
Representations Warranties Covenants Representations Warranties Optionee
Representations Warranties Seller Representative
Repurchase Notice Repurchase Product Manufacturing Equipment
Required Incur Significant Costs Comply Environmental Laws Regulations Requirements Laws
Research Development Research Development Expenses
Research Development Expenses- Research Development Marketing Efforts Often Dependent Corporate Collaborators
Research Restructuring Reserves
Reslizumab Esinophilic Esophagitis Respective Affiliates
Responsibilites Restricted Stock
Restricted Stock Units Restrictions
Restrictive Covenants Contained Credit Agreement Limit Activities Restructuring
Restructuring Charges Restructuring Charges-
Results Operations Financial Condition Results Timing Research Development Activities Including Future Clinical
Reulation Disclosure Revenue Recognition
Revenue Recognition- Revocation Effect Consents
Rights Holders Receive Payment Convert Rights Obligations
Rights Plan Rights Trustee
Rolling Monthly Forecast Royalties
Royalty Rrr Seller Meaning Set Forth Preamble Agreement
Rule 462 Registration Statement Rules Construction
Rules Regulations Rules Trustee Paying Agent Registrar Conversion
Salary Salary Bonus Proportion Total Compensation
Sale Assignment Purchased Assets Sale Period
Sale Price Sale Purchase Shares
Sale Shares Sales
Sales- Salmedix Inc
Salmedix Inc Acquisition Samples
Satisfaction Discharge Scale-up
Schedule Schedule 121
Schedule 14a Schedule Exchanges Notes
Sec Reports Securities
Securities Act Securities Authorized Issuance Equity Compensation Plans
Securities Custodian Securities Exchange
Securities Exchange Act 1934 Securities Purchased Part
Security Ownership Certain Beneficial Owners Management Related Stockholder Securityholder
Securityholder Lists Segment Subsidiary Information
Segmental Reporting Seizure
Selected Consolidated Quarterly Financial Data Sellers
Sellers Consideration Sellers Obligations
Sellers Representatives Sellers Representatives Agent
Sellers Transaction Costs Selling Agent
Selling General Administrative Expenses Selling General Administrative Expenses-
Selling Holders Senior Employee
Senior Indebtedness Senior Indebtedness Entitled Rely
Senior Subordinated Indebtedness Separability
Seq Set-off
Settlement License Agreement Settlement Provigil Patent Litigation Carlsbad Technology Inc
Settlement Reserve Settlements Patent Infringement Lawsuits
Settlements Provigil Patent Infringement Lawsuits Settles State Cases Connecticut Massachusetts
Severability Shamrock Sale Purchase Agreement
Shamrock Tax Deed Share Based Compensation
Share Purchase Agreement Share Transfers
Share-based Payment Shared Expenses Shall Mean
Shares Shares Authorized
Shares Common Stock Shares Reserved Issuance
Shelf Life Product Time Shipment Shift Work Sleep Disorder
Shipping Documents Shortfall Determination Date
Signature Page Follows Signatures
Significant Subsidiary Simultaneous Webcast
Situations Physician Pharmacist Concerned Increased Risk Misuse Abuse Société Anonyme
Société Par Actions Simplifiée Solid Tumors
Source Cephalon Inc Source Shares Issuance
Sparlon Spc Instrument
Spcs Specific Accounting Principles Practices Policies
Specific Instances Specifications
Spread Staggered Settlement
Staggered Settlement Date State
State Pension Scheme Statement Cash Debt Transaction Liabilities
Statement Directors Responsibilities Statement Group Total Recognised Gains Losses
Statement Net Working Capital Amount Status Performance Mcneil Adhd Sales Force Ability Effectively
Stay Extension Usury Laws Stock Awards
Stock Option Compensation Committee Stock Options
Stock Price Stock Price Cap
Stock Price Threshold Stock-based Compensation
Stock-based Compensation- Stockholder Proposals 2006 Annual Meeting
Stockholder Proposals 2007 Annual Meeting Stockholder Proposals 2008 Annual Meeting
Stockholder Proposals 2009 Annual Meeting Stockholder Proposals 2010 Annual Meeting
Stockholders Communicate Board Stocks
Strategic Forecast Study
Study Results Submission Matters Vote Security Holders
Submit Supplemental New Drug Application Expand Nuvigil Subordinated Convertible Notes
Subordinated Indebtedness Subordinated Preference Certificates
Subrogation Securities Subsequent Event
Subsequent Events Subsidiary
Subsidiary Undertakings Subtenant Shall Notify Sublandlord Promptly Event Default Facts
Subtenants Proportionate Share Successor Substituted
Successor Trustee Merger Etc Successors
Such Factors Forward-looking Statements Furthermore Cephalon Not Intend Such Loan Disbursement Other Payments Hereunder Shall Dollars
Summary Oral Agreement Payment Services Between Cephalon Inc Supply
