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Abs Cdo Super Senior Exposures Acceptance Agreement Participant
Access Citigroups Consent Solicitation Materials Annual Report Electronically Access Citigroups Proxy Materials Annual Report Electronically
Access Citis Proxy Materials Annual Report Electronically Access Information
Access Signage Name Building Accounting
Accounting Certain Hybrid Financial Instruments Accounting Certain Loans Debt Securities Acquired Transfer
Accounting Changes Future Application Standards Accounting Conditional Asset Retirement Obligations
Accounting Defensive Intangible Assets Accounting Defined Benefit Pensions Other Postretirement Benefits
Accounting Derivative Hedging Accounting Endorsement Split-dollar Life Insurance Arrangements
Accounting Loan Commitments Accounted Derivatives Accounting Matters
Accounting Regulatory Capital Treatment Accounting Reporting Insurance Enterprises Certain Nontraditional Long-duration Contracts
Accounting Servicing Financial Assets Accounting Uncertainty Income Taxes
Accounts Accretion Reclassified Assets
Achieve Strong Growth Returns Shareholders Acknowledgment
Acquiring Person Acquisition
Acquisition Abn Amro Mortgage Group Acquisition American Bank
Acquisition Automated Trading Desk Acquisition Banco Chiles Branches
Acquisition Bank Overseas Chinese Acquisition Bisys
Acquisition Egg Acquisition Federated Credit Card Portfolio Agreement Department Stores
Acquisition Golden State Bancorp Acquisition Grupo Cuscatlan
Acquisition Grupo Cuscatlán Acquisition Grupo Financiero Uno
Acquisition Home Depots Private-label Portfolio Acquisition Koram Bank
Acquisition Old Lane Partners Acquisition Quilter
Acquisition Sears Credit Card Financial Products Business Acquisition Washington Mutual Finance Corporation
Acquisitions Certain Financial Institutions Act Shall Mean Securities Exchange 1934 Amended Including
Action Senior Human Resources Officer Actual Hypothetical Taxes
Additional Board Service Additional Classes Series Stock
Additional Conditions Applicable Post-employment Participation Additional Details Regarding Public Exchange Offers Visit Citis
Additional Disclosures Derivative Instruments Additional Issuance Perpetual Preferred Stock Warrant Purchase Common
Additional Write-downs Commercial Real Estate Exposures Additional Write-downs Subprime-related Direct Exposures
Adelphia Adelphia Communications Corporation
Adjustment Reorganization Events Adjustments
Administration Admission Ticket
Adopt Responsible Employment Principles Adopt Simple Majority Vote
Adoption Accounting Share-based Payments Adoption Eitf 02-3
Adoption Sfas 132-r Adoption Sfas 157 Fair Value Measurements
Adoption Sfas 157-fair Value Measurements Adoption Sfas 158
Adoption Sfas 159-fair Value Option Advancement Begins Step
Advisory Consulting Employment Arrangements Affiliate
Affirmative Waivers After Posting Case International Courier Service Fifth Working
Aggregate Liquidity Resources Aggregated Option Exercises Year-end Values
Agreed Agreement
Agreement Acquire Old Lane Partners Agreement Establish Partnership Quiñenco -banco Chile
Agreement Establish Partnership Quiñenco- Banco Chile Agreement Establish Partnership Quiñenco-banco Chile
Agreement Governed Construed Accordance Federal Law United States Aig
Air Handling Unit Allied Irish Bank
Allocating Capital Maximize Returns Shareholders Allowance Credit Losses
Allowance Loan Losses Allowance Unfunded Lending Commitments
Alt-a Mortgage Securities Alterations
Alternative Investments Alternative Investments Formerly Proprietary Investment Activities
Ambac Financial Group Amended Contribution Agreement
Amended Through 1997 Amendment
Amendment Lease Amendment Termination
Amendments Amendments Articles Incorporation Bylaws Change
Annex Annexes
Announced Exchange Annual
Annual Compensation Annual Meeting
Annual Meeting Take Place Annual Report
Annual Strategic Review Appendix
Appraisal Rights Approval Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Services Fees
Approved Personal Leave Absence Non-statutory Arbitration
Arbitration Conflict Governing Law Arbitration Disputes
Arbitrations Ards
Argentina Art Tildesley
Asia Asia Excluding Cfj
Asset Liability Management Hedges Asset Liability Management Hedging
Asset Liability Management Hedging- Asset Management
Asset Management Alternative Investments Asset Management Business
Asset Management Net Income Regional View Asset Management Net Income-regional View
Asset Management Smith Barney Asset Transfers Securitization Accounting
Asset Values 2009 Asset-backed Commercial Paper Cdos Abcp
Asset-backed Commercial Paper Cdos Cpcdos Asset-backed Commercial Paper Conduits
Asset-based Financing Asset-based Financing-citi Holdings
Asset-based Financing-citicorp Assets
Assets Management Assignment
Assignment Subletting Mortgaging Assistant Treasurer
Associates Capital Corporation Assumptions
Asta Mat Municipal Funds At-will Employment
Attendance Meetings Auction Rate Securities
Auction Rate Securities Ars Auction Rate Securities Ars Settlement
Auction Rate Securities Settlement Auction Rate Securities-related Litigation
Auction Rate Securities-related Litigation Other Matters Audit Risk Management Committee
Audit Risk Management Committee Report Authority
Authorized Preferred Stock Increase Authorized Shares
Authorized Unissued Shares Available Shares Common Stock
Available Web Wwwcitigroupcom Average Deposit Liabilities Offices Outside
Average Ending Value Starting Average Rates- Interest Revenue Expense Net Margin
Average Rates-interest Revenue Interest Expense Net Margin Average Risk Capital 000
Award Agreement Award Agreements
Award Summary Awards
Awards Committee 2009 Awards Plan
Back-up Power System Back-up Power System Chillers
Background Background Reasons Authorized Preferred Stock Increase
Background Reasons Conversion Interim Securities Shares Common Stock Background Reasons Director Amendment
Background Reasons Dividend Blocker Amendment Background Reasons Preferred Stock Change
Background Reasons Retirement Amendment Background Reasons Reverse Stock Split
Balance Sheet Balance Sheet Review
Balances 2007 Balances 2008-first Mortgages
Balances 2008-second Mortgages Balances 2009
Balances 2009-first Lien Mortgages Balances 2009-second Lien Mortgages
Banamex Legal Vehicle Reorganization Bank Consolidation Project
Bank Credit Card Customer Rewards Costs Bank Holding Financial
Bank Holding Regulation Banking Subsidiaries
Banking Subsidiaries-constraints Dividends Banking Subsidiaries8212constraints Supplying Funds
Basement Basic Capacity
Basis Presentation Before Closing Date Ncl Nch Unwind Terminate Swap
Beneficial Holders Common Stock Stockholders Hold Street Name Beneficial Ownership Reporting Compliance
Beneficially Own Benefits Claims Credit Losses
Benefits Cooperation Bill Rhodes
Board Authorizes Additional Share Repurchases Board Committees
Board Directors Board Directors Stockholders Citigroup Inc
Board Directors Unanimously Approved Declared Advisable Common Stock Board Directors Unanimously Approved Declared Advisable Each Common
Brewton Deutsche Bank Trust Broadway Trust Liabilities
Broker Broker Dealer Subsidiaries
Broker-dealer Subsidiaries Brokerage Asset Management
Brokerage Payables Brokerage Receivables Payables
Building Management System Building Rules Regulations
Building Service Areas Mechanical Space Business
Business Combinations Business Combinations Goodwill Other Intangible Assets
Business Focus Business Practices
Business Practices Committees Business Practices Performance
Business Relationships Business Reviews
Business Segment Information Business Segments
Cafeteria Cais Structured Investment Vehicles Sivs
Calculation Overtime Hvac Charge Calculation Tenants Chilled Water Payment
Calendar-month After Date Hereof Event Not Later Available California Employment Actions
Cap Capital Accumulation Plan
Capital Impact Capital Instruments
Capital Markets Banking Capital Position
Capital Raise Capital Ratios
Capital Replacement Covenant Capital Requirements
Capital Resources Capital Resources Citigroups Depository Institutions
Capital Transaction Capital Uses
Car 124 Seconds Car Seconds
Cards Cars 131 Seconds
Cars Seconds Cash Awards 2008
Cash Due Banks Cash Flow Hedges
