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Accrued Expenses Other Liabilities Accuracy Financial Reports Other Public Communications
Acquired In-process Research Development Acquisitions
Activities Connection Hedging Transactions Affect Market Price Adss Address Principal Executive Offices
Adjustment Conversion Rate China Medicals Convertible Notes Adverse Changes Political Economic Other Policies Chinese Government
Advisors Agreement
Alternatively Sometimes Avoid Rules Described Above Electing Treat Amendments
American Depositary Share Ads Ordinary Shares Announcement Financial Results 2009
Annual Audit Work Annual Cash Dividend
Applicability Appointment Director
Appointment Resignation Director Approval Share Repurchase Program
Articles Association Contain Anti-takeover Provisions Adversely Affect Rights Asset Acquisition Agreement
Assignment Audit Committee
Basis Presentation Because Purchased Adss Considered Outstanding Purpose Computing Reporting
Because Right Require Repurchase Notes Limited Market Price Beijing Bio-ekon Biotechnology Ltd
Benefits Limitations Hifu Solution British Virgin Islands Bvi
Business Acquisition Agreement Business Benefits Certain Government Incentives Expiration Changes Material
Business Credit Concentrations Business Strategy Grow Through Acquisitions New Products Technologies
Business Suffer Unable Collect Payments Customers Hifu Therapy Business Suffer Unable Collect Payments Customers Timely Basis
Capital Expenditures Cash Dividend
Cash Equivalents Cayman Islands
Cayman Islands Because Rights Shareholders Law Differ Those Cayman Islands Tax
Cayman Islands Taxation Certification Chief Financial Officer Pursuant 906 Sarbanes-oxley Act
Certification Compliance Changes Accounting Standards Regarding 2005 Stock Option Plan
Changes Accounting Standards Regarding Stock Option Plans Material Changes Internal Controls
Chengxuan International Ltd China Medical
China Medical Announces Acquisition Fluorescent Situ Hybridization Fish China Medical Forward-looking Statement
China Medical Reports Financial Results Ending 2006 China Medical Reports Financial Results Ending 2007
China Medical Reports Preliminary Financial Results Ending 2007 China Medical Technologies
China Medical Technologies Acquires Hpv-dna Biosensor Chip Spr-based China Medical Technologies Announces Change Independent Auditors
China Medical Technologies Announces Changes Board Directors Appointment China Medical Technologies Announces Completion Sale Hifu Business
China Medical Technologies Announces Concurrent Offerings 150 Convertible China Medical Technologies Announces Sale Hifu Business Major
China Medical Technologies Announces Us30 Share Repurchase Program China Medical Technologies Hold Annual General Meeting 2009
China Medical Technologies Inc China Medical Technologies Inc Announces Proposed Offering Us100
China Medical Technologies Inc Closes Offering Us150 Convertible China Medical Technologies Inc Parent Only
China Medical Technologies Inc Prices Us125 Convertible Senior China Medical Technologies Reports Financial Results
China Medical Technologies Reports Financial Results Full 2006 China Medical Technologies Reports Full Financial Results
China Medical Technologies Reports Fy2009 Financial Results Classification Eclia Reagent Kits Fish Probes Hpv-dna Chips
Classification Eclia Reagents Classification Eclia Reagents Fish Probes
Classification Medical Devices Clinical Studies Hifu Therapy System
Closing Collectibility Accounts Receivable
Committees Board Directors Compared 2004
Compared 2005 Compared 2006
Compared 2007 Compared 2008
Compensation Committee Compensation Directors Executive Officers
Competition Competition Markets Operate Expected Increase Future
Completion Acquisition Hpv-dna Biosensor Chip Spr-based Analysis System Compliance Laws Regulations
Conclusion Condensed Consolidated Statements Cash Flows
Condensed Statements Income Conditions Closing Actions Deliverables
Conference Call Consent Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Considered Passive Foreign Investment Result Adverse Federal Income Considered Passive Foreign Investment Result Adverse Tax Consequences
