Companhia de Bebidas das Americas - AmBev (ABV)


A-b Inbev Intra-group Companies A-b Inbev Labatt
Abstract Minutes Board Directors Meeting Companhia Bebidas Das Abstract Minutes Meeting Board Directors Companhia Bebidas Das
According Accounting Business Combinations Impairment Goodwill Intangible Assets
Accounting Derivatives Accounting Estimates
Acquisition Labatt Acquisition Price
Acquisition Quinsa Argentinean Antitrust Approval Acquisitions Dispositions Joint Ventures
Acquisitions Prior 2005 Actuarial Assets Liabilities Related Employee Benefits
Actuarial Assumptions Actuarial Gains Losses
Adair Tieppo Additional Information
Additional Information Please Contact Investor Relations Department Adjuncts
Adjustments Adjustments Investments Originally Recorded Labatt Canada
Administration Plan Administrative Expenses
Administrative Lower Court Decision Adopted Pursuant 906 Sarbanes Oxley Act 2002
Agenda Agreement Inbev
Agreement Respect Increase Ambevs Stake Quilmes Industrial Quinsa Alcides Lopes Tápias
Aloisio Macário Ferreira Souza Ambe Announces Extension Voluntary Offer Purchase Outstanding Shares
Ambev Ambev A-b Inbev
Ambev Adss Fewer Less Well-defined Shareholders Rights Compared Ambev Affiliated Entities
Ambev Announced Delayed Filing 2005 20-f Ambev Announces Agreement Respect Increase Shareholding Quilmes Industrial
Ambev Announces Alliance Romero Group Peruvian Business Ambev Announces Approval Debentures Public Distribution
Ambev Announces Change Ex-dividends Record Dates Related Shareholders Ambev Announces Closing Acquisition Cervejarias Cintra IndÚstria ComÉrcio
Ambev Announces Closing Transaction Relating Quilmes Industrial Quinsa Ambev Announces Commencement Voluntary Offer Purchase Outstanding Shares
Ambev Announces Estimates 2005 Page Additional Information Please Ambev Announces Extension Voluntary Offer Purchase Outstanding Shares
Ambev Announces Intent Make Voluntary Offer Purchase Outstanding Ambev Announces Intention Create Shared Services Center North
Ambev Announces JoÃo Castro Neves Succeed Agustin Garcia Ambev Announces New Ceo North America
Ambev Announces New Cfo Ambev Announces Quinsa Selected Inversora Cervecera Acquire Brands
Ambev Announces Signing Purchase Sale Agreement Regarding Acquisition Ambev Announces Volumes 2004
Ambev Announces Volumes 2005 Ambev Brazil
Ambev Common Stock Dividend Ambev Consolidated Results
Ambev Credit Suisse Settle Dispute Relating Warrants Issued Ambev Employees
Ambev Fahz Ambev Files 2005 Annual Report Form 20-f
Ambev Fundação Antonio Helena Zerrener Instituição Nacional Beneficência Ambev Inbev
Ambev Not Engaged Acquisition Talks Bavaria Ambev Pension Plan
Ambev Private Pension Plan Institute Iapp Ambev Private Pension Plan Institute Instituto Iapp
Ambev Private Pension Plan Instituto Iapp Ambev Quinsa
Ambev Reports 2004 Results Ambev Reports 2005 Results
Ambev Reports 2006 Results Ambev Shareholders Agreement
Ambev Shareholders Not Receive Dividends Ambev Updates Guidance 2006
Ambevs 2005 Annual Report Form 20-f Available Website Ambevs Major Shareholders
Amounts Not Add Due Rounding Annual General Meeting
Antitrust Matters Antitrust Performance Agreement
Antonio Luiz Benevides Xavier Appropriation Net Income Transfers Statutory Reserves
Argentina Argentine Beer Market
Argentine Csd Market Art
Ary Waddington Assessment Offshore Profits Taxation
Assets Restriction Attachment
Audit Committee Additional Requirements Audit Committee Conselho
Audit Fees Audit-related Fees
Authorized Capital Aval
Backup Withholding Information Reporting Balance Sheet Assets Brazilian Reais
Balance Sheet Assets Reais Balance Sheet Liabilities Shareholders Equity Brazilian Reais
Balance Sheets Assets Brazilian Reais Balance Sheets Liabilities Brazilian Reais
Barley Malt Beer
Beer Brazil Beer Csd Production Process
