Topic Listing for Cleco Corporate Holdings LLC

Acadia Issues Acadia Power Partners Llc
Acadia Was 001 Per Share Compared 2008 Acadia Was Down 002 Per Share Compared 2008
Acadia-calpine Dispute Access Records
Account Accounts Receivable
Accounts Receivable Payable Accrual Electric Customer Credits
Acknowledgment Agreement Acquisition
Acquisition Attalas Transmission Assets Action
Action Without Meeting Actions Prior Contribution Date
Actual Damages Actuarial Reduction Early Commencement Retirement Benefits
Addendum Addition Withdrawal Capital Contributions
Additional Awards Additional Requirements
Additional Stock Awards Address Delivery Plan Distribution
Adjournments Administration
Administration 409a Incentives Administration Plan
Administrative Claims Priority Tax Administrative Expense Claims
Administrative Procedure Admission Additional Members
Adoption Reservation Shares Maximum Awards Adverse Determination
Affiliate Affiliate Revenue
Affiliate Transactions After Retirement Benefit Commencement
Afudc Afudc Primarily Associated Rodemacher Unit Project Contributed Additional
Agent Aggregate Options Exercised 2005 Year-end Option Values
Agreement Air Quality
Allocations Profits Allowed Amount
Allowed Claim Although Industrial Sales Lower Overall Base Revenue Was
Amendment Amendment Construction
Amendment Elimination Restricted Stock Award Amendment Number
Amendment Purchase Sale Agreement Amendment Termination
Amendments Amount Payment
Analytical Tools Analytical Tools Aid Compensation Benefit Plan Decisions
Announces Earnings Guidance 2005 Annual Cash Bonus
Annual Compensation Annual Incentive Bonus
Annual Incentive Compensation Annual Incentive Plan Aip
Annual Meeting Annual Meeting Proxy Card
Annual Meeting Shareholders 2005 Annual Meeting Shareholders 2006
Annual Meeting Shareholders 2007 Annual Meeting Shareholders 2008
Annual Meeting Shareholders 2009 Annual Plan Updates Benchmarks
Annual Process Making Compensation Benefit Changes Annual Regular Meetings
Annual Report Annual Retainer
Aoc Participation App
Application Distribution Assets Appointment
Appointment Disbursing Agent Appointment Removal Individuals
Appointment Removal Project Director Approval Budgets
Approvals Consents Standards Review Arbitration
Arms Length Basis Affiliate Contracts Arrangements
Asset Book Asset Optimization Committee
Assets Assignment
Assistance Cooperation Assistance Litigation
Assumption Rejection Executory Contracts Unexpired Leases Attorneys8217 Fees Costs
Audit Committee Board Directors Cleco Corporation Audit Committee Pre-approval Policies Procedures
Authorized Signatory Background
Bank Claims Bank Credit Agreement
Bank New York Mellon Trust Bankruptcy Code
Bankruptcy Court Bankruptcy Rules
Bar Date Order Base
Base Compensation Base Peer Group
Base Salaries Base Salaries Bonuses Cleco Corporation Named Executive Officers
Base Salaries Bonuses Named Executive Officers Base Salary
Basis Presentation Beneficial Ownership Reporting Compliance
Beneficiary Benefit Commencement Date
Benefits Business Transaction Binding Effect
Binding Obligation Board
Board Directors Cleco Board Directors Compensation
Board Directors Recommends Vote Election Nominees Director Ratification Board Directors Selects New Head Utility Makes Other
Board Process Independent Review Compensation Program Boards Managers
Bonus Bonuses Incentives Other Benefits
Breach Covenants Budget Deadlock
Business Business Reputation
Business Risks Business Transaction
Business Transaction Benefit Buy-out Ownership Interest
C\temp\snotes5data\~9252002doc Calpine Acadia Holdings Llc
Calpine Bankruptcy Capital Accounts
Capital Expense Budget Capitalized Interest
Capitalized Project Costs Captions
Cases Cash Equivalents
Cash Generation Requirements Cash Out Small Benefits
Cause Causes Action
Certain Actions Calpine 2001 Ppa Guaranty Certain Factors Affecting Cleco Power
Certain Other Significant Events Cleco Required Report Proxy Certain Relationships Related Transactions Cleco
