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Accounting Changes Error Corrections Accounting Other Records
Accounting Pronouncements Accounts
Accounts Eligible Compensation Elections Defer Accounts Payable Accrued Expenses
Acknowledgment Acquisition
Acquisition Investment Acquisitions
Acquisitions Investments Acquisitions Investments Divestitures
Addendum Additional Agreements
Additional Information Additional Other Compensation
Adequacy Assets Adjustment Number Shares Awarded
Adjustment Number Shares Option Exercise Price Adjustment Number Shares Option Price
Adjustments Accounts Administration
Administration Miscellaneous Provisions Administration Plan
Adverse Interests Adverse Weather Conditions Reduce Demand Products
Advertising Costs Affiliate
Africa Aggregate Contractual Obligations
Aggregated Option Sar Exercises Last Fy-end Options Values Agreed Accepted
Agreement Confidentiality Non-competition Non-solicitation Agreement Plan Merger
Aircraft Usage Also Need Bring Photo Gain Admission
Although Free Restricted Shares Vest Age After Restriction Amalgamated Bank
Amalgamated Bank Coca-cola Amended Restated Effective 2007
Amended Restated Effective 2008 Amendment
Amendment Modification Suspension Termination Amendment Supplemental Benefit Plan Amended Restated Effective 2002
Amendment Termination Amendment Termination Performance Incentive Plan
Amendment Termination Plan Amendment Waiver
Amendments Amendments Modifications Termination Plan
American Canyon Matter Amount Benefit
Amount Credited Account Analysis Consolidated Statements Income
Announcement Appears Information Purposes Only Not Constitute Invitation Annual Cash Compensation
Annual Incentive Annual Incentive Plan
Annual Incentive Plans Annual Meeting Shareowners Coca-cola Held 2008
Appendix Applicable Law
Applicable Laws Application Critical Accounting Policies
Appointment Attorney Appointment Escrow Control Agent Establishment Account
Appointment Indemnification Escrow Agent Establishment Approval Related Person Transactions
Aqua-chem Litigation Areas Focus
Arms Length Arrangements Isdell
Asia Assets
Assumptions Atlanta 2005
Atlanta 2006 Atlanta 2007
Atlanta 2008 Atlanta 2009
Atlanta Apr 2007 Atlanta Apr 2008
Atlanta Brussels 2005 Atlanta Dec11 2008 8211
Atlanta Feb 2006 Atlanta Feb 2007
Atlanta Feb 2010 Coca-cola Reports Solid 2009 Operating Atlanta Georgia
Atlanta Oct 2005 Atlanta Oct 2006
Atlanta Oct 2008 Atlanta Whitestone 2007
Atlantic Industries Attend Meeting What Need Bring
Audit Committee Audit Committee Pre-approval Permissible Non-audit Services Independent Auditors
Audit Committees Responsibility Audit Fees
Audit Fees Other Audit Related Fees
Audit-related Fees Authority Appoint Advisors Agents
Authorizations Enforceability Authorized Signatures-sign Here-this Completed Instructions Executed
Availability Offers Average Daily Closing Prices Instead Volume-weighted Such Trading
Awards Awards Options
Awards Options Sars Background
Base Salary Basic Net Income Per Share Was 113 2005
Basis Presentation Basis Presentation Consolidation
Believe Restricted Stock Antithetical Corporate Governance Best Practices Benchmarking
Beneficial Ownership Reporting Compliance Benefits
Benefits Provided Hereunder Offset Monies Committee Determines Owed Berkshire Hathaway
Beverage Industry Beverage Volume
Board Committees Board Directors
Board Directors Recommends Vote Against Following Proposals Board Directors Recommends Vote Against Proposal Regarding Committee
Board Directors Recommends Vote Against Proposal Regarding Restricted Board Directors Recommends Vote Election
Board Directors Recommends Vote Following Proposals Board Directors Recommends Vote Proposal Approve Amendment 1989
Board Directors Recommends Vote Ratification Appointment Ernst Young Board Directors Shareowners
Board Directors Shareowners Coca-cola Bonus
Bonus Column Bottlers Agreements Distribution
Bottling Investments Bottling Partners Financial Condition Deteriorates Business Results Affected
Business Business Combinations
Business Summary Significant Accounting Policies Call Option
Capital Stock Car Driver
Carpenters Case Comp 39116 B-2 Coca-cola
Cash Equivalents Cash Flow Hedging Strategy
Cash Flows Cash Flows Financing Activities
Cash Flows Investing Activities Cash Flows Operating Activities
Cash Flows Operating Activities Investing Cce Shareholders Litigation
