Topic Listing for Constellation Energy Group

Abbreviations Ability Fpl Group Obtain Insurance Terms Available Coverage
Ability Successfully Identify Complete Integrate Acquisitions Subject Significant Above Amounts Include Intercompany Transactions Eliminated Consolidated Financial
Above Amounts Not Include Acquisition Ginna Post-acquisition Capital Above Amounts Not Include Cogenex Business Combination Discuss
Abstentions Broker Non-votes Treated Accidental Nuclear Outage Insurance
Accounting Derivative Instruments Hedging Activities Amended Accounting Derivatives
Accounting Designation Accounting Estimates
Accounting Financial Reporting Accounting Impairment Disposal Long-lived Assets
Accounting Standards Adopted Accounting Standards Adopted Issued
Accounting Standards Codification Hierarchy Generally Accepted Principles Accounting Standards Issued
Accounting Standards Issued Adopted Accounting Treatment
Accounting Variable Interest Entities Accounts Receivable Allowance Uncollectibles
Accretion Asset Retirement Obligations Accretion Expense
Accretion Value Schedule Accrual Accounting
Accrual Maryland Settlement After-tax Charge 1253 070 Per Acquired Working Interests Gas Oil Producing Fields
Acquisition Acquisition Financing Approvals
Acquisitions Acquisitions Dispositions Constellation Stock
Acquisitions Working Interests Gas Producing Fields Action Proceeding Once Commenced Another Court Grounds Forum
Actual Costs Actual Results
Actual Results Date Addendum Amounts Excluded Adjusted Eps
Addendum Amounts Excluded Gaap Eps Arrive Adjusted Addendum Economic Non-qualifying Hedges Special Recognized 2005
Additional Defined Terms Additional Guidelines
Additional Information Additional Information Find
Additional Termination Events Addressing Liquidity Needs
Adjusted Earnings Adjustment Changes Stock
Administrative Agent Shall Received Patriot Act Disclosures Requested Adoption Articles Supplementary Charter Declassify Board Directors
Adoption Fin Did Not Material Impact Bges Financial Advances
Advisors Affiliate Contract Default Matters
Affirmative Covenants Against Person Entity Whose Liability Such Environmental Claim
Agents Affiliates Agents Reliance Etc
Agreement Announcing Transactions Contemplated 800 New York Time Agreement Subject 201 Borrowings Type Outstanding Same Time
Agreements Aip Award
Air Quality Air Quality Hazardous Emissions
Alienability Allowance Funds Used Construction Afc
Allowance Inventory Write-down Allowance Inventory Write-down Net After-tax Charge 228 013
Allowance Uncollectible Accounts Receivable Alternate Rate Interest
Alternative Payment Mechanism Alternative Termination Settlement
Amended Credit Facilities Amended Restated 200
Amended Restated Credit Agreement Amended Restated Investor Agreement
Amended Restated Operating Agreement Amendment
Amendment 914 Master Agreement Hereby Amended Follows Amendment Agreement
Amendment By-laws Constellation Energy Group Inc Amendment Master Agreement Hereby Amended Restated Form Attached
Amendment Vote Required Election Directors Amendments
Amendments Articles Incorporation Bylaws Change Amendments By-laws
Amendments Reflect Changes Maryland Law Amendments Shareholder Advance Notice Provisions
Amortization Credit Facility Amendment Fees Amortization Expense
Amounts 2009 Include Income Tax Adjustments Relating Activity Amounts Related Postretirement Postemployment Benefits Unfunded Plans Reflect
Analyst Investor Contacts Constellation Energy Analyst Investor Contacts Edf
Annex Announcement
Annual Award Amount Annual Bonus
Annual Budget Strategic Plan Annual Cash Compensation
Annual Meeting Annual Meeting Admission Ticket
Annual Meeting Shareholders Annual Meetings
Annual Report Pursuant Securities Exchange Act 1934 Anticipated Transaction Timeline
Appendix Applicable Law
Applicable Percentage Approvals Timing
Approximately Deductible Tax Purposes Arrangers
Articles Amendment Articles Amendment Restatement
Articles Supplementary Asbestos
Asset Acquisition Asset Retirement Obligations
Asset Sales Assets
Assignment Assignment Assumption Agreement
Assignment Assumption Membership Interests Assignment Commitments Certain Circumstances
Assignment Form Assignment Transfer
Assignments Assistant Officers
Assumptions Attachment
Attend Annual Meeting Attendance Board Meetings
Audit Committee Authorised Regulated Financial Services Authority
Authorization Action Authorized Units
Available Information Available Sale Securities
Available Sources Funding Available-for-sale Securities
Average Bills Electricity Approximately Same Level Average Value Risk Was
Background Background Maryland Auction Process
Balance Sheet Balance Sheet Netting
Balanced Fuel Geography Dispatch Improved Load Serving Capabilities Baltimore
Baltimore 2009 Baltimore 21202
Baltimore Feb 2008 Baltimore Gas Electric
Baltimore Gas Electric Bge Baltimore Gas Electric Subsidiaries
Bank Credit Decision Base Rates
Base Salary Baseline Annual Growth Over 2005
Basis Presentation Because Fpl Group Rely Access Capital Markets Inability
Benchmarking Beneficial Interests Restricted Global Notes Definitive
Beneficial Interests Restricted Global Notes Unrestricted Definitive Beneficial Interests Unrestricted Global Notes Definitive
Beneficial Ownership Reporting Compliance Benefit Plan
Benefit Programs Salary Structures Etc Constellation Energy Fpl Benefits Earned Vested Prior 2005
Benefits Eligibility Benefits Paid Estate Executive Death
Benefits Restoration Plan Beyond Lewis Hay Mayo Shattuck Follin Smith Senior
Bge Bge Benefits
Bge Customers Experiencing Rate Increase Bge Deferrable Interest Subordinated Debentures
Bge Particular Subject Extensive Local State Federal Regulation Bge Particular Subject Extensive State Federal Regulation Affect
Bge Procured Load Competitive Rates Recent Auctions Bge Procured Power Rates Reflected Market Conditions Time
Bge Residential Customer Rate Credit Bge-balance Sheet
Bge-income Statement Bges Other Long-term Debt
Bges Portion Interest Penalties Was Immaterial Bges Portion Interest Penalties Was Immaterial Periods Presented
Bges Portion Net Periodic Pension Benefit Cost Excluding Bges Portion Net Periodic Postretirement Benefit Cost Excluding
Bges Portion Total Unrecognized Tax Benefits 2008 Was Bges Portion Total Unrecognized Tax Benefits 2009 Was
Bges Prices Comparable Other Utilities Maryland Elsewhere Bges Rate Stabilization Bonds
Bges Refunding Mortgage Bonds Bges Results Recent Auctions Consistent Experienced Other Jurisdictions
Binding Effect Board
Board Corporate Governance Provisions Board Directors
Board Directors Recommends Vote Each Director Nominees Ratification Board Directors Shareholder Baltimore Gas Electric
Board Directors Shareholders Constellation Energy Group Inc Board Directors Unanimously Recommends Shareholders Vote Proposal Not
Board Members Bonds Issued Rsb Bondco Llc Subsidiary Bge
Books Records Borrower After Consummation Transactions Contemplated Agreement Solvent
Borrower Hereby Agrees Provide Administrative Agent Information Documents Borrower Not Violation Condition Exists Notice Lapse Time
Borrower Occurred Continuing Statement Nature Thereof Action Proposes Borrower Secured Indebtedness
Borrowing Conversion Procedures Borrowing Conversion Procedures Swingline Advances
Broadcast Media Business
Business Combination Asset Acquisition Business Environment
Buyer Approvals Buyer Commitment Letter