Cash Flows Cash Flows Retained Interests
Cash Flows Retained Interests-citi Holdings Cash Flows Retained Interests-citicorp
Cash-basis Renegotiated Past Due Loans Cash-flow Hedges
Categorical Standards Cdo Super Senior Exposure
Cdo- Clo-related Losses Certain Credit Products
Certain Equity Method Investments Certain Equity-method Investments
Certain Federal Income Tax Consequences Reverse Stock Split Certain Hybrid Financial Instruments
Certain Investments Private Equity Real Estate Ventures Certain Investments Private Equity Real Estate Ventures Method
Certain Loan Products Certain Mortgage Loans
Certain Mortgage Loans Held-for-sale Certain Non-structured Liabilities
Certain Prior Period Amounts Been Reclassified Conform Current Certain Restrictions
Certain Structured Liabilities Certain Terms Conditions Reload Option Summarized Below See
Certain Transactions Relationships Compensation Committee Interlocks Insider Participation Certain United States Federal Income Tax Consequences
Certain Western European Businesses Exceptions Charge-off Policies Due Certification
Certification Pursuant Usc 1350 Adopted 906 Sarbanes-oxley Act Cgmhi
Chairman Board Chairman Ceo Coo Performance
Chairman Ceo Performance Change Control
Change Emea Consumer Write-off Policy Change Revoke Proxy Instructions
Change Revoke Proxy Voting Instruction Change Status Responsibilities
Change Vote Changes Accounting Standards Difficult Predict Materially Impact Citigroup
Changes Accumulated Other Comprehensive Income Loss Changes Attributable Purchaser
Changes Citis Organizational Structure Changes Equity Nonowner Sources
Changes Legislation Charge Regulatory Legal Matters
Charitable Contributions Charitable Contributions Report
Charles Prince Chief Executive Officer
Chilled Water Cib
Cib Net Income Regional View Cib Net Income-regional View
Citi Citi Completed Divestitures Holdings 2009
Citi Expects Substantial Decline Net Income Citi Holdings
Citi Holdings Assets Down 168 2009 351 Peak Citi Holdings Consolidated Vies-balance Sheet Classification
Citi Holdings Net Income Smith Barney Gain Citi Holdings Significant Interests Unconsolidated Vies-balance Sheet Classification
Citi Holdings Significant Revenue Risk Exposure Predominantly Special Citi Nikko Cordial Amend Definitive Share Exchange Agreement
Citi Nikko Cordial Sign Definitive Share Exchange Agreement Citi Provides Update Timing Exchange Offers
Citi Raise Common Equity Reduce Quarterly Dividend Cents Citi-administered Asset-backed Commercial Paper Conduits
Citi-managed Fund Reserve Citibank
Citibank Components Capital Ratios Regulatory Guidelines Citibank Components Capital Regulatory Guidelines
Citibank Ratios Citibank Regulatory Capital Ratios
Citicapital Citicorp
Citicorp 1997 Stock Incentive Plan Citicorp Components Capital Regulatory Guidelines
Citicorp Managed Revenues 148 Citicorp Ratios
Citicorp Securities Banking Citicorp-securities Banking Significant Revenue Risk Exposure
Citicorps Consolidated Vies-balance Sheet Classification Citicorps Significant Interests Unconsolidated Vies-balance Sheet Classification
Citifinancial Credit Ccc Citigroup
Citigroup 2004 Net Income Citigroup 2009 Managed Revenues Increased 911
Citigroup 401 Citigroup Average Price
Citigroup Board Directors Citigroup Capital Xxi
Citigroup Conducting Other Proxy Solicitations Citigroup Debt Ratings 2004
Citigroup Experience Further Write-downs Financial Instruments Other Losses Citigroup Fail Realize Anticipated Benefits Proposed Realignment Businesses
Citigroup Funding Inc Cfi Citigroup Global Markets Holdings Inc Cgmhi
Citigroup Inc Citigroup Inc Amended Restated Compensation Plan Non-employee Directors
Citigroup Inc Annual Meeting 2006 Citigroup Inc Calculation Ratio Income Fixed Charges
Citigroup Inc Calculation Ratio Income Fixed Charges Including Citigroup Inc Current Report Form 8-k
Citigroup Inc Exact Name Registrant Specified Charter Citigroup Inc Subsidiaries Consolidated Balance Sheet
Citigroup Incur Significant Losses Result Ineffective Risk Management Citigroup Interest Rate Exposure Impact Pretax Earnings
Citigroup Investment Research Citigroup Letterhead
Citigroup Mortgage Foreclosure Moratoriums Citigroup Mortgage Modification Programs
Citigroup Net Income-product View Citigroup Net Income-segment Product View
Citigroup Ranks 2002 2004 Citigroup Regions
Citigroup Regulatory Capital Ratios Citigroup Segment Results
Citigroup Segments Products Citigroup Stockholders
Citigroup-quarterly Financial Data Supplement Citigroup-quarterly Financial Data Supplement 3q05
Citigroup8217s Calculation Treasury Advance Citigroups 2007 Annual Report Form 10-k
Citigroups Businesses Materially Adversely Affected Unable Hire Retain Citigroups Businesses Subject Extensive Pervasive Regulation Around World
Citigroups Consolidated Financial Statements Citigroups Debt Ratings 2005
Citigroups Debt Ratings 2006 Citigroups Debt Ratings 2007
Citigroups Debt Ratings 2008 Citigroups Debt Ratings 2009
Citigroups Financial Statements Based Part Assumptions Estimates Wrong Citigroups Tax Provision Was Benefit Reflecting Higher Proportion
Citis Sub-prime Related Exposure Securities Banking City Cleveland Morgan Chase Bank
Cjh Cleaning Standards
Client Capital Management Client Intermediation
Client Revenues Close Business
Closing Closing Balance Sheets
Closing Date Code
Code Conduct Code Conduct Ethics Financial Professionals
Code Ethics Collateral
Collateralized Debt Loan Obligations Collateralized Debt Obligations
Collateralized Loan Obligations Commercial Business
Commercial Other Consumer Loan Commitments Commercial Paper Cdos Cpcdos
Commercial Real Estate Commercial Real Estate Construction Land Development
Commercial Real Estate Cre Commercial Real Estate Exposure
Commercial Similar Letter Credit Commercial Similar Letters Credit
Commissions Fees Commissions Underwriting Principal Transactions
Committee Committees Board Directors
Common Control Common Equity
Common Preferred Stock Issuances Common Proxy Statement
Common Stock Common Stock Amendments
Common Stock Dividend Increase Common Stock Warrants Issued Ust Tarp
Communications Communications Board
Comparison Five-year Cumulative Total Return Compensation Shareholder Vote
Compensation Structure Compensation Tables
Compensatory Arrangements Certain Officers Compensatory Arrangements Certain Officers 503 Amendments Articles
Competition Competitive Pay-citigroup
Completion Acquisition Nikko Cordial Compliance
Compliance Emergency Economic Stabilization Act 2008 Compliance Laws
Compliance Oversight Responsibilities Components Capital Regulatory Guidelines
Components Level Concentrations Credit Risk
Concludes Todays Conference Call Now Disconnect Condensed Balance Sheet
Condensed Consolidating Financial Statement Schedules Condensed Notes Financial Statements
Condensed Statement Income Condensed Statement Operations
Condenser Water Conditions Completion Treasury Private Transaction
Conditions Completion Treasury Public Transaction Conditions Completion Usg Transaction
Conditions Limitation Conditions Parties Obligations
Conditions Precedent Conditions Purchasers Obligations
Conditions Sellers Obligations Confidential Voting Policy
Confidentiality Press Releases Confidentiality Public Announcements
Conflict Governing Law Consent Disclosure Regarding Personal Information
Consent Electronic Delivery Consent Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Consolidated Balance Sheet Consolidated Financial Statements
Consolidated Financial Statements Notes Consolidated Statement Changes Stockholders Equity
Consolidated Statement Income Consolidated Vies-balance Sheet Classification
Consolidating Adjustments Consolidation
Consolidation Brazils Credicard Consolidation Merger Etc
Consolidation Variable Interest Entities Consultation
Consumer Consumer Banking
Consumer Credit Outlook Consumer Credit Risk
Consumer Finance Consumer Lending
Consumer Loan Balances Net Unearned Income Consumer Loans
Consumer Mortgage Lending Consumer Mortgage Lending Activity
Consumer Mortgage Lending Portfolio Consumer Mortgage Portfolio
Consumer Outlook Consumer Portfolio Review
Contacts Contents
Contingencies Continues Sales Non-core Assets
Continuing Sales Non-core Assets Contractholder Funds
Contractual Obligations Contribution Agreement