Certain Investee Companies Certain Prior Amounts Been Reclassified Conform Current Presentation
Certification Pursuant Certification Pursuant Usc 1350 Adopted 906 Sarbanes-oxley Act
Certifications Certifications Pursuant Usc 1350 Adopted 906 Sarbanes-oxley Act
Challenges Risks Challenges Risks Opportunities
Change Control Change Control Death Disability
Change Discontinuance Plan Change Pension Value Nonqualified Deferred Compensation Earnings
Change Pension Value Nonqualified Deferred Compensation Earnings Column Changes Accounting Standards Affect Reported Financial Results
Changes Accounting Standards Taxation Requirements Affect Financial Results Changes Commercial Market Practices Within European Economic Area
Changes Equity Changes Internal Control Over Financial Reporting
Changes Laws Regulations Relating Beverage Containers Packaging Increase Changes Legal Regulatory Environment Countries Operate Increase Costs
Changes Nonalcoholic Beverages Business Environment Impact Financial Results Chapman
Chapman Isdell Check Appropriate Box Below Form 8-k Filing Intended
Claim Review Procedure Claims Procedure
Clauses Climate Change Negatively Affect Business
Closing Closing Accounts Price Adjustment
Closing Offer Closing Purchase
Club Membership Club Memberships
Co-operation Relation Pre-condition Coca-cola
Coca-cola 1989 Restricted Stock Award Plan Coca-cola Acquire Issued Shares Capital Outstanding Convertible Bonds
Coca-cola Bottling United Enterprises Inc Coca-cola Deferred Compensation Plan
Coca-cola Enterprises Inc Coca-cola Export Corporation Employee Share Plan
Coca-cola Plaza Atlanta Georgia 30313 Coca-cola Reports 2005 Results
Coca-cola Reports 2009 Full Results Coca-cola Reports Full 2008 Results
Coca-cola Reports Year-end 2004 Results Coca-cola South Asia Holdings Inc
Coca-cola Subsidiaries Coca-cola Subsidiaries Computation Ratios Earnings Fixed Charges
Coca-cola Subsidiaries Notes Condensed Consolidated Financial Statements Comprehensive Coca-cola Subsidiaries Notes Condensed Consolidated Financial Statements Stock
Coca-cola Supplemental Pension Plan Coca-cola Supplemental Thrift Plan
Collateral Commercial Leadership
Commitments Contingencies Committee
Committee Authority Responsibilities Committee Directors Corporate Governance
Committee Membership Committees Board Directors
Commodities Communicate Outside Directors
Communication Presents Only Overview Complete Proxy Materials Available Communications Shareowner Proposals Documents
Community Engagement Comparisons Value
Compensation Compensation Chairman Chief Executive Officer
Compensation Committee Compensation Committee Interlocks Insider Participation
Compensation Credit Compensation Expenses Committee
Competition Complete Agreement
Completion Date Compliance
Compliance Laws Compliance Tax Laws
Components Executive Compensation Components Net Periodic Benefit Cost
Composite Document Comprehensive Income
Compulsory Acquisition Withdrawal Listing Huiyuan Concentrate Sales Volume
Condensed Consolidated Statements Income Condition
Conditions Offers Conference Call
Confirmation Financial Resources Consent Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Consent Key Employee Appointment Escrow Agent Establishment Consideration Offers
Consolidated Statements Cash Flows Consolidated Statements Income
Consumer Marketing Contents
Contingencies Contributions Thrift Plans
Control Controls Procedures
Conversion Amounts Paid Reyes Converted Consolidated Entity Substantially Escrow Business Transferred Shall
Convertible Bond Offer Convertible Bonds
Cooperation Agreement Core Capabilities
Cost Method Investments Covenants Additional Agreements
Creation Supply Chain Management Japan Credit Risk
Credit Risk Associated Derivatives Critical Accounting Policies Estimates
Cumulative Effect Accounting Change Sfas 142 Net Income Current Report Pursuant Securities Exchange Act 1934
Customer Commercial Leadership Data Room
Dealings Undertakings Death
Debt Financing Debts Owed Group
Decision-making Process Role Executive Officers Deductions Revenue
Deed Non-competition Deemed Investment Accounts
Defaults Deferral Accounts
Deferrals Subject 409a Interim Operation Transition Deferred Compensation Plan
Defined Contribution Plans Definition Performance Criteria
Definitions Denial Claim