Buyers Conditions Closing Calvert Cliffs
Canadian Environmental Class Action Cancelled Certificates Surrendered Registration Transfer Shall
Capacity Markets Capital Contributions
Capital Expenditure Estimates Capital Expenditure Estimates-air Quality
Capital Expenditures Capital Requirements
Capital Resources Capital Stock
Capitalized Interest Cash Equivalents
Cash Flow Hedge Cash Flow Hedging
Cash Flows Financing Activities Cash Flows Investing Activities
Cash Flows Operating Activities Cause
Ceng Joint Venture Ceo
Cep Certain Additional Agreements 409a
Certain Mergers Certain Obligations Members
Certain Other Transactions Certain Prior Amounts Been Reclassified Conform Current Presentation
Certain Prior-period Amounts Been Reclassified Conform Current Periods Certain Prior-year Amounts Been Reclassified Conform Current Presentation
Certain Relationships Related Transactions Certain Relationships Transactions
Certificate Certificate Each Lender Setting Forth Such Amount Amounts
Certificate Residence Certification
Certification Pursuant Usc 1350 Adopted 906 Sarbanes-oxley Act Certification Units
Chairman Board Chairman Board Directors
Challenges Illinois Auction Change Asset Ownership After 1999 Restructuring Stranded Cost
Change Chief Financial Officer Change Control
Change Legality Change Maryland Tax Rate After-tax Charge 000 Per
Change Previous Instructions Send Only Annual Report Home Change Primarily Due Increased Credit Exposures Higher Commodity
Change Vote Changes Internal Control
Changes Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Changes Prices Commodities Impact Liquidity Requirements
Changes Prices Commodities Initial Margin Requirements Impact Liquidity Chapter 549 Acts General Assembly 2007
Chapter Acts General Assembly Special Session 2006 Charter Documents
Check Exchange Beneficial Interest Restricted Global Unrestricted Definitive Check Exchange Restricted Definitive Beneficial Interest Global
Check Exchange Restricted Definitive Beneficial Interest Unrestricted Global Check Exchange Restricted Definitive Unrestricted
Chief Executive Officer Chief Financial Officer
Chief Nuclear Officer City Tacoma Aep
City Tacoma Aep Al- Claim
Class Director Nominees Terms Expire 2008 Class Director Nominees Terms Expire 2009
Class Director Nominees Whose Terms Expire 2006 Class Directors Whose Terms Expire 2006
Class Directors Whose Terms Expire 2007 Class Directors Whose Terms Expire 2008
Clear Liens Shall Rights Holder Bge Shares Contemplated Closing
Closing Bge Home Retail Merchandise Stores Closing Conditions
Closing Date Clt Efficient Technologies Group
Coal Coal International Services
Coal Services Coalbed Methane Properties
Collateral Collateral Assets
Collateral Netting Setoff Collateral Risk Management
Combined Estimated Ebiat Contribution Combined Live Community Commitments Baltimore
Commercial Industrial Customers Commercially Reasonable Efforts
Commitments Commitments Guarantees Contingencies
Committee Foreign Investment United States Committee Nuclear Power
Committees Committees Board Directors
Committees Constellation Energy Board Directors Commodity Cash Flow Hedges
Commodity Prices Commodity Risk
Common Equity Units Common Stock
Common Stock Dividends Price Ranges Common Stock Without Par Value 178381136 Shares Outstanding
Common Stock Without Par Value 178481082 Shares Outstanding Common Stock Without Par Value 178948857 Shares Outstanding
Common Stock Without Par Value 179659653 Shares Outstanding Common Stock Without Par Value 180305042 Shares Outstanding
Common Stock Without Par Value 180493614 Shares Outstanding Common Stock Without Par Value 180653530 Shares Outstanding
Common Stock Without Par Value 199192018 Shares Outstanding Common Stock Without Par Value 200899295 Shares Outstanding
Communications Communications Procedures
Companies Staying Baltimore Might Florida Compensation
Compensation Committee Compensation Consultants
Compensation Discussion Analysis Competition
Competition Electric Supply Intense Competitive Energy
Competitive Supply Complete List Names Bid Winners Data Associated Bids
Complete Listing Amounts Invested Annually Between 1999 Present Compliance
Compliance 409a Code Composition
Concentrations Derivative-related Credit Risk Concerning Payments
Conditions Conditions Effectiveness
Conditions Obligations Constellation Merger Sub Obligation Each Conditions Obligations Fpl Group Obligation Effect Merger
Conditions Precedent Each Borrowing Conditions Precedent Each Extension Credit
Conditions Precedent Effectiveness Agreement Conference Call 2005
Conference Call 2006 Conference Call 2007
Conference Call 2008 Conference Call 2009
Conference Call Feb 2009 Conference Call Feb 2010
Conference Call Jan 2005 Conference Call Jan 2006
Conference Call Jan 2007 Conference Call Jan 2008
Conference Call Oct 2005 Conference Call Oct 2006
Conference Call Oct 2007 Conference Call Oct 2009
Confidential Voting Instructions Trustee Confidentiality
Confirm Merger Process Track Consent Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Conservation Surcharge Consolidated Capital Requirements
Consolidated Ebitda Interest Expense Consolidated Financial Statements Provides Reconciliation Operating Results Segment
Consolidated Financial Statements Statement Schedule Consolidated Nonoperating Income Expenses
Consolidated Statements Capitalization Consolidated Statements Comprehensive Income
Consolidated Variable Interest Entities Consolidation
Consolidation Policy Constellation Board Member
Constellation Energy Constellation Energy Announces Key Executive Appointments
Constellation Energy Baltimore Gas Electric Continue Headquartered Constellation Energy Benefits
Constellation Energy Bge Constellation Energy Directors Officers Named Parties Number Actions
Constellation Energy Earn Reasonable Profits Sales Bge Constellation Energy Edf Group Investor Call
Constellation Energy Employee Contact Counterparts Fpl Group Discuss Constellation Energy Forward-looking Statements
Constellation Energy Fpl Group Hold Investment Community Meeting Constellation Energy Fpl Group Inc Join Historic Merger
Constellation Energy Fpl Group Merger Update Constellation Energy Group Employee Savings Plan
Constellation Energy Group Inc Constellation Energy Group Inc 2006
Constellation Energy Group Inc Subsidiaries Constellation Energy Group Public Until Merger Completed
Constellation Energy Group Subsidiaries Constellation Energy Host Conference Call
Constellation Energy Nuclear Group Llc Risk Responsibilities Constellation Energy Partners Llc
Constellation Energy Provide Cost Basis Tax Purposes Constellation Energy Provides Update Liquidity Strategic Initiatives
Constellation Energy Reports 2005 Earnings Constellation Energy Reports Full 2009 Results
Constellation Energy Reports Solid 2008 Results Constellation Energy Reports Strong 2006 Earnings
Constellation Energy Reports Strong 2007 Results Constellation Energy Reports Strong 2008 Results
Constellation Energys Response Shareholder Proposal Constellation Merger Sub
Constellation Shall Notify Fpl Group Such Exceedance Take Construction
Construction Capital Improvements Power Generation Facilities Involve Substantial Contacts
Contingencies Continue Receive Quarterly Dividend
Contract Contract Portfolio Acquisitions
Contracts Purchase Goods Services Specify Significant Terms Amounts Contribution Issuance Class Certificate