Contribution Nikko Marks Etc Contributions
Controls Procedures Disclosure Conversion Depositary Shares
Conversion Fundamental Change Conversion Interim Securities Common Stock
Conversion Option Conversion Option Citigroup
Conversion Procedures Convertible Preferred Placement Terms
Cooperation Tax Matters Copelco Litigation Settlement
Corporate Credit Portfolio Corporate Credit Risk
Corporate Governance Corporate Governance Controls Procedures
Corporate Governance Guidelines Corporate Governance Guidelines Director Independence Standards
Corporate Governance Materials Corporate Governance Mission
Corporate Investment Banking Corporate Investment Banking Cib
Corporate Investment Banking Outlook Corporate Loans
Corporate Other Corporate Portfolio Review
Corporate Secretary Corporation
Cost Annual Meeting Proxy Solicitation Cost Proxy Solicitation
Cost Reduction Initiatives Costs Associated Exit Disposal Activities
Counterparts Countries Defined
Country Cross-border Risk Country Risk
Countrywide Court Square
Covenant Shall Governed Construed Accordance Laws State New Creation Other Investment Financing Products
Credit Credit Card Accountability Responsibility Disclosure Act 2009
Credit Card Lines Credit Card Master Trusts
Credit Card Merchant Processing Credit Card Receivables
Credit Card Securitizations Credit Card Securitizations-citi Holdings
Credit Card Securitizations-citicorp Credit Commitments
Credit Commitments Lines Credit Costs
Credit Costs Income Taxes Credit Derivatives
Credit Exposure Arising Derivatives Foreign Exchange Credit Improvement Performance
Credit Rating Distribution Credit Ratings
Credit Reserve Builds Releases Credit Reserve Builds Releases Utilization
Credit Reserves Credit Risk Management Process
Credit Risk Mitigation Credit Valuation Adjustment Citis Debt Liabilities Citi Elected
Credit Valuation Adjustment Citis Liabilities Citi Elected Fair Credit Valuation Adjustment Derivative Positions Excluding Monoline Insurers
Credit Valuation Adjustment Related Monoline Insurers Credit-risk-related Contingent Features Derivatives
Crittenden Crittendens Employment Agreement
Cross-border Risk Cross-reference Index
Cumulative Voting Cumulative Voting Yes
Cure Such Breach Within Business After Non-breaching Party Curing Tenants Defaults
Current Cash Bonus Awards Current Grant Practices Shares Available Existing Proposed Plans
Current Levels Market Volatility Unprecedented Current Market Developments Adversely Affect Industry Business Results
Current Occupancy Agreements Current Report Form 8-k
Custody Indemnifications Customer Class Actions
Customer Tob Trusts Cva Methodology
Daily Damage Destruction
Damages Data Privacy
Date Place Death
Death Disability Debt
Debt Securities Reclassified Available Sale Held Maturity Defaults Another Large Financial Institution Adversely Affect Citigroup
Defense Indemnifying Party Deferred Cash Executive Retention Award Plan
Deferred Cash Retention Award Plan Deferred Policy Acquisition Costs Dacs
Definition 8220personal Information8221 Definition 8220significant Competitor8221
Definition Personal Information Definition Significant Competitor
Definitions Definitions Used Agreement Following Terms Respective Meanings Set
Delinquencies 90dpd Delinquencies 90dpd Rates-first Lien Mortgages
Delinquencies 90dpd Rates-second Lien Mortgages Delinquencies 90dpd-second Mortgages
Delinquencies Net Credit Losses Delisting Deregistration
Delivery Premises Demergers Terms Conditions Contained Herein Effective Time
Department Treasury Troubled Asset Relief Program Tarp Fdic Departure Directors Certain Officers Election Appointment Compensatory
Depositary Conversion Agent Transfer Registrar Deposits
Derivative Actions Derivative Instruments
Derivative Instruments Considered Guarantees Derivative Instruments Hedging Activities
Derivative Obligor Information Derivatives
Derivatives Activities Derivatives Other Activities
Described Above Citigroup Managed Pursuant Following Segments Description Aircraft
Description Convertible Preferred Stock Description Depositary Shares
Designation Designation Number Shares
Determination Fair Value Determination Useful Life Intangible Assets
Determining Fair Value Inactive Markets Determining Variability Potential Vie
Determining Whether Instrument Embedded Feature Indexed Entitys Own Diluted Earnings Per Share-income Continuing Operations
Direct Abs Cdo Super Senior Exposures Direct Exposure Monolines
Director Access Senior Management Director Amendment
Director Compensation Director Election Majority Vote Standard Proposal
Director Elections Director Independence
Director Independence Standards Director Orientation Continuing Education
Directors Compensation Disability
Disclaimer Disclosure
Disclosure Controls Procedures Disclosure Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Fees
Disclosure Regarding Personal Information Participants Consent Disclosures Derivative Instruments Hedging Activities
Discount Rate Discussion Equity Award Values
Disher Dispute Resolution
Disruptions Global Financial Markets Affected Continue Adversely Affect Distribution
Distribution Date Divestiture Citicapitals Transportation Finance Business
Divestiture Citicorp Electronic Financial Services Inc Divestiture Diners Club International
Divestiture Electronic Financial Services Inc Divestiture Manufactured Housing Loan Portfolio
Dividend Blocker Amendment Dividends
Dividends Distributions Dividends Dividend Equivalents
Dividends Other Distributions Dollars
Dpd Delinquency Rate 2009 Duration Reason Assignment
Duties Responsibilities Dynegy Inc
Each Nikko Cordial Share They Own Each Prospective Investor Consult Own Tax Advisor Regarding
Earnings Per Share Easements
Eca Acquisitions Inc Mat Llc Economic Environment
Eesa Compliance Effect Authorized Preferred Stock Increase Stockholders
Effect Authorized Share Increase Stockholders Effect Director Amendment Stockholders
Effect Dividend Blocker Amendment Stockholders Effect Preferred Stock Change Stockholders
Effect Retirement Amendment Stockholders Effect Reverse Stock Split Holders Outstanding Common
Effect Reverse Stock Split Options Restricted Awards Units Effect Termination
Effect Voting Power Holders Common Stock Effective Date
Effectiveness Agreement Egg
Eitf Issues Relating Insurance Assets Liabilities Electric Traction Passenger Elevators
Electric Traction Service Elevators Electricity
Elements Compensation Elenting Client Focus
Elevator Lobbies Common Areas Elevators
Elimination Qspes Changes Consolidation Model Variable Interest Entities Elimination Qspes Changes Fin Consolidation Model
Emea Emergency Generator
Eminent Domain Emorandum Ease
Employee Benefits Employee Benefits Countries Defined
Employee Benefits Expense Employees
Employer Contributions Employing Acquired Another Entity Change Control
Employment Affiliations Employment Agreements
Employment Agreements Rubin Employment Arrangement
Employment Contracts Arrangements Employment Status
Enclosures Ending Value Starting
Enhanced Disclosures Credit Derivative Instruments Guarantees Enron
Enron Corp Entire Agreement Right Employment
Entitled Give Proxy Instructions Entitled Give Proxy Voting Instruction
Entry Material Definitive Agreement Entry Material Definitive Agreements
Equity Award Program Name Summary Equity Compensation Plan Information
Equity Compensation Plan Information Table Equity Deferred Cash Award Agreement
Equity Method Investment Accounting Considerations Equity Units Sold Abu Dhabi Investment Authority Adia
Equitydeferred Cash Award Program Name Summary Erisa Actions
Ersonnel Ompensation Ommittee Escalators
Estimated Annual Benefit Retirement Plans Estimated Fair Value Financial Instruments
Estimated Future Benefit Payments Estimates
Estoppel Certificates Ethics Hotline
Eugene Mcquade Europe Middle East Africa
Evaluating Investments Other-than-temporary Impairments Evaluation Board Performance
Evaluation Other-than-temporary Impairment Event Date Time Sep 2008 1030am
Events 2005 Events 2005 2004
Events 2006 Events 2007 2006
Events 2008 Events 2009
Exact Name Registrant Specified Charter Exchange Act
Exchange Agent Exchange Agreements
Exchange Cap Exchange Offer
Exchange Offer Conversions Exchange Offer Government
Exchange Offer Participant Exchange Offer Timeline