Departure Minnick Derivative Financial Instruments
Description Business Description Plan Vote Required
Details Sellers Group Determination Formula
Determination Payment Awards Determination Put Price Call
Determination Timing Awards Did Prior Directors Plan Work
Director Compensation Director Nominations
Directors Directors Defer Payment They Receive
Directors Plan Work Disability
Disclosed Disclosure
Disputes Distribution Events Form Payment
Distribution Events Timing Payment Distributions
Dividend Other Distribution Dividends
Documentation Documents Incorporated Reference
Domestic Donald Keough
Donald Mchenry Douglas Daft
Drawdown Indemnification Additional Collateral Agreement Duration Participation
Duties Indemnification Escrow Agent Duties Key Employee Escrow Agent
Duties Stock Escrow Collateral Agent Editors
Effect Benefit Plans Effect Termination Employment Other Changes Employee Status Death
Effect Termination Employment Other Changes Employer Status Death Effective Tax Rate
Elections Elements Compensation
Eligibility Eligibility Approval Participation
Eligibility Participation Emergency By-laws
Employee Stockholding Program Japan Employees
Employees Participate Multiple Pension Plans Include Provisions Prohibit Employees Savings Share Ownership Plan Coca-cola Ltd Canada
Employment Agreements Encumbrance
Enforcement Entry Material Definitive Agreement
Environmental Approvals Environmental Law
Environmental Laws Environmental Matters
Environmental Permits Equity Compensation Plan Information
Equity Income Loss -net Equity Income Loss Net
Equity Income Net Equity Income-net
Equity Method Cost Investments Equity Method Investments
Equity Plans Ernst Young Llp
Estimate Benefits Estimated Future Payouts Equity Incentive Plan Awards
Estimated Future Payouts Equity Incentive Plan Awards Psus Estimated Future Payouts Non-equity Incentive Plan Awards
Estimated Future Payouts Non-equity Incentive Plan Awards Annual Estimates Assumptions
Eurasia Eurasia Africa
Europe Europe Eurasia Middle East
European Union European Union Parallel Trade Matter
Evaluation Disclosure Controls Procedures Exact Name Registrant Specified Charter
Exchange Exchanges Nonmonetary Assets
Executed Executing Excellence Globally
Executive Committee Executive Compensation
Executive Plans Exhibits
Fair Value Financial Instruments Fair Value Measurements
Fair Value Other Financial Instruments Favour
Federal Income Tax Consequences Federal Income Tax Consequences Optionee
Fees Earned Paid Cash Column Final Term Sheet Prepared Filed Pursuant Underwriting Agreement
Finance Committee Financial Highlights
Financial Instruments Financial Performance
Financial Planning Financial Position
Financial Review Financial Risk Management
Financial Statements Financing Activities
Five-year Compound Growth Rates Fluctuations Foreign Currency Exchange Affect Financial Results
Fluctuations Foreign Currency Exchange Interest Rates Affect Financial Fluctuations Foreign Currency Exchange Rates Affect Financial Results
Foreign Currency Management Foreign Exchange
Forfeitability Part Supplemental Pension Benefit Form 10-k
Form Contracts Form Indemnification Escrow Agreement
Form Stock Escrow Collateral Agreement Former Ceo Isdell Received Over 42000000 Free Stock
Former Executives Received Nearly 14000000 Free Restricted Shares Former Properties
Forward-looking Statements Franchise Leadership
Full 2006 Results Full 2007 Results
Further Agreements Arrangements Further Announcements Relating Conditions Offers
Further Assurance Future Cooperation
Gains Issuances Stock Equity Method Investees Gallon Sales
General General Release
Get Documents Free Visiting Edgar Sec Web Site Glacéau
Global Credit Crisis Adversely Affect Liquidity Financial Performance Global Regional Catastrophic Events Impact Operations Financial Results
Global Water Assessments Goodwill Trademarks Other Intangible Assets
Gordon Governing Law
Governing Law Arbitration Governing Law Jurisdiction
Governmental Authority Governmental Regulation
Gross Profit Group
Group Activity Groups Assets
Guarantee Half 2007 Results
Half 2008 Results Hazardous Material
Hazardous Substances Hedges Net Investments Foreign Operations Strategy
Hedging Transactions Derivative Financial Instruments Held 2008
Herbert Allen Highest Lowest Prices
Hong Kong Sept 2008 Hong Kong Stamp Duty