Contributions Benefit Payments Control Shares
Controls Procedures Core Risk Policy
Cornerstone Energy Corporate Governance
Corporate Name Corporate Opportunities Non-solicitation
Corporate Profiles Corporate Secretary
Corporate Secretary 750 East Pratt Street 18th Floor Corporate Secretary 750 East Pratt Street Floor Baltimore
Cost Decommissioning Cost Decommissioning Nuclear Facilities
Cost Decommissioning Uranium Enrichment Facilities Cost Method
Costs Associated 2001 Programs Costs Associated 2002 Programs
Costs Expenses Including Attorneys Fees Connection Such Suit Costs Expenses Taxes
Counterparts Counterparts Agreement Executed Number Each Shall Deemed Original
Counterparts Telecopy Covered Debt
Covered Debtholder Creating Americas Premier Energy
Credit Facilities Credit Facilities Short-term Borrowings
Credit Facility Credit Facility Amendments
Credit Facility Compliance Covenants Credit Rating
Credit Ratings Reduced Current Rating Credit Ratings Reduced Level Current Rating
Credit Risk Credit-risk Related Contingent Features
Credits Associated 2003 Production South Carolina Facility Recognized Critical Accounting Policies
Cumulative Effects Changes Accounting After-tax Charge 004 Per Currency Risk Equity Price
Current Market Developments Customer Contract Restructuring
Customer Growth Fpls Service Area Affects Fpl Groups Customer Supply
Date Report Earliest Event Reported 2007 Dditional Representations Warranties Agreements
Deal Was Fair Time Net Impact Still Debt
Debt Compliance Covenants Debt Equity Securities
Debt Equity Securities Investments Debt Exchangeable Equity
Declassification Board Directors Decreases Offset 1941 Increase Value Nuclear Decommissioning Trust
Deductible Amount Default Interest
Deferral Interest Payments Deferral Rate Stabilization Plan
Deferral Rate Stabilization Plans Deferred Environmental Costs
Deferred Fuel Costs Deferred Income Tax Assets Liabilities
Deferred Postretirement Postemployment Benefit Costs Deferred Smart Energy Savers Program Costs
Defined Benefit Obligations Defined Benefit Plans Expense Funded Status
Defined Benefit Plans Funded Status Defined Terms
Definitions Delay Effective Date Certain Fair Value Measurements
Delegation Deliver Holdco Shall Accept Stock Certificate R002 Representing
Demand Response Advanced Metering Programs Departure Directors Certain Officers Election Appointment Compensatory
Departure Directors Certain Officers Election Appointment Compensatory Arrangements Departure Directors Principal Officers Election Appointment
Departure Directors Principal Officers Election Appointment Compensatory Depreciation Amortization Expense
Depreciation Depletion Amortization Expense Depreciation Depletion Expense
Depreciation Expense Deregulation
Derivative Contracts Fpl Group Normal Course Business Result Derivative Contracts Normal Course Business Result Financial Losses
Derivative Instruments Derivatives Hedging Activities
Des Moines Iowa Baltimore Description Executive Annual Incentive Plan
Determination Independence Determining Fair Value Volume Level Activity Asset Liability
Did Get Check Sale Fractional Shares Director Nominees
Director Officer Insurance Indemnification Directors Compensation
Directors Executive Officers Registrant Disclosures Derivative Instruments Hedging Activities
Discretionary Action Discuss Legal Proceedings Consolidated Financial Statements
Discuss Netting Fair Value Collateral Derivative Assets Liabilities Dispute Resolution
Dissolution Distribution Date
Distribution Period Distribution Priority
Distribution Volumes Distributions
Diverse Balanced Fuel Mix Divested Operations
Divestitures Dividend
Dividend Declaration Dividend Declarations
Dividend Increase Dividend Policy
Dividends Document Constitutes Part Prospectus Covering Securities Been Registered
Documents Incorporated Reference Doing
Douglas Becker Downgrade Credit Ratings Negatively Affect Ability Access Capital
Dry Bulk Vessel Duties Responsibilities
Early Retirement Packages Offered Earnings Excluding Special
Earnings Other Financial Information Earnings Per Share
Economic Conditions Instability Financial Markets Negatively Impact Business Economic Non-qualifying Hedges After-tax Loss 228 013 Per
Economic Value Risk Evar Edf Group
Edf Guaranty Edfi Edf Group
Edward Crooke Effect Assumed Merger Closing Date
Effect Credit Agreement Effective Date
Effective Date Charter Amendment Effective Date Stockholder Approval
Effective Tax Rate Impact Maryland Settlement After-tax Benefit Effective Tax Rate Impact Maryland Settlement Credit
Effects Merger Shall Set Forth Applicable Provisions Eighth
Eitf 03-1 Election Tenure Directors
Election Tenure Removal Officers Electric Commodity Transmission Charges
Electric Competition Electric Depreciation Amortization
Electric Depreciation Amortization Expense Electric Generation-related Regulatory Asset
Electric Load Management Electric Operations Maintenance Expenses
Electric Rates Electric Regulatory Matters Competition
Electric Revenues Electricite France Joint Venture
Electricity Purchased Resale Expenses Electronic Communications
Eligible Debt Eligible Retire
Eligible Senior Debt Eligible Subordinated Debt
Emergency Bylaws Emergency Governance
Emission Allowances Emissions Allowances
Employee Benefit Plans Employee Benefits
Employee Bonuses Affected Transaction Employee Community Support
Employee Savings Plan Employee Savings Plan Benefits
Employees Employers Accounting Settlements Curtailments Defined Benefit Pension Plans
Employment Agreement Mayo Shattuck Employment Arrangement
Employment Discrimination Employment Former Audit Staff
Employment Not Affected Employment Right
Employment Termination Change Control Scenarios Enclosed Solicitation Materials Given Shareholders
Enda Energy Environmental Legislation Recently Adopted Maryland Implemented Manner
Energy Investments Energy Legislation Recently Adopted Maryland Implemented Manner Materially
Energy Projects Services Engagement Oversight Independent Auditor Annual Audit
Enhanced Nuclear Expertise Enhancements On-going Compensation Arrangments
Entered Nuclear Joint Venture Edf Development Inc Entire Agreement
Entire Agreement Constitutes Understanding Parties Hereto Respect Subject Entitled Vote Annual Meeting Votes They
Entry Material Definitive Agreement Environmental Community Benefits
Environmental Law Environmental Matters
Environmental Matters Except Individually Aggregate Not Had Reasonably Environmental Matters Legal Proceedings
Equity Compensation Plan Information Equity Contributions Baltimore Gas Electric
Equity Earnings Equity Method
Equity Method Accounting Investments Common Stock Equity Price Risk
Equity Securities Equity-based Grants
Erisa Actions Estimated Gross Margin
Eurodollar Borrowings Shall Outstanding Time Evaluation Assets Impairment Other Temporary Decline Value
Evaluation Disclosure Controls Procedures Evaluation Performance Performance-based Compensation
Event Events
Events Default Evidence Stock Ownership
Exact Name Registrant Specified Charter Except Not Result Material Adverse Change Erisa Event
Excluded Excludes Commodity-linked Credit Facility Discussed Below Due Contingent
Excludes Transfers Nonqualified Deferred Compensation Plans Exclusivity Etc
Exculpation Indemnification Execution Copy
Execution Subsequent Termination Merger Agreement Midamerican Execution Version
Executive Committee Executive Compensation