Benefit Goodwill Amortization Normative Instruction 319 Board Directors
Board Directors Shall Co-chairmen Identical Prerogatives Duties Elected Board Practices
Bolivia Bookbuilding Procedure
Borrowings Brahma-antarctica Combination-creation Ambev Brazilian Antitrust Approval
Brands Brasil
Brazil Brazil Operations
Brazilian Alcohol Industry Litigation Brazilian Antitrust Approval Creation Ambev
Brazilian Beer Market Brazilian Csd Nanc Markets
Brazilian Government Exercised Continues Exercise Significant Influence Over Brazilian Operations
Brazilian Tax Changes Brazilian Tax Considerations
Brazilian Taxation Notes Break-down Property Plant Equipment
Brent David Willis Building Strong Brands
Business Strategy Buyback Program
Calculation Distributable Amounts Call Notice
Canada Canada Operations
Capital Amounts R474280303447 Divided 54934896126 Shares 23558245274 Common Capital Composition
Capital Investment Program Capital Stock
Capital Stock Treasury Shares Carlos Alberto Veiga Sicupira
Cash Dividends Cash Dividends Approved Paid After
Cash Option Settlement Cbbs Merger Ambev
Celso Clemente Giacometti Central America Including Guatemala Salvador Nicaragua
Certification Requirements Cerveceria Suramericana
Cerveceria Suramericana Cervesursa Change Ambev Management
Changes Including Goodwill Negative Holdings Direct Subsidiaries Changes Internal Control Over Financial Reporting
Chapter Audit Committee Chapter General Meetings
Chapter Liquidation Winding-up Extinguishment Chapter Miscellaneous
Chapter Name Headquarters Purpose Duration Characteristic Public Private Issuance Debentures
Characteristics Characteristics Offer
Chief Financial Officer Investor Relations Chile
Cintra Acquisition Civil Claims
Claims Distributors Resellers Clarification Regarding Ordinary Extraordinary General Meetings Held 2005
Clause Clause Capital Stock 571074548808 Divided 65892864445 Shares 34510937991
Clause Compensation Audit Committees Members Shall Established General Clause Established Indeterminate Period Time Chapter Share Capital
Clause Extraordinary General Meetings Shall Held Whenever Interests Code Business Conduct
Cogs Combination
Comments Ambev Management Commitments Suppliers
Committee Conselho Commodities Currency Hedge
Commodities Currency Hedges Commodities Forward Swaps
Commodities Price Effects Commodity Risk
Common Share Bonus Common Shares Repurchases
Companhia Bebidas Das AmÉricas Ambev Companhia Bebidas Das AmÉricas Ambev Corporate Taxpayers Cnpj
Companhia Bebidas Das AmÉricas Ambev Tax Cnpj 02808708 Companhia Bebidas Das Américas 8211 Ambev8221
Companhia Bebidas Das Américas Ambev Companhia Brasileira Bebidas Cbb
Companies Compañia Cervecera Ambev Peru Sac
Compensation Complementary Information
Compliance Committee Composition Benefit Expense Income Csll
Composition Benefit Expense Income Social Contribution Taxes Composition Deferred Taxes
Composition Property Plant Equipment Concentrates
Concentration Credit Risk Conclusion
Conditional Approval Deal Quinsa Consolidated
Consolidated Balance Sheet Assets Brazilian Reais Consolidated Balance Sheet Assets Reais
Consolidated Balance Sheet Liabilities Shareholders Equity Reais Consolidated Balance Sheets Assets Brazilian Reais
Consolidated Balance Sheets Liabilities Shareholders Equity Brazilian Reais Consolidated Data Information Group Directors Management Not Been
Consolidated Financial Highlights Consolidated Financial Statements
Consolidated Form Management Related Persons Transactions Securities Issued Consolidated Statement Changes Shareholders8217 Equity 2007 Brazilian Reais
Consolidated Statement Income Reais Constraints Option-holder Rights
Consulting Committee Contingencies
Contingency Reserve Continuing
Continuous Sustained Growth Contractual Clauses