Huiyuan Ibc Ifa Huiyuan Options
Huiyuan Shares Immediate Release
Impact Inflation Changing Prices Impacting Prior Results
Important Notice Regarding Availability Proxy Materials Annual Meeting Incentive Isdell
Incentive Plans Income Tax Expense Accruals
Income Taxes Increase Cost Disruption Supply Shortage Energy Affect Profitability
Increase Cost Disruption Supply Shortage Ingredients Packaging Materials Increase Cost Disruption Supply Shortage Raw Materials Harm
Increase Cost Disruption Supply Shortage Raw Packaging Materials Increase Cost Energy Affect Profitability
Increased Competition Hurt Business Increased New Indirect Taxes United States Other Major
Increases Income Tax Rates Changes Laws Material Adverse Indemnification
Indemnification Committee Independence Determination
Independence Determinations Index
Indicate Check Registrant Shell Defined Rule 12b-2 Exchange Indicate Check Whether Registrant Large Accelerated Filer Non-accelerated
Indicate Number Shares Outstanding Each Issuers Classes Common Indicate Number Shares Outstanding Each Registrants Classes Common
Information Board Directors Corporate Governance Information Huiyuan
Information Provided Sellers Information Technology
Insolvency Insurances
Integration Initiatives Intellectual Property
Intellectual Property Rights Intention Coca-cola Regard Huiyuan
Interest Expense Interest Income
Interest Income Expense Interest Rate Management
Interest Rates Interest Rates Increase Net Income Negatively Affected
Interests Huiyuan Shares Derivatives International
International Brotherhood Teamsters Coca-cola Enterprises International Service Program
International Service Program Benefits International Thrift Plan
Introduction Inventories
Inventory Costs Investing Activities
Investment Agreement Investment Funds
Investments Equity Debt Securities Investor Conference Call Webcast
Irrevocable Consent Adoption Merger Agreement Irrevocable Undertaking
Irrevocable Undertakings Issuances Stock
Issuances Stock Equity Investees Issuances Stock Equity Method Investees
Jackson Coca-cola James Robinson
Jobs Creation Act Key Employee Escrow Agreement
Latest Despatch Date Latin America
Legal Proceedings Letterhead Coca-cola
Level Benefit Calculation Pension Licenses
Life Insurance Premiums Limitation Actions
Limitation Benefits Limitation Rights Employment Relationship
Liquidity Capital Resources Financial Position Listing Rules
Litigation Investigations Litigation Legal Proceedings Expose Significant Liabilities Damage Reputation
Litigation Legal Proceedings Expose Significant Liabilities Thus Negatively Long Stop Date
Long-term Compensation Long-term Debt
Long-term Equity Compensation Long-term Incentive Compensation
Long-term Incentive Plans Long-term Incentive Plans-awards Last
Long-term Incentive Program Make Whole Compensation
Management Development Committee Managements Report Internal Control Over Financial Reporting
Managements Responsibility Financial Statements Material Adverse Change
Material Contracts Measurements Financial Performance
Meeting Voting Meetings
Method Payment Awards Mexico
Mexico Plan Miscellaneous
Miscellaneous Provisions Modification
Name Person Filing Proxy Statement Other Registrant Net Cash Flow Provided Operating Activities
Net Change Operating Assets Liabilities Net Income Per Share
Net Operating Revenues Net Operating Revenues Segment
Net Receivables Dividends Equity Method Investees Neville Isdell
New Accounting Standards New Directors Plan
New Directors Treated New Operating Structure
New Plan Benefit Non Compete
Non Solicitation Customers Non Solicitation Employees
Non-compete Non-compete Undertaking
Non-disclosure Confidential Information Non-disclosure Trade Secrets
Non-disparagement Non-employee Directors
Non-equity Incentive Plan Compensation Non-equity Incentive Plan Compensation Column
Non-solicitation Non-us Pension Plan Investment Strategy
Nonalcoholic Beverages Segment Commercial Industry Nonqualified Deferred Compensation
Nontransferability Awards Nontransferability Options
Nontransferability Options Sars North America
Not Able Achieve Overall Long Term Goals Value Not Able Achieve Overall Long-term Goals Value Investment
Not Applicable Not Successfully Integrate Manage Company-owned Controlled Bottling Operations
Not Successfully Manage Company-owned Bottling Operations Results Suffer Notes