Executive Compensation Decisions Executive Compensation Objectives Major Policies
Executive Officers Executive Officers Registrant
Exercise Option Exercise Options
Exhibits Exhibits Financial Statement Schedules
Expect Merger Completed Expected Cash Benefit Payments
Expenses Expenses Indemnity
Explanatory Explicit Replacement Covenant
Exposure Counterparty Performance Exposure Electricity Price Volatility
Exposure Fuel Cost Volatility Extending Lead Competitive Energy Markets
Extensions Credit Extent Application Laws Another Jurisdiction Required Thereby
Face Series Debenture Facility Decommissioned 2008
Fact Sheet Failure Exercise
Failure Operational Systems Infrastructure Those Parties Adversely Affect Fair Market Value
Fair Value Fair Value Financial Instruments
Fair Value Hedging Federal
Federal Energy Legislation Federal Energy Regulatory
Federal Energy Regulatory Ferc Federal Regulation
Fees Fees Expenses
Ferc Ferc Initiatives
Fifth Fin
Fin 46r Financial Advisors
Financial Investments Financial Results Fluctuate Seasonal Quarterly Basis Result Severe
Financial Results Harmed Transportation Transmission Availability Limited Unreliable Financial Stability
Financial Statement Presentation Financial Statements
Financial Statements Exhibits Financial Strength
Financing Activities Financing Credits
Fixed Charges Foreign Currency Risk
Forfeiture Payout Award Form 10-k
Form 10-q Form 8-k
Form Assignment Acceptance Form Borrowing Request
Form Certificate Exchange Form Compliance Certificate
Form Notice Conversion Form Payment
Form Performance Unit Agreement Form Pricing Supplement
Form Request Issuance Form Service-based Restricted Stock Award Agreement
Form Stock Option Agreement Form Stock Unit Award Sale Restriction Agreement
Form Stock Unit Sale Restriction Agreement Form Timing Payment
Former Changed Since Last Report Former Name
Former Name Address Former Name Address Changed Since Last Report
Former Name Addressand Changed Since Last Report Formerly Owned Bge 2000 2006
Fortune Forward Looking Statements
Forward-looking Statements Forward-looking Statements Additional Information
Fpl Fpl Constellation Energy Merging
Fpl Group Fpl Group Constellation Energy Merge Creating Nations Largest
Fpl Group Employees Relocated Baltimore Fpl Group Subject Costs Other Effects Legal Proceedings
Fpl Group Subject Employee Workforce Factors Affect Businesses Fpl Groups Ability Successfully Identify Complete Integrate Acquisitions
Fpl Groups Competitive Energy Business Subject Risks Beyond Fractional Shares
Franchises Frank Bramble
Freeman Hrabowski Fsp 106-2
Fsp 109-2 Fsp 115-1 124-1
Fsp Fas 115-1 124-1 Fsp Fin 39-1
Fsp Fin 46r-6 Fsp Sfas 132r-1
Fsp Sfas 140-4 Fin 46r-8 Fsp Sfas 157-3
Fuel Purchased Energy Expenses Fuel Sources
Fuel Used Generate Electricity Purchases Gas Fuel Used Generate Electricity Purchases Others
Full 2007 Results Full Settlement
Funding Capital Requirements Funding Pension Plan
Gaap Gaap Eps Was Adjusted Following Amounts Calculate
Gaap Eps Was Adjusted Following Amounts Calculate Excluding Gain Initial Public Offering Cep Llc
Gain Sale Dry Bulk Vessel Gain Sale Gas-fired Plants Excluding High Desert After-tax
Gains Non-qualifying Hedges After-tax Gain 392 021 Per Gains Sale Assets
Gains Sale Cep Equity Gains Sale Cep Llc Equity
Gains Sale Upstream Gas Assets Gains Sales Assets
Ganizational Structure Gas
Gas Business Gas Commodity Charge
Gas Cost Adjustments Gas Depreciation Amortization
Gas Operations Maintenance Expenses Gas Properties
Gas Purchased Resale Expenses Gas Revenue Decoupling
Gas Revenues Gas Taxes Other Income
Gas Workforce Reduction Costs Gas-fired Plants
General Generating Plants
Generation Generation Business Incur Substantial Costs Liabilities Due Ownership
Generation Investment Plans Not Achieve Desired Financial Results Get Only Copy Annual Report Sent Home Currently
Ginna Ginna Uprate
Given Circumstances 2650 Fair Reasonable Best Alternative Shareholders Global Climate Change
Global Commodities Good Reason
Goodwill Goodwill Intangible Assets
Governing Law Governing Law Waiver Jury Trial
Government Other Regulations Governmental Authority
Grant Cash-based Awards Grant Option
Grant Options Grant Replacement Options Change Control
Grants Dividend Equivalents Grants Options
Grants Performance Units Grants Restricted Shares Units
Grants Stock Appreciation Rights Gross Margin
Gross Margin Plants Power Purchase Agreements Decreased Slightly Group Wind Growth
Guarantees Guaranty Limitation Remedies
Harbor Language Hazardous Air Emissions
Hazardous Material Hazardous Solid Waste
Headings Headquarters
Headquarters Remain Baltimore Heating Cooling Degree Calendar-month Basis
Heating Degree Calendar-month Basis Hedge Ineffectiveness
Hedging Activities Fair Value Financial Instruments Hedging Strategy
Her Complementary Competitive Skills Hereto Series Debentures Global Form Contain Restrictions Transfer
Hillabee Energy Center Holder
Home Products Gas Retail Marketing Houston-based Gas Other Trading Operations
Houston-based Gas Trading Operation Hsr Page
Hurricane Isabel Identification Derivatives
Ilding Bigger Stronger Diversified Regulated Utility Business Ilding Leading Platform Competitive Energy Sector
Immediate Release Impact Constellation Energy Employees
Impact Events 2008 Executive Compensation Impacts Collateral Requirements
Impacts Uncertainty Impairment Analysis
Impairment Evaluations Impairment Financial Investment
Impairment Losses Other Costs Impairment Losses Other Costs After-tax Charge 122 007
Impairments Financial Investments Before-tax Charge 001 Per Share Impairments Other Costs
Implied Constellation Common Stock Valuation Important Merger Statement
Incentive Plan Participation Included Other Assets Consolidated Balance Sheets
Includes 198973 Shares Issued Midamerican Energy Holdings See Includes Contracts Actively Quoted Valued Other External Sources
Includes Counterparties Investment Grade Rating Least Major Credit Includes Gains Losses Hedge Ineffectiveness Fair Value Hedges
Includes Related Derivative Contracts Discussed Notes Consolidated Financial Including Not Limited Salaries Bonuses Deferred Compensation Stock
Income Statement Income Tax Audits
Income Tax Consequences Participants Income Tax Consequences Participants Service-based Restricted Stock Awards
Income Tax Expense Income Taxes
Income Taxes Recoverable Through Future Rates Net Inconsistent Obligations Applicable Law Taking Actions Permitted 402
Incorporation Plan Reference Increase Authorized Capital Stock
Increase Decrease Issued Shares Without Consideration Indemnification
Indemnification Limitation Liability Indenture Trustees Certificate Authentication
Independent Director Index
Individual Limitation Ineligible Retire
Information Contact Information Operating Segment
Initial Annual Budget Initial Public Offering Cep
Initial Public Offering Constellation Energy Partners Llc Insert Private Placement Legend Applicable Pursuant Provisions Supplemental
Inspectors Installment Exercise
Insurance Intangible Assets
Intellectual Property Intent-based Replacement Disclosure
Interest Interest Each Advance Shall Payable Arrears Payment Date
Interest Rate Risk Interest Rate Risk Retail Credit Foreign Currency Equity
Interest Rate Risk Retail Credit Foreign Currency Security Interest Rate Swaps Designated Cash Flow Hedges
Interest Rate Swaps Designated Fair Value Hedges Interest Rates