Supply Agreement Supply Team Decision Making
Supply Team Procedures Supply Team Responsibilities Shall Responsible
Surpasses 200 2009 Survival Certain Representations Obligations
Survival Each Partys Obligations Shall Survive Termination Loan Survival Representations Warranties Etc
Symbio Pharmaceuticals Limited Takeda Pharmaceuticals North America Inc
Takeover Bid Conditions Tangible Fixed Assets
Target Audience Targeted Diseases Disorders
Targets Statement Tax
Tax Loss Ordinary Activities Tax Matters
Tax Return Tax Sharing Arrangement
Taxation Taxation Loss Period
Taxes Taxes Conversion
Technology Transfer Agreement Tem Submission Matters Vote Security Holders
Temporary Securities Tender Offer Convertible Notes
Term Term Termination
Termination Termination Assignment Agreement
Termination Co-promotion Agreement Termination Co-promotion Agreement Takeda
Termination Collaboration Termination Escrow Account
Termination Escrow Letter Termination Fee Escrow Account
Termination Material Breach Termination Material Definitive Agreement
Termination Reduction Expansion Commitments Unless Previously Terminated Termination Trading
Terms Terms Applicable
Terms Conditions Teva Generic Rights
Thi Tia
Time Place Title Capacity Warranties
Title Sufficiency Assets Tolling Fees
Trade Secrets Trademark Assignment Promptly After Effective Date
Trademark License Agreement Trademark Maintenance After Effective Date
Trading Trading Price
Transaction Transaction Expected Immediately Accretive Adjusted Earnings Per Share
Transactions Contemplated Hereby Thereby Nor Compliance Fulfillment Terms Transfer
Transfer Exchange Treanda
Treanda Cll Treanda Nhl
Treasury Securities Treatment Excessive Sleepiness Associated Jet Lag Disorder
Trigger Event Triggering Distribution
Trisenox Trisenox Acquisition
Trust Indenture Act Trust Indenture Act Controls
Trust Indenture Act Provisions Trust Officer
Trustee Trustee Proofs Claim
Trustee Sign Amendments Etc Trustees Disclaimer
Trustees Relation Senior Indebtedness Turnover
Types Equity Awards Ucb Pharma France
Unable Repay Substantial Indebtedness Other Obligations Unable Successfully Consolidate Integrate Operations Businesses Acquire Adversely
Undertaking Costs Underwriters
Underwriting Agreement Unfavorable General Economic Conditions Adversely Affect Business
Unissued Shares United States
Unregistered Sales Equity Securities Unregistered Sales Equity Securities Proceeds
Unsuccessful Efforts Obtain Regulatory Approval New Products Formulations Update Training
Upper Limit Usa Patriot Act Anti-money Laundering Requirements Laws Foreign
Utilities Valid Claim Shall Mean Issued Unexpired Patent Not
Valuation Goodwill Valuation Property Equipment Acquired Intangible Assets Goodwill
Valuation Property Equipment Intangible Assets Goodwill Valuation Property Equipment Intangible Assets Goodwill Investments
Valuation Property Equipment Intangible Assets Goodwill Investments- Venue
Via Overnight Courier Vice President
View Terial Via Internet Visium Balanced Fund
Visium Balanced Offshore Fund Ltd Visium Long Bias Fund
Visium Long Bias Offshore Fund Ltd Vivitrex
Vivitrex License Collaboration Vivitrex Trademark Medisorb
Vivitrol Vivitrol License Collaboration
Volume Weighted Average Price Voluntary Reduction
Vote 401 Shares Vote Internet
Vote Internet Wwwproxyvotecom Vote Mail
Vote Phone 1-800-690-6903 Vote Required Approval
Vote Shares Vote Telephone
Vote Telephone Electronically Waiver
Waiver Defaults Events Default Waiver Jury Trial
Warning Warrant
Warrant Agreement Warrant Agreements
Warrant Equity Percentage Warranties
Warranty Insurance Policy Was Generally Available Public Otherwise Part Domain Time
Was Subsequently Lawfully Disclosed Receiving Party Watson Generic Rights
West Chester 2005 What Boards Recommendations
What Constitutes Quorum What Key Elements Corporate Integrity Agreement Cia
What Processes Procedures Compensation Committee Follow Considering Determining What Products Employees Covered Cia
What Purpose Annual Meeting What Role Boards Committees
What Vote Required Approve Each What Voting Rights Holders Cephalon Common Stock
Whereas Whereas Subtenant Agreed Sublease Subleased Premises Sublandlord Terms
Whereby Immupharma Shall Only Obligation Indemnify Hold Harmless Whole Agreement
Withholding Without Consent Holders
Witness Witness Whereof
Witness Whereof Parties Hereto Executed Sublease Date Set Wwwsecgov
Yyy Successor Entity Means Buyer Following Change Control Zeneus Holdings Limited
Zeneus Holdings Limited Acquisition Zeneus Pharma Limited
Zeneus Purchase Price Allocation 
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