Control Controlling Shareholders Able Determine Outcome Corporate Actions Without
Controls Restrictions Foreign Currency Remittances Harm Ability Ambev Corporate Acts Registrations
Corporate Events Calendar Corporate Governance Guidelines
Cost Goods Sold Cogs Cost Goods Sold Cogs Selling General Administrative Sga
Cost Sales Creation Ambev
Critical Accounting Policies Cross-currency Interest Rate Forwards Swaps
Csd Nanc Csd Non-alcoholic Non-carbonated Beverages Nanc
Csds Currency Interest Rate Hedges
Currency Translation Current
Current Assets Long-term Current Assets Long-term Receivables
Current Liabilities Current Long-term Liabilities
Cvm Cvm Approval
Cvm Approved Offer Common Shares Issued Ambev Death Beneficiary Unexercised Option
Debt Financial Instruments Debt Issuances
Deferred Deferred Current Income Taxes
Deferred Tax Defined Contribution Plans
Definitive Prospectus Depositary Institution
Deposits Withdrawals Depreciation Amortization
Derivative Financial Instruments Derivative Instruments
Description Major Shareholders Voting Rights See -ambev Agreement Deterioration Economic Market Conditions Other Emerging Countries Adversely
Determination Net Income Devaluation Real Relative Dollar Adversely Affect Financial Performance
Dfp Reference Auditor Information Differences Between United States Brazilian Corporate Governance Practices
Direct Distribution Expenses Directors Senior Management
Disclaimer Disclaimers
Disclosure Controls Procedures Disclosure Principal Shareholders
Distribution Atlantic Provinces Distribution Ontario
Distribution Quebec Distribution Western Provinces
Distributions Preferred Shares Adss Common Distributors Claims
Distributors Product-related Claims Distributors Resellers Claims
Dividend Policy Dividend Preference Preferred Shares
Dividends Dividends Interest Own Capital
Dividends Reserves Dividends Shares
Dominican Beer Market Dominican Csd Market
Dominican Republic Due Dates
Ebit Ebitda Ebitda
Ebitda Margin Ebitda Operating Cash Flow Net Income
Economic Environment Economic Uncertainty Volatility Brazil Adversely Affect Business
Ecuador Effect Direct Distribution Results Operations
Election Directors Eligible Executives Employees
Emanuel Sotelino Schifferle Emanuel Sotelino Schifflerle
Embodom Embotelladora Dominicana Per Embodom
Employees Employees Management Profit Sharing
Environment Environmental Matters
Erratum Estimated Dates Locations Announcement Offer
Estimated Schedule Euromonitor International Contactanne Nugent 60-61 Britton London Ec1m
Excellence Route Market Exchange Ambev Adss Shares Risk Losing Some Foreign
Exchange Controls Exchange Controls Other Limitations Affecting Security Holders
Exchange Shares Between Braco Group Interbrew Founding Families Executive Committee
Executive Sessions Expansion North Latin America
Exports United States Extract Minutes Board Directors Meeting Companhia Bebidas Das
Extraordinary General Meeting Extraordinary General Meeting Call Notice
Fahz Net Assets Fiduciary Agent
Finance Committee Finance Cost
Finance Income Finance Lease Liabilities
Financial Discipline Financial Highlights 2004
Financial Highlights Business Segment Financial Income
Financial Income Expenses Financial Liabilities
Financial Result Financial Statements Significant Accounting Practices
Find Information Footnotes Selected Financial Information
Foreign Currency Effects Foreign Exchange Risk
Form 20-f Form Transfer
Forward-looking Information Forward-looking Statements
Free Translation Original Portuguese Fundação Antônio Helena Zerrener Instituição Nacional Beneficência Foundation
Fundação Getúlio Vargas Gazeta Mercantil
General General Administrative Marketing Expenses Sga
General Considerations General Information
General Information Independent Accountant Generalinformation
Globo Goldensand