Interim Disclosures Fair Value Financial Instruments Internal Audit Function
Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Internal Controls
International Commodities Operation International Investments
Introduction Introduction Overview
Investment Agreement Edf Investment Agreement Edf Group
Investment Agreement Edf Terminated Required Issue Senior Notes Investment Agreement Edf Terminated Senior Notes Issued Redemption
Investment Community Meeting Webcast Investment Grade
Investments Investments Qualifying Facilities Power Projects
Investments Qualifying Facilities Power Projects Cep Joint Ventures Investor Agreement
Investor Presentation Investor Rights Agreement
Investors Security Holders Constellation Fpl Urged Read Joint Issuances
Issuer Purchases Equity Securities James Brady
James Curtiss Jobs Cut Determined
Joint Marketing Programs Begin Prior Merger Completion Joint Venture Regulatory Approvals Governance Matters
Joint Ventures Jointly Terminate Merger Agreement
Judge Election Tellers Juno Beach Baltimore
Juno Beach Fla Baltimore 2005 Jurisdiction Venue Waiver Jury Trial
Kane Lombard Keep Constellation Energy Shares
Kept Informed Changes Updates Know Whether Transaction Affect
Knowledge Lapse Dividend Equivalent
Lapse Option Lapse Stock Appreciation Right
Laws Lead Serve Transition Team
Leases Legal Compliance
Legal Proceedings Letter Agreement
Letterhead Purchaser Liability Certain Acts
Lien Limitations Redemption Defeasance Purchase Subordinated Debentures
Limited Liability Liquidity Provisions
List Non-nuclear Power Generation Assets Subject Put Litigation
Long Commitment Keep Dual Headquarters Long Term Affect Pay Benefits 401k Pension
Long-lived Assets Long-term Debt
Long-term Debt Credit Facilities Long-term Debt Preference Stock
Long-term Incentive Plan Awards Table Long-term Incentives
Long-term Investment Long-term Power Sales Contracts
Loss Loss Redemption Coupon Notes
Losses Losses Non-qualifying Hedges
Lost Stolen Destroyed Certificates Lue Capture Shareholders
Lue Constellation Energys Competitive Supply Portfolio Scale Lynn Martin
Major Regulatory Filings Majority Vote Standard Election Directors
Making Advances Management Corporation
Management Long-term Incentive Plan Managements Discussion Analysis Financial Condition Results Operations
Managements Report Internal Control Over Financial Reporting Managements Report Internal Control Over Financial Reporting-baltimore Gas
Managements Report Internal Control Over Financial Reporting-constellation Energy Mandatorily Convertible Preferred Stock
Mandatorily Redeemable Convertible Preferred Stock Mandatorily Redeemable Series Convertible Preferred Stock
Mandatorily Redeemable Series Preferred Stock Mark-to-market
Mark-to-market Accounting Mark-to-market Revenues
Mark-to-market Var 2008 Was Adjusted Eliminate Impact Change Market Disruption Event
Market Risk Market Risk Management
Market Value Maryland
Maryland Psc Maryland Public Service
Maryland Settlement Agreement Maryland Settlement Agreement-customer Rate Credit
Maryland Settlement Credit Master Agreement
Materials Supplies Fuel Stocks Matter Commissions Inquiry Competitive Selection Electric Supplier Standard
Matter Commissions Inquiry Competitive Selection Electricity Suppliers Standard Maturities Long-term Debt
Maturity Indebtedness Mayo Shattuck
Mayo Shattuck Employee Video Script Mbination Top-performing Utilities
Mean Constellation Energy Retreating Competitive Markets Means High Desert Project Rio Nogales Holland Big
Measurement Period Media Contacts Robert Gould
Meeting Telephone Conference Meetings
Meetings Board Meetings Board Directors
Meetings Committees Board Directors Meetings Reports
Member Membership
Membership Interest Purchase Agreement Membership Interests Additional Members
Membership Interests Assignment Agreement Membership Units Members
Merchant Merchant Energy
Merchant Energy Business Merchant Energy Business Contractual Obligations Certain Customers Provide
Merchant Energy Business Incur Substantial Costs Liabilities Exposed Merchant Energy Business Operating Results 2009 Include Following
Merchant Energy Operating Statistics Mercury
Merger Merger Agreement
Merger Agreement Midamerican Terminated Other Due Breach Holders Merger Agreement Midamerican Terminated Senior Notes Issued Conversion
Merger Approved Job Losses Merger Become Effective
Merger Best Option Stakeholders Merger Costs After-tax Charge 001 Per Share
Merger Costs After-tax Charge 003 Per Share Merger Costs After-tax Charge 156 009 Per Share
Merger Creates Strong Stable Financial Platform Grow Shareholder Merger Fpl Group
Merger Means Employees Merger Midamerican
Merger Midamerican Subject Closing Conditions Including Shareholder Approval Merger Strategic Alternatives Costs
Merger Strategic Alternatives Costs After-tax Charge 373 021 Merger Termination Strategic Alternatives Costs
Merger Was Constellation Energy Sold Fpl Group Merger-related Costs
Merger-related Transaction Costs Mergers Etc Merge Consolidate Person Unless
Metal Bank Method Voting
Michael Sullivan Mid-atlantic Power Supply Association Public Service Maryland
Mid-atlantic Region Midamerican Commitments Concerning Constellation Energy
Midamerican Energy Holdings Midamerican Merger Constellation Energy Advances Conclusion 14-day Due
Might Receive Proxy Card Vote Each Mile Point
Mile Point License Extension Miscellaneous
Mmary Mmitment Credit Quality
Moratorium Other Similar Laws Affecting Creditors Rights Generally Mplementary Competitive Business Strengths
Mplementary Merchant Business Strengths N-solicitation
Name Name Person Filing Proxy Statement Other Registrant
Name Title Department Names Directors Immediately Prior Effective Time
Nancy Lampton National Ambient Air Quality Standards Naaqs
Nations Premier Regulated Utility Business Natural Gas Services
Nature Business Nature Business Associated Risks
Necessary Nuclear Joint Venture Regulatory Approvals Nefits Fpl Bge Utility Customers
Negative Covenants Negative Impact Baltimore
Neration Margin Expansion Before Synergies Nerc Reliability Standards
Nergies Net Available Liquidity
Net Cost Removal Net Gain Sale Upstream Gas Assets
Net Gain Sales Investments Other Assets Net Loss Sales Investments Other Assets
Net Loss Sales Investments Other Assets Before-tax 001 Net Periodic Pension Benefit Cost Excludes Reduction Termination
Network Transmission Rates New
New Entity Compelling Combination New Entity Unique Compelling Combination
New Selling Party New Source Review
News Release Next Steps
Njs Nominating Corporate Governance Committee
Nominations Director Non-cumulative Preferred Stock
Non-exclusivity Rights Non-gaap Financial Measures
Non-nuclear Property Insurance Non-qualifying Hedges After-tax Cost 249 014 Per Share
Non-qualifying Hedges After-tax Gain 001 Per Share Non-qualifying Hedges After-tax Gain 005 Per Share
Non-qualifying Hedges After-tax Gain 120 007 Per Share Non-qualifying Hedges After-tax Gain 359 020 Per Share
Non-qualifying Hedges After-tax Loss 005 Per Share Non-qualifying Hedges After-tax Loss 006 Per Share
Non-qualifying Hedges After-tax Loss 346 019 Per Share Non-qualifying Hedges After-tax Loss 347 019 Per Share
Non-risk Management Activities Non-transferability Option
Non-transferability Options Noncontrolling Interests Consolidated Financial Statements
Nonqualified Deferred Compensation Nonrecurring Measurements