Certificates Membership Interest Certifications
Ces Ces Dispute
Cess Bankruptcy Failure Perform Obligations Calpine Tolling Agreements Chairman
Change Address Please Print New Below Change Control
Change Control Benefits Change Control Business Transaction
Change Control Member Change Employment Status Control Events
Change Pension Value Nonqualified Deferred Compensation Earnings Choice Law
Claim Claims Arising Rejection Termination
Claims Benefits Claims Settlement
Clas Directors Nominees Elected 2008 Annual Meeting Terms Class
Class Acceptance Requirement Class Bank Claims
Class Directors Nominees Elected 2005 Annual Meeting Terms Class Directors Nominees Elected 2006 Annual Meeting Terms
Class Directors Nominees Elected 2007 Annual Meeting Terms Class Directors Nominees Elected 2009 Annual Meeting Terms
Class Directors Terms Office Expire 2006 Class Directors Terms Office Expire 2007
Class Directors Terms Office Expire 2008 Class Directors Terms Office Expire 2009
Class Directors Terms Office Expire 2010 Class Directors Terms Office Expire 2011
Class General Unsecured Claims Class Mai Claim
Class Other Priority Claims Class Other Secured Claims
Class Peh Equity Interests Class Pep Equity Interests
Classes Entitled Vote Classification
Classification Claims Equity Interests Cleco
Cleco Cash Flows Cleco Completes Sale 718-megawatt Perryville Plant
Cleco Consolidated Cleco Consolidated Results Operations 2004 Compared 2003
Cleco Consolidated Results Operations 2005 Compared 2004 Cleco Corp Posts 2005 Earnings 018 Per Share
Cleco Corp Posts 2006 Net Income 117 Cleco Corporation
Cleco Corporation Executive Cleco Corporation Holding Ability Meet Debt Obligations Pay
Cleco Corporation Holding Level Cleco Corporation Page
Cleco Credit Rating Cleco Energy
Cleco Estimates Restoration Costs Total Between 100-125 Cleco Making Progress Major Effort Recover Hurricane Katrina
Cleco Midstream Cleco Midstream Resources Llc
Cleco Power Cleco Power Construction
Cleco Power Generation Facilities Cleco Power Llc
Cleco Power Llc Narrative Analysis Results Operations Cleco Power Narrative Analysis Results Operations
Cleco Power Rfp Near Completion Cleco Power Unable Extend Current Rsp Lpsc Makes
Cleco Powers Future Electricity Sales Adversely Impacted High Cleco Powers Generation Facilities Subject Unplanned Outages Significant
Cleco Purchases Equity Securities Clecos Businesses Referred News Release
Clecos Code Business Conduct Ethics Clecos Corporate Govern Ance Guidelines
Clecos Corporate Governance Guidelines Clecos Costs Compliance Environmental Laws Regulations Permits Significant
Clecos Overall Program Design Philosophy Coal Lignite Supply
Code 162 Code 162 Renewal
Collateral Commitments Contingencies
Committee Committees
Commodity Price Risks Common Stock Equivalent Units Dividend
Common Stock Issuance Common Stock Repurchase Program
Communications Board Directors Company8217s Protection
Company8217s Termination Cause Comparator Groups
Compared 2008 Compensation
Compensation Actions Named Executives Compensation Actions-named Executives
Compensation Benefits Compensation Board Directors
Compensation Committee Board Directors Cleco Corporation Compensation Committee Interlocks Insider Participation
Compensation Committee Report Executive Compensation Philosophy Overall Objective Executive Programs
Compensation President Chief Executive Officer Compensation Program Components
Complete Agreement Compliance Addendum
Compliance Amendment Compliance Definitions
Composition Base Peer Group Composition Incentive Peer Group
Concentration Credit Risk Concentration Risk
Concurrent Employment Condemnation Awards
Condemnation Part Condition Precedent Confirmation
Condition Precedent Occurrence Effective Date Conduct Meetings
Confidential Information Confidentiality
Confirmation Date Confirmation Hearing
Confirmation Order Conflicts Interest Competition Project