Goldensand 8211 Comércio Serviços Sociedade Unipessoal Lda Zona Goodwill Negative
Goodwill Shares Issued Goodwill Special Reserve
Governance Agreement Gross Profit
Guarantees Guaraná Fruit
Guidance Head Office
Health Severance Benefits Hedging Reserves
Highlights 4q04 Beer Brazil Highlights 4q04 Csd Nanc
Hila-ex Hila-ex Beer
Hila-ex Operations Hila-ex Quinsa
Hila-ex Soft Drinks Hiring Policy External Auditors Services
Hispanic Latin America Hispanic Latin America Hila
History Development Holders Adss Not Entitled Attend Shareholders Meetings Only
Holders Preferred Shares Limited Voting Rights Holdings Subsidiaries Associated Companies
Hops Human Resources
Icms Ipi Icms Ipi Taxes
Icms Sales Tax Incentives Identification
Inadequacy Offer Certain Investors Inbev
Inbev Ambev Ibm Inbev Ambev Lbcl
Inbev Announced Intention Increase Economic Ownership Ambev Inbev Brasil Merged Ambev Benefits Expected
Inbev Holding Brasil Inbev Intra-group Companies
Inbev Labatt Brewing Limited Inbev Share Capital Structure After Settlement Stock-for-stock Option
Inbev-ambev Transactions Inbevs Plan Purchase Shares
Income Foreign Subsidiaries Income Social Contribution
Income Social Contribution Taxes Income Statement Brazilian Reais
Income Tax Benefit Expense Income Tax Expense
Income Tax Social Contribution Income Tax Social Contribution Net
Income Tax Social Contribution Net Profits Csll Incorporation Labatt Canada
Increases Taxes Levied Beverage Products Brazil High Levels Incumbent Other Executive Officers Exercise Prerogatives Conferred Them
Indemnification Agreement Independence Directors Tests
Independent Auditors Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Industrial Relations Industrias Del Atlántico
Information Direct Subsidiaries Insurance
Intellectual Property Hedge Agreements Interest Additional Amounts
Interest Attributed Shareholders Interest Attributed Shareholders Equity
Interest Shareholders Equity Introduction
Inventories Investigations
Investing Activities Investment Grade Status
Investment Reserve Investment Tax Credits
Investments Investments Subsidiaries
Investor Relations Officer Investor Relations Officer Mailing Address
Investor Web Site Additional Financial Operating Information Well Investors Not Able Effect Service Process Enforce Judgments
Isaac Michaan ItaÚs Branches
ItaÚs Service Itr Reference Auditor Information
John Franklin Brock Joint Ventures Alliances
Jorge Paulo Lemann José Heitor Attilio Gracioso
Judicia Kpmg Auditores Independentes
Labatt Labatt Breweries Canada Close Toronto Brewery
Labatt Breweries Entered Support Agreement Acquire Lakeport Brewing Labatt Canada
Labatt Tax Reassessments Labatts Quarterly Results
Labatts Short Term Debt Refinancing Labor Claims
Labor Matters Lakeport Acquisition
Lakeport Support Agreement Later 2009
Latin America South Operations Lawsuits Probable Losses
Lease Agreements Fahz Legal Proceedings
Legal Reserve Liabilities Related Claims Provisions Contingencies
License Agreements Licenses
Limitations Responsibility Liquidation
Liquidity Capital Resources List Attachments
Loans Financing Long-term Debt
Luis Felipe Pedreira Dutra Leite Main Indirect Holdings Subsidiaries
Main Indirect Holdings Subsidiaries Joint Main Material Indirect Holdings Subsidiaries
Malt By-product Sales Malt By-products
Management Ambev Managements Annual Report Internal Control Over Financial Reporting
Mandate Mandatory Dividend
Mandatory Tender Offe Mandatory Tender Offer
Marcel Herrmann Telles Margin Analysis
Market Share Market Value Financial Instruments Currency Interest Rate Hedge
Marketing Material Information
Material Subsidiaries Material United States Federal Income Tax Considerations
Maturities Medical Assistance Other Post-employment Benefits Provided Directly Cbb
Medical Dental Social Assistance Memorandum Articles Association