Nonregulated Businesses Nontransferability
Nontransferable Not Allocated Business Segments Because They Managed Whole
Not Applicable Not Deductible Tax Purposes
Not Deductible Tax Purposes Amount Been Subsequently Charged Not Fully Hedge Generation Assets Competitive Supply Other
Not Fully Hedge Generation Assets Customer Supply Activities Not Participate Cash Pool Operated Ceg Shall Commingle
Notes 2006 Director Compensation Table Notes 2006 Grants Plan-based Awards Table
Notes 2006 Nonqualified Deferred Compensation Table Notes 2007 Director Compensation Table
Notes 2007 Grants Plan-based Awards Table Notes 2007 Nonqualified Deferred Compensation Table
Notes 2008 Director Compensation Table Notes 2008 Grants Plan-based Awards Table
Notes 2008 Nonqualified Deferred Compensation Table Notes Consolidated Financial Statements
Notes Option Exercises Stock Vested 2006 Table Values Notes Outstanding Equity Awards Table
Notes Pension Benefits Table Notes Potential Post-employment Payments Table
Notice Notice Default
Notice Meeting Notice Meetings
Notice Waiver Organization Meeting Notices
Now Therefore Npns
Nrc Precedent Nrsro
Nuclear Nuclear Accident Risks
Nuclear Advisory Committee Nuclear Decommissioning
Nuclear Decommissioning Charges Nuclear Decommissioning Credits
Nuclear Decommissioning Trusts Nuclear Fuel
Nuclear Generation 8228 Mws Nuclear Insurance
Nuclear Liability Insurance Nuclear Operating Risks
Nuclear Property Insurance Nuclear Regulatory
Nuclear Subsidiaries Nufcor International Limited
Number Number Directors
Number Directors Immediately Prior Effective Time Number Election Directors
Observer Director Nominee Voting Commercially Reasonable Efforts Observer Voting Commercially Reasonable Efforts
Off-balance Sheet Arrangements Off-system Gas Sales
Off-system Sales Offer Solicitation
Officers Offices
Often Rely Single Suppliers Times Customers Exposing Significant Oil
Oleander Operating Agreement
Operating Expenses Operating Segments
Operating Statistics Not Reflect Elimination Intercompany Transactions Operating Statistics Not Reflect Elimination Intercompany Transactions Delivery
Operation Power Generation Facilities Including Nuclear Involves Significant Operational Risk
Operational Risk Management Operations Being Divested
Operations Risk Option Exercises Stock Vested
Option Grant Table Option Price
Option Values 2004 Option Values 2005
Optional Deferral Provision Order Business
Organization Meeting Organization Name Office Purpose
Orida Benefits Customers Origination Gains
Other Other Business Matters
Other Changes Other Commodity Contracts 2009 Include Oil Freight Weather
Other Commodity Contracts Include Oil Freight Uranium Weather Other Commodity Sale Contracts Include Oil Freight Purchase
Other Competitive Supply Activities Other Costs
Other Equity Awards Other Events
Other Expense Income Other Factors
Other Guarantees Above Table Shown Net Liabilities 250 Other Income
Other Income Expense Other Information
Other Net Other Non-regulated
Other Nonregulated Other Nonregulated Businesses
Other Officers Other Postemployment Benefits
Other Potential Benefits Other Represents Adjustments Estimated Severance Liability Based Additional
Other Rights Other Sources Liquidity
Other Special Other Terms Conditions
Other Transfers Exchanges Beneficial Interests Global Notes Outgoing Lease Payments
Outplacement Outstanding Principal Balance Each Advance Together Accrued Unpaid
Overview Overview Response
Owing Dividends Ownership
Ownership Own Stock Owth Florida
Owth Further Enhanced Meaningful Synergies Paramount Responsibility Certain Officers
Parent Ceo Means Respect Member Chief Executive Officer Part
Part Other Information Participants Solicitation
Participants Transaction Party Credit Enhancements
Payment Payments
Payments Constellation Non-employee Directors Pending Merger Fpl Group Inc
Pending Merger Midamerican Pending Merger Midamerican Energy Holdings
Pension Benefits Pension Equity Plan
Pension Postretirement Benefits Pension Postretirement Other Postemployment Employee Savings Plan Benefits
Percentage Performance Graph
Performance Obligations Constellation Shall Performed Material Respects Required Performance Obligations Fpl Group Shall Performed Material Respects
Performance-based Units Period Grants Awards
Permits Permitted Lien
Permitted Remedies Person
Person Claiming Through Constellation Holdco Applicable Assignee Such Phase-out Tax Credits
Philosophy Pjm Capacity Market Proposals
Place Meetings Plans
Plants Power Purchase Agreements Please Accept Agreement Clicking Grant Button Below
Please Sign Enclosed Copy Letter Return Envelope Provided Please Sign Letter Return Envelope Provided Keep Copy
Policy Approval Audit Permitted Non-audit Services Policy Concerning Deduction Limitation
Policy Procedures Respect Transactions Related Persons Poor Market Performance Affect Benefit Plan Nuclear Decommissioning
Portfolio Management Portfolio Management Trading
Postretirement Benefits Potential Future Results
Power Contract Monetization Vies Power Purchase Agreements
Powers Corporation Powers Directors
Preference Stock Preliminary Statement
Prepayment President
President Chief Executive Officer Midamerican Energy Holdings Press Contacts Edf
Press Contacts Edf France Principal Accountant Fees Services
Principal Office Resident Agent Principal Payments Interest Rate Detail Contractual Maturity Date
Prior Period Amounts Reclassified Conform Current Periods Presentation Private Placement Legend
Pro Forma Condensed Financial Statements Pro Forma Liquidity Availability Analysis
Pro Rata Treatment Procedure
Profits Losses Distributions Property
Property Plant Equipment Depreciation Depletion Amortization Accretion Asset Proposal Approval 2007 Long-term Incentive Plan
Proposal Approval Amendment Charter Provide Increase Authorized Shares Proposal Approval Executive Annual Incentive Plan
Proposal Election Constellation Energy Directors Proposal Election Directors
Proposal Ratification Appointment Pricewaterhousecoopers Llp Independent Registered Public Proposal Ratification Pricewaterhousecoopers Llp Independent Registered Public Accounting
Proposal Shareholder Proposed Joint Venture
Proposed Merger Midamerican Energy Holdings Protection Period
Proven Winners Become Stronger Team Provided
Provided However Provider Last Resort
Provisional Budget Proxy Filing Leader Talking Points
Proxy Other Reports Proxy Solicited Behalf Board Directors
Proxy Statement Been Filed Proxy Vote Shares
Public Service New York Purchase Sale Agreement
Purchase Sale Conveyed Assets Purchase Stock
Purchaser Elects Election Shall Binding Purchasers Further Assurances
Purchasers Hedging Transactions Purchases Common Stock Purchaser
Purchases Equity Securities Issuer Affiliated Purpose
Purposes Pursuant Securities Exchange Act 1934
Put Agreement Put Arrangement
Qualified Pension Plan Assets Qualifying Facilities Power Projects
Qualifying Preferred Stock Qualifying Termination
Qualifying Warrants Quantitative Qualitative Disclosures Market Risk
Quarterly Report Pursuant Securities Exchange Act 1934 Quorum
Quorum Action Directors Quorum Voting
Rate Commitments Rate Stabilization Bonds
Rate Stabilization Credits Rate Stabilization Deferral
Rate Stabilization Recovery Rbs Affiliates
Re-balanced Generation Mix Re-employing Funds Paid Prepaid Not Borrowed Converted Such
Reading Bill Real Estate International Investments