Consents Consideration Limitation Activities
Consideration Other Agreements Consolidated Balance Sheets
Construction Financing Construction Investment Subsidiaries Overview
Construction Overview Construction Work Progress
Constructive Termination Contents
Contested Claim Continuation Medical Benefits
Continuing Participant Continuing Participants
Contract Termination Contractual Obligations Other Commitments
Contribution Date Deadline Contribution Loans
Corrective 409a Amendment Costs Estimated Approximately
Cramdown Credit Facilities
Credit Facilities Renewed Credit Ratings Counterparties
Critical Accounting Policies Curative Allocations
Cure Current Balance
Customers Damage Destruction
Damage Destruction Substantially Facility Darren Olagues
Date Death After Termination Employment Before Retirement Benefit Commencement
Death Benefit Death Benefit Adjustments
Death Disability Death While Employed
Debt Debt Expenses Premiums Discounts
Debt Portfolios Debtor Possession
Debtors Release Deconsolidation Evangeline
Default Defaulting Partys Loss Representation Voting Rights
Defaults Cure Periods Deferred Asset Removal Costs
Deferred Compensation Deferred Fuel Purchased Power Costs
Deferred Fuel Transportation Revenue Deferred Interest Costs
Deferred Mining Costs Deferred Storm Restoration Costs
Deferred Taxes Deficit Capital Accounts
Definition Definitions
Definitions Usage Delegation Administrative Authority Experts
Delegation Duties Departure Directors Principal Officers Election Appointment
Dilek Samil Director Nomination Process
Directors Directors Executive Officers Audit Committee Financial Expert
Directors Executive Officers Registrants Audit Committee Financial Expert Disability
Disability Benefits Disability Plan
Discharge Liabilities Disclosure Statement
Disclosures Guarantees Disclosures Segments
Dispatch Disposee Become Member
Disposition Members Disposition Stock Awards
Distribution Date Distribution Limitations
Distributions Dividend Equivalent Units
Dividends Received Documents Incorporated Reference
Domestic Equity Portfolios Downgrade Cleco Corporations Powers Credit Rating Result Increase
Drawdown Calpine Letter Credit Due Authorization
Duties Liabilities Covered Persons Duties Members
Earnings Guidance Earnings Primarily Affected Following Factors
Earnings Update Effect Non-occurrence Effective Date
Effective Date Effective Date Addendum
Effective Date Amendments Bankruptcy Actions Effectiveness
Election Tenure Compensation Electric Customer Credits
Electric Generating Stations Electric Generation
Electric Lines Electric Magnetic Fields
Electric Magnetic Fields Emfs Electric Substations
Eligible Participant Elimination Classes Voting Purposes
Emergency Relief Employee Stock Purchase Plan
Employment Agreements Employment Agreements Change Control
Employment Rights Employment Term
Energy Energy Operations
Energy Sales Energy Trading
Energy Trading Net Enforcement Agreement
Entire Agreement Entry Material Definitive Agreement
Environmental Matters Environmental Quality
Epa Eport Audit Committee
Equity Compensation Equity Compensation Plan Information
Equity Incentives Equity Income Investees
Equity Interest Equity Investments
Esop Plan Estate
Estimated Future Payments Equity Incentive Plan Awards Ltip Estimated Future Payments Non-equity Incentive Plan Awards Aip
Estimates Estimation Claims
Evaluation Disclosure Controls Procedures Evangeline
Evangeline Acadia Certain Plant Performance Obligations Respective Tolling Evangeline Credit Review
Evangeline Was 001 Per Share Compared Same Period Evangeline Was 005 Per Share Compared 2008
Evangeline Was Down 007 Per Share Compared Same Evangeline Was Down 008 Per Share Compared 2008
Events Causing Dissolution Events Dissolution
Exact Name Registrant Specified Charter Except Follows
Excess Losses Exculpation
Execution Revoc Ation Proxy Execution Revocation Proxy
Executive Audit Compensation Nominating Governance Committees Executive Compensation Benefit Actions Taken 2008