Exchange Offers Exchange Rate
Exchange Ratio Exchange Shares
Executive Compensation Executive Officers
Executive Premium Price Stock Option Program Executive Premium Price Stock Option Program Prospectus Dated
Exempt Person Exercise Option
Exhibits Exhibits Financial Statement Schedules
Expanding Citigroup Wealth Advisors Expanding Distribution
Expatriate Handbook Expatriate Pay Statement Estimate
Expected Postretirement Benefit Payments Expected Rate Return
Expense Growth Expenses
Expenses Costs Expenses Plan
Expiration Date Expiration Terms
Exposure Alt-a Mortgage Securities Exposure Commercial Real Estate
Extension Terms Exterior Sidewalks Plaza
Factors Affecting Assets Liabilities Failure Citigroups Operational Systems Infrastructure Those Parties Impair
Fair Valuation Fair Valuation Adjustments Derivatives
Fair Value Fair Value Assumptions
Fair Value Disclosures Pension Plan Assets Fair Value Hedges
Fair Value Hierarchy Fair Value Measurements Sfas 157
Fair Value Option Financial Assets Liabilities Sfas 159 Fair Value Option Sfas 159
Fair Value Sfas 155 156 157 159 Fair-value Hedges
Fair-value Hierarchy Fair-value Measurement Sfas 157
Fair-value Measurement Sfas 157 Asc 820-10 Falcon Asta Mat-related Litigation Other Matters
Falcon Multi-strategy Fixed Income Funds Fannie Mae
Fasb Launches Accounting Standards Codification Fasb Pension Project
Fdic Fdic Guarantee
Fdic Increased Deposit Insurance Fdics Temporary Liquidity Guarantee Program
Federal Federal Funds Purchased Securities Loaned Sold Agreements Repurchase
Federal Funds Securities Borrowed Loaned Subject Repurchase Agreements Federal Funds Sold Purchased Securities Borrowed Loaned Agreements
Federal Funds Sold Securities Borrowed Purchased Agreements Resell Ffiec Cross-border Risk
Filing Tax Returns Final Expiration Date
Final Payment Sale Asset Management Business Final Settlement Travelers Life Annuity Sale
Finalizing 2005 Sale Asset Management Business Finalizing 2005 Sale Travelers Life Annuity
Financial Guarantees Financial Information
Financial Performance Financial Reporting
Financial Services Financial Services Industry Faces Substantial Legal Liability Regulatory
Financial Standby Letters Credit Financial Statement Disclosure Risk Management Matters
Financial Statements Exhibits Financial Statements Notes Table Contents
Financial Summary Finn Smith Barney
Fire Alarm Class System Fire Stairs
Firmwide Deposits 836 Five-year Cumulative Total Return
Fixed Income Credit Trading Losses Fmv
Foregone Interest Revenue Loans Foreign Currency Conversion
Foreign Currency Translation Forfeiture Provisions Following Termination Employment
Forge Alliance Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group Form
Form 10-k Form 10-q
Form Australian Counsel Opinion Form Canadian Counsel Opinion
Form Counsel Letter Form Counsel Opinion
Form Director Officer Lock-up Letter Form General Counsel Opinion
Form Guaranty Form Opinion Underwriters
Form Proposed Amendment Certificates Designation Each Series Public Form Regulatory Counsel Opinion
Form Selling Stockholder Counsel Opinion Forward-looking Statements
Fractional Shares Framework
Freddie Mac Full 2008 Revenues 528 Net Loss 1872
Full Operating Expenses Declined 478 Full Record International Revenues
Fund Vehicle Fundamental Change
Funding Funding Commitments Significant Unconsolidated Vies-liquidity Facilities Loan
Funding Liquidity Facilities Subordinate Interests Funding Liquidity Facilities Subordinated Interests
Funding Liquidity Plans Further Assurances
Future Dilution Equity Adversely Affect Market Price Common Future Issuance Citigroup Common Stock Preferred Reduce Earnings
Future Rights Futures Forward Contracts
Gains Auction Rate Securities Ars Gcib Net Income-regional View
General General Business Factors
General Conditions General Conditions Governing Employment
General Construction General Discussion Summary Compensation Table Grants Plan-based Awards
General Meeting Approval Share Exchange General Provisions
Generally Global Consumer
Global Consumer Group Global Consumer Net Income Regional View
Global Consumer Net Income-regional View Global Consumer Outlook
Global Consumer-2004 Net Income Global Consumer-2004 Net Income Product
Global Consumer-2004 Net Income Region Global Corporate Investment Bank
Global Corporate Investment Bank Outlook Global Corporate Investment Bank-2004 Net Income
Global Corporate Investment Bank-2004 Net Income Product Global Corporate Investment Bank-2004 Net Income Region
Global Corporate Portfolio Global Corporate Portfolio Review
Global Crossing Global Crossing Ltd
Global Expatriate Assignment Letter Understanding Global Institutional Bank
Global Investment Management Global Investment Management Net Income-regional View
Global Investment Management Outlook Global Investment Management-2004 Net Income
Global Investment Management-2004 Net Income Product Global Investment Management-2004 Net Income Region
Global Presence Global Ranks 2002 2004
Global Wealth Management Global Wealth Management Net Income Regional View
Global Wealth Management Net Income-regional View Global Wealth Management Outlook
Global Wealth Management-2004 Net Income Global Wealth Management-2004 Net Income Region
Glossary Terms Goals 2008
Goals 2009 Goods Services Differential
Goodwill Goodwill Intangible Assets
Goodwill Mat Llc Governing Law
Government Government Loss-sharing Agreement
Government Preferred Stock Exchange Governments Proposed Plan Purchase Large Amounts Illiquid Mortgage-backed
Grandfathered Person Grant Price Exercise Condition
Greenwich Block 186 Lot Greenwich Street
Grupo Cuscatlan Grupo Financiero Uno
Gts Distribution Expansion Guarantees
Guarantees Collection Contractual Cash Flows Guarantees Indemnifications
Guy Moszkowski Merrill Lynch Analyst Hansen Beverage Citigroup Inc
Hardship Allowance Hasu-choseikin
Heard Just Wanted Make Sure Because Anyway Some Hedge Effectiveness
Hedging Benchmark Interest Rate Risk Hedging Foreign Exchange Risk
Hedging Overall Changes Cash Flows- Hedging Overall Changes Fair Value
Hedging Total Return Help Answer Questions
Highlights Highly Leveraged Financing Commitments
Highly Leveraged Financing Transactions Highly Leveraged Loans Financing Commitments
Highly-leveraged Financing Commitments Histogram Daily Trading-related Revenue 2004
Holder Common Stock Vote Public Preferred Amendments Holder Public Preferred Depositary Shares Did Not Hold
Holder Public Preferred Depositary Shares Not Wish Tender Holder Public Preferred Depositary Shares Record Date Required
Holders Holders Certificated Shares Common Stock
Holders Public Preferred Depositary Shares Holdover
Home Affordable Modification Program Home Leave Country
Homeland Investment Act Benefit Horizontal Acceleration Within Car Riding Door Operating Conditions
Householding Housing Allowance
Http Wwwcitigroupcom Citigroup Environment Climatepositionhtm Http Wwwcitigroupcom Citigroup Environment Indexhtm
Human Rights Investment Portfoli Hurricane Katrina
Hvac Chiller Inspect Hvac Specifications
Hydraulic Elevator Hydraulic Elevators
Hypothetical Housing Charges Hypothetical Tax Withholding Housing Charges
Identification New Reporting Units Ikd Value Limit
Ikumiai Immaterial Relationships Transactions
Immediate Release Immediately After 10th Business Such Confirmation Effective Time
Immediately After Demergers Become Effective Impact Argentinas Economic Changes
Impact Citigroups Credit Spreads Impact Hurricane Katrina
Impact Recent Government Agreements Impact Retained Earnings Certain Fair Value Elections
Impact Retained Earnings Certain Fair Value Elections Accordance Impact Retained Earnings Certain Fair-value Elections Accordance Sfas
Impacting Securities Banking Business Impacting Special Asset Pool Revenues
Impairment Disposal Long-lived Assets Implementation Management Tarp Programs
Implementing Agreement Each Party Covenants Agrees Important American Jobs Creation Act 2004
Important Because Board Record Overcompensation Important Because Subject Too Much Litigation Investigation
Important Notice Important Notice Regarding Availability Materials Proposed Amendments
Inancial Statements Exhibits Incentive Plans
Incidental Consequential Damages Income Continuing Operations