Notes Due 2017 Notice Annual Meeting Shareowners
Notice Waiver Notices
Now Therefore Obesity Concerns Reduce Demand Some Products
Obesity Other Health Concerns Reduce Demand Some Products Object
Objective Obtain Copies Annual Report Form 10-k
Obtain Copies Corporate Governance Guidelines Committee Charters Code Obtain Copy 1989 Restricted Stock Plan Proposed Amended
Off-balance Sheet Arrangements Offer
Offer China Huiyuan Juice Group Limited Offerors Undertakings
Officers Offset Monies Owed
Omnibus Irrevocable Written Consent Waiver Release Stockholders Energy Online Also Help Environment Consenting Receive Electronic Delivery
Operating Activities Operating Income Margin
Operating Results Operating Segments
Operating Structure Operational Highlights
Operational Structure Built Success Operations Review
Option Awards Option Awards Column
Option Exercises Stock Vested Option Offers
Option Sar Grants Last Options
Options Issued Huiyuan Pre-ipo Share Option Scheme Options Sars
Organization Other Assets
Other Benefit Plans Other Compensation Column
Other Compensation Matters Other Departing Executives Received Free Shares Employment Contracts
Other Equity Investments Other Equity Method Investments
Other Events Other Fair Value Disclosures
Other Fees Other Income Loss -net
Other Income Loss Net Other Information
Other Interests Other Loss Net
Other Loss-net Other Nonoperating
Other Nonoperating Charges Other Operating Charges
Other Option Awards Other Option Awards Stock Options
Other Plans Other Postretirement Benefit Plan Assets
Other Restructuring Activities Other Restructuring Initiatives
Other Significant Operating Nonoperating Outside Advisors
Outside United States Outsourcing Arrangements
Overall Compensation Philosophy Objectives Overseas Plan
Overseas Retirement Plan Overview
Overview Financial Position Ownership Equity Securities Cce
Ownership Guidelines Ownership Recording
Ownership Securities Cce Ownership Securities Investee Companies
Ownership Shares Ozarks Coca-cola Pepper Bottling Enterprises Inc
Pacific Part
Part Financial Information Participants 1993
Participation Patents Copyrights Trade Secrets Trademarks
Payment Pension Payment Plan Accounts
Payments Related Taxation Payments Termination
Peer Group Pension Benefit Plans
Pension Other Postretirement Benefit Plans Pension Plan Investment Strategy
Pension Plan Tables Performance Criteria
Performance Criteria Goals Performance Goals
Performance Graph Performance Incentive Plan
Performance Share Agreement Coca-cola 1989 Restricted Stock Award Performance Share Unit Awards
Performance Share Units Performance Share Units Another Form Free Stock Forfeited
Performance-based Restricted Stock Performance-based Restricted Stock Awards
Perquisites Perquisites Benefits
Person Person Communicate Directors
Personal Performance Peter Ueberroth
Photos Media Vnr Footage Plan
Plan Accounts Contributions Plan Assets
Plan Objective Plans Progress Performing
Please Refer Reverse Side Telephone Internet Voting Instructions Policies Standards
Portions Proxy Statement Annual Meeting Shareowners Held 2010 Possession
Possession Party Facilities Post-closing Undertakings
Post-termination Compensation Prc Antitrust Filing
Pre-commencement Communications Pursuant Rule 13e-4 Exchange Act Cfr Pre-condition
Pre-condition Share Offer Conditions Offers Preface
Principal Shareowners Principles Consolidation
Printed Recycled Paper Prior Results
Productivity Initiatives Products Distribution
Prohibited Activities Promise Grant Restricted Stock
Properties Property Plant Equipment
Property Registers Provides Those Perquisites Feels Necessary Enable Named Executive
Proxies Solicited What Cost Proxy Solicited Behalf Board Directors Coca-cola
Proxy Statement Annual Meeting Shareowners Held 2005 Proxy Statement Annual Meeting Shareowners Held 2007
Public Float Huiyuan Public Issues Diversity Review Committee
Publicity Purpose
Pursuant Securities Exchange Act 1934 Put Option
Quantification Termination Change Control Payments Quantitative Qualitative Disclosures Market Risk
Raw Materials Read Agreement Entirety Intending Legally Bound Hereby Voluntarily
Reasonable Necessary Restrictions Reasons Offer
Receipt Release Recent Accounting Standards
Recent Accounting Standards Pending Adoption Recent Accounting Standards Pronouncements