Executive Compensation Cleco Executive Employment Agreement
Executive Officer Benefits Perquisites Executive Officers Compensation Philosophy
Executive Officers Compensation Program Policy Executive8217s Constructive Termination
Exemption Transfer Taxes Expected Management Changes
Expenses Expenses Primarily Affected Following Factors
Expiration Agreement Extinguishment
Failure Williams Perform Obligations Evangeline Tolling Agreement Likely Fair Value Financial Instruments
Fasb Statement 123 Revised 2004 Federal Income Tax Consequences
Federal Income Tax Considerations Fees Earned Paid Cash Stock
Ferc Fuel Audit Settlements Ferc Regulates Cleco Powers Transmission Service Other Wholesale
Ferc Regulation Ferc Settlement
Filling Vacancies Final Compensation
Final Order Final Wages
Financial Hardship Financial Managers Code Conduct
Financial Results Financial Statement Schedules
Financial Statements Financial Statements 2004 2003 2002
Financial Statements Exhibits Forfeiture
Form 10-q Formation
Fractional Plan Distributions Franchise
Franchises Fuel Audit
Fuel Audit Settlement Fuel Cost Recovery
Fuel Costs Fuel Oil Supply
Fuel Purchased Power Primarily Affected Following Factors Full Time Attention
Funding Funding Electing Member8217s Pro Rata Share
Funding Operating Expenses Further
Further Assurances Further Limitations
Gains Losses Winding Gas Put Options Transportation Charge
Gender Plurality Gene Ral
General General Considerations Credit-related Risks
General Management Authority General Properties
General Provisions General Purposes
General Unsecured Claims General Waiver Release
Generation Rfp Good Reason
Governing Law Grant Stock Options Ceo
Grant Stock Options Chief Executive Officer Grants Plan-based Awards
Hazardous Waste Generation Headings
Headings Table Contents Held 2005
Held 2006 Held 2007
Held 2008 Held 2009
Highest Base Compensation Holding
Identify Documents Creating Subordinated Indebtedness Guarantees Impaired Classes Claims Equity Interests
Impairment Assets Impairment Controversies
Impairments Assets Impairments Long-lived Assets
In-kind Contributions In-kind Distribution Contributed Assets
Incentive Peer Group Incentives Eligible Directors
Income Taxes Income Taxes Increased Earnings 008 Per Share Over
Income Taxes Increased Earnings 010 Per Share Compared Incorporation Reference
Indepe Ndence Organization Board Directors Independence Organization Board Directors
Index Industry Developments
Inflation Initial Capitalization
Injunctions Inspection Audit Rights
Insurance Insurance Reserves
Integration Intellectual Property License
Interconnection Representative Interest Charges
Interest Expense Decreased 004 Per Share Compared 2008 Interest Expense Decreased 007 Per Share Compared 2008
Interest Expense Increased 014 Per Share Compared 2008 Interest Expense Net Increased 020 Per Share Over
Interest Income Interest Overdue Obligations Post-judgment
Interest Rate Risks Interest Rate Swaps
Interests Board Directors Internal Revenue Code 162
Internal Revenue Code Irc 162 International Equity Portfolios
Internet Ava Ilability Proxy Materials Internet Availability Proxy Materials
Interpretation Interpretation Reliance
Introduction Inventories
Inventory Investment Tax Credits
Investor Proxy Voting Alert Irc 162
Irc 409a Irp
Issue Amend Renew Extend Issues Guidance 2006 Results
Jointly Owned Generation Units Last Revised 2005
Legal Proceedings Cleco Legislative Regulatory Changes Matters
Level Liability
Liability Actions Life Insurance
Lignite Deferral Limitation Members Liability
Limitations Activities Long-lived Assets
Long-term Incentive Compensation Plan Long-term Incentive Compensation Plan Ltip
Long-term Incentive Plan Long-term Incentives
Long-term Purchase Obligations Louisiana College
Lpsc Conducts Fuel Audits Result Cleco Power Making Lpsc Reduce Amount Recoverable Cleco Power Respect Storm
Lpsc Regulation Ltip Payouts
Ltip Performance Cycle Ltip-awards 2004