Consolidated Financial Statements 2009 Sec Contact
Contacts Contingencies
Contingent Earnout Payments Related Fish Acquisition Continuing Sfda Regulations
Controlled Major Shareholder Affiliated Entities Interests Not Aligned Controlled Small Number Shareholders Affiliated Entities Interests Not
Conversion Notice Convertible Notes Issuance Costs
Convertible Notes Us276 Convertible Senior Subordinated Notes Due 2011
Cost Free Eclia Analyzers Cost Revenues
Costs Costs Substantially Increase Experience Significant Number Warranty Claims
Courier Covenants
Critical Accounting Policies Current Global Economic Slowdown Crisis Financial Market Negatively
Customer Support Service Declaration Dividend
Deemed Prc Resident Enterprise Eit Law Subject Taxation Default Remedies
Dependent Core Product Hifu Therapy System Reduction Revenues Dependent Relatively Small Group Distributors Significant Portion Revenues
Dependent Small Number Distributors Significant Portion Revenues Dependence Depreciation Amortization Expenses
Depreciation Amortization Long-lived Assets Depreciation Amortization Long-lived Assets Intangible Other Goodwill
Derive Increasingly Large Portion Revenues Sales Eclia System Derive Substantially Revenues Sales Eclia Reagent Kits Fish
Directors Executive Officers Discharge Indenture
Disclosure Conflicts Interest Discontinuation Hifu Business Acquisition Spr Make Difficult Evaluate
Discontinuation Preferential Tax Treatments Financial Incentives Currently Available Dividend Policy
Dividends Payable Foreign Investors Become Subject Withholding Taxes Dividends Payable Foreign Investors Gain Sale Adss Ordinary
Duties Directors Earnings Adversely Affected Recognize Impairment Losses Goodwill Other
Earnings Adversely Impacted Recognize Impairment Losses Goodwill Other Eclia Reagent Kits
Eclia Reagent Kits Analyzer Eclia System
Employees Ending 2006 Financial Results
Ending 2007 Equity Incentive Plan
Estimates Evaluation Disclosure Controls Procedures
Exchange Rate Information Exposed Intellectual Property Infringement Other Claims Parties Successful
Face Risks Related Health Epidemics Other Outbreaks Contagious Face Risks Related Health Epidemics Outbreaks Contagious Diseases
Fail Achieve Maintain Effective Internal Control Over Financial Fail Effectively Manage Distribution Network Business Prospects Brand
Fail Increase Awareness Acceptance Hifu Therapy System Medical Fail Protect Intellectual Property Rights Competitors Take Advantage
Fair Value Financial Instruments Family Members Work
Fda Conditional Approval China Medical Technologies Investigational Device Financial Results
Financing Activities Fish Acquisition
Fish Becomes Growth Driver Fish Imaging Analysis System Probes
Fish Probes Fish Probes Imaging Analyzer
Fluctuation Value Renminbi Material Adverse Effect Investment Fluctuations Price Adss Impact Notes Make Them Difficult
Fluctuations Quarterly Operating Results Cause Ads Price Decline Foreign Currency Exchange
Foreign Currency Transactions Translation Foreign Exchange Risk
Form 6-k Forward Share Repurchase Contract
Full 2009 Full Financial Results
Fundamental Change Purchase Notice Further Information
Future Capital Needs Uncertain Need Raise Additional Funds Future Changes Laws Regulations Enforcement Policies China Adversely
Future Sales Ordinary Shares Adss Public Market Issuance Fy2006 Financial Results
Fy2006 Highlights Fy2006 Outlook Targets Exceeded
Fy2007 Annual Targets Review Fy2007 Financial Results
Fy2007 Highlights Fy2008 Financial Results
Fy2008 Highlights Fy2009 Financial Results
Fy2009 Highlights Gains Sales Shares Adss Become Subject Prc Income
General Meeting Held 2009 Generate Substantial Portion Revenues Core Product Hifu Therapy
Generate Substantial Portion Revenues Sales Hifu Therapy System Gifts Entertainment
Global Notes Legend Goodwill Other Intangible Assets
Government Grants Governmental Private Health Insurers Not Provide Sufficient Coverage
Grant Additional Share Options Restricted Shares Other Share-based Guaranty