Merger Control Merger Inbev Brasil Ambev
Message Ambev Management Message Shareholders
Minority Interest Minutes Board Directors Meeting Companhia Bebidas Das Américas
Minutes Meeting Board Directors Companhia Bebidas Das Américas Mortgages Collateral
Mto Results Net Finance Cost
Net Income Net Income Operating Cash Flow
Net Income Reconciliation Brgaap Ifrs 2007 Net Revenue
Net Revenues Nilson José Bulgueroni
Nominating Corporate Governance Compensation Committees Non-current
Non-current Liabilities Non-current Trade Other Receivables
Non-operating Income Expenses Non-operating Income Expenses Net
Non-recurring Normalized Ebitda Margin
Normalized Net Income Operating Cash Flow North America
Northern Latin America Operations Notes Issued International Market
Notes Issued International Market Bonds Notice Holders Ambev Common Shares
Notice Regarding Warrants Recent Events Related Certain Demands Notice Shareholders
Number 1-15194 Number 1-15194m
Objectives Plan Operating Activities
Operating Financial Highlights Operating Income
Operating Income Expenses Net Operation Currency Interest Derivatives Financial
Operational Performance Business Unit Operations Currencies Commodities Derivatives Operating
Operations Finance Committee Option Terms Conditions
Options Warrants Ordinary Extraordinary General Meetings Call Notice
Organizational Structure Other
Other Assets Other Fees
Other Information Deemed Relevant Other Liabilities
Other Non-operating Income Expenses Other Operating Income Expense
Other Operating Income Expenses Other Operating Income Expenses Net
Other Operations Other Provisions
Other Relevant Brazilian Taxes Other Significant Provisions Brazilian Corporate Law
Over-allotment Additional Debentures Overview
Overview Companhia Bebidas Das Américas Ambev Ownership Ambev Interbrew Prior Inbev-ambev Transactions
Ownership Increase Qib Ownership Structure Inbev Ambev Consummation Inbev-ambev Transactions
Packaging Par
Paragraph Paragraph 8211
Paraguay Part
Participating Companies Passive Foreign Investment Pfic Rules
Payment Dividends Pcc
Pedro Aidar 5511 2122-1415 Acpaidarambevcombr Wwwambev-ircom Pension Other Post-retirement Benefits
People Culture Pepsi
Permanent Assets Permanent Cost Efficiency
Peru Peruvian Beer Market
Peruvian Csd Market Pis Cofins
Placement Regime Please See Liquidity Capital Resources-secured Debt Information Encumbrances
Pledged Assets Pledged Ssets
Post-retirement Benefits Others Preemptive Rights
Preferred Shares Adss Common Preferred Shares Repurchases
Preliminary Meetings Exercise Voting Right Preliminary Offering Memorandum
Presentation Financial Information Press Release
Principal Executive Officer Certification Principal Financial Officer Certification
Principal Market Trading Price Information Principles Reservations
Pro Rata Temporis Proceeds
Profile Profit Sharing Contributions
Profit Sharing Employees Management Profit-sharing Plan
Proportionally Consolidated Financial Statements Proposed Dividends
Protocol Justification Merger Provision Contingencies Liabilities Related Tax Claims
Provision Contingencies Liabilities Related Tax Other Claims Provisions Contingencies
Provisions Paragraphs Bylaws Apply Members Council Public
Public Offer Quinsa Public Tender Offer Common Shares
Publicly Announced Programs Referenced Above Tables Following Purchase Labels Fahz
Q03 Information Not Been Audited Quarterly Financial Statements Q05 Earnings Conference Call
Q06 Results Conference Call Quantitative Qualitative Disclosures Market Risk
Quarterly Information Quilmes Industrial Quinsa
Quinsa Quinsa Beer
Quinsa Soft Drinks Quinsa Subject Substantial Risks Relating Business Operations Argentina
Read Offering Memorandum Before Accepting Offer Real American Beverage
Recent Facts Reconciliation Between Ebitda Net Income