Income Continuing Operations Eps 106 International Revenues Increase Income Decline Primarily Driven Lower Revenues Fixed Higher
Income Earnings Per Share Income Expense Recognition
Income Tax Benefits Income Taxes
Incremental Write-downs Alt-a Mortgage Securities Incremental Write-downs Highly Leveraged Loans Financing Commitments
Indebtedness Indemnification
Indemnification Nch Indemnification Procedure
Indemnification Purchaser Independent Board Chairman
Index Individual Agreements
Industry Hedged Exposure Information Goods Services Allowance
Information Security Continuity Business Information Voting Securities
Insider Transactions Instruction Manner Specified Letter Transmittal Respect Such Public
Instructions Instructions Assignor
Insurance Insurance Companies
Insurance Policy Claims Reserves Insurance Premiums
Insurance-state Regulation Intangible Assets
Inter-company Indebtedness Interchange Fees
Interest Rate Risk Interest Rate Risk Associated Consumer Mortgage Lending Activity
Interest Rate Risk Governance Interest Rate Risk Measurement
Interest Revenue Expense Interest Revenue Expense Yields
Interim Disclosures Fair Value Financial Instruments Interim Securities
Interlocking Directorates Internal Control Over Financial Reporting
Internal Growth Acquisitions International Cards
International Consumer International Consumer Finance
International Consumer Outlook International Insurance Manufacturing
International Retail Banking International Revenues Grew 130
Interpretation Investigation Seller
Investigations Euro Zone Government Bonds Trade Investing Expand Core Franchises
Investment Audit Guide Sop 07-1 Investment Banking Brokerage Borrowings
Investment Funds Investment Securities
Investments Investments Certain Entities Calculate Net Asset Value Per
Investments Sold Short Investments Sub-masters
Investments Transactions Involuntary Termination
Involuntary Termination Gross Misconduct Involuntary Termination Other Gross Misconduct
Involvement Certain Legal Proceedings Ipo Allocation Litigation
Ipo Antitrust Litigation Ipo Securities Litigation
Ircraft Ime Haring Greement Ischoff
Issuance 125 Convertible Preferred Stock Private Offering Issuance Approximately Convertible Preferred Stock Public Offering
Issuance Approximately Straight Preferred Stock Public Offering Issuance Enhanced Trust Preferred Securities Trups Public Offerings
Issuance Perpetual Preferred Stock Warrant Purchase Common Tarp Issuance Preferred Common Stock
Issuance Preferred Stock Issuance Preferred Stock Warrants Purchase Common Tarp
Japan John Gerspach
Joint Venture Joint Venture Morgan Stanley
Kabushiki Kaisha Kaden
Key Key Assumptions 2005
Key Assumptions 2006 Key Assumptions 2007
Key Assumptions 2008 Key Controls Over Fair-value Measurement
Key Policies Kyushugappei-keiyaku-to Bichikaishi-bi
L-controlled Risk Taking Landlord Transfer Restrictions
Landlords Tenants Property Large Market Size Low Share
Largest Capital Base Latin America
Law Lead Director
Lease Commitments Lease Financing Transactions
Leber Legal Description
Legal Proceedings Legal Reserves
Legal Settlements Charges Enron Worldcom Class Action Litigations Legg Mason Convertible Preferred Equity Securities
Legg Mason Equity Securities Lehman
Lehman Brothers Holding Inc Bankruptcy Lehman Brothers Holding Inc Bankruptcy Related Matters
Lending Structuring Exposures Length Incentive Compensation Guarantee
Less Ncl Demerger Consideration Plus Leveraged Lease Transactions
Leveraged Leases Leveraging Product Strength Deepen Client Relationships
Liabilities Equity Liability Respect Tax Qualification Adverse Treatment
Licensing Requirements Lien Mortgages 2009
Life Insurance Annuities Business Limitation Distribution Surplus
Limitations Sole Exclusive Remedy Liquidation
Liquidation Dissolution Winding-up Liquidation Rights
Liquidity Liquidity Essential Citigroups Businesses Citigroup Relies External Sources
Liquidity Gaps Limits Liquidity Limits
Liquidity Obligations Liquidity Ratios
Liquidity Sources Llc Agreement
Loading Dock Receiving Area Loan Accounting Policies
Loan Balances Loan Commitments
Loan Maturities Fixed Variable Pricing Loans
Loans Directors Loans Executive Officers
Loans Held-for-sale Loans Leases
Loans Reclassified Held Investment Loans Sold Credit Enhancements
Loans Sold Recourse Local Consumer Lending
Location Premises Long-term Incentive Program
Loss Mortgage Servicing Right Msr Asset Related Hedge Loss-contingency Disclosures
Loss-sharing Agreement Losses Auction Rate Securities Ars
Losses Subprime-related Direct Exposures Lowering Quarterly Dividend 001 Per Share
Lowering Quarterly Dividend 032 Per Share Lowering Quarterly Dividend Per Share
Maintenance Schedule Maintenance Testing
Managed Credit Card Receivables Managed Loans
Managed Loans-citi Holdings Managed Loans-citicorp
Managed Revenues Management Comment
Management Committee Long-term Incentive Program Management Liquidity
Management Property Etc Management Summary
Managements Report Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Managing Global Risk
Mandatorily Redeemable Securities Subsidiary Trusts Mandatory Regulatory Training
Mapping Old Disclosure New Mapping Prior Disclosure New
Marie Raymond Revocable Trust Mat Llc Mark-to-market Mtm Receivables Payables
Market Disruptions Increase Risk Customer Counterparty Delinquency Default Market Price
Market Risk Management Process Market Triggers
Market Valuation Adjustments Market Value Gains Due Change Citigroup Credit Spreads
Markets Banking Outlook Master Agreement Shall Governed Federal Law Absence Controlling
Master Liquidity Enhancing Conduit M-lec Master Services Agreement
Master Trust Liabilities Mastercard Initial Public Offering
Mat Securities Litigation Maturity Profile Time Deposits 100000 Offices
Maximizing Long-term Shareholder Returns Measured Fair Value Nonrecurring Basis
Measurement Basel Measurement Fair Value Inactive Markets
Measurement Impairment Certain Securities Measuring Liabilities Fair Value
Media Contacts Meetings Access
Meetings Board Directors Committees Meetings Non-management Directors
Membership Memorandum Lease
Mercer Report Merger Bank Holding Companies
Merger Terms Metlife Legg Mason Equity Securities
Metromedia Fiber Network Mexico
Mexico Asset Management Business Mexico Asset Management Latin America Retirement Services Citistreet
Mexico Insurance Asset Management Mexico Value Added Tax Vat Refund
Minority Interest Net Taxes Miscellaneous
Mission Mith Barney
Monitoring Liquidity Monoline Insurers Credit Valuation Adjustment
Monoline Insurers Credit Valuation Adjustment Cva Monthly
Morrow Llc Mortgage Loan Securitizations
Mortgage Loans Mortgage Modification Programs
Mortgage Modifications Recent Legislative Actions Mortgage Other Consumer Loan Securitization Vehicles
Mortgage Securitizations Mortgage Securitizations-citi Holdings
Mortgage Securitizations-citicorp Mortgage Servicing Rights
Mortgage Servicing Rights Msrs Mortgage-backed Securities
Mortgages 150 2007 Mortgages 2007
Mortgages 2008 Mortgages Other Assets
Mortgages Well Increase Bankruptcy Filings Over Unusually Low Moving Allowance
Mssb Holdings Multiplier Number
Multiplying Municipal Investments
Municipal Securities Tender Option Bond Tob Trusts Municipal Tender Option Bond Tob Qspes
Mutilated Destroyed Stolen Lost Certificates Mutual Fund Deferred Sales Dsc Securitizations
Mutual Funds Name Person Filing Proxy Statement Other Registrant
Name Registrant Specified Charter Name Underwriter
Ncb Shall Sell Related Shares Identified Schedule Being Ncc
Ned Kelly Need Ticket Attend Annual Meeting
Negotiations Net Benefit Expense
Net Credit Losses Net Expense
Net Expense Benefit Net Income
Net Income Impact Net Income Region
Net Income Segment Net Interest Revenue
Net Investment Hedges Net Loan Loss Reserve Build Was
Net Reduction Overhang Net Reduction Total Shares Available Grant
Net Revenue Operating Expense Net Revenues 114
Netting Cash Collateral Against Derivative Exposures New Additional Disclosures Derivative Instruments
New Consumer Finance Branches New Loss-contingency Disclosures
New York State City Nightly
Nikko Cordial Nikko Cordial Corporation
Nomination Governance Committee Nominees
Non Bis Idem Non-banking Subsidiaries
Non-banking Subsidiaries-constraints Dividends Non-competition