Ltip-grants 2005 Mai Claim
Mai Subordinated Loan Agreement Major Maintenance
Major Maintenance Arrangements Management
Management Changes Management Committee Approval
Management Committee Compensation Management Managers
Management Responsibility Operations Maintenance Manner Giving Notice
Manner Payment Plan Market Data Comparator Groups
Market Restructuring Material Modification Rights Security Holders
Materials Supplies Inventory Maximum Aggregate Capital Contribution Reduced Guarantees
Maximum Aggregate Capital Contributions Meeting Fees
Meetings Member Marketing
Member Minimum Gain Chargeback Member Nonrecourse Deductions
Member8217s Representatives Members Phase Development Responsibilities
Membership Interests Organization Method Timing Payment
Michael Madison Midstream
Midstream Construction Midstream Construction Investment Subsidiaries
Midstream Plant Performance Minimum Gain Chargeback
Mirant Bankruptcy Maems Rejection Perryville Tolling Agreement Miscellaneous
Mitigation Not Required Modification Plan
Modification Schedule Name
Name Person Filing Proxy Statement Other Registrant National Energy Policy
Natural Gas Supply Net Cash Provided Operating Activities
Net Cash Provided Used Financing Activities Net Cash Used Financing Activities
Net Cash Used Investing Activities New Accounting Pronouncements
New Accounting Standards New Participants
Nominations Non-equity Incentive Plan Compensation
Non-exclusivity Survival Rights Non-fuel Revenue Decreased 001 Per Share Year-to-year Comparison
Non-fuel Revenue Increased 002 Per Share Compared 2008 Non-liability Members
Non-solicitation Nonadmission Wrongdoing
Nonassignability Nondisparagement
Nonperformance Cleco Powers Power Purchase Agreements Transmission Constraints Nonqualified Deferred Compensation
Nonqualified Deferred Compensation Plan Nonrecourse Deductions
Not Employment Agreement Not Voted Via Internet Fold Along Perforation Detach
Notice Notice Annual Meeting Shareholders
Notice Confirmation Notice Option Buy Ownership Interest
Notices Now Therefore
Now Therefore Known Now Therefore Resolved
Number 0-01272 Number 1-05663
Number 1-15759 Nyi-2118463v2
Objection Deadline Objective Winding
Obligation Benefit Payments Off-balance Sheet Commitments
Offset Oil Supply
Operating Budgets Operating Expenses
Operating Revenue Operational Data
Opt-out Notice Non-electing Members Election Option Awards
Option Exercises Stock Vested Option Grants
Options Ordinary Distributions
Organization Basis Presentation Organization Operations
Other Other Allocation Rules
Other Benefits Other Business Members
Other Cash Requirements Other Compensation
Other Contingencies Other Current Assets
Other Employer Plan Other Events
Other Expense Other Expenses 005 Per Share Higher Compared 2008
Other Expenses Net 009 Per Share Higher Compared Other Expenses Net Increased 008 Per Share Over
Other Expenses Net Increased 011 Per Share Over Other Expenses Primarily Affected Following Factors
Other Income Other Litigation
Other Matters Other Operations
Other Priority Claims Other Secured Claim
Other Significant Agreements Other Subsidiary Construction
Other Terms Outlook
Outside Consultants Outstanding Loan
Overall Program Design Overview
Owner Construct Owners Representative
Page Participant
Participant8217s Death Before Benefit Commencement Date Participation
Participation Claims Partition
Party Agreements Subordination Party Assistance
Payment Beneficiary Payment Date
Payment Statutory Fees Payments Affiliate Guarantors After Commercial Operation Date
Payments Affiliate Guarantors Prior Commercial Operation Date Peh
Peh General Unsecured Claims Pending Sale Perryville Facility
Pension Benefits Pension Plan
Pension Plan Other Benefits Pep
Pep General Unsecured Claims Performance Graph
Performance Objectives Performance Objectives Vesting Payment
Performance-based Restricted Stock Performance-based Restricted Stock Ceus
Perquisites Other Benefits Perryville