Reallocation Business Risk Ratepayers Shareholders Receipt Complaints
Receive Future Proxy Materials Electronically Receive Proxy Materials Vote Deal
Recitals Reclassifications
Recognition Presentation Other-than-temporary Impairments Record Date Stockholders Closing Transfer Books
Recovery Costs Not Sought Rates Recovery Rate Stabilization Plan
Recovery Rate Stabilization Plans Recurring Measurements
Redesignation Date Reduced Liquidity Markets Operate Impair Ability Appropriately Manage
Registrants Telephone Number Including Area Code Registrants Telephone Number Including Area Code Securities Registered
Registration Transfers Regular Meetings
Regulated Business Regulated Electric
Regulated Electric Business Regulated Electric Gas
Regulated Gas Regulated Gas Business
Regulated Natural Gas Regulation Disclosure
Regulation Electric Gas Business Regulation Maryland Psc
Regulation- Senate Bill Regulatory Assets Net
Regulatory Assets Net -rate Stabilization Deferral Reimbursement Legal Fees
Related Party Transactions Related Party Transactions-bge
Related Party Transactions-bge Income Statement Related Person Transactions
Relationship Lenders Relationship Other Benefits
Release Release Mitigation
Reliance Certificates Reliance Reports
Remainder Page Intentionally Left Blank Remedies
Removal Removals Vacancies
Repayment Advances Evidence Indebtedness Repeated Representations Warranties Agreements Purchaser
Replacement Capital Covenant Replacement Capital Securities
Report Audit Committee Report Compensation Committee
Reported Gaap Eps Was Adjusted Following Amounts Calculate Reporting Requirements
Reports Independent Auditor Reports Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm
Representations Representations Warranties
Representations Warranties Borrower Representations Warranties Buyer
Representations Warranties Covenants Representations Warranties Parent Merger Sub
Representations Warranties Purchaser Hereby Represents Warrants Effective Date Representations Warranties Regarding Project Companies
Representations Warranties Regarding Seller Parent Companies Representations Warranties Seller
Representations Warranties Seller Hereby Represents Warrants Effective Date Representations Warranties Set Forth 401 Shall True Correct
Representatives Represented Employee Savings Plan Mile Point
Represents Expense 2005 Was Prior Adoption Sfas 123r Represents Proportionate Ownership Interest
Represents Shares Surrendered Employees Satisfy Tax Withholding Obligations Reserve Requirements Change Circumstances
Residential Customers Residential Electric Rates
Resignation Named Executive Officer Resignation Retirement
Respective Directors Executive Officers Fpl Group Constellation Energy Restricted Cash
Restricted Definitive Notes Restricted Definitive Notes Beneficial Interests Global
Restricted Definitive Notes Beneficial Interests Unrestricted Global Restricted Definitive Notes Unrestricted
Restricted Stock Awards Result Incurring Loss 2008 Diluted Common Stock Equivalent
Result Incurring Loss 2008 Dilutive Common Stock Equivalent Result Incurring Loss 2009 Dilutive Common Stock Equivalent
Results Results Constellation Energy 2006 Maryland Wholesale Auctions
Results Line Other Auctions Results Operations
Results Operations 2006 Compared Same Periods 2005 Results Operations 2007 Compared Same Period 2006
Results Operations 2007 Compared Same Periods 2006 Results Operations Financial Condition
Retail Retail Credit Risk
Revenue Decoupling Revenue Sufficiency Guarantee
Revenue Sufficiency Guarantee Costs Revenues
Revenues Fuel Purchased Energy Expenses Review Department Justice Federal Trade Hart-scott-rodino Act
Revolving Credit Agreement Right Exercise Period
Right Setoff Rights Acquire Common Stock
Rights Stockholders Ring Fencing Baltimore Gas Electric
Ring-fencing Risk Controls
Risk Exposure Categories Risk Factors
Risk Governance Risk Infrastructure
Risk Management Risk Management Activities
Risk Management Assets Liabilities Risk Management Trading
Robert Lawless Rong Combined Presence Key Regions
Rsas Rsb Bondco Llc
Rtification Pursuant Usc 1350 Adopted 906 Sarbanes-oxley Act Rule 14a-101
Sab 108 Sale 4999 Interest Ceng
Sale Gas-fired Plants Sale Hawaiian Geothermal Power Plant Before-tax Charge 756
Sale Subsidiary Stock Sarbanes-oxley Act 2002
Savings Clause Schedule
Schedule Exchanges Interests Global Seal
Searchable Text Graphics Shown Above Sec Filings
Secretary Securities
Securities Class Action Securities Contract
Securities Exchange Act 1934 Securities Registered Pursuant Act
Security Price Risk Security Ratings
See Notes Consolidated Financial Statements See Notes Consolidated Financial Statements Certain Prior-period Amounts
See Notes Consolidated Financial Statements Certain Prior-year Amounts See Reverse Certain Definitions
Selection Accounting Treatment Selection Performance Target
Seller Approvals Sellers Conditions Closing
Sellers Obligation Deliver Minimum Delivery Number Purchaser Initial Senate Bill Credits
Senate Bills 400 Send Stock Certificates Now
Senior Management Long-term Incentive Plan Senior Notes
Series Junior Subordinated Debentures Series Preferred Stock
Series Tranche A-1 Series Tranche A-2
Series Tranche A-3 Service-based Restricted Stock Award
Service-based Restricted Stock Awards Set 2009 Earnings Guidance
Seventh Severability
Severability Definitions Severance
Severance Arrangements Other Executive Officers Severance Benefits Executive Eligible Retire
Severance Benefits Executive Ineligible Retire Severance Employment Other Agreements
Severance Health Benefits Severance Liability Above Includes Costs Joint Owner Mile
Severance Payment Sfas 123 Revised
Sfas 133 Hedging Activities Sfas 141 Revised
Sfas 153 Sfas 157
Sfas 158 Sfas 159
Sfas 160 Sfas 161
Share Repurchase Program Share-based Payment
Shareholder Communications Shareholder Stockholder Approvals Each Constellation Approval Fpl Group
Shareholder Vote Away Employee Retiree Support Vital Shares Held Street Name Broker Vote
Sharing Setoffs Shipping Joint Venture
Signature Signature Page Follows
Signatures Signatures Following Page
Significant Accounting Policies Significant Events
Significant Synergies Significant Value Constellation Energy Shareholders Through Dividend Increase
Sixth Size Facility Reduced Proceeds Received Certain Securities Offerings
Smart Energy Savers Program Surcharges Soliciting Proxy Being Solicited Pays Cost
Solid Hazardous Waste Solvency Certificate
Sources Fuel Purchased Energy Expenses Sources Revenue
Special Special Meeting
Special Meetings Special Security Committee
Specified Indebtedness Capitalization Split Ratings Among Independent Credit-rating Agencies Lowest Credit
Spring Gardens Standard Offer Service
Standard Offer Service Provider Last Resort Polr Standard Poors Rating Group Reduced Level Current
State State Incorporation Registrant
State Local Taxes State Other Jurisdiction Incorporation
Stepdown Date Steps
Stock Stock Ledger
Stock Option Agreement Stock Ownership Hedging Policy
Stock Ownership Percent Beneficial Owners Stock Purchase Agreement
Stock Purchase Agreement Articles Supplementary Stock Trading
Stock Unit Award Sale Restriction Stock-based Compensation
Stockholders Supporting Statement Storage Spent Nuclear Fuel
Storage Spent Nuclear Fuel-federal Facilities Storage Spent Nuclear Fuel-on-site Facilities
Strategic Actions Strategic Initiatives Improve Liquidity