Non-compliance Purchaser Non-credit Accretion Reclassified Assets
Non-cumulative Dividends Non-gaap Financial Measures
Non-gaap Measures Non-interest Revenue
Non-liability Indemnification Non-performing Assets Non-accrual Loans Other Real Estate Owned
Non-solicit Cgmis Gcibs Employees Non-solicitation Covenant
Non-stockholder Approved Plans Non-trading Portfolios
Non-transferability Non-us Holders
Non-us Participants Non-us Regulation
Noncontrolling Interests Subsidiaries Nonqualified Deferred Compensation
Nonqualified Pension Plans Nontransferability
North America North America Consumer Finance
Not Conflict Such Definition Shall Participants Last Active Not Receive Dividends Common Stock
Not Record Beneficial Holder Public Preferred Depositary Shares Not Used
Notes 2004 Option Grants Table Notes 2005 Option Grants Table
Notes Consolidated Financial Statements Notes Equity Compensation Plan Information Table
Notes Option Exercises Table Notes Options Exercised Table
Notes Summary Compensation Table Notice
Notice Annual Meeting Stockholders Notice Occurrences
Notice Period Notice Right Offset
Notice Solicitation Written Consents Notices
Notification Notification Material Non-public Information
Notionals Number
Number 1-9924 Number Selection Board Members
Number Shares Number Votes Each Public Preferred Depositary Share Determined
Nyse Rule 31205 Waiver Oadest Distribution
Objectives Citigroups Executive Compensation Programs Objectives Citis Executive Compensation Programs
Off-balance Sheet Arrangements Off-balance Sheet Arrangements Overview
Off-balance-sheet Arrangements Offering Public Investors Approximately Newly Issued Convertible Preferred
Office Floors Office Space Related Personnel Etc
Okay Thanks Then Add Some Sense Savings Think Omni Trust Liabilities
On-balance Sheet Securitizations On-balance Sheet Securitizations-citi Holdings
One- Four-family Residential Mortgages Ongoing Commercial Relationships
Operating Expenses Operating Expenses 2006 Increased 2005 Primarily Due Higher
Operating Expenses Decreased Primarily Due 400 Pretax Exit Operating Expenses Increased Absence Japan Was Offset Sfas
Operational Information Operational Risk Management Process
Operations Ncs Ncl Group Companies Prior Closing Operator
Operator Agrees Certifies Acknowledges Whenever Aircraft Operated Agreement Operator Certifies Aircraft Been Inspected Maintained Within 12-month
Optimize Value Simplify Streamline Citi Option Contracts
Option Exercises Stock Vested Option Exercises Table
Option Grants Optional Conversion
Optional Conversion Right Optional Redemption
Order Participate Solicitation Bank Broker Custodian Other Nominee Organizational Changes
Original Lease Origination Channel
Origination Channel Geographic Distribution Vintage Other
Other Agreement Other Assets
Other Assets Liabilities Other Bank Holding Regulation
Other Benefit Compensation Programs Other Cib
Other Citigroup Subsidiaries Other Consumer
Other Corporate Other Events
Other Fair Value Option Was Selected Accordance Sfas Other Fair-value Option Was Selected Accordance Sfas 159
Other Guarantees Indemnifications Other Important Compensation Policies Affecting Named Executive Officers
Other Information Other Investment Activities
Other Markets Banking Other Matters
Other Matters Decided Annual Meeting Other Operating Expenses
Other Real Estate Owned Repossessed Assets Other Subsidiary Capital Considerations
Other Termination Other Termination Employment Provisions
Other Terms Other-than-temporary Impairments Certain Investments
Other-than-temporary Impairments Investment Securities Outlook 2005
Outlook 2006 Outlook 2007
Outlook 2008 Outlook 2009
Outstanding Series Preferred Stock Oversight Audit Risk Review
Oversight Citigroups Relationship Independent Auditors Overview
Own Own-credit Valuation Adjustment
Owners Common Stock Ownership Statement
Page Intentionally Left Blank Parcel Block 216 Lot
Parmalat Part
Part Financial Information Part I-financial Information
Participant8217s Consent Participants Consent
Participation Partnership
Party Claims Paul Metlife Legg Mason Equity Securities
Payment Tax Obligations Citigroup Payments
Payments Deferrals Pension Benefits
Pension Country Pension Plan Litigation
Pension Postretirement Plans Percentage Point Cap
Percentage Stock Ownership Performance Guarantees
Performance Risk Performance Stock Award Program
Performance Stock Award Program Prospectus Dated 2009 Period Following Closing Date
Permitted Transferee Perpetual Preferred Stock
Person Personal Loans
Personnel Compensation Committee Personnel Compensation Committee Report
Plan Plan Administration
Plan Assets Plan Highlights
Please Sign Date Please Sign Date Promptly Return Enclosed Proxy Card
Please Vote Proposal Pledged Assets
Point Plan Policy
Pooling Agreements Portfolio Mix
Positive Eps Excluding 024 Impact Resetting Conversion Price Post-closing Adjustment
Post-closing Adjustments Post-closing Cooperation
Postretirement Benefits Potential Amendments Various Current Accounting Standards
Potential Payments Termination Change Control Pre-employment Requirements
Pre-provision Earnings Per Current Report Form 8-k Dated Pre-tax Charge 138
Preemption Preemptive Rights
Preferred Proxy Statement Preferred Stock
Preferred Stock Amendments Preferred Stock Change
Prescription Drugs Present Value Future Profits
Press Release Primary Uses Involvement Spes
Prince Principal Amount Securities
Principal Transactions Principal Transactions Revenue
Principles Consolidation Priority Dividends
Privacy Data Security Private Bank
Private Confidential Private Equity
Private Equity Investments Private Exchange Offers
Private Public Issuances Preferred Common Stock Pro Forma Balance Sheets
Pro Forma Financial Information Pro Forma Impact Sfas 123
Process Determining Executive Officer Compensation Product Breadth
Profit Recognition Bifurcated Hybrid Instruments Progress Lowering Expenses Headcount Legacy Assets
Properties Property Management Country
Proposal Proposal Approval Amended Restated Citigroup 1999 Stock Incentive
Proposal Approval Citigroup 2009 Stock Incentive Plan Proposal Approval Citis 2008 Executive Compensation
Proposal Election Directors Proposal Ratification Selection Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Proposed Additional Disclosures Regarding Fair Value Measurements Proposed Amendment Restated Certificate Incorporation
Proposed Amendments Eighth Restated Certificate Incorporation Proposed Mortgage Modification Legislation
Proprietary Capital Management Proprietary Investment Activities
Proprietary Investment Activities Revenues Proprietary Tob Trusts
Protection Clients Provided
Provided However Provision Credit Losses
Provision Loan Losses Provisions Credit Losses Benefits Claims
Provisions Loan Losses Provisions Loan Losses Benefits Claims
Proxy Card Confidential Proxy Solicited Behalf Board Directors
Public Accounting Firm Public Exchange Offers
Public Private Exchange Offers Puglisi Citigroup Alternative Investments Llc
Purchase Equity Interest Akbank Purchase Price
Purchase Price Target Net Assets Level Adjustment Purchaser Hereby Acknowledges Existence Nam License Agreement Remain
Purchaser Sellers Escrow Agent Shall Enter Agreement Purchaser Shall Cause New Securities Purchasers Affiliates Maintain
Purchasers Rights Recover Purpose
Purposes Related Award Participants Employment Shall Deemed Terminated Purposes Related Award Participants Termination Date Shall His
Pursuant Securities Exchange Act 1934 Pursuant Securities Exchange Act 1934 Date Report Earliest
Q07 2q06 Q07 3q06
Q07 Impacting Securities Banking Business Q08 1q07
Q09 Ytd 2q08 Qds Value Limit
Qspe Tob Trusts Qualifications Director Candidates
Qualified Offer Qualified Pension Plan
Qualifying Debt Securities Qualifying Spes
Quarterly Quarterly Dividend Payment Date
Quarterly Fixed Income Equity Trading Revenues Quiet Enjoyment
Quilter Raising Total 125 Capital Through Sale Convertible Preferred
Rank Rate
Rating Hedged Exposure Ratios
Re-engineering Projects Re-engineering Projects Restructuring Charges
Reaching Age Certain Legacy Citibank Employees Reacquired Shares
Recent Actions Impacting Citigroups Risk-weighted Assets Recent Legislative Actions
Recently Announced Financial Actions Enhance Citigroups Capital Base Recently Enacted Legislation Authorizing Government Take Direct Action