Had 137 265 Employees 2003 2004 2005 2006 Held
Hifu Business Claim Hifu Technology Leader Tumor Treatment
Hifu Therapy System Highlights 2006
Highlights Ending 2006 Highly Dependent Senior Management Key Research Development Personnel
Hold Notes Not Entitled Rights Respect Adss Subject Holders Adss Fewer Rights Ordinary Shares Act Through
Holders Adss Fewer Rights Shareholders Act Through Depositary Hong Kong
Hpv-dna Chip Spr System Asset Acquisition Hpv-dna Chips Spr-based Analysis System
Identifying Conflicts Interest Impairment Assessment Long-lived Assets
Impairment Long-lived Assets In-vitro Diagnostics
Income Continuing Operations Income Loss Continuing Operations Per Share
Income Taxes Independent Internal Investigation
Index Financial Statements Inflation
Information Please Contact Information Reporting Backup Withholding
Innovative Eclia System Fish Imaging Analysis Probes In-vitro Innovative Eclia System In-vitro Diagnostics
Insurance Intellectual Property
Intellectual Property Confidentiality Interest Dividends Payable Foreign Investors Gain Sale Notes
Interest Rate Risk International Expansion Costly Time Consuming Difficult Not Successfully
Introduction Inventories
Investing Activities Ipo
Issuer Ivd Industry Characterized Constant Technological Change Fail Respond
Land Rights Law
Legal Administrative Proceedings Limited Operating History Makes Evaluating Business Prospects Difficult
Liquidity Capital Resources List Subsidiaries
Long-term Effectiveness Hifu Medical Devices Tumor Treatment Not Low Manufacturing Operating Costs
Major Shareholder Exert Substantial Influence Over Business Interests Make Whole Premium Payable Conversion Connection Fundamental Change
Managements Annual Report Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Manufacturing
Market Price Adss Volatile Markets Customers
Miscellaneous Need Expand Existing Sales Force Distribution Network Maintain
New Management Appointment New Product Development Medical Device Supply Industry Costly
Newly Enacted Prc Tax Law Increase Enterprise Income Nomination Committee
Non-cash Transactions Non-gaap Measure Disclosures
Not Able Cause Subsidiaries Distribute Sufficient Amount Dividends Not Receive Cash Dividends Impractical Make Them Available
Not Succeed Developing Market Eclia System Not Succeed Developing Market Fish Imaging Analysis System
Not Succeed Developing Market Spr System Hpv-dna Chips Not Succeed Sustaining Expanding Market Eclia Business Free
Not Succeed Sustaining Expanding Market Eclia System Not Succeed Sustaining Expanding Market Fish Probes Limited
Not Succeed Sustaining Expanding Market Fish Products Not Succeed Sustaining Market Eclia System
Notes Notes Effectively Subordinated Liabilities Existing Subsidiaries Future
Notes Subordinated Existing Future Senior Indebtedness Notes Subordinated Future Senior Indebtedness
Notice Operating Activities
Operating Expenses Operating Lease Obligation
Operations Might Interrupted Occurrence Natural Disaster Other Catastrophic Order Manufacture Market Products Required Obtain Various Authorizations
Other National Provincial Level Laws Regulations Other News
Outlook Outlook 2006
Outlook Acquisition Outlook Ending 2006
Outlook Ending 2007 Outlook Fy2006
Outlook Fy2007 Outlook Fy2008
Outlook Fy2009 Overview
Part Passive Foreign Investment
Peoples Republic China Taxation Poll Not Demanded Shareholder Meeting Voting Show Hands
Potential Benefits Acquisition Prc
Prc Tax Preliminary Purchase Price Allocation Acquisition
Preliminary Results Subject Material Adjustment Price Sales Hifu Therapy System Adversely Affected Reductions
Pricing Principal Activities Organization
Principles Consolidation Product Recall Material Adverse Effect Business Results Operations
Production Permit Production Permit Eclia Reagents
Production Permit Eclia Reagents Fish Probes Production Permit Medical Devices
Production Permits Eclia Reagent Kits Fish Probes Hpv-dna Production Permits Medical Devices
Property Plant Equipment Protection Assets
Provisions Notes Discourage Acquisition Party Purchase Obligation
Purchased Ads Offering Purpose