Perryville 2003 Perryville Bankruptcy
Perryville Operations Perryville Sale Proceeding
Perryville Tolling Agreement Administrative Expense Damage Claims Perryvilles Senior Loan Agreement
Perryvilles Subordinated Loan Agreement Person
Petition Date Phases Development
Philosophy Pineville 2005
Place Holding Meetings Place Meetings Telephone
Plan Plan Benefits
Plan Distribution Plan Distributions
Plan Distributions Pending Allowance Plan Esop
Plant Equipment Net Plant Operations
Please Complete Sign Date Mail Proxy Card Accompanying Please Due Complexity Income Tax Rules Related Deferred
Potential Payments Termination Change Control Power Authority
Power Duties Secretary Power Generation
Power Marketing Agreement Power Purchased
Power Purchases Powers
Powers Authority Powers Committee
Powers Duties Powers Duties Audit Committee
Powers Duties Chairman Board Managers Powers Duties Compensation Committee
Powers Duties Executive Committee Powers Duties Nominating Governance Committee
Powers Duties President Powers Duties Treasurer
Powers Duties Vice President President Chief Executive Officer
President Chief Operating Officer Cleco Power Presumptions Effect Certain Proceedings
Principal Accountant Fees Services Principal Place Business
Principles Consolidation Prior Plan Balance
Prior Plan Benefit Priority Distributions
Priority Tax Claims Procedure Determination Entitlement Indemnification
Procedure Prior Project Financing Professional
Profits Losses Program Design Approval Process
Project Account Costs Project Agreements
Project Budget Project Finance Criteria
Properties Cleco Power Property Plant Equipment
Proposal Number 1-election Class Directors Proposal Number 2-ratification Appointment Clecos Independent Registered Public
Proposal Number 3-approval Cleco Corporation 2010 Long-term Incentive Proposals Board Directors Recommends Vote Proposal
Proposals Shareholders Prosecution Contested Claims
Proxies Proxy Soli Citation
Proxy Solicitation Public Announcements
Purchased Power Purpose
Qualifications Declaration Vacancy Quarterly Evaluation Disclosure Controls Procedures
Quarterly Report Pursuant Securities Exchange Act 1934 Quorum
Quorum Simple Majority Vote Required Action Rate Stabilization Plans
Rates Re-vesting Assets
Real Estate Portfolios Receivables Due Cleco Corporation
Recent Accounting Standards Recitals
Reclassifications Recognition Revenue
Record Date Voting Rights Records Accounting
Recoupment Awards Recoupment Incentive Awards
Recoupment Prior Awards Paid Recovery Policy
Registered Agent Office Registrants Telephone Number Including Area Code 318 484-7400
Regular Meetings Regulation
Regulation Disclosure Regulatory Assets Liabilities
Regulatory Compliance Regulatory Matters
Reimbursement Reimbursement Expenses
Reimbursement Reimbursable Member Expenses Reimbursements
Related Parties Released Party
Relocation Remedies
Removal Reopening Series 2035 Notes
Replacement Event Default Termination Ppa Replacement Power Marketer
Report Audit Committee Report Compensation Committee
Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Reporting
Reporting Responsibilities Representations
Representations Warranties Covenants Reserves
Resignation Resolved
Restatements Restricted Cash
Restricted Distributions Restricted Stock
Restrictions Reasonable Results
Results Aligned Program Design Results Operations
Retail Electric Competition Retail Electric Markets
Retail Rates Cleco Power Retainage
Retained Earnings Restrictions Retention Jurisdiction
Retirement Benefit Retirement Plans
Return Property Revenue Fuel Costs
Revenue Primarily Affected Following Factors Revenue Recognition
Review Trading Activities Reviewed Accepted
Revocation Plan Right Claimant Bring Suit
Right Indemnification 8211 General Right Present Matters Management Committee
Right Property Right Refusal
Risk Management Risk Overview
Risks Uncertainties Rodemacher Unit
Rodemacher Unit Ccn Rodemacher Unit Construction