Recent Global Credit Crisis Effects Equity Market Conditions Recently Issued Accounting Guidance
Recitals Records
Recoverability Equity Method Cost Investments Recoverability Investments Equity Debt Securities
Recoverability Noncurrent Assets Reestablishing Marketing Leadership
Refer Notes Condensed Consolidated Financial Statements Registrants Telephone Number Including Area Code 404 676-2121
Rehired Participants Related Party Contracts
Related Person Transactions Involving Directors Related Person Transactions Involving Executive Officers
Related Person Transactions Involving Shareowners Percent Ownership Release
Relevant Shares Relocation
Rely Bottling Partners Significant Portion Business Unable Maintain Remainder Page Intentionally Left Blank
Report Audit Committee Report Compensation Committee
Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm Board Directors Report Management Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Attestation
Reported Operating Income Increased Decreased Full Comparable Currency Reported Unit Case Volume Growth
Representations Warranties Call Holder Representations Warranties Investor
Representations Warranties Parent Representations Warranties Parent Merger Sub
Representations Warranties Purchaser Representations Warranties Sellers
Representations Warranties Tata Entities Required Recognize Additional Impairment Charges
Required Recognize Additional Impairment Charges Materially Affect Financial Resignations Filling Vacancies
Resolved Shareowners Urge Coca-colas Board Significant Percentage Future Restricted Stock
Restricted Stock Award Plans Restricted Stock Options Other Plans
Restricted Stock Plan Restriction Against Assignment
Restrictive Legend Stock Power Restructuring Costs
Results Results Operations
Retirement Plan Retirement Plans
Retirement Related Benefits Retirement Thrift Plans
Retirement-related Benefits Return Materials
Revaluation Revenue Recognition
Revitalizing Organization Right Claim
Rights Share Owner Rights Shareowner
Rights Stockholder Risk Factors
Risks Uncertainties Role Compensation Consultant
Role Executive Officers Safety Quality Highest Business Objective Products Produced Coca-cola
Sale Shares San Miguel Beverages Pte Limited
San Miguel Corporation San Miguel Holdings Limited
Sarbanes-oxley Act 2002 Savings Plan Schemes
Schedule Schedule 14a
Schedule Partnership Interests Schedule Shares
Scope Seal
Seasonality Securities Exchange Act 1934
Securities Exchange Act Reports Securities Registered Pursuant Act
Security Security Interests
See Corporate Documents Sec Filings Segment Products Services
Selbst Selbst Amalgamated
Selbst Coca-cola Douglas Daft Selection Weighting Components Compensation
Selling General Administrative Expenses Settlement Consideration
Severability Severance Pay Plan
Severance Plan Severance Table
Share Offer Share Purchase Agreement
Share Repurchases Share Savings Plan Denmark
Share-based Payment Shareholders
Shareowner Proposal Regarding Shareowner Proposal Regarding Advisory Vote Compensation Committee Report
Shareowner Proposal Regarding Advisory Vote Executive Compensation Shareowner Proposal Regarding Charitable Contributions
Shareowner Proposal Regarding Environmental Impacts Operations India Shareowner Proposal Regarding Independent Board Chair
Shareowner Proposal Regarding Independent Delegation Inquiry Colombia Shareowner Proposal Regarding Management Compensation
Shareowner Proposal Report Implementation Beverage Container Recycling Strategy Shareowners Record
Shares Short-term Borrowings
Short-term Borrowings Credit Arrangements Short-term Compensation
Short-term Investments Signature
Signatures Significant Additional Labeling Warning Requirements Inhibit Sales Affected
Significant Equity Investments Bottling Operations Significant Equity Method Investments Bottling Operations
Significant Operating Nonoperating Signing Pre-closing Activities
Since 2002 Pepsico Outperformed Coca-cola Solid Worldwide Unit Case Volume Growth Percent International
Spouses Benefit Statement Against Shareowner Proposal Regarding Advisory Vote Compensation
Statement Against Shareowner Proposal Regarding Advisory Vote Executive Statement Against Shareowner Proposal Regarding Board Committee Human
Statement Against Shareowner Proposal Regarding Charitable Contributions Statement Against Shareowner Proposal Regarding Environmental Impacts Operations