Pursuant 302 Sarbanes-oxley Act 2002 Pursuant 906 Sarbanes-oxley Act 2002
Pursuant Ads Issuance Repurchase Agreements Quality Control
Raises Fy2007 Targets Rapid Growth Rapidly Changing Operating Environment Strain Limited
Reagent Kits Receive Dividends Operating Subsidiaries Located Prc Such Subject
Recent Accounting Pronouncements Recent Development Sale Hifu Business
Recent Prc Regulations Relating Acquisitions Companies Foreign Entities Recently Issued Accounting Pronouncements
Recitals Reclassification Expenses
Reclassification Foreign Exchange Gain Loss General Administrative Expenses Reclassification Sales Marketing Expenses Related Costs Free Eclia
Reclassifications Recognition Full Gain Sale Hifu Business
Reconciliations Non-gaap Adjusted Income Continuing Operation Gaap Reconciliations Non-gaap Adjusted Net Income Gaap
Records Recoverability Long-lived Assets
Registration Requirements Registration Requirements Eclia Reagent Kits Fish Probes Hpv-dna
Registration Requirements Eclia Reagents Registration Requirements Eclia Reagents Fish Probes
Registration Requirements Medical Devices Regulation
Regulation Foreign Currency Exchange Dividend Distribution Regulation Foreign Exchange Certain Onshore Offshore Transactions
Regulation Ivd Reagents Related Party Transactions
Rely Dividends Paid Subsidiary Cash Needs Rely Single-source Suppliers Provide Materials Major Components Significant
Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Reported Earnings Decline Recognize Impairment Losses Intangible Assets
Representations Warranties Capricorn Sub Representations Warranties Cmed Sub
Research Development Research Development Advertising Costs
Resignation Chief Operating Officer Restricted Shares
Restrictions Currency Exchange Limit Ability Receive Revenues Effectively Restrictive Covenants Indenture Notes Relating Ability Incur Future
Retirement Other Postretirement Benefits Revenue Recognition
Revenues Right Participate Future Rights Offerings Limited Cause Dilution
Safe Harbor Statement Sales Marketing
Schedule Secondary Offering
Securities Registered Pursuant Act Segment Reporting
Selected Financial Results Selected Preliminary Financial Results Fy2008
Share Issuance Repurchase Agreement Share Purchase Agreement
Share-based Compensation Shareholders Agreement
Signature Signature Pages Follow
Signatures Significant Interruption Supply Prevent Limit Ability Accept Fulfill
Significant Interruption Supply Prevent Limit Ability Provide Products Statutory Reserves
Stock Option Plan Stock Options
Strategies Strengthen Leading Position Advanced Ivd Market China
Strengths Strong Research Development Capability
Strong Research Development Capability Commitments Efforts Subject Limitations Transfers Adss
Subject Product Liability Exposure Limited Insurance Coverage Substantial Future Sales Adss Public Market Perception Such
Successor Supreme Well Investments Inc Molecular Diagnostics Technologies Limited
Table Contents Taxation
Taxation Disposition Shares Taxation Dividends Other Distributions Adss Ordinary Shares
Tem 16a Udit Ommittee Inancial Xpert Tem 16b Ode Thics
Tem 16c Rincipal Ccountant Ees Ervices Tem Ajor Hareholders Elated Arty Ransactions
Tem Dditional Nformation Tem Efaults Ividend Rrearages Elinquencies
Tem Ffer Isting Tem Inancial Nformation
Tem Inancial Tatements Tem Nformation Ompany
Tem Perating Inancial Eview Rospects Tem Xhibits
Termination Terms Directors Executive Officers
Therapeutic Principles Hifu Title Class
Transactions Transactions Beijing Weixiao
Transactions Chengxuan Transition Period
Treatment Methods Cancer Treatment Procedure
Tumor Therapy Ivd Industries Characterized Constant Technological Change Typographical Errors Notes Preliminary Prospectus Supplement Base
Unable Successfully Operate Manage Manufacturing Operations Experience Decrease Unauthorized Brand Name Parties Expenses Incurred Developing Preserving
United States Federal Income Taxation Us150 Convertible Notes
Us276 Convertible Notes Valuation Inventories
Violations Code Waivers Code
Warranty Costs Warranty Obligations
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