Reconciliation Between Parent Shareholders Equity Consolidated 2004 Reconciliation Consolidated Income Tax Social Contribution Expenses Nominal
Registered Cvm 2006 Sre Deb 030 031 Registration Offer Not Imply Part Cvm Guarantee Truthfulness
Regulation Regulation Brazilian Securities Market
Relationship Independent Auditors Relative Volatility Illiquidity Securities Brazilian Companies Substantially Limit
Report Independent Auditors Special Review Report Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Report Special Review Unqualified Research Development
Reserves Restrictions Foreign Investment
Retirement Permanent Disability Beneficiary Risk Factors
Risks Relating Insurance Policy Risks Relating Notes
Risks Relating Securities Roberto Herbster Gusmão
Roberto Moses Thompson Motta Rodrigo Ferraz Pimenta Cunha Secretary Signature
Sale Brands Bieckert Palermo Imperial Sale Exchange Other Taxable Disposition Preferred Shares Adss
Sales General Administrative Expenses Sales Marketing Expenses
Sales Tax Deferrals Icms Incentive Programs Sales Tax Deferrals Other Credits
Seasonality Secured Debt
Selected Financial Data Selling General Administrative Expenses
Selling Marketing Expenses Service Shareholders
Services Hired Period Settlement Credit Suisse
Sga Share Ownership
Share-based Payment Shareholder Approval Equity Compensation Plans
Shareholders Agreement Shareholders Did Not Confirm Such Qualification Confirmed Solely
Shareholders Equity Reconciliation Brgaap Ifrs 2007 Shareholders Holders Adrs Representing 895857100 Shares Voted Above
Shareholders Meeting Shareholding Structure
Shares Included Plan Short-term Debt
Signature Signatures
Significant Accounting Practices Significant Changes
Soft Drinks Brazil Sole Paragraph
Sole Paragraph 8211 Sole Paragraph-
Some Entitlements Not Available Holders Ambev Shares Adss Sources Availability Raw Materials
Souza Special Committee
Special Review Report 8211 Unqualified Opinion Specific Performance
Statement Changes Shareholders Equity 2002 Brazilian Reais Statement Changes Shareholders Equity 2003 Brazilian Reais
Statement Changes Shareholders Equity 2004 Brazilian Reais Statement Income Brazilian Reais
Stock Ownership Plan Stock-for-stock Option Settlement Newly Issued Inbev Ordinary Shares
Subject Brazilian Other Antitrust Regulations Subject Regulation Alcoholic Beverages Countries Operate
Subscribed Capital Changes Current Subscribed Paid-in Capital
Subsequent Events Sugar
Summary Minutes Administrative Council Meeting Companhia Bebidas Das Supplementary Obligations
Syndicated Loan São Paulo 2005
São Paulo 2009 São Paulo 2009 8211
Table Contents Target Public
Tax Benefits Tax Fees
Tax Incentive Reserve Tax Labor Contingencies Other
Tax Labor Contingencies Others Tax Losses Available Offset
Tax Matters Taxation
Taxation Holders Taxation Non-us Holders
Taxes Income Temporary Provisions
Termination Employment Contract Term Office Terms Debt Repayment Schedule
Top Line Top Line Growth
Top Line Performance Trademarks
Trading Brazilian Stock Exchanges Trading Shares
Training Transaction Increases Ambevs Total Stake Qib 587
Transactions Related Parties Transfer Pricing
Transfer Shares Translation Financial Statements Foreign Subsidiaries
Translation Reserves Treasury Shares
Trend Information Unprecedented Levels Market Volatility
Unrealized Income Reserve Uruguay
Uruguayan Beer Market Uruguayan Csd Market
Valuation Methodology Valuation Shareholders Equity
Value Added Tax Excise Taxes Net Sales Venezuela
Vicente Falconi Campos Victório Carlos Marchi
Volatility Commodities Prices Adversely Affect Financial Performance Volume
Voting Rights Warrants
Washington 20549 Water
Welfare Foundation Fundação Antônio Helena Zerrener Instituição Nacional Whereas
Withdrawal Rights Witnesses
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