Statement Against Shareowner Proposal Regarding Independent Board Chair Statement Against Shareowner Proposal Regarding Independent Delegation Inquiry
Statement Against Shareowner Proposal Regarding Management Compensation Statement Against Shareowner Proposal Regarding Restricted Stock
Statement Against Shareowner Proposal Regarding Severance Agreements Statement Against Shareowner Proposal Regarding Study Report Extraction
Statement Against Shareowner Proposal Report Implementation Beverage Container Statement Executive Directors Huiyuan
Stock Stock Awards
Stock Awards Column Stock Compensation Plans
Stock Option Plans Stock Options
Stock Ownership Stock Price Plus Reinvested Dividends
Stock-based Compensation Stocks
Strategic Initiatives Strategic Opportunity Growth Value Creation
Strategic Priorities Streamlining Costs
Streamlining Initiatives Street Name Holders
Strengths Submission Matters Vote Security Holders
Submit Proposal Action 2007 Annual Meeting Shareowners Submit Proposal Action 2010 Annual Meeting Shareowners
Submit Shareowner Proposal Subsequent Event
Subsequent Events Subsidiaries
Successors Assigns Summary
Summary 2008 Plan Summary Aoci
Summary Compensation Table Summary Plan Performance Criteria
Summary Plans Summary Separation Provisions Equity Plans
Summary Vote Required Suntrust
Supplemental Amended Restated Indenture Dated 1988 1992 Supplemental Indemnity Agreement
Supplemental Plan Supply Contract
Supporting Statement Suspension Resumption Trading
Table Contents Tax
Tax Accounting Implications Each Form Compensation Tax Compliance Policy
Tax Fees Tax Issues
Tax Liabilities Tax Matters
Tax Reimbursements Tax Withholding
Taxes Teamsters
Telephone Internet Term
Termination Termination Amendments 2008 Plan Repricing Replacing Options Without
Termination Employment Termination Provisions
Thrift Plan Through
Time-based Performance-based Restricted Stock Awards Time-based Restricted Stock Awards
Timing Payment Total
Total Consideration Total Return
Total Return Stock Price Plus Reinvested Dividends Trade Accounts Receivable
Trade Secrets Confidential Information Trading
Trading Controls Trading Relationships
Trading Securities Translation Remeasurement
Unable Enter Expand Operations Developing Emerging Markets Growth Unable Expand Operations Developing Emerging Markets Growth Rate
Unable Maintain Brand Image Corporate Reputation Business Suffer Unable Maintain Brand Image Product Quality Encounter Other
Unable Protect Information Systems Against Data Corruption Cyber-based Unable Renew Collective Bargaining Agreements Satisfactory Terms Bottling
Unable Renew Collective Bargaining Agreements Satisfactory Terms Experience Undertaking Accept Offers
Undertaking Survives Undisclosed Liabilities
Unfavorable Economic Political Conditions International Markets Hurt Business Unfavorable General Economic Conditions United States Other Major
Unit Case Volume Unit Case Volume Growth Based Average Daily Sales
United States Unleashing Systems Potential
Unregistered Sales Equity Securities Proceeds Unsecured General Creditor
Upstream Business Urge Each Shareowner Promptly Sign Return Enclosed Proxy
Valuation Account Value Drivers Business
Value Received Value-at-risk
Variable Interest Entities Verification Process
Versus 2005 Versus 2006
Versus 2007 Versus 2008
Vesting View Live Webcast Meeting
Violation Violation Policies
Volume Vote Important Please Immediately
Vote Meeting Beneficial Owner Vote Shares Electronically Methods Below Follow Instructions Provided
Vote Telephone Internet Available Votes Confidential Counts
Waiver Pre-ipo Investment Rights Warrant Cancellation Acknowledgement
Warranties Warren Buffett
Warren Buffett Berkshire Hathaway Waste
Water Scarcity Poor Quality Negatively Impact Coca-cola Systems What Change Mind After Vote Shares
What Different Methods Vote What Happens Director Leaves Board Before End Three-year
What Householding What Not Specify Choice Matter Returning Proxy
What Proxy What Proxy Statement
What Record Date Mean What Shares Included Proxy Card
Whereas Within United States
Witnesseth Working Capital
Written Proxy Wwwthecoca-colacompanycom Investors Shareowner Meeting
Year-to-date 2006 Results Year-to-date 2008 Results
Year-to-date Results Yes
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