Rodemacher Unit Update Role Project Director
Russell Davis Salary
Sale Perryville Facility Sales
Satisfaction Claims Schedule
Schedules Scope Authority
Secured Claim Securities Exchange Act 1934
Securities Litigation Security Ownership
Security Ownership Certain Beneficial Owners Security Ownership Certain Beneficial Owners Management Related Stockholder
Segment Financial Information Self-build Proposal
Senior Vice President 8211 Cleco Midstream Resources Senior Vice President 8211 Corporate Services
Senior Vice President 8211 General Counsel Director Regulatory Separate Advice
Separation Agreement Separation Date
Separation Employment Separation Service
Serp Service
Sesco Set-off
Setoff Rights Settlement Mirant Claims
Settlement Mutual Agreement Severability
Severance Pay Severance Payments
Shareholder Rights Shareholder Rights Plan
Shelf Registrations Signatures
Significant Factors Affecting Cleco Power Significant Factors Affecting Midstream
Significant Offtake Agreements Small Accounts
Solid Waste Disposal Source Payments
Sources Cash Plan Distributions Special Calpine Allocations
Special Meetings Special Services
Specific Powers Specified Employee
Specified Employee Delay Specified Executive Delay
Spendthrift Provision Standard Conduct
Standard Conduct Individuals Assigned Responsible Member State Law Partnership
Statements Cash Flows Status 2000 Long-term Incentive Compensation Plan
Step Calculate Total Shareholder Return Relative Rank Step Establish Target Award Shares
Stock Appreciation Rights Stock Awards
Stock Option Plans Stock Options
Stock Ownership Stock Ownership Requirements
Stock Ownership Requirements Executive Officers Stock-based Compensation
Storm Damage Costs Storm Restoration
Strategic Update Submission Party Expenses Members
Subordinated Obligations Subsequent Event
Subsequent Events Subsequent Increase Benefits
Substitution Credit Support Successful Request Rehearing Appeal Cleco Powers Ccn Material
Summary Summary Clecos Compensation Benefits Components
Summary Director Compensation Benefits Summary Significant Accounting Policies
Super Majority Vote Certain Matters Supplemental Death Benefit
Supplemental Executive Retirement Plan Supplemental Executive Retirement Plan Serp
Supplemental Retirement Benefit Surrender Cancellation Instruments
Survival Surviving Covenants
Table Contents Tax Elections
Tax Matters Partner Tax Payment
Tax Returns Tax Withholding
Taxes Telephonic Meetings Permitted
Temporary Taking Tenth Supplemental Indenture
Term Term End
Termination Termination Cause
Termination Certain Debt Obligations Termination Connection Change Control
Termination Death Disability Termination Executive
Termination Payments Executive Termination Rights
Termination Without Cause Time
Time Bar Cash Payments Time Payment
Time Payments Time-based Restricted Stock
Timing Payment Title
Title Assets Tolling Agreement
Tolling Operations Toxic Substances Control Act Tsca
Toxics Release Inventory Toxics Release Inventory Tri
Treatment Administrative Claims Treatment Priority Tax Claims
Unclassified Claims Unimpaired Classes Claims Equity Interests
Unscheduled Outages Unsecured Creditor Status
Variable Interest Entities Vesting Provisions
Vice President 8211 Investor Relations Chief Accounting Officer Vice President 8211 Regulated Generation Development
Violation Vote Important Please Immediately
Vote Internet Available Vote Over Internet Please Not Mail Proxy Card
Vote Required Action Vote-by-internet
Voting Voting Ownership Interest
Waiver Waiver Conditions
Waiver Notice Waiver Release
Water Quality Whereas
Wholesale Electric Competition Wholesale Electric Markets
Wholesale Rates Cleco William Fontenot
Williams Winding
Windup Events Withholding
Withholding Tax Requirements Witness Whereof
Wwwcomputersharecom Expressvote Year-end Option Values
Year-to-year Comparisons Cleco Midstreams Earnings Affected 2003 Expenses 
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