Recitals Reclassification Financial Assets
Recognition Changes Fair Value Recognition Measurement Other-than-temporary Impairment
Record Date Record Earnings Transaction Services International Revenues Strong
Record Eps Continuing Operations 425 Record Revenues Fixed Income Markets Transaction Services
Recordation Return Recorded Agreements
Recoup Unearned Management Bonuses Recoup Unearned Management Bonuses Yes
Recoupment Unearned Compensation Redecard Ipo
Redemption Redemption Depositary Shares
Redemption Price Reentry Landlord
Reference Time Reformatted Global Consumer Group Disclosure
Regional Consumer Banking Rcb Deposits Grew 2009 Regional Discussions
Regional Market Share Regional Net Income
Registered Book-entry Holders Common Stock Stockholders Transfer Agents Registrants Telephone Number Including Area Code
Registrants Telephone Number Including Area Code 212 559-1000 Registry Maintained Pursuant Hereof
Regulation Disclosure Regulators
Regulatory Capital Regulatory Capital Accounting Standards Developments
Regulatory Capital Standards Developments Regulatory Competition Filings
Reinsurance Related Party Transactions
Related Personnel Citi Seconded Relationships Client
Reload Options Remainder Page Intentionally Left Blank
Renegotiated Loans Reorganization Events
Repairs Maintenance Replacement Certificates
Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Consolidated Financial Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Internal Control
Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm-consolidated Financial Statements Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm-internal Control Over
Reporting Repositioning Charges
Repositioning Japan Consumer Finance Business Repossessed Assets
Representations Landlord Representations Warranties Covenants
Representations Warranties Purchaser Representations Warranties Sellers
Repurchase Repurchase Resale Agreements
Required Vote Recommendation Research
Reservation Common Stock Reserve Estimates Policies
Reserve Securities Exchange Commissions Transfer Agent Investigation Reset Conversion Terms 125 Convertible Preferred Stock
Resolution 2004 Eurozone Bond Trade Resolution 2006 Tax Audits
Resolution Federal Tax Audit Resolution Financial Services Authority Fsa 2004 Eurozone Bond
Resolution Glendale Litigation Resolve
Respect Thereto Restated 2001
Restricted Deferred Stock Cash Award Summary Restricted Stock Award
Restrooms Restructuring
Restructuring Reserve Activity Restructuring-related
Results Include Previously Announced Charge 871 After-tax Related Results Operations Financial Condition
Retail Bank Retail Banking
Retail Distribution Retail Distribution -in 2007 Expects Generate Increases Loans
Retirement Amendment Retirement Benefits
Retirement Board Term Limits Retirement Plans
Return Capital Return Common Equity
Return Country Revenue Client Segment
Revenue Growth Tier Revenue Impacting Citicorp-securities Banking
Revenue Market Size Revenue Region
Revenues Revenues Grew Driven Increased Average Deposits Managed Loans
Revenues Net Interest Expense Review
Review Procedure Revisions Earnings Per Share Calculation
Revolving Open-end Loans Secured One- Four-family Residential Properties Reward Costs
Right Right Holders Convert
Right Offer Purchase Right Set Off
Rights Agent Rights Plan
Rights Stockholder Risk Aggregation Convergence
Risk Aggregation Stress Testing Risk Capital
Risk Control Self-assessment Risk Factors
Risk Factors Relating Business Common Stock Risk Management
Risk Management Activities Derivatives Used Non-trading Purposes Risk Management Activities-derivatives Used Non-trading Purposes
Risk Tolerance Roof Top Set Backs
Rooftop Tenants Antenna Other Equipment Rules Regulations
Salary Sale 399 Park Avenue
Sale Asset Management Business Sale Avantel
Sale Citi Street Sale Citicapital
Sale Citigroup Global Services Limited Sale Citigroup Technology Services Limited
Sale Citigroup Technology Services Ltd Sale Citigroups German Retail Banking Operation
Sale Citigroups German Retail Banking Operations Sale Citigroups Interest Citigroup Global Services Limited
Sale Citis Nikko Citi Trust Banking Corporation Sale Citistreet
Sale Life Insurance Annuities Business Sale Mastercard Shares
Sale Merchant Acquiring Businesses Sale Nikko Asset Management
Sale Nikko Cordial Sale Nikko Cordial Securities
Sale Nikko Cordial Stake Sale Nikkociti Trust
Sale Purchase Sale Redecard Shares
Sale Repurchase Financing Agreements Sale Restriction Option Shares
Sale Samba Financial Group Sale Simplex Investment Advisors Inc Shares
Sale Travelers Life Annuity Sale Travelers Life Annuity Substantially International Insurance Businesses
Sale Upromise Cards Portfolio Sale Upstate New York Branches
Sarbanes-oxley Act 2002 Satisfying 8220rule 608221
Satisfying 8220rule 758221 Satisfying Rule
Say Youre Assuming Senior Debt Various Pieces Means Schedule
Scott Freidenrich Citi Se1se2se3 Seconds
Sec Sec Staff Guidance Loan Commitments Recorded Fair Value
Seconded Related Personnel Securities
Securities Act Securities Banking
Securities Banking 2009 Revenues 294 Securities Banking Significant Revenue Risk Exposure
Securities Borrowed Loaned Securities Exchange Act 1934 Amendment
Securities Fraud Actions Securities Lending Indemnifications
Securities Purchase Agreement Securities Purchased Agreements Resell Sold Repurchase
Securities Registered Pursuant Act Securities Registered Pursuant Exchange Act
Securities Regulation Securitization Activities
Securitization Citigroups Assets Securitization Client Assets
Securitization Credit Card Receivables Securitization Originated Mortgage Other Consumer Loans
Securitizations Securitizations Client Assets
Securitizations Variable Interest Entities See
Segment Product Regional Net Income Segment Product Regional Net Income Revenue
Segment Product Regional-net Income Revenue Segment Regional Net Income Loss Revenue
Segment Regional Net Income Loss Revenues Selected Financial Data
Selected Letters Credit Revolving Loans Hedged Default Swaps Selected Portfolios Securities Purchased Agreements Resell Borrowed Sold
Selected Portfolios Securities Purchased Agreements Resell Sold Repurchase Selected Revenue
Senior Executive Obligations Restrictions Separate Variable Accounts
Separation Agreement Series Preferred Stock
Series Stock Services
Servicing Rights Serving Full Customer Spectrum
Settlement Certain Legal Regulatory Matters Settlement Enron Class Action Litigation
Settlement Irs Tax Audit Settlement New York State City Tax Audits
Settlement Payments Settlement Securities Exchange Commissions Transfer Agent Investigation
Settlement Worldcom Class Action Litigation Charge Regulatory Legal Severability
Sfas 159 Fair-value Option Financial Assets Liabilities Share Delivery
Share Exchange Share Exchange Agreement
Share Price Fluctuate Share Purchase Agreement
Share Repurchases Shared Responsibilities
Shareholder Shareholders Meeting
Shares Available Grant Existing Plans Shares Delivered Share Exchange Allotment
Shares Voted Dont Return Proxy Card Attend Annual Shinkabu Yoyaku-ken
Shinkabu-hikiuke-ken Short-term Borrowings
Short-term Borrowings Long-term Debt Short-term Other Borrowings
Shutdown Private Bank Japan Related Charge Other Activities Sign-on Awards Pandit
Signature Signature Page Follows
Signatures Signatures Follow
Significant Accounting Policies Significant Accounting Policies Estimates
Significant Interest Vies-balance Sheet Classification Significant Shareholders
Similar Proposal Voted Computer Associates Single Stockholder Control Much Class Citigroups Voting Stock
Single Stockholder Control Much Class Citis Voting Stock Sinking Fund
Smith Barney Smith Barneys
Snow Removal Soliciting Proxy Instructions
Soliciting Proxy Voting Instruction Soliciting Vote
Soundness Other Financial Institutions Adversely Affect Source
Sources Funding Sources Liquidity
South Asia Fund Donation Space Intentionally Left Blank
Special Asset Pool Special Incentive Awards 2008 Retention
Special Meeting Stockholders Special Shareholder Meetings
Specific Expatriate Assignment Allowances Specific Provision Closing Accounts
Specified Exchange Agreement Specified Exchange Closing Date
Specified Investor Specified Person Group