Strategic Initiatives Improve Liquidity Update Strategy
Street Dump Structure
Structured Products Sub-lease Arrangements
Subject Business Uncertainties Contractual Restrictions While Merger Midamerican Subject By-laws Corporation Such Effect
Subject Employee Workforce Factors Affect Businesses Financial Results Subject Numerous Environmental Laws Regulations Require Capital Expenditures
Subordinated Debentures Subsequent Delivery Shares
Subsequent Event-asset Acquisition Subsequent Events
Subsidiaries Constellation Energy Group Inc Subsidiary
Subsidiary Discuss Affairs Finances Accounts Borrower Material Respective Successor Agent
Successor Agents Successor Exchange
Successors Successors Assigns
Sum Individual Plant Capacity Mws Not Equal Totals Sum Quarterly Earnings Per Share Amounts Not Equal
Summary Compensation Table Supplemental Financial Statistics
Supplemental Indenture Supplemental Retirement Benefits
Supply Demand Risk Support Obligations
Survival Agreement Survival Foregoing Provisions Shall Survive Termination Agreement
Switches Between Natural Gas Oil Syndication Agent Arrangers
Synfuel Synfuel Earnings After-tax 002 Per Share
Synfuel Earnings After-tax Gain 001 Per Share Synfuel Earnings After-tax Income 122 007 Per Share
Synfuel Earnings After-tax Income 185 010 Per Share Synfuel Earnings After-tax Income 201 011 Per Share
Synfuel Earnings After-tax Income 298 016 Per Share Synfuel Earnings After-tax Loss 001 Per Share
Synfuel Tax Credits Associated 2003 Production 359 021 Synthetic Fuel Facilities
Synthetic Fuel Tax Credits Table Above Not Include Amounts Related Pre-acquisition Capital
Table Contents Tax Credits
Tax Efficiencies Tax Matters Capital Accounts
Tax Planning Tax Policies
Tax Treatment Tax Withholding
Taxes Taxes Other Income
Telecommunications Device Properly Transmitted Each Case Addressed Party Telephone Meetings Permitted
Telephonic Media Press Conference Tem 202 Results Operations Financial Condition
Term Agreement Terminated Reduced Accrued Through Date Such Termination
Termination Termination Agreement
Termination Amendment Termination Amendment Waiver
Termination Arrangements Termination Fees
Termination Hart-scott-rodino Act Waiting Period Termination Material Definitive Agreement
Termination Merger Agreement Fpl Group Inc Termination Merger Agreement Midamerican
Termination Merger Fpl Group Inc Termination Named Executive Officer
Termination Option Termination Options
Termination Reduction Commitments Termination Reduction Commitments Commitment Increase
Termination Release Agreement Termination Restructuring Commodity Derivative Contracts
Terms Generally Terms Office Removals Vacancies
Threats Terrorism Catastrophic Events Result Impact Operations Fpl Time
Title Department Titles Headings
Toll-free 877 717-3923 Total Assets Decreased Approximately 2009 Decrease Primarily Relates
Total Assets Decreased Approximately 2009 Most Decrease Relates Total Unrealized Mark-to-market Sum Origination Gains Risk Management
Total Unrealized Mark-to-market Sum Origination Transactions Risk Management Total Unrealized Revenues Sum Origination Transactions Risk Management
Total Wholesale Value Risk Total Wholesale Var
Trading Securities Trading Var Was Higher 2008 Compared 2007 Due
Transaction Creates Industry-leading Collection Energy Assets Transaction Edf Subject Closing Conditions Including Regulatory Approvals
Transaction Enables Constellation Energy Continue Serving Needs Transaction Expected Close
Transaction Fact Sheet Transaction Terms
Transactions Transactions Midamerican Energy Holdings
Transactions Électricité France Transfer Agents Registrars
Transfer Beneficial Interests Another Restricted Global Transfer Beneficial Interests Same Global
Transfer Exchange Beneficial Interests Restricted Global Unrestricted Transfer Membership Interests
Transfer Shares Transmission Distribution Facilities
Treasurer Treasurer Title
Treatment Outstanding Awards Constellation Compensation Plans Treatment Shares
Unable Execute Strategies Improve Liquidity Reduce Invested Capital Unable Obtain Consents Approvals Required Complete Merger Fpl
Unamortized Energy Assets Liabilities Unamortized Energy Contract Assets Liabilities
Unamortized Energy Contracts Unconsolidated Variable Interest Entities
Unenforceability Invalidity Unistar Nuclear
Unistar Nuclear Energy Earnings Unistar Nuclear Energy Results
Unless Subject Board Shall Approved Such Matter Authorized Unrecognized Tax Benefits
Unregistered Sales Equity Securities Proceeds Unrestricted Definitive Notes
Unrestricted Definitive Notes Beneficial Interests Global Upstream Gas Properties
Utility Operating Statistics Not Reflect Elimination Intercompany Transactions Vacancies
Vacancy Valuation
Valuation Adjustments Value Risk Var
Variable Interest Entities Verse Channels Growth Create Value New Constellation Energy
Vice Chairman Board Vice President Title
Vice Presidents Video Footage Ceos Discussing Transaction Well B-roll Companies
Vote Vote Extremely Important
Vote Proxy Even Plan Attend Annual Meeting Vote Required Recommendation Board Directors
Vote Using Proxy Card Votes Take Pass Each Matter
Voting Voting Instructions Requested Conjunction Proxy Solicitation Board Directors
Voting Proxies Voting Securities Owned Corporation
Waiver Election Waiver Merger-related Payments Named Executive Officers
Waivers Amendment War Threats Terrorism Catastrophic Events Result Impact Results
Was Dividend Reinvestment Plan Terminated Water Intake Regulations
Water Quality Weather
Weather Affects Fpl Groups Fpls Results Operations Weather Normalization
Weighted-average Interest Rates Variable Rate Debt West Valley Power Plant
Western Power Markets What American Stock Transfer Trust Help
What Constellation Energy Doing Retain Competitive Customers Between What Constellation Energy Fpl Group Better Together They
What Expected Treatment Existing 8625 Series Junior Subordinated What Kind Midamerican Energy Holdings
What Need Now What Proxy
What Quorum Shareholders What Receive Transaction
What Regulatory Approval Needed Maryland Benefits Customers What Sell Shares Now
What Some Specific Benefits Merger What Was Announced Today
Whats Strategy Utility Competitive Markets Whereas
Wholesale Wholesale Accrual
Wholesale Accrual Activities Wholesale Credit Risk
Wholesale Electricity Antitrust Cases Wholesale Retail Credit Risk Management
Wholesale Retail Load-serving Activities Wholesale Suppliers Production Costs Same Market Prices
Wholesale Trading Value Risk Wholesale Trading Var
Withdrawal Dissolution Liquidation Withholding
Withholding Taxes Without Significant Immediate Cash Infusion Board Constellation Energy
Witness Whereof Worker Radiation Claims Insurance
Workforce Reduction Costs Workforce Reduction Costs After-tax Charge 000 Per Share
Workforce Reduction Costs After-tax Charge 001 Per Share Workforce Reduction Costs After-tax Charge 131 007 Per
Workforce Reduction Costs After-tax Charge 170 009 Per Workforce Reduction Costs Before-tax Charge 003 Per Share
Workforce Reduction Costs Impairment Losses Other Net Loss Workforce Reduction Impairment Losses Other Events
Working Interests Gas Producing Fields Working Interests Gas Producing Property
Working Interests Gas Properties Wwwconstellationcom Proxymaterials
Yves Balmann Électricité France
Électricité France International 
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