Spin-off Travelers Property Casualty Corp Spin-off Travelers Property Casualty Corp Tpc
Stairwells Start Date Position Location Assistant
State State Municipal Debt Securities
State Municipal Securities Statement Assets Liabilities Partners Capital
Statement Changes Stockholders Equity Statement Continues Next Page
Statement Forward-looking Within Meaning Private Securities Litigation Reform Statement Kenneth Steiner
Statement Schedules Statement William Steiner
Statements Statutory Leave Absence
Step Forward Stock
Stock Acquisition Date Stock Award Programs
Stock Option Programs Stock Options
Stock Options Granted Table Stock Ownership Commitment
Stock Purchase Program Stock-based Compensation
Stockholder Communications Stockholder Information
Stockholder Proposals Stockholder Rights
Stockholder Supporting Statement Stockholders Hereby Request Board Directors Citigroup Adopt Promptly
Stockholders Hereby Request Citigroup Board Directors Adopt Promptly Stockholders Not Destroy Stock Certificate Submit Until Requested
Straight Preferred Stock Strategic Alliance
Strategic Divestitures Strategic Investment Cooperation Agreement Guangdong Development Bank
Strategic Performance Strategic Rationale
Strengthened Capital Loan Loss Reserves Stress Testing
Structural Expense Review Structured Investment Vehicles
Structured Investment Vehicles Sivs Student Loan Securitizations
Sub-prime Related Exposure Securities Banking Sub-routines
Submission Future Stockholder Proposals Submission Matters Vote Security Holders
Submission Matters Vote Securityholders Submit Proxy Holder Common Stock Was Not Issued
Submit Proxy Instructions Holder Public Preferred Depositary Shares Subordination
Subordination Non-disturbance Attornment Agreement Subprime Loan Modification Framework
Subprime Mortgage-related Litigation Subprime Mortgage-related Litigation Other Matters
Subprime-mortgage-related Litigation Subprime-mortgage-related Litigation Other Matters
Subprime-related Direct Exposure Securities Banking Subprime-related Direct Exposures
Subprime-related Direct Exposures Cdos Subprime-related Exposure Securities Banking
Subsequent Event Subsequent Events
Subsidiary Successfully Complete Share Exchange
Succession Planning Successors Assigns
Summarized Financial Information Life Insurance Annuities Business Asset Summary
Summary Business Sfas 123 Resolution Federal Tax Audit Summary Compensation Table
Summary Disclosed Marks Securities Banking Summary Highlighted
Summary Impact Exchange Offers Summary Press Release Disclosed Continuing Operations See Schedule
Summary Press Release Disclosed Net Income Impact Summary Press Release Disclosed See Schedule Sub-prime Related
Summary Revenue Marks Securities Banking Summary Selected Financial Data
Supervisory Capital Assessment Program Supervisory Capital Assessment Program Scap
Supplemental Conditions Support Structured Investment Vehicles Sivs
Supporting Statemen Supporting Statement
Surrender Surrender Option
Surrender Options Swap Contracts
System-wide Maintenance Table
Table Contents Table Continues Following Page
Tangible Common Equity Tangible Common Equity Tce
Targeted Acquisitions Tarp Proceeds
Tax Benefits Tax Benefits Preservation Plan
Tax Credit Due Effect Permanent Differences Lower Level Tax Indemnification
Tax Withholding Taxes
Taxes Tax Residency Status Telecommunications Research Class Actions
Tenants Right Self-help Offset Tender Offer Nikko Cordial
Term Fixed Rent Terminate Frustration Shareholder Majority
Termination Termination After Closing
Termination Agreement Termination Certain Related Party Agreements
Termination Employment Leave Absence Termination Employment Other Gross Misconduct Transfer Non-participating Subsidiary
Termination Events Termination Existing Plans
Termination Gross Misconduct Termination Interruption Employment
Terms Agreement Terms Conditions
Thank Proxy Submission Third-party Commercial Paper Conduits
Third-party Conduits Thomson Financial Republished Permission Part Publication Reproduced Transmitted
Tier Common Time Limit Notification
Timing Conditions Guaranteed Incentive Compensation Payments Tokyo
Top Included Multiple Speakers Total
Total Capital Tier Total Citi Stockholders8217 Equity
Total Deposits Total Loans 2005
Total Proprietary Revenues Net Interest Expense Total Tier Capital
Total Tier Common Traction Elevators
Trading Trading Account Assets
Trading Account Assets Liabilities Trading Account Assets Liabilities-derivatives
Trading Account Assets Liabilities-trading Securities Loans Trading Account Assets Securities Loans
Trading Account Assets-trading Securities Loans Trading Account Liabilities
Trading Portfolios Trading Purposes-customer Needs
Trading Purposes-customer Needs- Trading Purposes-own Account
Trading Purposes-own Account- Training Development
Transaction Agreement Transaction Banco Chile
Transaction Overview Transaction Services
Transactions Directors Transactions Nonbank Subsidiaries
Transfer Agency Transfer Agent
Transfer Agent Calculation Registrar Paying Transfer Agent Conversion Registrar Paying
Transfer Agent Registrar Paying Transfer Employment
Transfer Non-participating Subsidiary Transfer Taxes
Transferring Expertise Transfers Financial Assets
Transition Guidance Conforming Changes Issue 98-5 Transition Services Agreement
Transitional License Agreement Shall Entered Parties Thereto Travel
Travelers Insurance Tic Travelers Life Annuity
Treasury Private Transaction Treasury Public Transaction
Treasury Regulation Trust Agreement
Trust Preferred Securities Type Derivative
Ualified Pension Plan Udit Isk Anagement Ommittee
Unfunded Plan Unissued Reacquired Shares
United States Bankruptcy Legislation Unregistered Sales Equity Securities
Unregistered Sales Equity Securities Proceeds Unresolved Sec Staff Comments
Uses Spes Usg
Usg Private Holders Transactions Using Enclosed Envelope
Valuable Brand Valuation
Valuation Period Valuations Financial Instruments
Variable Interest Entities Variation Termina Tion Policy Terms Assignment
Various Miscellaneous Eligible Vertical Vibration Not Milli Gearless Elevators Geared 1-10
Vesting Vesting Date
Vesting Payment Award Vikram Pandit Citi Ceo
Vintage Visa Restructuring Litigation Matters
Volk Voluntary Resignation
Voluntary Resignation Involuntary Termination Other Gross Misconduct Voluntary Resignation Pursue Alternative Career
Vote Vote Approve 2009 Plan
Vote Confidential Vote Internet Wwwproxyvotecom
Vote Mail Vote Phone 1-800-690-6903
Votes Votes Cast Stockholders
Votes Counted Votes Present Hold Meeting
Votes Required Elect Directors Adopt Other Proposals Voting
Voting Convertible Preferred Stock Voting Rights
Wachovia Contacts Wachovia Wells Fargo Litigation
Wage Employment Actions Waiver Amendments
Waivers Weekly
What Being Asked Give Proxy Instructions What Being Asked Give Proxy Voting Instruction
What Deadline Sending Proxy Instructions What Deadline Sending Proxy Voting Instruction
What Dont Indicate Decision Respect Some Public Preferred What Dont Vote Some Matters Listed Proxy Card
What Happens Beneficial Owner Common Stock Not Tell What Happens Holder Record Not Submit Proxy Instructions
What Happens Meeting Postponed Adjourned What Happens Not Grant Proxy Voting Instruction
What Options Respect Proposals What Portion Shares Give Consent Order Adopt Common
What Portion Shares Give Consent Order Adopt Public What Recommendation Board Directors
What Record Holder Dont Indicate Decision Respect Some What Voting
Whereas Whereas Cam Subsidiaries Conduct Business
Withdrawals Payable Witness Whereof
Worldcom Inc Write-down Intangible Asset Related Nikko Management
Write-down Intangible Asset Related Old Lane Write-downs Alt-a Mortgage Securities
Write-downs Auction Rate Securities Write-downs Commercial Real Estate Exposures
Write-downs Highly Leveraged Loans Commitments Write-downs Highly Leveraged Loans Financing Commitments
Write-downs Highly-leveraged Loans Commitments Write-downs Monoline Insurers
Write-downs Structured Investment Vehicles Sivs Write-downs Subprime-related Direct Exposures
Written Permission Provided Landlord Tenant Alter Perimeter Radiation Xes
Year-end Tier Capital Ratio Was 117 Common Yes
Yes-vote Ytd 2006
Zentner Citigroup Inc 
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